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Pokémon Shop Perfect competitive mon breedjects/breeding services!

Discussion in 'Market' started by OzoneFruit, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. OzoneFruit

    OzoneFruit Made The Arcadia Virus a Cute Anime Girl

    Minior (Core Indigo)
    (Minior (Core Indigo))
    Level 3
    Jan 22, 2017
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    Hello there!

    Have a Pokémon you'd love to get for competitive battling? Maybe you just want something good for a breeding project of your own?

    Well, you've come to the right place!

    I have a variety of perfect 6IV Pokémon ready to ship out right now! (List below) I will also breed any of your own Pokémon until I get one with at least 5 IVs! Heck, I'll even EV train them for you after they hatch!

    All Pokémon are in USUM.

    All Pokémon in this first list have Perfect 6 IVs.
    1. Regenrator Mareanie, Beast Ball, Calm
    2. Weedle, Friend Ball, Jolly
    3. Minior, Moon Ball, Indigo, Jolly
    4. Prankster Sableye, Moon Ball, Careful, w/Egg Moves Recover
    5. Sandygast, Moon Ball, Bold, w/Egg Move Amnesia
    6. Pawniard, Dusk Ball, Jolly, w/Egg Move Sucker Punch
    7. Beedrill, Friend Ball, Jolly, Fully EV Trained
    In addition to the above Perfect Pokémon, I also have an assortment of 5IV Special Ball Mons I can breed!

    1. Own Tempo Rockruff, Beast Ball, Jolly, w/Fire Fang
    2. Larvitar, Heavy Ball, Adamant, w/Egg Moves Dragon Dance and Iron Head
    3. Protean Froakie, Naive, w/Egg Move Toxic Spikes
    4. Beldum, Beast Ball, Jolly
    5. Wingull, Lure Ball, Modest
    6. Honedge, Quiet, Pokéball
    7. Rotom, Modest, Pokéball
    8. Long Reach Rowlet, Adamant
    9. Intimidate Litten, Adamant

    Pricing for pre-bred Pokémon in the list above.
    • Any of the Perfect 6 IV Pokémon besides Beedrill: 20 PP each
    • The Beedrill: 30 PP each
    • Any of 5 IV Pokémon: 15 PP each
    Breeding Service Fees: I will keep hatching eggs until I get a 5IV or higher for the Pokémon you want, with the one non-perfect IV in an unneeded stat (Example, a Happiny with perfect IVs in everything except Attack) I will not breed for Hidden Powers.
    • Breeding any of your own Pokémon: 25 PP if the Pokémon given is 3 IV or higher, 35 PP if lower.
    • EV Training is an additional 15 PP per mon (You'll get it back with a free Pokerus, so consider that a bonus!)
    As an extra little bonus, I'll be sending each Pokémon back with a Starf Berry~ :3

    I will currently accept requests in groups of 3! If you do not make the list the first time, I'll mark you down for the next round!

    Slots Open:
    1. [Free]
    2. [Free]
    3. [Free]
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