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Path of the Dragon Masters (Pokemon anime AU fanfiction)

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by MCOury1998, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Prologue: Refuge from the Storm


    War had come to the Kanto region. All because of a Legend that spoke of a pair of children who were chosen by the Great Dragon Pokémon to bring Order to the world, and heal the rift that had begun to re-tear between people and Pokémon.

    Sakaki Tokiwa, who had taken control much of the Indigo Continent, except for much of Kanto, Shin'ō and Kalos, was afraid of the Legend and wanted to assert his control over the world he would soon rule. Fearing that the children lived in Kanto, he launched a full invasion.

    Soldiers, accompanied by Pokémon equipped with armor and weapons, marched into Kanto. A special squad had been assigned to look for one of the Dragon Chosen. They arrived in Pallet Town, and began turning the town upside down, looking for the child...


    A red-haired woman of about twenty-four hurries through the streets of Pallet Town, clutching her five-year-old child to her as soldiers in black-and-red uniforms march through the town, rounding up some civilians, including children running through the streets, crying and scared.

    The town burns and Pokémon run frightened as Herugaas attack them. The mother heads for the southern port, sneaking by and dodging soldiers. The boy she holds is asleep, but still shivers in fear, sensing what is happening around him.

    As she approaches the dock, a Herugaa jumps at the woman and bites her in the leg. She cries out in pain and accidentally drops her son. He bounces and rolls away, now awake, bruised and crying.

    "Mama!" He tries to run towards his wounded mother.

    "No, Satoshi. Run! Get out of here!" She tells him. Then, she throws him an object. "Here, take this. There's a boat at the dock...take it and go...as far away as possible!"

    Satoshi, his eyes full of tears, nods and turns and runs as the Herugaa advances on his mother. The boy doesn't look back as he runs out onto the dock. He cries out as he trips and collapses into a small boat.

    Satoshi winces as he falls on his back in the bottom of the boat, clutching the item from his mother tightly in his left hand. He gasps in pain and surprise as suddenly, a translucent dome slides over the top of the boat, and it zooms off.

    Satoshi clenches his eyes shut as the boat flies through the choppy waves at an unbelievable speed. Soon, he becomes accustomed to the high velocity and tries to sit up. At first, he falls back, still a bit dizzy. The second attempt is successful.

    "Where am I?" The boy asks himself, looking through the boat's roof. Then, he looks down in front of him where there is a small bag. "Huh? What's this?"

    He crawls forward, reaches out in front of him and then drags the bag closer. He opens it to find a small jacket. He calmly puts it on and continues digging through the bag. He finds some food, several small red-and-white spherical capsules and an electronic device almost as big as Satoshi's face. There's also a small belt with marks where the tiny capsules seem to go.

    In a trance-like-daze, Satoshi loops the belt through his shorts' belt loops, then places the capsules on the belt and then the device into his pocket. Satoshi lays down and closes his eyes, drifting off to sleep...

    ...And then, the boat shakes. Satoshi quickly awakens and looks up to see a huge, beautiful bird lifting the boat into the sky. The birds feathers appear to glow with a golden aura.

    Satoshi looks in amazement at it. Then, the device in his pocket activates and begins speaking: Houou, the Rainbow Pokémon. Houou's feathers glow in seven colors depending on the angle at which they are struck by light. These feathers are said to bring happiness to the bearers. This Pokémon is said to live at the foot of a rainbow.

    "Whoa..." Satoshi pulls the device out of his pocket to see a picture of a beautiful multicolored crested bird. "Houou...kinda looks like Onidoriru..."

    Satoshi places the device down on the bottom of the boat, face down, and lays back down himself. Soon, Satoshi again finds himself drifting back to sleep....

    ...after a while, a storm picks up and Houou looses its grip on the boat. It plummets down towards a small lake, far to the east of Kanto.



    It smashes into the water, hard, awakening the boy, who cries out in pain. It rolls and tumbles, nearly scraping on the boulders in the lake. The boat calmly rises to the surface of the lake, and the dome retracts as it lands on the shore.

    Satoshi shakily climbs out of the boat with the backpack on his back and stumbles onto the bank and then stands. Banged and bruised up, the little boy from Kanto surveys his surroundings, which are completely alien. Another region, perhaps?

    Satoshi turns to see the sun rising over mountains to his left, and then far in front of him, a small village. Satoshi smiles, nods and starts to quickly make his way towards the village. Wherever he is, he'll try and find help.

    Soon, girl around his age wearing a white t-shirt and blue overalls approaches him. She smiles when she sees him, not seeming to be frightened by a complete stranger.

    "Konichiwa." Satoshi greets in Kantonese. "Um...could you please tell me where I am? I kinda got lost after my home town got destroyed back in Kanto..."

    The girl stares and blinks at him. She then says something that he can't understand. Satoshi just shakes his head, trying to silently tell the girl that he can't understand her. She nods, getting it, then turns and motions for him to follow. He nods and follows her into the village.

    Satoshi looks around at the small houses and other buildings as they pass through it. The village is in a small dip and trees border the rim of the hills that surround the village.

    "Where are you..." Satoshi trails off, remembering that the girl can't understand him, who smiles a bit apologetically, having probably heard Satoshi start to speak, but decide against it.

    Soon, they pass a water fountain and then arrive at a house. The girl opens the door, with difficulty, but manages to get it open. She walks in, and Satoshi follows. The girl greets someone sitting in a chair in the living room in her strange language.

    Satoshi looks around the room, amazed at the many objects inside, as the village girl speaks to a woman wearing yellow robes with an orange hood. Satoshi pauses, looking at the older woman, who might be somewhere around fifty-years-old, with a warm, wise smile, and a voice with an almost motherly, or rather grandmotherly, tone.

    The village girl says something to the older woman, nodding back at Satoshi, revealing that they're talking about him for some reason. But why? Satoshi just stares, speechless, unsure what to even do, now that he's here.

    Then, Satoshi look at the object from his mother that he still clutches in his hand. It's a pendant made from some kind of bone carved into the shape of a small creature with wings and V-shaped ears, painted orange and yellow. The creature's smile, bright blue eyes and one hand doing a V with two of its fingers somehow calms and relaxes Satoshi.

    The older woman sees the pendant and her eyes widen, as if surprised by it. The village girl turns to Satoshi, who turns it up so that all in the room can see the design. The older woman smiles, and then speaks in Satoshi's language. "Ah, I see...so you are one of the Chosen."

    "Huh? What do you mean?" Satoshi asks.

    "All in good time..."
  2. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Chapter One: School Days

    Three years later...

    Eight-year-old Ash Ketchum runs through a dark forest, the pendant he wears jumping about under his shirt as he sprints away from the monster that chases him... Ash can hear trees splintering and crashing to the forest floor as the huge black humanoid Dragon pursues him.

    Ash looks back over his shoulder real quick to see the monster not to far behind. Not paying attention to where he's going, Ash trips over something...he looks down to see a body, but can't tell whose. Ash crashes into the ground getting all kinds of scrapes and bruises.

    Then, the creature looms above him, carving a huge glowing green 'Z' right on top of him. Ash screams and covers his eyes as the explosion rips him apart. As everything goes black, he can hear the evil voice laughing in his mind: "Beware the End...for it has Begun..."


    Ash awakens with a start, and just in time to see the sun begin to rise over the peaks of the distant mountains. Calmed by the sight of it, Ash sighs and leans back against the enormous oak tree near the Dragon Village Elder's house.

    Ash had come out here to sleep at the base of the tree to get used to having to do it in two years time, and because it reminded him of his home back in Kanto. Ash yawns and then looks down at his clothes: a white sleeveless shirt with a blue-and-red pattern on it, blue shorts and sandals.

    "Well, it sure is a beautiful morning..." Ash trails off as his nerves register the weight leaning on his left shoulder, nearly pinning him down. Ash panics, remembering the monstrous Zygarde from his nightmare. No, this can't be... Ash's yawn interrupts his thought and he looks over to his left...and sees...a bunch of purple hair just half-an-inch from his nose.

    Ash smiles, realizing that it's only Iris Ajagar, a young girl about his age who lives in the village as well. She must've gotten up last night and wandered around...before finding me here... Ash sighs. The thing is, after Ash had been able to tell the Village Elder his story, she'd adopted him since he had nowhere else to go.

    And with this, he'd been able to learn Unova's language, culture and history so that he could easily communicate and live here. With a new family, and a new home, Ash's life is better than it had been the moment he'd left Kanto...because of the war, of which Ash had completely forgotten about.

    Iris, on the other hand, is a completely different matter. Iris was orphaned years ago and wandered around the area before coming to the village when she was about the same age that Ash had arrived. However, unlike Ash, she lived alone, making a maple tree at the edge of the village her home. The only people in the entire village she would talk to is the Elder, Ash and Shannon, the same girl who had found Ash near the lake.

    Ash shifts slightly, letting Iris slide all the way to the ground, and then shakes her a bit by the shoulder. "Okay, Iris...wake up."

    Ash rolls his eyes. He knew it wouldn't work before he even tried it. He just wanted to see if maybe things have changed... Ash grins, and then starts tickling her on her side, causing her to wake up laughing.

    "Hey, stop! Stop!" Iris cries out, laughing and rolling away from Ash.

    "Well, shaking you didn't work...so I had to try something!" Ash informs her, also laughing.

    "Yeah, it never does...I guess that's just how I am." Iris replies, laying in the grass and gazing up at the early morning sun.

    Ash notices that she sounds a bit sad when she says this, wondering if there's more to it than just how she wakes up, as it's pretty hard to get him to wake up, as well...Ash stands up and walks over to Iris. She holds up her left hand, and Ash takes it, helping her up.

    "Today's the day, isn't it, Satoshi?" Iris asks, calling Ash by his Kantonese name.

    "Yep. First day of school!" Ash says.

    After some interesting occurrences earlier that summer, Dragon Master and Opelucid Gym Leader Drayden Dreki, had requested that the two attend the Opelucid Academy. Mainly, it was about Iris...but the Elder had convinced to get Ash in as well, so Iris could have some familiar company while attending the academy.

    "Our school stuff's at your house, right?"

    Ash nods, and they go to Ash's home to get their school bags and change into their school uniforms before leaving...


    Ash and Iris run up the road to Opelucid City, their bags on their backs and wearing their uniforms. The uniform is a white shirt, orange tie/bow, teal jacket, and aqua blue pants/skirt. Ash can feel the Victini pendant next to his chest under his shirt...the same one that his mother had given to him before he had fled Kanto. Though it's connected to a sad memory, the pendant makes Ash feel happy, relaxed and warm.

    "Good luck!" The Elder calls after them. "Have fun!"

    "We will, thanks!" Ash and Iris call back...



    ...Within ten minutes, the two children arrive at Opelucid Academy, a huge brick building looming over the tiny children.

    "Whoa..." Iris and Ash stare up at the top, then they look to the doors.

    "Still nervous after that battle with Drayden the other week?" Ash asks.

    Iris looks at the ground, thinking about how badly Excadrill had lost to Haxorus... "I...I d-d..."


    When Ash and Iris were six, they ran into a troublesome Drilbur. Iris later caught it, evolved it into an Excadrill, and battled with it in a festival earlier this previous summer. However, at the end, when she battled Drayden and Haxorus, Excadrill lost terribly... And since then, Excadrill has been unresponsive.

    After the battle, Drayden and the Elder recommended that Ash and Iris attend the Opelucid Academy to study on Dragon types, where they would learn to become Dragon Masters...


    "Hey, it's okay." Ash reassures her, then Iris looks back at the doors of the academy, then switches to Kantonese, which Iris does know quite a bit of from Ash. "Shall we?"

    Iris laughs, replying in the same language. "Yep, let's do this!"

    Though the floor that Iris was on was an all-girls floor, Martha, the dorm advisor, allowed Ash to dorm with Iris because they were from the same hometown and so Iris didn't get too lonely.


    A few days later...

    Iris and Ash sit in one of the Dragon type courses that they'd signed up for, learning about the evolutionary line of Axew. However interesting the lesson is, Iris isn't able to focus, because...the textbook is puzzling her. Unlike Ash, she hadn't before learned how to read.

    It's not a cultural thing, it's just that Iris had no prior interest in read. She picks the book up, leans back and holds the book over her head, trying to will the information to just pour into her brain as if it were raining.

    "You alright, Iris?" Ash asks her quietly, leaning closely so she can hear him, while the other kids raise their hands to answer the teacher's question.

    "I...I don't know..these words...I don't what to do!" Iris exclaims. She places the book down and starts to tear up. Ash sighs, and then mentally takes note of this, I guess I'll need to teach her how to read, then. No worries, I can do this!


    At the school's courtyard fountain, another day during the year...

    Ash and Iris splash around in the school courtyard water fountain along with some Ducklett and Tympole. However, the two are careful not to splash each other and get their uniforms soaked. Then, they notice a few kids from school passing by.

    "Come on guys, why don't you come in and play!" Iris calls to them.

    "Yeah...these Water types are super fun to hang out with!" Ash adds.

    "Sorry, we can't, we have to study..." They reply.

    Iris sulks a bit, not use to kids not having time to play. Ash puts a hand on her shoulder, and tries to cheer her up by putting Ducklett on top of her head, but it's no use...

    "I just don't fit in..." Iris says, turning to Ash, tears in her eyes. "But you're...super at this! You're the best in all of our classes. And, even though you do help me some, I still fail!"

    "Iris...I may be doing good in all of our classes. But I'm not having that much fun." Ash counters.


    "Because you're so sad." Ash informs her. "And...you're my best friend."

    Iris hugs Ash and cries into his shirt. "Thanks Ash...you're my best friend too."


    A couple of days later, in the cafeteria...

    Martha approaches Ash and Iris, who sit alone at a table. Iris has her head down on the table, while Ash pushes around some food on his plate. The too look bored, and depressed. Also, like they haven't eaten in a long while.

    "You two okay?" She asks them.

    "Not hungry..." Iris groans in response.

    "I can't eat either...I'm feeling down because she is..."

    "I see, you two are so close that you have mirrored emotions and feelings." Then, Martha brings forth a plate she was holding behind her back piled with berries on sticks. She places it on the table in front of Ash and Iris. "Here...this ought to cheer you up."

    Ash picks up one and takes a bite, and smiles. "This is good! Iris..you should try one!"

    "You sure..." Ash nods, so Iris picks one up and takes a bite. "Man, this is good! Thanks, Martha!"

    "You're welcome...enjoy." And Martha leaves to let Ash and Iris enjoy their food. In fact, they had it every day for lunch from that point, on...


    In their dorm room...

    A while after the two had started eating again, the two are studying for a test in two days. Since Iris still doesn't do so well with words, Ash draws on the wall for help...soon, Iris is also drawing pictures on the wall...Iris' drawings include Pokémon from the Village...Deerling, Ducklett, Patrat, Excadrill... and Ash, Pokémon from his home, like Pidgey, Caterpie, Beedrill...

    After finishing a drawing of the Ho-Oh that had carried him from Kanto to Unova, Ash sits back and laughs. "I'm guessing that we're the only ones who draw on the door room walls."

    "Yeah...I wonder how everyone's doing back home..." Iris says out of the blue."Huh?" Ash asks as Iris looks out of the window, and then exits the dorm room.

    "Where are you going?" What it ended up as was series of climbing incidents on the radio tower...


    At the school battlefield...

    Iris and Ash stand on either side of a battlefield, their instructor standing in as the referee. Ash is using one of the school's Altaria, while Iris uses a Fraxure.

    "Alright, battle begin!" The instructor declares.

    "Ready, Fraxure?" Iris asks the Axe Jaw Pokémon.

    "Ure." It confirms, then runs a bit closer to Ash's Altaria...

    "Now, Fraxure, use Dual Chop!"

    "Dodge it, Altaria!"Altaria swiftly moves out of the way, as Fraxure comes flying in, and crashes into the ground head first.

    "No you don't, use Dragon Claw!"

    "Dodge it!"

    "Keep attacking 'till you land something!"

    Drayden watches the battle, a bit displeased with how Iris continues to be aggressive while Ash conserves his Pokémon's energy, and dodges everything.

    "Great job, Altaria!" Ash calls to his Pokémon as Altaria quickly moves its head out of the way of Fraxure claws.Fraxure lands back on the ground, but it is clearly worn out...but Iris won't have it.

    "You can't stop, keep attacking!"Ash smiles, as the weakened Fraxure runs at Altairia.

    "Use Mist!" Altaria flies up into the air and unleashes a stream of mist on the weaker Dragon type Pokémon.


    "Charge and attack quick!" Iris calls out, seeing that Fraxure is confused."Use Dragon Breath!"

    Ash shouts in Kantonese, a bit of panic in his voice, "Chirutasiru, Dragon Breath!"

    Altaria screams as it unleashes Dragon Breath.

    "NO!" Iris screams as Fraxure is hit by the attack, and collapses, fainted.

    "Fraxure is unable to battle, Altaria wins!" The instructor declares.

    "Are you okay?" Iris cries out, running to Fraxure. "Tell me you're alright!"

    "Xure fraxure." Fraxure responds, as Drayden walks over to Iris.

    Ash gulps nervously as Iris cringes. She's in for it now...

    Iris looks up at Drayden and gasps.

    "You failed to see Fraxure's exhaustion." He scolds her. "And you kept commanding it to attack. That's why you were defeated."

    "Uh..." Iris just stares back up at Drayden.

    Ash sighs, and starts walking to her, having returned Altaria to its Pokéball.

    "Pokémon aren't always able to do what you want them to do." Drayden continues. "Until you learn this, you have a long way to go."

    Iris starts crying as Drayden walks away. Ash helps her up, and gives her a hug to comfort her. Then, they walk back to where their classmates sit.

    "Goodness..." One kid whispers. "Ash isn't even acting like there's something wrong."

    "Yeah, why is he helping her? Isn't Iris technically in trouble?" Another student mutters.


    Later that day, Iris sits on the tower and sulks. Ash climbs up to her and sits next to her.

    "What's wrong?" Ash asks patiently.

    "I...I can't do this anymore!" Iris sobs, then she stands up and looks across the city at the mountains. In her mind's eyes, she sees Shannon, Excadrill, Altaria, Patrat, and Ducklett.

    "Shannon!" She calls across the city and mountains for their friend who was still in the village.

    "Hey, Iris..let's just go back home." Ash suggests.

    "You sure?" Iris asks, wiping tears from her eyes.

    "Yeah. Maybe staying home for a little while might help you out."

    "Okay, then, let's go..."

    Ash and Iris climb back down, go over to the school and collect their things. After changing back to their regular clothes, they head back to the Village of Dragons.

    It's been nearly a year since they were home, and Ash was closer to finding out what connects him to the Great Dragon Pokémon...and possibly Iris...especially if what the Elder had told him the other day was true...
  3. Thechaosmaster

    Thechaosmaster Keeper of Chaos

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2017
    Potion ★Poké Ball ★
    That is interesting. And good place for a cliffhanger, not too much of a fan but, I do have to say, that was indeed a good place for one. ;)

    Stop hovering to collapse... Click to collapse... Hover to expand... Click to expand...
  4. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Thanks. Any ideas on the 'eventual journey'? Pokémon teams? Traveling companions? I'd love to hear your speculations!


    Chapter Two: Meeting Jirachi and Victini


    Four years later...

    Unlike in some other regions, Trainers in the Unova region begin their Pokémon journey at age sixteen. So, the now twelve-years-old Ash and Iris spend their days hanging out with each other and the wild Pokémon that leave near Dragon Village.

    Just the other day, the Elder had told the two children about what it would take to be a Dragon Master, as that's what the two were interested in...

    "Becoming a Dragon Master takes more than just catching and meeting as many Dragon types as you can..." She had said. "It's also the bond you form between you and your Pokémon...and how you understand each other."

    ...and today, accompanied by their long-time friend, Shannon Freude, out in the forest surrounding the Dragon Village. More specifically, a small stone structure deep in the forest, where it is said that beings similar to fairies or spirits dwell. It's a sacred place, especially to Ash and Iris. However, they're not even sure why it is to them.

    "So, where are they?" Shannon asks, looking at the stone structure, expecting something like a Celebi or Shaymin to pop out at any second, based on what Ash and Iris had told her.

    "They're probably trying to figure out if you'd hurt them or not." Iris suggests quietly.

    "Okay, that makes sense." Shannon agrees, lowering her volume.

    The trio watch the tiny entrance as a small black nose pokes out and sniffs the air curiously. Then, a small white paw reaches out and swats the air. Ash and Iris smile as a tiny white-and-green hedgehog crawls out of the structure.

    "That's...?" Shannon gasps in a whisper. "That's a Shaymin, right?"

    Ash nods. "Yeah, a Mythical Pokémon from the Sinnoh region...however there are small pocket populations all over the world, like in this forest."

    "Incredible..." Shannon's eyes are widen in admiration as she watches the little Shaymin crawl all the way out and start munching on a nearby twig. The Gratitude Pokémon barely pays any attention to them.

    Then, two green tiny humanoid fairy-like Pokémon float out of the structure and begin flying around. One of the Pokémon sees the three humans, squeals in delight and flies to each one of them.

    "Bi bi!" The Celebi greets.

    "Well, hello to you, too, Celebi." Ash says, seeing the Time Travel Pokémon.

    "Celebi!" It does one last lap around them in the air and then goes to join its friends. Soon more Celebi and Shaymin emerge from the structure, including two pink feline Pokémon that Shannon recognizes as a Mew.

    "Whoa! This is incredible!" Shannon exclaims, a tiny bit louder. "A bunch of Mythical Pokémon...and all in one place. Does anyone else know about this?"

    "No, it's just us that know." Iris replies as one of the Mew decide to settle on top of her head. "It's better that this place is kept a secret so that poachers don't try and steal all of the Pokémon."

    Shannon looks at the ground as a Shaymin comes and crawls into her lap. She smiles, stroking the Pokémon's green spiky fur. "Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

    "Shay?" The little hedgehog looks up into Shannon's brown eyes, causing her to giggle a bit.

    She then gasps in fear as suddenly a shadow appears at the opening of the structure! Shannon stands up, Shaymin in her arms as a ghost approaches the trio.

    "Mar..?" It asks in a bit of urgency. Shannon steps back in fear.

    "Wh-what i-is th-that?"

    "Oh, that's Marshadow." Ash replies. "A Fighting-Ghost type from the Alola region...but something looks wrong. What's up, Marshadow?"

    "Shadow! Marshadow, shad mar ow marsh!" Marshadow beckons to the trio to the structure.

    Iris nods in understanding. "Here, I'll check it out!"

    She crawls in, Marshadow leading the way. The entrance is a tight fit, but the Unovan girl manages to get through, Mew following...

    ...a couple minutes later, she crawls back out after Marshadow and Mew, carrying two injured, sick Pokémon. She places them on the ground before Ash and Shannon as Marshadow and Mew peer over her shoulders.

    "What are those Pokémon?" Shannon asks, looking closer. One is yellow with orange v-shaped ears and the other is white with a yellow star-like head.

    "Oh, Victini and Jirachi." Ash replies, recognizing the two Mythicals. "Jirachi are a rare Pokémon that originated in the Hoenn region and are said to grant wishes...and the other, Victini...there's only one of. It's said that Victini will help someone gain victory if they see fit."

    Shannon nods, amazed by the information, then her eyes go wide in surprise. "Wait, so that's the Victini, just like your pendant, right, Ash?"

    Ash nods. "Though, I'm not sure what these two are doing here."

    The two Mythicals groan in pain. Iris pulls some healing potion and bandages out of the bag she brought with her. She quickly gets to work on healing Jirachi and Victini.

    "Mew..." Mew lands next to Victini and lightly prods it with its left forepaw.

    "You're really worried about Victini, aren't you Mew?" Iris asks, smiling at the Pokémon's sympathy.

    "Mew mew!" Mew nods, confirming Iris' guess.

    After a couple of minutes, Iris has completely healed both Pokémon and then sits back.

    "Okay, now what do we do with them?" Iris wonders aloud. "I'd feel bad about just leaving them out here to fend for themselves, they still need to recover."

    "You're right." Shannon agrees. "Though I would trust the Elder with just about anything...it'd be hard to carry them into and through the village without potentially the wrong person seeing them."

    "You're right...I...have an idea..." Ash takes off two empty Pokéballs from his belt and offers them to Victini and Jirachi. "Here, you'll be safe in here. We can take you somewhere where you can relax in peace."

    "Hey, Ash, where did you get the Pokéballs?" Shannon asks.

    "The boat I arrived here in..." Ash replies, his eyes still on the Mythical Pokémon.

    "Tini?" Victini groggily sits up in pain, and looks at one of the Pokéballs. After a moment, Victini smiles and hits the Pokéball's button and gets sucked into the capsule. The ball whirrs once, twice, a third time and fourth...then a click.

    Ash smiles and turns to the other Pokémon. "So, Jirachi...what do you think?"

    "Jira...jirachi..." The Wish Pokémon, still on its back, looks up at the Pokéball that Ash holds over its chest. Just like Victini, but too much in pain to make much movement, like a smile or getting up. "Chi..."

    Jirachi flinches as it reaches up and taps the Pokéball button and immediately gets sucked inside of the red-and-white capsule. Unlike with Victini, the ball clicks automatically.

    Ash sighs. "Alright, there. They're safe, now."

    "That's good." Iris comments, then stands up. "Maybe we should go back home, now."

    "That'd be a good idea." Shannon agrees.

    "Yeah, Victini and Jirachi might heal up a bit easier outside of their Pokéballs." Ash suggests. "I have a couple of empty boxes that I could turn into tiny beds for them."

    "That's so sweet!" Iris tells Ash, who blushes.


    Back at Ash's house, night...

    Ash finishes setting up the boxes for the two Mythical Pokémon on his desk and then brings them out of their Pokéballs.

    "Tini?" Victini looks around, a bit confused, hovering in the air.

    "Jir!" Jirachi, still weak, plummets towards the ground. Ash manages to catch it before it can hit the floor.

    "You alright, Jirachi?" Ash asks.

    "Achi..." Jirachi groans as Ash places it in one of the beds, and tucks it in.

    "There, rest up little one." Ash tells it as it quickly falls asleep.

    "Tini?" Victini asks, pointing at the other shoe box bed on the desk.

    Ash nods. "Yeah, that one's for you Victini!"

    "Tini!" Victini exclaims, giving Ash the 'V-for-victory' sign, making the boy laugh. Then, it dives underneath the tiny covers in the empty bed and closes its eyes, as it drifts off to sleep...

    Ash yawns and gets in bed himself, turning off the lamp that illuminates the room, currently. As it goes dark, a distant glowing green light outside of Ash's window catches his eye. Ash sits up and looks out the window.

    "What is that...?" Ash looks back to the two Mythical Pokémon to confirm that they're still asleep, and then back to the light...but it's gone. Ash lays back down and closes his eyes. "Wonder what that light was?"

    Ash yawns again and slowly drifts off to sleep...



    Though it's late, Unova professor Aurea Juniper is still up, analyzing a fossil that had arrived for her earlier that day. It appears to be the skull of some sort of ancient Dragon type that she doesn't quite recognize.

    Pr. Juniper looks closely at the strange protrusions above the eyebrow on the skull when something floats through the open window. She looks up an gasps. It's a Mew!

    "Oh my, what is a Mew doing here?" Pr. Juniper's eyes are wide in surprise and awe. She puts down her pencil and the small notepad as she stares at the Mew.

    "Mew mew mew." It floats down in front of the Unovan's face, close enough to touch Pr. Juniper's nose with a paw. Then, it floats away and over to one of the bookshelves. It takes down a book and brings it back over to the professor. Then, it flips open the book to a page that shows an illustration with two human silhouettes and the Dragon Trios of Sinnoh and Unova, then a Pokémon turning into a human, and finally, a pack of wolf Pokémon attacking a child.

    "Well, what is this...?" Pr. Juniper reads the words below the illustration, and then gasps. "No way! It can't be..."
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    Wow that was amazing, and I actually think that Ash and Victini deserve to be partners, they are both so much alike. And Jirachi, inyeresting choice. Although I beleive that there are two characters that kind of deserve to make a return, Max Maple, and Bonnie, and I'm sorry, I don't really know everyones last names at the moment. The only ones That I do know is,

    Obviously, Ash Ketcum, Misty Waterflower, Brock Slate, May Maple, Max Maple, and Dawn Berlitz. Anyways, keep up the good work.

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    Chapter Three: The Journey Begins!


    A couple of weeks have passed since Ash and his friends had found the Jirachi and Victini near their hometown. Now, the three are hanging out with the two Mythical Pokémon in the kitchen of Ash's house after eating breakfast.

    "Jira! Jira!" Jirachi cheers, twirling around in the air, a big smile on its face.

    "Tini, tini." Victini sits on the windowsill, munching on a macaron.

    The Elder smiles. "Goodness, it's just amazing to see how well Jirachi and Victini have recovered under your care, Ash."

    "Thanks, Elder." Ash looks over at Victini, who has just finished its macaron and has now flown over to sit on Ash's head. "Hey, Victini."

    "Tini!" Victini cheers.

    "I agree." Shannon says. "You already have the makings of a great Pokémon Trainer."

    "That reminds me..." The Elder brings a box over to the trio and places it on the table in front of them. "Pr. Juniper sent this for the three of you."

    "Awesome, it's been awhile since we've seen the professor!" Iris says excitedly. They'd first met Unova's top Pokémon researcher in Opelucid City a couple of years ago. "What is it?"

    "You'll see...it's a surprise." The Elder says, leaving the room for a minute.

    Shannon opens the box and finds an envelope at the top. She opens it and pulls out a letter, which she reads, and passes around to the others:

    To Ash, Iris and Shannon of Dragon Village,

    Though the three of you are still four years from being able to start your Pokémon journey in the Unova region, I recently spoke with the Elder of your hometown, and we both agreed that now is the time for y'all to begin your journeys. Something dark is encroaching on the world, and based off of some recent findings, I feel that you three may be the only ones who can prevent or deal with the approaching threat.

    In this package, I have included some items that will help you on your journey. First are three Pokémon to serve as your Starters Pokémon. There's also Xtransceivers that provide quick and easy communication, three Pokédexes that serve as a tool to learn about the Pokémon you encounter and finally, seven empty Pokéballs to catch wild Pokémon with. I hope you enjoy the gifts.

    As for the Starter Pokémon, I had a tough time deciding between giving you the traditional Unovan Starters, Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott, or Dragon types instead. The Elder and the Opelucid Gym Leader, Drayden, felt that you should get a Dragon type for your first Pokémon. Which makes since, as I remember the three of you telling me that you wished to become Dragon Masters when we first met.

    The first of these three is Axew, the Tusk Pokémon, and considered by some as Unova's 'mascot Dragon type', as many Trainers seeking Dragon types search for an Axew, or one of its evolutions, to add to their team. The Axew in question is about two months old, but knows Scratch and Dragon Rage. Though, it's Dragon Rage does need some work.

    The second is a Goomy, one of the most interesting and strangest Dragon types that I have ever come across. This Pokémon, originating from Kalos, is considered to be one of the weakest Dragon types. However, curiously, this Goomy already knows Bide, Rain Dance, Tackle and Dragon Pulse. Not sure how old it is, though.

    The final Dragon type is from the Alola region, far to the southwest of Unova. This curious little scaly Dragon, known as Jangmo-o knows Dragon Claw, Tackle and Leer. It appears to be over a year old. Please choose wisely, and civilly. Which I'm sure you will.

    Also, I was looking into something on Dragon Masters and found that there's a challenge in Unova each year to see if Trainers have what it's got to become a Dragon Master. According to the challenge rules, Trainers need to catch at least four Dragon types, two Fairy type, two Ice types, one Steel type and one Fire type each. Good luck on your journey!

    Best Wishes, Aurea Juniper

    "Seriously, Ice types?" Iris shivers at the thought of it. "I,,,not really into those,,."

    "Hey, it'll be alright." Ash assures her. "At least Steel and Fire types have the advantage over those...and we have to catch one each...you could just use one of those to catch the two Ice types."

    "I guess." Iris considers. "Anyways, at least the Pokédexes will make most everything easier..."

    "Hmm, I know what you mean." Ash nods. Even though Iris is now pretty literate, she still struggles.

    "Okay, anyways, who should get which 'Starter'?" Shannon asks, switching the subject. She and Ash look at Iris. "What do you think?"

    "Well...after battling against Drayden's Haxorus...and using the school's Fraxure against Ash and the school's Altaria..." Iris explains. "...I've wanted to raise an Axew."

    Iris selects Axew's Pokéball and summons the little green Dragon out. It appears in Iris' lap and looks up at her. "Axew? Ax!"

    Iris smiles as the little cutie. "Hi, Axew. I'm Iris."

    "Axew ax!" Axew waves to its new Trainer, making her laugh.

    "Alright, Ash...you go next." Iris tells the Kantonese boy.

    "Shannon, do you want to go before me?" Ash asks, but she shakes her head. Ash nods and picks up Goomy's Pokéball. "Numera sounds like a pretty fun partner to have, in my opinion."

    Ash grins with delight as he presses the Pokéball's button and tosses it into the air. A pale purple-and-white Pokémon pops out of the capsule and lands on Ash's hat, which is promptly vacated by Victini.

    "Gooooo...." Goomy coos, making the Trainer laugh.

    "Glad to see that you're happy, Goomy!" Ash reaches up and pats the gooey Dragon type.

    "Goomy!" Goomy cheers, happy that its Trainer is happy about it.

    "Alright, guess that leaves Jangmo-o for me." Shannon smiles as she picks up the final Pokéball. "That's fine with me, it sound pretty interesting."

    Shannon opens the Pokéball and out comes a tiny gray and black quadrupedal Pokémon with a heart-shaped crest. It looks up at Shannon from the table with big, curious eyes. "Jang?"

    "Oh, it's so adorable!" Shannon exclaims, picking up Jangmo-o and hugging it her. "I'm really happy to travel with you, Jangmo-o!"

    "Mo-o!" Jangmo-o exclaims happily.

    Then, three each put on their Xtransceivers and distribute the other items in the package. Now, with their stuff all ready, they head on out...leaving their hometown and headed out onto Route 9 and the beginning of their adventure...



    The trio head west on Route 9, headed for Icirrus City and their first Gym Battle. But, there is one problem that's pretty pressing...

    "Hold on, the Icirrus Gym is an Ice type Gym...then why are we headed there with Dragon types?" Iris points out, Axew now snoozing in her hair.

    Ash, with Goomy on his left shoulder, shrugs. "I don't know...hopefully we'll encounter a Fire, Steel or Ice type between now and then."

    Shannon just nods, agreeing with both her friends, carrying Jangmo-o in her arms.

    "Yeah...bet Victini and Jirachi would help you out a lot with that..." Iris groans.

    "Sure, but I'm not sure I'm going to use those two in a battle, just yet." Iris raises an eyebrow, confused on why Ash wouldn't use two obviously powerful Pokémon in a battle. Ash sighs. "They've just recovered...and, there's a risk of them being stolen...anyways, I'm just not sure when they would ever be ready for a battle."

    "Makes sense..." Iris drops the topic...

    ...they fall into silence again, walking for a few minutes...until Shannon stops and breaks the silence. "Hey, why don't we have a Pokémon battle?"

    "Sounds like fun!" Ash agrees, then turns to Iris. "What do you think?"

    "Well...I'll sit out. But you and Shannon can battle." Iris replies. "I guess I could referee the battle."

    "Uh, okay." Ash turns to Shannon. "What do you think?"

    "Sounds good!" Shannon cheers.

    The two Trainers get into position and their Pokémon stand on the road across from each other, ready to battle.

    "Okay, let's go ahead and get this battled started!" Iris declares.

    "Sweet, Shannon...you can have the first move!" Ash tells her.

    "Aw, thanks!" Shannon ndos to her partner. "You ready, Jangmo-o?"

    "Jang!" The little Dragon confirms.

    "Okay, then, use Dragon Claw!"

    "Goomy, dodge and use Dragon Pulse!"

    Goomy jumps into the air as Jangmo-o charges and swipes at it with glowing green claws, but it misses. Goomy angles itself downward and unleashes a beam of draconic energy upon Jangmo-o.

    "Mo!" It cries out and collapses as Goomy lands on it, half using Tackle, half simply falling.

    "Goo!" Goomy cheers with a gigantic grin on its face as it sits on a fainted Pokémon.

    "Jangmo-o is unable to battle...giving the battle to Goomy and Ash!" Iris declares. "Good job, both of you."

    "Thanks." Shannon picks up her partner and smiles at it. "You did great, Jangmo-o."


    "Same to you, Goomy." Ash says as Goomy jumps back up onto his shoulder.


    "Well, now what do we do?" Iris asks.

    Ash holds up an empty Pokéball, and grins. "Let's go catch some Pokémon!"

    The other two cheer in agreement, as do all of their Pokémon partners...
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    Sweet chapter, and by the way, cool Pokémon, Froslass, very misterious but, scary Pokèdex entry here is an example, Legends in snowy regions say that a women who was lost on an icy mountain was reborn as Frosslass" That just gives me chills. Well anyways,

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    Chapter Four: To Catch a Pokémon

    Ash, Iris and Shannon continue their path to Icirrus City, and their first Gym Battle. But first, they have to deal with a bit more of a pressing matter...

    ...Iris yelps and jumps back as the larger Houndour gives a warning shot of Ember at her. Axew nearly falls out of her hair. "Hey! Stay back!"

    "Goodness these Houndour sure are feisty." Shannon comments, Jangmo-o also staring at the pack of Houndour that had suddenly ambushed them.

    Goomy is hidden completely behind Ash, the Houndour making the little Kalosian Dragon type really nervous. Ash is also nervous, sweating in fear. The young Kantonese boy is also surprised and shocked at how calm Shannon and Jangmo-o are.

    "Jangmo-o!" Jangmo-o declares, jumping out of Shannon's arms and facing the Houndour.

    "We've got this, Iris!" Shannon assures her friend, stepping in front of Iris. "Okay, Jangmo-o, give 'em a taste of your Dragon Claw!"

    Jangmo-o's left claws begin glowing and extending with green energy as it jumps at the Houndour and slashes it on the face. Houndour whimpers in pain, but then seems to grin, happy to have a challenger.

    "What in the world?" Iris gasps. "It took Jangmo-o's attack...but doesn't seem to be that phased!"

    Houndour shoots Ember at Jangmo-o, who skillfully dodges and then retaliates with Tackle.

    "Alright, you're doing good, Jangmo-o!" Shannon compliments, seeing that Houndour is almost down. The smaller Houndour behind it look pretty fearful, and like they just want to run away at this point. Shannon grins. "Alright, finish it off with you Dragon Claw!"

    Jangmo-o jumps at Houndour, and swings its claws at the the Dark Pokémon. Houndour then opens its jaws and its teeth begin glowing with dark energy. Ash's eyes widen in recognition, and he almost calls out to Jangmo-o...but it's too late. Houndour bites down on Jangmo-o, whose claw then hangs limp by its side.

    Houndour shakes Jangmo-o hard, and then begins to walk off with a limp Jangmo-o in its maw, its pack following close behind.

    "Hey, that's my Pokémon!" Shannon cries out, and starts to give chase. "Give Jangmo-o back!"

    As if Arceus itself had come down and changed everything, a Dragon Pulse unleashes behind Shannon and hits the lead Houndour hard, making it go down, dropping Jangmo-o.

    "Great aim, Goomy!" Ash cheers, now not afraid of the Houndour anymore.

    "Goo!" Goomy echoes.

    "Alright, go Pokéball!" Ash throws a Pokéball at the Houndour. The other Houndour scatter as their leader is sucked inside of the capsule. The ball whirs once...twice...click! Ash goes forward and picks up the Pokéball. "Alright, I caught a Houndour!"

    Shannon quickly joins him and picks up Jangmo-o, tears in her eyes. "Please be alright..."

    "Shannon, I..." Ash looks to his friend, remembering how Houndour had badly beaten up the little Dragon type that Shannon holds in her arms.

    "It's okay..." Shannon says, her voice sounding small.

    "Tini!" A little voice declares after a blue flash of light comes from Ash's belt. It's Victini. It flies over to Jangmo-o and touches the Scaly Pokémon's crest and begins glowing.

    "Jang?" Jangmo-o asks as it wakes up, seeming to be fully healed.

    "Wow, thanks, Victini." Shannon tells the Victory Pokémon, who seems to be proud of itself. "What was that move?"

    "I think it was Stored Energy." Ash answers. "It's a move only Victini can use. It's said that with Victini contains within it a limitless amount of energy that it can share with any person of Pokémon at any given moment."

    "Tini!" Victini agrees, landing on Ash' head, and giving the 'V-for-Victory' sign.

    "Goo..." Goomy, looking a little worn out comes over to Shannon and Ash as it starts to glow with blue light. Then, it begins growing...and when the glowing stops, the Pokémon looks more snail-like.

    "Whoa, Goomy...did you just evolve?" Ash asks, happy for his Starter Pokémon.

    "Sliggoo!" The Pokémon confirms as Ash scans it with the Pokédex: Sliggoo, the Soft Tissue Pokémon, and the evolved form of Goomy. Its four horns are a high-performance radar system. It uses them to sense sounds and smells, rather than using ears or a nose. 'Sliggoo' raises its face to the sky and unleashes a white pulse of energy into the sky.

    "Sliggoo..." It coos as snow gently falls all around them.

    "Brrr....was that Ice Beam?" Iris notices, a bit chilly from the snowflakes, but quickly warms up thanks to Victini spiraling a Flamethrower around her. "Thanks, Victini."

    "Tini!" Victini cheers as Ash returns it to its Pokéball.

    Then, Ash pats Sliggoo's head. "That's awesome, you learned a new move!"

    "Slig!" Sliggoo says excitedly, also being returned to its Pokéball.

    Ash nods, placing Victini and Sliggoo's Pokéballs back onto his belt. "Alright, Iccirus City, here we come!"

    "Right!" "Axew!" Iris and Axew cheer.

    The sun starts setting in the direction that they're going, making the sky fill with beuatiful oranges, pinks, purples, yellows and reds. With a new friend and an evolved Pokémon, Ash and his friends continue to Icirrus City.

    What kind of adventure will they encounter next? And, how will the three deal with an Ice type Gym? That and more to come...as the journey continues...



    Aurea Juniper follows the New Species Pokémon through the ruins of an old Team Plasma lab. Mew is obviously looking for something, but Pr. Juniper can't tell what exactly. Her two Pokémon, Archen and Minccino, sit on either of her shoulders, nervous about the ruins.

    "Mew...mew...mew...." Mew goes around to different things in the old building, looking at, or even picking up, something. But nothing seems to be pleasing the little pink Mythical Pokémon.

    "What are you looking for, Mew?" Pr. Juniper wonders aloud.

    "Mew!" Mew squeals, coming to a large computer. It hits a button on the side, turning the screen on.

    At first, the Team Plasma logo appears, and then a screen showing many file folders, listing off many different research topics that the mysterious organization had been doing.

    Pr. Juniper sits down in an old leather-and-wooden swivel chair that sits in front of the computer.

    "Interesting...I thought that Team Plasma had destroyed all of their old files." She mutters as she plugs in a USB drive to the side of it. She taps in a couple of quick commands on the keyboard, and all of the files immediately begin downloading onto the USB. "There...now we can see what they were up to?"

    "Arch?" Archen asks, curious at what it's Trainer is doing.

    "Well, I don't know if Colress still keeps an eye on this place or not." Pr. Juniper explains. "So, I'm downloading the information so I can take it back to my lab and analyze it. Hopefully, there's something groundbreaking in here..."

    "Cino!" Miinccino cries out in warning, having just heard footsteps coming up behind them, but its Trainer is too busy.

    "Mew!" Mew ducks under the computer desk in fear.

    Then, the screen flashes DOWNLOAD COMPLETE. Pr. Juniper removes the USB drive and slips into a pocket of her lab coat. She turns off the computer, stands up and turns around...

    ...as she does, she faces Team Plasma's infamous scientist, Colress Feuer.

    "Well, well, well...what you doing Aurea?" Colress asks her. "What do you need old Plasma files for?"

    Pr. Juniper glares at Colress, someone she used to like, more than just respect as scientists. But when he revealed his true colors as Team Plasma's lead scientist...well, their relationship went downhill from there.

    After the fall of Team Plasma, thanks to Pr. Juniper's niece, Bianca, Colress had been hired by the Aether Foundation by Lusamine Aether, along with a good friend of hers, Wicke Fennel.

    "Colress." She says coldly. "Aether not pleasing you anymore? Why'd you come back?"

    Colress doesn't seem so happy about Pr. Juniper's turnaround question. "Why does that matter? Why are you even here, Aurea?"

    Pr. Juniper rolls her eyes at Colress. "A got a hunch that something important to what's happening may be here?"

    "Like what?" Colress asks.

    Would you like to know... Pr. Juniper thinks coldly. "Strange things...I'm not quite sure yet. But something big enough to throw the entire world out of balance."

    "Not the Tao Trio again..." Colress groans, then winces, remembering his hand in causing that crisis. "Anyways, what could it be this time?"

    "I'm not quite sure, yet." Pr. Juniper answers. "But, you may have come across something that could help me figure it all out."

    Colress nods. "I see...Aurea. Even though...what happened in the past...I'm sorry about that. I truly am. Aether was no better, I found that out when a girl by the name of Selene Ketchum saved Alola from Lusamine's...craziness. I left and came back...do you think...we could...try starting over?"

    Pr. Juniper smiles, tears coming to both scientists' eyes. "Yeah, I think so. Let's go back to Nuvema Town...start figuring out everything from there."

    "Right." Colress nods.

    "Mew!" Mew flies out and celebrates over the heads of the two scientists, showering sparks of psychic energy over them, causing them to laugh...both are happy, to be together again...


    Pokémon teams:

    Ash Ketchum - Sliggoo, Victini, Jirachi, Houndour

    Iris Ajagar - Axew

    Shannon Freude - Jangmo-o

    Aurea Juniper - Archen, Minccino, Mew

    Colress Feuer - unknown
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    That is cool, Colress he was a tough coockie in White 2 but not as much as Ghetsis. Poor N, I really feel bad for that kid, he and Anabel would be cute together, if not for the fact that I am an Abilityshipper, hmm, Anabel + N = Empathyshipping? Not sure, but anyways, good chapter as always.


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