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Pokèmar Episode 4: Explorers of Time

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Alex Russet, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Alex Russet

    Nov 16, 2015
    Washed onto a beach and devoid of memory, Alex Russet has found himself wanting for answers. Meanwhile time itself it falling apart at the seems. Alex must rediscover his past quickly, before it's too late... (An adaptation of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky)

    Here's my iteration of the most beloved of the PMD games. There will be several twists that I'll ad in along the way to keep it consistent with my other episodes, but not too many. I really hope I do this game justice...

    The Gates to Infinity
    Munna's Retribution
    Thunder's Past
    Explorers of Time (Current)
    Servine (incomplete)
    A Clone's Destiny (incomplete)
    Search and Rescue (incomplete)
    Distortion (incomplete)
    Broken Bonds (incomplete)
    Darkness Falls (incomplete)
    Apocalypse (incomplete)

    Ch1: Washed Ashore

    Give me some feedback! It lets me know you're interested. http://lakevalor.net/topic/14403-pok%C3%A9mar-series-feedback-post/?p=322983
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  2. Alex Russet

    Nov 16, 2015
    Chapter 1: Washed Ashore

    "Augh! What the-"
    "Something's wrong! I'm... No! No! Help!"
    "Alex! I've got you!"
    "What is happening!? I'm slipping!
    "Just hold on Alex! We're almost there!"
    "I... I can't...."
    "Alex! Alex no! ALEX!"

    My mind slips back into consciousness, those words floating through my empty head. I... I can't remember anything... why can't I remember? What happened to my memories?
    I breathe in, only for my lungs be assaulted by an intense burning sensation. The heck? what's going on? I open my eyes. Everything is blurred and hard to see. Plus my eyes start to sting. Then it all makes sense. I'm underwater. How I got underwater is beyond me. But that's not important now.
    I swim upwards, breaching the surface coughing and choking on the inhaled water. A flash of lightning streaks far above my head. Massive waves roll across the water's surface. I am in the middle of a storm. Because that's exactly what I needed after waking up suddenly.
    A wave crashes into me from behind, forcing me back under. Thankfully I wasn't breathing in this time.
    I once again breach the surface, only to, again, be pushed back under. I can't keep this up... A lightning strike illuminates something in the distance. At first glance, it looks like a gigantic creature with jagged, sharp teeth. But after my little startle at that thought, I realize that it's nothing more than a bluff. A big, intimidating bluff.
    It's also the only bit of land I've seen so far. And I need to get onto dry land if I want to have any chance for survival. That being the case, I start swimming over, and thank my lucky stars that I learned to swim somewhere in those missing memories. I may not remember learning it, but the skills are still there.
    The waters were rough and the journey long and exhausting. Several times I nearly drowned. But, just as I was ready to give out, the waves toss me onto a beach shore. Finally... Land... That's the last thing I remember before passing out...

    "Come on, Pikachu... you can do this... you can do this..." The small mouse muttered to himself, trying to hype himself up. He stand in front of a small hut shaped like a WIgglytuff. The "mouth" of the hut is covered by a small portcullis to keep crooks and the like out.
    "You've dreamed of this for years... You're not going to wuss out now..." He clutched a stone artifact in his grip tightly. he starts timidly waling towards the guild building. "I can do this..." He steps foot on the grate, shaking nervously.
    "Please stand still! Checking your footprint!" A voice called from bellow.
    "I can do this. I can do this... I can't do this!" Pikachu runs, scared, shamed and defeated. "I'm a coward... I can't do it." He sighs. He had hoped that holding his artifact would help bolster his strength. But no such luck. Depressed, he decides to head down to Krabby Beach, his happy place, to calm down.

    "You see what he had there, Koffing? That stone thing?"
    "I did, Zubat. Looks valuable."
    "I bet that'll sell on the black market for a hefty sum."
    "Let's go find out."

    Krabby Beach... his happy place. He comes here whenever he needs a bit of positivity. Like now, for instance. It's especially nice when the young Krabby that live here come out early in the morning to blow bubbles. As childish as it sounds, the sight is actually quite beautiful. As the light of the sunrise refracts of the surface of the bubbles, it create a mesmerizing lightshow. A sight that just makes all your troubles and worries melt away.
    Pikachu sighs, soaking in the view. He will never grow tired of this. "One day..." he says to himself. "One day I'll be brave enough to get in the guild. I just know it!" He's gone through this routine countless times. And it's always the same. There's always a sting of hollowness to his words. This time, though. This time feels different.
    Something catches his eye. sitting in the wet sand was a green... thing... "What the..." Then it dawns on him. It's a Pokémon! What is he doing here!? Is he alive? May as well check. He gets up to investigate the Treeko lying before him. There's no movement... but his body is still warm. He jostles the body slightly. "Treeko? are you alright? Please be alive..."

    "Ungh..." I groan. I hear a voice. They sound concerned. I try to speak but end up coughing up water. A lot of water. Guess it's still there from before. My trachea roars in pain as the fluid travels back up and onto the sand below.
    "Woah!" The voice yells. "That's a lot of water! What happened to you?!"
    I spit the remaining water out. my lungs significantly more free than before. Looking up, my eyes meet with a rodent. About my height. Yellow fur with red cheeks. The heck is this? "Ugh... I don't... remember... I can't remember anything..."
    "Wow. you must have been battered against some rocks during the storm. Though I don't see any bruising... strange..."
    "I... I know something... My name... Alex Russet... I remember a voice saying not to let go... and that I'm a human... That's all I got."
    "A... human? Mister, I hate to break it to you but... you're a Treeko."
    "A Treeko? What are you-" A quick glance at my hands confirms his words. I was a green reptilian creature. Apparently called a Treeko. "Ah! I... guess I am..."
    "This isn't some sort of elaborate prank, is it? Pretending to be an amnesiac human in a Treeko body?"
    "No! No no no! I swear! I'm telling the truth!" Judging by his expression, he's still skeptical.
    "...Alright. I guess it doesn't make much of a difference anyway. I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm-Ow!" He abruptly ends his statement as a sort of living purple balloon bumps into him. I'm beginning to think I'm having a fever dream or something... "Hey! Be careful! You almost knocked me over!"
    "Sorry, Little one. I just needed to take something from you." the balloon replies.
    "I got it, Koffing!" An eyeless bat calls to his apparent partner. He is carrying a stone object with his... legs? Could those be considered legs?
    "Hey!" The rodent yells. "Give that back! That's mine!"
    "Yeah?" Koffing taunts. "you can't even muster up the courage to enter a door. What makes you think you could take this back?" The poor thing shrinks back in fear, clearly intimidated by these guys. I can't stand this...
    "Enough." I intrude. "You are going to return that. Now."
    "Uh oh!" The bat jeers. "We've got ourselves a Treeko with a death wish! Picking on two poison types was a bad idea mister. And you're going to regret it. big time." You know... I'm beginning to think he's right... Still... No turning back now...

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