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Our Father's Last Guidance Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Noctis, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. Noctis

    Noctis *this message has been removed*

    Nov 13, 2014
    Welcome to the Character Profile page! Before you start to create your character, please check out the "anthropology" of the characters before you decide your race! These were created by myself and several friends of mine, though the roleplay didn't really start off at all. I hope these will make good use here instead.

    Zarr Characteristics created by: Drazilly
    • ZARR
      Etymology: The word Zarr is derived from the Russian word 'Tzar' or 'Czar', meaning king or lord
      Characteristics: Zarrs are humanoids in shape and build similar to Koldar and Humans. However, the main feature seperating the species is the fact that the Zarr's possess wings. These wings are usually 'bird' or 'angel' like, and are normally white in colour. However, there have been cases of 'bat' or 'demon' or 'dragon' wings. Zarrs usually possess one pair of wings; there have only been a handful of cases in which Zarrs have possessed more than one pair. The most notable case is the myth or legend of Yallama, the Seraph, who possessed three pairs of wings. Other notable cases include Zavijava Thanatos, and Darcius Crane. They are notable for the fact that both of them have appeared in recent times, as well as the fact that both possess black wings as well, a colour that is quite uncommon in Zarrs. Unusual colours determined by genetics are often symbols of the family in question. For example, black wings are usually a symbol of the Sariel family, as evidenced by the clan symbol, a S forming the bones of a black wing.
      The wings of a Zarr are perhaps the most obvious weakness for a Zarr. Not only does armour usually have to have holes large enough for wings to go through (especially when said armour/clothes needs to be put on; a wing tends to be larger in the middle than at the base), the wings can be quite sensitve. Touching the wing of another Zarr on purpose and with the hand can be interpretted as flirty or an act of intimacy.
      To many of the Zarr, their wings are a symbol of their freedom and superiority. This, paired with the sensitivity of their wings means that 'grounding' a Zarr, that is, binding their wings as punishment, is a punishment upon their pride, freedom and mobility.

      The Zarrs are notably strongly built, and are known for their supernatural strength, endurance and reflexes. Many Zarrs are very fast, especially with the aid of their wings. Unlike the Koldar, however, the Zarrs do not possess the ability and gift of magic. They depend solely on their physical power, however the Zarrs are powerful enough to match the magic wielding Koldar. They are faster, more agile, stronger, and have many other physical assets, yet the two races appear to be equally powerful, despite what each side would say about the other.
      The lifespan of a Zarr is approximately the same as a Humans, though Zarrs usually only die from natural causes or on the battlefield.
      The skin colour, like with humans is determined by melanin. Therefore, Zarrs do not possess any 'unnatural' colourings of skin. However, despite the presence of melanin, a Zarr's hair and eye colour can be virtually any colour, from blonde hair to bright blue hair, and from blue eyes to crimson ones, though genetics still naturally determine the characteristics. Other pigments dominate these characteristics.

      Culture and Language: The Zarr culture is quite divided, depending on the ancestry of one and ones family: the Zarrs were once divided into clans and tribes, before they became unified. Some of these clans were so divided that their language resembles nothing like the language of the Zarrs today. For example, the 'Celtic' clans, collectively known as the Gaeltacht, spoke what we would call Irish. The most powerful and largest clan, the Tzar (tbc/e), which took control of the clans, spread their language, which resembles Russian, to the rest of the planet (Junipa). However, the old Zarr language is now rarely spoken. After years of conquest, Galaxy wide, the Zarr language changed and borrowed words from other languages, especially the language of their enemies, the Koldar. Many of the other clans still speak their ancient languages, but they are slowly falling out of use.

      The more upper classes of the Zarr are quite formal in traditions, with many of them resembling those of the elizabethan period on Earth. Balls are arranged so people can mingle and so that connections and marriages can be formed. Zarrs are allowed to marry whoever they wish to, but the upper class are usually pressured into marrying certain people. Arranged marriages still exist, and many families do not think of marrying any other way.
      However, the younger members of the upper class are slowly breaking free of these obligations, though it is believed that they will never truly break free of the past. The upper class and the common class are slowly merging, it seems, and some claim that soon the only real difference will be wealth.

      As a whole, the Zarr race is a warlike one, preferring for their children to go to war than get a job elsewhere. Many commoners enlist for the armies, while many upper class families make their money by investing in areas that are not covered because of the lack of businesses.

    • Koldar
      Etymology: Originally known as the "Nommo," named by the Dogon tribe. The literal meaning of it is "to make one drink." In the native tongue of Kolish, they are called the Koldar, meaning "Youth."
      Characteristics: The Koldar appear to be very human like. However, they do not have the muscular strength like humans do. They are very slender; it is almost impossible to find a single over-weight Zarr. They have a tendency to be a little taller than the average human, though it does not differ much. Their heads are also slightly bigger than humans. Albinism isn't very common to the Koldar on their home planet. However, the number significantly increases if they are born on another planet. This is because the mothers of the child isn't being exposed to the sun, or "suns" rather, as often as they would be while on planet Amma. This affects the Koldar children in a way that their skin comes out a snowish white, along with their hair. Uniquely, though, their eyes may not come out red. The eyes might come out a very light blue, or even a very paleish green.

      The Koldar do not have primate DNA in them, therefore they are not as hairy as humans. The only hair that they have is on their head, and it grows extremely slow. A Koldar will not have "long hair" unless they have been growing it for twenty years.
      The Koldar also age very slowly. A Koldar will go into puberty around the age of seventeen and will not come out of it until the age of twenty-six. They can live up to more than three times the life span of a human or a Zarr. Also, due to their unique genetics and how their brain operates, the Koldar do not appear to get "older" after they fully mature. As they age, they do not have a loss of Neural Circuits and Brain Plasticity, and their cortex's do not get thinner. Also, their cells do not get damaged unlike humans or Zarr.

      The Koldar are very frail and fragile. If they were to get into a fight with any other species, they will bruise easily and their bones will break, considering that their bones are equivalent to a woman who has survived anorexia for ten years or an elderly person. They are, however, rather flexible, allowing them to dodge opponents in a "dancing" way. The Koldar possess the ability to manipulate energy, time, etc. using algorithmic patterns and arithmetic solvers. They are able to process these methods so fast, it literally seems like they are "pulling magic from thin air," when it's not the case at all. It is unknown if the Koldar have been this weak since their existence, or if they "evolved" into their weakness due to their powers.

      Culture: Unlike the Zarr, all the Koldar share a mental connection with each other. Family, friends, different planets, etc, they have the abilities to telepathically communicate with each other. This explains why the culture originally did not share any different languages. With the presence of different languages, then they would not be able to process thoughts in the same exact way as another Koldar. However, with the recent friendship with the humans, the Koldar as a whole took an initiative to learn all the different languages that the Earthlings share. However, while they communicate telepathically, they all communicate in their native tongue.

      Whenever a Koldar child is born, the family of the parents perform a ritual in a room where the sky is visible to the mother and the child. The father of the child generally helps align the child in the exact angle of the constellation it's being born under as the mother gives birth. The reason being is so the child can get the most out of it's "powers." Though, the Koldar have already proven that this method actually does nothing to enhance the child's mental capabilities.

      Family does not determine their notoriety. In fact, they have a rather odd way of determining "the famous Koldar." Depending on the location, time, and area that a child is born will determine how much attention they will gather from their peers. The rarer the time a child is born, the more recognition he or she will receive.
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  2. Grelleth

    Grelleth Sailor

    Jul 14, 2013
    Name: Isaac Mye
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Isaac is rather tall for his age, being several inches above average height for those in his age group. He is rather skinny, and some would say a bit underweight. He has short, almost white hair and red eyes. He wears a red knit scarf wrapped around his neck, a white T-shirt with a red design of what looks to be some sort of rubix cube if stood up on a corner, a digital watch with internet access on it, as well as being able to produce a holographic screen and keyboard that can be touched to use, slightly worn blue jeans, and red vans. He is albino.
    Personality: Isaac is not afraid to speak up when he finds fault with something, which can be rather often, and tends to be rather quick to criticize others. Surprisingly, despite this, he does not really follow up with insults to the person, and only says what he would do if asked. He is a loner, not liking to be around other people mainly because he has a slight aversion to others, since he does not like to be judged. However, he is more open and relaxed around those he considers friends. He does not like religion, and says that basically all religions are wrong. He is strangely tense around adults, staying quiet and keeping his distance as best he can from them.
    Biography: Isaac's parents were very religious, but feared both the Koldar and Zarr. They tried to steer Isaac far away from both of these alien races, and to strictly teach him to be religious. He went along with it at first, but he started questioning why he had to believe in this stuff. His parents never answered him, leaving him feeling lost. For his eleventh birthday, he got a digital watch for "research about God only." This failed immediately, as he soon discovered that there was much more to the world that he never knew about. After a few days of having this watch, he left home, tired of his over-bearing parents and all the stuff they were trying to force onto him. He hit the road, walking from different towns in hopes of losing his parent's attempts to find him. He rejected all religions, realizing how mind controlling they can be, mostly out of fear of somehow his parents finding him again through him believing in something. He lives in alleyways and dumpsters, worried about his survival or his parents finding him.
  3. plainsight

    Jan 4, 2015
    Name: Vesq Ralthadore
    Age: 19
    Species: Zarr

    Appearance: A beauty blessed by genetics and nature, Vesq is tall, slender and lean-muscled with smooth skin and sharp features. She possesses eyes that are ever-shifting between different shades of red and owing to her mother, her long, silver hair constantly maintains a shimmering shine that is undisturbed even in the midst of bloody battles. However, her greatest pride is not in the beauty of her physique, but her wings. Great, majestic and powerful, her wings are dutifully cared for on a daily basis and are larger than the average female Zarr, enough to even rival the wings of male Zarrs. The texture of her pure white wings are so soft and silky and even release a natural floral aroma that soothes the hearts of all that she passes. Naturally, this makes her wings a major asset during battles, as her opponents involuntarily find themselves relaxing in her perfume and her beauty is sometimes all that is needed to crumble defences.

    Personality: Needless to say, Vesq is a fairly ruthless individual, however is far more passive-aggressive if anything. Outside of battle, she maintains a stoic and aloof persona that is rarely deranged. She is a composed woman, strong-willed and will often lead others to believe she is a natural-born leader. However, contrary to her personality, Vesq's only desire is freedom of action. She enjoys nothing more than spending time in solitude and despises the matchmaking and flirtatious attempts from others. Though she is a revelled individual in the Zarr society, she is often missing in action and appears only when she deems necessary. Furthermore, she is a woman of few words and she wears a blank and emotionless mask, leading others to believe in her strength and leadership. In reality, she is a fairly sensitive woman and can be easily discouraged. She finds it difficult to rely on herself, with the exception of her exception physical strength, and she in turn finds it difficult to rely on anyone else. She lacks ambition, but actively adds to the Zarr's cause against the Koldar as she finds nothing better to do with her time.

    Bio: The Ralthadore family is one of the oldest Zarr families ever recorded. Some believe that the family was the first to have ever been established, though this is nothing more than speculation as the same can be thought for other old Zarr families. As the only daughter and child of the newest generation of the Ralthadore family, Vesq shoulders an intense amount of expectations, duty and honour. Since the time of her birth, she was showered in royalties and grew up in an environment unlike any other. Due to her uncanny mental maturity even at an early age, she was treated as another adult in the adult world and never once experienced any childish wonders. Though her development was her parents' delight, it only pushed Vesq to feel alone and isolated and she soon grew to be an independent woman incapable of feeling the simplest delights in guilty pleasures and she finds herself indulging in solitude as it is the only thing she ever felt. Finishing her academic education at an early age, she then moved on to improve her battle aptitude and soon found that she had far more underlying talent for fighting than she did for studying. However, even in battle, she still felt disengaged and despite the fact that she didn't feel uplifted in any of the activities her parents had signed her up for, she still entered the military.
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