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Partners of Destiny

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Hikari, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Hikari

    Hikari Poké Maniac

    Level 16
    Jan 10, 2017
    Legendary Triforce ★★
    So, I've been working on a story, called Partners of Destiny, if you didn't see the title for some reason, haha. I've only published one chapter so far, and here it is. I'll try to update it in here, but it's also on Fanfiction. Enjoy the first chapter (however lackluster it may be). It's one where Ash and Pikachu get stuck in Oblivia from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.


    Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May, and Max were walking on dirt path in the middle of a grassy plain. A few trees dotted the landscape, looking small and forlorn in the distance.

    Ash smiled. The scent of nature wafted through his nostrils, so fresh and clean. He looked at the horizon. A dark outline just barely visible in the distance.

    The teen grinned. "Guys, I think that's it!" He pointed ahead to the silhouette. Pikachu smiled as well. "Pika-Pikachu!"

    The others looked at the horizon, and one by one, their faces lit up in relief. Max spoke first. "Finally, my feet were getting tired..." He sighed in relief and dragged his feet along the ground, as if to emphasize his point.

    May smiled. "Now we can finally relax! Oh! Hey Brock, is there a beach there?"

    Max sniggered. "Well, looking at the environment, there is absolutely no chance that-"

    Brock interrupted him. "Yeah, actually there is a beach. It's well-known for its calm shores, and the city even has some docks for boats too."

    Max looked at his DexNav. "Hey, and it says here that the weather should be great today!"

    The girl in the group practically jumped with joy. "Great! First, let's get a room at the Pokémon Center, then let's hit the beach!"

    Everyone responded in kind as they hurried to the city coming ever closer in their view.


    Ash looked in awe at the lively city. There were many stalls selling different wares, including food and souvenirs. They all gazed with amazement at the different items they saw for sale.

    They eventually made it to the Pokémon Center, with help from Brock's map. They entered to find it moderately filled with Pokémon trainers.

    Luckily, the front desk was empty for the moment, so the group walked up the Nurse Joy smiling happily. "Hello! How can I help you all today?"

    Brock spoke first as the others put their Pokéballs on the desk, hearts in his eyes. "You can help me by going with me on a - GAH!"

    Max had suddenly pulled his ear, causing Brock to complain in pain. The boy dragged the older teen away using that same appendage.

    Everyone sweatdropped before they turned back to Nurse Joy. May spoke up. "We need two rooms please. And could you take care of our Pokémon for us?"

    The nurse behind the desk smiled. "Of course! First, let me take your Pokémon..." She grabbed the Pokéballs and put them on a cart next to her. She then turned around and took two keys, giving them to May. "Here you are. Enjoy your stay!"

    They all nodded at once and said, "We will."

    The group soon made it to their room, as Brock was able to get up just as they had finished talking to Nurse Joy. They took some stuff out of their bags before they headed out, Ash and Pikachu in the lead.

    Ash had kept his Pikachu with him, May had kept her Torchic, and Brock still had Croagunk and Mudkip. These Pokémon were not injured beforehand, and they already knew they were quite healthy thanks to Brock's skills.

    They soon made it to the docks, as they were before the beach came up along the sidewalk. Suddenly, Brock turned around at a random and pretty woman, and he ran off to her, his cheeks flushing. May blinked, before she yelled angrily "Brock, come back here!" Max followed right behind, making sure that he was there to pull Brock's ear again.

    Ash and Pikachu were left alone, staring after their companions blankly as they disappeared out of sight. The trainer spoke to his companion. "So I guess it's you and me now, huh?"


    Ash grinned. "Then I guess it's to the beach!"

    He ran off in a random direction and kept going until he ended up near a cool boat. It was small, but no one was there at the time. Curious, Ash walked up to it, Pikachu still on his shoulder. A man stood there. "Hey, um, excuse me? Where does this boat go?"

    The man chuckled. "It just goes for a trip around the beach and such, nothing special. Considering I've got no business now...Hm...tell you what kid. I'll let you get on for free if you tell everyone you know about this ride. We got a deal?" He held out his hand.

    Ash shrugged. Why not? I mean, he was sure his friends would love to test it out. And it was free. Also, he was pretty sure that either way, he wouldn't see the others for a while. "Sure!" He took the outstretched hand and shook it firmly. The man laughed. "You've got a firm grip, lad! Now, onto the ship. We're going for a cruise around this land!"

    Ash grinned and Pikachu smiled. They looked at each other and nodded. They were sure that it was going to be a blast.


    No one else came, so the man started the boat and drove out of the harbor, ringing a small but surprisingly loud bell as he did so.

    The Pokémon and trainer looked out across the sea. They caught sight of some Pokémon swimming under the ship, though it was hardly seeable. "Woah..." "Pikachu..."

    The man driving the ship laughed. "The Pokémon love to play around with passengers on different boats, though sometimes rides are cut short by those who are extra rambunctious..."

    Ash looked back at the captain. "You don't think they'll make this boat sink, do you?"

    The man shook his head. "Nah, they're way too friendly to do that. Anytime a Pokémon gets too lively, no one gets hurt. There'll always be a person or Pokémon that is willing to help us humans out..."

    He looked across the sea. "You know kid, we owe a lot to Pokémon. Without them, what would we do, and where would we be? Who would be our greatest pals, through good or bad? Sure, us humans are great, but Pokémon sure are phenomenal...Their power much surpasses a humans, in many ways. It's absolutely amazing, don't you think?"

    Ash nodded and looked at Pikachu, who was still on his shoulder. Pikachu looked back, and they both grinned. "Yeah. They sure are awesome, right Pikachu?"

    Pikachu put his paw up in a peace sign and winked. "Pi-Pikachu!"

    The captain chuckled. "There's a good lad. Pokémon are amazing, including that Pikachu of yours..."

    They all looked out to the sea once more, and they stood there in silence...

    The raven-haired teen closed his eyes and faced his head towards the sky. The breeze felt so cool and refreshing on his warm skin...

    He felt some water on his nose.

    Ash opened his eyes, and saw something strange...the sky had turned dark, with gray clouds clearly visible in his view.

    He ran inside to safety of the ship's slight indoors. "Captain, there's some dark clouds!"

    The man snapped out of a daydream and looked up at the sky. His eyes widened. He audibly murmured, "Rain clouds? But the weather was supposed to be clear today..."

    He turned back to the young teen. "Boy, we're going back to shore! Hang on to something!"

    Nodding, Ash immediately grabbed a railing next to him. Pikachu held on tight to his shoulders.

    The wind started to howl, and the waves grew larger every passing second. The captain hurriedly turned the ship around towards shore, hoping to make it before the current pulled them too far out.

    Ash used on hand to hold onto his hat, and the other to hold the railing. Pikachu was having a tough time, but he was still able to stay on his trainer's shoulder.

    The boat wobbled up and down, thrown by the large waves caused by the coming storm. The rain pelted the roof and deck, making a melodic thrumming sound to anyone who heard it. To Ash, however, it sounded awfully familiar....

    An exceptionally large wave tossed the ship into the air, causing Pikachu to lose his grasp. "Pikapi!"

    Ash whipped his head in his partner's direction. "Pikachu!" He prepared to jump when he felt a hand on his shoulder. The captain spoke to him calmly. "Leave him be..."

    The teen shook his head. "No way! He's my best friend, and I'm going to save him! You said it yourself, we owe a lot to Pokémon, and I owe a lot to Pikachu!" He put in is signature determined face as he glared the captain down.

    They stared for a split second before the captain relented. "Fine then. Good luck, lad. May Arceus be with you."

    Even though Ash didn't have a clue what it meant, he nodded. He looked to the sky and saw Pikachu flying in the wind, his yellow body bright against the ominous atmosphere.

    "Hang in there buddy, I'm coming!"


    He dove after his partner just as he touched the water. He twisted around and swam back up, and he took a gasp of air. "Y-you alright, Pikachu?"

    Pikachu gasped it's name in reply. "Pika Pikachu..."

    Ash nodded. "Alright...."

    They looked around, and they saw the ship nearby. Ash swam as fast as he could to it, but a wave splashed over him. He tried to surface again, but the current kept pushing him back down...

    He ran out of air, and he saw the churning waters above him as his eyes slowly closed...
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