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A Pokémon appeared!

What will you do?


Pokémon Moonlight Silver

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by WavePearl, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. WavePearl

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    Nov 22, 2012
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    Episode 83: Doin' What Comes Natu-rally!

    "How much further until lunch?" Ash sighed. "I'm getting hungry..."

    "We shouldn't be too far away from a town, so we should be getting lunch here momentarily." Brock assured Ash as the group rounded a bend in the road.

    "I'm just happy that Hana became a Bayleef." Misty smiled, changing the subject. "You have to hand it to Lyra for being brave, though."

    Ash was about to reply when he heard a female voice in the distance. After motioning for his friends to follow him, he crawled into the grass, where he spotted a brown haired girl talking talking with a small round green bird with tiny red and yellow wings. But as he got closer, the girl gasped, and told the small bird "Come on, Naughty."

    Piqued, Ash read up on the bird Pokémon in the girl's arms:

    "Natu, the tiny bird Pokémon. It usually forages for food on the ground but may, on rare occasions, hop onto branches to peck at shoots."

    "Wonder why that girl called the Natu 'Naughty' when it didn't do anything wrong." Ash mused as he watched the girl run off.

    "Maybe that's the Natu's name." Misty suggested as the group returned to the road.

    "Not the name I would pick for a Natu, but okay." Ash mused.


    Festival tents, booths, and streamers met the group when they arrived in town. "A festival!!!" Ash gasped.

    "That, and you have a shot for your blue Lore Stripe." Misty grinned at Brock as the group passed a signpost that said 'Lore Stage on Festival Stage @ 3 PM'.

    "If you guys will wait a second, I'll go check in for that." Brock assured the others before locating the check in booth near the stage in question.

    "I'm gonna go sample some of the tasty fried goodness!" Ash wasted no time in getting in line for a corn dog.

    "Ooh, good idea!" Misty hurried over to a funnel cake stand.

    Brock, meanwhile, smiled when he returned to find Ash savoring a fresh corn dog and Misty indulging in a chocolate drizzled funnel cake. "Couldn't wait for lunch, could you?"

    "Corn dog?" Ash offered Brock a corn dog. "You get two for 500 credits, and the one I just finished really filled me up."

    "Don't mind if I do." Brock smiled as he took the other corn dog and bit into it with a crunch.

    As the group strolled down the streets of the festival, they took a moment to admire the rides and other attractions. A Machoke effortlessly snapped a chain on a stage nearby a roller coaster, while a crowd laughed at an Exeggutor making goofy faces. Misty smiled as a juggling Cubone delighted some children, while hundreds more people lined up to try their luck winning Pokémon dolls and other prizes on the midway.

    "Before you is the humble Natu, a Psychic and Flying type Pokémon that can see the future." a man began, piquing the group's interest. "Offer a coin, and the Natu will tell you what is to come in your future!"

    "Here you go!" a little girl called as she hurried to the booth and gave the Natu a silver coin with a moon design on it. The crowd watched as the Natu hopped to a pool of water and dipped its wings in it; then hopped across three rocks in a triangle; rang a bell hanging over a box, then its eyes glowed blue as it took a piece of paper in its beak and presented it to the man.

    "Hm...the Natu sees that you will become a fine musician when you get older, and your songs will touch the hearts of millions." the man announced to some applause.

    "Mama, you hear that? I'm gonna be an idol when I grow up!" the girl smiled as she showed her mother the fortune.

    "Keep practicing the piano like you do every day, and you will!" the mother smiled.

    In the brush overlooking the fortune telling booth, Kamon watched as a boy gave the Natu a coin. I was gonna find Wonder Boy and challenge him, but since this is a Pokémon exhibition, why not swipe the Pokémon?


    As Misty approached the fortunetelling booth some time later, she recognized the girl from before at the booth. "Um...b-before you..." she stammered.

    "Is the humble Natu..." the man whispered.

    "...is the humble Natu, a Psychic and Flying type Pokémon that..." the girl stammered before freezing in horror again.

    "Can see the future..." the man reminded her again.

    Finally, overcome with nervousness, the girl ran off, tears of embarrassment streaming down her face. "Hey, wait!" Misty called, the others not far behind her.


    The gang caught up to the girl some time later in a park. "There she is..." Ash mused, pointing her out staring at the ground from a bench.

    The girl gasped as the group approached. "Hey, it's okay." Misty assured the girl. "We're not gonna hurt you."

    Ash stepped forward to address the girl. "I'm Ash, and these are my companions Misty..." Misty waved hello. "...and Brock." Brock waved hello.

    "My name's McKenzie, and this is Naughty." the girl replied as her Natu hopped on her lap. "I really wanted to participate in the Lore Stage and help my dad with his fortune telling act, but every time i get on a stage of any type, I get really nervous."

    "Well, we all play music, and Brock plays music and tells stories professionally." Ash explained. "And we get nervous too. But we tell ourselves the audience wants us to do well, go out onstage, and play."

    "Any suggestions to not be nervous?" McKenzie asked.

    "I could tell you many different ways to ease nerves, but what works for me may not necessarily work for you." Brock cautioned. "Knowing and practicing your material helps the most, but some things that generally work for most people include relaxation techniques, eating a Nanab Berry before they go onstage, and listening to motivating music."

    "Another thing we could try is using a mask to create a character to do the fortune telling act." Misty suggested. "If you focus on performing the script in character, you'll have less time to worry about the audience."

    A smile formed on McKenzie's face. "What a great idea! I think I have a mask we could use..."


    "Before you is the humble Natu, a Psychic and Flying type Pokémon that can see the future." McKenzie--now wearing a Wooper mask--announced to the crowd later that afternoon.

    "Where? I don't see a Natu..." a boy protested. McKenzie froze--Naughty was gone!

    She turned around to look for Naughty, but when the crowd spotted Naughty clinging on McKenzie's back, they burst out laughing. "What's so funny?" McKenzie asked, oblivious to Naughty's antics.

    Nearby, Ash facepalmed as McKenzie continued to fruitlessly look for Naughty, the crowd roaring with laughter all the while. "I think our next lesson should be the concept of 'the show must go on'..."

    Just then, a flash bomb dropped on the ground with a loud pop and a bright flash, startling many in the crowd. With the crowd distracted, Kamon slunk from the brush and started taking as many Pokémon as he could carry. That pop should lure Wonder Boy here... he smirked as he hurried off with all the Pokémon... except for Tintri!


    "Is everyone okay?" Ash asked the crowd as the townsfolk frantically searched the festival grounds for their Pokémon.

    "Brock's consoling McKenzie, I'm going back to my team of searchers." Misty reported before hurrying to rejoin a group searching by the midway.

    Just then, one of the Machokes from before lumbered up to the crowds of searchers. [Hey--if you're wondering where the other Pokémon went, that red haired punk over there got them all!] he reported, pointing out Kamon dashing down the path with a massive net in tow.

    Ash heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Aina, use Karate Chop to cut the net!"

    [HIII-YA!] Aina dashed up to the net and effortlessly cut the bag open, sending the captive Pokémon hurrying back to their owners.

    "But what about Naughty?" McKenzie asked Ash, pointing out Naughty in Kamon's arms.

    "This Natu's mine now, Wonder Boy!" Kamon taunted. "And there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

    "Oh yeah?" Ash shot back. "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!"

    [HAAAAAAAHHHH!!!] Tintri fired a volley of Thunderbolts, forcing Kamon to drop Naughty as he went crashing to the ground.

    "Nice work." Misty smiled as Kamon fled, allowing McKenzie to reunite with Naughty.

    [All in a day's work!] Tintri grinned.


    "You know, I think I may be able to do the fortune-telling act and compete in the Lore Stage after all." McKenzie smiled as she, Naughty, and the group arrived at a school. "Without the mask."

    "This was why we brought you here--so you could practice both the fortune telling act and your story for the Lore Stage." Misty explained as the group signed in and received guest passes. "The principal loved the idea, so she allowed us the use of the gym, since the auditorium is being cleaned at the moment."

    Once the children had gathered in the gym, and McKenzie was set up, she started the spiel with the trio looking on. "Before you is the humble Natu, a Psychic and Flying type Pokémon that can see the future."

    The kids cheered as she made a grand gesture to Naughty. "Offer a coin, and the Natu will tell you what is to come in your future!"

    "Will I be a pro athlete?" a boy asked as he offered Naughty a coin.

    The group smiled as Naughty accepted the coin, hopped to a pool of water and dipped his wings in it; then hopped across three rocks in a triangle; rang a bell hanging over a box, then his eyes glowed blue as he took a piece of paper in his beak and presented it to the boy.

    "The Natu sees that you will indeed become a pro athlete, and will make history in your chosen sport!" McKenzie smiled.

    She got up from the fortunetelling table and started her planned tale for the Lore Stage. "Once a Combusken was scratching for food when he accidentally swallowed a bean. Try as he might, he just couldn't swallow the bean. So he laid down on the ground, in hopes the new position would help the bean along..."

    "...On the third day the queen came to Todd disguised as a huntress, saying she wanted a Buneary to serve a guest for dinner." Brock continued the tale he was weaving some time later. "Todd agreed--if the huntress would tiptoe in a circle while looking up at the sky and clucking like a Combusken."

    Even McKenzie laughed as she pictured the ridiculous scene in her mind. "The queen was unsure, and knew people would think she'd gone nuts, but did what Todd asked of her anyway." Brock went on. "But at the end of the day, when he used the whistle to call back the Bunearies..."

    Ash played the Zelda whistle theme again for effect, to giggles from the children in the crowd. "...even the one Todd gave away came hopping back." Brock smiled before he concluded "When the king heard of how clever Todd was, and how Princess Andrea seemed to like him, he concluded Todd was the best choice, and the two of them were soon married. When it came time for Todd to ascend the throne, he ruled with the same wisdom and cunning as he did when he herded the Bunearies."

    Applause rang across the carnival grounds as Brock and Ash both took a bow, but when the scores of the participants appeared as bars on the scoreboard, McKenzie's bar narrowly edged Brock's to reach the top, signaling she had won the Lore Stripe! "I can't believe it...McKenzie managed to beat you?" Misty was surprised as the judges pinned an orange stripe to McKenzie's shirt.

    "She truly earned it after all that happened today." Brock smiled. "I respect the judges' decision."

    He quickly found McKenzie in the crowd with her parents some moments later. "Oh!" McKenzie gasped. "I just wanted to thank you guys for being so nice, and showing me how to be confident."

    "Well, I came to offer my heartiest congratulations to you and Naughty, even though I lost." Brock replied. "You more than earned that Lore Stripe."

    "Thank you..." McKenzie ran and hugged Brock. "Will you guys come back and perform for the carnival next year?"

    "We'll try, okay?" Brock smiled as the new friends shared their embrace against the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
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  2. WavePearl

    WavePearl VIP

    Nov 22, 2012
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    Episode 84: The Big Balloon Blowup!

    "That carnival was so much fun!" Misty smiled as the group walked through an open field some days later.

    "I had fun too, and even though I didn't get my blue Lore Stripe, I also hope that McKenzie completes her rainbow." Brock replied before noticing a pattern in the grass that looked like a circle with an X in the middle of it. "What in Arceus' name IS that?"

    "Maybe it's crop circle!" Ash suggested, scenes of sci fi movies and aliens dancing in his head.

    Just then, a ball with a feathery bird-like tail dropped at Misty's feet. "Huh?" she wondered as she looked up into the afternoon sky.

    As Ash shielded his eyes from the sun, he spotted a balloon in the distance, shaped like and guided by a Fearow. "Look! Out there!"

    As the balloon gracefully landed in the target zone, an auburn haired boy climbed from the basket as his chase crew met him and a Fearow. "Oh, hi! Didn't know I was going to have spectators when we touched down."

    "We saw the target area and wondered what it was." Misty explained to the boy.

    "I see..." the boy smiled. "The name's Skyler--me and my crew are getting ready for a big balloon race in a few days, so I thought I'd take a test flight so my crew can learn the course route. This way, if something happens, they can reach me quickly."

    "Coo!" Ash smiled before introducing himself and his companions. "I'm Ash, and my companions Misty..." Misty waved hello. "...and Brock." Brock waved hello.

    "Nice to meet you guys." Skyler smiled. "Would you guys like to see our team base?"

    "Sure!" Ash replied.


    "Here is the design room, where all the balloons are made." Skyler explained as the group arrived in a large and spacious workshop, when a man with darker brown hair and similar features to Skyler was in the process of sewing a sheet of orange fabric. "My dad's built a number of well known balloons, including all the ones we fly. If you remember the Kitsune balloon celebrating Worlds of Wonder's 50th anniversary, Dad built that."

    About then, the man looked up from his work. "Oh, Skyler, you're back! How are the conditions out there?" he asked as he folded up the fabric and set it aside.

    "Just perfect--I actually had a few visitors waiting when we touched down, so I'm giving them a tour of the base." Skyler explained, gesturing to the group.

    "Hi, I'm Ash." Ash told the man. "I'm on a journey around the region to compete in the Johto League."

    He gestured to Misty and Brock. "These are my companions Misty, our Water Pokémon expert and Pokethlete..."

    "Hi!" Misty smiled.

    "...and Brock, our navigator, storyteller, and balladeer." Ash continued.

    "Nice to meet you." Brock replied.

    "Nice to meet you three." the man smiled as he and Brock shook hands. "Name's Tenma--always have had a love for building and flying hot air balloons."

    He gestured to the workshop walls, which were covered in balloon pictures and newspaper clippings. While the majority of the pictures featured Pokémon balloons, Ash noticed a few generic rainbow designs, and few shaped like characters and icons from other franchises. "As Skyler probably told you, I've built a few famous and iconic balloons, including the lady Kitsune for Worlds of Wonder..." He pointed out a picture on a wall of a Delphox shaped balloon. "...and a pair of Mario and Luigi balloons plus a Star balloon to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'Super Mario Bros.'" He gestured to a picture showing a red balloon with the familiar "M" emblem and a dark green balloon with the familiar "L" emblem. "The Star balloon could glow in the dark--if you spotted it flying, and took a picture, you could mail the picture in and receive a copy of 'Super Mario Maker'." He gestured to a picture of him and Skyler riding in the Star balloon.

    "I've always wanted to go on a balloon ride!" Misty was excited.

    Then an idea occurred to Tenma. "Come to think of it, there's still time to enter in the big race, so if any of you have a flying type to guide the balloon, you guys can ride it!"

    "REALLY???" Ash gasped as Tenma led the group into a storage room, where a Pikachu balloon was waiting...


    "Okay..." Skyler began as the Pikachu balloon floated over the field overlooking the team base. "I'm basically giving you a flyover of the course." he explained. "Since you guys don't have a license to fly on your own, I'll have one of our team pilots do the heavy lifting of piloting, while you guide your Flying type from the gondola."

    "Works for me!" Ash smiled.

    A guitar playing the introduction to a song he recognized got his attention. Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon? Brock sang as he played.
    Would you like to glide in my beautiful balloon?
    We could float among the stars together, you and I...


    "Interesting...a garage of some kind..." James mused as Team Rocket made their way through the brush.

    "Some garage--there's no cars anywhere..." Jessie mused.

    "Dis isn't da kind of garage for cars--it's for hot air balloons, like what we ride in." Meowth explained as he shoved the packet advertising the race into his human companions' faces. "Says here dat da winner of da race gets a powerful burner!"

    "Are you sure?" James asked. "We've only flown for fun..."

    "Cummon! We won't know how good of racers we are till we try!" Meowth grinned.

    Jessie smirked it this. "All right, if you really believe we can win the race, Meowth--we'll give it a try."


    A few days later, huge crowds gathered around the field to watch hundreds of teams, their guide Pokémon, and the chase crews take off, the group and Team Rocket among them. "Everything's ready!" the group's pilot called as he finished the pre-flight checks.

    Once he, Misty, and Brock were comfortable in the gondola, Ash heaved a Poké Ball into the sky. "Mina! Guide us on our little adventure!"

    [We're taking the same course we've practiced on, right?] Mina asked. [Then I should be able to find the way.]

    As the group's balloon and Skyler's Fearow balloon lifted off, Ash kept hearing sputtering fans and hissing burners. I KNEW Team Rocket would enter just to cheat... he silently grumbled as the crews on the ground hurried to resuscitate the helpless balloons.

    "You guys! When ya said you'd give racin' a try, I EXPECTED you to play fair ta some degree!" Meowth snapped. "We may be crooks, but even a crook has ta have standards too!"

    "Weezing, choke up the competition with Smog." James smiled, grinning gleefully as many of the pilots coughed and sputtered as they rushed to clear the smog, allowing Team Rocket to drift ahead of the field.

    "Are ya tryin' to tip off da judges dat you're cheatin'?" Meowth gasped. "If ya are gonna cheat, you coulda been a bit more incognito about it."

    Jessie just shrugged, bemused in Meowth ranting. "Arbok, pop the other balloons with Pin Missiles."

    Meowth gasped as a team of chaser Pidgeots arrived to rescue a falling pilot. "Now you're tryin' ta KILL people? I'm not gonna sit back and watch if ya do dat!"

    He brought out his claws. "Seems ta me ya need ta be taught a little lesson!"


    "There...Meowth won't bother us for a while." Jessie reported as she finished binding Meowth in a rope, wincing from the scratches on her arms all the while.

    "That takes care of one problem, but what about the weather?" James asked, pointing out some approaching storm clouds in the distance.

    "Silly, you were the one that put the jet engine on the balloon last night!" Jessie reminded her partner.

    "Oh yes, that..." James smirked as he pressed a button on the burner, transforming it into a jet engine and allowing the Rockets to easily power past the rest of the field as rain started falling, making it harder for the balloons to fly.

    "What?" Misty gasped as the Rockets blew past them and Skyler. "That's cheating!"

    "Keep an eye on the burner!" Skyler cautioned as he and his Fearow caught up to the balloon. "If that goes out, you're in trouble!"

    A pop and some sparking noises made Brock wince. "Speak of Darkrai...."

    Ash heaved a Poké Ball as the Pikachu balloon careened towards a cliff. "Cyndy, help keep us aloft!"

    "And fast!" Misty braced herself for the inevitable as the cliff inched closer and closer. Cyndy's Flamethrower attack was beginning to help the balloon rise, but she wondered if Cyndy could get the balloon heated in time.

    "Pull up, Mina!" Ash called as Cyndy unleashed another Flamethrower.

    Much to everyone's relief, the balloon pulled up and effortlessly floated above the clouds. "That was close..." Brock smiled.

    "Humidity caused the burner to short..." the pilot reported. "Luckily, that's an easy fix."


    "How are the twerps still following us?" Jessie gasped when she saw the group and Skyler catching up to them.

    "You forget I built a self defense mechanism into the jet engine." James assured Jessie as he pressed a button, transforming the engine into a missile launcher.

    Brock growled as some missiles went flying at them with hisses and whistles. "Now they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel.."

    [AUGH!!!] Cyndy screamed as the impact of a missile knocked her back.

    "I gotcha!" Ash leaped to catch Cyndy in his arms. However, he did not expect another missile to explode nearby, knocking him backwards and slamming his shoulder into the gondola.

    [Ash!] Cyndy gasped. [You okay?] she asked as she hopped back up to the burner.

    Brock examined Ash's shoulder. "Thankfully, nothing feels broken, just a little bit of burn and some bruises." he assured Ash. "But we'll get it examined when we touch down."

    Tintri, meanwhile, screeched at the Rockets [Are you punks lookin' for a fight? I'm more than ready to defend my master, so come at me!]

    "They're getting away!" Misty reported the Meowth balloon speeding away, thanks to the jet engine.

    Wincing from his injured shoulder, Ash angrily sang Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... as he stood up, holding his right hand skyward as his Mega Ring glowed, surrounding Mina in a burst of flames and red light.

    When Mina emerged from the cocoon of light some moments later, she had a majestic yellow and orange crest on her head, blue tips on her wings, and flowing tail feathers. [Ready for action!] she cried.

    "Okay, now help Tintri get to Team Rocket!" Ash called.

    [Hang on tight, Tintri...we may be in for a wild ride.] Mina cautioned as Tintri climbed on her back, aware that James was preparing to fire again.

    Skyler panicked as another volley of missiles went flying, forcing the Mega Pidgeot to weave around them. "Kenya, distract those thugs with Drill Peck!" he commanded as he heaved a Poké Ball skyward, revealing his Fearow.

    [Now's our chance!] Mina cried as she circled in close to the Meowth balloon, where Kenya was mercilessly battering the Rockets with a flurry of pecks.

    [HAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!] Tintri leaped from Mina's back and fired a Thunderbolt at Team Rocket, destroying the balloon and sending them flying into the distance with a ping.


    As two feathery balls fluttered towards the target, Ash and Skyler touched down to discover they ha both gotten a bull-eye, making them both the winners of the race. "So now what do we do? There's only one balloon burner as a prize..." Skyler mused as their chase crews arrived.

    "You should take the prize, since we'd very much prefer to walk." Ash smiled as Kenya landed on Skyler's shoulder. "But I'd gladly go flying with you again any time!"

    "I'll tell Dad to have the Pikachu balloon ready for you if you ever want to go flying with us." Skyler replied as the new friends shared one last embrace...

    To Be Continued...
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  3. WavePearl

    WavePearl VIP

    Nov 22, 2012
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    Episode 85: The Screen Actor's Guilt

    "The good news is, your shoulder wasn't too badly injured during our run-in with Team Rocket during the balloon race." Brock assured Ash as the group departed a clinic a few days later.

    "That's a relief--you did smack it pretty hard on the gondola side, so I was worried you broke something." Misty was equally relieved Ash was none the worse for wear.

    She was about to say more when a throng of screaming teen girls ran down the street. "What's going on?" Brock wondered.

    "Maybe an idol or a band's in town!" Misty suggested as she led the way down the sidewalk, making sure to keep the girls in view. "Hope you guys packed your autograph books!"

    "What idol or band do you hope it is?" Brock asked.

    Just then, a red haired man in black met the group and handed Ash an odd yellow ball. "Would you be so kind to hold onto this?"

    "Okay?" Ash replied as he accepted the ball, a little confused.

    "I'll be back for it later, okay?" the man assured Ash as he dashed off, leaving his hat behind.

    Piqued, Ash unwrapped the yellow ball to find a small purple humanoid Pokémon with pale blonde hair dozing inside. He took a moment to read up on the tiny Pokémon as it woke up and kissed him on the cheek:

    "Smoochum, the kiss Pokémon. Its lips are the most sensitive parts on its body. It always uses its lips first to examine things.

    "That explains why it kissed me..." Ash mused as the Smoochum kissed Misty, then climbed from the bundle to retrieve the dropped hat.

    Brock was surprised when the Smoochum plopped the black fedora on his head. "I'm glad you think I look nice in this, but this isn't my hat, sweetie." he assured the Smoochum.

    The screaming horde of girls suddenly rounded the corner and crowded around Brock. "Wow! I didn't know Brad could play guitar too!" a girl called, noting Brock's guitar case.

    "Sing us a song!" another girl pleaded.

    "Okay, one at a time!" Brock demanded as he looked for a suitable place to perform. "Give me a second to tune, and then I'll take your requests."

    He froze when a third girl called "Hey wait a second, that's not Brad at all!"

    "But, I was all prepared to sing..." Brock sighed as the girls disappeared down various sidewalks.

    "You'll get your chance to play, don't worry!" Misty assured Brock before a TV on display in an electronics store flashed an image and the name of the man from before. "Hey...that's the young star of the TV show 'Midnight Snow', Brad Hughes!"

    Just then, a sleek black limo appeared by the curb, prompting the Smoochum to babble happily as a man Ash presumed to be Brad's manager requested for him to climb inside the elegant vehicle. "That has to be Brad's limo--let's follow it so we can reunite Brad with his Smoochum." Ash suggested as he motioned for the others to follow him...


    When the group arrived at a TV studio some time later, they found the main entrance blocked off by screaming girls. "No dice going in the front door...so there must be a back door or stage door we can use." Brock mused as the group looked for a way inside.

    Inside the studio, Brad was nearly in tears. "But I can't go on the show without my beautiful Bianca..." he pleaded.

    "But Smoochum's too girly for a star that mainly appears in adventure shows." Brad's manager explained. "Why not pick a Lucario, or a Braxien if you must choose something feminine? That way you could broaden your appeal to both boys and girls."

    "No...I only became a star because Bianca believed in me, and gave me the confidence I needed to get to where I am today." Brad explained.

    "All right...let's search the studio for Bianca, then." the manager assured Brad as the two of them departed to the first floor.


    "Good thing we didn't go through with the tree idea." Misty mused as the group made their way into the studio. "Besides, that tree branch didn't look close enough to reach the window..."

    Just then, Brad emerged from a stairwell and smiled when he found Bianca in Ash's arms. "Oh, thank you for looking after Bianca for me." he smiled. "Can I trust you three to look after her in the green room while my segment of 'Sunshine Golden Day' is being filmed?"

    "Okay." Ash replied as they followed Brad to a green room near a particular studio, unaware that Team Rocket had followed them inside while disguised as security guards.

    Just then, Brad's manager and a producer arrived in the green room. "Oh, are you three guests too?" Brad's manager asked.

    "We just had the guest before Brad back out, and so we need someone to fill that time." the producer explained before noticing the four stripes on Brock's vest. "You must be a storyteller--would you and your friends like to perform on the show?"

    "I would be honored, but we haven't really prepared anything..." Brock confessed.

    "That's okay--just pick a few of the tunes and stories your audiences ask for again and again." the producer assured Brock. "You have about ten minutes before the fill-in segment starts, so take your time picking some songs and stories!"


    Applause filled the 'Sunshine Golden Day' set as Ash, Misty, and Brock arrived on the stage. "Thank you!" Brock called as he acknowledged the hosts.

    After finding the notes he needed to start on, Brock started playing the jig "The Hearthome Pilgrim" while Ash and Misty danced to the guitar and the show's house band. While Misty was clearly the more experienced dancer of the two, she also made sure Ash knew when to lead and when to follow as the band and Brock transitioned into a second jig. An autoharp filled in the highs around Brock's guitar, a fiddle, a mandolin, a Pokeflute, and a whistle, creating a melody that resonated through the room, prompting many in the crowd to clap along.

    The crowd applauded the end of the second tune, then Brock started the first story that came to mind. "In a certain country there lived a great king, who had an only son--we'll call him Alex--who had long desired to be known as a great hero. When he had come of age, Prince Alex began to think about marrying, and he asked his father where the most beautiful princess in the world lived."

    Excited murmurs went up at this. "So the king took Prince Alex to the royal gallery, and showed him hundreds of portraits of ladies and princesses from all over the world." Brock went on as he played a majestic melody. "After looking them all over very carefully, Alex came to the portrait of Mina, the daughter of a powerful king of the desert, and knew in his heart that she was the one for him."

    "Aw"s go up at this. "So he asked his father’s blessing, and permission to travel to the court of the desert king, to ask for Princess Mina's hand...."


    "Here, Bianca..." Jessie cooed to the Smoochum backstage. "Come to mama..."

    [No! You're not my mama!] Bianca retorted, aware of the cage Jessie held.

    Just then, Meowth managed to open the curtains, revealing him and his human companions to the group and the audience, who gasped in horror as Bianca cried [Help meeeeeee! This lady's not my mama!!!!]

    "I'm coming, Bianca!" Brad called as he dashed onstage in an attempt to save Bianca.

    "Weezing, Tackle the man in black!" James commanded, but balked as Brad rolled out of the way.

    "Arbok, use Poison Sting!" Jessie called, but gasped as Brad evaded Arbok's poisonous tall. In all the confusion, Weezing slammed into Jessie, making her drop Bianca.

    Brad made a desperate jump, and caught Bianca in his arms to the roar of the crowd. "There now...Daddy's here." he assured the tiny Pokémon as the group unleashed their Pokémon to battle Team Rocket.

    "Luce, shock Arbok with a Shockwave!" Ash commanded.

    [HAH!!!!] Luce cried as she unleashed a huge thunderbolt, making Arbok faint. Angered by his companion's defeat, Weezing unleashed a massive Smokescreen, clouding the group's vision and making the audience cough and sneeze as they rushed to clear away the smoke.

    "Mina, clear the air!" Ash commanded, smiling as his Pidgeot cleared away the smoke with a huge Gust.

    "Bianca, give these hoodlums a Sweet Kiss." Brad smiled, setting Bianca on the ground.

    Ash noticed an open window as Bianca dazed Team Rocket with her kiss. "Okay, bud--aim to send Team Rocket out that window."

    [You got it!] Tintri smiled, unleashing a massive Thunderbolt that sent Team Rocket blasting off once again.

    The crowd applauded what they thought was a sketch, but then Brad addressed the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, what you just saw was not an act. Those hoodlums really did want to take my dear Bianca, and with the help of these brave storytellers, we managed to defeat them!"

    The crowd erupted into more screams and cheers as the group took a bow, as well as enthusiastic chants of "We love Brad! We love Brad! We love Brad!" when Brad and Bianca bowed themselves...


    "Well! Seems Brad is starring in the new adventure drama 'The Warmth of a Frozen Kiss' with Bianca." Brock smiled as the group passed the same electronics store a few days later, where the opening sequence of the show was playing on a TV.

    "I know--the show became a hit overnight, and now, all the girls have Smoochums." Misty smiled as she watched more of the opening scene depicting Brad as a paladin.

    "I'll never forget going on 'Sunshine Golden Day'." Ash grinned. "Even if Team Rocket tried to ruin the episode!"

    "Well, the producer said we were always welcome back if we wanted to perform again." Brock assured Ash as the three friends departed down the road and into the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 86: The Joy of Water Pokémon!

    "Brad was so nice..." Misty smiled. "I wish him and Bianca all the best..."

    "Me too..." Brock smiled. "I'm hoping I can share my stories with you guys on more variety shows, as well--minus Team Rocket, of course."

    "Yeah, let's not have any more visits from Team Rocket the next variety show we go on!" Ash grinned.

    Just as the group rounded a bend in the road, Ash noticed a Pokémon Center across a fairly large river. "Wow...that Pokémon Center looks HUGE!" he gasped as the group located a bridge leading to the large Pokémon Center.

    "Considering its location, its specialty is probably caring for Water-type Pokémon." Misty smiled as she admired the sunshine sparkling across the water, illuminating the many Magikarp swimming below the surface.

    Just then, Tintri noticed a ripple in the water. [Huh?]

    "What is it, Tintri?" Ash asked, piqued in Tintri's interest.

    As the group watched from the bridge, a person in a deep blue scuba suit with a familiar cross sign on the helmet holding a Goldeen with faint white spots on its body emerged from the water. After the person removed her respirator, she called "Okay, bring over the quarantine tank!"

    [Right!] Two Chansies and a gaggle of Happinis hurried to their master's side with a fish tank as their master stepped onto dry land.

    "Given the cross on the helmet, Nurse Joy is the one inside the suit." Ash mused. "Didn't know Nurse Joy had scuba certification..."

    Brock proudly showed Ash his trainer card, which had a familiar red square with a white left diagonal stripe. "If you do have certification, you can get an emblem for your trainer card, whether you dive for work or play."

    "I have one on my card too--the Gym's pool was often used for training classes." Misty grinned, showing Ash the emblem on her own card. "If you want to take lessons, expect to pony up 1500 to 3000 credits."

    Just then, the group watched as Nurse Joy approached them on the bridge, removing the helmet of her suit as her team of Chansies and Happinis rushed the sick Goldeen inside the Pokémon Center.

    This got Brock excited, prompting Misty and Ash to sigh as he retrieved his guitar and tuning up. "Not the 'Brian and Epona' ballad again... Misty groaned.

    "Actually, this is a new song, written about vacations we took to the beach when I was little." Brock explained before beginning a brisk introduction:

    When I was five...
    We'd get up at four,
    And drive on down to Cerulean's shore
    Summer holidays had come at last...
    They came real slow and went by fast!
    Just one week, that's all we had,
    Then back to work went mom and dad...
    Happy to be,
    Swimmin' in the sea...

    Nurse Joy stifled a giggle at the singing guitarist before her. "Is it true you specialize in Water Pokémon?" Misty asked as she and Ash followed her inside, leaving Brock to serenade the Magikarps and Goldeens in the lake.

    "Yes--we mainly look after the native Pokémon inside the lake, but people come from all over the world to us if their Water types need specialized care." Nurse Joy smiled. "But that's not to say we don't care for them exclusively--no matter what type your Pokémon is, they'll get some top notch care while they're here."

    She petted Tintri for a moment. "Your Pikachu looks so happy...what's your secret?" she asked Ash.

    "There is no secret--just a lot of love, and mutual trust." Ash confessed as Brock returned to the group, still playing his magnum opus.


    After a while, Brock was resting near a bookshelf, watching other people come and go. He had made a decent amount of tips playing for the people in line, but his guitar and his fingers needed a break from performing.

    One of the books on the shelf got his attention. "'Paradise in a Wasteland'...sounds interesting'"

    He took the book from the shelf and flipped through the pages, stopping on a page with a picture of the lake. "Oh, I see you found the book my grandmother wrote..." Nurse Joy smiled as she came by to check on Brock. "Grandma would tell me this story often when I was little...this place used to be a wasteland, uninhabitable by anybody; and that she worked tirelessly to find out the cause. It turned out a chemical company was illegally dumping waste into the lake, and she led the charge to toughen the laws on illegal waste dumping."

    "That's fascinating..." Brock smiled "Would you kindly autograph the title page?" he asked, offering her the book.

    "That's okay...Grandma never liked writing in her books." Nurse Joy replied as she put the book back on the shelf. "Even if we made a note in pencil on the pages, she would scold us for writing in them."

    "Then this must be the sequel..." Brock smiled as he got another book from the shelf.

    "You could call it a sequel--my mother wrote that one." Nurse Joy explained. "She continued what Grandma started, and finally finished cleaning up the area by moving the Grimer and Muk that poisoned the area due to the waste dumping elsewhere."

    She turned business-like again as Ash and Misty met Brock in the lounge. "But we can continue our conversation later...we have business to take care of."

    "Business?" Ash swallowed hard as he imagined all kinds of terrifying alter egos for Nurse Joy in his mind to go with other interpretations of "business". Is she a mobster? A femme fatale from a detective movie? A killer android...or something?

    He heaved a relieved sigh when Nurse Joy arrived in a blue Pokethlon jersey identical to Misty's, except for the number 2 on the back of the shirt and on the shorts. "We're hosting a Stamina-type Pokethlon on the lake today, and I plan to make my family proud!"

    "No way! Nurse Joy, in a Pokethlon?" Misty gasped as more and more Pokethletes arrived to check in.

    "Look at it this way...it's definitely a different side of Nurse Joy, but other than that, she's no different from any other competitor." Ash assured Misty.

    "You're right..." Misty mused before addressing Nurse Joy again. "Bring it on! I'll be more than a match for you!"

    "Good luck, Misty!" Brock called as Misty dashed to the women's dressing rooms to change. "Even though she is Nurse Joy, don't let your guard down!"


    "Okay, first up is the Ring Drop--you remember what happened the last time?" Brock asked as they found a seat in the stands overlooking the lake, where a large floating arena had been set up.

    "Thankfully, there are no Hitmontops here this time." Ash mused. "We have Misty and Michelle in the top left, Nurse Joy and a Blissey in the top right, a Quagsire, and an Ursaring..."

    In the arena, Misty briefed Michelle on the impending competition. "Instead of raw power and speed like last time, you only have to deal with raw power. "Blissey can be a literal tank, but you have an advantage she doesn't, speed."

    [Consider this redemption for last time, when you never got a chance thanks to that Hitmontop.] Michelle smiled.

    The whistle blew some moments later, and all four competitors ran to clash with each other. Nurse Joy's Blissey Kalila rammed the Ursaring into the water immediately with her immense strength, but Michelle struggled against the Quagsire, each Pokémon getting pushed back before charging again.

    "Come on!" Brock called from the stands, whistling in support as Michelle finally knocked the Quagsire into the water with 25 seconds to go.

    [Misty! Misty! Misty!] Tintri led the cheers of the other Pokémon with his fans as Michelle and Kalila desperately tried to knock each other off.

    Everyone watched in awe as Michelle made one last desperate charge as the final seconds ticked away, knocking Kalila into the water with one second left on the clock! "She did it!" Ash cried, tossing his cap into the air in celebration, to the cheers of the Pokémon.


    "You're sure you want to do the other events even after that epic Ring Drop performance?" Misty asked as the crowds and the other competitors made their way to a course drawn out in the sand for the Relay Run. "I mean, if you're tired, I have Pearl and Spritz on standby."

    [Relax--I have enough in me for a stroll on the beach.] Michelle assured Misty. [This is why we train, so we don't tire out after one event.]

    She smiled. [Besides, I've never let you down in a Relay Run yet!]

    "That's true..." Misty smiled as Michelle bent down for her to climb aboard.

    Once all the competitors were at the start, the starting gun echoed into the air, spurring all four competitors to jockey for position through the sand and bushes around a small pool near the lake. Nurse Joy had jumped to an early lead, but Misty was not far behind as the clock ticked away, the scoreboard also recording each runner's completed laps.

    "They're neck and neck!" Ash noted as Misty and Nurse Joy crossed the line to begin what was likely their last lap.

    "It's gonna be close..." Brock mused as Nurse Joy and Misty rounded the last corner towards the finish line. "It's gonna be close..."

    A camera flash got Ash's attention. [So close they needed to take a picture...] Tintri mused as officials reviewed the picture of the finish, to the murmurs of the crowd.

    Minutes seemed to pass like hours as the crowd awaited the results. But after thirty agonizing minutes had passed, cheers went up as a 2 appeared in the first place result on the scoreboard, followed by a 7. "Wow...Misty lost by a mere two thousandth of a second..." Ash was impressed.

    "You saw it before, both of them were determined to win." Brock reminded Ash as the crowds went inside for the final event.


    The crowd watched as the Block Smash got underway with the Ursaring breaking seven bricks. "Since Mega Evolution is allowed in the rules, I'm gonna induce you in hopes you'll get a fair chance against the competition." Misty explained.

    [Go ahead--so long as I get a fair chance instead of an unfair advantage.] Michelle replied.

    Misty nodded. Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...

    Michelle emerged from the blue light and waves in her Mega form some seconds later. [Let's do this.] she purred as she watched Kalila break eight of the ten bricks.

    "Number 7! Please approach the line!" the referee called.

    "Michelle, use Brick Break!" Misty commanded.

    "You can do it!" Ash called from the stands in encouragement.

    Michelle nodded, then slammed the first brick with a wave of water that also shattered the other bricks! "All ten bricks were broken!" the referee announced to the roaring crowd. "Number 7 gets an automatic win, and the overall gold!"


    "Well done, Misty...you've truly earned that gold medal." Nurse Joy smiled as the crowds departed the medal ceremony later that evening. "I have to ask you...how did you get so strong?"

    "Oh, it's not raw power that allowed us to win, but having friends that believe in me, and my belief in my Pokémon." Misty replied as Ash ran to embrace her.

    Nurse Joy smiled as the group celebrated Misty's win. "I very clearly have a lot to learn--if we meet again in the Grand Pokehlon, it will be a rematch for the ages."

    "And even if we're not meant to meet again in the Grand Pokethlon, it was still a fun experience competing." Misty smiled. "I would've enjoyed myself even if I had lost."

    With that, she started down the path leading back to the main road. "We'll come see you again soon!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 87: Fight For the Light

    The sun shone down on the sparkling waters of the Olivine City Harbor, illuminating the excited boy and his Pikachu making a beeline for the futuristic steel building that stood on a hill overlooking the harbor. "This is it, Tintri--all we have to do is just breeze though this battle, and we have our fifth badge."

    [I don't know...] Tintri cautioned when he saw a sign near the path leading to the Gym. [The sign says the Gym Leader is "the steel-clad defense girl"...]

    "Well, Steel types don't like fire, and I have Cyndy, so this should be easy as pie." Ash assured Tintri before going inside the massive building. "Hello, anyone accepting challenges right now?" he asked as he and Tintri walked through the elegant rock garden that served as the foyer, which in turn opened into a large and specious arena ringed by glittering rocks, complete with the gold and silver colored Poké Ball in the center of the room.

    [Did we just walk in a gem mine?] Tintri asked as Ash approached the Silver side of the arena.

    A door opening got his attention. [Someone's here!] he called as a girl with light brown hair and wearing a mint green shirt and white skirt arrived in the room.

    "Oh, are you here for a Gym challenge?" the girl asked. "My name's Jasmine."

    "Are you the Gym Leader?" Ash asked. "If you are, I have journeyed from afar to challenge you!"

    A weak smile formed on Jasmine's face. "As much as I want to accept your challenge, I have some other things to do right now, okay?"

    "Okay..." Ash slumped to the floor, dejected.


    "So, now what?" Misty mused as the group reunited back in a park some moments later.

    "Did Jasmine say what it was she needed to do?" Brock was equally curious about what had happened in the Gym.

    "If you're worried about Jasmine, travelers, she's worried about the Ampharos that creates the light for the lighthouse." a man explained as he walked by. "She's always had a big heart, but I'm sure she could use the help."

    Inspired, Ash got up from the bench. "Let's go give Jasmine a hand--maybe it will inspire her to battle again!"

    "Good call." Brock agreed before the group made their way to the majestic lighthouse overlooking the harbor...


    When the group arrived at the top of the lighthouse some time later, they saw Jasmine and an older man with similar features to her tending to a large yellow sheep-like Pokémon with a long tail, who let out a weak bleat as Jasmine comforted it. "It's okay, Amphy...I'm here."

    She looked up to find the group watching. "Oh, you were worried about me?" she smiled. "I could always use a hand. Having Grandpa here to help take care of Amphy helps a little."

    "I didn't get a chance to introduce myself before...I'm Ash, and these are my companions Misty and Brock." Ash replied, making a grand gesture to Misty and Brock as they waved hello.

    "This must be Amphy..." Misty mused as she studied the large sheep Pokémon.

    "Ampharos, the light Pokémon. The bright light on its tail can be seen far away. It has been treasured since ancient times as a beacon. Ash's Pokédex explained as Jasmine covered the large Pokémon with a blanket.

    "Amphy is the source of light for the lighthouse because her tail creates quite a glow." Jasmine's grandfather explained. "The Olivine Lighthouse used to be the main lighthouse, but another lighthouse took over some years back."

    "Is there any medicine we can give this Ampharos?" Brock asked as the Ampharos gave another weak bleat, prompting Luce to emerge in the room with a pop.

    "We ordered some medicine from someone in Cianwood City, but neither Grandpa or nor me has any time to get it." Jasmine explained. "We can't leave Amphy alone, as there is the very real risk she could die."

    "We'll go get the medicine, if you'd like." Ash offered. "This way, you can do your best to help Amphy."

    [I'm going to help too!] Luce declared before glowing white.

    "I don't believe it, Luce evolved to help Amphy?" Misty gasped as Luce transformed into an Ampharos.

    "Not just that, but look again at the Pokédex entry." Brock pointed out a "MORE..." icon on Ash's Pokédex screen.

    Piqued, Ash tapped the screen. Ampharos is capable of Mega Evolution if its owner has awakened their Heart Song. the Pokédex explained as it displayed a picture of an Ampharos with a white mane and a bushy white tail studded in topazes.

    He smiled as Luce attempted to send some sparks in an attempt to help Amphy, but his solitude and pride as a trainer was interrupted by a whistle and a low rumble that made the lighthouse shake. "What was that?" Misty wondered.

    Jasmine looked out one of the lighthouse windows and gasped. "A pair of crooks and their Meowth, up there!" she called, pointing out a black blimp with the familiar red R denoting Team Rocket.

    Misty growled as she watched James summon Weezing. "I know Team Rocket had sunk to some new lows, but I didn't expect them to stoop THIS low..." she muttered as outside, Weezing used Smokescreen, making Amphy scream in panic.

    "I've got Amphy, you guys need to go!" Brock called as he carefully picked up the squawking Ampharos in his arms. "Sh, it's okay...I'm here to help you." he assured Amphy as Luce followed him out the main entrance.

    "Meet by the harbor!" Jasmine called as she and the others raced out a back entrance.


    [Almost there!] Luce reported as the lighthouse's main entrance came into view.

    Neither Brock or Luce expected a cage to spring up from the floor. While Luce managed to leap to safety, Brock and Amphy ended up trapped inside. [Oh no!]

    "Hah! Hut!" Brock tried what few kung fu moves he knew that worked in a confined space, to no avail. "Luce, can I trust you to find Ash and get help?" he asked as an arm hooked to the cage and started carrying it outside.

    [What are you going to do?] Luce asked, sparking a little in concern.

    "The only thing I know to do that will alert Ash and Misty that I need their help." Brock replied as he did his best to console the frightened Amphy.

    With that, he started to sing a familiar melody as Luce ran to find Ash. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...


    ...Katoradis favel siicletu edena... Brock's voice rang over the city, snapping Ash, Misty, and Jasmine to attention.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si....

    "Brock! That was Brock singing!" Ash gasped as he embraced Luce, relieved his new Ampharos was all right.

    "What happened, Luce?" Misty asked.

    [We were on our way back to the main entrance of the main lighthouse, when Brock tripped a Rocket trap, trapping him and Amphy.] Luce explained. [He told me to find you, and then sang the Swanna Song to alert you guys he needed you.]

    "We heard him loud and clear." Misty assured Luce as she spotted Team Rocket with the cage near the harbor. "Now to show Team Rocket the fury of a tsunami...."

    A pop of a Poké Ball got her attention. "I'm coming too--those hoodlums will pay for trying to hurt Amphy!" Jasmine offered as she climbed aboard her own Onix. "Hagane, let's go!"

    "Arbok, use Poison Sting!" Jessie commanded, her Arbok flinging the familiar poison needles at the approaching rock snake.

    "I don't believe it...Hagane protected Jasmine!" Misty was impressed--Jasmine's Onix didn't even bat an eye at Arbok's attack.

    "So you have a huge rock snake...but it can't go in the water!" James taunted as he and Jessie recalled their Pokémon and zip lined out to a waiting boat on the water.

    As Hagane approached the end of the pier, Jasmine noticed a tsunami barrier in a work zone and got an idea. "Hagane, can you use that tsunami barrier as a brace?"

    [Sure!] Ash and Misty watched in awe as Hagane anchored onto the barrier and latched onto Arbok, stretching him out farther and farther.

    "Thanks, Hagane!" Jasmine grabbed a chipped off piece of rock and climbed up to the cage sitting on an overlook. After whacking the lock a few times, it opened with a pop!

    "Thanks, Jasmine." Brock wheezed, still tired from using the Swanna Song.

    "Anytime--consider it thanks for helping me back there." Jasmine smiled as she motioned for Brock to bring Amphy down to the edge of the pier, where Ash, Misty, and Hagane were waiting.

    Once Brock and Jasmine reunited with Ash and Misty, Jasmine told Ash "Feel free to use any electrical attack you want, since Hagane won't be affected."

    "I have just the one..." With that, Ash held his Mega Ring to the sky. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    Misty, Brock, and Jasmine watched in awe as Luce was engulfed in red thunderbolts and red light, emerging with the white mane and topaz studded bushy tail seconds later. [This is it...the power of Mega Evolution!] Luce cried in delight. [This is what I've waited to use for so long!]

    "Well, send Team Rocket a supercharged Thunderbolt with the power of Mega Evolution!" Ash called.

    Time for a little payback... Brock smiled as he watched Luce shock Team Rocket with an almost white Thunderbolt, followed by Hagane throwing them out into the sky with a ping...


    "I'm amazed you were able to use the power of your Heart Song to Mega Evolve your own Ampharos." Jasmine smiled as they arrived at another pier later that evening. "That, and how your companion can actually sing the Swanna Song--for a long time, I thought that was just one of Grandpa's stories. But now I know those powers are real!"

    "Remember that only a rare few can use the Swanna Song for real, Jasmine." Jasmine's grandfather cautioned. "But Mega Evolution is the ultimate sign of love between trainer and Pokémon, should the trainer choose to use that power."

    "Can I ask you all a favor?" Jasmine asked the group. "Would it be okay if I went with you to get the medicine from Cianwood City?"

    "Besides, there's a Gym in Cianwood too." Jasmine's grandfather smiled.

    "Sure!" Ash replied as he scrambled aboard the boat, eager to set sail and see what Cianwood Gym was like...

    To Be Continued...
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    Interlude: The Harmony of Ash, Misty, and Brock

    As the boat stopped at a port to refuel for the rest of the journey to Cianwood City, Jasmine met the group on the upper deck. "If it's okay, I'm going to go get some supplies on shore--it'll be at least another day before we reach Cianwood."

    "Sure--the Pokemart's not far from the dock." Ash replied as he watched people come and go from the harbor.

    "I did hear the captain say that if you wanted to get off the boat and explore a little, you could, but to be back here by sunset." Jasmine went on.

    She pointed out a series of caves in the distance. "If you have a surfing Pokémon, you can explore the Whirl Islands, where it is said that the dragon bird Pokémon Lugia roosts."

    Ash was surprised. "Really?"

    "Should I play 'The Ballad of the Chosen One' for Jasmine?" Brock smiled.

    "I don't think I've heard your song retelling the legend of Shamouti Island--even though I was the one that bugged you to write it and play it." Misty confessed, just as Jasmine returned with a Pokemart bag filled with potions and other Pokémon medicines.

    "What's going on? Jasmine asked.

    "Brock is a master singer, storyteller, and multi-instrumentalist, often setting legends and folktales to music." Misty explained as Brock retrieved his guitar and started tuning up. "One of the songs he's written tells an ancient legend from the far off Orange Islands that features Lugia."

    "Okay..." Brock settled in a chair before the others, guitar in hand. "Far away from here, in a place called Shamouti Island, an ancient prophecy serves as both a warning and a promise of hope." he explains over a relaxed melody. "Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice and lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash. Though the water's great guardian shall arise to quell the fighting, alone its song will fail, and thus the earth shall turn to ash."

    He then announces "O Chosen One!" over a D major chord, making Jasmine jump. "Into thine hands bring together all three. Their treasures combined tame the Beast of the Sea..."


    "Aurora! Come on out!" Misty called, revealing a majestic blue plesiosaur-like Pokémon with a large shell on its back on the water.

    "A Lapras is a great idea for exploring the Whirl Island caves." Jasmine smiled, Brock's song about Lugia still fresh in her mind. "But the maps of the caves don't say which one is Lugia's roost."

    She turned to leave. "Enjoy exploring the caves...I'll be on the boat waiting for you."

    "Okay!" Ash replied as he climbed aboard Aurora. "We'll be back by sunset!"

    "Now, which cave do you guys think Lugia roosts in?" Misty asked as she unrolled a chart depicting four of the main caves that were closest to the port.

    "That one!" Ash pointed out the cave on the top right of the chart.

    "All right, we'll start there." Misty smiled as Aurora dutifully swam to the cave in question.


    "Whoa!" Ash gasped as the group emerged from the cave entrance onto a large cliff overlooking a huge waterfall.

    "Unless you see a ladder, a zipline, or some other way of getting down, we'll have to turn back." Brock cautioned as he looked around the cliff, which was dotted with more cave entrances.

    "Silly! There's a winding path to the bottom right here!" Misty grinned, gesturing to a stone pathway that zigzagged down the cliff to an alcove near the waterfall.

    "Lead on, O Fearless Leader." Brock grinned as Misty led the way down the path.

    The group emerged in a large room that mostly consisted of a large pool, where Ash noticed the eight Kimono Girls were gathered. "You guys! It's me!"

    Sakura looked over and smiled when she saw Ash waving at her. "Ash, Misty, Brock, what a surprise! We were about to begin a naming ceremony for the resident Lugia of this cave, Aminta."

    "Wait, Legendary Pokémon can reproduce?" Misty was surprised.

    "Of course they can--they're no different than other Pokémon." Sayo explained. "While many of them have not been documented raising young, Lugia is one of the very few Legendaries whose reproductive cycle has been extensively researched."

    "Lugia only have one or two chicks at a time, so when a baby is born, it is a time of celebration." Kuni went on. "The families of Lugia that roam in this area are named as a sign of their duty to guard and protect people all around the world."

    Sayo smiled as the mother Lugia elegantly swam out into the large pool, her chick not far behind her. "Hail and well met, Aminta--we send our rejoicings and well wishes on the hatching of your child."

    Te lei ze cra riou te ze... Sakura next started a holy song, reverently kneeling on the rock overlooking the pool where the mother Lugia and the chick nuzzled each other.

    Cra riou ze te riou rei neu, riou ze...
    Va rei ze te, neu te riou te cra
    Riou rei cra riou ze rei va ze rei...
    Va neu va rei, va neu va ze rei!
    Cra riou cra neu te rei cra riou ze lei va
    Lei va neu cra te lei lei!

    Te lei ze cra riou te ze... the other Kimono Girls joined in as they each set a censer of incense in the water as a symbolic offering to mother and child.
    Cra riou ze te riou rei neu, riou ze...
    Va rei ze te, neu te riou te cra
    Riou rei cra riou ze rei va ze rei...
    Va neu va rei, va neu va ze rei!
    Cra riou cra neu te rei cra riou ze lei va
    Lei va neu cra te lei lei!

    Before Sakura could begin the second part of the ceremony, a loud crash got her attention. "What on earth?"

    "Team Rocket!" Ash gasped when he saw Jessie, James, and Meowth float into the cave on what remained of their boat from before.

    "Don't you dare lay a finger on this Legendary Pokémon!" Ash warned. Tintri sparking and Brock drawing his bow emphasized his point.

    James smirked. "You and what army, hat-twerp?"

    Ash heaved a relieved sigh as the Kimono Girls each summoned their Eeveelution partners. "Me and THAT army!"

    Hold, Young Master. Aminta interrupted. It is forbidden to battle in this sacred place, so I will deal with these intruders.

    After waiting for the chick to paddle into an alcove where it would be safe, Aminta charged a ball of blue energy and fired at Team Rocket, sending them flying through a large crack in the cave ceiling with a ping.

    Is it safe to come out? the Lugia chick asked.

    Those rogues will not trouble us any more...it's safe. Aminta replied as the chick paddled out before the group again.

    "As I was saying before we were rudely interrupted..." Sakura began as the Kimono Girls recalled their Pokémon and Brock had put his bow away. "For your brave act in wanting to protect the young Lugia, Ash...we will allow you to give the chick a name."

    Ash thought for a moment for a suitable name for the chick, but the sun streaming in through the crack gave him an idea. "Helios...his name is Helios."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 88a: Machoke, Machoke Man! (part 1)

    "All right, here's the medicine...the Ginger Storm." the pharmacist smiled as he gave Jasmine a bag full of medicine. "Brew this as a tea, and have Amphy drink it--it should slow down her overloaded electric glands, and ease her pain. This way, her body can fight the infection easier."

    "Fascinating!" Ash smiled.

    "Ginger has long been used as a pain remedy since ancient times." the pharmacist went on. "It's especially good for Electric and Fire Pokémon, but humans have also used it to ease upset stomachs."

    "That explains why Mom always gave me ginger ale when I had a stomach ache when I was little..." Ash mused as the group departed the pharmacy.

    "If you don't mind, I'm taking the express ferry home, so I can give this to Amphy." Jasmine told the others as she started for the docks.

    "We have a Lapras, so we'll return to Olivine that way." Misty explained before waving to Jasmine. "Be safe!"

    "Safe travels, okay?" Brock agreed as he embraced Jasmine. "Thanks for your phone number as well."

    "If you need to call me, I'll be happy to talk--caring for Amphy is often a lonely job." Jasmine replied as she left for the docks.


    As the group rounded a bend to explore the outskirts of the city some time later, Ash noticed a muscular brown haired man and a large gray humanoid he knew as Machoke training together on one of the beaches. "Nicely done, Kyodo...let's practice offense now." Ash heard the man say. "Come at me with all you've got!"

    "That guy's pretty strong to defend against all those attacks!" Misty gasped as the man skillfully defended all the Machoke's moves.

    "I'll say..." Brock was equally impressed.

    Ash, meanwhile, decided to read up on Machoke:

    "Machoke, the superpower Pokémon. The muscles covering its body teem with power. Even when still, it exudes an amazing sense of strength.

    "Oh my..." Misty gasped, amazed at the large gray Pokémon's skill and trust in its master.

    Finally, the group winced as a Karate Chop connected across the man's chest. "That had to hurt..." Brock noted, even though the man didn't look like he was in any pain.

    "Okay, Kyodo--Submission!" the man called.

    The Machoke playfully giggled as it wrapped its giggling master up, rolled him around the dirt field, and tossed him for what looked like thousands of feet. "I don't know if I should be scared for that guy, or impressed he loves and trusts his Machoke that much..." Ash mused.

    Misty was first to arrive on the field. "Are you okay, sir?"

    The man collected himself, then smiled at his Machoke. "That Submission was perfect."

    "If you don't mind my asking, why would take a Submission attack from a powerful Machoke?" Brock asked.

    Tears welled up in the man's eyes. "Oh Kyodo! I'm so proud of you for your perfect Submission!" he cried as his giggling Machoke embraced him in a powerful, but loving hug.

    [Aw...] Tintri smiled.

    "I guess if you love and trust your Pokémon that much, you can take anything." Misty mused.

    About then, the man noticed the group. "Oh, hello there, visitors! Might I know the names of my audience members?"

    "I'm Ash, and these are my companions, Misty and Brock." Ash replied.

    "Hi!" Misty smiled.

    "Nice to meet you." Brock smiled. "Can I just say I love how close you and your Machoke are?"

    "Nice to meet you three." the man smiled. "What brings you here to Cianwood? Are you maybe looking for the Cianwood Gym?" he smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

    "We were here to help a friend with an errand, but if there's a Gym here, and you're the leader, then I'll be happy to battle you!" Ash replied.

    "Okay! Follow me to the Gym!" the man called "Forward, march! Hup, two, three four! Hup, two, three four! Hup, two, three four!..."

    "Wait!" The group scrambled to catch up to the man and his Machoke as they marched up to a forested path...


    "We...made...it..." Misty wheezed as the group emerged from the underbrush before a dojo-like building.

    "Finally..." Brock sputtered, just as the man arrived.

    Ash balked as the man dropped on his hands and knees to do push ups. "First we came through that thick forest, and he still has the energy for push ups????"

    "I'm wondering if he's all there or not..." Brock mused. "Maybe training this hard's an obsession."

    "How much further do we have to go?" Ash asked.

    "You're standing right before it, Kanto League hero!" the man smiled as he made a grand gesture to the building.

    Misty smiled as hundred of boys and girls streamed from the dojo to greet their master. "Aw...strong and a sweetheart!"

    The man grinned after hugging a girl. "I'm the Cianwood Gym Leader-- the leanest, meanest, toughest, roughest, fighting Pokémon Master in all the land...but you can call me Chuck."

    Just then, a dark haired woman emerged from the dojo. "Okay, who's hungry?"

    "MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" the children replied as they and the group crowded around a large table piled high with a variety of meats and vegetables.

    "Nice, honey Combusken!" Ash wasted no time digging in.

    "This beef and broccoli's great!" Misty raved.

    "Pass the fish sauce, please!" Brock requested as he admired the stirfry he had built on his plate.

    "Are you here to battle for a Storm Badge?" the woman asked as she ladled some miso soup into a bowl for a child.

    "Course!" Ash replied in between bites.

    "Good--I had no problem beating that flabby husband of mine." the woman smiled.

    "I resent that remark!" Chuck retorted, making everyone howl with laughter.


    Misty pushed away her plate some time later. "That was delicious!"

    "This was no ordinary food...we just consumed a whole lot of Pokémon Power Food." Brock explained. "What it may look like any old food, it is known to strengthen Trainers and Pokémon alike."

    He watched the children easily running hundreds of laps around the dojo. "I have to hand it to these kids--they are truly dedicated to their training."

    A clap made Ash jump. "Come on, Kanto League hero! If you want a Storm Badge, you're gonna have to battle me!" Chuck announced.

    "Coming!" Ash followed Chuck inside the Gym...


    A whistle pierced the air of the cavernous dojo, signaling the match between Ash and Chuck was underway. "Uzu, let's go!" Chuck called as he summoned a Poliwrath.

    "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!" Ash called.

    [What the?] Tintri gasped as Uzu rolled out of the way of his Thunderbolt.

    "Okay, Tintri, new plan! If one Thunderbolt won't do it, try a lot of them!" Ash called.

    [HAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!] Tintri cried as he unleashed a rain of Thunderbolts.

    Ash winced as the first two Thunderbolts to strike missed Uzu, but smiled as the third one hit, dazing the Poliwrath. "Okay, now ram him with a Quick Attack!"

    "Focus, Uzu!" Chuck called.

    Brock watched with Misty from the stands as Tintri bounced off Uzu and back on the ground. "It's possible that Chuck's Poliwrath may be trying to do something like Focus Punch--the more likely scenario is Mind Reader, which guarantees the next attack to hit."

    "Okay, Uzu! Doubleslap!" Chuck called.

    [WAUUUUUUUUUGH!!!] Tintri cried as he went flying across the arena, landing at Ash's feet in a daze. [I'm...sorry...]

    "Tintri!" Ash cried.

    "Tintri is unable to battle--the match goes to Gold." the referee announced, making tears of rage well up in Ash's eyes.

    Chuck brushed away a tear of pride. "I see..you and your Pikachu have a close bond, like I do my Pokémon. Even though we're both men here, it's okay to cry, especially if you love your friends and your Pokémon! Even tough guys shed real tears every so often!"

    "Thanks, Tintri..." Ash sniffled as he delivered the dazed Tintri to Brock. "You did great out there--now, get some rest."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 88b: Machoke, Machoke Man! (part 2)

    Ash thought for a moment at who to choose next. Maybe, if I chose Luce, her capability of Mega Evolution will give her enough strength to beat Uzu and Kyodo!

    He reached for Luce's Poké Ball. "Luce, I choose you!"

    Chuck smiled as the large yellow sheep Pokémon with a flickering light for a tail materialized on the Silver side of the battlefield. "A wonderful choice! Your Ampharos looks very strong!"

    "Thanks..." Ash replied.

    "Okay, Uzu, use Water Gun!" Chuck commanded, never mind that Luce easily leaped out of the way of the water.

    "Luce, use Shockwave!" Ash commanded.

    He smiled as the large thunderbolt connected. "Okay, now use Thunder Wave to tie Uzu up!"

    [Got it!] Luce smiled as she fired some shockwaves at the Poliwrath, which tied him up, then picked him up, and slammed Uzu back on the ground.

    "Don't give up, Uzu! Focus!" Chuck called in encouragement to the Poliwrath stumbling around the arena from being thrown around.

    Showtime! Ash smiled as he held his Mega Ring to the sky. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    Chuck watched in awe as Luce was engulfed in red light and crimson thunderbolts. As Luce transformed within the ball of thunder light, she jumped up, slamming Uzu hard as she emerged with a white mane and a bushy white tail studded in topazes.

    "Uzu is unable to battle." the referee announced when the smoke cleared some moments later. "The match goes to Silver."

    Ash looked up at his Mega Ampharos, "Nice job, Luce..."

    "I have to admit, waiting to induce Mega Evolution in the middle of an attack to make it more powerful was very clever." Misty smiled as she and Brock got up to leave.

    "After all, it helped that Tintri wore Poliwrath down." Brock agreed. "We're gonna step out for some fresh air..."

    Tears formed in Chuck's eyes as Misty and Brock departed. "You did well, Uzu! I'm so proud!"

    After composing himself, he looked to his Machoke. "Kyodo...the time has come to battle."

    [Let's do it!] the Machoke smiled before jogging into the arena.

    "Remember, focus your energy on winning!" Chuck reminded Kyodo. "No matter what kind of distractions your opponent may employ, stay focused!"

    Say... Ash had an idea. "Luce, Body Slam me!" he requested, digging his feet into the dusty floor to brace himself.

    [HAH!!!] Luce eagerly complied with the odd command, but Ash only slid a few inches backwards from the attack.

    "Nice..." Ash smiled as he collected himself from the attack. "Can you stay as focused as Kyodo?"

    [I'll do my best.] Luce smiled.


    Back at a house near the Gym, Chuck's wife smiled as Brock and Misty finished washing the dishes from the epic meal they had enjoyed earlier. "Okay, next I want you to do the laundry." she smiled. "While the washer's running, you can also sweep the floors and make the beds."

    "I don't get why we have to do chores to learn something..." Misty sighed as she loaded hundreds of martial artist uniforms in the washer.

    "You'll learn patience and the value of a job well done." Chuck's wife assured Misty as she tended to the pot on a stove. "That, and it will help build up an appetite for my famous potstickers."

    "If you have food, then I'd clean the whole house multiple times over!" Brock cried as he hurried over to get a broom.

    "Since you put it that way, all these chores aren't that bad..." Misty agreed as she hit START on the washer, then went upstairs to start on making the beds. "I'm sure our hostess would love an epic tale--or a Moltres story!"

    "Oh, the story of the quest for Moltres was one of my favorite stories as a little girl." Chuck's wife smiled as she admired the Lore Stripes on Brock's vest. "I'm sure you earned one of those telling that story, right?"

    "A short version, but I earned my first one telling that tale." Brock smiled. "I think one of the longer versions I know should give me enough time to sweep the house clean."

    With that, he began the first version of the story that came to mind, the swiff-swiff-swiff of the broom lending a cadence to his voice. "It happened once that a king of a far away land, who had a great kingdom and three sons, was blinded due to a mysterious disease, and no healing skill or art could restore to him his sight. After a very long time, a traveling priestess came to the palace, and told him that there was only one thing that could restore his sight, and that was to find Moltres, the Herald of Fire; her song would open the king's eyes..."


    "Focus, Kyodo!" Chuck called.

    "Luce, stay focused!" Ash reminded Luce.

    [AI-YAH-YAH-YAH!!!!] Kyodo cried as he unleashed a flurry of Karate Chops. Luce did her best to weave around the attacks, but she did not expect one to come from above, knocking her down on the ground.

    Chuck smiled as he watched the Mega Ampharos struggle to get up. "Kyodo, Cross Chop!"

    "Luce, try to to use Charge Beam!" Ash called.

    [YAH!!!] Luce fired a yellow beam at the charging Machoke, which wrapped around Kyodo's arms, preventing the Cross Chop attack.

    [Trying to tie me up are you?] Kyodo taunted. [You forget I can reel you in like a Magikarp!]

    With that, he started using the Charge Beam to pull Luce close to him, Luce fighting against it all the while.

    Just then, Misty and Brock returned to the stands, Misty still munching on a potsticker. "Maybe Luce could intensify the Charge Beam...this way, Kyodo would lose its footing and fall." Brock suggested as he snatched a potsticker from the large bag that Chuck's wife had given them as thanks for their work.

    "I hope Ash remembers that it will take strategy as well as strength to win this battle." Misty mused as she watched the Machoke and the Mega Ampharos grapple on the arena floor.

    They then heard Chuck call "Okay, Kyodo! Use Submission!"

    [WHOA!] Luce yelped as the Submission sent her flying.

    "Remember that the match isn't over yet, as long as Luce stays focused! Ash reminded Chuck as Luce landed feat first on the dusty floor. She was battered from the Submission, and yet still had the will and strength to keep going.

    Ash looked over at Luce. "Try another Charge Beam!"

    He smiled as the Charge Beam wrapped Kyodo up, allowing Luce to lift Kyodo and slam him right back down on the ground. "All right, now do a Body Slam on Kyodo!"

    [YAH!!!] Luce cried as she slammed into Kyodo.

    Ash saw his chance as Kyodo tried to get up. "Luce, use Power Gem!"

    [OOF!!!] was all Kyodo could say as a sparking topaz pinned him to the floor.

    "Kyodo is unable to battle--the match goes to Silver!" the referee announced.

    Luce hurried over to Ash and he embraced her. "You did great, Luce--well done."

    He did not expect Luce to playfully Body Slam him again, but he managed to brace himself on the arena floor as everyone laughed. "You're getting good at that." he smiled as Luce's Mega Evolution wore off.


    Later, the group met Chuck in the arena. "Ash...I have to commend you on that great battle--I haven't had a battle like that in a long time." Chuck smiled. "So I have no shame in losing to a trainer like you."

    He went on "I will say that I admire your strategy with your Ampharos Luce, and that even with the power of Mega Evolution, working closely with your Pokémon is the only strategy you need."

    "Thanks--I had fun too." Ash replied.

    Chuck held out a brown badge that resembled a fist. "You've earned this Storm Badge--go ahead and show the world what you did here!"

    As Chuck's wife, the students, Brock, Misty, Tintri, and Luce gathered around him, Ash held his new badge high. "I got a Storm Badge!!!!"


    "Call Jasmine." Ash commanded his PokeNav as the group settled in the Pokémon Center to rest for the night.

    After the screen flashed "DIALING" for a moment, the image of Jasmine appeared. "Hello?"

    "Hi, Jasmine, it's Ash." Ash replied. "I ended up getting Cianwood's badge, but I was wondering if you're taking challenges yet."

    "Well, I do have some good news--the medicine is really helping Amphy, and she should recover completely." Jasmine began. "That said, she still has a long road to recovery, so I'm not quite ready to take challenges yet."

    "All right, we'll just take a leisurely voyage back to Olivine." Ash smiled. "Tell your grandpa and Amphy we said hi!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 89a: The Mystery is History! (part 1)

    "What's that silver feather you have there?" Misty asked as the group drifted along on Aurora some days later.

    "Chuck's wife gave it to me." Ash replied as he twirled the silver feather in his fingers, making it glitter in the afternoon sun. "Supposedly, Lugias are attracted to it, but I don't know how true that is."

    Just then, Tintri noticed a boat floating by them with a familiar Pikachu with a tuft of fur on its head inside as Aurora approached a dock near the Whirl Islands. [Sparky? Is that you?]

    [Tintri! What a surprise!] Sparky giggled as Tintri leaped off of Aurora and into the boat to embrace him.

    "Sparky being here must mean Ritchie's here too." Misty mused as Aurora drifted into the dock. "You remember Ritchie, don't you?"

    "Of course--how can I not forget him after what happened at home?" Ash smiled as he climbed off Aurora and onto the dock, relieved to stretch his legs as both Pikachus chattered in the boat.

    "Sparky, who's-!" a brown haired boy in blue clothes asked as he arrived on the dock, smiling when he saw the group. "Ash! It's been a while!"

    "It's good to see you again..." Ash smiled as he hugged Ritchie. "So, what brings you and Sparky to Johto?"

    "Well, after the Indigo Conference, I heard about a mysterious Pokémon here, and spent an extensive amount of time researching the location." Ritchie explained as Sparky bounded by his side. "According to my sources, I think that this Pokémon is on an island nearby."

    "Let's go!" Ash led the way to a smaller boat that Ritchie was preparing...


    Meanwhile, a brown haired boy frolicked in the water alongside a blue and yellow anglerfish, with a large shadow keeping watch from below.

    Just then, he spotted the boat carrying the group approaching in the distance. "You may want to hide, Asimona." he whispered. As if in response to his voice, the large shadow disappeared from the water, moments before the group arrived.

    "Everyone, this is Oliver--one of the residents of the area that's been a big help with my research." Ritchie explained, prompting the boy to wave hello as the boat floated by.

    "Do you know anything about the mysterious Pokémon that's supposedly around here?" Ash asked Oliver.

    "Must be the shy type..." Brock mused as Oliver hesitated to answer Ash. "We may have better luck just looking ourselves."

    As the boat sailed away, Oliver felt something pull him under--a young Lugia! As the chick and Oliver embraced, they were unaware that deep beneath the surface, an older man with wispy peach hair watched the joyful reunion with a Rocket grunt from inside an underwater research lab. "There he is..." the man sneered. "I see Agrios, so his mother has to be close by."

    He motioned to the grunt. "Dispatch a submarine right away--maybe if we catch Agrios, we can capture Asimona too."

    "Yes, Dr. Namba!" the grunt replied as he hurried out.


    "Aw!" Misty smiled as the young Lugia reunited with the large shadow, which turned out to be its mother.

    "The mother's name is Asimona, and her son is Agrios." Oliver explained as he heaved a floatie for Agrios to chase as Asimona kept a watchful eye.

    "We've met a Lugia pair ourselves--Aminta and her child, who Ash named Helios." Brock explained.

    "If I may ask, how did you and Agrios get so close?" Ash asked as Agrios brought the floatie back.

    "Well...a month ago, my Lanturn Kira and me got caught in a storm while we were out swimming one day." Oliver explained before throwing the floatie again. "The waves were too rough and sent me under the water. When I came to some time later, I found that I was back on land with Agrios at my side. I asked him where his mama was, and then Asimona appeared."

    "Amazing!" Misty gasped as an auburn haired girl met Oliver on the rocks.

    "This is Luka--she helps me and my family look after Asimona and Agrios." Oliver explained, prompting the girl to wave hello.

    Luka noticed the Silver Wing Ash held. "In fact, local legend says that even if Asimona's not physically here, a Silver Wing will react if she is in the area."

    Just then, Asimona surfaced before the group. What are you doing here? she demanded. Don't you dare lay a finger on my child!

    Ash looked down at the Silver Wing Chuck's wife had given them earlier, which was glowing brightly. "Peace...I mean no harm to you, or your child."

    With that, he sang a familiar melody. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Asimona's angry look softened as Ash collapsed to the rock in exhaustion. I see...your heart is pure, and I see no reason to believe you would harm my little one.

    "Wha...how?" Misty gasped, amazed at what she had just seen. "How was Ash able to sing the Swanna Song for real?" she stammered as Asimona surrounded Ash in a soft silver light, healing him from his weariness.

    "Remember when we passed by the Whirl Islands, and saved the young Lugia Ash named Helios?" Brock reminded Misty. "It's because of Ash's bonds with both Helios and Tintri, that has allowed him to be able to sing the song."

    "That makes sense." Misty smiled as Agrios paddled back to Asimona, and they paddled off to swim together.

    "Could you give me diving lessons?" Ash asked Luka. "I want to see what Asimona and Agrios are doing."

    "It'll take a few weeks, but I can train you and your friends, if they need it." Luka replied.

    "We're already certified, so we'll be Ash's dive buddies." Brock replied, he and Misty proudly showing Luka the red square with a white diagonal stripe on their trainer cards that signaled that they had diving certification...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 89b: The Mystery is History! (part 2)

    "Nervous about your first open water dive?" Brock asked as they sailed towards the reef where Asimona and Agrios lived a few weeks later.

    "A little..." Ash confessed as he emerged onto the deck in a red and black wetsuit with white accents. Tintri was not far behind, in a Pikachu-sized yellow and black wetsuit. "But I'm mostly excited for my first real dive, and getting to see Asimona and Agrios up close."

    "What's the number one thing you should never ever do while diving?" Misty quizzed Ash as he and Tintri arrived near the bench where she and Brock were finishing their safety checks.

    "Never ever hold your breath." Ash confidently replied.

    "Misty and I are already suited up, so we'll help you check your gear and teach you what to look for when checking your gear and checking ours." Brock explained. "It's a good idea to check each other's gear."

    After checking over their gear and Brock giving Ash some final reminders of different dive signals, the boat came to a stop near the reef. "Okay, Ash...ready for your final test to see what you've learned?"

    "As I'll ever be..." Ash replied as a crew member delivered the air tanks, masks, and regulators to the group. Tintri would be tethered to Ash, with a Pikachu sized tank, mask, and regulator of his own.

    "Masks on and regulators in, everyone..." Brock instructed.

    After flashing one last okay sign to Luka and the crew, Brock led the way into the water, with Misty, Ash, and Tintri following behind him.

    Once the flurry of bubbles cleared from his field of view, Ash watched in awe as Asimona arrived with some Goldeens to feed Agrios.

    He signaled for Misty and Brock to watch as Agrios eagerly chomped into a dead Goldeen, being careful not to accidentally eat a bone. Once Agrios had eaten around a bone, Asimona would work it free and send it falling to the sea floor, freeing up more safe meat that Agrios could eat.

    The three human divers and their Pikachu watched the intimate moment for a few minutes before Agrios noticed them. Why do humans have to wear those fish suits? he asked Asimona.

    Humans can't breathe underwater like we can, so when they venture beneath the surface, they have to take their air with them. Asimona explained. That's what the fish suits are for.

    Piqued, Agrios swam in Ash's direction, and smiled when he saw Ash's face behind his mask.

    Misty watched as Agrios gave Ash a light headbutt, knocking Ash and Tintri backwards. She signaled Ash "Are you okay?", only to heave a relieved sigh when both Ash and Tintri signaled back an okay sign.

    Agrios' ethereal laughter echoing around him in the water brought a peaceful feeling to Ash as he chased after the young Lugia. If every dive I go on is like this, I never want it to end. he thought as he hurried to catch up to Agrios, while Asimona rocketed to the surface to give those up above a show-stopping memory...


    Back at the underwater lab, Jessie and James--in disguise as scientists--rounded a corner to find that a teal haired male operative and his blonde haired female partner were discussing something with Dr. Namba. "...So we've found that the baby Lugia and its mother are close by--Asimona was spotted diving just moments ago."

    "What are Botch and Cassidy doing here?" James hissed. "I thought we were the only operatives on board, save for a few grunts and Dr. Namba's crew."

    Jessie was about to reply when she heard Dr. Namba say "Excellent work, Butch, Cassidy...thank you. Prepare to deploy the decoy chick--once we have Agrios, Asimona will likely come looking for him."

    "How come THEY get all the glory, and not us?" Jessie gasped. "I thought we were going to get to see the mother and child Lugia!"

    She silently grumbled as she watched Butch and Cassidy depart. Just you wait...you'll be sorry you tried to steal my thunder!


    Later that evening, Ash emerged from a house in his normal clothes to discover Oliver swimming with Agrios. "Ash...I'm so proud of you for earning dive certification." Misty smiled as she admired the new dive flag icon on Ash's trainer card. "If you ever need a refresher, the Gym pool's always open for you to practice."

    "Thanks--I was not expecting Agrios to headbutt me." Ash chuckled. "But getting to watch Asimona feed him was very sweet."

    "She's a very devoted mother." Brock smiled. "I never thought I'd see a sweet moment like that myself--and I've logged a lot of dives, and seen some amazing things."

    "Maybe I'll have to look into getting certification once Sparky and I get home." Ritchie smiled as he joined the group on the pier.

    Just then, Agrios noticed what looked like another Lugia chick approaching. "What is it, Agrios?" Oliver asked.

    Ritchie, however, noticed propellers near the tail of the second chick. "That's no chick, that's a trap!"

    "Too late..." Brock sighed as the decoy chick transformed into a cage, trapping Agrios inside.

    Misty gasped as she watched Butch and Cassidy argue with Jessie and James on the water, Agrios crying for help all the while. "I never thought we'd see those other Rockets again!"

    "Long story..." Ash explained to Brock, just as a blast of a Smokescreen got his attention. "They're getting away with Agrios!"

    "Let's get back to the house and suit up again--and save Agrios from both sets of Rockets!" Brock led the way back inside--all three trainers hoped they were not too late to rescue the young Lugia...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 90a: A Parent Trapped! (part 1)

    Previously, on "Pokémon Moonlight Silver"...

    Misty gasped as she watched Butch and Cassidy argue with Jessie and James on the water, Agrios crying for help all the while. "I never thought we'd see those other Rockets again!"

    "Long story..." Ash explained to Brock, just as a blast of a Smokescreen got his attention. "They're getting away with Agrios!"

    "Let's get back to the house and suit up again--and save Agrios from both sets of Rockets!" Brock led the way back inside--all three trainers hoped they were not too late to rescue the young Lugia...

    "Yes...yes!" Dr. Namba cried, elated as the caged Agrios was brought to him. "At last, we have Agrios!"

    "So now that we have Agrios, it makes logical sense that we could use the little guy to attract Mama Lugia--if Mama Lugia's not already looking for it." Butch explained as he and Cassidy arrived in the room, admiring the struggling Lugia chick in the cage on the pedestal that Dr. Namba was admiring.

    "There's an idea!" Cassidy smiled, pleased her partner had a good idea for once.

    "It would be almost TOO easy!" the group of Rockets chorused at nearly the same time.


    "It's no use..." Ash sighed as he glumly looked out on the sea. "I want to help Asimona and rescue Agrios..."

    "A noble goal to be sure, but my point still stands--how are we going to save Agrios if we don't know where the Rockets took him?" Misty asked.

    "That, and who knows what insane security the baby Lugia's hidden behind..." Ritchie mused.

    A whir of a boat approaching the shore snapped Brock to attention. "Luka's here!"

    "Hi, everyone..." Luka smiled as she guided the boat close to the shore. "What's going on? You guys look like something terrible happened!"

    "Something terrible DID happen!" Oliver explained. "While you were away, some punks in black deployed a decoy Lugia chick and Poke-napped Agrios!"

    "What????" Luka gasped. "Where was he taken?"

    Oliver was about to answer when Asimona surfaced from the water. Agrios! Where are you? she called.

    "Asimona...as much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Agrios was kidnapped." Brock explained before telling Asimona something in Gaelic. "Tógadh an páiste ag daoine olc...Déanfaimid an méid is féidir linn a chun tarrthála dó.

    "Huh?" Oliver asked.

    "I told Asimona that her child was taken by evil humans, and that we will do everything we can to save Agrios." Brock translated what he had said.

    Asimona was silent for a moment, before the look on her face turned angry. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...

    "The Swanna Song?" Misty was surprised at Asimona's majestic and yet gentle voice resonated across the sea, causing the sky to cloud up and thunder to rumble!

    Katoradis favel siicletu edena... Asimona's voice rang through the howling wind and sheets of rain that were now pouring down on the island. Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    "This way!" Oliver lead the group into a large cavern, where they could safely watch the raging storm batter the island plus a neighboring island with high wind and rough seas.

    "I've never seen a Legendary sing their Swanna Song before..." Ritchie mused as he made sure Sparky and the other Pokémon were same. "I mean, I've seen them do it in folk tales, TV shows, and video games, but nothing like this!"

    "Maybe in her anger and sadness, Asimona beseeched Arceus directly to send the storm, presumably as a way to physically manifest her emotions." Oliver explained. "Although I can understand why she would be angry and saddened right now..."

    "I want to try and tell Asimona that killing innocent people won't bring Agrios back...and that we want to try and help." Ash suggested as he found a thick raincoat and put it on.

    "I'm coming too!" Ritchie hurried to find another coat for himself.

    "The worst of the wind and rain seems to have died down, so I'll take you to Asimona." Luka offered. "The boat's by the shore."

    Misty watched as Ash, Ritchie, and Luka departed. "Ash...I hope you know what you're doing..."


    "WHOA!!!" Luka veered the boat out of the way of a blue beam of wind and light."

    "Aeroblast!" Ash remembered as he braced himself against the boat, which zigzagged across the waves in hopes of reaching the angry mother Lugia inside.

    After easing himself onto the bow, where he could see Asimona, he called into the wind and rain "Asimona! We want to try and help you!"

    Why should I believe you? Asimona growled. If evil humans took my little one away, than all humans deserve to know my anger

    "That's not true!" Ash called back, his voice vaguely audible over the gusty wind and thunder. "We had no part in taking Agrios...all we want to do is bring him back to you safely!"

    A tear of frustration rolled down his cheek. Please, Asimona...please believe me...

    He then sang as loud as he could Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis....
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Asimona's angry look softened when she saw the tears falling from Ash's eyes. I don't know how or why you learned to sing the Swanna's song, but I trust you. she began as she flapped up a gentle breeze from her wings, calming the storm.

    "As my friend said earlier, we will do everything we can to save Agrios and bring him back to you safely." Ash explained. "Either that, or die trying."

    Very well, young hero--I will hold you to your promise. Asimona smiled as the others arrived. I'm counting on you to rescue Agrios!
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    Episode 90b: A Parent Trapped! (part 2)

    "Okay, everyone--new objective: find Team Rocket's base." Brock explained as Ash and Misty watched for their Pokémon to return. "If they found a place where Agrios is being held, even better!"

    A squawk snapped Ash to attention. "Any sign of the base or Agrios?" he asked as Mina fluttered in for a landing aboard a tree branch.

    [Not a thing...] Mina sighed. [All I could see from the air was water.]

    [I couldn't see anything from the surface...] Michelle reported as she swam back to shore. [I did, however, see something that looked like a base beneath the water...]

    "Good work, Michelle!" Misty smiled as she petted her Golduck on the head. "If you'll give us a minute to get into fish suits, will you lead us there?"

    [Of course--I'll be waiting near the drop-off point.] With that, Michelle dove back beneath the surface.

    "I'll just be you guys' chaser, since I don't have training yet." Ritchie smiled. "But just wave if you need something!"

    "That's actually the diver's signal for an emergency, which is why tourists shouldn't wave at divers in the water." Ash explained as Sparky gave him a red wetsuit.

    "Have a buddy with you and chasers on the surface if possible." Misty smiled as she stepped into a blue wetsuit.

    "Okay, the three of us and Oliver going with us, Ritchie chasing from the boat..." Brock mused as he finished suiting up. "Let's go."

    "Hang on, Agrios...we're coming..." Ash vowed before putting on his mask and putting in his regulator...


    Michelle sighed as she led the line of divers near where she had spotted the base. [Hm...I could have sworn it was here...]

    A whir of submarine engine got Brock's attention, so he signaled Michelle to look as a familiar submarine shaped like a Magikarp whirred by. [The rogues? Let's follow them.] Michelle smiled.

    But before the divers could approach the base, all the divers balked as it surfaced, forcing Brock to signal the group to surface.

    "PokeMaster01 calling Sapphire Spark, we found Agrios." Ash reported on a mini radio after removing his regulator. "He is apparently being used as a decoy for his mother..." he explained as the cage containing Agrios swayed in the wind near a large trap-like device at the east end of the base.

    "Sapphire Spark to PokeMaster01, what's your plan from here, over?" Ritchie's voice crackled back.

    "We plan to rescue Agrios and prevent the Rockets from capturing Asimona." Ash replied as he paddled over to a docking ramp, allowing the group to trade their fins for insulated boots Oliver had packed.

    "I can see the trap for Asimona from here, PokeMaster01--do everything in your power to keep her away from that trap." Ritchie's voice cautioned. "Repeat, do everything in your power to keep Asimona out of that trap."

    "Roger, Sapphire Spark--wilco." Ash replied.

    He sighed. Thanks, Ritchie, for teaching me radio codes!

    "The Rockets didn't even think to lock the cage holding Agrios..." Misty smiled as she climbed up on some crates in an attempt to free Agrios.

    But before she could open the cage, everyone gasped as a large shadow sped towards the base. "Asimona!" Ash called. "Turn back! It's a trap!"

    "Hold it right there!" a female voice demanded.

    Ash whirled around to see Butch and Cassidy waiting for the group. "You guys...this is no reunion I wanted to have."

    "Well, we're here, and we've got a little gadget to show ya." Butch smirked as he pressed a button on a remote, making the group gasp in surprise as as Butch's Hitmontop and Cassidy's Houndour started singing a familiar melody. [Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...]

    "How is it possible your Pokémon can sing the Swanna Song?" Brock demanded as the Hitmontop and the Houndour continued [Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...]

    "Easy..." Cassidy pointed out an odd helmet the two Pokémon were wearing. "This new device not only forces our Pokémon to sing the Swanna Song, but boosts their abilities because of it!"

    "Hit the deck!" Oliver called as the group scrambled to avoid a blue-white Flamethrower from Cassidy's Houndour.

    Ash then remembered his emergency flashlight as Brock and Misty's Pokémon attempted to warn Asimona away, only to narrowly avoid one of Butch's and Cassidy's attacks. Maybe, if I signaled the boat, Ritchie will come!

    He braced himself as a Rolling Kick with a red aura almost sent Brock and Misty flying, then started flashing SOS in the direction of the boat.

    "Good thinking Ash..." Misty smiled as Ash continued signaling, and the boat started towards the base. "Fingers crossed Ritchie and his team can join us in time..."

    "Zippo, Ash needs us!" a voice called, followed by the pop of a Poké Ball.

    Ash heaved a relieved sigh as Ritchie and a Charmeleon arrived. "Am I glad to see you...can you take out that freak machine Butch has his and Cassidy's Pokémon wired to?" he asked, pointing out Butch increasing the power on the machine's control panel.

    "I'll take one end, and you can take another." Ritchie replied.

    Ash nodded, then heaved a Poké Ball skyward., "Cyndy, I need your help!"

    "Flamethrower!" both boys called at the same time, incinerating the boosting machine before it could do lasting damage to Butch's and Cassidy's Pokémon. The impact of the attack also sent the two Rockets flying into their rivals, prompting a massive argument to break out between the two pairs of Rockets.

    "That takes care of one problem, now to calm Asimona!" Ritchie pointed out Asimona about to send an Aeroblast at the base!

    Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Ash desperately sang, hoping all the while Asimona would listen to him.
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    His song complete, Ash collapsed with exhaustion into Brock's arms...


    Ash came to some moments later, only to balk when he saw that he and the others were inside a large cage. "What? How did THIS happen?"

    "Your Swanna Song came too late." Misty sighed. "After you blacked out in Brock's arms, the Rockets caught Asimona and stuffed us all in here!"

    "I'm at least glad you're okay, though." Brock replied. "Using the Swanna Song too much will wear you out...Oliver somehow managed to escape."

    "But the billion credit question is...how do we get out of here?" Ritchie wondered...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 91: A Promise is a Promise

    Previously, on Pokémon Moonlight Silver...

    Ash came to some moments later, only to balk when he saw that he and the others were inside a large cage. "What? How did THIS happen?"

    "Your Swanna Song came too late." Misty sighed. "After you blacked out in Brock's arms, the Rockets caught Asimona and stuffed us all in here!"

    "I'm at least glad you're okay, though." Brock replied. "Using the Swanna Song too much will wear you out...Oliver somehow managed to escape."

    "But the billion credit question is...how do we get out of here?" Ritchie wondered...

    The group waited in silence inside the cage, the whirs, bleeps, and bloops of machinery being the only sound in the room. "We don't have our Poke Balls..." Misty finally broke the uneasy silence some moments later.

    "I obviously can't use kung fu to break this thing open..." Brock sighed. "Using my Swanna Song would also be too much of a risk..."

    "Let's face it, we can't find the key or anything like that..." Ritchie sighed. "So unless you guys have any ideas, we're done for...we're probably going to be forced to sit back and watch as Team Rocket takes over the world..."

    He was snapped from his thoughts by Dr. Namba entering the room. "So these are the intruders on the base..." he mused. "You've got VIP seating to watch my grand plan go into effect."

    Ash wanted to say something in defiance, but Misty shushed him as Dr. Namba went on "You remember the odd headband on Butch and Cassidy's Pokémon that forced them to sing the famed song of the Swanna? They were part of a little experiment of mine that examined not just amplifying energy, but also anipulation--the manipulation of energy. If a single Houndour's power is amplified to a higher level to what it was performing at, think how powerful the energy would be from a Lugia if amplified."

    The group gasped when they saw Tintri and Sparky restrained to a tiny gurney at the other end of the room. "Let me show you how this little mechanism works, by using the combined power of your Pikachus' Swanna Songs to destroy you!"

    Seconds before Dr. Namba could call down two of the headbands onto Tintri and Sparky, a crash snapped the group and Dr. Namba to attention. "What?" he gasped as Oliver dashed over to the control console.

    "Oliver!" Misty waved. "Can you get us out?"

    "Working on it!" Olver assured Misty as he punched in the code to unlock the cage. "I managed to get the code from the Rockets that got me." he explained as the cage door opened, freeing the group.

    Ash stretched as his feet hit the floor. "Your death ray sounds pretty cool, but let me show you something even cooler!" he taunted before he slammed into Dr. Namba, knocking him backwards and breaking off the hook holding Tintri and Sparky's gurney, sending the Pikachus falling to the floor.

    [Thanks, Ash!] Sparky smiled.

    [Hurry and break the controls before Dr. Wily here comes to!] Tintri pleaded, aware of the dazed Dr. Namba lying a few feet away from them.

    "Already on it, bud." Ash smiled before slamming the hook into the console, breaking it.

    "Your Poke Balls..." Oliver worked as fast as he could to deliver the group's Poke Balls to them.

    "Thanks, Oliver." Brock smiled.

    "We would've been toast if you'd come a little later!" Ritchie smiled as he reunited with Sparky.

    Once sure everyone was reunited with their Pokémon, Brock motioned for the others to follow him. "We've got everything, so we need to go!"

    The WOOP-WOOP-WOOP of the alarm got the group's attention. "I figured Dr. Wily wannabe would trip the alarm..." Ash grumbled as a crowd of Rockets surrounded the group, with Butch and Cassidy leading the way.

    "Get ready!" Misty called as Butch summoned Hitmontop and Cassidy summoned Houndour, each of them wearing the odd headband.

    "Rolling Kick headed your way!" Ritchie warned Sparky as Butch's Hitmontop barreled at Sparky.

    "Watch out for that Flamethrower!" Ash warned as Cassidy's Houndour heaved a blue-white Flamethrower at Tintri.

    As both Pikachus leaped away from the attacks meant for them, Ash looked over at Ritchie. "I have an idea--you with me?"

    "Let's do this!" Ritchie smiled back.

    "Okay, guys...see that headband Butch's and Cassidy's Pokémon are wearing?" Ash pointed out the band to the Pikachus. "I want both of you to aim the strongest Thunderbolt you can at it!"

    [For Asimona and Agrios!] Sparky vowed.

    [And for the safety of the world!] Tintri agreed.

    [HAAAAAAAAAAHHH!] both Pikachus cried as they unleashed a nearly white thunderbolt, shattering the bands and knocking both Hitmontop and Houndour out from the sheer force of the attack.

    "That takes care of the Pokémon, now where did their masters get to?" Ritchie wondered when the light and smoke cleared.


    "What are you doing?" Cassidy gasped as she and Butch discovered Jessie, James, and Meowth attempting to let Asimona out in another room some time later.

    "A Legendary's more than a test subject!" Jessie shot back. "It would be a perfect gift for the boss, way better than that little electric rat!"

    "If you want the Lugia so bad, you'll have to fight me for it!" With that, Cassidy summoned her Houndour.

    The room erupted in chaos as Arbok and Victreebel clashed with Hitmontop and Houndour, with the fate of the silvery dragon bird helplessly looking on in the balance.

    At first, the battle was too close to call--Butch and Cassidy struck first, but then Jessie and James would rally. Each side desperately hoped they would win, but with no clear advantage, it was hard to tell which pair of Rockets would ultimately prevail.

    Just then, Cassidy's Houndour missed a Flamethrower. The wave of fire raced past Vitreebel, and instead hit one of the crystal locks holding Asimona prisoner. Butch's Hitmontop next tried a Rolling Kick, but it was intercepted by Victreebel's Vine Whip, hitting the second lock. Arbok got slammed into the third lock some seconds later, inadvertently freeing Asimona!

    James gasped as Asimona angrily charged a familiar blue-white beam. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

    Asimona fired her attack moments later, sending the Rockets flying into the sky. The force of the beam also forced the base to rise to the surface. making the many punctures and holes caused by Asimona's attacks visible to the world.


    "Good news--Jessie and James were toast." Misty reported to Ash, just as Butch and Cassidy caught up to the group in the hallway.

    "Now to take care of Butch and Cassidy." Ash replied before taking a Poké Ball. "River, I need you!"

    "Let's go, Cruise!" Ritchie commanded, summoning a rocky purple pupa-like Pokémon. "I got this Pupitar while exploring the mountains." he explained.

    [Bye, Flame-pup!] River taunted as she fired a Water Gun at Cassidy's Houndour.

    [You're going down!] Cruise taunted as he rammed into Butch's Hitmontop.

    "Nice work, you guys." Brock smiled as he watched Butch and Cassidy hurry to tend to their Pokémon. "While you guys were busy with the Rockets, I found where Agrios is."

    "Great! Let's save both Lugias and get out of here!" Ash smiled.

    "You're not taking another step!" they heard a familiar voice say as they approached the room holding Agrios.

    "Dr. Namba!" Misty gasped as sure enough, Dr. Namba summoned an Electabuzz wearing the odd headband device.

    "You guys know what to do?" Ash smiled at both Tintri and Sparky.

    [He's not gonna sing another note!] Sparky taunted as he and Tintri dashed out of the way of a Thunderpunch, creating a crater in the floor.

    [HAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!] The Pikachus fired another white Thunderbolt, but gasped as the bolts bounced off a familiar yellow aura.

    [Oh no...] was all Tintri could say before the Electabuzz struck back with a more powerful version of Thunderbolt, sending both Pikachu flying.

    "So much for the direct approach..." Ritchie sighed as both Pikachus went on the defensive, dashing away from Thunderpunch after Thunderpunch

    "No matter what we try, that Electabuzz seems to know what we're doing..." Ash was equally frustrated. "The Pikachus are lucky none of the Thunderpunches has landed yet..."

    He suddenly noticed the tiny cell-phone shaped controller in its control dock--and that Dr. Namba was distracted with talking to some Rocket grunts. Maybe, if I break the controls, it will turn the Electabuzz back to normal!

    "Tintri, can you distract the Electabuzz for a second?" he asked his Pikachu.

    [Sure!] Tintri replied. He then fired a Thunderbolt at the Electabuzz, which countered with a Light Screen.

    "Okay, Sparky, I want you to give Dr. Wily wannabe the shock of his life!" Ritchie instructed Sparky.

    [Right!] Sparky replied before skittering up to Dr. Namba and delivered a huge Thunderbolt, shocking him and destroying the controls!

    "It worked!" Ash cried as the Electabuzz returned to normal.

    "This way!" Misty led the way inside the room as the Pikachus delivered a huge Thunder attack, popping the door open.

    Ash, you came! Agrios smiled, relieved to see the group. Will you get me out of here and save Mama too?

    "I'm working on that--let's get you out first." Ash assured the Lugia chick as he heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Cyndy, burn a hole in the cage!"

    "Michelle, see if you can rust the cage bars enough to free the baby Lugia!" Misty commanded as her Golduck materialized in the room.

    [Whatever the Rockets were planning to do to this baby chick, it couldn't have been good.] Michelle mused before sending a Water Gun at the cage. Cyndy was nearby, toasting a few of the cage bars with a Flamethrower

    After a few tense minutes, Cyndy reported back. [Okay, Michelle helped me make a hole, but it needs to be a little bigger for the Lugia to get out...]

    Ritchie grinned at his Pupitar. "Cruise, can you go land everyone a hand?"

    [Sure!] Cruise replied before ramming the weakened part of the cage, creating a hole large enough for Agrios to fit.

    "Come on, sweetie..." Brock carefully cradled Agrios in his arms. "I've gotcha, so you're safe here."

    "Let's find Asimona, and get out of here!" Misty called as the group dashed from the room.

    The group rounded the corner just in time to see Asimona firing one Aeroblast after another. Where is my child? You evil humans will pay for Poke-napping my child! she screeched before firing another Aeroblast at a wall.

    Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Ash's voice snapped Asimona to attention.
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si....

    "Asimona...tá do leanbh sábháilte." Brock assured Asimona before showing her Agrios. Anseo tá sé.

    A smile formed on Asimona's face. Thank you all...I knew you would keep your vow of bringing back Agrios to me.

    A crack of a rafter that was about to fall snapped her to attention, and created a sparkling silver shield around the group as the rafter crashed to the ground.

    "That was close..." Ritchie commented.

    You have done a great thing for me, so it was only fair I protect you in return. Asimona smiled. Let us leave this place, and leave its remains here as a warning to those unworthy to command a Legendary!


    Mama! Agrios paddled as fast as his tiny flippers could go. I missed you!

    I missed you too, little one. Asimona replied as she embraced Agrios. I hope our little adventure has taught you that not all humans are worthy of using our power.

    I know... Agrios replied before looking back at the group. Thanks for saving me and Mama!

    "Any time!" Ash called back as Asimona and Agrios returned to the water.

    You are always welcome in our island home. Asimona's voice echoed across the water. Neither of us will forget how you helped us in our time of need.

    "Aw..." Misty smiled as mother and chick frolicked in the water.

    "Let's face it, I don't think we'll ever forget this." Brock smiled. "But tomorrow, we'll head back to Olivine for your long overdue Gym match with Jasmine."

    "I wonder how Amphy's doing..." Ash mused before turning to Ritchie. "So, what's next for you?"

    "I'm gonna stay here with Oliver and Luka for a while." Ritchie replied before hugging Ash. "It was great to see you again--be safe on your travels."

    "We will." Ash replied. "Although if Brock decides to write an epic ballad about our adventure, you'll be the first to know."

    "I'd come hear Brock play that anytime!" Ritchie replied, making everyone laugh as the sun sank beneath the waves...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 92: Nerves of Steelix!

    "...then once we got Asimona and Agrios out of there, we made a break for it." Brock explained as he and Misty finished telling Jasmine about their adventure back to Olivine.

    "Ash was so happy to earn diving certification--he could not stop talking about how the baby Lugia headbutted him all evening." Misty added. "Even more than the reef."

    "Sounds pretty exciting!" Jasmine smiled. "Amphy recovered very nicely after I gave her the medicine--she's good as new now."

    "Where IS Ash, anyway?" Brock wondered--he had not seen Ash since they had woken up that day.

    "Oh, he just wanted to get some last minute training in before the match." Misty assured Brock.

    Just then, Ash arrived in the Pokémon Center's lounge. "Brock? Why is Argent out?"

    "Argent is in his Poké Ball--I didn't let him out." Brock assured Ash.

    "Then who is that other Steelix in the field near the Pokémon Center?" Ash wondered.

    "That is Hagane." Jasmine replied. "He was so excited to battle you, he evolved."

    "Really?" A smile formed on Ash's face. "Let's not keep him waiting any more, then!"

    "All right, let's go to the Gym, then." With that, Jasmine led the group out into the shining sun and the glittering water as the harbor and the nearby market district came to life.


    "Here's how this will work...two of yours against two of mine. That all right?" Jasmine asked as Ash arrived in the arena with Tintri some time later.

    "Works for me!" Ash grinned.

    [Bring it on!] Tintri challenged.

    "Okay...Coil, let's go!" With that, Jasmine heaved a Poké Ball skyward, revealing a Magnemite on the Gold side of the arena.

    "Tintri, open with a Thunderbolt!" Ash commanded.

    [HAAAAAAAHHH!!!!] Tintri fired a Thunderbolt, but balked as the Magnemite effortlessly flew out of the way. [What the?]

    [You forget I can fly, Pikachu.] Coil taunted before firing a volley of yellow sparking waves that Tintri recognized as Thunder Wave.

    "Watch out!" Ash called, but heaved a sigh of relief as Tintri darted off to the left, making the Thunder Wave impact on the Silver safety barrier.

    Both Magnemite and Pikachu circled around each other for a while, hoping to wear the other side down before moving on to stronger attacks. Finally, Tintri attempted ramming Coil with a Quick Attack, but the attack did little damage. "Remember that Magnemite and its evolutions are also part Steel." Jasmine cautioned.

    She noticed the dazed Pikachu and called "Try again with Thunder Wave!"

    Tintri grimaced as the sparking yellow waves hit him. Focus, Tintri--Pikachus are naturally resistant to paralysis. he reminded himself.

    After collecting his bearings, he dashed to ram into Coil again with another Quick Attack, sending the tiny magnet Pokémon bouncing across the floor.

    Jasmine seemed unusually calm at the swirly-eyed Magnemite at her feet. "Nicely done." she smiled. "But can you Pikachu stand up to Hagane?"

    [That's definitely not Argent....] Tintri gasped as Jasmine's Steelix towered over him.

    "Thunderbolt's not gonna work here...try your Disarming Voice." Ash suggested.

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Tintri's voice rang through the arena, making the ruby in Ash's Mega Ring glow as the wave of shining sound waves went flying at Hagane.

    He noticed Hagane's massive tail, now silver, coming in his direction, but eagerly jumped away. [Missed me!] he taunted.

    Ash gasped as Hagane moved in with another Iron Tail, sending Tintri flying backwards. "That looked like it hurt..."

    [I shouldn't have...taunted him...] Tintri wheezed. [I'm...sorry...]

    "You did well, bud--we all make stupid decisions sometimes." Ash assured his companion as he weakly crawled back to the sidelines to rest.

    "Both sides have one Pokémon apiece." the referee announced. "Make your second selection, Silver."


    "Cyndy, let's finish this!" Ash called as he heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Start with a Flamethrower!"

    "Hagane, whip up a Sandstorm!" Jasmine called.

    "Is Jasmine trying to flummox Ash?" Misty wheezed in between coughing up sand as she watched Hagane burrow underground.

    "Not just that, but hitting hard while Ash is distracted." Brock replied before coughing up some sand. "He has to find a way to dodge the attack if he wants to stay alive."

    Ash, meanwhile, realized what Jasmine wanted to do. "Brace yourself, Cyndy!"

    Sure enough, Hagane emerged with a glowing silver tail, but Cyndy jumped away from the Iron Tail, heaving another Flamethrower from behind Hagane.

    Ash winced as the sand in the room absorbed the fire, seconds before a dust devil formed in the room. [I tried, Ash...what do we do now?] Cyndy asked.

    "We wait for Hagane to emerge, and go from there." Ash replied.

    Minutes seemed to tick by like hours, until the floor shaking tipped Ash off that Hagane was about to come out. "Get ready!"

    Cyndy jumped away from Hagane's Iron Tail, and countered with a Flamethrower. [We need to try something else--this isn't working!]

    "All right, clear the air with a Smokescreen!" Ash suggested.

    Cyndy tried to fire a Smokescreen, but grimaced when Hagane whipped up another Sandstorm, blowing the smoke away.

    When the sand and smoke cleared, Cyndy was nowhere to be found. "Where's Cyndy?" Misty wondered as Hagane looked around the arena in confusion.

    "There!" Brock pointed out Cyndy inside a hole behind Hagane.

    "Go, Cyndy!" Misty cheered as Cyndy heaved a Flamethrower at Hagane.

    Angry from the blow, Hagane unleashed a flurry of Iron Tails, only for Cyndy to dodge every attack, Misty and Brock cheering all the while.

    However, Ash did not see an Iron Tail come from behind Cyndy, sending her flying into the Gold safety barrier. "Oh no!"

    "Is Cyndy down?" Misty was equally concerned.

    Her worried look changed into a smile as Cyndy hopped up, seemingly none the worse for wear. "She may be down, but I don't think she's out just yet!" Brock smiled as he watched Cyndy race back into the arena.

    Hagane lunged down to Crunch Cyndy, but Cyndy heaved a Smokscreen at the massive steel snake Pokémon before burrowing underground again.

    "Hagane, try using Iron Tail to shake the ground!" Jasmine suggested. "That should flush the Cyndaquil from where it's hiding!"

    Sure enough, Cyndy emerged on the surface as the arena rumbled with Hagane's attacks. She heaved another Flamethrower as Hagane attempted to burrow underground again. However, Cyndy boosted her fire, pinning the Steelix to the surface!

    Maybe, if Cyndy's fire stays there long enough, it could turn the dust devil into a fire whirl! Ash thought as Hagane created another dust devil.

    He sighed. "Cyndy, use Flamethrower at full power!"

    His tense expression turned to joy as Cyndy unleashed another Flamethrower, turning the sand into a white-hot inferno!

    When the flames cleared some moments later, Hagane collapsed in exhaustion. "Gold is unable to battle." the referee announced. "Silver wins!"


    "Well done." Jasmine smiled as she gave Ash a silvery badge shaped like a rock. "That was a match worth waiting for...you've earned this!"

    "Thanks." Ash smiled as he admired his reflection in the badge. "Although, where to go from here? I still have two badges left to earn."

    "Well, we could try going to Mahogany Town next..." Brock suggested as he studied the map of Johto in the guidebook. "We haven't even touched the eastern part of the region yet."

    "That's a good idea--cutting through Ecruteak City would be a nice shortcut." Jasmine agreed.

    "Thanks again for the match!" Ash called as he waved goodbye to Jasmine.

    "Anytime--come see me again soon!" Jasmine called back as the group departed into the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 93: Espeon Not Included

    "It's good to be back, Ecruteak City..." Ash smiled as the rooftops of the city came into view. "I've got a lot of amazing memories from our last trip--Misty and me earning Mega Rings, learning to play a bansi, winning my fourth badge..."

    "Taking part in that Gekijou play..." Misty added.

    "Earning my green Lore Stripe..." Brock smiled. "We definitely won't forget our time here."

    "Let's make a pit stop before we go on to Mahogany Town." Ash suggested, motioning for his friends to follow him to a convenience store. "Best get some treats for the road!"

    "And make a few more memories, while we're here." Misty agreed as the three friends made their way down the store's different aisles...


    "...I got a few non-perishable snacks we can eat if we can't get somewhere we can cook, and a few odds and ends from the Pokémon care section." Ash finished taking stock of what he had bought. "What did you guys get?"

    "I replenished our water supply, some fizzy drinks, and replenished the batteries and first aid." Brock reported.

    "I got a few little meals as emergency rations, and some treats for us to share." Misty reported before looking out on the square. "We should be meeting up with Sakura here before too long..."

    Just then, a lavender twin tailed cat Pokémon ran towards the table the group was sitting at. "Satomi, wait for me!" Sakura called before spotting the group. "Oh, hi! Welcome back!"

    "Good to see you again, Sakura." Ash smiled as he hugged Sakura. "We have so much to tell you!"

    "Well, as you can see, Satomi has evolved into an Espeon, which completes our Eevee evolutions." Sakura smiled as she petted the lavender cat Pokémon.

    Ash, meanwhile, decideed to read up on the twin-tailed cat Pokémon:

    "Espeon, the sun Pokémon. It is extremely loyal to any trainer it considers to be worthy. It is said that this Pokémon developed its precognitive powers to protect its trainer from harm."

    "That's actually very sweet..." Misty smiled.

    "Have you learned any more new stories since the Lore Stage?" Sakura asked Brock, changing the subject

    "Of course...and I've been practicing the vina you gave me." Brock replied, retrieving his vina and its fingerpicks from his bag.

    Once Brock was in tune and ready to perform, he decided to play the excerpt of "The Scent of Flowers Everywhere" Sakura had played for him at the tea ceremony to signal his impromptu show was starting.

    As the last note faded into the afternoon sky, he started the first tale that came to mind. "There was once a weaver--we'll call him Liam--who lived at the edge of a forest; and when he had nothing to burn, he went out with his daughter--we'll call her Fiona--to get wood for the fire..."


    "Oh!" Misty gasped as the Kimono Girls emerged from the house some time later, all formally dressed in kimonos."

    "If you're curious as to why we've dressed up, it is not to welcome you three back." Kuni smiled.

    "We are going to meet a famous dance instructor." Rei explained. "She's won a lot of awards for her choreography, and introducing Kanto and Johto traditional dance to a wide audience."

    "Sounds cool! Have fun!" Ash waved goodbye as the sisters departed, leaving Sakura with the group.

    "Misty...would it be okay if I battled you?" Sakura asked. "Satomi against one of yours?"

    "Sure!" Misty replied.

    "I can referee, if you'd like." Brock offered as Sakura drew the shape of a Poké Ball into the dusty path...


    "And three...two...one..." The sound of a whistle pierced the air as Misty summoned a coral-like Pokémon against Sakura and Satomi. "Meet Sango!"

    Ash, however, read up on the odd pink and white coral Pokémon Misty had summoned:

    "Corsola, the coral Pokémon. Its branches glitter very beautifully in seven colors when they catch sunlight. If any branch breaks off, it grows back in just one night."

    "Neat...when did you get this Pokémon?" Ash asked.

    "On the way back to Olivine, while you and Brock were digging for pearls in the shallows near the Whirl Island caves." Misty explained.

    She gasped as Satomi rammed Sango with a Quick Attack! "Sango, use Recover!"

    "What?" Sakura gasped. "Satomi, try Psybeam!"

    "Sango, pin the Espeon with Spike Cannon!" Misty instructed.

    Brock's whistle pierced the air as Satomi went flying into a tree, with hundreds of silvery spikes pinning her to the trunk seconds later. "Gold is unable to battle--Silver wins." Brock announced.

    Sakura, meanwhile, just giggled as she picked out the spikes holding Satomi down. "You would make a good ninja, actually." she giggled.

    Ash pictured Misty in ninja garb and chuckled for a moment, before some female grunts coming from farther down the road got his attention. After pocketing his Pokédex and motioning for Tintri to follow him, he followed the sounds down to a large rock.

    He gasped when he found the sounds were coming from a black haired woman that had been bound and gagged alongside a girl with similar features. "Friend or foe?" the woman asked after Ash had undid the gag. "You're not one of those rogues, are you?"

    "Peace, I'm a friend." Ash assured the woman as he worked to undo the woman's bindings, with Tintri working to free the girl. "Can you tell us more about the rogues who attacked you guys?" he asked as Misty, Brock, and Sakura arrived to help.

    Sakura recognized the woman and the girl. "This is Ayane, the famed dancer and choreographer I was telling you about...the girl is her daughter and apprentice, Chika."

    "They don't appear to be hurt at all..." Brock reported after looking both Ayane and Chika over for injuries.

    "Can you tell us about the bad guys that caught you?" Misty asked Chika. "So we can try to teach them a lesson?"

    "Well, I remember we were ambushed by a boy and a girl..." Chika explained. "...and their Meowth could talk, like in all the fairy tales."

    Ash froze in terror at Chika's description. "You guys--the other Kimono Girls are walking into a trap! We have to warn them!"

    "You go on and do that, we'll make sure Ayane and Chika are safe first." Misty replied. "Be careful!" she called as Ash hurried down the road.

    Please, Arceus...I hope I'm not too late! Ash pleaded as he dashed down the road, trying to remember the route the Kimono Girls had taken.


    [Somebody, heeeeeeeeelp!!!] Yuzuki screamed as what the sisters thought was a back room collapsed to reveal a large Meowth head, Team Rocket's balloon!

    "We were tricked!" Miki grumbled as Team Rocket laughed at the distraught Kimono Girls from the sky, just as Ash and the others arrived.

    "The real dance teacher and her apprentice were ambushed by Team Rocket!" Ash explained. "Then they set up an elaborate trap to take all the Eeveelutions! Had we known sooner, we would have warned you!"

    "No wonder our Eeveelutions were afraid to partake in the dance..." Rei mused. "An Arbok and a Victreebel make odd choices for dancing Pokémon..."

    "What about the real dance teacher and her apprentice?" Miki asked.

    "They're safe, and thankfully unharmed." Brock replied.

    "Everyone, we shouldn't panic--I have an idea!" Sakura interjected. "Since everyone but Satomi was captured, those Team Rocket rogues will likely come looking for an Espeon to finish their heist. Why don't we use Satomi as bait to lure the balloon into arrow range for Brock to shoot?"

    "You're an archer? Really?" Yuki gasped as Brock retrieved his archery gear.

    "It's mainly for stage archery, but I've shot down Team Rocket before, and I can easily do it again." Brock assured Yuki.

    Inside the balloon, Jessie did a headcount of the Eeveelutions. "Let's see here...we have Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon."

    Then something dawned on her. "Wait a minute...we're missing Espeon!"


    The others watched from a bush as Team Rocket scooped up Satomi with a bug net. "They've got her...now we'll follow them and confront them there." Misty instructed as she led the way down the path and into a forest, making sure to keep the Meowth balloon in view.

    After winding through the underbrush, Ash led the way into a clearing, where he found James attempting to trap Satomi in a cage. "Satomi!" Sakura called. "I came to help you and the others!"

    I knew you guys would come. Satomi smiled before using James' head as a springboard for an elegant backflip. Now we'll have our revenge!

    "I'll help!" Misty volunteered, summoning Sango as Jessie and James summoned Arbok and Victreebel. "Give'em a real jewel of a headache with Power Gem!"

    The Arbok and the Victreebel scrambled to get away, but ended up pinned to the ground with a sapphire whose facets rippled with water. Thanks! Satomi smiled as she fired a rainbow beam from the ruby on her forehead, confusing the human Rockets.

    [And now, for the Cheri on top!] Tintri smiled before firing a massive Thunderbolt, sending the Rockets flying.

    Satomi, meanwhile, send hundreds of shining stars at the cage holding the other Eeveelutions, breaking it open. [Thanks, Satomi!] Kawa smiled as she dashed to Kuni's side.

    [You're our hero!] Midori agreed before running to Ayame's side.

    Brock heard the hiss of a balloon taking off in the distance. "They won't be going very far." he smiled before he hurried up a hill and took aim as the Meowth balloon rose into the sky.

    He fired a few seconds later. "Bullseye." he grinned as the Rockets spiraled off into the sky wth a ping.


    "Sayonee-san, may I set off on my own journey now?" Sakura asked as the group returned to the house later that evening.

    Sayo smiled. "After you rescued our Eeveelutions today, I'd say you are more than ready!"

    "Thank you!" Sakura hurried to hug Sayo, then addressed the others. "I plan to first go to Violet City..."

    "Well, our next stop is Mahogany Town." Ash smiled as he watched Sakura pack her belongings.

    "I'll never forget fishing you out of a river..." Misty grinned at Ash. "But you've come a long way from that hot-headed young trainer you once were...I knew we'd be friends forever when I found out you played music too."

    She turned to Sakura. "Be safe on your journey, and have fun!"

    "Oh I will." Sakura replied as she hugged Misty. "May we meet again one day, with new stories to share!"

    To Be Continued...
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    A little late, but here is the next episode!

    Episode 94: For Ho'oh the Bells Toll

    "It's wonderful that Sakura's Eevee evolved..." Misty smiled as the group relaxed in one of the Pokémon Center's lounges a few days later. "I wonder how she's doing right now..."

    "I'm sure she and Satomi will do great things." Ash smiled as Tintri hopped on his stomach. "After all, it takes guts to scare off Team Rocket!"

    "I promised her that I'll think of her every time I play my vina." Brock mused as he watched the clouds pass by from a window near the couch he was lying on. "She did leave me a couple more tune books to practice with when I finally exhaust the first four books she gave me."

    Just then, the group was snapped from their thoughts by an odd ringing sound far in the distance. "What's going on?" he asked as Nurse Joy and Chansey ran by.

    "Something's going on at the Tin Tower!" Nurse Joy explained. "If you can find Morty, he'll tell you more!"


    That's odd...Ho'oh can't have returned...could she... Morty wondered before he spotted a young man in a purple and white outfit. "Who are you? What brings you to this sacred place?"

    "My name's Eusine." the young man replied, smoothing back his pale brown hair as he spoke. "I heard rumors that a Legendary Pokémon was here, and so I came to investigate."

    "Well, if you mean no harm to the Legendary that lives here, you may come with me to look." Morty replied as he motioned for Eusine to follow him inside the tower.

    As the two men continued up the stairs, where Morty noticed that the hundreds of golden bells were resonating, making the clear ringing noise. "The bells are resonating...could that mean Ho'oh's here?"

    He and Eusine gasped when they arrived on the next floor. "How odd--one of the sets of bells is missing!"


    "Swipin' dese bells was a great idear." Meowth smiled as he and his human companions admired their steal in a forest clearing. "Maybe now we can get some Legendary Pokémon."

    "The story goes that when the bells ring, it's supposed to summon Ho'oh." James explained. "Shall we find out if it's more than a fairy tale?"

    With that, the Rockets each took one of the golden bells and gently shock them, but no sound came. After several attempts, Jessie heaved a bell in the air in frustration. "RING!"

    The bell landed on a rock with a CLONG! that echoed through the forest and into the city. After a few tense seconds, an eerie wind began to blow...


    "Stop! Tourists are not allowed in here!" Eusine called as the group arrived at the Tin Tower.

    "What's happening?" Ash asked Morty as he met the group.

    "Ho'oh must be nearby, since the tower bells only ring at that time." Morty explained. "Meet me at the Gym--I'll tell you more there.


    "The bells were recovered after Ho'oh burned the old tower." Morty explained as the group gathered at the Gym some time later. "They are are supposed to summon Ho'oh."

    "Oh..." the group mused.

    "In addition, the three guardian Beasts that roam Johto--Entei, Raikou, and Suicune--were also born from the flames, thunder and ice in the Burned Tower." Morty went on.

    "I have seen Suicune--did it look like this?" Ash asked, pointing out a picture of Suicune in a children's book telling a folktale starring the three Beasts.

    "LIAR!" Eusine screamed, startling Ash and Morty. "How can you possibly have seen both Ho'oh and Suicune?"

    Ash was about to answer Eusine before Eusine demanded. "If you really have seen them, I demand a duel! If you win, I'll believe your claim."

    "I don't see how a battle will prove to you I have seen Ho'oh and Suicune, but okay..." Ash replied. "If you really want to battle, I accept your terms.

    "Very well...let me introduce my companion, Ananda!" Eusine announced as he sent out a mustachioed fox-like creature carrying a pair of spoons.

    Ash decided to read up on the creature:

    "Alakazam, the PSI Pokémon. Its brain cells multiply continually until it dies. As a result it remembers everything."

    "Wow...I don't know if I can win this one...but I'm giving it my best shot!" Ash challenged as he put his Pokédex away. "Tintri, open with a Thundershock!"

    "Morty!" a student called as he ran in the room, prompting Tintri to stay his attack. "Something's wrong at the Tin Tower!"

    "What?" Morty led the way outside, where everyone saw that the Tin Tower was covered with webs!

    "What happened here?" Misty asked as the group hurried to follow Morty to the tower. She gasped as a group of shaggy vine Pokémon Ash remembered as Tangela blocked the way, while some bug-like Pokémon with large mushrooms on their backs that the group remembered as Parasect fired clouds of green spores into the air!

    "Quickly, back inside!" Brock called, leading everyone back into the Gym, where they could safely observe the carnage from the windows.

    "The whole town is covered by webs..." Ash mused as he looked out on the city.

    Morty's Gengar Rocko materialized before the group. [If ya like, I can head out dere and teach all these bugs a lesson.]

    "We'd appreciate the help, Rocko...we have no other choice now but to break through the Pokémon." Misty smiled.

    "Follow me!" Ash followed Rocko to the Gym's main entrance, only to be blocked by an advancing army of Parasects! But before the group could panic, Rocko fired a familiar orange beam of light, confusing their assailants. Thank you, Confuse Ray! Ash grinned as he led the group into the forest near the city.


    "Cyndy, burn down all these webs!" Ash commanded as he heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Help us clear a path through here!"

    [Right!] Cyndy replied before heaving a Flamethrower at a well of webbing, creating a path forward.

    Brock smiled as the group arrived in the clearing, only to find Team Rocket tied up with a bunch of webs. "Well, what have we here?"

    Morty, meanwhile, did his best to tear away some webbing holding the bells, but some Tangelas blocked him, whacking his hand away with their vines.

    Some Spinarak and Ariados came down and shot a String Shot at the group, prompting Misty to scream. "Ananda, we need help!" Eusine called, summoning his Alakazam.

    He gasped in horror as a Tangela lashed Ananda with a vine, sending him flying. "Guys, stop!" Ash pleaded with the shaggy vine Pokémon. "We come in peace!"

    He swallowed hard as a Tangela prepared to attack him. I hope I won't have to use my Swanna Song!

    Ash braced himself as the Tangela's Vine Whip headed for him, but before the attack could connect, it bounced off a yellow-red-blue wall of light as three male voices sang a familiar song: Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...

    "The Swanna Song?" Brock gasped, intrigued in the Pokémon fleeing as the three voices continued Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...

    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    At this line a sparkling wind started blowing as the various Pokémon fled the area. <i>Emusto koron zen fine, si...[/i]

    "Who could've been singing the song?" Misty wondered. "I heard three distinct male voices..."

    Ash gasped as he recognized Suicune approaching him alongside the electric tiger Raikou and the flame lion Entei. We meet again, Young Master. Suicune smiled.

    Jessie smirked as the three Beasts emerged. "Well, well, well..it's not every day that rare Pokémon like the three Beasts just come to us!"

    She heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Arbok, let's go!"

    We'll hold off these rogues! Raikou called as he unleashed a massive thunderbolt. Follow Suicune to the northern cliff!

    "Okay!" Ash replied as he watched Raikou attack again, combining with a fire blast from Entei to cause a massive explosion.


    Over here. Suicune led the group to the top of a cliff overlooking the forest and the city. We'll be safe here.

    "Thanks, Suicune..." Misty smiled as she embraced the beautiful blue Beast.

    "And thank you all, for leading me to this golden opportunity to fulfill my dream of catching Suicune!" a voice sneered.

    Ash whirled around to find Eusine arriving at the cliff. "How...how did you get here?"

    "Never mind that..." Eusine sneered as he summoned his Alakazam. "You're not getting in the way of my dream!"

    Ash watched as Alakazam fired a purple wave, which he figured was Disable. But Suicune conjured a pink aura he remembered as Mirror Coat.

    Moments before Ananda could fire a magenta wave of Confusion, Suicune unleashed a loud Roar, forcing the Alakazam back into its Poké Ball."

    Suicune! Raikou and Entei arrived at the cliff. Are you okay?

    I am well--just had to deal with a rogue of my own. Suicune smiled before addressing Ash. Farewell for now, Young Master...we will meet again.

    "Bye, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune!" Ash waved goodbye to the running Beasts as they disappeared into the forest. "And thank you!"

    He gasped as a rainbow formed in the sky, and a stately female voice singing Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...

    "Ho'oh!" Misty recognized the voice. "That's Ho'oh singing!"

    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis... the voice continued, ringing over the forest and the city, making the webs and damage heal in waves of shining rainbow light. Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...


    "There...the bells those hoodlums stole are back where they belong." Morty smiled as he hung the now repaired bells back in their place in the tower. "Although, I never dreamed I'd hear Ho'oh sing her Swanna Song." he admitted as the group departed the tower.

    "Although, I wonder where Eusine got to?" Ash asked.

    Morty just chuckled. "He's off searching for Suicune, and it will probably be some time before he finds him again."

    The group laughed in agreement as they walked into the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 95: Extreme Pokémon!

    "I can't believe it--we've seen the three Beasts and heard Ho'oh sing the Swanna Song all in the same day!" Ash smiled as the group walked down the road to Mahogany Town. "It'll be hard for our next visit to Ecruteak to top both our visits!"

    "I can hardly wait to see what will happen the next time we come." Misty agreed. "Or what's waiting for us in Mahogany Town..."

    She was about to say more when an Arcanine with Gary aboard it dashed before the group. "Well, look who's poking along back here!"

    Ash tried oh-so-hard not to lash out at his self proclaimed rival, who was now wearing a green Pokethlon jersey. "Where's your band of cheerleaders?" Brock asked--he remembered Gary having an entourage of cheerleaders with him every time the group met in Kanto.

    "Doing a little shopping while I'm scouting the way ahead." Gary smirked. "I heard that there's a Pokethlon that's going to be taking place tomorrow at the dome not far from here--this explains the athletic duds.

    "Well, I'm taking the Pokethlon challenge myself, and I plan to defend Ash's honor from all those times you thought he wouldn't amount to much!" Misty shot back. "He has accomplished more than you think!"

    "If ya wanna test that theory, head on over to the dome and sign up--smell ya later, until tomorrow!" Gary grinned before dashing off down the road.

    "Just when I thought we'd get one trip without running into Gary..." Ash sighed. "But you really think that you can beat his Arcanine with your water types?"

    "Sure--water does beat fire, so if we were having an actual battle, I'd be more than happy to wipe the smirk off his face for you." Misty replied. "And I meant every word when I said I'd defend your honor--you are much more than he thinks you are!"

    "Yeah, we've got your back!" Brock agreed.

    Ash noticed Tintri was offering his bansi to him. "Oh, you want me to motivate Misty a little with a fight song?"

    With that, he started a festive march-like melody dotted with high trills, which rang down the road as the group continued on their way...


    "Okay--this one is another Speed-type Pokethlon." Misty mused when she emerged from the dressing room in the Pokethlon dome the next day. "So it is Sango's time to debut, with Michelle and Pearl as the backups.

    She went on "Since competitors on all three tracks are competing together this time, water competitors and air competitors will still compete in their element against those competing on land."

    "Not sure how exactly that works, but okay." Brock replied as he consulted the Pokémon stat guide. "If Sango struggles, Pearl might be able to go toe to toe against Gary's Arcanine."

    "It may be Sango's first time in the arena, but I'm sure we can win." Misty assured Brock as she started towards the competitor's entrance.

    "Good luck!" Ash called before following Brock to the stands to get a seat overlooking the track, which was cut into different lanes for land, water, and air competitors.

    "First up today is the Relay Run--Gary and his Arcanine are obviously the favorites, but let's see who Misty chooses." Brock mused as he looked over the list of competitors and their Pokémon in the Pokethlon program.

    He balked when Misty emerged in a water lane aboard Sango some moments later. "She's using Sango? When Sango has never been used in a Pokethlon before?"

    "I'm not so sure a Corsola can outrun an Arcanine, even in the water..." Ash swallowed hard as Gary and the other Pokethletes made their way on the track.

    Misty flashed him a thumbs up as she and Sango paddled into position, as if to say "Just trust me, okay?"

    "Ready?" the announcer called. As soon as the starting gun went off, Gary and his Arcanine raced out into the lead, but Misty and Sango were not far behind him.

    "Maybe picking Sango was a good choice after all." Ash noted as the Corsola in the waterway inched closer and closer to the Arcanine on the ground.

    As the clock reached thirty seconds to go, Ash noticed the Arcanine on the track and the Corsola in the waterway were neck and neck. "Come on, Misty!" he cheered. "You can do it!" Brock whistled in agreement as the Arcanine and the Corsola raced each other down the track for one last lap.

    "Okay...third place managed 12 laps...." Brock reported as the results for the event appeared on the scoreboard. "Gary's in second with 15 laps..."

    He smiled when he saw a 7 in the first place spot. "...and Misty edged him to take gold with 16 laps."

    "She wasn't kidding when she said she'd defend my honor..." Ash mused as the track was cleared off, and hurdles were added in preparation for the Hurdle Dash.


    "Whoa!" Ash gasped as Gary's Arcanine sprinted out into a commanding lead, leaving Misty and the other Pokelethletes to jockey for the remaining spots, since first was a foregone conclusion. "Misty had no chance against Gary!"

    "To be fair, Sango was also somewhat tired for competing in a racing event just before this..." Brock cautioned as he watched Misty break away from a Pokethlete riding a Pidgeot to make a distant third place, despite trying to catch up to the Lucario rider in second.

    "Even with jumps involved, an Arcanine would easily overtake any other Pokémon, especially in a straight sprint." Ash mused as the rest of the field began crossing the finish line.

    Brock watched as Misty crossed the line in third. "Even though Misty lost the Hurdle Dash, eventually Gary's Arcanine is going to tire, and assuming he doesn't have any backup Pokémon, Misty could rally to win the final event." he cautioned. "So don't count Misty out just yet!"


    "Okay...our final event is Capture the Flag." Brock reported has he and Ash found seats overlooking the Capture the Flag field. "This time, competitors on all three tracks will work together on the same field to find all seven flags first."

    "Looks like Misty's going to use Michelle for this event..." Ash mused as he watched Misty and her faithful Golduck emerge onto the field and jog towards the START line.

    "Great choice--she can run on land as well as swim in water." Brock grinned.

    On the field, Michelle noticed that Gary's Arcanine was wheezing hard as he took his place at the line. [What's wrong with the Arcanine? Does Gary not have any other Pokémon for the competition?]

    "Maybe he was just that confident in his Arcanine, he didn't feel like he needed a backup." Misty mused, waving to the boys in the stands. "Let's show him how having a backup or two can make all the difference!"

    No sooner had the whistle blown to start the event, had Misty and Michelle taken an early lead, beating the Pidgeot to the red flag in a hollow tree, and snatching the orange flag from a pool. Gary tried to beat Misty to the yellow flag in a bush, but he got caught up in traffic, allowing Misty and Michelle to power ahead.

    Ash noticed that Gary's Arcanine was tiring quickly. "Hey, Brock...sing 'Glory in Our Story' to cheer Misty and Michelle on?" he asked as Misty grabbed a green flag dangling in a ring, just as the song began to play over the speakers to pump up the crowd and motivate the Pokehletes.

    "Sure..." Brock replied before leading the song. We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end...
    When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you!

    Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear! Ash sang as he watched Michelle grab the blue flag sticking up from the ground.
    My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world...

    Come along and take my hand, come with me for the ride, Brock sang as Michelle grabbed the indigo flag from a sand pit.
    Together we will step through the door
    And see the light shining from our own heavenly land!

    As Michelle grabbed a purple flag from some vines, both boys sang Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world!
    All of the glory, is in our story!

    As we make our way to heaven, take it step by step
    And get the glory, upon the great stage!

    We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
    I truly believe it with all of my heart...
    they sang to urge Michelle and Misty towards the finish line, with Gary not far behind.
    The cards here in my hand,
    Show you the way...

    Ash watched as Misty and Michelle were the first pair to cross the line as the song ended. "They did it!" he cried as the scoreboard displayed that Misty had edged Gary by half a second.

    "A well earned win, no matter how narrow." Brock agreed as Misty waved to the crowd...


    "Nicely done." Ash smiled as the group departed the medal ceremony later that evening. "You really did defend my honor. Now you only need two more medals before the Grand Pokethlon!"

    "I wanted to prove to Gray you are hardly the wimp he sees you as." Misty explained. "As I promised, this silver medal was earned defending your honor, and showing him you are no weakling."

    Just then, Gary approached the group. "Hey...I admit I was too confident in Arcanine, but all the same, I had a blast trying out the Pokehlon, even though I lost."

    "Oh, I've had practice on her Pokethlon journey, but I've got my eyes on the Grand Pokethlon!" Misty smiled. "Just as Brock has his sights on the Grand Lore Stage, and both you and Ash have your sights on the League."

    "Point well taken...at any rate, I look forward to meeting you in the League, Ash." Gary grinned before departing.

    Ash was stunned at how cordial Gary had been to him. "Wow...that's the first time Gary's been nice to me since before we left on our Pokémon adventures."

    "Maybe he's starting to see that Pokémon is not all power and glory--and you're teaching him that with every encounter you have." Brock explained. "So whenever you two meet in the Johto League, I know it will be a match for the ages!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 96: Just Waiting on a Friend

    "Geez, I can't see a thing!" Ash complained as the group did their best to try and navigate through a thick fog. "There has to be a way through h-AUUUGH!"

    "I gotcha!" Brock dove to catch Ash, but ended up tripping on the same branch Ash had tripped on, sending both boys tumbling down a hill.

    [Ash?] Tintri asked as he romped to the edge of the hill, where the boys struggled to get up.

    "We're okay!" Brock called back as he eased himself to his feet. "Just a few scratches and bruises, nothing serious."

    "That's a relief..." Misty smiled as the boys climbed back up the hill to the main road. "Let's just make camp for now--we can't go any farther until the fog lifts."

    But just as the group started to build a camp by the road, a navy haired girl dressed in an elegant kimono approached them. "Are you lost, travelers?" she asked, petting the Ninetales at her side.

    "Not so much lost, but frustrated we can't go anywhere in this fog." Ash replied. "Who are you?"

    "My name is Lokoko, and this is my companion Tenko." the girl replied, petting the Ninetales. "Our house is not far from here--you can wait there for the fog to lift.

    Misty, meanwhile, noticed a blue aura around Lokoko. "Is it just me, or is this Lokoko girl giving anyone else the heebie-jeebies?"

    "It's not just you...no normal person has an aura around them." Ash noted.

    "We would be honored to stay with you, milady." Brock replied, to Ash's and Misty's shock as they saw a green swirling aura form around his eyes. "Lead the way, and we will follow."

    Ash swallowed hard as he and Misty followed Brock and Lokoko down the road. "I have a feeling that something's manipulating Brock...we have to find out what it is, and get Brock to snap out of it!"


    "Wow..." the group gasped as they arrived before a majestic pagoda-like mansion.

    "It's beautiful..." Misty gasped.

    "I'm glad you think so." Lokoko smiled. "Come--I have prepared lunch for you, if you're hungry."

    "Am I starved!" Ash wasted no time in following Lokoko and Tenko to the mansion's ornate dining hall, where four places were set at the long and magnificent table. "It's like Lokoko was expecting us!"

    "Please, have as much as you like." Lokoko assured Ash, stifling a giggle as Ash helped himself to the sesame chicken near his place at the table. "Just don't forget to eat your vegetables."

    Ash sighed. "Yes, Mom..." he muttered under his breath as he added some broccoli and mushrooms to his plate.

    "So, are you the only one living in this mansion, Lokoko?" Misty asked as she swallowed some noodles.

    "Yes--the mansion was originally owned by a man named Eiji, who was Tenko's original trainer." Lokoko explained. "However, he left on a long journey and has yet to return. The other servants in the mansion eventually left for other places, leaving me and Tenko as the only ones left."

    "I would love to stay here, and play for you, my Lokoko." Brock smiled, in spite of himself.

    "I am sure you are a fine musician and storyteller--perhaps you can perform for us after lunch." Lokoko smiled in reply.


    In another part of the mansion, Kamon looked around in awe at the ornate decor. "These are some nice digs...I could get used to living here in style!" he smiled.

    A stomach growl got his attention. "But first I need to find this place's kitchen...I'm starved!"

    He quickly found a door on the left side of the hall and opened it, gasping in awe at what was inside. "Whoa...I've hit the mother lode of cookies! Guess I'll just have to eat dessert first for a change!"


    "Brock, please!" Misty pleaded as Brock and Lokoko continued to whisper sweet nothings to each other. "Snap out of it!"

    "It's like he's in a trance, or possessed..." Ash noted the aura around Brock's eyes.

    Misty suddenly noticed that Lokoko left no reflection in the room's mirror. "That's weird...do you think Lokoko's some kind of vampire?"

    Just then, the doors to the cabinet suddenly slammed shut, as if pushed by an invisible hand. "WAUUUGH!" Misty yelped in fright. "C-come on, Brock!" she pleaded as Brock ran towards Lokoko to hug her. "We need to go, now!"

    Ash and Misty watched in terror as Brock appeared to fall right through her body! "T-tenko, please, will you give Brock back to us?" she pleaded to the angry Ninetales approaching them.

    "Yeah, Brock's our friend!" Ash frantically explained, a note of fear in his voice as Ninetales telepathically picked him and Misty up. "I know you want to play with him, but he's special to us too. Please, just let him g-AUGGGGH!!!!"


    "OOF!" Ash and Misty landed on the ground in the mansion's front yard seconds later.

    "Talk about being needy..." Misty grumbled as she brushed the leaves and grass off of her. "Let's find a way back inside, and break the spell on Brock!"

    "One step ahead of you--I found a back door that was unlocked!" Ash reported, leading Misty to a patio with an open door that lead inside.

    "Good work, Ash!" Misty smiled as Ash led the way back inside. "Now to find a clue to break whatever's possessing Brock!"

    "We could start with this room." Ash suggested, gesturing to a door leading to a large and opulent bedroom. "This had to have been the owner's bedroom..."

    After going through all the drawers and closets for any clues, Misty spotted a portrait of the owner hanging above a desk. "Huh...the owner looks very similar to Brock, right down to a bow, some arrows, and a lute--which would be your ancient guitar..."

    Ash, meanwhile, examined a strange green and red Poké Ball with gold trim on the desk. "This must be Tenko's Poké Ball, although it's not like any Poké Ball I've ever seen before..."

    He also noticed a book by the Poké Ball titled "My Diary". "Hey, Misty...I found the owner's diary--maybe it should shed some light on this place..."

    "Hm..." Misty mused as she and Ash perused the very detailed entries of daily life two centuries before. "This is actually kinda interesting--and way better than history class!"

    "But what Lokoko told us earlier is true--Eiji mentions departing on a journey to see the world in the last entry, which was made on October 15, 1800..." Ash explained.

    "...which was over 200 years ago!" Misty smiled, her suspicions confirmed. "If Lokoko has been waiting for the owner for 200 years, then she must be a ghost, just like we sensed before!"

    "Well, that would explain the aura and her reflection not showing up..." Ash agreed as he followed Misty out to a patio overlooking one of the mansion's gardens, where Brock was playing one beautiful melody after another for Lokoko.

    The two of them balked in surprise as Brock seemingly transformed into the majestic dull green, silver and gold kimono in Eiji's portrait and his modern guitar became a medieval lute. "Wait a second...Tenko is the one maintaining the spell on Brock!" Ash concluded when he noticed Tenko's glowing eyes maintaining the green aura around Brock's eyes.

    He heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "River, use Water Gun to break the spell on Brock!"

    Misty watched as River's attack missed Tenko, and passed right through Lokoko, snapping Brock from his trance. "What the...I was playing and singing for a ghost this whole time?" he fearfully gasped as his normal clothes and his guitar returned.

    "You were being forced to, in spite of yourself." Ash explained. "Tenko really thought you were her master."

    The group watched as the mansion itself began to decay, revealing that its grand appearance was just an illusion over a long abandoned ruin....


    "This way!" Ash called as the angry Tenko pursued the group down a hallway, ultimately cornering them in Eiji's bedroom.

    Noticing the Poké Ball on the table, Brock picked it up and aimed it at the angry Ninetales. "Tenko, return."

    Lokoko materialized in the room as Tenko went inside in a flash of sparkling green light. "I suppose you now know the truth..." she began. "I am actually an illusion Tenko created. Over 200 years ago, Master Eiji left on a great journey. Though he promised he would return in a month, he never did. Over time, the servants who worked in the mansion began to leave, each of them sadly bidding Tenko farewell, one by one until she was eventually left all alone. Though Tenko waited patiently, she came to realize that a century had passed; she knew her owner could not possibly still be alive. She tried to leave the mansion, but found that she was bound by some sort of power centered around her Poké Ball. Trapped in the mansion, she continued to wait, her power growing stronger and stronger as time passed. Then you came...and since you looked almost exactly like Eiji, Tenko decided to lure you here and trap you here forever, so you would be Tenko's new master."

    Tears formed in Lokoko's eyes as she addressed Brock. "But I also know you are not my master, and were not meant to be here...please, do whatever you can to set Tenko free from this place..."

    Suddenly, Lokoko disappeared as a net flew over Tenko. "What in the..." Ash gasped. "Don't tell me Team Rocket's here..."

    "Nope, just me..." Kamon replied as he arrived in the room. "Although I do have a bone to pick with Miss Ninetales here for making me eat leaves!"

    He then heaved some of his Poke Balls into the room. "Helena, Talavar, let's go!"

    "Luce, cut Tenko free!" Ash heaved a Poké Ball skyward.

    [You got it!] the Ampharos replied, delivering an electrified punch that broke open the net, while Tenko send back one of Helena's Shadow balls, knocking the Gastly and her master backwards.

    "Talavar, attack Robin Hood!" Kamon commanded his Skarmory, pointing at Brock as he shakily got up. "Use Metal Claw!"

    Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Brock sang, to Ash and Misty's surprise.
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    At this line, Brock's finger began to glow as rainbow energy flowed into it from the song.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si... As Brock's final E note echoed into the sky, he fired the blast of rainbow energy, shattering the ornate Poké Ball and knocking Kamon and his Pokémon to the ground.

    Ash noticed Kamon struggling to get up as flickers of rainbow light criss crossed his body. "Luce, use Thunderpunch, quickly!"

    "Thank you, Swanna Song!" Misty smiled as Luce's attack connected, sending Kamon and his team flying off into the sky with a ping...


    I cannot begin to thank you enough for releasing me from the spell that trapped me in the mansion, minstrel. Tenko smiled as the group prepared to depart later that afternoon. I will undertake my own journey now, as thanks. Where I will go, I do not know, but I will always hold minstrels like you in high esteem.

    "I'll never forget you, either, Tenko--I promise I will write a song for you, and think of you when I play it." Brock replied, giving the majestic Ninetales one last hug.

    "We're not mad at you, Tenko--you only wanted your master back, and Brock looks a lot like him, so I can understand why you would think he was your master." Misty explained.

    That is true, but Brock has some talents my master did not--his skill at weaving tales, and his holy gift of the Swanna's Song. Tenko replied.

    "Be safe, Tenko..." Ash knelt down to hug Tenko. "Wherever you end up going, don't forget us, okay?"

    I promise. Tenko replied, just as Lokoko arrived on the path to meet the group.

    "Thank you all for helping Tenko." Lokoko smiled as Tenko dashed away down the road. "I promise to let the Great Lord know of what has happened here."

    The group waved goodbye as Lokoko disappeared into the sky. "Bye, Lokoko! Tell Arceus we said hello!" Ash called as he, Misty, and Brock waved goodbye...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 97: Talkin' Bout an Evolution

    "I'm glad that Lokoko and her Ninetales Tenko are finally at peace..." Misty smiled. "Even if Tenko wanted to trap you in that old mansion."

    "That was why I sang my Swanna Song to shatter her Poké Ball--to set her free from whatever power her Poké Ball had." Brock explained. "Besides, if she was going to take me, she'd have to take you guys too...because I don't know what I would do without you guys."

    The three companions laughed at the comment, until a sniffle from Tintri got Ash's attention. "What's the matter, Tintri? You find that comment touching, or something?"

    [Doe...I thig I'b cubbing down wid a code...] Tintri replied.

    Ash sighed. "Don't tell me you caught that same bug Brock got..."

    "That was just a little chest cold...this looks more serious." Brock replied, pointing out some sniffing Caterpies on a branch, a Rattata with its tail drooped, and a wilted Oddish.

    "This is weird..." Misty mused as she noticed all the sick Pokémon. "Was some toxic waste dumped here?"

    Ash hurried on through some underbrush and read a signpost overlooking a large lake. "The Lake of Rage...maybe something in the water's causing the Pokémon to get sick?"

    Just then, a shining red Gyarados appeared from the water, surprising the group. "A Gyarados!" Misty gasped.

    Brock noticed the shining Gyarados was about to fire a Hydro Pump attack at the three travelers. "Hit the dirt!"

    The trio dove to the ground seconds before the Gyarados fired its attack, but the massive wave of water only splattered the surrounding vegetation. "Everyone okay?" Ash asked as he got up to see if the coast was clear.

    He gasped when he saw a convoy of vehicles emblazoned with a familiar R insignia. "Oh wonderful...Team Rocket's here..."

    "An astute observation..." a dull teal man in a shining silver suit sneered as he approached the group. He chuckled as he looked down on the group. "What are a bunch of kids like you doing here?"

    Before Ash could answer, the man summoned a Fearow before the group. "Aethon, take care of these brats for me..."

    "Who are you calling a brat?" Ash challenged before heaving a Poké Ball. "River, I choose you!"

    [I can't...] River wheezed. [So tired...]

    Ash watched in horror as the Fearow dove in to Drill Peck the weakened Marill, but moments before it could attack, he heard a familiar voice say "Tiamat, use Hyper Beam!"

    "What?" Archer gasped as an orange beam connected with his Fearow, making it faint. "I'll deal with you three later..." he grumbled as he recalled his Fearow and ran off into the brush.

    Misty smiled when she saw a familiar red haired man, a Dragonite, and Lyra approaching them. "Lance! It's been some time!"

    "Yeah, and thanks for saving our skins." Ash smiled as Lance led the way into an alcove in the underbrush near the lake. "But, what are you and Lyra doing here?"

    "We're here on a very important mission--stop the Rockets from taking over and/or destroying the world." Lyra explained. "Ethan's already in Goldenrod after they attacked the Radio Tower there, and as much as I wanted to help him, Lance offered for me to come with him while Ethan kicks the Rockets out of the WJTO tower."

    "But what about the red Gyarados we saw before?" Ash asked. "I want to save it too!"

    "No--I do not deny your skills have improved since I watched you battle in the Indigo League, but it would be too dangerous for you." Lance sternly replied. The Team Rocket members here are no ordinary grunts, but high ranking members. Not only that, but some of the admins are also present--in addition to Archer, Proton is here as well."

    "Archer attacked us, so I'm gonna pay him back!" Ash vowed. "And save all the Pokémon here!"

    "No is no is no is no." Lance growled. "While your goal is noble, just charging into the fray could potentially get you killed! Do you want to die having never achieved your dream of Pokémon Master? Your friends and family would be devastated!"

    Ash was about to defend himself before he felt Lyra's hand on his shoulder. "Just let it go for now, okay? We'll find a way to save everyone without killing ourselves along the way."


    "Thank you for coming so quickly, Proton." Archer smiled as a younger man in a more ornate black Rocket uniform met him inside a campsite near the lake. "With your technical expertise, we should easily be able to capture the red Gyarados."

    "I came as soon as I saw the Radio Tower raid participants were in place, and checked in with Petrel to see how the progress of the takeover is going." Proton smiled. "Ariana is on her way here, and should arrive tomorrow, barring any setbacks.

    Just then, some movement on a security camera got his attention. "Oh ho, we have uninvited guests, do we?"

    A "WAUGH!" and the clangs of iron bars sliding into place spurred Proton to check the trapped hallway. "Huh...seemed my little booby trap actually caught some boobies!" he chucked as he dragged Jessie, James, and Meowth into the room.

    "Who are YOU calling a booby?" Jessie demanded. "We wear the R too!"

    "Hey, Einstein! We're on your side, rememba?" Meowth protested.

    "Of course I remember you three...bumbling along and always failing to even capture a single Pikachu." Archer smiled. "It's a wonder the boss even keeps you lugs around..."

    "However, the boss did say there was a role for you three in this operation." Proton grinned. "But you have to come with us to see what it is you must do."

    "It's a deal!" Jessie smiled. "I'd do anything for the boss!"

    "Yes, now we can get the honor and accolades we deserve!" James was equally excited as he followed Proton and Archer outside.


    "Look, I know you want to rescue the Pokémon here and stop Team Rocket." Brock explained. "But just like we've gotten stronger since we kicked them out of Silph Tower, they've gotten stronger too. So when Lance says no, he MEANS no!"

    "I know...but I can't just sit idly by and watch Team Rocket take over the world..." Ash explained.

    Tears shone in his eyes as he turned his cap back. "Danger or no danger, I'm going to save the red Gyarados, and help Ethan, Lyra and Lance stop Team Rocket!"

    Misty sighed--no amount of pleading, begging and threatening seemed to deter Ash. "Okay...if this is what you want to do, we're coming with you. Good friends stick together, no matter what."


    A pair of Rockets standing guard in the Radio Tower reception area went flying against a wall, thanks to a powerful Water Pulse from Dundee. "That takes care of the guards, now to head inside and clean out the other Rockets from here!"

    [Remember what else Lance said?] Ellie reminded him as Ethan hurried down a hallway, scouring the different studios for Rockets or innocents.

    "Yeah--the Rockets taking over the Radio Tower is connected to what's going on at the Lake of Rage, and we all need to do our part to help Lance, Lyra, Ash, and the others!" Ethan replied. "For now, we need to stay together."

    [Look out, Rockets!] Dundee growled. [We're comin' for ya!]

    "Well, if we find any innocents, we need to take them somewhere safe." Ethan reminded the excited Totodile. "We do know some personnel were inside the tower when the Rockets moved in."


    "Okay..." Lance explained as he lead Lyra to a dock, where a boat was about to set sail. "I 'borrowed' a few Rocket uniforms to get us on that boat undetected." he explained as he tossed Lyra a female Rocket uniform. "Two of the four admins are on that boat--our objective is to listen in to their little meeting, and find out what it is they plan to do."

    "What if we run into Ash and the others?" Lyra asked as she changed into the uniform.

    "All you have to do is take off the hat, and they'll see it's you." Lance assured Lyra as he emerged in the male Rocket uniform. "Now, let's go!"


    "At last...Project R is about to begin, but we need a couple of...expendable...grunts for the first part of the mission." Archer smiled as he and Proton met in one of the boat's opulent cabins.

    "I have the perfect lab Rattatas for the job." Proton smiled as he gestured to the hall leading to the dining room, where Jessie, James, Meowth, and Sahana were stuffing their faces. "In exchange for lunch on the boss' dime, they get an important assignment: find the red Gyarados."

    "Very good." Archer smiled as he noticed the Rocket trio finishing their epic meal. "Since those lugs are about done with lunch, tell them to meet us on deck for their instructions."


    "Oh boy! I'm gonna go a few rounds with da red Gyarados!" Meowth smiled as the trio's scouting dinghy was deployed from the main boat.

    "Who said you were gonna be the hero?" Jessie demanded. "We all have a part to play in this!"

    James was about to add his own retort when an angry red Gyarados began to swim in their direction. "I'm not so sure this was a good idea..."

    As the trio of Rockets paddled as quickly as they could to escape the pursuing Gyarados, another grunt at a lookout tower fired a net gun, surrounding the red Gyarados, Jessie, James, and Meowth! "Okay, fire the Electro-Beam!" Proton called.

    "Oh no..." was all Jessie could say before a powerful shock crackled through the netting, shocking the Gyarados, her, and her companions.


    "There it is!" Brock pointed out the boat approaching the shore with the red Gyarados in tow. "If we're gonna do something, this is it!"

    "Luce, help us save the world!" Ash heaved a Poké Ball skyward.

    "You too, Michelle!" Misty called, summoning her faithful Golduck on the shore.

    Ash next held his Mega Ring to the sky. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    Rou iitsa ron selga vichii... Misty sang soon afterwards, creating a purple flash as both Ampharos and Golduck Mega Evolved together on the shore.

    [This way!] Michelle led the way into the water. [You distract the Rockets, I'll try and tear the net open!]

    [Right!] Luce smiled, firing a Charge Beam into the net, and shocking the Rockets even more.

    Meanwhile, Lance and Lyra arrived in some underbrush, where Lance balked at the Mega Ampharos and the Mega Golduck desperately trying to break the net open. "What is Ash trying to do? Is he nuts?"

    "No--once Ash has his mind set on something, good luck getting him to change his mind." Lyra explained.

    "I have a bad feeling he's in over his head..." Lance mused. "Let's go and try to get him out of trouble before his dream of being Pokémon Master dies with him."

    On the water, Proton noticed the two Mega Pokémon. "So we have two Mega Pokémon? That's nothing the Weakening Beam can't fix!"

    So that's why all the Pokémon were getting sick... Ash thought as he watched Luce and Michelle's Mega Evolution wear off. It's because of a weird radar beam!

    "Ah ha!" Archer's voice startled the group. "I'll let Proton decide what to do with you lot, but you won't be interfering with our plans this time!"

    "Tell us what is going on here, and what you guys are going to do with the red Gyarados!" Ash demanded as he struggled to get free from a grunt's grip.

    "Since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you lot." Archer smiled. "This mission is simply codenamed Project R, short for Project Reverse. You know well that some Pokémon shine with a different color, and that these shining Pokémon have been revered since time immemorial as gods and divine messengers."

    He went on "It turns out that Gyarados also has another, different gene that can turn it red--what I like to call a 'reversed' Pokémon. When a Pokémon is reversed, they lose all sense, decency and reason, and go into pure unbridled fury. Pokémon that have been reversed may also appear shiny, but they're not. In the event they don't or can't turn 'shiny', they gain a red aura."

    As Proton led the group away, Archer concluded "The aim of Project R is to force Pokémon into evolving or try to achieve the "reversed" state. This way, Team Rocket would achieve an army of evolved and above-average Pokémon at our disposal, and we could rule the world unopposed!"

    "Not if I have anything to say about it!" Ash defiantly screamed as Proton dragged him into a cabin that had been turned into an improvised jail.

    Archer just smiled at the thoroughly charred Jessie, James, and Meowth as they stumbled on the shore. "Well done, you three---thank you for your work, but it seems the boss has other plans for you."

    Inside the holding cell, Ash watched helplessly as a truck holding the Gyarados disappeared down a road. "It's hopeless...we've failed the world, we've failed our friends, and we've failed ourselves...."

    To Be Continued...
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    Previously, on "Pokémon Moonlight Silver"...

    "Tell us what is going on here, and what you guys are going to do with the red Gyarados!" Ash demanded as he struggled to get free from a grunt's grip.

    "Since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you lot." Archer smiled. "This mission is simply codenamed Project R, short for Project Reverse. You know well that some Pokémon shine with a different color, and that these shining Pokémon have been revered since time immemorial as gods and divine messengers."

    He went on "It turns out that Gyarados also has another, different gene that can turn it red--what I like to call a 'reversed' Pokémon. When a Pokémon is reversed, they lose all sense, decency and reason, and go into pure unbridled fury. Pokémon that have been reversed may also appear shiny, but they're not. In the event they don't or can't turn 'shiny', they gain a red aura."

    As Proton led the group away, Archer concluded "The aim of Project R is to force Pokémon into evolving or try to achieve the "reversed" state. This way, Team Rocket would achieve an army of evolved and above-average Pokémon at our disposal, and we could rule the world unopposed!"

    "Not if I have anything to say about it!" Ash defiantly screamed as Proton dragged him into a cabin that had been turned into an improvised jail.

    Archer just smiled at the thoroughly charred Jessie, James, and Meowth as they stumbled on the shore. "Well done, you three---thank you for your work, but it seems the boss has other plans for you."

    Inside the holding cell, Ash watched helplessly as a truck holding the Gyarados disappeared down a road. "It's hopeless...we've failed the world, we've failed our friends, and we've failed ourselves...."

    "Come in, Blue Angel, this is Holy Dragon and Silverlight." Lance called on a radio as he and Lyra drove back to the Lake of Rage.

    "This is Blue Angel..." Officer Jenny's voice crackled back over the car radio. "What's your progress on stopping Project R from going into motion?"

    "Admin Archer and his cohorts have gone back to Mahogany Town to continue their studies on the Gyarados, over." Lyra explained.

    "They have taken PokeMaster01, LadyCascade, and PewterSong prisoner, and are holding them in a cabin not far from the lake." Lance went on, using Ash's, Misty's, and Brock's preferred online screennames as codenames for them to avoid detection. "I'm sending Silverlight there to rescue them."

    "10-4, Holy Dragon." Officer Jenny replied. "We have traced the Rocket hideout to an abandoned Pokemart in Mahogany Town--I have troops assembled in preparation for storming the base. Right now, we believe the Gyarados has been taken there--how they managed to fit it down there, we don't know, but we do know they are planning to experiment on it in hopes of perfecting their Evolution Inducement Ray."

    "We can't have reversed Pokémon roaming free, and Ash, Misty, and Brock are critical to our stopping the Rockets." Lyra added. "Ash and Brock both know the Swanna Song, and who knows what would happen if the Rockets forced them to sing it?"

    "I'll rendezvous with the troops as soon as I drop Silverlight off." Lance concluded the transmission. "Don't move in until I can get there with Bahamut and Tiamat."

    "Roger, Holy Dragon--wilco." Officer Jenny replied. "Blue Angel out."

    Lance turned to Lyra as the car arrived near the path leading to the cabin. "I'm going on to Mahogany Town to give the police their instructions for storming the Rocket hideout. While I'm away, I want you to rescue Ash, Misty, and Brock--lead them to that clearing near the Cheri tree, and I'll meet you there, okay?"

    "Got it!" Lyra replied as she unbuckled her seatbelt and climbed out of the car. "Thanks for the ride!"

    "Anytime." Lance smiled. "Try to keep Ash from doing anything dangerous."

    With that, the car started back down the path to the main road. After waving goodbye to Lance, Lyra hurried inside the cabin. I hope they're still in here!


    "Who are you?" Ethan demanded as he spotted a young man with neatly slicked back purple hair in a Rocket uniform trying to bind and gag Buena. "Let Buena go, now!"

    The man looked up at Ethan. "I knew there was an intruder in the tower...I am Petrel, and if you're looking for the brains behind all this, you found him!"

    He heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Vampyr, let's go!"

    Ethan smiled as a Zubat materialized in the room. "Dundee, use Ice Fang!"

    [HAH!} Dundee leaped onto the Zubat and delivered an icy cold bite, sending it fluttering to the floor. "What?" Petrel gasped.

    He grimaced. "I'll deal with you later..." he growled as he recalled his fainted Zubat and hurried out of the room.

    Ethan, meanwhile, hurried to Buena's side and undid her bindings. "Are you okay?"

    "I think so..." Buena replied as Ethan helped her up. "Thanks for saving me!"

    "Officer Jenny already knows what's going on." Ethan assured Buena. "She's set up a safe area for any innocents in the square--I'm just doing my part to save as many innocents as I can, and kick the Rockets out of here!"

    "Okay, good luck!" Buena smiled. "If you want an easy way to tell an innocent you're a friend, the password is 'help'!"


    "Let us out!" Ash screamed as he banged against the cell for what seemed like the millionth time.

    "I'm surprised that didn't wake the Rockets up..." Brock smiled as he noticed Jessie and James dozing against the hallway leading into the holding area that served as their prison, with Meowth purring on Jessie's lap.

    "Seems they've fallen asleep on the job." Misty agreed. "If we're gonna get out of here, now's our chance!"

    [What's this about getting out?] Tintri asked as he woke up with a yawn. [Has someone come to save us?]

    "Well, I was wondering if you could break down the door with a Thundershock..." Ash suggested.

    He winced as Tintri's spark barely reached the cell door. "Still too weak to do any damage..."

    "Hey..." he heard a familiar voice call. "Did someone ask for a rescuer?"

    "Lyra!" Ash smiled as Lyra unlocked the door and started giving back the group's bags and gear. "Am I glad to see you!"

    "Lance told me to come rescue you." Lyra explained as she undid the chains binding Ash's hands. "If the Rockets happen to wake up, I have my team to help."

    "Nobody's rescuing ANYONE!" Jessie's voice made Lyra jump.

    Ash grabbed the first Poké Ball he could find as Jessie and James summoned Arbok and Weezing to chase them. "Cyndy, use Smokescreen to distract the Rockets!"

    [HAH!] Cyndy eagerly fired a large plume of white smoke at the Rockets, buying the group and Lyra time to escape into the grassy underbrush.

    "Thanks, Cyndy!" Misty smiled at the Cyndaquil before jumping to avoid a Poison Sting from Arbok.

    "Arbok, wrap up the twerps!" Ash heard Jessie call as Lyra led them to the meetup point at the Cheri tree.

    "Bahamut, use Thunder Wave!" he heard Lance call as Lyra dove into the clearing.

    Once sure the group was safe, Lyra summoned Hana. "Hana, use Razor Leaf!"

    Ash heaved a relieved sigh as Hana's attack sent the Rockets flying. "Which one's Bahamut, and which one's Tiamat?" he asked as Lance arrived with a slightly larger Dragonite.

    "Tiamat is slightly smaller." Lance replied. "Female Dragonites, like most dragon Pokémon, are smaller than the males.

    "Where is Tiamat?" Misty asked.

    "She's helping Officer Jenny and the force raid the Rocket hideout--we need to meet them back there." Lance explained as he led the group and Lyra back to the car parked on the road by the tree. "We have to destroy the Evolution Inducement Ray before the Rockets can use it to reverse the world's Pokémon!"

    He pointed at a strange satellite device far off in the distance. "Bahamut, use Hyper Beam to destroy the Evolution Inducement Ray once and for all!"

    "Not so mighty now, are you, Rockets?" Lyra smiled as the sparkling orange beam destroyed the satellite device with a massive explosion.

    "Let's head to Mahogany Town and help with the raid." Lance suggested as the group climbed in the car...


    Back at Team Rocket headquarters, a red haired lady in a glittering white executive's uniform answered the phone at her desk. "Hello?"

    "Ariana, we have trouble at the base!" James frantically explained over the chaos as the police force moved in to the Mahogany Town hideout, supported by Lance's female Dragonite, Tiamat. "The Evolution Inducement Ray was blown to smithereens!"

    "We need a 50-man backup, and--!" was as far as Jessie got before Ariana hung up the phone in frustration and disgust.

    "They ask for a 50 man backup...they can't even properly command five grunts." Ariana muttered as she got her office in order and started for the heliport on the headquarters' third floor. "If you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself..."


    Lance panicked as the Evolution Inducement Ray wore off on the Gyarados, causing it to thrash around and making the helicopters carrying it crash into the water. "I dread to know what an angry Gyarados would do to a land vehicle...." he mused as he found a safe place to pull over. "It's too dangerous to drive any more--the Gyarados could damage the road!" he warned as he shut the car off. "Let's continue following it on foot."

    "Got it!" Lyra called as she followed Lance down the road with the others not far behind.

    "Stay together!" came Lance's next instruction over the rumble of more Rocket helicopters and vehicles arriving.

    Misty swallowed hard as she watched the Gyarados start to charge a familiar blue watery beam. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

    "WAUGH!" Ash yelped as he jumped to avoid the Gyarados' Hydro Pump.

    "Ash..." Lance began. "A reversed Pokémon won't listen to reason, no matter how impassioned your pleas are. The only way to break Team Rocket's control over them--even only for a few moments--is the Swanna's song."

    Brock balked at this. "You know the Swanna Song too?"

    Lance nodded. "It awakened for me because of my deep bond with my dragons--although this is the first time I've ever had to sing it."

    "So, if Brock knows it thanks to his strong bond, I know it thanks to my bond with Tintri and meeting Legendaries, and you know it thanks to your bond...why don't we try singing it together?" Ash suggested.

    A smile formed on Lance's face. "An excellent idea, if a little risky--the power drain may actually be worse due to more people singing it. But as no one knows for sure what happens when multiple people sing the song, it's a risk I'm willing to take to save the town and millions of innocent lives."

    He motioned for Ash and Brock to form a circle and join hands. "Okay...I hope to Arceus this works." Lance began.

    With that, the three performers began. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto rozen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    As this line, a rainbow aura formed around Lance, Ash, and Brock, racing through their joined hands and creating a ring of light.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Ariana, meanwhile, watched in awe as the rainbow ring expanded over Mahogany Town, protecting it from the Gyarados' own Hyper Beam. "Okay! Everyone follow the Gyarados!" she commanded the hundreds of Rockets following her. "I'll deal with the rogues who've messed up our grand plan myself!"

    "We have to save the Gyarados!" Ash called as he motioned for Misty and Brock to follow him down the road in hopes of overtaking the Rocket brigade. Even though he and Brock were tired from their earlier performance, their desire to save the world had given them a new burst of strength.

    "Are you sure...you want...to do that?" Lance asked, wheezing from exhaustion at singing the Swanna Song. "After...you've sang...the Swanna Song?"

    "How convenient..." a familiar voice sneered, startling Lance. "Maybe now that the mighty dragon tamer has sung his last song, he'll be more easily destroyed!"

    "Archer!" Misty gasped as Archer and Ariana cornered Lance in the grass.

    Lance grimaced as he watched Archer summon his Fearow, and Ariana summon a Vileplume. "I won't...be beaten...so easily!" he wheezed as Bahamut and Tiamat landed beside him.

    He looked over at his Dragonites. "Bahamut, Tiamat, use Ice Beam!"

    Brock watched from the brush as both Dragonites fired a familiar blue-white beam, immediately defeating both Rocket Pokémon. "Good choice of move, there..." he smiled.

    "Good riddance..." Misty agreed as she watched Officer Jenny arrive to read Archer and Ariana their rights...


    "Ellie, Tackle the Raticate!" Ethan commanded. He had been locked in battle with Petrel inside the Radio Tower's master control room for more than an hour, but thanks to his Phanpy, he had gained the upper hand.

    [HAH!] Ellie's attack sent both Petrel and his Raticate flying into a pile of boxes, raining reels and tapes on top of them.

    Once sure Petrel nor his Raticate were going to be getting up, Ethan located the Rocket transmitter and heaved another Poké Ball skyward, revealing a Beedrill. "Sting, break the transmitter!"

    As the transmitter broke in half with a shower of sparks, Officer Jenny arrived in the room. "Well done, Ethan--you were very brave to take on a Rocket admin." she smiled as her partner read Petrel his rights.

    "I was just doing what I had to do to keep the region and its right to free expression safe." Ethan grinned, enamored in Dundee's victory dance as he did his best to clean up the damage the battle had caused.

    "Well, now that three of the four admins are in custody, I'll go with you to assure any remaining innocents that the Tower is secure, and all is well." Officer Jenny offered.


    "We have to do something!" Misty yelped as she dove to avoid a volley of Hyper Beams, which left craters on the road leading to Mahogany Town.

    "The Gyarados is heading straight for the center of town, so if you want to do something, do it now!" Brock agreed before rolling to dodge another Hyper Beam.

    Gatrandis favel, secret--! Ash started to sing, but was forced to jump out of the way of another Hyper Beam.

    "What good will singing the Swanna Song again do?" Misty demanded as the group collected themselves in the brush. "That will only tire you out even more!"

    "I wouldn't rule it out completely..." Lyra cautioned. "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

    "Ilsa, use Ice Beam!" The group watched as an older man summoned a beautiful white seal Pokémon, who fired a blue-white beam that froze the Gyarados in its tracks. "Pokémon and humans are not meant to be friends, and it's putting you all in danger." he muttered to the group as he departed back into the town.

    "But that's not true..." Lyra sighed.

    "Is it over?" Ash asked, changing the subject.

    The sound of ice cracking startled the group, but Brock noticed the Gyarados was going in the opposite direction! "We have a shot at calming it!" he called as he watched Bahamut and Tiamat fly to engage the angry Gyarados.

    Misty motioned for Ash to come closer. "Ash...this is gonna sound nuts coming from me, but think you can try to get off a second Swanna Song?"

    "I think so..." Ash replied. "I've recovered a little from my performance with Lance and Brock."

    "When I give the signal, I want you to jump in the air, and sing the song--you should be within firing range of the Gyarados." Misty instructed.

    She watched as Tiamat paralyzed the Gyarados with a Thunder Wave. "Now!"

    Ash nodded, and made a flying leap towards the water. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto rozen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    As this line, rainbow thunderbolts began forming in Ash's hands, giving the lake an otherworldly glow.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    With that, a wave of rainbow thunderbolts went flying at the Gyarados, defeating it once and for all as Ash fell into Misty's arms, exhausted...


    "I have to admit, Ash, using your Swanna Song a second time was a very brave move." Lance smiled as he climbed aboard Bahamut. "I want to thank you all for saving Johto...and the world."

    "It was an honor to help, Lance." Lyra smiled as the townsfolk cheered for the heroes that had saved their town, the region, and the world.

    "Yeah..." Ash smiled. "I'd do it all again if the world's ever in trouble!"

    "What's next, we get our own TV show?" Misty smiled, making the crowd laugh as she gently nudged Ash.

    Even Lance laughed at Misty's joke. "I'd definitely watch it...I have to return to the League, and inform the other Elites what has happened here."

    "Bye, Lance!" Ash waved goodbye as Lance, Bahamut, and Tiamat took off to thunderous cheers. "Fly safe!"

    Just then, Lyra's PokeNav buzzed. "Hello?"

    "Hi, Lyra--Ethan here." Ethan began. "The Radio Tower is safe again....everything clear on your end?"

    "Yeah!" Lyra smiled. "You missed Ash raining rainbow thunderbolts on an angry Gyarados!..."

    To Be Continued...
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