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Pokémon Aura Heroes: Sneak Peek

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Buizelfaux13, May 16, 2016.

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  1. Buizelfaux13

    Buizelfaux13 Bug Catcher

    May 5, 2016
    Hi! Buizelfaux13 here, and I want to share a Fanfiction with you guys! Here is the preview, and if you want me to continue, tell me! Share an OC, and I will probably add it! Here is the preview!

    Light is an unexplained material. Some call it life, others call it magic. Some even say it's both. It has been unexplainable, so no one on the planet can even come close to describing it. But the planet does not qualify as the solar system. The galaxy. The universe.

    [SIZE=18.6667px]"Ya! Take that!" Shasta said, as she kicked prince Victini into the golden wall. Shasta was a Shaymin, that spent most of her time in Sky Form, as she lived in Galaxy Isle.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]Galaxy Isle was a island that appeared to be floating in mid air. It was bound by an atmosphere, that allowed life to continue there. Only a few Pokémon lived here, with examples like, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Clefairies, Clefables, Cleffas, Phiones, Manaphies, Shaymins, Unowns, and various other extraterrestrial Pokémon.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]It looked like it was night, no matter what time it was, so stars, comets, planets, and constellations were visible all day. The ruler of Galaxy Isle, was Rayquaza. He had an heir, and that was Shasta. No one knew how or why, but Shasta had been raised by Rayquaza, and was officially the princess.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]But don't think this means that she was stuck up, and prissy. Quite the opposite in fact. She loved Pokémon battling, and was very competitive. On Comet Island, Arceus was ruler, and the heir to the throne there, was Prince Victini. A long time ago, he had lived on earth, but had been given the chance to be heir to Comet Island, and he succeeded.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]Prince Victini sometimes visited Galaxy Isle, and would battle with Shasta. Most of the time, Victini won, but in the occasional time that Shasta would win, she would beat him badly.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]In the center of Galaxy Isle, was the light palace, said to be constructed of pure light, gathered from positive aura, which is born from positive emotions from the Pokémon Planet.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]However, there is also negative aura. It is born out of the negative feelings of Pokémon, and it can cause great harm. One time, centuries ago, it was said that once, there was so much negative aura at once, that it flew up into space, and nearly destroyed the universe. But, Rayquaza, Deoxys, and Jirachi, destroyed the negative aura, and saved the universe.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]Prince Victini stood up, and smirked at Shasta. "You have grown stronger princess." He shot a Lava Plume. "Not strong enough I'm afraid."[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]Shasta used Energy Ball to counter the attack. "You don't know what I can do Victini." She replied, and began charging. [/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]"What!?" Victini said, and shot a Flamethrower. "Get past that! If you can!" He spouted.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]"GO HYPER BEAM!!!!!" Shasta said, and the whole room went white with the Hyper Beam![/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]Victini shouted in pain, as his entire body was engulfed in the beam. Suddenly the room returned to normal, and Victini lay unconcious on the ground.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=18.6667px]"That is what you get, when you mess with the princess." Shasta said smirking.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=18.6667px]So, do you want me to continue this? I'd like a reply, telling me what you think I can improve on, and if I should make this series. Thanks for reading![/SIZE]
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