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Fanfiction Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Possibilities

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Encrylox, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Encrylox

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    Jan 22, 2017
    Chapter 1:

    A thought of silence. Yet it wasn't unaware. Not asleep, but very awake.

    … …

    Everything looked unfamiliar in its sight. It was bright, shining, as if a rainbow was coming from somewhere.

    … … …

    Confusion was the first emotion felt. As much as that presence wanted to keep silent, it's voice cannot be held back.


    It looked like a path. No… more like a tunnel. But to where, though?

    Where… Am I…?

    Another similar thought, reaffirming its confusion. It could see, but without the feeling of sight. Colors of different hues, a mix of blues, yellows, and purple created a surreal atmosphere. It didn't feel tangible, as if a surrounding mist was wrapped was around one's own conscious. His conscious.

    A-am I… dreaming?

    Despite the uncertainty of the sight around it, the light provided a weird sense of… comfort. It didn't carry any sort of dark intent. It was warm without a sense of touch. Suddenly, there was a change, one that was seen, a ripple coming from the light at the center spreading outward.


    It was another presence that wasn't felt earlier. But it wasn't just a feeling… it was…

    A voice..?

    The ripple disappeared, as if such a disturbance in this ether was paused.

    That… had to be one… I'm not imagining it…

    Then there was another ripple. A much bigger and more noticeable one. This time, instead of a silence, there was something more than that. He both felt and heard something.


    He has a heard a voice. It was faint, yet it can be heard as it was far away, wanting to become closer. The waves that were appearing in the tunnel was bigger now, starting to look like waves in the water.

    That has to be a voice...! Calling out… to me..!

    "You… You who can hear my voice… Might you be a human…?"

    One couldn't just simply respond to a sudden question, especially with that kind a question it is. Even though without a physical form, the very concept of a human was remembered. A human? It should be obvious!


    As soon as the answer was formed, there was a tinge of uncertainty that arose. Would such an answer be giving out information that should be obvious. Why was the question asked anyway? Why answer, when there was a possibility that there won't be a response?

    "Heed my call, human… Listen to my plea…"

    The voice carried a soft tone. There was no sense of aggression, only a tone of sadness and an inflection that was very sincere.

    "Please… This world… This Pokémon world… I must implore you… to save it… I… We need your-"

    It's as if previously a gentle wind was blowing into the light, a harsh disturbance coming as a flash of light coming from the center of the tunnel.


    The calm, colorful, serene atmosphere was suddenly torn, a screeching sound made as the sight looked like it had been torn. The tear though had left space that led to another sight. Instead of any semblance of the previous sight, it was a dark sight, rocks being lined everywhere and formed the walls, ceiling, and floor. It was a cave.

    W-what the-?!

    The space inside these caves wasn't empty though. There was something running away. Despite the darkness, there was enough to see a small creature that was mostly round with four short legs. It had a bright color of mostly pink, with a pattern of big purple flowers on the quadruped's fur.

    A Munna…?

    It was running away from something, looking from its face, eyes closed tightly head facing toward. One look from what was chasing it and it was terrifying to look at. A dragon with black and dark purple colors. It just didn't have one heads, as it had two additional heads coming from what looked like it's arms. It's heads had their mouths bared with their teeth menacingly.

    A Hydreigon?!

    It was flying with overtaking speed, closing the distance between the two of them.

    N-no…! Stop...!

    But what could one do if what all they can see is just that, with nothing that can be done to interfere with the chase? The Hydreigon looked even angrier as it approached the Munna, it's two arm heads extending out and-


    Before the potential horrific image came to be from the dark vision, it suddenly blacked out, cutting off what could be seen from the other side. Not even a moment later the bright colors and serene imagery came back, but it was different time, as there was only two dominant colors everywhere, blue and white. The white color was shaped in a way that resembled clouds sitting on the floor, with blue being under the cloud visage.

    W-what happened…? Those Pokémon…!

    The calm surroundings did not help with his current feelings. A Hydreigon chasing that Munna down, hunting it down even!

    I have to help them…! But how...?

    He didn't notice it at first, but there were splotches of gray starting to form in from of him, a blurry image being created by the clouds. He stopped thinking about the fire situation he just saw to look at what formed.

    Is this… a shadow?

    Instinctually, he thought of a motion to move, specifically an arm. But he felt something. Movement. The supposed shadow right in front of his vision moved with him.

    Wait… this isn't a shadow…

    The fuzzy image started to become more adhesive, there was less blurry lines between the light and dark, and it wasn't just a general gray that formed. The figure grew more clear, with a noticeable tinge of blue and yellow appearing with it.

    It's a reflection… but…

    The complete picture was hard to see, but it almost felt unfamiliar, but a little bit recognizable somehow. The reflection formed to a point where it wasn't a gray painting, now starting to show more color, variations of blue, yellow and white. With not a moment later, what's left of blurring the image in from of him, leaving a reflection that was clear to see, but what he saw...

    N-no… It can't be…!

    What was in front of him was completely not what he expected. The body is shaped like it resembled a frog, with slender legs and arms. It's head was oval-shaped, with two tall bumps coming from the top of them, and within those bumps were yellow eyes, black irises, and shiny white pupils. The nose looked like it was covered by two small white spheres. The arms were thin yet flexible, with fingers that are shaped to flow naturally in water, almost webbed. It wasn't just a bare frog-like body. From what looked like it, a fluffy white substance that resembled wool covered around the neck and was compacted around the back of the neck, with a small chunk of it going down the front. The color of light blue all covering most of the body, only contrasted by the white of the hands, a darker blue bridging from between the eyes to the nose.

    I… I look like a Froakie! But how...?!

    Still in disbelief, he reached out towards the reflection, with the arm that the image was reflecting repeating the same action as him. He moved his other arm, the same happened as well…

    His thoughts turned silent once more, both in shock and in awe. He moved his body again, starting to believe that he has become what he saw. He moved his fingers, and it felt odd compared to what would be human fingers. It felt more flexible, smooth. He moved his hands all around himself, his skin feeling smooth, almost slippery, even. Feeling the fluff on around his neck, it didn't feel like wool. It felt like soft cloth that almost stuck to his digits. His legs were vastly different from just being on two human legs, because there were made to be like a spring, bent to shape like they were meant to be used to hop, not walk. He felt weird trying to do so, as it was difficult to squash and stretch his legs to do such a simple motion. But strangely enough, it wasn't completely impossible, as if there was a small instinct that it felt… a bit natural to do it.

    There was a small anomaly in the landscape… There was something in the distance, something shining. An orb, maybe?

    He took a few small hops, being careful so that he won't fall, towards that direction. Within a few hops, the floor of fog dissipated a bit, and from what he saw, causing him to reel back a bit from surprise. The misty clouds covering the floor made it seem rather than it actually was. Now he saw there was a hole in where the orb was, shining in the center. The hole was as blue as the sky, looking very much if the sky was upside down. But he was standing on the level the hole was.

    A sky on the bottom…? That doesn't seem right…

    He wanted to reaffirm his suspicions. Taking a small gulp, he slowly peered over the edge, closing his eyes, expecting for an endless stretch of sky going downward. He opened them again only to see his own reflection perfectly.

    Whew… so it's a pond… But… I really did turn into a Froakie… This has to be a dream… this is impossible! But it feels so real…

    He reached out into the water, only to get about a half of his fingers in before hitting something solid. It was very shallow water that he could hop across on. Indeed he did hop on it, making a small splash, strangely none of the water being thrown into the air, only carried by the waves.

    He carried on with more hops to reach that orb in the center of the pool, stopping right when it was right in front of him. Nothing happened while standing right there. With that came a hint of curiosity, and a slight hint of cautious dread, as he slowly extended his hand towards it.

    The white tips of fingers touched the orb of light, and within a fraction of a second, There came bursts of blue light coming out of nowhere as they surrounded him and the pond. The wisps trailed into the pond, swirling around and forming unknown but patterns in it that resembled spiraling circles. Before he could wonder what they were forming, rays of bright light radiated from the pond, forcing him to close his eyes but could only dim it so much that he still saw it. He had an instinct to get away from the pond, and fast! He tried to move himself, but he could've as he was weighed down and kept in place. He couldn't help but shield himself from the light that increased in intensity as the pillar of it enveloped around him to the point where nothing but white could be seen.


    He felt nothing for a moment, then felt something hitting him from the front. It was.. wind! But he didn't feel like he was standing on anything. But that could mean…

    He opened his eyes. What came to him was a rush of a vast array of colors. The blue sky, splotched with streaks of white, the sun shining above the horizon. A glimpse down and he could see trees, a gigantic forest of rounded trees were scattered across the landscape, almost blocking the ground below. He saw a peak of a mountainside just standing near the horizon. So much of the landscape filled a coast of water, sands of the desert, rocks of canyons. All of this information that he processed before realizing why he could see it all.

    He was falling, and from a great distance up at high speed no less. The ground was getting closer, unbelievably closer at the velocity he was falling at. His breath was stolen away for a brief second before the shock caused him to scream.

    "AAAAAAAAAH! IIIM FAAAAAAAALLIIIIING!" He yelled at the top of his lungs at nothing but air as he moved his arms and legs, trying to slow himself down in some way, but to no avail. He could only watch himself see the ground getting even closer. If he hits the ground at this speed he would…!

    "S-SOMEONE HEEEEELLLP MEEEEEEE!" He screamed again, but knowing it was a fruitless endeavor. There was nothing but the quickly approaching landscape. His heart beat faster and faster, breathing in and out rapidly to stop, then rapidly fire again. His brain couldn't handle the overload of adrenaline and fear. Before he could see himself hit the ground, everything quickly went white.
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  2. Encrylox

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    Jan 22, 2017
    "Uwaaah! Someone help me!" We're words that reverberated across the line trees of the forest. As they were yelled out, it came with it a rustling of grass being trodden on haphazardly with no consideration, accompanied by heavy, panicked breathing from the one who screamed. It was a quadruped, swinging its legs back and forth and big strides as fast as it can. Its fur was covered in a dark, a shade of ebony that contrasted from the rays of sunlight that were shingling through the gaps between the trees. It had a long bushy tail that was waving wildly, not even touching the ground as the running Pokémon kept it from getting gravity to affect it. Around its neck was a fluff of fur that was darker than the rest of its body, shaped as it was moved by the wind in one direction. It had pointed furry ears on its head, with a fluff of hair between them, having highlights the same color of the bottom of its legs. It was carrying a brown satchel that was rustling with assortments of items in it.

    The Pokémon's head turned back to briefly look at what was pursuing it, only to see an arc of white light streaking vertically in its direction.

    SCHWING! Came the sound of screeching claws cutting across the air. The sight and sound of this attack caused its eyes to widen, reflexively making a short hop to the side as the ark missed it. As it did, it only got a glimpse of its attacker.

    Running on two legs, with arms that resembled claims more than fingers, it was running too. But it was running towards the one who was in front of it. It had red appendages looking like feathers attached to the side of its head and and act as its tail. It had a jewel on its forehead and sharp looking eyes.

    "Get back here you damn Zorua!" It screamed out in an angry masculine tone. He was running at nearly the same speed as the fox Pokémon in front of it. "Give me back my satchel!"

    The only response that he got was the Zorua running faster, gaining a bit more distance in from of him. That just made him scowl and grind his teeth.

    "Grrrraahh!" The footsteps became faster and faster from the both of them, one trying to catch and the other avoiding to be caught. They dashed through the trees, weaving between them, both of them unwilling to give up.

    "I've had enough of this!" The clawed Pokémon exclaimed as he shifted his head directly at the Zorua. "Icy Wind!"

    The air suddenly became cold behind the Zorua, the wind picking up her faster. It was coming so fast that it almost made them lose their contact to the ground, but just enough for her to stumble.. And that wasn't the only thing that the wind did. Specks of white crystals blew past them, some of them speeding towards their body.

    "N-Ngh…!" It felt like dozens of tiny pebbles striking against their fur. T-this is bad…! Oh why did I think of doing this?! I didn't know I'd be up against a Sneasel!

    They didn't have time to think about regretting why they was being chased because the cold caused their strides to become smaller, slowing down as a consequence.

    "I've got you now!" The Sneasel was closing the distance between them, smiling as he anticipated of ending the hunt by striking her down! He readied his claws, ready to slash right at them.

    The Zorua grimaced. I've come too far to fail now…! They thought. They continued to run, but it was just an attempt to delay the inevitable. They were really starting to panic now, hoping that something would happen to halt the Sneasel's pursuit.

    As the distance between them got even closer, the canopy of the trees blocking the sky were gone, sunlight fully shining down on the both of them.

    I can't run anymore! I… I need to fight back! I have to!

    "It's useless to run away now!" The Sneasel yelled as he jumped forward, bringing his claws back to ready his claws right at the dark fox, a joyful smile on his fanged teeth.

    It's now or never! Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks as the bipedal Pokémon was in mid jump, sharply turning their body in a flash, front paws swinging back to swing right at the clawed fiend.

    "W-what?!" The Sneasel's eyes widened as the Zorua's claws were headed right at him, going at a high speed. And with his current momentum, it left him open to attack if he attacked now. He had to do defend himself or risk getting damage to his body or face! He crossed his arms in the front of him as the fox's claws struck right at them, causing lines of claw marks to appear on them.

    "G-grahhh!" He growled in pain as he was knocked back from the swipes of the Zorua's claws, landing a short distance from them in the clearing. He landed as best as he could, his left knee buckling a bit, bending more to the point he was kneeling down.

    Now's my chance! Without a moment of hesitation, the dark fox charged right towards him, claws at the ready to strike at him again.

    The Sneasel's sight picked up the speeding fox that was aimed to attack him. "You dare to attack me?!" He quickly stood up and swiftly stepped to the side, causing the Zorua to miss him. Before they could turn at him, He raised one of legs and swiftly raised them at the fox's side.

    "Ack…!" Was all that they could say, the breath being driven out of them, their body flung to the side, rolling until they were left facing upwards. They briefly got a glimpse of sky and saw something… strange. It looked like a small dot…No… it wasn't circular enough… but...

    The Sneasel wasn't done yet, taking a few breaths to recover from the stinging pain from his arms. "Hah… Look at what you've done! Cutting my arms…!" He hissed. He observed one of them, trying to take measure of how much damaged that strike was. He could see the lines of where they were cut, and saw a small streak of red liquid coming from one of them. He was bleeding, not by a lot, but he was. He looked with disgust.

    The Zorua was still distracted by the object falling from the sky, there were distinct lumps from the dot. That isn't some rock… it was…

    A Pokémon from the sky?! They thought. And it's falling right towards us…! Their eyes widened as she thought of an idea.

    "I'll make you pay for what you've done... including stealing what I rightfully own!"

    The Zorua snapped back to what was happening. If I could just distract him… Just for a bit...

    "Y-you don't own it… it belongs to my client…!" They retorted.

    The Sneasel scowled. "Oh, I see… You're in one of those exploration teams, huh?"

    The Zorua rolled back over to look back at him. "N-not… exactly…" they said, still somewhat out of breath from being flung by the kick in their sides.

    "You aren't? I see, you're just an imitator of them, just like your kind! Just a fake! You don't even have a badge to prove it!"

    The Zorua kept silent. He was right… they aren't an official explorer… but now's not the time to think about that! If he can just talk a bit more, even if it doesn't hit him… that's when the perfect chance to strike will open!

    "It's better that you don't even join one! Everyone who's part of one is weak and can't rely on themselves when they have to! Working alone is the best way to survive in this backstabbing world!"

    What the Sneasel was saying made her wince. Not because he was wrong, but he was partially right. It was hard just doing things alone...

    "... Hehe…" the fox chuckled.

    The Sneasel was caught off guard. "Hey! What're you laughing for?!"

    "Oh nothing… I'm sure working alone can work out great… It might be even necessary... but there's a problem to that…" The Zorua's mouth turned upward into a full on grin. "There'd be no one to help you when you're about to be defeated!"

    "You think so, huh?! You're the one who's gonna-!" Was all he said before he saw a streak of blue dash in the front of his sight. His eyes widened as he suddenly stepped back.


    Dust and grass scattered everywhere suddenly, causing him to cover his eyes and cross his arms in the front of him. "How the hell-?!"

    "You should've stopped yapping and struck me down while you had the chance!" They yelled back as of their paws quickly reached into the bag.

    "You…!" Despite being unable to see clearly by the amount of dust in the air, he could still see the silhouette of the fox. "I can still see you! You're tricks ain't up to snuff!"

    He readied his legs and ran right at her, making a few steps in the cloud of dust he was in toward the Zorua. "You're done for!" He screamed as readied his claws. He saw the cloud of dust disappearing, sprinting even faster, smiling in anticipation of victory. He saw the Zorua with on of their paws extended as if they threw something. He briefly looked slightly down, seeing something brown and oval shaped speeding right at him. And it hit him.

    BOOM! There wasn't enough time to process what just happened. All that the Sneasel felt right after that sound is feeling the wind coming behind him, the trees coming farther away.

    The Zorua was not not that far away from the blast as well, being pushed back by the fleece of wind, causing her to tumble as well.

    A thud sounded, feeling his body being struck by the ground, all he could do was just in grunt out in pain. A moment later, the smoke cleared, leaving him laying on the ground, in shock of the blast.

    "H-how…?" He gasped out, his breath shaking, feeling himself becoming numb.

    "Heh… just plain luck… I hope my client will forgive me for using one of their items…" the Zorua lamented.

    "Hnngh... Damn… you…" he panted out before he became limp, losing consciousness.

    "Good grief…" The Zorua sighed and let their body fall flat back the ground again, just relaxing after the rush that just happened. "Glad that's taken care of... who knew a Pokémon would fall from the sky… and here of all places... Speaking of which…"

    They turned to see the impact made from the Pokémon who fell, a whole ditch was formed across a short distance in the middle of the clearing.

    "I hope they're okay…" They stood up and turned their body side to side, shaking off some of the fur that caught the dirt caused by the impact. She walked slowly towards the end of the ditch where they got a clearer look at the Pokémon that fell.

    "A Froakie…" And by the looks of it was an unconscious one. They stepped closer to inspect for injuries. They gasped… as there weren't any that were seen. Not even a single bruise. There was something else, too. The Froakie was breathing.

    But… how? That fall was fast enough to smash anyone flat!

    "Hey… are you okay…?" they shaked the unconscious frog slightly with their paws. No response. They shook him harder. A twitch came from of its fingers. "Come on... wake up...!"

    A small mumble came, then… its eyes opened.
  3. Encrylox

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    Jan 22, 2017
    Ohhh… Everything's… spinning…

    After falling from such a height, everything was in such a whirl. He couldn't move himself.

    "Hey….wake…" A faint voice called out to him. A boy or girl voice, he didn't know. It was too hard to tell.

    Is someone calling… to me? Oww… My head… It hurts so much…

    Then, he felt something, or rather, something touching him on his side. He felt it pushing against him, causing his body to move along with it. Someone was trying to get him to respond.

    "Unnnh…" He groaned. His eyes were barely open, seeing only huge blues of green and blue with the sunlight shining. But he saw something else different, a figure looming over him, colored with a dark purple with small red highlights.

    Gotta… open my eyes…

    Within a few seconds his eyes slowly opened… the blurriness clearing a whole lot more… He finally saw what was staring at him. It looked like a fox, with pointy ears, bright blue eyes, and a tuft of fur on the top of the center of its head. He immediately recognized that it was a Zorua.

    "Are you alright…?" They asked.

    H-huh?! His eyes widened as he couldn't believe what was coming out of the Pokémon's mouth. It gave him so much of a shock that it caused him to jolt his head upwards suddenly.

    "Woah! Watch it!" The Zorua immediately backed their head away from the Froakie's head, only to barely avoid from getting headbutted by him.

    "Oof… ow…" He immediately felt his head hurt again, the dizzying feeling coming back. But he couldn't stop staring at the fox.

    "Huh… I guess you aren't. I should've guessed since you hit your head…" They said, staring back with worry.

    "Am I dreaming right now…?" Was the words that came out of him in response to the Zorua talking. A Pokémon, talking?! H-how…?

    "What…?" The Zorua turned their head, confused. "Wow… you must've really hit your head…"

    "Wait!" The Froakie interjected. "It's not that… it's that you can talk…"

    "... But you're talking," they said back. Was that a joke? He couldn't tell with the confused tone they said it in.

    "O-oh… yeah…" He looked at his arms. They're blue and white as a Froakie's. I'm still a Pokémon… Heh… I guess I can understand them because of that.

    "You're strange, you know that? Falling from the sky like you did. And without having any bruises from hitting the ground, too," The dark-type said.

    "Eh? Oh…" He was suddenly reminded of why he was here. The ditch he was in indicated he hit the ground very hard. But he felt fine despite the head pain, which was starting to fade away slowly. "Yeah, that's really weird… All that hurts is my head."

    "I see… do you know why you fell from the sky? I don't see how a water type of all Pokémon would just do that."

    "Um, well, this is gonna sound really strange, but… I'm a human..."

    "A human, huh? Is that so…?" The Zorua seemed to focus more attention to him. They began to pace around him, tail swaying slowly. They had a suspicious look on their face, with one their eyebrows raised. "You look like a Froakie to me..."

    "But I'm telling the truth! I swear!" He exclaimed. He assumed that he didn't want to get any into trouble with that look on their face. But he couldn't really lie about it either.

    "Are you really?" They asserted.

    "Y-yeah… but…" he realized something. All that he knows is that he is was human. But there weren't any specific details about it that he can't recall. His past life and his other memories, he couldn't remember. They were gone. "I can't remember anything else other than that…"

    "Hm. You don't look like the lying type, but just to make sure…" They suddenly leaned in forward, their eyes looking very serious and almost seemed to stare through him. "Answer me this, then… am I a guy… or a girl?"

    What…? What kind of question is that?! The frog Pokémon was caught aback by the question. I mean, I figured they wouldn't believe me right away, but why ask that kind of question?!

    "Well?" The Zorua asked, still staring at him.

    "Erm… a guy, I guess...?" He quickly answered, almost fumbling his speech. It was the first thing the popped in his head. Being given only a few moments to answer, it just blurted out of his mouth. It was a 50/50 chance, so he might as well say something.

    "Hm…" they continued to stare intensely for a few seconds, before pulling back again, their mouth turning upwards into a grin. "Heh, you guessed right." It felt like all the air of suspicion that they carried was gone. "Though I'm pretty sure you guessed it."

    "Huh? Excuse me, but how is that supposed to get you to believe that I'm a human?"

    "Oh, it doesn't. I just wanted to see how you'd react to a question like that. If you say you were a human, then I believe you. Like I said, you don't seem to look like the lying kind of Pokémon," The fox said with a small smile.

    That left the former human dumbfounded. His jaw was was hung open a little from just the… for lack of a better term, surprise at the willingness of the Zorua to believe him.

    "With that out of the way, what's your name? I just can't have myself calling you Froakie all the time, do I? If you can remember it, that is."

    N-name…? All this one, and I didn't even bother to think of my name?! Think… what was it…!? Then… it suddenly came to him, among the things he couldn't remember, his name wasn't one of them.

    "Caesar," was the name that came out of his mouth.

    "Well then, Caesar! Pleased to meet you! You can call me Noir!" The fox greeted back.

    Well… you certainly warmed up to me fast. Though you don't barely know me at all. But I am lucky I didn't wake up to meet someone worse…

    "Oh! I really should thank you for falling, though. You saved my fur!"

    "Eh? What do you…?" The Froakie looked around a bit to see that someone else was lying on the ground, clearly unconscious and covered in dirt. "Oh… I see. Did I do that?" He asked, bewildered at the unconscious Sneasel, covered in dirt and cuts. "But I couldn't have made those cuts on them."

    "Well… It was more like you provided the perfect distraction. You should've seen the look on his face when you hit the ground! He was like, 'Oh no! Someone fell from the sky and almost hit me! You didn't fool me!' Hehe!" He imitated while mocking the unconscious ice type.

    Yep… he's a bit weird, I'll give him that.

    "Um, you're welcome?" Caesar said awkwardly.

    "Now we can get back and get our reward!" Noir said proudly.

    "Wait a minute. Us?"

    "Yep! Consider this a team effort, even though I just met you! You deserve half of it!"

    "Er...O-okay…" Caesar still was still unnerved at the Zorua's attitude. "But why? I only crashed in here by accident."

    "Hmm… I just wanna give you the benefit of the doubt, I suppose. It's this feeling I'm getting from you," The fox looked to the side for the satchel on him. He opened it up and rummaged around a bit and pulled out an Oran Berry, passing it to the water type. "Here you go! It should get you up and running!"

    Caesar felt the berry on his plan as it landed on his hand. It felt weird, having three digits than having a human's five of them, but it's just what he'll have to get used to it for… however long he's gonna be in this place. He said his thanks before eating it, the sweet juices landing on his taste buds. It almost felt like he was munching on soft candy, but not so much that it didn't make him uncomfortable. Soon whatever pain he had felt in him disappear like water washing away footprints in the beach.

    He felt active enough to move himself again, stretching his legs a bit and rubbing off the dust that got on him. "Mmm... that hit the spot…"

    "Hm, looks like I owe them a Blast Seed and an Oran Berry, unless…" Noir murmured.

    "Owe who what now?" Caesar asked.

    "Oh, right! This bag. It got stolen by the Sneasel, and I wanted to get it back to them. Shame I couldn't get my own bag with me… They were running away so fast that I couldn't lose him. If we can get a few spares in the mystery dungeon on the way back… although we could lose more items in the process… Unless we go through it quickly enough..."

    "Mystery… Dungeon…?" Caesar asked. Even though he recognized what and what kind of Pokémon there were, the term 'Mystery Dungeon' was foreign to him.

    "Ah! I should explain, since you said you only had memories of being human and nothing else," Noir said as he raised a paw to his bottom jaw. "Basically, it's like… well… actually it's a bit hard to explain."

    "Oh," He said, a bit disappointed by the lack of explanation.

    Noir continued to ponder for a moment. "Hey, I got an idea! Why don't we go through one together, then! We'll go through the one I mentioned!"

    "But you just said-" Caesar started to say but was interrupted.

    "I know that! But I'm at least sure that they'd be willing to lose something! They looked nice, at least…" He said, smile fading a bit, doubt clearly setting in him.

    "But... what if they aren't?" Caesar asked. He also had doubts, as he thought of what would happen if that was true, and by the looks of it Noir had similar thoughts running through his mind as well.

    The Zorua shook his head to get those thoughts out of his head. "D-don't say that, Caesar! It only gets me worried! They have to at least understand why. I'm willing to take that risk!" He reaffirmed himself as he started to walk towards the edge of the small clearing.

    "Come on! We don't wanna waste daylight just by standing around here!" He said as he passed by the unconscious Sneasel. He turned his head towards him, smile disappearing for just a second, replaced one with a more serious expression. "And I hope you learn not to mess with a Zorua like me, you got it?" He said to him, only to reach for his bag and pulled out another Oran Berry and set it right beside him.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Just… hoping that he won't cause us any more trouble again, alright?" Noir said solemnly, with his smile returning after a second as he resumed walking.

    "Noir, h-hey! Wait up!" The Froakie rushes to get back up fully on his legs and hop to him. Noir was walking at a leisurely place, wanting him to catch up. He didn't see the Zorua's expression even as he came closer. It didn't take long before he catches up to him.

    Caesar didn't know why, but he was starting to like that weird attitude that he's seeing from him. It felt… almost like they were meant to meet each other..

    "Well then, Caesar, I'll just show you the basics as we go through this place, alright? We'll be through in around an hour or so."

    "Got it," the Froakie looked back at the fox, determination on his face. Noir just smiled back.

    The surrounding forest trees seemed to repeat themselves as they started to get under the canopy of the forest, with Noir guiding the front and Caesar trailing in the back.

    "I don't know if I consider meeting you lucky, but I do know this! I won't have to be alone with you at my side!" Noir cheerily yipped.

    Caesar smiled back, as if Noir's positivity was spreading towards him. He might as well consider to be lucky to meet him.

    "Unnnnngghhhh…" A voice in the clearing groaned out. It was the Sneasel that was left behind. He slowly regained consciousness, pain still aching through his body. He had a flash of what happened right before he was knocked out.

    "Blast Seed… I should've known…clever bastard got me good..." He struggled to get up, only for his body to thud on the ground again. With his injuries, he wasn't sure he was even going to get out of here without passing out again.

    "Argh… when I see that Zorua again… They're gonna get's what coming to them..." he was going to vent his anger more until he saw the Oran Berry that was sitting right next to him. He could only stare at it for a few seconds. It would've been easy for them to leave him for dead, but…

    He grabbed it before he took a bite out of it, his aches starting to dull somewhat. He sat down and looked around the leafy trees and the quiet rustling of them from the wind that blew through here. He couldn't see him around from where he's at. He must've left a while ago. He also so the ditch where the impact occurred, where it was empty and the end. It must've been someone that fell from the sky. He had heard of such incidents happening recently, but for one to crash here? What a good time for that to happen.

    "Why…?" He wondered. It was all though his mind as he ate. Why leave him something to heal up with? Why not just leave him to get his comeuppance? What about the one that fell from the sky? He stayed put, eyes looking down, thinking about it until he got better enough to get himself stand up again. He couldn't focus on that now. He needed to get back with the others.

    "You got lucky, Zorua… really lucky…"


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