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Fanfiction Pokémon-Legacy

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Arkilos, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Arkilos

    Arkilos School Kid

    Jan 12, 2017
    Pokémon Legacy
    By Arkilos and Marth

    The night of April first 1997 was dark and stormy, the wind howled through the canopy of the leaf tree forest, and rain pelted down. In and amongst the bushes at the forest edge is a lone man, his face made indistinguishable by the surrounding shadows, a gray trench coat was the only thing keeping him from freezing.

    Before him stands a large building defended by large walls and sentries guarding the only gate in and out of the complex belonging to the nefarious Team-Rocket.

    The man sat patiently, as the assigned centuries started to gain fatigue. They were getting close to the end of their shift.

    A red R on the shoulders identified them as Members of Team-Rocket, rifles in hand at the ready.

    "Hey… how are you holding up?"

    "I'm exhausted, and freezing. How long until our shift ends?"

    "20 minutes."

    With the men distracted by their conversion. The man hidden in the forest suddenly lashed out, killing both men swiftly.

    With small hand gesture from the man, another figure appeared out of the forest. A bipedal, black and blue jackal like figure.

    "You could've left one of them for me, Master."

    The man sighed "let's focus at the task at hand Lucario."

    The two of them dragged the dead men into the forest, the man then disguises himself as one of the guards and stands watch, Lucario remaining in hiding.

    After 15 minutes of waiting in the wind and rain, two new guards and a senior officer appear and open the gates.

    "Where is your partner, Cadet? There're supposed to be two guards at all times." The officer demanded.

    "Sir! My partner noticed a disturbance in the forest and left post to check it out. Sir!

    "Very Well, you're relieved of your post cadet, return to your bunk."

    "Yes sir!" The man replied in a salute.

    Lucario then rushed out of hiding again Killing the two fresh cadets and the officer swiftly, knocking them out with an aura bo staff, then ending their heart rate with an strong aura sphere to the chest, effectively short circuiting the heart.

    With the three men disposed of, The man and Lucario immediately make their way inside the complex, "You know what to do Lucario, remember to kill any soldiers or men you encounter, but remain hidden. When your done give this to Professor Oak, and tell my wife that I'll miss her. I left my bank account in her name."

    "Master… what are you… why would you…" Lucario's blood red eyes widened with realization, "Master! Don't!"

    The man stopped walking and talking to his lifelong friend "Lucario, this battle has gone on long enough. If the planes and weapons, and officers remain, then Team-Rocket will just rebuild itself all over again. That is why you must destroy the weapons depot while I sever the head."

    The man turned and continued on his way. Just as he was about to enter the building he heard a series of explosions, and rumbling as buildings collapsed, inside main structure, the man killed anyone inside, making sure that his presence was well know as he made his way to the structures core.

    However, hushed voices caused him to stop.

    "We need to get out of here while everyone else in the base is distracted."

    "What about that Pokémon that they are experimenting on? We can't leave it here, the scientists will kill the poor thing.

    "Well this complicates things a lot, We are not here to kill innocent, they sound like kids. Lucario… do you hear my thoughts?"

    "Yes master. But… Must you go through with this, I understand that the war needs to end now, but must it be this way."

    "I'm sorry my friend but this is the only way, my brother is a cruel man and must be stopped, and the only is if we both dia here, your life means a lot more than mine lucario, there are children staffed, save them and make sure they are returned to their parents."

    The man then severed his mental connection with Lucario for the last time. Having made it to the lab. He swiftly gunned down the staff, before saving the Pokémon in question, a small newborn Pikachu, genetically altered to be more powerful than others if the information in the monitors are to be believed.

    Keeping the Pikachu close to him, he dropped by the two children who were planning their escape.

    "Ahh! Don't kill us we'll do whatever you say sir!" One of the kids yelped trying to protect the other."

    "I'm not here to kill you! What are your names?"

    "My name is James." Replied a boy with purple hair and Team-Rocket uniform, maintaining a protective stance over the girl.

    "Uhh… my name is Jessie… Please don't hurt us!" The second child replied quietly a young red haired girl maybe a year younger than the boy

    The man sighed. "Look, I'm not here to kill or hurt you. I need you to take this Pikachu and run away from here. There is a small town to the south, about three days away. You will find a large building with a windmill, a professor lives there, he will keep you safe until you can be returned to your parents. Now go!"

    With the pikachu handed over to the children, The man continues down the hall. Reaching the nuclear core of the Team-Rocket HQ.

    Removing his trench coat. The man reveals a bag filled with explosives. Enough to cause an explosion to take out the entire base. With any luck Lucario should be long gone by now.

    One bye one, the set up the explosives around the Nuclear core, until all that is left was to press the button.

    New foot steps enter the hollow room. "So this war ends where it started all those years ago. You know… I was right along, mum and dad always favored you and satoshi above me."

    "Don't be foolish Giovanni, there was never any favoritism. If you had ever payed attention you would have realized we had gotten just as many chores and also got punished for our wrong doings. However you where so reclusive that you didn't see a damn thing. And we probably probably wouldn't be here now if you had gotten out of your room more."

    "Doesn't matter much now." The youngest of siblings replied "It all ends now, perhaps we will be closer next time around."

    "Maybe, good bye my brother… and I'm sorry my love, take care of our son and may he grow up in a better time."

    With this said, The eldest of the three Ketchum siblings pressed down on the trigger. Ending both their lives and all remaining in the base.

    April first 1997 is the night Team-Rocket would officially disband, with it's leadership severed, only poorly run remnants remained that would be slowly overtaken by authority.

    Jessie and James had made it to Pallet Town and professors Oak's research lab, where with the help of police, there parents were located and the children were able to return to their homes.

    Along with the many others that the former criminal organizations held. As for Lucario, he would never be heard or seen from again, though some might say, that he might have been his help Jessy and James made it safely through the forest.

    Fewer knew about another event that occurred that night, for just as life was removed from the earth, one was also given.

    In a small clinic, a new mother was giving birth to her first and only son Ash Ketchum.

    What was different though, upon his birth he never made a single sound. For he was born without vocal cords.

    He was born Mute.

    Though disheartened by the development, 17 year old Delia Ketchum swore to herself that she would love and take care of her son regardless, though very young for a mother, the whole event had been accident admittedly, however one she promised herself and the man she loved, she would live with.

    It was 3 days later, she received the grievance news. The man she loved, Ash's father, was found dead. Delia was almost broken by news, however recovered from it with support and help of her sister, and professor Oak.

    It's easy to assume her parents did aswell, but this was far from the case, as far they were concerned their daughter could suffer alone and die as they didn’t care anymore.

    Her parents didn't approve of the man Delia loved, or that her sister also had held a crush on the man. They despised Pokémon trainers, and Pokémon alike. As far as they were concerned there was no place for ruffians like that.

    So when news came that Delia was expecting a child of said man, and that man haf become a champion, well you can only imagine the result.

    Delia though didn't think of her parents, only that she was now a parent of a small child of her own.

    As three years pass, Delia slowly started teaching Ash to write. It started off with simple ABC's before moving into simple words.

    It was one point in Ash's life occurring at age of three which would alter his life forever.

    Delia had taken her son to the small park in town.. it was there he meet three and half year old Gary Oak, Professor Oak's grandson, he and his sister, Daisy Oak, had recently moved to pallet town, due to Their parents having issues with their relationship. Rather than having their children be stuck in the cross-fire. They would send them away to live with Samuel Oak.

    Gary Oak, wasn't one to be ignored, and was very keen on establishing his presences as being above any of the common folk who lived in the town.

    When Gary believed Ash refused to answer him where he couldn't. "Think you can rise above me!" He yelled as he pushed Ash backwards, landing in a nearby puddle. Before Gary could strike once more, he was stopped by his sister.

    It was all too late Ash had fled the situation entirely before his mother had known what had happened.

    Ash continued his silent crying. Why had that kid said those things, Ash had just wanted to be the kids friend. way had he pushed him into a puddle. It was confusing and it hurt.

    As Ash Was far from paying attention he didn't realize he had run straight into the forest surrounding the small town, nor did he notice the many pairs of eyes that followed him.

    It wasn't until Ash tripped over a root that had grown out of the ground. He soon found himself tumbling and falling quickly down hill. It wasn't he reached the bottom the steep hill that he came to a stop.

    In the shadows single pair of blood red eyes watched as Ash continued silently quiver, now both physically and Emotionally hurt. He found himself in lost in a world foreign to him, the forest is where Wild Pokémon resided and lived, nor is it often that any humans come to that part of the forest, the last being many years ago.

    Another pair of blood red eyes joined, this pair a lot taller than the other. The taller of the two closed it's eyes and black paw stretched from the shadows, then as if encouraging the smaller, it forced it forward out of the shadows. The creature is revealed as a small black and blue puppy like creature with pointed ears and spikes on it's hands. The creature opened a telepathic link with Ash. As it's Meema had taught it to.

    "Why are you here, Master?" The puppy asked in a young feminine voice nervously. Feeling extremely unsure about herself.
    "I… I'm not your master, I'm lost, I don't know where we are… who are you… are you here to eat me."

    The puppy was confused why would she eat the human? Didn't meema say that, this boy was powerful and he is her master.

    "I'm not here to eat you, master. I am Riolu."

    Riolu explained as her Meema, Lucario left the shadows. "Young one, help for you is underway, know that my pup will be with you on your journey and your life for now on. As none as powerful as you have been seen in many generations…"


    "I must leave the two of you now, I leave you one final gift…." Lucario's eyes temporary glowed dark blue, “it's done. Now your your life will mostly normal until your true gift is needed."


    Lucario leaves just as Ash's eyes start having black dots dancing slowly growing larger.

    The last he heard was a familiar distant voice "I found him!"

    Ash's life would be dramatically different after that day… as his bond started with perhaps one closest friends he would ever gain in his lifetime, and more yet to come.

    Deep inside Ash… a being has just awoken… "Whe… Where am I… Who am I…. The warmth… I'll follow the warmth."

    Arkilos: Hello all you dear readers we hope you enjoyed our prologue, and brief cameo appearance of our favorite team rocket grunts.

    Pokémon: Project Legacy is Back (for third time) and is better than ever. As both Marth and I have sharpened our skills!

    Marth: Yeah, we came back to work on this story for the third and (hopefully) final time. We will be planning out this story and see how this goes.

    Arkilos: Please remember to review, and thank you for your time.

    Now then where is my ride.., ah… "Taxi!" Now then Alonzi! And see ya next time folks… need a ride Marth?

    Marth: Nah, I’ll be running.
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