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Playing Alpha Sapphire

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by NekoPantera, Mar 9, 2015.

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  1. NekoPantera

    NekoPantera PKMN Breeder

    Mar 8, 2015
    Chapter one

    I sat in the back of a moving truck, containing all of our stuff. We were moving to a new place called Littleroot Town. I was bored so I watched the video of professor Birch explaining Pokémon. As if I need an explination of what Pokémon are , but as I said I was bored. It has this beautiful cut scene of wild Pokémon, and it explained what it was to be a Pokémon trainer.

    Maybe I should introduce myself. I am Brendan, 18 years old. And finally I was old enough to become a Pokémon trainer. The professor mentioned in the video I was watching also lived in Littleroot Town and my mom said I can get my first Pokémon from him once we settled in in our new home. I was so excited.

    The truck stopped moving and the engine was shut off. That means we arrived, I quickly jumped up to my feet and exited the truck. I looked around and was astonished. This town was beautiful. And the weather was great so I looked up took a deep breath of fresh air.

    I always loved being outside. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to become a Pokémon trainer, so I could always be outside together with my partners.

    "Brendan! You're here at last!"

    My mother walked up to me and hugged me.

    "Wasn't it tough riding in the back of the bumpy moving truck all that way?"

    "I'm fine mom. I only got a little bored."

    "Well, this is Littleroot Town. What do you think? This is going to be our new home!"

    "I love it, it's so beautiful."

    "It looks like it should be a nice place to live, don't you think? And you get your own room this time, Brendan!"

    "Awesome! But I don't think I'm going to use it much."

    "Come on. You have to see the inside!"

    My mother seemed so happy with the new house, I'm glad. Dad had a gym and when I leave on my adventure, she will be home alone for quite a while. So it is good to see her happy with the new home.

    Together we walked to our new house. Inside two machokes were busy unloading boxes. I looked around and it seemed impressive.

    "See, Brendan? Isn't it nice in here?"

    "Yes, it is."

    "The moving company's Pokémon even help with the unpacking and cleanup. They really make moving a cinch!"

    "Yeah, it seems like they're doing a good job."

    One of the machokes came up to us.

    "Graoh, graoh, graoh..."

    It signaled to us it was done with its work. My mother turned to it.

    "Thanks for all the hard work! We really appreciate it!"

    "Gwagwah gwah..."

    Translating into 'our pleasure'. We stepped out of the way and the machokes left.

    "You should go and see your new room upstairs, Brendan! Dad even bought a new clock for it to help celebrate the big move. You'll need to set the time, though!"

    "Thanks mom, and I'll have to thank dad later to then."

    I went up the stairs and found myself in my new room. The room was so big! My bed stood in the corner and to the other side of the room lay a blue carpet with a few cushions and my snorlax doll. I had that thing since I was little and I could not part with it. I also saw a flat screen TV with a Wii U console. Awesome!

    In the other corner stood a desk with various items on it. A map of the entire region hung proud next to the clock mom was talking about. I went to it and set the time.

    I heard mom coming up.

    "How do you like your new room, Brendan?"

    "It's so cool. Too bad I won't use it as much when I start my journey."

    "Good! Everything's put away neatly! They finished moving downstairs, too. It really is nice having Pokémon around to help us."

    "Yes, Pokémon are great."

    "Oh, but you should make sure that everything's all there on your desk."

    "I will."

    With that she left and took my time exploring my new room. When I was done, I figured I could go down to see if mom needed any help with putting away stuff. So I went down the stairs.

    "Oh! Brendan! Brendan!!! Quick! Come quickly!"

    "Mom! What happened?" I asked feeling panicked.

    "It's the Petalburg Gym! Maybe dad will be on TV!"

    "Mooom. I thought something happened. Don't scare me like that."

    She completely ignored me and pulled me in front of the TV. But sadly the show ended.

    "Oh ... It's already ended. Looks like your dad was on, but we missed his part. What a shame."

    I said nothing, still trying to calm my heart from a near heart attack. My mom turned to face me, completely ignorant of her unfitting reacting from earlier.

    "But that reminds me... One of dad's friends lives in this town. Professor Birch is his name. He lives right next door, so you should go over and introduce yourself."

    "I know, mom. I'll do it right away."

    So this was it. The first step into becoming a Pokémon trainer. I am so excited. I left the house and looked for his house. It was not hard to find as there were only three buildings in this tiny town. Our house, professor Birch's house and his lab.

    I walked up to the professors house and knocked on the door. I heard a voice telling me to come in. when I was inside I was greeted by a woman.

    "Oh, hello. And you are?"

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Brendan. I just moved in next door."

    "Oh, that's right, we were expecting you. Welcome! I'm Professor Birch's wife."

    She seemed nice.

    "We have a daughter about the same age as you. She has been so excited about making a new friend. She should be in her room upstairs. I hope you'll go and introduce yourself!"

    With that she walked into her kitchen. I admit, making a new friend seemed nice. So I walked up the stairs.

    When I got upstairs I found the daughter the woman was talking about, she seemed like she was getting ready for something.

    "Pokémon fully restored, items all ready, and..."

    That moment she noticed me and walked up to me. I felt a bid awkward, what do you say when you find yourself in someone's room you do not know?


    "Huh?! Who... are you?"

    I did not know what to say for a moment. The girl looked deep in thought and she stared at me.

    "Oh! You must be Brendan! Your move was today, huh?"

    "Yes, hi, nice to meet you."

    "Well, I'm May! Glad to meet you!"

    I was going to apologize for coming into her room without permission but she started talking before I could.

    "I... I actually have this dream of becoming friends with Pokémon all around the world."

    Okay, this is random. But I let her speak.

    "And then when dad — oh, I mean Professor Birch — told me about you moving here, Brendan... Well, I was hoping you would be nice and we could be friends. ... B-but that's just silly, isn't it? I've just met you. Right, Brendan? So what am I talking about... Hee hee..."

    "That's not silly, I would love to be your friend. We live next to each other after all now."

    "Oh, that's great!"

    Suddenly her face expression completely changed from happy and nervous to shock.

    "Oh no! I forgot! I was supposed to be going out to help dad watch some wild Pokémon! Brendan, I'll see you later!"

    "Oh, wait!"

    But she already left, leaving me alone in her room. She said catching wild Pokémon. Does that mean she is a trainer already? I want to follow her, ask her about it. She seemed nice, and a possible good friend.

    I walked back downstairs, the woman from earlier sitting behind the table. She was mumbling to herself. I heard words like husband and where. But I decided to visit the Professor's lab to see if he was there.

    I went inside the lad and was greeted by his assistant. He told me the Professor was not here and that he was probably doing field work on route 101. I thanked the assistant and decided to look for the Professor on the route.

    There was only one way out of the town so it was not hard finding the route. When I approached the route a little boy ran up to me.

    "I think I hear someone screaming up ahead! What should I do? Somebody has to go help..."

    "Don't worry little one, I'll go check it out."

    I knew I had to be careful out here. There could be wild Pokémon that can attack. But I need to put those worries aside if I wanted to help the person in need.

    I walked up the route and heard a shout for help. I ran towards the noise and saw the Professor being chased by a poochyena.

    "Halloo! You over there! Please! Help me out!"

    "I want to, but what should I do? I don't have a Pokémon yet."

    "In my bag! There are some poke balls!"

    I looked around and found the bag he was talking about. I looked inside and found three poke balls. I did not know what Pokémon would be inside so I grabbed the first ball I saw. I felt a bid guilty using a Pokémon that isn't mine. But now is not the time to think about that.

    The wild poochyena saw me coming and turned towards me. I threw the Poké Ball in the air releasing the Pokémon inside.

    A treecko came out of the Poké Ball. It looked at me before facing his opponent.

    "Okay, treecko, please help me out here. Use absorb!"

    The Pokémon obeyed immediately and used its move. The wild poochyena countered with a tackle.

    "Use absorb again, treecko!"

    Repeating the move, treecko leeched health from the poochyena. The wild Pokémon also repeated his move but it had trouble keeping himself up.

    "Okay, treecko, let's finish this! Use absorb one more time!"

    The treecko did as I said and the battle was over, the wild poochyena fainted.

    Wow, that was my very first Pokémon battle. It was awesome I won. Too bad this Pokémon does not belong to me. it seemed like an great partner. I returned the treecko to the Poké Ball.

    "Good work, pal. Get some rest."

    I faced the professor.

    "Whew... I went into the tall grass to survey wild Pokémon when I was suddenly jumped! You saved my hide. Thanks a lot!"

    "You know it's dangerous in the tall grass. Why weren't you prepared?"

    "I was so engrossed in my research that I didn't see it coming. Oh? But you're Norman's boy, Brendan! I didn't even realize who you were at first. You've grown into quite the young man. This isn't the place for a chat, though. Come along to my lab."

    He did not give me an opportunity to answer and left. I had no choice but to follow. Once inside the lab he spoke to me again.

    "So, Brendan. I've heard so much about you from your father. But he said that you don't have your own Pokémon yet. If that's true, that was quite the performance back there! Looks like you really are your father's son!"

    "Thanks I guess."

    "Oh, yes! To say thanks for rescuing me out there, how about I give you that Pokémon you used earlier?"

    "What? But you don't have to do that! It's your Pokémon."

    "Nonsense. It is part of my job to provide Pokémon to new trainers. I know you're old enough so accept it."

    "Okay, thank you."

    "While you're at it, why not give a nickname to that treecko?"

    "Hmm, let's see."

    I grabbed the Poké Ball of my new partner and released him. It was a male treecko.

    "Hey, there little buddy. Looks like I'm your new trainer. I want to give you a nickname. How about it? Do you want to be my partner and get a cool new name?"

    The Pokémon nodded happily at me.

    "That's great, how about Tarzan?"

    Once more the Pokémon nodded at me.

    "That's settled then. Tarzan, let's do great things together!"

    Tarzan jumped on my back and settled on my shoulder. I once again faced the Professor who was looking at me with approval.

    "You know, if you work with your Pokémon and gain experience, I think you'll make a pretty excellent trainer."

    "Wow, thank you Professor."

    "My girl, May, happens to be out on route 103 right now, surveying Pokémon for me. it might not be a bad idea for you to head out that way yourself. What do you think?"

    "I like that idea. I can finally start my own adventure."

    "Great! I'm sure May'll be happy to hear that, too. She can help teach you what it means to be a trainer."

    "Well, I know pretty much about already, but I lack the actual experience. So I'd be great having someone to help me out. Route 103, you said."

    "Yes, and if you're ever lost along the way, use the AreaNav on your PokéNav Plus! And if your Pokémon get tired, get some rest back at your new house."

    I already knew those things but no matter. I thanked the Professor and went back home to tell my mother what happened.
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  2. Pendraflare

    Pendraflare Hex Maniac

    Oct 4, 2014
    Alright, a basic opening to the adventure... Is this meant to be any special playthrough or challenge you're doing?
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  3. NekoPantera

    NekoPantera PKMN Breeder

    Mar 8, 2015
    I love to write so I decided to write down my adventure from the game, voicing my thoughts as Brendan. Nothing special, just for fun. Hope you like it.
  4. NekoPantera

    NekoPantera PKMN Breeder

    Mar 8, 2015
    Chapter two

    After talking to my mom and getting approval to start my journey, I grabbed my backpack which contained one potion and started my adventure.

    I started at route 101. I was so excited. I planned on fighting a couple Pokémon before going to the next town. That way I would get to know my Tarzan, his moves and his personality.

    I walked into the tall grass and it did not take long to encounter a wild Pokémon.

    A wild wurmple appeared!

    "Go, Tarzan! This will be our first official Pokémon battle together as trainer and Pokémon! Let's do our best!"

    Tarzan nodded at me and proudly faced his opponent. He had no trouble taking the wurmple out with his pounds and one absorb. In my excitement I scooped him up and hugged him closely.

    "We did it! Our first battle was a success!"

    Tarzan chaired my enthusiasm and we did a little celebration dance. It was so childish but I could not help it, I was so happy. My dream is finally beginning.

    We encountered another couple wurmples, a couple zigzagoons and a few poochyenas but they proved to be no trouble at all.

    After a bit of training I decided to head to the next town which turned out to be Oldale Town .

    When I entered the town I was greeted by a person dressed in a blue apron.

    "Hi there! I work at the Poké Mart. From what I can see, you're a novice trainer. Am I right?"

    "Yeah, I just started a while ago."

    "OK. Being super kindhearted as I am, I'm going to give you useful advice."

    He turned around and pointed at a building with a blue roof. I probably already knew what he was going to say.

    "First of all, that's the Poké Mart there. Just look for our blue roof. We sell a variety of goods, including Poké Balls for catching Pokémon!"

    Yep, already knew that. A positive effect from having a gym leader as dad.

    "I'd like you to have these as part of a special promotion!"

    He shoved a few potions in my hands. Sweet, free shit! These could come in handy sometimes.

    "Potions can be used anytime, so they can be very useful to have."

    "Yes, I know, thank you for these."

    Next he pointed to a building with a red roof.

    "And this is a Pokémon Center! Look for a red roof! Ask a woman inside, and she'll restore your Pokémon's health. That's it. That was the advice from me — the supremely kindhearted clerk. Have a great journey!"

    Then he walked off. I already knew everything he told me, but he seemed genuine to help me out. I shook my head and entered the Pokémon Center. Tarzan needed a health restore from the battling before.

    After healing Tarzan I let him out of his ball. He immediately jumped up on my shoulders again. I laughed.

    "You know you can't keep doing that forever. When you evolve it's going to be a lot harder to do this, so don't get used to it."

    In response he crossed his arms and sat down looking at me with a challenging look on his face. I could not help but laugh and shake my head.

    I explored the town and went to the Poké mart. I wanted to buy some Poké Balls but for some reason they were sold out. Strange that seldom happens. No matter, then I will train Tarzan some more.

    The route 102 was blocked by a person who was drawing some rare Pokémon footprints so I went to the only place I could; route 103.

    "Didn't Professor Birch say his daughter May was there surveying Pokémon?"


    "Yes I thought so. Let's meet up with her."

    I entered route 103 and saw May standing in the distance. Before I got to her, I encountered more wild Pokémon. Tarzan took them all out with no problems.

    I walked up to her and heard she was talking to herself again.

    "Let's see... On route 103, I found this Pokémon... and this one... and this one, too..."

    Then she turned around and saw me. She walked up to me.

    "Oh! Hey, Brendan! What's that? Oh! My dad gave you a Pokémon as a gift, huh? Well then, why don't we go ahead and have a quick battle? I'll give you a taste of what being a trainer is really like!"

    She did some silly pose and released her torchic.

    "You're on! Go, Tarzan! Our first trainer battle. This battle will be harder than every battle we had before with wild Pokémon. So be on your guard, let's go! Use pound!"

    Tarzan was faster than May's torchic so he moved first, successfully hitting his opponent with his pound.

    "Torchic, use scratch!"

    It hit. I told Tarzan to continue with his pound attack. May ordered her torchic to scratch again.

    It went back and forth for a while like that. Our Pokémon using the same moves over and over again. That was until the torchic was getting trouble staying on its feet.

    Looks like our training paid off.

    "Okay, Tarzan, finish it with a last pound attack!"

    The attack hit and the torchic fainted.

    "Wow! That's great! Brendan, you're pretty good!"

    "Thanks, it's because I fought a lot of wild Pokémon on the way here."

    "It was a good battle. Thanks! Let me heal up both our parties real quick."

    She did what she told. Tarzan was healed in no time.

    "Wow... I think I know why my dad has his eye on you now."

    "Wait, what?"

    "Don't mind me. I mean, you just got that Pokémon, and you've already got that strong of a bond. I bet you could probably befriend any kind of Pokémon you meet!"

    "Wow, thanks May."

    "Phew... I guess I'd better get back to the lab! See you later, Brendan."

    And she was off. I let Tarzan back out of his ball.

    "Ready for some more training, pal?"


    "I take that as a yes. Let's go!"
  5. NekoPantera

    NekoPantera PKMN Breeder

    Mar 8, 2015
    Chapter three

    I trained some more on route 103 before returning to Oldale Town.

    I passed by the Pokémon Center and visited the Poké mart but they still had no Poké Balls to sell. The 102 route was still blocked so I figured I returned home. I could tell mom all about my first day as a trainer.

    But as I went to route 101 to go home, I ran into May again.

    "Brendan! Over here! Let's hurry back to Littleroot!"

    I did not know we would go together, but whatever, I'll with her. Using the shortcuts we encountered no wild Pokémon. May ran ahead of me and entered the lab, I followed her and also went inside the lab. I walked up to the professor and he smiled at me.

    "So I hear you beat May on your first try. That's amazing!"

    "Well Tarzan did all the work."

    "May's been helping with my research for a long time, so she has a pretty long history as a trainer already."

    "Really? You don't look much older than me though."

    "Don't worry I didn't get my first Pokémon until I turned 18, I'm just used handling Pokémon."

    "Mm-hmm! I think that settles it! Brendan, I ordered this Pokédex for my research, but I think you should take it."

    "I can't accept that. A Pokédex costs so much."

    He just shoved the device in my hands and went on talking.

    "That Pokédex is a high-tech tool that automatically makes a record of any Pokémon you meet or catch. My girl May takes hers with her everywhere she goes. Whenever she catches a rare Pokémon and records its data in the Pokédex, why, she comes to seek me out wherever I am in the field and show me! The Pokémon and people you will meet... And the great expanse of nature that lies before you! Experience them both while you fill that Pokédex. I'd love it if your world seemed wider than ever! Though I'd love it even more if you came back from time to time to show me what progress you've made."

    "I will. Thank you so much, Professor."

    "Just thinking about it...Arghhh! I'm getting the itch to get out and do fieldwork again!"
    May stepped forward and interrupted her father and spoke to me.

    "Oh, wow, Brendan! Now you've got a Pokédex, too! That's great. Just like me! Then here... I'll give you something, too! Some Poké Balls that you can use to catch wild Pokémon!"

    She handed me a couple of Poké Balls, I did not even get the chance to argue. They do not know how grateful I am for all this.

    "If you catch a Pokémon in the wild and battle together with it for a while, it will grow stronger for you! Take that as a bit of advice from a more experienced trainer like me!"

    "But I already know all of that stuff. You know who my father is."

    "That's right, sorry I forgot. I'm going to get ready to head out from Littleroot Town soon myself. I can't wait to see what kind of Pokémon I'm going to meet... Let's both do our best on our journeys, Brendan!"

    "Yes, I'll do my very best."

    May went to speak with her father. I should tell my mom to, about what happened. I can sleep in my new bed for the night and head out tomorrow. Seems like a plan.

    The next morning.

    I woke up with Tarzan lying on top of me.

    "Morning, buddy. Ready to head out?"

    He yawned and jumped of my bed.

    "Let's get some breakfast, shall we?"

    At the mention of food, Tarzan gave me his full attention, climbing up to my shoulder again.

    I went downstairs where mom had breakfast ready. We talked a bit and when I was done I prepared myself.

    After getting ready I left the house and walked toward route 101.


    I heard May yelling my name. I turned around to face her as she ran up to me.

    "This is from my dad. He said he forgot to give you this before."

    She took ahold of my PokéNav Plus and she did something with it.

    "The app I just added to your PokéNav Plus is called the DexNav. It can tell you lots about the Pokémon living in each area and that kind of stuff. It's a handy app to have if you're trying to catch lots of different Pokémon. All right! guess it's about time I use the DexNav to do some more Pokémon catching myself! Brendan, you should use those Poké Balls I gave you yesterday to do a bit of catching, too! Good luck, Bye!"

    And she ran off again.

    Oh, before I forget. I want to check out the new Pokédex I got. It was very fancy and the latest new model. I released Tarzan and pointed the Pokédex at him.

    'Treecko the wood gecko Pokémon. Treecko is cool, calm and collected — it never panics under any situation. If a bigger foe were to glare at this Pokémon, it would glare right back without conceding an inch of ground.'

    Interesting. I also noticed he learned quick attack. Sweet. I need to remind myself to often check this, so I know when my Pokémon are learning new moves.

    I put the thing away and continued the route. I wanted to go on as quickly as I can, the wild Pokémon here did not pose any challenge whatsoever anymore for my Tarzan.

    When I came close to the end of the route, May called me over again. It seems like she likes popping up at random. It fits her I guess.

    "See that? Right there? There's a tail sticking out!"

    She pointed a patch of tall grass, and indeed there was a tail visible. If I had to guess, it belonged to a poochyena.

    "There is a Pokémon hiding there! And look here, if you check your DexNav.... All right! it looks like that Pokémon knows a pretty rare move, too!"

    "That's pretty cool you can check that on your DexNav."

    "Brendan! Try getting closer, real nice and slow!"

    We slowly sneaked closer to where the Pokémon was hiding. If that Pokémon knew a rare move then maybe it would be a challenge for Tarzan.

    "You're almost there...! Slowly.... Slooowly... Remember, nice and slow."

    She gestured for me to get closer so I did. I snuck up upon the Pokémon . I was right next to it when it noticed me and attacked.

    "Go, Tarzan! Take him out, like we trained!"

    Without me telling him what to do, Tarzan began the fight with a pound. And then to my surprise the poochyena used thunder fang.

    So it really knows a rare move, too bad it was not effective against my Pokémon.

    "Alright, let's try out your new move. Use quick attack!"

    He was so fast I barely saw him move, so it was no surprise when his attack hit. The poochyena countered again with his thunder fang. But now it paralyzed Tarzan, slowing him down hard.

    "Okay, use absorb!"

    But Tarzan was so slowed down by the poochyena that the poochyena attacked first, again with an thunder fang. Tarzan side stepped the attack and used its absorb ending the fight. The poochyena fainted.

    "That was amazing, Brendan! I've been at this way longer than you, and even I have a hard time sneaking up like that without being noticed!"

    "Guess I'm a naturel."

    I grinned and May shook her head.


    "I'm going to continue on to route 102, want to come?"

    "I'm going to train a bit first. You go on I'll catch up to you later."

    "Okay, see ya."

    Once again I went to the Pokémon Center to heal my Pokémon, then I went to the beginning of route 102 and saw that the dude finished his drawing. Now I could enter the route without problems.

    I immediately went into the tall grass, hoping to encounter new and stronger Pokémon than before. But the first Pokémon I encountered was a poochyena again, Tarzan quickly defeated it.

    I wanted to go further into the route when I was suddenly stopped by what looks like another Pokémon trainer.

    "If you have Pokémon with you, then you're an official Pokémon trainer! You can't say no to my challenge!"

    "Well actually I can refuse. But why would do that? Go Tarzan!"

    "Get him, zigzagoon!"

    It looked like the opposite Pokémon was just caught, so I suspected I would have no trouble defeating this trainer.

    And I was right after two quick attacks his Pokémon fainted.

    "Arrgh, I lost.... I should have trained mine more..."

    "Better luck next time, pal. See ya."

    I continued on the route and trained some more before I was challenged by another trainer.

    "Haha! Our eyes met! I'll take you on with my bug Pokémon!"

    Bug Pokémon? Then I have to watch out, bug moves are strong against grass types.

    "Go wurmple!"

    "Go, Tarzan!"

    But the trainer only let the wurmple use string shot on me, so the battle was over quick.

    "Ow! Down and out!"

    I hope I can encounter stronger trainers and Pokémon soon. These battles are no challenge at all for me and my partner.

    I followed the route, not bothering staying to train. But still defeating every Pokémon we encountered. Once again a trainer stopped me and challenged me.

    "Did you just become a trainer?"

    "Yeah, just yesterday."

    "Then we're both beginners! Get him poochyena!"

    "Tarzan, finish this!"

    Tarzan took the poochyena out with two absorbs, the battle was over before it even began. But the trainer had another Pokémon, he sent out a taillow.

    "Quick, use quick attack!"

    The taillow went down after one hit.

    "I challenged you because I thought I could beat you..."

    "Sorry, you need to train a bit more before you can do that. I'll be on my way, nice battle."

    When we were battling I spotted two berry plants and now I walked towards them. I gained two pecha berries and two oran berries. They could come in handy.

    I saw a sign post and saw that it was not much further to Petalburg City. Great, I can meet up with dad when I get there. I got into a sprint intending to get there as soon as possible when I was stopped once again by a trainer. I hope that this one offers more of a fight.

    She sent a zigzagoon my way, not a challenge then. We took it out very quickly. She looked crestfallen, but I continued my way, hoping I would not be stopped again.

    But luck was not on my side today as someone called to me from behind.

    "Heeeeeeeey! How's it going, Brendan?"

    "Oh, hey May. I'm almost in Petalburg City. I'm going to meet up with dad once I'm there."

    "Cool, so have you been practicing your sneaking skills already?"

    Before I could answer we heard a cry of a Pokémon. May went to stand next to me.

    "Look! Up there! Check 'em out, Brendan!"

    A swarm of beautifly flew over us towards the town.

    "Those were... beautifly, weren't they? I'll have to check in my DexNav later to be sure! But, wow, we already made it through route 102, huh? I guess it's really true that time flies when you're with a friend!"

    I understood what she was talking about. It is really fun going on a journey like this. And it is even more fun to share it with someone.

    "Your dad, he's the gym leader in Petalburg City, isn't he?"

    "Yes, he is."

    "Maybe I should try to take him on myself, once I train up my Pokémon a bit more! Guess I'm off then, Brendan! Let's meet up again sometime!"

    And off she goes.

    The first thing I do when I reached the city was visit the Pokémon Center. Then I bee lined for the gym.

    When I arrived I saw my dad ending a fight with a trainer.

    "Not bad... it was a good battle."

    "Th-thank you, sir!"

    "Come back and challenge me again anytime. I'll be looking forward to seeing you and your Pokémon again when you're a bit stronger."

    "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir! I'm gonna do special training with my Pokémon. Then I'll challenge this gym again! Thank you for the battle, Mr. Norman!"

    The trainer left and my dad noticed me watching him. I walked up to him.

    "Hi, dad."

    "Why, if it isn't Brendan! So you've finished moving in?"

    "Yeah, the town is awesome. So peaceful and quiet. I love my new room and, oh, thanks for the clock, dad."

    "I see... Well... I guess we shouldn't stand around out here talking. Do you want to come in for a bit?"

    "Hell yeah!"

    "Come on in."

    Together we walked into his gym.

    "You know, I sure was surprised that you managed to get here by yourself."

    "You don't need to worry. I got a Pokémon from the Professor, he gave me a treecko. I named him Tarzan. Tarzan, come out."

    The gecko was not out of his ball yet and it already climbed up on my shoulder.

    "Ah... I see. You're making a good start on your team! Then I guess you're going to become a trainer like me, Brendan?"

    "Yes, you know that is my dream. Seeing the world, getting lots of Pokémon partners and becoming a respectful strong trainer."

    "Now that's something to look forward to!"

    Dad gave me a pat on my back when someone entered the gym.

    "Um... E-excuse me...I... I'd like to get a Pokémon, please..."

    A small boy walked up to us. He had green hair and blue eyes. Isn't he a bit young to have a Pokémon?

    "Hm? Aren't you...You're Wally, right?"

    "Y-yes... I'm supposed to go stay with my relatives in Verdanturf Town for a while. But I thought I might be lonely by myself, so I wanted to bring a Pokémon with me. But I've never caught a Pokémon by myself... I'm not sure I can."

    "I see. Brendan! You heard that right?"

    "Yes, I'm right next to you."

    "You go with Wally, and make sure that he safely catches a Pokémon."

    "Okay, dad."

    "Wally, here. I'll lend you one of my Pokémon."

    Wally received a zigzagoon from my dad.

    "Oh, wow... Your Pokémon, sir?"

    "I'll give you a Poké Ball, too, so go give it your best!"

    "Th-thank you, Mr. Norman!"

    Wally walked up to me and looked at me with a blush on his face and adorable puppy eyes.

    "Um... Brendan? You will... You will come with me, right?"

    "Of course, lead the way. I'll follow you."

    We went outside back to route 102.

    "Brendan... Pokémon hide in tall grass like this, don't they?"

    "Yes, just step into it and a wild Pokémon will appear."

    He took a few steps into the grass and turned back to me.

    "P-please stay there to watch and see if I can catch one properly."

    "Don't worry, I'll stay right here."


    A wild ralts appeared and Wally sent out the zigzagoon. The two Pokémon battled for a while and then Wally threw a Poké Ball at the ralts. If he could catch this one, that would be great. A male ralts is quite rare to encounter.

    Yes, the ralts was caught.

    "I did it... it's my... My own Pokémon! Thank you so much, Brendan!"

    "You're welcome. But if you don't mind me asking. How old are you? You seem a bit young to have a Pokémon."

    "I'm seventeen actually. I-I will be eighteen in a couple of weeks, so I hope you'll let me have this Pokémon."

    "Don't worry about that. You earned that Pokémon. Sorry if I offended you, you seem so young after all."

    "T-that's okay. People often say that. It's because I have this illness. But d-don't worry about it. Let's head back to the gym!"

    "Lead the way!"

    He seemed like a good person to hang around with. When I get to Verdanturf Town, I'll visit him and hopefully become his friend. We arrived back in dad's gym.

    "So did it go well?"

    "Yes, it did! Thank you! Let me give you back your Pokémon, sir."

    "He did very well. Catching that ralts with no trouble at all."

    "Good to hear."

    "Brendan... Thank you so much for coming with me. It was all thanks to you two that I was able to catch ralts. My very own ralts... I will always, always treasure it!"

    "Great to hear you'll take care of your Pokémon."

    "I'm going to try my best together with ralts. You do your best, too, Brendan! Oh, but my mom's waiting for me. I've got to get going! I hope we meet again, Brendan!"

    "I'm planning on it."

    "And you, too, Mr. Norman!"

    Then he left. I smiled, yeah that one could be a good friend. I defiantly have to visit him when I get to his town.

    "That boy will be worth keeping an eye on. But for now... Brendan! If you want to become strong as a trainer, listen to my advice. First head for Rustboro City, which lies beyond this town. There you should challenge the gym leader, Roxanne. After her, go on to the other Pokémon gyms and defeat their leaders as well. collect badges from them, understand?"

    "Loud and clear, dad. I know what I have to do. I prepared for this a long time."

    "Of course, I'm a gym leader, too. I'm sure we'll battle one day. But that will only be after you've become stronger, Brendan."

    "Of course. I look forward to that day, to the day I beat my own dad in a Pokémon battle."

    "Well, go on then. Face your new adventure."

    "I will. See you later, dad."

    "Goodbye, son."
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    Mar 8, 2015
    Chapter four

    After exploring Petalburg City a bit I prepared myself to continue on my adventure. My next stop was route 104.

    I walked to the beach, taking my shoes of and stand in the water with my bare feet. It was beautiful weather again today. I walked alongside the shore, causing several wingull to fly away. I was challenged by a trainer who was also walking on the beach.

    The trainer had a seedot, I never seen that one before in real life.

    "Go Tarzan! Use quick attack!"

    Using a few quick attacks the seedot was beaten. His second Pokémon was a taillow. It seemed tougher than any Pokémon we encountered before. With some difficulty we took him out to.

    We beat the trainer but it was becoming a little difficult. I need to catch a second Pokémon. Returning to Petalburg city for a quick visit to the Pokémon Center I returned and walked into the tall grass a little further in the route.

    "Let's see what kind of Pokémon are hiding in here."

    I encountered a zigzagoon and a wingull but I did not feel the need to catch them. Then I saw a patch of grass moving. From it came the cry of a taillow. I snuck up on it like May taught me and engaged it in a battle.

    "Tarzan use a pound!"

    Tarzan did as told but then the taillow used brave bird! It almost took Tarzan out in one hit.

    Wow, that taillow is strong! Maybe he would be a great addition to the team. I saw that my chance when the taillow recovered from the recoil from its attack and threw a Poké Ball at it.

    I waited in tension as the Poké Ball shook on the ground. Not only I wanted to catch it because of its move, but if I do not catch it and it uses that move again, then Tarzan would faint. He was already weak on its legs.

    To my great relief, the Poké Ball stopped moving, telling me it had captured the taillow. I grabbed my Pokédex and read what it had to say about the taillow.

    'Taillow the tiny swallow Pokémon. Taillow is young — it has only just left its nest. As a result, it sometimes becomes lonesome and cries at night. This Pokémon feeds on wurmple that live in forests.'

    I saw that the taillow I caught was close to fainting so I took my team back to the Pokémon Center. When they were healed I let taillow out of its ball.

    "Hey, there little guy. I'm your new trainer. I want to give you an awesome name, is that okay with you?"


    I nodded happily at me.

    "Alright, let me think for a minute. ... How does Gary sound to you?"

    It jumped up and down and cried happily once more.

    "Gary it is then. Gary meet Tarzan."

    I let Tarzan out of his ball and let them meet. Tarzan cheerfully greeted the new member of the team. It looks like these two will get along just fine.

    I grabbed my Pokédex once more and checked the moves of Gary. It knew brave bird, growl and focus energy. Wow, brave bird is a great move, I am surprised, the taillow was quite unexperienced after all.

    Before going back to route 104, I decided to train Gary a bit on route 103. There will be easier Pokémon to fight and then I can get to know his battle style better.

    It was a bit unfortunate that Gary only knew one attack move, as that attack takes recoil. But I can train him to learn another attack move. And that is what we are doing on route 103.

    While we were training we had to go back to the Pokémon Center a couple of times because of the recoil damage.

    After a whole day training Gary we decided to call it a night. Gary had learned quick attack so it was a day well spent to training. We stayed the night in dad's gym.

    The next day.

    Going to route 104 I encountered another trainer. But with our new addition to the team we took him out with no problem. I also found another two pecha and oran berries on the way.

    After some more walking I found myself at the entrance of Petalburg Woods. Confident in my team I entered right away.

    This region never stops to surprise me. This forest is so calm and beautiful. I felt so at peace here, I could stay here for a long time without getting bored.

    I let out my two partners and let them run around for a bit. They, too, seemed the enjoy the scenery.

    Together we started exploring the forests and battled some wild Pokémon along the way.

    "I caught a bunch of Pokémon. Go, go, go! My bug Pokémon team!"

    A trainer surprise attacked me, but I had good reflexes. He sent his three wurmples at my Pokémon.

    "Gary, Tarzan, use quick attack!"

    They were too fast for the freshly caught wurmples and they took them out with a few hits.

    "I have all these Pokémon, but I couldn't win..."

    "You need to train your Pokémon first before entering a battle with another trainer."

    "I know, but I was so happy I caught these three and then I saw you. I didn't think, I just acted."

    "Hurry them to the Pokémon Center. And train them, then I'll battle you again. How does that sound?"

    "Great. See you around."


    He left, going towards the exit of the forest. I sometimes doubt that some people are qualified of having their own Pokémon. But not everyone has a gym leader as father I suppose.

    "Gary, Tarzan, let's get a break. Who's hungry?"

    Both of them jumped up and down and cried their names when they heard the word 'food'. I smiled and sat down, handing them each a handful of Pokémon food.

    "Gary, if you want you can hunt for a while. Be back in an hour though."

    The bird Pokémon nodded and took into the air, disappearing through the trees.

    "You to Tarzan, if you want to enjoy yourself in the trees, now is your chance."

    But instead of leaving he curled up into my lap and began a nap. I petted his head and lay myself down on the grass looking up to the sky through the leaves of the trees.

    Line break

    I'm trying to make these chapters as interesting as possible but the interesting stuff still needs to come. With interesting stuff I mean the rest of the story from the game, things will pick up once I start collecting badges.

    Anyway I'll list on the end of each chapter my team and levels so you can follow how strong they are.

    Tarzan (treecko) Lv. 12 moves; pound, leer, absorb, quick attack
    Gary (taillow) Lv. 10 moves; brave bird, growl, focus energy, quick attack

    I'll do this because it can become confusing when I don't use the name of the actual Pokémon.

    Love Neko
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    Chapter five

    After our break we continued making our way through Petalburg Woods. We encountered casoons, zigzagoons, wurmples, silcoons, taillows, shroomish' and a few trainers.

    Suddenly I saw what looked like a scientist murmuring to himself.

    "Hmmm.... Not a one to be found..."

    Then he noticed me and came over to me.

    "Hello, have you seen any Pokémon called shroomish around here?"

    "Yes, I did. Why?"

    "I really love that Pokémon."

    "If you want I can look for one and then you can see it."

    "That would very kind of you..."



    When we were talking another guy appeared and walked up to us, he wore a blue and white striped shirt and a black bandana with a weird symbol on it.

    "I was going to ambush you, but you had to dawdle in Petalburg Woods forever, didn't you? I got sick of waiting; so here I am!"

    "What are you talking about?"

    I asked the guy but he ignored me and faced the scientist.

    "You! Devon researcher! Hand over those papers!"


    The scientist squealed and hid behind me.

    "You're Pokémon trainer, aren't you? You've got to help me, please!"

    "Don't worry, I'll handle this dude. But you'll have to tell me what this is all about later."

    I faced the strange person and grabbed Gary's Poké Ball.

    "Hunh? What do you think you're doing?"

    "I don't know who you are, but you seem like trouble. Kindly leave this person alone and leave."

    "What, you're going to protect him? No one who crosses Team Aqua gets any mercy, not even a kid! Come on and battle me!"

    "With pleasure! Gary, teach this man a lesson!"

    Gary's opponent was a poochyena. I told Gary to use his brave bird attack, it took the poochyena down in one hit. It looks like that was the only Pokémon this man had with him.

    "Y-you're crazy strong."

    "Thanks, now kindly get your ass out of here."

    "Grrr... You've got some nerve meddling with Team Aqua! You're lucky I'm out of Pokémon!"

    "Just accept your defeat like a man. And who are this Team Aqua?"

    "Doesn't matter. I'm out of here!"

    He ran away as fast as he could. Good riddance, that guy was up to no good. I turned to the scientist.

    "He's gone now."

    "That was awfully close! Thanks to you, he didn't rob me of these important papers."

    "You're welcome."

    "I know! I'll give you this as my thanks!"

    "You don't have to give me anything, I was happy to help."

    "Nonsense, take this. It's an Exp. Share."

    "Oh, wow, these are incredibly expensive! Are you sure I can have this?"

    "Yes, if that thief would have gotten these papers, we all would be in deep trouble."

    "Are they that important?"

    "Yes, they are. Let me heal your Pokémon also."


    "Now excuse me, I have to hurry. If they're after these papers, they could be targeting the Rustboro facility also. I can't be wasting time! Goodbye."

    I have no idea what just happened exactly, but I guess I will hear about it in the news or something. I shrugged and continued training in the forest.

    Gary learned a new move; wing attack. Awesome.

    After a couple of hours, we found the exit of Petalburg Woods and entered the other side of route 104.

    There was a shop called Pretty Petal Flower Shop and I decided to check it out, picking up a couple of berries that grew in front of the shop before going in.

    "Oh, hello there. This is the Pretty Petal Flower Shop. Spreading flowers throughout the world! Your name is?"

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Brendan."

    "Brendan. That's a nice name. would you like to learn about berries?"

    "Um, I already know a great deal about them, so I'm good thanks."

    "Okay then. Remember that flowers bring so much happiness to people."

    "I will..."

    I explored the shop a bit more, receiving a Wailmer Pail from a lady from the shop. The shop was nice and all but I had better things to do than to stick around here.

    The sun was setting and I decided to set up camp in Petalburg Woods to spent the night. On my way back to the forest I was greeted by a boy who handed me a TM. TM49, echoed voice. It seemed like the boy loved the move so much, he handed the TM to everyone he saw. You don't hear me complaining.

    I entered the forest again and took out my sleeping bag and released my team.

    "Tarzan, could you gather some wood for a fire please?"

    The gecko Pokémon nodded and went off. When he got back I made a fire and prepared some food. Then I crawled into my sleeping bag, Gary flew up in a tree and Tarzan lay himself down on me.

    "Good night, everyone."

    The next day.

    While walking I battled a couple of trainers, not really interesting to tell about except for that one battle with those twins.

    I was crossing a bridge when they stopped me.

    "We're twins, so we battle Pokémon together, too."

    Then the girls both sent out their Pokémon. A lotad and a seedot.

    "Let's go, Tarzan, Gary! Gary, brave bird, Tarzan, absorb, also on lotad!"

    The opposite seedot used bide. Gary used his move followed by Tarzan, but instead of absorb, Tarzan used mega drain!

    The lotad fainted. I told my team to finish of the seedot, who couldn't do anything while it prepared for bide.

    "I'm so disappointed that we lost."
    "We lost even though we fought together..."

    "It was a good battle though. Thanks."

    "You're welcome." They said in unison

    There was also this one guy who said he was a water type master, but turns out he had three magikarps. What a joke.

    A few hours later I arrived at Rustboro City. It was huge, with lots of buildings and street lights even.

    Okay, I'll go find the Pokémon Center so I can heal my Pokémon. But when I passed the Poké mart, May appeared from it.

    "So you made it here to Rustboro, too, Brendan!"

    "Hi, May. When did you arrive? I didn't see you along the way."

    "A couple of hours earlier. It's really big here, isn't it? Littleroot can't even compare."

    "Yes, it's a huge difference."

    "There is a Pokémon Gym here, too! Once I catch a couple more Pokémon, I'll be sure to take it on with my team!"

    "Good luck, I'm going to try that too. I trained pretty hard with my team."

    "Well good luck to you to then. See you later."

    When she left I searched for the Pokémon Center and healed my Pokémon there. I heard someone talking about the man next door and that he is giving away a HM. I need to check that out, HM's are incredibly useful on a journey. They require certain badges to use them, but that is solved quickly.

    I went next door and received the HM cut. Sweet, this'll come in handy. But first beat the gym.

    I explored the city and stopped by the Poké mart. In the Poké mart was a guy who gave out TM's. Looks like my lucky day, a TM and HM for free. The TM was TM54 false swipe. I went to the counter and refilled my supply of potions and food.

    It seems like this city also has a Pokémon school. I do not need it but I was curious so I entered it.

    Inside there was a lesson going on about various items that a Pokémon could hold. The students were all children. It was fun to watch the lesson for a while but I knew that I could not learn anything new from these lessons so I wanted to leave, but someone called me back.

    "Excuse me? You look like a trainer. Could you do me a favor please?"

    I turned around and saw the teacher coming up to me. All eyes of the children were on me.

    "These children are very young still and it is hard to keep their attention to the lesson. Cold you perhaps show them your Pokémon? That'll give them some motivation."

    "Sure. Hold on. Tarzan, Gary, come out."

    I released them from their Poké Balls.

    "There are some children who want to meet you. Are you guys up for it?"

    I received approval of both.

    "Great. Children, can I have your attention? This is a trainer and his Pokémon. Come say hello."

    One by one the children, who looked no older than 8 years old, stepped forward. I introduced them to my Pokémon and allowed the children to pet them.

    It seems like Tarzan and Gary are enjoying all the attention. After a while the teacher called the children back to their seats.
    "Thanks a lot. They will not forget this easily."

    "I'm glad I could help."

    My next stop was at the gym. I have no idea if I'm up to the challenge yet. Only one way to find out. It seems like the gym leader, Roxanne, is a rock type user. That means I need to use Tarzan, as Gary is weak against rock type Pokémon.

    "Alright, let's do this."

    I entered the gym and was greeted by a woman.

    "Hello. You must be a new challenger."

    "Yes, I would like to challenge this gym."

    "I am Roxanne, the Rustboro City Pokémon Gym Leader."

    "Wow, nice to meet you."

    "I became a gym leader so that I may apply in battle all that I've learned at the Pokémon Trainers' school. If you defeat me in a Pokémon battle, I'll present you with a gym badge as proof of your strength as a trainer."


    "I look forward to seeing you as a challenger. Until then, farewell."

    She went deeper into the building. I guess I have to make my way through to her. No doubt battling trainers along the way.

    I'll battle all the trainers here, that will be a good way to prepare for the leader battle.

    The first gym trainer had two geodudes, Tarzan took them both out with his mega drain.

    The second gym trainer had only one geodude. Again Tarzan took him out.

    The third and last gym trainer had also one geodude.

    Seems like our training really paid off, the first trainers are not really a challenge for Tarzan.

    The next battle would be the gym leader. Feeling confident I walked straight up, not feeling the need to visit the Pokémon Center before the battle.

    "Just as I expected... I knew you and your Pokémon would be able to get this far."

    "Thanks, we really trained hard for this."

    "Now, would you kindly demonstrate how you battle with your Pokémon?"

    "I would be honored."

    "Go geodude!"

    "Go Tarzan!"

    Tarzan used mega drain, the geodude did not faint thanks to its sturdy ability. It countered with a rock tomb. Before Tarzan could use its quick attack to defeat his opponent, Roxanne used a potion on geodude.

    "Tarzan, use mega drain again!"

    This time it took out the geodude. The geodude was replaced by nosepass. Another mega drain from Tarzan countered by a rock tomb from nosepass. The battle ended by the last mega drain from Tarzan.

    "So... I lost... it seems like I still have much more to learn..."

    "Yes, we won Tarzan!"

    The ecstatic gecko Pokémon jumped to me, embracing me with its tiny arms. I hugged him back before letting him settle on my shoulders again.

    "The rules are clear. Please accept the official Pokémon League Stone Badge."


    "The Stone Badge enables Pokémon to use the HM move cut outside of battle. And... please take this with you, too."

    She handed me the TM39 rock tomb.

    "Thank you."

    "Since you are so strong, you should challenge other gym leaders, too."

    "I plan on it. Thanks for the battle, I'll be going now."


    Line break

    Things will start picking up from here on (I hope). I hope you are enjoying reading this story as much as I love writing it.

    Tarzan (treecko) Lv. 15 moves; pound, leer, mega drain, quick attack
    Gary (taillow) Lv. 15 moves; brave bird, wing attack, focus energy, quick attack
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