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P.A.R.T. - The Next Level (Now Accepting Members!)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Snooper16, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Snooper16

    Snooper16 Youngster

    Feb 1, 2014
    It is fifteen years after the incident with Team Flare. The crowning of the new Champion of the Maltal Region, Alvus Sinclaire, has marked a new age of Pokémon battling. Grid battles are a new way to battle with Pokémon. Utilizing P.A.R.T. (Pokémon Alternate Reality Tarot) technology, grid battles have sweeped the Maltal Region in popularity. Trainers of all walks of life visit the Maltal Region to participate in P.A.R.T. battles...

    However, there is an opposition to the grid battles and P.A.R.T. technology...

    Team Paradox, led by Arlana Perul (the former champion of the Pokémon League), seeks to end the horrors hidden within P.A.R.T. technology and stress the importance of the bonds between trainers and Pokémon. As the new technology uses actual Pokémon in the process of making the tarots, the population of Pokémon are dwindling quickly, leaving traditional trainers without any Pokémon to catch. Furthermore, the Pokémon lose their individuality through the process, rendering them as mere units to command on the battlefield. Team Paradox wants to restore the old days of Pokémon battling, when Pokémon and Trainers alike would not get hurt...

    Join the Pokémon League (Heroside), Team Paradox (Darkside), and/or Mercenaries to determine the fate of the Pokémon World!

    Mechanics of Grid Battling:
    Grid battling was inspired by Phantasy Star Online Episode III, and largely plays similarly (look up videos of this game on Youtube to find out how it's played). There are a few key differences between PSO Episode III and P.A.R.T. - The Next Level:

    All sides use Pokémon. Depending on your side, you will be using P.A.R.T. Pokémon (Heroside), real Pokémon (Darkside), or both (Mercenaries, but depending on which side you're on at that point of time).

    More of a similarity, trainers are involved more actively in battle. Instead of providing just items for the Pokémon, trainers join the fight! They can only go into battle if they come equipped with a weapon of some kind (swords, soft guns, or magic stick). What you use depends on your character (if they're human, they can use all weapons; if they're an android, they cannot use the magic stick). Also, the weapons cannot fatally hurt the Pokémon/Trainer, so keep that in mind.

    Any questions/suggestions about mechanics should be directed to my PM inbox.

    No Mary Sues/Gary Stus: Welcome to life, pal. You can't get EVERYTHING you want, you know.

    No godmoding: Keep in mind you are a member of this RP. You don't want to make it seem like you're the all powerful being that is above all others.

    Be nice: The most important rule: Be nice and courteous to the other members.

    When talking out of character, use double parentheses "((example))": Only do this if you want to make a side comment to your character(s)' dialogue or post.

    We will use the descriptive paragraph style of RP-ing: Write in descriptive paragraphs. Paragraphs can include important details, dialogue, etc. We will not use the "character: dialogue" approach, so keep that in mind while making your responses.

    You are allowed up to three characters; how you divide them amongst the factions is up to you.

    How to Join:
    If you'd like to join, follow this format for creating your character. I will need to know:
    Name, Gender, Age, Race (humans, androids, or half of each), hair color, eye color, qualities/character traits, backstory, and which faction the character is in (Pokémon League, Team Paradox, Mercenaries).

    If there's any additional information that does not fit the above criteria, feel free to include it. PM the details to Snooper16, and I will either approve or disapprove the application. If it gets disapproved, don't give up! Make changes to the profile, then resubmit again through PM. DO NOT POST APPLICATIONS IN THIS THREAD.

    RP Log Summary:
    None at the moment. Check back later!

    Starter for RP:
    It is a rainy day at the League. There have been no new challengers as of late to challenge the mighty and hot-headed Alvus to a grid battle. "What a glum day... If only there was something I could do to kill this boredom." He contemplated for a moment, then an idea struck him. "I know! I'll host a tournament to seek the strongest grid battler out there! That will surely cure my boredom. Hans! Get over here!" Hans, a sickly-looking butler, appeared by Alvus's throne. "What is it, sir?" he asked meekly. "See to it that this tournament happens... and do so without delay!" Alvus smirked to himself as Hans left the chamber. "This will certainly draw them out..." Whoever, or whatever group that Alvus was going to seek out will surely come to events like these...

    The next day, in the city of Alband, posters advertising the tournament were posted. That same day, there was a speech being held at the heart of the city. The speech was being given by a woman by the name of Arlana Perul, the former champion of the league. "... The people of Team Paradox, and you, should be concerned for the welfare of not just us, but the Pokémon! Think about the problems that we have caused Pokémon to suffer through! We not only take away their free will, but their lives as well! Far too many incidents of injury and death plague the Maltal Region, and it can almost all be traced back to grid battles! The next time you get a pack of P.A.R.T. tarots, think about the Pokémon that gave their lives to make those blasphemous cards..." And with that, she left the premises. Many questions of "What should we do?" or "Should we listen to Team Paradox?" lingered in the minds of the attendees of the speech. The revolution has begun.
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