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Pokémon BW: Wrath of Judgment

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by MCOury1998, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017

    BW143: "Warning Signs of Things to Come!"

    In a palace built much like the Parthenos of Kalos, the Temple of the Cosmos in Alola and the Arceus Shrine in Machina, Sinnoh, the Alpha Pokémon Arceus contemplates over the Life that it has created and rules over in this Universe. This is the 'Hall of Origin'.

    The Hall of Origin is a place that is nearly impossible to reach unless one is allowed to enter. Arceus had had the palace built on Spear Pillar in the Sinnoh Region after Damos of Machina showed it that humans could be trustworthy, and that humans and Pokémon could coexist.

    However, Arceus has lately begun thinking that trusting humans was a big mistake. And so was creating them. They could be so evil and cruel, willing to do anything to achieve power...even if going as far as to kill. It has gathered the other Legendaries that are on the Grand Council to speak over the fate of humanity.

    I have decided that Humanity's evils have gone on far too long unpunished. Arceus announces to the others. They must be destroyed!

    Lord Arceus...you created me to be the Guardian of Life, so no matter what I say...it would sound biased. Xerneas speaks up, stamping hoof on the stone floor, then looks to a pedestal where the Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous Orbs, and the Dark and Light Stones sit, containing inside the Legendaries that they're related to. But I must protest...I argue that all Life must be protected...treated as sacred treasures to the Universe. And...I am sure if you had allowed Trainer Z to bring in Zygarde, Zygarde would agree with me as well.

    I don't really care what you think... Arceus admits, rising and threatening to use Judgement on any dissenters. Humanity will be destroyed, and that is final!

    "Mesprit mes mesprit!" Mesprit cries, the little Emotion Pokémon flying up to Arceus frantically, and circling Arceus' head. No, Arceus...please don't destroy the humans!

    "Azelf azel elf az." Azelf, the Willpower Pokémon, adds, going to rest on one of Arceus' dorsal spikes, thinking of the Trainer it and the other two Lake Guardians had bonded with back during the Team Galactic crisis. Not all of them are bad. Remember Ash, Brock and Dawn? They were good to us...

    "Mesprit, mespi rit!" Mesprit moans, zipping over to Uxie, the Knowledge Pokémon, who now relaxes on the other dorsal spike. Uxie, use your Knowledge to convince Arceus not to destroy humanity!

    "Uxie...ux uxie..." Uxie groans, turning away from Mesprit. I have reached a decision...I side with Arceus.

    "Azelf, zelf az!" Azelf accuses. You're still sour about what happened with Team Galactic, aren't you?

    Enough! Arceus roars, shaking the trio off of itself. And Azelf, you know very well that the Others went through similar pains. Some nearly being killed as the three of you almost were. However, there are two human souls that I see who are pure enough to never commit a wrong. One...is the Hero of Ideals, Ash Ketchum...and the other...is Iris Ajagar. They will restart humanity.

    "Mesprit? Mesprit mes...pri mesprit..." Mesprit asks, a bit confused. Can that even work? There is the...potential genetic problems...

    "Azelf...azelf az..." I like Ash...I agree he should get to live...but not at the price of all of the humans...

    I also side with the humans. Xerneas announces loudly. I know they shall win...it is prophesized that when the Cosmic Guardians are awakened...your plan shall fail.

    That is a terrible choice! Arceus roars, and then fires Flamethrower at Xerneas.

    Xerneas dodges and quickly dives towards the pedestal and uses Psychic to grab hold of the Dark Stone. It is within my Truths and my Ideals.

    And with that, Xerneas charges out of the Hall of Origin, bursting the doors open as it flees into the Sinnoan early morning. Lugia glances at Arceus, then to Xerneas...and follows, flying out the doors of the palace and up into the Sinnoan skies.


    Fifteen-year-old Pokémon Trainers Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and Iris Ajagar of the Village of Dragons sit on the Nuvema Town pier in their pajamas, watching the full moon glow over the ocean. Their feet hover just several feet above the surface of the water.

    Their partner Pokémon, Pikachu and Axew respectively, are back at the lab of Aurea Juniper, the Unova region's head Pokémon researcher, asleep. And so are their friend, Cilan Dent of Striaton City, and Pr. Juniper, herself.

    "Ash, what are you going to do...after you go back home?" Iris asks, not really wanting to discuss the topic, which is shown by how she doesn't look at Ash when she asks this. "What's next?"

    "I don't know...probably go to whatever region is next." Ash replies. "New Pokémon...new adventures...battling whatever Gyms and League the new regions may bring...and..."

    "...new friends...?" Iris asks, shivering at the thought and turning back towards Ash.

    Ash sighs, and then nods. The two friends then fall silent for a few moments, again watching the ocean.

    "So...Iris...why'd you want to come out here?" Ash asks the aspiring Dragon Master, breaking the silence.

    "Well...um..." Iris starts blushing, struggling to figure out how to say what she wants. "Do you remember back in Nimbasa City, when I...kissed you after we got off of the ferris wheel?"

    Ash nods, remembering it well as he had then kissed her as well back then. "Yeah, okay..."

    "Well, I should've told you then...but, Ash, the thing is...I love you." Iris continues.

    Ash smiles, scooting a bit closer to Iris. "The thing is...I love you too."

    Iris smiles as well, then both hug each other warmly, before sharing a brief, but passionate kiss. When they break apart, they're blushing big time with wide, happy smiles.

    "I wanted to tell you before you had to leave for Kanto." Iris admits, holding Ash's left hand in her right, tears starting to build up in her eyes. "I've...it's just been eating at me since the Unova League. I just...I don't want to say goodbye yet."

    "I know. I'm just not ready to leave you yet, either, Iris." Ash agrees. "But...you know, now that we've...admitted our feelings to each other...I wouldn't mind continuing to traveling with you."

    "I like that idea." Iris says, then stands up. "Maybe we should go back to the lab...before someone or one of the Pokémon wake up and find that we're not there."

    "Probably a good idea." Ash agrees, standing up and kissing Iris on the cheek, making both chuckle a bit. Looking away from the ocean, and turning back to town, the couple begins their return to the lab where they've been staying for the last couple of days...


    ...it only takes about twenty minutes to get back to the lab and slip into the 'living quarters' areas of the lab. As Ash and Iris were already sharing a room, which has a bunk bed, as it's just the most convenient, they go in without waking up either Axew or Pikachu.

    Ash and Iris give each other a good night hug, and then Ash lays down in the bottom bunk, but Iris doesn't climb up into the top bunk as she'd done the previous couple of nights.

    "Ash, mind if I sleep with you?" Iris whispers.

    "Sure thing." Ash smiles, scooting closer to the wall.

    "Thanks." Iris says, as she lays down, getting under the blankets and snuggling up next to Ash

    Iris puts her arms around Ash to keep both of them warm. Ash yawns and then closes his eyes, pressing his head against Iris a little. Iris shifts a bit as she too closes her eyes. Soon, Ash and Iris drift off into sleep...

    Though, the blankets help keep them warm pretty well, all the same. As Ash falls asleep...a nightmare ensues...


    Ash finds himself standing in the middle of Opelucid City, where people are dying all around him. Some drop dead all of the sudden...turn to stone...are burned alive...crumble into dust...or simply disappear into the shadows. Any and all kinds of death imaginable.

    Ash tries to move, but something seems to be holding him in place. He sighs and looks up into the sky, and his eyes widen in shock as he watches a golden beam of light shoots up into the sky and explodes. The beam explodes into thousands of meteors that shoot down like rays of light and crash all around him.

    "What is going on...?" Ash mutters and then he finds the ability to move again, and starts running. Ash comes across the Pokémon Center in ruins, and stops to try and find any survivors in the ruins.

    Then, he then watches as waves of energy that warp space destroys other buildings around him. Ash begins moving again so as to not get killed. Tears starting to stream down his eyes as the city gets destroyed.

    As he runs, Ash hears a loud cry so powerful that time speeds up and slows down...destroying buildings by aging the supports by decades. Ash covers his ears, as the roar is ear splitting and loud. He gets up, but the pan and sound is so powerful that the boy is knocked back down.

    The roar stops, and the Pride of Pallet gets up and runs through the city. One thing that he senses...is that something is off about that Roar of Time...foreign and unfamiliar. As if Dialga has been...redone or something.

    As he makes his way through the city, he sees buildings and people disappear into shadows, which is very confusing. Ash clenches his eyes shut, trying to convince himself that it's only a dream.

    But it feels too real to be a dream. Ash opens his eyes again...to find that it's only him and his friends. Ash collapses,crying. Iris rushes over to Ash and tries to comfort him. Ash relaxes in Iris' hug. At least there's some comfort...the sounds though, impossible to make out now. Distorted, even. It's as if they are underwater.

    Ash looks up to see a final ray of light coming down at them. Ash mouths 'no' in horror as he braces for impact, and Iris protects him, shielding him with her body. Ash can sense Sawyer doing the same on the other side of him.

    But no impact comes. And when Ash opens his eyes...it's only him and Iris. And then everything goes back, before Ash hears an ominous voice hiss "Ash, prepare yourself for anything..."


    Ash wakes up in a cold sweat, nearly jumping out of bed before remembering that Iris is with him. He shakes his head, not able to get the images out of his head, especially the rays of light that brought death.

    Ash turns to Iris, who is trembling with fear in her sleep.

    "Iris...wake up...are you alright?" Ash asks, gently shaking Iris by the shoulder.

    The aspiring Dragon Master nearly jumps as well, and then hugs Ash, starting to cry. Ash has always hated seeing her like this...moments like these are so rare.

    "Ash...all I could see was death..." She whispers, choking on her tears. "Everyone was dead...except for us..."

    "It was just as bad dream." Ash tries to assure her, kissing his girlfriend on her left cheek, and then trying to smile. I shouldn't make things worse by telling her that I had the same nightmare... "Hey, I think some of the others are going to be at the lab today...let's get dressed and go."

    Iris nods and then the two get up. Pikachu and Axew stir and awaken, having no idea of the visions that their Trainers have seen...

    ...Ash and Iris get dressed and then head out to the kitchen/dining room area where Cilan and Pr. Juniper are already eating a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and sausage. Two plates wait on one side of the table for Ash and Iris.

    "Hey, wondered when you two sleepy heads would wake up!" Cilan greets, as the two smile and sit down at the table to begin eating. "Sleep well?"

    "Well, I hope you enjoy breakfast." Pr. Juniper says, dishing the two up. "Cilan got up pretty early to work on these."

    "Thanks, Cilan!" Ash tells the Connoisseur before taking a bite.

    Cila nods, but notices something odd about Ash's expression and overall mood and posture. "Ash, you seem a bit out of it today...are you alright?"

    "Nah, I'm fine! I'm just stressed out from all of the Team Plasma stuff that just happened." Ash partially lies. Sure, I'm still stressed out about nearly being killed by Reshiram, which I could tell scared Iris half to death...but it's mainly that dream. It seemed almost prophetic. And that voice at the end? It sounded more like a human voice than Telepathy.

    Pikachu and Axew finally make their way out too, Pikachu jumping up onto Ash's lap while Axew crawls up to Iris' shoulder and into her hair, where he likes to hang out.

    "Pika, pikachu pikapi?" Pikachu asks from Ash's lap. He smiles, looking down at the Electric type and scratches Pikachu between his ears, and then strokes the Electric Mouse's tail. "Chaaa..."

    Ash...take as many as you can and run... A voice whispers in Ash's mind. Ash clenches up a bit, thinking that he might be going insane. I know what you're thinking, but you're not. Now you're going to fall unconscious for a minute so that I can correctly talk to you.

    "Wait, what?" Ash asks out loud. Iris, Pr. Juniper and Cilan stares at him in confusion, then everything goes black...


    ...Ash wakes up, finding himself lying on the floor of a forest. All around are thousands of tiny, floating glittering blue lights. They look like they could come from Illumise and Volbeat...but they seem too small to be so.

    Ash stands up and looks around, confused and still a bit dazed. The rest of the forest is mostly dark and the sky above the woods is filled stars, and a bright, full moon that illuminates the clearing. The light from it feels to Ash like the smile of the Legendary Pokémon Lunala.

    "Huh? Where am I...?" Ash wonders aloud, looking around, confused. "What is this place?"

    Then, Ash hears the sound of soft pattering of hooves on the forest floor coming up from behind him. Ash turns to see a giant glowing blue deer with more antlers than regular deer have. Ash blinks in confusion, staring at the large Pokémon, or what he assumes is a Pokémon.

    "Who are you?" Ash asks, not recognizing the strange Pokémon. "Are you a Pokémon?"

    I am indeed a Pokémon. The Pokémon replies, lowering its head a bit. I am called 'Xerneas', I am also known as the 'Guardian of Life'. I come from a region far to the east called 'Kalos'.

    "Huh...that's pretty interesting." Ash says, stepping forward towards the Life Pokémon. "Just curious, what type are you?"

    Fairy. Xerneas replies, not bothered at all by the boy's question.

    "Fairy? What's that!?" Ash exclaims, having never before heard the type before.

    A newly researched type most commonly identified in the Kalos and Alola regions. Xerneas replies. So I have heard. As far as a I know...it's strong against Dragon, Dark and Fighting types...while weak to Steel and Poison.

    "I see..." Ash says, then takes another quick look around "Okay, then...why did you bring me 'here'...wherever or whatever this place is...?"

    You are in what is called the 'Aura Dimension', more specifically...Forest of Life. Xerneas explains. This world is where certain departed souls come...like that of the the Lucario you met in the Rota Kingdom, and his Aura Guardian partner, Sir Aaron. And...I brought you here because of who you are to me, Trainer X...

    "Huh? What do you mean by 'Trainer X'?" Ash asks, confused. "Aren't I the Hero of Ideals?"

    Yes, that is true. You are the Hero of Ideals. Xerneas confirms. But, if you remember the Aura abilities you displayed in Rota...that was just the beginning of your power. Long before you were born, a child was prophesized to be born with the Aura of Life flowing within it...and that with that Fairy Aura, they could save the world from a terrible threat. And, it is said that this child, known as 'Trainer X', would be in close companionship to a Dragon Master. I believe that you are this child.

    "Whoa, incredible..." Ash remarks, then sighs. "Okay, so...as Trainer X...what am I supposed to do, besides saving the world? How do I go about doing that? Why exactly do you need to talk to me?"

    I have brought you here to warn you that Arceus is going to destroy all of humanity! Xerneas replies, its tone stressed and worried...but also a little bit surprised at how calm Ash is taking this, and the slow pace that he's approaching it at.

    "What? What did we do?" Ash half-demands, half-scoffs, remembering his nightmare. "I helped save Arceus once...and I remember that it helped Arceus trust humans."

    Arceus has come to believe that all humans are evil. Xerneas replies, stepping closer to Ash. And...Arceus is going to have every human killed...except for you and your girlfriend, Iris Ajagar. Arceus feels that the two of you are pure at heart, with good Truths and Ideals.

    "But there has to be a way to stop Arceus!" Ash exclaims with a slightly rebellious tone and standing up, making Xerneas smile. "I've time traveled through time to stop Arceus before...back when I was in Sinnoh with Dawn and Brock...and I'll do it again if I have to..."

    Xerneas sighs and shakes its great antlered head. I had thought it would be possible as well.... However, Arceus is having Dialga keep a close watch on time...and it will destroy anyone that it finds time traveling that's not itself or Celebi.

    "Well...what do we do then?" Ash asks, sitting down and feeling a bit defeated already.

    You must take your friends and run. Xerneas instructs. Hide anywhere...but don't jump time or dimensions, since Dialga and Palkia are watching Time and Space. Your powers will unlock themselves when the time is right. I have said too much Ash. I must let you go back before Arceus finds out...but let me say this one last thing: your powers will unlock themselves when the time is right. Good luck, child...

    "Thank you." Ash says, smiling and standing back up. "Don't worry, Xerneas...I won't fail to save the world..."

    Ash sighs and then everything goes black again...


    "Ash!" Iris' voice sounds like it's coming from a millions of miles away, but it manages to snap him awake. Ash sits up to find himself of Pr. Juniper's living room sofa and everyone looking down at him with concerned expressions.

    Seeing that he's awake, Iris hugs him a bit hard. Pikachu and Axew then also jump up onto the couch, also a bit worried about the aspiring Pokémon Master.

    "Ugh...I'm up, Iris." Ash says, returning the hug. He can still remember Xerneas' last words to him... Ash quickly stands up, causing Pikachu and Axew to jump back in surprise. "Right, we need to run! Pack a bag and meet me outside. There's not much time..."

    "Ash, what's going on?" Cilan asks, confused at the sudden outburst.

    "We're all going to die if you don't hurry up!" Ash explains. "I'll fill you in when we meet outside..."

    Ash turns to see that the television is on. Ash gasps as he hurries towards it. It's beginning...Judgement Day is here...

    "Breaking news from Kanto...Arceus has been spotted near Pallet Town!" The reporter is saying frantically. "Why coul they be there? We'll be back after this...wait, don't cut to break yet. What is it doing? Oh my, it looks like it's charging up an attack!"

    "No..." Ash moans, tears starting to stream down his face as he walks up closer to the TV. Iris joins him and gives Ash a hug.

    They can hear Arceus' telepathic roar through the camera crew's equipment, Humans, the day has come for your end! Enjoy your last moments.

    Then, Arceus raises its head into the air and a beam of golden light shoots up into the air before exploding into many, many fiery golden meteors.

    "Ash, I'm so sorry..." Iris whispers to the Pallet Town boy as he watches him hometown get destroyed.

    His mom. Pr. Oak. Tracey. His other Pokémon that he doesn't either have at Pr. Juniper's lab or on hand right now. The other townspeople. All dead and gone, in a matter of seconds. Pallet Town burns at the beginning of Arceus' warpath against humanity.

    "Right, we should probably get ready." Iris says, patting Ash on the back. Ash just turns, hugs Iris and cries into her shoulder. Iris hugs him back. "Hey, we'll be alright, Ash...don't worry..."

    "Pika!" Pikachu growls, using Thunderbolt to short circuit the television, shutting it off. However, he looks to Pr. Juniper, as if that wasn't okay to do. "Pika chukapi?"

    "It's fine, Pikachu." The professor says, smiling. "I was starting to get sick of that old thing anyways."

    After a moment or so, Ash manages to calm down and Iris lets him go so that he wipe away the tears that have drenched his face. After doing this, Ash regains his balance and sighs, his breathing sounding a bit rattled from the crying.

    "Ash, can I see your Pokédex, please?" Pr. Juniper asks.

    "Sure, what for?" Ash asks, pulling the device from his left jeans pocket and handing it to her.

    "I'm...going to...override the usual limitations for how many Pokémon...you can carry." Pr. Juniper replies, taking the Pokédex and tapping something into it. A code maybe? A password known to only the five regional professors? After a few moments, Pr. Juniper hands Ash his Pokédex back. "Here...all done. I'll have all you're Pokémon ready out here. Go and pack you three."

    Ash nods, taking the Pokédex and placing it back into his pocket. He and Iris turns away to walk back to their room, when Cilan speaks up and they stop.

    "Wait, Pr. Juniper...shouldn't you come with us?" Cilan asks.

    Pr. Juniper sighs. "I guess so...we all have to survive this together. Okay, you know what...since the world's practically about to end...why don't you kids stop calling me 'Pr. Juniper'...just call me 'Aurea', please."

    "Okay, 'Aurea'." Iris agrees, trying it out. "We'll see you in a minute.

    "Yeah, we all need to hurry." Ash adds, and Cilan and Aurea nod in confirmation...

    ...Ash and Iris head back to their room while Cilan heads over to the room that he stayed in. Strangely, when they enter their room, the two Trainers find everything already ready to go.

    "This is strange..." Iris says, then turns to Ash. "What happened when you were unconscious?"

    "This...strange...Pokémon called Xerneas spoke to me about what was about to happen." Ash replies. "I'm pretty sure that it's a Legendary..."

    Ash trails off as he feels a heavy object roll around when he lifts up his backpack to put it on. Now what? Ash sets it back down and unzips it, to find...the Dark Stone!

    "How'd that get in your bag?" Iris asks, confused at how the artifact said to be the dormant form of the Dragon of Ideals, Zekrom. "Xerneas, maybe?"

    "Probably." Ash agrees, then he slings the bag over his shoulders and then Pikachu jumps up to sit on his left shoulder. Ash chuckles and scratches the Electric type on the head. "Hey, buddy. You ready to go?"

    "Pika pikachu!" Pikachu confirms.

    "Okay, you too, Axew." Iris says, picking up the little green Dragon type and then allowing him to climb up into her hair. "Time to go."

    "Axew ew ew..." Axew says sleepily, snuggling down into home nice, warm purple 'home'.

    "Alright, let's go see if Aurea and Cilan are ready yet." Ash suggests, also trying out mentioning the professor by her first name. Iris nods and follows Ash out of the room...and out of the lab...
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