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Picture Prompt Thread: (Very Late) Week 4

Discussion in 'Creative Zone' started by Ryan, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Ryan

    Ryan lasagna bad

    pointy face
    Level 1
    Nov 21, 2012
    Charizardite X ★★★★
    Click picture to enlarge.

    Prompt: Write anything (a story, description, commentary, poem - anything) about the picture above. Your restriction? Your submission must be at least eight sentences. Other than that, your only limit is the boundary of your imagination. Good luck, and have fun. Submit all entries here!
  2. Cobalt

    Cobalt I'M A HURRICANE

    May 17, 2013
    The brilliant gold submarine flowed through the serene, cyan seas. The craft shined magnificently, with a blimp-like roundness. The artistic display on the bow masked the military green topping. The radioactive lights brightened the area around, not that the underwater space needed any shine. The sunlight flittered from above, sparkling down below. The bursts of color dazzling the mobile chimed a rainbow tune to the eyes, even on the darker, duller places on the submarine. Bubbles streamed from the back of the marine cruiser, floating up to the surface. Kelp showered down around the area, not blocking any path but stemming down the the ocean's bottom. Fish hid and blended in with the underwater plants, remaining slightly hidden in shadows. Among the marine life, most notably, swam an octopus. The octopod's grey head faded into a dull red at his tentacles, but the same could not be uttered for his eyes. They could be described as piercing, shooting and radioactive. Plants, more eye-catching than the left wing of kelp, poked out on the right side. Bright green, shading into a darker tone, made up one. A near camouflaged, sky blue anemone swayed with the current. The wavy plant bore a dark red at the stem. In a corner, there's a flame-red branch of rocky coral, sticking out like a sore thumb in front of a dark sky blue plant.
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  3. Banshee

    Banshee Pokémon Professor

    Gregg the Egg
    (Odd Egg)
    Level 3
    Dec 5, 2012
    "Yar harr! Swimmin' in the ocean, we go lads!" Sang a gruff voiced pirate who gripped the metal wheel with his massive hands. He was a burly man, a short man, a man that walked with pride in every step he took. Even if he had a missing foot and a missing eye. Nothing that could happen to him would take away his strong Irish pride.

    This man was known as Captain Growl. His voice was often mistaken for one. So that was how the man obtained his name. He wore it like a title. Proud and content with it. It kept his true name, shrouded in mystery.

    "Now lads." The burly red bearded man said as he spun on his pegged leg. He turned to his crew who stood patiently behind him. All of which were struck with awe as to how their, once beloved and simplistic pirate ship, was now turned into a massive submarine. Their adventure of traveling the seas had certainly took a delightful and new turn. "This here be our old ship, turned into something a bit more useful! Now we don't need to be concerned about them scallywags lurking behind us as we travel the many seas! The treasure we have in mind will be a treasure that be our find."

    The crew roared into a cheer. Some even applauded their Captain.

    "Now don't be giving me all the credit, mates. Ye gotta thank ye smart technicians. They be the ones that made this beaut happen!" He then reached over and tugged on the shirts and bandanas of the crew he was talking about. Some of the members were young men with new growing beards. The others, were older. All of which had scraggily looking beards of varying color. They all stood next to their captain, wearing the brightest smiles on their faces. A pleasant sight to see on a pirate ship. Is it not?

    He turned away from his crew of pirates and pressed a button on the wheel of the ship. Clanking noises were heard and this created a bit of a panic among the crowd of confused and concerned pirates. Captain Growl wasn't the least bit concerned and neither were the technicians of the crew.

    The sounds the ship was making, made it seem like some sort of mechanism was moving something heavy and metal. Everyone glanced upwards from their position and noticed that the metal ceiling was being pulled back. Slowly but surely. Under the metallic dome was another dome, a glass one. Thick and clear, the crew could see the ocean all around them. Their sides and above. The ocean was much prettier than they had imagined.

    Fish swam all about, ignoring or dodging the massive blimp-like submarine. The Captain pointed to a rather large octopus, chilling in front of them. But as the submarine moved closer to the eight legged being, it quickly started to swim away. Almost as if it were trying to shoo the submarine off.

    "Now lads. We be embarking on a new adventure. One of which will awe us all. Ye all be ready?!" Captain Growl turned to his crew. His voice booming with such energy and excitement. Even the old Captain's smile could be seen through his thick bush of a beard.

    "AYE!" The crew all shouted at once. Their voices were firm with excitement. Energy boomed into the air like trumpets of a monstrous marching band. This pleased the Captain and his closest mates.

    "Alright mateys! Let us explore the depths of the ocean of which no other pirate has ever gone before! This will be our newest journey yet!" He pointed to the north with his stubby fingers. A wide grin could be seen by all. "Captain Growl's ship will be the best in the many seas! YAR HAR!!"

    And so our pirates embark on a new journey. One of which will be a new beginning for a possible array of stories to be told. Perhaps one day, Captain Growl's story will become a legend of which will be told for many generations to come.
  4. Oim

    Oim Banned

    Nov 22, 2012
    Hot turned to cold, and the pain drifted away in the currents.

    It was marvelous here, back in the S.S Lunemist. She strode the halls and decks with a posture of confidence, of authority, and a smile on her face. The golden and jeweled chains on her luxurious pearly uniform jangled a pleasent tune as she went on by. This was her vessel, probing the marvelous depths. Captain Kate entered the portal to the bridge and took the helm. With an expert hand she steered the great Lunemist through the azure depths, moving deftly through kelp and coral formations. The crystal clear portholes in the sides of the room revealed a beauty found nowhere else, one she would never grow tired of seeing. She turned the vessel smoothly around a standing of giant kelp, and came face to face with familiar beastly creature. The tentacles extended upwards, eyes glowing crimson, the dark form heavy with threat. She smiled out of the porthole. Mr. Lilry was nothing to fear, indeed, quite the protector. She stared long into his glowing eyes as time seemed to fade away.

    Cold turned to hot, and the fantasy broke as her head broke the surface of the bathwater, tea-stained with her blood. Her lungs burned from held breath, and the pain in her nose and groin returned sharply. Thirteen-year-old Kate sat in silence for many moments with whimpered breaths as her eyes scanned the dingy, mould spotted ceiling.

    This serenity shattered like the door jamb of the locked bathroom, and she jumped, and then cowered. As father approached her with ethanol-laced breath for a vicious round two, she wished she would be able to return to Lunemist soon.
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