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Pokémon : A Different story

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Kingpokemon, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Kingpokemon

    Kingpokemon Youngster

    Jan 23, 2017
    Chapter 1 : The Journey Begins

    Hello my name is Pokemonking.This is my personal opinion on how Pokémon could have gone to make it a better anime. Feel free to express your views.Hope u enjoy.Sorry any ambiguity.

    Many years ago in the world of Pokémon, there was a war between people who wanted to make Pokémon and humans friends and those who wanted to separate them. It took place on an unknown island It was chaos, the island was covered with fire. Dead bodies of humans and Pokémon were burning. A man and a woman were escaping by boat. They were the only survivors. The man was severely injured, he took fatal attacks. The woman was his wife, who was a member of the medical team. She helped her husband escape. The most shocking fact was that she was 8 months pregnant." Endou please hold on, don't die", his wife cried while holding his hand. He began to cough a bit and than managed to speak. " Katsumi my love... I am sorry...but I am done. Thank you for... loving me. Take care of our child." He died in her arms. She was heart broken,but she held back her tears and stayed strong, for her child's sake. After a long time, she managed to get to the shore of Sekichiku City ( Fuchsia City ). Where a man was waiting for them. " KATSUMI!" shouted the man. " Okido san", she said while still holding her husband. Okido ran towards the boat and was shocked to see Endou 's dead body. " Endou! No! " he shouted. Tears began to run down his eyes. " Okido I am the only one to survive, the others are gone," she said sadly. Okido brushed off his tears," And the Pokémon, them too." Katsumi remained silent with a sad expression on her face and then spoke, " Yes, everyone of them. they fought bravely against those haters. Espically Endou's Lizardon." Okido was even more upset upon hearing this, but he then smiled and look towards her. " Well at least your alive, Endou's bloodline will continue." Katsumi smiled upon hearing this, " Yes, our son survived. Endou will live on in our hearts and through his son, Red." She said while placing her hand on her stomach.

    10 years later. Masara Town ( Pallet Town)Red now 10 years old, was packing his bag for his journey. Pokémon trainers get their trainer's license at the age of 10. The goal of a trainer is to become a Pokémon Master. There has been only one in history and his name was Lance Daystar. When he was young, Red vowed that he would become the next Pokémon master. He grabbed his cap from his desk and run down stairs where his mother was waiting for him. She looked at him with happiness on her face and hugged him. " The day has finally come, all boys have to leave home someday. That's what they said on TV. " She then let go off him and opened the front door. Before he walked out, he look towards his mother," Mom, I promise the day I return home, I will be a Pokémon Master. " He then kissed her on the check and went off saying, " Bye mom, love you." She waved at him on the front steps, " Take care, Red. I know you can become a Pokémon Master. "

    Red was on his way to Professor Okido' s lab. On the way he stopped at his childhood friend Green's house. She was waiting for him outside her house gate. "Morning Green" , he said as he approached her. "Morning Red, how are you ", she asked. " I feel great. Now let's go the centre of town, before we go to the lab," he said and they both were arrived at the centre of town, where the statue of Red's father was situated. Red looked at it with amazement. " Your father was something, Red. He lead that team of Pokémon trainers to victory. And silenced those haters." Green said to him while looking at the statue. After a while of staring he looked towards her and said, " Thanks Green,that means a lot. I wish I could have meet him... but I can't," he said the last words a bit sadly while lowering his head. "I am sorry Red... I didn't mean to..." she tried to ease him but he cut her off. " Its OK, my father maybe gone, but he still lives within me. I am his son. Now let's get going to the professor' s lab," he said. " Yeah, let's go, " she agreed and they both run again towards Professor Okido' s laboratory.

    When they arrived, they saw Blue, Professor Okido's son, was already there with his dad. " Well, well, well if it isn't our elementary school power couple. What took you guys too long. Where ya making out of something" said Blue teasingly with a grin. Green blushed while Red shouted, " Watch your mouth Blue's clue". Blue got angry, " What you just called me!" Then they started arguing, Green came in to split them up." OK, OK stop fighting you guys and let the professor start. They stopped fighting and the three of them faced towards the professor.

    After seeing that all three of them were present he started to speak. " Okay, you three know exactly why you are here. Today is day you become actual Pokémon trainers. Before I show the Pokémon, First let me give these." He took out three Pokédex from his lab coat pocket and handed it to them. " You know what they are. These are Pokédex, when you catch a Pokémon their full data will automatically show on this device. While on your journey I want to get as much Pokémon data as you can," The three of them nodded. " In order to catch Pokémon you will need these," he took out 18 Pokéballs from his other pocket and gave them six each. "These are called Pokéballs, they are like capsules. They will store Pokémon in the form of data." " Dad! we know this already now just give us our Pokémon," Blue whined. " Be patient Blue, I am just getting to them, " he scolded him. "Now if you look on your right you will see on the table there are three Pokéballs, containing one Pokémon each," he directed their attention to the table. Then he grabbed the Pokeballs and released the Pokémon within them. Out came Hitokage (Charmander) the fire type, Zenigame (Squirtle) the water type and last but not least Fushigidane ( Bulbasaur) the grass type. The three trainers were wowed to see them." Green you get the first pick," the professor said to her. " Hey why does she get the first pick, " the two boys complained. " Well, ladies first," Green said while sticking out her tongue. She then went up to Fushigidane and picked it up. " This one is cute, I pick the grass type," she said while smiling at it. Fushigidane in return showe friendliness. Okido looked at Red, " Your turn my boy." Blue just frowned, while Red walked up to Hitokage and said, " In the honour of my father, I choose Hitokage." The fire type observed Red and then smiled. " A respectable choice," Professor Okido praised him. " Ha, Well looks like I get the best Pokémon. Since water types can learn ice types move as well," Blue said while grinning at Green, who simply choose to ignore him. Red noticed that Zenigame was also grinning, "Yep their the perfect match," he thought.

    After an hour of getting to know their respective Pokémon, the professor took them to the entrance of town. " Well this is farewell. I wish you best of luck on your journey," said the professor. Before they exited for their journey, Blue went in front of Red. " Yo, Red I challenge you to a Pokémon battle," he said while releasing Zenigame. Green was surprised, while Professor Okido just got annoyed . Red on the other hand had a serious face " Sure, let do it, " he said . The four of them went a little farther out of town on route 1. Red and Blue were ready, Red sent out Hitokage. Professor Okido acted as referee. Green sat on a near by rock with Fushigidane to watch. Both boys were determined to win.

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