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Pokémon SpongeBob

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Latias 4.5, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Latias 4.5

    Latias 4.5 Bug Catcher

    Level 6
    Sep 2, 2017
    Great BallGreat Ball
    Ah, the Alola region...so facinating. So wonderful. Here, we see Melemele Island, teeming with life. Home to one of my favorite Pokémon, Rowlet. Yes, of course he lives in a treehouse, you silly.

    The alarm clock inside the treehouse went off, and Rowlet shut it off and climbed up the ladder on the side of the bed.

    "Today's the big day, Gary!" Rowlet said to his pet Caterpie. "Look at me, I'm...naked!" He jumped off the diving board and landed in the exercise room. "Gotta be in top physical condition for today." He tried to lift a barbell balanced by two stuffed animals, but almost passed out due to it being to heavy for him. "I'm ready!" Rowlet announced as he flew out of his house. "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!" He flew by a rock in a lake that belonged to a Popplio.

    "Go, Rowlet!" Popplio cheered, before slipping and falling into the water.

    "There it is. The finest eating establishment ever established for eating. The Crusty Crabrawler, the most famous restaurant in all of Alola. With a Help Wanted sign in the window! For years I've been dreaming of this moment! I'm gonna go in there, march straight to the manager, look at him straight in the eye, lay it on the line and...I can't do this!" Rowlet started to run back home when Popplio stopped him. "Uh, Popplio!"

    "Where do you think you're going?"

    "I was just..."

    "No, you're not. You're going to the Crusty Crabrawler and get that job!"

    "I can't, don't you see? I'm not good enough!"

    "Whose first words were 'may I take your order'?"

    "Mine were."

    "Who made a spatula out of toothpicks in wood shop?"

    "I did."

    Popplio thought for a moment. "Who's a...who's uhh, oh! Who's a small round owl with a bowtie?"

    "I am!"

    "Who's ready?"

    "I'm ready!

    "Who's ready?"

    "I'm ready!"

    "Who's ready?"

    "I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!" Rowlet ran over to the Crusty Crabrawler where a Litten was cleaning off graffiti from the window.

    "Oh no, Rowlet. What could he possibly want?" Litten then saw the help wanted sign on the window, and quickly ran inside. "Mr. Crabrawler! Hurry, Mr. Crabrawler, before it's too late, I gotta tell you-"

    "Permission to come aboard, captain!" Rowlet announced. "I've been training my whole life for the day I could join the Crusty Crew, and now I'm ready." Rowlet entered the building, but then tripped on a nail, causing him to bounce against the ceiling and ricochets around the building. Finally, he rolled to a stop in front of Litten and Crabrawler. "So, uh, when do I start?"

    "Well lad, it looks like you don't even have your sea legs."

    "Mr. Crabrawler, please. I'll prove I'm fry cook material. Ask Litten, he'll vouch for me."

    Litten and Crabrawler quickly ran away from Rowlet and Litten took a deep breath. "No." Crabrawler winked and then the two of them went back to Rowlet.

    "Well lad, we'll give you a test, and if you pass, you'll be on the Crusty Crew! Go out and fetch me...a hydrodynamic spatula...with um, port-and-starboard attachments, and uh...turbo drive! And don't come back till you get one!"

    "Aye, aye, captain! One hydrodynamic spatula, with port-and-starboard attachments, turbo drive, coming right up, sir!"

    "Carry on!" Crabrawler called out as Rowlet left. "We'll never see that lubber again."

    "You're terrible! A hydro-what?" Litten and Crabrawler started laughing just as Rowlet left the restaurant. As he made his way out of town, a school of fish headed over to the Crusty Crabrawler.

    Litten and Crabrawler stopped laughing when Crabrawler smelled something. "Do you smell it? That smell...the kind of smelly smell...the smelly smell that smells...smelly." His eyes went wide. "Wishiwashi."

    "What?" Litten asked.

    "WISHIWASHI!" Crabrawler yelled as the place became surrounded by a bunch of blue and white fish Pokémon.

    "Please, please, quiet!" Litten shouted, and the place went silent. "Is this any way to behave, hmm?"

    "Meep!" A random Wishiwashi said.

    "Could we show a little decency and form a neat, single file line in front of the register?" There was silence for a second, and then the Wishiwashi started to attack the boat.

    Meanwhile, Rowlet entered the shopping district in Hau'oli City looking for the special spatula.

    Litten and Crabrawler were being tossed around in the boat by the Wishiwashi. "All hands on deck! Get your anchors out of your pants!"

    "One single file line was all I asked!"

    "Whoa! Batten down the hatches, Mr. Litten!" Crabrawler shouted as he and Litten were tossed into the air. "Were taking on water, Mr. Litten!" They were tossed into the air again. "I want my mommy, Mr. Litten!"

    "Do do do do do do, spatula, spatula, port-and-starboard attachments." Rowlet sang to himself.

    "Mon overboard! Climb, Mr. Litten! Climb!" Crabrawler and Litten started to climb that mast, and then the Wishiwashi transformed into their terrifying school form to try to get them down.

    "This is the end! Goodbye, Mr. Litten!"

    "Oh, Mr. Crabrawler!" The two of them started to cry, but then someone flew into the restaurant with the spatula.

    "Permission to come aboard captain! Did someone order a spatula?" Rowlet asked. Litten and Crabrawler stuttered in complete shock. "That's right! One hydrodynamic spatula with port-and-starboard attachment, and let's not forget the turbo drive!" Two spatulas poped out of the sides and smacked Litten and Crabrawler in the face as they spun around. "Would you believe they only had one in stock? To the kitchen! Who's hungry?!"

    Rowlet flew into the kitchen as Living in the Sunlight, Loving in the Moonlight played. He started producing all kinds of food to feed all of the hungry Wishiwashi. Eventually, every single one of them was fed and the place was empty.

    "That was the finest fast foodsmanship I've ever seen, Mr. Rowlet! Welcome aboard!" Crabrawler gave Rowlet a name tag.

    "But, but Mr. Crabrawler..." Litten began.

    "Three cheers for Rowlet! Hip hip!"

    "Hooray, Mr."

    "Hip hip!"


    "Hip hip!"

    "Hooray. Mr. Crabrawler!"

    "I'll be in my quarters, counting up the booty." Crabrawler pushed a wheelbarrow filled with money into his office when Popplio entered.

    "Good morning, Crusty Crew!"

    "What would you like to order, Popplio?" Rowlet asked.

    "One malasada, please." Rowlet flew into the kitchen and fired several malasadas through the window, sending Popplio flying out of the restaurant.

    "Mr. Crabrawler! Mr. Crabrawler! Mr. Crabrawler, come and see your new employee!" Litten yelled frantically.
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  2. Latias 4.5

    Latias 4.5 Bug Catcher

    Level 6
    Sep 2, 2017
    Great BallGreat Ball
    "Ahh, finally the weekend is here." Litten sighed contently. "And this just isn't any old weekend. This is the weekend that Rowlet and Popplio go camping. Wouldn't it be great if they got lost in the woods and never came back? That would be great!" He jumped into his bed. "You've waited a long time for this! A soft bed, warm tea, a good book, and two whole days with no..." Litten imitated Rowlet's laugh, and then went to relaxing, but then he suddenly heard Rowlet's actual laugh. "What the?" He went outside where Rowlet and Popplio were in a tent laughing. "Rowlet! Aren't you two supposed to be camping?"

    "We are camping." Rowlet answered.

    "Rowlet, it's not camping if you're ten feet from your house."

    "Aww, it doesn't matter where you are as long as you're outdoors. While all those soft city folks are safe in their beds reading books, we're out here, pitting ourselves against the formidable force of nature. You wanna join us?"


    "Okay. Have fun inside." As soon as Litten left, Rowlet and Popplio took out their book and started giggling again. Litten poked his head back into the tent glaring at them.

    "What do you mean have fun inside?"

    "Just...have fun inside! See you tomorrow."

    "Oh. Bye." Litten left the tent, but then quickly went back in and gasped. "You little sneak! I see what you're doing?"


    "Don't think I can't see what you're doing!"


    "You're saying I can't take it!"

    "But all I..."

    "Aah. You're saying I'm soft! You think your little 'have fun inside' challenge is gonna make me come camping with you, but that is never gonna happen! There's no way I'm gonna sit out here all night with you two losers! So, get used to it!" Litten then left the tent.

    "Okay. Have fun inside!"

    "THAT'S IT! I'M IN! I'll show you camping!" Litten shouted as he ran into his house.

    "Litten's gonna come camping with us!" Rowlet whispered to Popplio, and they giggled as they got out of their tent.

    Litten came out of his house with a large backpack. "Now you'll see how a real..." He fell face-forward onto the ground. "...outdoorsmon does it!" Litten climbed out from underneath the backpack and pulled something out. "Here we are, my remote-controlled, self-assembling tent. Watch and learn." Rowlet took out a pair of binoculars and Popplio took out a notepad. Litten pressed the button on the remote, but the power fizzled out and the tent fell out into a pile on the ground.

    "That was great Litten, but how do you get inside?" Rowlet asked.

    "Yeah, it's all crushy-looking."

    "It isn't put up yet, you idiots!" Litten picked up the tent and started to fiddle with it, only for it to rip.

    "Customization!" Rowlet exclaimed as he and continued to take notes.


    Litten started to beat the tent with a stick. "He's tenderizing the ground!"

    "Of course!"

    Litten continued to struggle with the tent. "Write that down, write that down!" Popplio continued to take notes, but he was really playing a game of tic-tac-toe.

    Litten gave the pile a huge kick, and it automatically became a perfect tent. "Huh? Voila!" The tent then collapsed back into a pile. "But what could compare to just living out under the stars?" Litten took out a blanket and placed it on the ground as Rowlet and Popplio clapped vigorously. "Well, I've worked up an appetite as big as all outdoors. Time for a little grub. I suppose you two are gonna stew up some twigs and rocks, right?"

    Rowlet laughed. "Nope, we've got something even better! Marshmallows." He pulled out a bag of marshmallows and popped one into his mouth. "Just like the astronauts eat."

    Popplio imitated a static noise. "Popplio to Rowlet. Popplio to Rowlet. Do you read me? Over."

    "Rowlet to Popplio. I read you. Over."

    "Popplio to Rowlet. I like going...over."

    "Rowlet to Popplio. Me too." Rowlet and Popplio continued to make static noises, much to Litten's annoyance. "Rowlet to Popplio. Help yourself. Over."

    "Yummy!" Popplio stuffed the marshmallow into his mouth. "Popplio to Rowlet. The deliciousness has landed!"

    "Well, you two astronauts can eat marshmallows, but I'm gonna have a can of fresh spam, just as soon as I get the opener."

    "But Litten, didn't your trainer get you de-clawed last week? Shouldn't you have packed a can opener?" Rowlet asked.

    "Why would I bother? We're ten feet from my house."

    "But this is the wilderness! It just doesn't seem to fit the camping spirit."

    "Pretty weenie!"

    "Alright, alright, gimme a marshmallow." Litten started to lightly toast his marshmallow. Popplio was roasting his marshmallow right across, but then it caught on fire and quickly blew it onto Litten's face. He tried another one and it caught on fire again. This time Litten ducked as Popplio blew the marshmallow, but it quickly went and hit him in the back of his head. "Okay. Besides spitting molten foodstuffs at me, what else do you do for fun?"

    "Well, after a long day of camping, it's nice to unwind with a nice, relaxing campfire song. I call this one the Campfire Song Song." Rowlet took out a ukulele and began to sing.

    Rowlet: Let's gather 'round the campfire and sing our campfire song. Our C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song. And if you don't think that we can't sing it faster, then you're wrong. But it'll help if you just sing along...

    Popplio: Bum! Bum! Bum!

    Rowlet: C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song! And if you don't think that we can't sing it faster, then you're wrong! But it'll help if you just sing along... C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song! Popplio!

    Popplio: SONG! C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E...

    Rowlet: Litten!

    Litten: ...

    Rowlet: Good! It'll help...it'll help if you just sing along! (Smashes ukulele on the ground until Popplio slams a drum on him) OH, YEAH!

    "Ahh, now wasn't that relaxing?" Rowlet asked.

    "No! This is relaxing." Litten got out a Pokéflute and started to play it.

    "Oh no! I'll save you, Litten!" Rowlet fired a marshmallow at Litten, which went into the flute and into his throat. "Litten, are you alright? That's it, chew, chew, and swallow. There, better?"

    "Better?! I was just fine until you lodged that ballistic junk food into my windpipe!"

    "But I had to! It's too dangerous to play a Pokéflute badly out here in the wilderness! It might attract..." Rowlet briefly looked behind himself and then whispered in Litten's ear. "A Bewear."

    "A Bewear? You mean like the ones that...don't exist?!"

    "What are you saying?"

    "There's no such thing! They're just a myth!"

    "Oh no Litten, Bewears are all too real. It says so in the Alola Region Inquirer." Rowlet said as he held up a magazine.

    "I Married a Bewear?"

    "Yeah, and Fake Science Monthly!" Popplio added, holding up another magazine.

    "Bewears and Fairy Tales are Real? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"

    "Well, maybe it is stupid, but it's also dumb!"

    "Popplio's right, Litten. Bewears are no laughing matter. Why, once I met this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy's cousin..."

    "You're right! I should be more careful. In fact, why don't you tell me all of the things I shouldn't do if I want to keep the Bewears away?"

    "Okay, that's easy. First off, don't play a Pokéflute."

    "Okay. Then what?"

    "Never wave a flashlight back and fourth really fast."

    "Flashlights are their natural prey."

    "You're kidding."

    "Don't stomp around. They take that as a challenge."

    Litten was writing down everything. "Go on."

    "Don't ever eat cheese."

    "Sliced or cubed?"

    Rowlet and Popplio whispered to each other. "Cubed. Sliced is fine."

    "Yeah, yeah, and?"

    "Never wear a sombrero..." Rowlet began.

    "In a goofy fashion!" Popplio added.

    "Or clown shoes."

    "Or a hoop skirt."

    "And never..."


    "Ever...Screech like a Chimchar!"

    "Wow! That's amazing how many things can set a Bewear off!"

    "They're horrible!" Rowlet and Popplio whimpered as they held onto each other.

    "And...and suddenly I have the sense we're all in danger."


    "I don't know..." Litten ran off and came back with all of the things that attract Bewears with a sinister grin. "Just a feeling!"

    Rowlet and Popplio were completely horrified. "No."


    "Litten, please don't!" Rowlet and Popplio begged as Litten began stomping and waving the flashlight around while screeching like a Chimchar.

    "Rowlet, what are we gonna do? A Bewear's sure to come and eat us!"

    "Don't worry, Popplio. I'll draw us an anti-Bewear circle in the dirt." Rowlet drew a circle in the dirt around them with a stick.

    "Good thinking! All the experts say it's the only defense again a Bewear attack."

    Litten laughed. "You guys are so gullible. See? I did everything that attracts a Bewear, and nothing happened. If Bewears really exist, why didn't one show up?"

    "Maybe it's because you're not wearing your sombrero in a goofy fashion." Rowlet pointed out.

    "Oh, pfft. How silly of me! You mean like this?" Litten laughed as he tilted the sombrero to the side, until something came and turned it upside down. It was a Bewear.

    "No. Like that." The Bewear growled, and Litten screamed and ran away as it began to maul him. "Litten, are you okay?" Rowlet asked.

    "No." Litten answered weakly as he was lying on the ground all bruised and battered.

    "Quick! Jump into out anti-Bewear circle before he comes back!"

    "Yeah. Bewears often attack more than once." Popplio added.

    "Are you crazy? A dirt circle won't stop that monster. I'm running for my life!"

    "No!" Rowlet and Popplio yelled as the Bewear came back and mauled Litten again.

    "Don't run! Bewears hate that!"

    "Thanks for the tip. I guess I'll just limp home then."

    "No!" The Bewear went and mauled Litten again.

    "They hate limping more than running!"

    "Well, I guess I'll just have..." Litten was interrupted as the Bewear mauled him again.

    "I should have warned you about crawling."

    The Bewear randomly went and mauled Litten again. "What'd I do this time?"

    "I don't know! I guess he just doesn't like you."

    "Pretend to be somebody else!" Popplio suggested.

    "Here, draw a circle." Rowlet threw a stick over to Litten.

    "Okay." Litten was mauled by the Bewear once again.

    "That was an oval. It has to be a circle!"

    "Move over!" Litten jumped into the circle on top of Rowlet and Popplio. The Bewear went over and noticed the circle in the dirt, and then pointed at Litten and walked away. "Hey, it worked! You guys saved my life!"

    "Yeah, I'm glad it was just a Bewear. This circle would never hold back an Alolan Rhyhorn!" Rowlet said.

    "What attracts them?" Litten asked.

    "The sound of a Bewear attack." Standing right next to them was a giant Rhyhorn, its body completely covered in steel armor, making it look almost like a Lairon. "Good thing we're all wearing our anti-Alolan Rhyhorn undergarments. Right, Litten?"

  3. Latias 4.5

    Latias 4.5 Bug Catcher

    Level 6
    Sep 2, 2017
    Great BallGreat Ball
    "Well, it's the worst time of the day once again." Crabrawler cringed as he changed the Open sign to Closed. "Closing time!"

    "Well, see you in the A.M., Mr. Crabrawler."

    "Hold on there, Rowlet!" Crabrawler pulled Rowlet close to him in a disturbed manner. "Take that pile of filth out with you." He pointed to where Litten was holding a large trash bag.

    Rowlet gasped. "Mr. Crabrawler, you shouldn't talk about Litten like that!"

    "He means this filth, you loon." Litten muttered as he drop the trash bag on the floor.

    "Takin' out the trash, takin' out the trash." Rowlet sang to himself as he went outside and tossed the trash bag into the dumpster. He then noticed that there was some writing on it. "Hmm...dumpster writing! The voice of the people! Up with bubbles, down with air!" He laughed. "Charjabug are Pokémon too! Ha, those Charjabug. Here's one someone didn't finish! Litten smells. Good." Rowlet wrote the word to finish the sentence. "Hmm, what's this one? Crabrawler is a...hmm? Crabrawler is a # $%."

    "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" An Alolan Muk asked in disgust.

    "Well, sometimes, but not...recently."

    "Hi, garbage mon. Hi, Rowlet."

    "Hi, Popplio! Hey Popplio, do you know what this word means?"

    "Crabrawler...Uh, isn't that the blue sweaty guy you work for?"

    "Nah-uh, not that word, that word." Rowlet pointed to the last word.

    "Hmm...# $%! Oh, hey! I think I know what that means. That's one of those sentence enhancers."

    "Sentence enhancers?"

    "You use them when you want to talk fancy. You just sprinkle it over anything you say, and Wham-o! You've got yourself a spicy sentence sandwhich!"

    "Oh, I get it! Let me try." Rowlet cleared his throat. "Hello, Popplio. Lovely # $% day we're having, isn't it?"

    "Why, yes it is, Rowlet. This # $% day is particularly # $% lovely!"

    "How # $% right you are, Popplio!" They continued to say the swear word over and over again. "Ooh, you're right, Popplio. My lips are tingling from the spiciness of this conversation."

    "Oh, mine too!" Rowlet and Popplio started to laugh.

    "It tingles when I laugh!"

    The next morning, Rowlet walked into the Crusty Crabrawler. "Hello customers, nice # $% day we're having, huh?" The customers all stopped eating and stared in shock.

    A Golduck gasped. "Did he just say?!"

    "Aye, he did." A Dhelmise replied.

    "Hey Popplio, how the # $% are ya?"

    "Pretty # $% good, Rowlet."

    "I thought this was a restaurant, not a gutter mouth convention." A Drampa muttered.

    Rowlet went up to the front and spoke into the microphone. "Attention customers, todays special is a # $% Krabby Patty served in a greasy # $% sauce and grilled to # $% perfection." A mother Tentacruel covered her laughing children's ears and put a soda cup on one's head. "And don't forget to ask us to # $% the # $% fries. It will be our # $% pleasure." Litten's ears immediately perked up upon hearing the intercom. "Hi Litten, how the # $% are ya?"

    "Nice # $% day we're having, isn't it, Litten?" Popplio asked.

    "I don't understand. That guy's talented, he doesn't have to work blue." A Nidoking muttered.

    "Let's go somewhere more family oriented." Everyone left the Crusty Crabrawler, grumbling in frustration.

    Sirens suddenly wailed and Crabrawler heard the sirens from the bathroom. "Huh? The Crusty Crabrawler, she's empty!" He quickly ran into the dining room. "All hands on deck! Batten the front doors! Brace the cash register! Break out the happy snacks! Litten, where have all me money paying customers gone?"

    "Apparently, the two Binacle-mouth brothers just learned a new word, and Rowlet just said it over the intercom."

    "Well, what was it? What'd he say?"

    "Er...he said...um, well he said..." Litten whispered something to Crabrawler.

    "Huh?" Litten whispered the word again, and Crabrawler gasped. "Rowlet and friend! Front and center! Why I oughta make the two of you paint the Crusty Crabrawler for using such language!"

    "But Mr. Crabrawler, we were only using our sentence enhancers."

    "Yeah, it's fancy talk." Popplio added.

    "There ain't nothing fancy about that word!"

    "You mean # $%?" Rowlet asked.

    "Yes, that one! Now quit saying that! It's a bad word!"

    "Bad word?!" Rowlet and Popplio quickly started wiping their tongues.

    "Yes sirree, that's bad word number 11. In fact, there are 13 bad words you should never use."

    "Don't you mean there are only 7?" Litten asked.

    "Not if you're a sailor." Carbrawler laughed.

    "Wow, 13."

    "That's a lot of # $% bad words."

    "Ok, boys. I want you to promise me you'll never use that word again."

    "We promise." Rowlet and Popplio nodded.

    "Gee, I'm glad Mr. Crabrawler told us that word we were using was a bad word!" Rowlet said as he and Popplio were now at his house.

    "Yeah, me too, because classy sophisticates like us wouldn't stain out lips with cursing."

    "Yeah, verily. Now let's play a nice, wholesome game of Ekans and Escalators."

    "Oh boy, my favorite!" Popplio cheered.

    "Come on, Gary needs a new pair of shoes!" Rowlet rolled the dice.

    "Oh, Ekans. Too bad Rowlet, you gotta ride the Ekans."

    "Darn." Rowlet muttered as he moved his game piece on an Ekans.

    "My turn!" Popplio rolled the dice. "Hooray! Escalators! Yay! Up, up, up!"

    "Come on, escalators, escalators, escalators!" Rowlet rolled the dice and sighed. "Ekans again."

    "My turn!" Popplio rolled the dice again. "Escalators!"

    "Escalators, escalators, escalators!" Rowlet threw the dice. "Ekans?"

    Popplio rolled the dice once more. "Es-skee-lators! Well, this is your last chance, Rowlet, or if you get Ekans again, you lose!"

    Rowlet started to become frustrated. "Escalators, escalators, escalators!" He threw the dice and it finally landed on escalators. "Ha! Escalators!"

    The dice magically turned to the other side. "Ekans."

    "Ah, # $%!" Rowlet yelled, and then quickly covered his mouth upon realzing his mistake.

    "Ooohhh! You said number 11!"

    "I didn't mean...you gotta understand Popplio, I was trying...what I meant to say was...some things just slip out. You gotta understand!"

    "Don't worry , I understand." Popplio was silent for a moment, and then he quickly ran out of the treehouse. "Mr. Crabrawler! Mr. Crabrawler! Mr. Crabrawler! Mr. Crabrawler!"

    "No wait, Popplio!" Rowlet quickly ran after him. "Popplio no, please don't tell!"

    "But, you said # $%!"

    "Aha! Now I'm gonna tell Mr. Crabrawler on you!"

    "Not if I tell first!"

    "I can run faster than you!" Rowlet laughed, until he saw Popplio riding on the back of an ice cream truck.

    "See ya at the Crusty !" Popplio laughed, until the truck went in the wrong direction. "Oh, no!"

    Rowlet quickly ran inside the restaurant. "Mr. Crabrawler, Mr. Crabrawler, Mr. Crabrawler!

    "What, what, what?"

    "Popplio, Popplio, Popplio!"

    "Yes, yes, yes?"

    "He said, he said, he said!"

    "Out with it, boy."

    "Me and Popplio were playing Ekans and Escalators, and Popplio was going up-up-up, and I had to ride the Ekans and then we ran and Popplio, he said some things." Rowlet spoke quickly.

    "What kind of things?"

    "Well, he said..."


    "Well uh, let's just say he said a certain word that you said we shouldn't say, and this particular word happens to be number 11 in the 13 words you said shouldn't be said."

    "Uh...Right, now what was that part about the, um...Who now?"

    Popplio then came into the restaurant with an ice cream cone, but he quickly threw it away. "Mr. Crabrawler, Mr. Crabralwer, Mr. Crabrawler!"

    "He said that word that you said we shouldn't say!" Rowlet and Popplio spoke at once.

    "...number 13..."

    Crabrawler stared in dispproval as Rowlet and Popplio began to babble on about the word, and eventually the two of them just began to point at each other and yell incoherently, and he quickly grabbed their mouths to quiet them. "Now, I'm gonna let go of yer lips, and when I do, I want you to calmly tell me what youse need to tell me, understand?"

    "Mmm-hmm..." Rowlet and Popplio nodded as Crabrawler let go of their mouths, and then they pointed at each other again. "He said # $%!"

    Crabrawler gasped. "Do my ears decieve me?! You two should be ashamed! Time to take out the trash." He grabbed Rowlet and Popplio and carried them out of the restaurant. "You two need to be taught a lesson. I thought I made it clear. Never, and I mean, never use number 11 or any of the 13 bad words! Now both of youse wait right here. I'll be back."

    "What's going to happen to us?"

    "We'll probably get 40 lashes!"

    "Oh, no!" Popplio shuddered as he imagined himself with 40 eyelashes.

    "I'm sorry, Popplio. Mr. Crabrawler was right. There's no need for words like that."

    "I'm sorry too, Rowlet."

    "Let's make a vow, Popplio. From this day forth a foul word shall never pass our lips! We'll be good citizens, just like good ol', Mr. Crabrawler."

    "Agreed!" Popplio nodded as he shook hands with Rowlet.

    "Alright, you two foul mouths. As punishment for fouling the air in me restaurant with yer foul words, you're going to give the a fresh coat of paint from top to bottom." Crabrawler jammed his foot on a rock and hopped around in pain. "Ow, ooh! Ow! My # $% foot! What # $% genius puts a # $% rock in a # $% path?! Can't you see I got a &^*$ foot here?! Oh! %$^*!" Crabrawler continued to spew a bunch of swear words while Rowlet and Popplio counted.

    "Five, six, seven..."

    "...a whole lotta *$^ and with a side of # $%, a heapin' helpin' of $#*^ and a boatload of %* &..."

    "Nine..." Popplio counted as Crabrawler continued to yell in pain.

    "That's all 13, Popplio!" Rowlet gasped. "We're gonna tell your mom, Mr. Crabrawler!"

    "No, please, not me mommy!" Crabrawler begged, and Rowlet and Popplio laughed as they ran over to his mother's house, and he quickly ran after them. "Wait, please don't tell me mother! I don't think her little old heart can take it!"

    Rowlet and Popplio went over to Crabrawler's mom's house and banged on the door. "Mama Crabrawler, Mama Crabrawler!"

    "Why, hello there!"

    "Mama Crabrawler, he said # $% and then he said # $% again and said # $% and then he screamed at the top of his voice *$^! And he-%* &- Mama Crabrawler, he didn't care! Such a stream of *$^%* & I have never heard in my days!" Rowlet explained.

    "Oh, dear! My poor old heart." Mama Crabrawler gasped in shock as she fainted.

    Crabrawler gasped. "Oh, dear mother! What have these foul-mouthed heathens done to you? You two should be ashamed! Making an old lady faint with your sailor talk!"

    Mama Crabrawler then woke up. "You should all be ashamed. And if you're gonna talk like sailors, then you're gonna work like sailors."

    Rowlet and Crabrawler were painting Mama Crabrawler's house while Popplio was painting the sand. "I guess you three scallywags have earned a glass of lemonade." She laughed like Popeye, and then stubbed her foot on a rock. "Yeeoww! My # $% foot!"

    Rowlet and Popplio gasped in shock. "Mother!" Crabrawler gasped.

    "What? It's Old Mon Drampa and his jalopy."

    "Howdy, Mrs. C!" A Drampa called out as he honked the horn on his old car, and Rowlet, Popplio, Crabrawler, and Mama Crabrawler all laughed.
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    "Have I told you how beautiful you are?" Litten asked a wax sculpture of himself. "Your paws, your nose, your eyes...a little lopsided." He took out one of the eyes and fixed it before putting it back into place. "There. And now that I've been immortalized in wax, I have conquered all artistic media. Come on, my precious reflection, smile!" Litten made the statue smile, but then suddenly heard a crash from outside and frowned, and the statue frowned as well.

    "Hike, Popplio, hike!" Rowlet and Popplio ran in separate directions. Rowlet dropped a huge rock on the ground while Popplio blew a chess piece across a chessboard. "You just lost three points. One. Two. Five!" He climbed up a tree and blew a bubble. "G7!"

    "G7? King me! King me!" Popplio ran right into the tree and popped the bubble. "I lose!"

    "But it's not Tuesday, Popplio."

    "Tartar sauce!"

    "Hey! What are you two doing?" Litten asked.

    Rowlet and Popplio looked at each other and shrugged. "We don't know."

    "Hey Popplio, do you know what time it is?"

    "Uh, yeah Litten, it's..."

    "Time to find some other game to play!" Litten laughed as he went back inside and prepared to take a bath.

    "Now what?" Rowlet asked.

    "We could toss that shell back and fourth."

    "Okay...ready!" Rowlet picked up the shell and threw it towards Popplio, who shot it into the air. "I got it! I got it!" The shell flew through Litten's window and right into the side of the wax sculpture, causing it to fall over. Litten heard a thump from the other room, but just ignored it. Rowlet and Popplio entered the house through the window. "Remember Popplio, finders keepers."

    "There it is!" Popplio pointed to the shell that was wedged in the wax sculpture of Litten.

    "I got it! I got it!" They both rushed for the shell and Popplio pulled it out.

    "Bonus points!" Popplio started to walk off.

    "Uhh, Popplio? I think something's wrong with Litten. He looks unconscious."

    "Don't worry. I know how to do this." Popplio tried to do CPR on Litten but his face turned a dark purple and floated in the air. He let out all the air and landed right on top of the sculpture's head.

    "Get off him, Popplio!"

    "What are you worried about?" Popplio asked as his back flippers have been imprinted on the sculpture's face. "He looks better already."

    "But he still feels cold."

    "Well, let's go put him in the warm." Rowlet and Popplio moved the sculpture in front of the window.

    "Do you think he'll be okay?" Rowlet asked as the sculpture started to melt.

    "You know, you worry too much. The Popplio is here and Rowlet I know a lot about head injuries, believe..." Popplio started to drool, and Rowlet snapped his fingers. "Me. Hey, what's that on your foot?"

    "I don't know."

    "It kind of looks like..." Rowlet and Popplio looked down to see a puddle of black right beneath them.

    "Litten!" They screamed as they frantically ran around.

    Meanwhile, Litten was busy powdering his face.

    "No, no, that part goes here." Rowlet said as he and Popplio frantically tried to put the melted sculpture back together.

    "Yeah-yeah, that's it, uh-huh."

    "We're almost there. We can do this."

    "It's working, it's working..."

    "This is working." The sculpture melted again. "Popplio, this isn't working!"

    "Look!" The sculpture's eyes turned over into the puddle.

    "I don't know how to say it, but our old pal Litten, he's...he's...he's pushing up daisies!"

    "Oh, I thought he was dead."

    Suddenly, the bathroom door burst open and someone came out in a cloud of white. Rowlet and Popplio gasped and held onto each other and Litten screamed upon noticing them. "What are you doing here?! Well? Are you two trying to say something, or do I have to..."

    "No, stay back!" Rowlet shouted.

    "What is the matter with you two?"

    "Don't-Don't hurt us!" Popplio begged.

    "It was an accident!"

    "What are you two talking about?" Litten then noticed the black puddle on the floor and screamed. "Look what you've done to me! When I get my paws on you, I'll..."

    "Please, Mr. Litten's ghost! Spare us your ghostly anger!" Rowlet begged as Popplio kissed Litten's feet.

    "Oh yes, Mr. Litten's ghost! Please don't haunt us!"

    "We'll do anything you want! Just have mercy on us!"

    An evil grin spread across Litten's face as an idea came to his mind. "Enough! Listen up, Litten's ghost is feeling unusually generous today. He hath decided to spare ye a horrible fate. All ye must do is tend to my every whim and tickle my fancy on demand."

    "Does that include..." Rowlet began.

    "Quiet! Now, do as you're told! Lest ye insur the wrath of Litten!"

    "I hope they make a cream for that now." Popplio whispered to Rowlet.

    Rowlet and Popplio carried Litten outside on his bed. "Here?" Rowlet asked.

    "Too hot."

    The two walked a little more and stopped. "Here?"

    "No, too wet. Keep going."

    Rowlet and Popplio kept walking until they passed a background with Oricorio dancing. "Here?"

    "Toulouse-Lautrec." Litten answered as a rimshot was heard.

    "Too tired..." Rowlet and Popplio then collapsed at the same area they started.

    "Perfect. Hmmm, I feel needy. Slaves, fetcheth me some nourishment."

    "Only the freshest, o spooky one." Rowlet and Popplio ran off and Rowlet came back a moment later with grape. "A grape fresh from the vine, your ghostlyness." Litten ate the grape and Rowlet went and got a banana. "A banana peeled to your liking, you incomporealness." Rowlet dropped the banana right into Litten's mouth, and Popplio came back with a watermelon and dropped it right into his mouth.

    "One watermelon fresh from the manure field, your spookyness." Litten lay on the ground with a large head.

    "Art thou not pleased?"

    Litten spit out the watermelon right at the two of them. "Enough of that! I want something else to eat now. Something that's very difficult to find."

    "What do you hunger for, master?" Popplio asked.

    "Whatever you want, we'll find it. We'll find it."

    "Cherry pie." Popplio then held up a pie. "Where'd you get that?"

    "I found it."

    "Well, go find it again!" Litten threw the pie and Popplio went to look for it. "Rowlet, get over here. Now spin around." Rowlet turned his back to Litten. "That's better. Now jog in place." Rowlet did as he was told. "Say flank steak."

    "Flank steak."

    "I think I'm beginning to like this. Stop. Now, play me an elaborate song with this!" Litten gave Rowlet a tissue.

    "But this is just a piece of tissue paper."

    "Oh, my. Always having to have it our way, don't we? Oh, boo-hoo."

    Rowlet tried to blow into the tissue. "I can't do it!"

    "Well, I hope you don't have any plans tonight, because you're not allowed to leave that spot until I hear a song." Litten then walked away, leaving Rowlet alone. He continued to stand there for the day and night, and the next day he was lying on the ground with the tissue on his beak. "What's this? Napping on the job? You're supposed to be making music for me. As punishment for this insolence, Litten's ghost commandeth you to clean out his back room."

    Popplio then came back with the pie. "I found it."

    "I'll take that!" Litten took the pie and threw it at Popplio's face.

    "Yes, your ghostliness!" Popplio licked some of the pie off his face. "This is fun."

    "Popplio, are you ready for this?"


    Rowlet took a couple steps forward. "Okay, let's go. Popplio, are you coming?"


    "Popplio, it's this way."



    "Oh, coming!" Popplio followed Rowlet into a room with a bunch of junk in it. "How are we going to clean up all this mess?"

    "It's easy. Just tear the wallpaper off!"

    Popplio laughed. "Oh look, you missed some."

    Rowlet then picked up a book. "Oh, let's see. It's a comic book. It's the Origin of the Flying Lunala. It says when her trainer died, they used her body as a window display. Now the Lunala haunts the Alolan skies because her trainer was never put to rest. Well, don't you get it, Popplio?"

    "We're going to go shopping?"

    "No! We're gonna put poor old Litten to rest."

    Litten was sitting on the couch, when Rowlet and Popplio spit some spitballs at him. "Ow, what the heck was that?"

    "Initiation! That was part one of your ceremony." Rowlet answered.

    "Ceremony for what?"

    "We're going to put you to rest."

    "I don't want to be put to rest! All I want are those chores done. Now, did you clean the back room yet?"


    "Well, I'm going to go check." Litten got up and opened a door, and screamed when he saw Rowlet and Popplio with a coffin.

    "Okay, get in."

    "Are you crazy? I'm not getting in that thing."

    "But you said we could put you to rest."

    "I didn't say anything like that! Now, get out of my house!" Litten pushed Rowlet and Popplio out of his house. "Now what?" He looked outside to see Rowlet writing on a tombstone.

    "I wrote Here lies Litten. You may not remember him, but..." Litten screamed. "Oh, hi Litten. Does this look deep enough?"

    "Rowlet! Cut that out!"

    Rowlet noticed a bunch of Pokémon in front of Litten's house. "Oh, look, the mourners have arrived."

    "Oh Litten, we all came as soon as we were sure you were dead." Crabrawler said.

    "Rowlet, are you trying to put me in the nuthouse?"

    "No, just into this hole."

    "Rowlet, I have a confession to make." Litten sighed as he took off his cap.

    Rowlet gasped. "You're bald?"

    "No, I'm not bald! I'm alive! Now get rid of that tombstone and tell all your friends to go home!"


    "Do it!"

    "Go home." Everyone began to walk away sadly. "But Master-"

    "I'm not your master, I'm your neighbor. Now do me a favor and please stop doing me favors."

    "As you wish, master."

    "Boy, he really had us fooled."

    "No Popplio, he's the fool. He's a ghost in denial. He needs us now more than ever."

    "You're right. He really needs to get up to the great beyond."

    "Popplio, say that again."

    "That again?"

    "No, the other thing."

    "No, the other thing."

    "No, what you said before when you..."

    "No, what you said before when you..."

    "Never mind. I've got an idea."

    "Never mind. I've got an idea."

    Litten was busy reclining in a chair outside, and Rowlet had Popplio try to blow a bubble big enough to get him inside.

    "I can't reach him!"

    "Blow harder."

    Popplio blew even harder, and the bubble completely consumed Litten and lifted him into the air. "There he goes!"

    "Isn't he beautiful?"

    "How high's he going to go?"

    "All the way, Popplio. Up to the great beyond." Rowlet and Popplio then waved goobye. "Goodbye, friend."

    "Happy trails!"

    Litten noticed that he was trapped inside a bubble and began to yell, bur his voice was muffled.

    "You're welcome!" Rowlet and Popplio called out as Litten went higher into the sky.

    "He's on the other side now."

    "Yeah. He's in a better place." Popplio nodded as Litten was floating in a bubble high in the sky with Wingull flying all around him.
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    Halloween is no different in Alola. Pirates, skeletons, and sea monsters. Ah-ha-ha-ha! Oh, sorry. Everyone is having fun. Well, almost everyone.

    Rowlet was busy cleaning the dishes in the kitchen when the door creaked open. "Huh? Who's there?" He asked, but there was no one at the door. Rowlet went back to washing dishes, and then turned around to see three pieces of paper spelling put the word 'Boo' on the ordering turntable. He then sped up on the dishes, nearly dropping some on the floor. "Okay, Mr. Crabrawler, the dishes are done, I'm leaving!" Rowlet tried to run out the front door when Crabrawler stopped him.

    "Hold on. Don't you want to hear my annual scary story?"

    "No thank you, Mr. Crabrawler. Uhh, does it have monsters in it?"

    "Aye, the worst monster of them all."

    "Uhh...no." Rowlet then opened the door and turned around. "Is it a true story?"

    "True as the deep blue."

    "Okay, maybe just a little."

    "Have a seat, me boy." Rowlet sat on a log and Crabrawler came carrying a campfire and placed it in the middle of the room. "Every year on Halloween night, the Flying Lunala descends on the Alola region, from another dimension, just like this. Only bigger!" Crabrawler used a patty to demonstrate.

    "Excuse me, does that dimension look like a Krabby Patty?"

    "Like I was saying, the Flying Lunala swoops down and starts stealing people and Pokémon's souls." Crabrawler said as he held up a pickle.

    "Do souls look like pickles?"

    "Aye, as a matter of fact, they do. And she puts them where you can never get them...in her soul bag." Crabrawler dropped the pickle into a bag to demonstrate, and laughed evilly as Litten appeared from behind Rowlet.

    "I've come for your pickle!" Rowlet screamed and shot up into the air.

    "Ah, Scaredy Rowlet gets easier to scare every year!"

    Rowlet looked to see that it was actually Litten. "Humph, Litten!"

    "Nothing like a good ghost story, eh, me boy? Hope you're not too scared to come to me party tonight, Scaredy Rowlet!" Crabrawler laughed as he walked out.

    Litten walked up from behind Rowlet. "Steal your soul." Rowlet screamed and jumped right out of the restaurant. As he began to walk home, he saw a jack-o-lantern and a Azurill kid dressed up as a cowboy.

    "Twick-ow-tweat!" The Azurill said, and Rowlet screamed and ran away.

    "It's okay, son. That's just the Scaredy Rowlet." The mother Azumarill told her son.

    Rowlet continued to walk home, when someone drove up and honked their horn, causing him to scream and jump onto a street light. It just turn out to be his Wigglytuff teacher dressed up as a witch. "Happy Halloween, Scaredy Rowlet!" Wigglytuff laughed as she drove off.

    "I'm not a scaredy Rowlet!"

    "I don't get it, Gary. Every Halloween, no matter how hard I try, everybody scares me." Rowlet told his Caterpie as he started to carve a pumpkin from the inside. "Well, I'm sick of it. No more Scaredy Rowlet!" Rowlet then came out of the pumpkin, and screamed and ran to his closet upon noticing it. There was then a knock at his door.


    "It's Popplio! I'm going to scare him! It's my turn." Rowlet went over the door and opened it, trying to do his best scary face. "Rawr!"

    "Hiya, Rowlet!" Popplio greeted, and he was wearing some funny glasses. Rowlet screamed and jumped towards the ceiling. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

    "Why can't I be frightening for once? Where's my chance?"

    "Well, if you want to be scary, you need a good costume."

    Moments later, Rowlet walked out of his closet with a big white sheet over his body. "What do you think?"

    "Great! You're going as my trick-or-treat bag!"

    "No, no! I'm supposed to be the Flying Lunala!"

    "Uhh...something's missing. I know!" Popplio ran inside the closet and came back a moment later with a pair of wooden clogs. "Step into these babies, Hans." Rowlet then stepped into the clogs. "Terrifying."

    "I don't know, Popplio." Rowlet began, when the doorbell rang.

    "Come on, Rowlet. It's little kids! Little kids are easy to scare!" Popplio then went over to the front door and opened it.

    "Trick-or-treat!" Three kids greeted. Rowlet then jumped out in an attempt to scare them, but they only ended up laughing.

    "Look, it's the haunted shopping bag!"

    "Okay, okay, here's your candy."

    "No, please, that was enough of a treat, thank you." The kids walked away laughing.

    "I don't get it, Popplio."

    "Rowlet, look at my new paper Zubat! Oooh, scary!"

    "That is it, Popplio!"

    "What's it?"

    "What's the difference between that Zubat and me?"

    Popplio looked between the paper Zubat and Rowlet. "No, no, no wait. Don't tell me. D-Don't tell me. Don't tell me! Don't tell me! I can do this! Don't tell me! Don't tell me! Okay, tell me."

    "I've got bird wings, and a Zubat's got bat wings. All we have to do is modify my wings and boo, I'm scary!"

    "Okay, are you ready?" Popplio asked as they were now in the bathroom.

    "Remember, like this."

    Popplio started to shave off some of Rowlet's feathers. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

    "Shave me down, make me scary!"

    "Alright, let's get to it." Popplio then started to shave off the rest of Rowlet's feathers.

    "What do you think?" Rowlet asked as he spread his wings, which were now more scarier.

    "Perfect. Now that's scary!" Popplio then put on his funny glasses. "Let's go scare somebody."

    "Oooh...I'm the Flying Lunala!"

    "Oooh...I don't know who I am!"

    Rowlet and Popplio went over to a house and knocked on the door. "Rawr! Rawr! I'm the Flying Lunala!"

    "Oooh, I'm the Flying Lunala's best friend!" Rowlet and Popplio laughed as they ran away.

    "Hey, don't you kids want your candy?" The Gumshoos asked.

    Rowlet and Popplio jumped behind a rock shaped like a skull. "Oh boy, that was something. Your costume really packs a punch."

    "Do you think?"

    "Oh, no question! You scared the pants off that guy!"

    "Who should we scare next?"

    "There's a whole party full of Pokémon at the Crusty Crabrawler and the Flying Lunala is going to show up uninvited!" The two of them heard some kids laughing. "Here comes someone now!"

    Rowlet jumped out from behind the rock to scare the three kids from earlier. "Rawr! Rawr! I'm the Flying Lunala!" He and Popplio then ran off laughing.

    "Wasn't that the haunted shopping bag?" One of the kids asked.

    "I guess he's been promoted to a haunted sleeping bag!" Another kid replied as they all laughed.

    Meanwhile at the Crusty Crabrawler, a huge Halloween party was going on. Crabrawler was bobbing for apples for his daughter Steenee. He managed to successfully bob an apple, but accidentally swallowed it and made weird faces as he chocked on it.

    "Oh, dad, you're embarrassing me again!" Steenee wailed as she ran away crying. After some struggling, Crabrawler managed to spit out the apple and it flew past Litten and an Emolga.

    "Howdy Litten, I mean, Flying Lunala. Great party, huh?"

    "What are you supposed to be?"

    "Why, I'm a Minun!"

    "I don't get it."

    Meanwhile, Rowlet and Popplio were on the roof of the restaurant, with Rowlet tied up with rope. Rowlet opened a hatch on the roof to get a peek at the party that was going on down below.

    "Are you ready, Rowlet?"

    Rowlet gave a thumbs-up in response. "Okay Popplio, kill the lights!"

    Popplio then shut off all the lights in the restaurant, and everyone inside started screaming. He then spoke through a megaphone as he began to lower Rowlet. "Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I am the Flying Lunala! Booga, booga, booga, booga! Give me your souls!" A Tentacool then came by. It rubbed its two tentacles together in deviousness, and then delivered a Poison Sting right into Popplio's back. He paused for a moment, and then started screaming in pain as he let go of the rope, causing Rowlet to plunge to the floor. He began to run all around the roof, and Rowlet was swinging all over the place. Eventually, Popplio stopped and Rowlet dangled upside down on the ceiling.

    "Hey, that's no Lunala, that's Rowlet!" A kid pointed out.

    "Rowlet?" Emolga asked, and then everyone started laughing.

    "Help! Help!"

    Popplio then spoke through the megaphone. "I am not Rowlet. Those are my street clothes!"

    Suddenly, the front doors slammed open and some kind of strange wormhole appeared. "Enough!" A loud voice shouted, and everyone gasped as a giant bat creature entered the Crusty Crabrawler, its giant wings as dark as the night sky.

    "It's the real Flying Lunala!" Crabrawler gasped, and then fainted into the barrel of apples.

    "You bet your silly little livers I'm the Flying Lunala. I'm going to let you in on a secret. I'm going to steal your souls." The Lunala said calmly, and then everyone screamed. "Quiet! You had it coming, you little crybabies. Every year, people and Pokémon dressing up like me." Litten quickly removed his costume and whistled nonchalantly. "Turning the Flying Lunala's name into a laughing stock. But that's not the reason I'm taking your souls." Lunala then pointed to Rowlet, who was still hanging upside down. "No, this is the straw that broke the Camerupts's back. Out of all the Lunala costumes I've seen, yours is the most insulting."

    "Do you mean I'm not scary?"

    "You? Scary?!" Lunala laughed and used her psychic to untie the rope from around Rowlet and carry him to the floor. "Let me tell you about scary, kid. There's all kinds of scary things in the world. Ariados are scary. I'm scary. You...You're not scary. Okay, let's get this over with." Lunala laughed evilly as everyone screamed in horror.

    "Rowlet!" Emolga gasped.

    "First, I gotta get rid of this stupid costume." Lunala used her psychic to remove Rowlet's costume, and what she saw next completely scared her, and she flew away screaming in terror. Rowlet stood in the restaurant, his body completely naked as he had no feathers.

    "Hey, what do you know? I scared her!" Rowlet laughed, and then everyone else ran out screaming. "It worked, Popplio. I scared everybody!"

    "Yeah, I guess it's your pink coat."

    "Pink coat? Oh, that's not a coat. That's just my skin. You shaved off all my feathers, remember?"

    "Oh, yeah." Popplio paused for a moment, and then ran off screaming.

    "Don't worry, they grow back!"
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    Black Glasses ★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Poké Ball ★Soda Pop ★Oran Berry ★★
    *This is my new favorite fanfiction.
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    Mewnium Z  ★★★★★Choice Specs ★★★★★Legendary Triforce ★★Deep Sea Scale ★★★Rage Candy Bar ★★★
    This is amazing. 10/10 best fanfic in the universe.
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    "See anything yet, Popplio?" Rowlet asked.

    "I need my glasses." Popplio put a pair of water glasses over his eyes and looked. "Hmm...it's the mail!"

    "Our package!" Rowlet and Popplio cheered, and then they began to dance and hop around.

    "I didn't realize it was Happy Hopping Moron Day." Litten muttered.

    "Rowlet?" The delivery Pelipper asked.

    "That's me!" Rowlet answered, and the delivery bird threw a huge box next to him and Popplio.

    "That's a big box!" Litten commented.

    "Thank you!" Rowlet said as they continued hopping.

    "Hey Rowlet, when do we stop hopping?" Popplio asked.

    "30 more seconds, Popplio."

    "They probably ordered a lifetime supply of bubble soap." Litten laughed as Rowlet and Popplio carried a big-screen TV out of the box. "Huh? A brand new television?"

    "Easy...easy..." They then threw the TV into a trash can. "Yeah!" They then jumped into the box and closed the flaps.

    "Just when you thought they couldn't get any stupider." Litten muttered as he went over to the box. "Let me get this straight, you two ordered a giant screen television just so you could play in the box?"

    "Pretty smart, huh?" Rowlet asked.

    "I thought it wouldn't work."

    "Uh-huh, that's quite a plan there. Oh, but wait, there was something else I wanted to ask you two. Now what was it? Oh, yeah, yeah. DON'T YOU TWO HAVE ANY BRAINS?!" Litten yelled right in Rowlet and Popplio's faces.

    "Litten, we don't need a television. Not as long as we have our...imagination!" Rowlet said as he made a rainbow over his head with his wings.

    "Wow, I never thought of it that way. That's really something. Can I have your TV?"

    "With...imagination, I can be anything I want! A pirate! Arrrr! A football player! Hup!"

    "A sea lion!"

    "Popplio, you're already a sea lion."

    "See, Litten? It works! You try!"

    "Okay, let's see. I'm imagining myself watching TV...and there it is!" Litten pointed to the TV in the trash can. "Can I have it, Rowlet?"

    "Sure, Litten."

    "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!" Litten ran over to the TV and began to push it inside his house.

    "Okay Litten, but if you change your mind, we'll be in this box!"

    "Let's play Mountain Climbing Adventure!"

    "Let's go for it!" Rowlet pulled down the flaps of the box. "Gloves!"






    "Okay Popplio, climb up there and secure this rope."

    "You got it!" Climbing noises could be heard from inside the box.

    "Popplio! Popplio! Popplio, you're going too high!"

    "I hope they put some air holes in that box." Litten muttered as he went inside his house.

    "Take it easy, Popplio, you've got to acclimate!"

    "I'll take it easy when I'm dead! I'm shaking hands with Tapu Koko! Whoo! Excelsior!"

    "Now where's that remote?" Litten walked outside and found the TV remote lying right next to the box. He picked it up and leaned closer to the box to listen to what was going on.

    "I am the Sandshrew king! Whoo!"

    "Popplio? Popplio? Popplio! I think we should keep our voices down! We might start an avalanche!"


    "I said, I think we should keep our voices down in case of avalanches!"

    "What should we keep down?"

    "Our voices!"

    "Will you two shut up?!" Litten kicked the box, and Rowlet and Popplio screamed as the sound of an avalanche erupted from inside the box. He became shocked as he heard the two of them start to cry. "Row...let?" Litten softly touched the box and ended up causing another avalanche.

    "Hold me."

    "Hang in there buddy, the chopper's on the way!"

    "Rowlet! My flippers are frozen solid! You're going to have to cut them off with a saw!"

    "No Popplio, I can't do that!"

    "Why not?"

    "Because I already cut off my own wings!"


    Litten quickly opened the box and looked inside to see Rowlet and Popplio sitting in the box completely unharmed. "What the? How were you two making that noise?"

    "What noise, Litten?" Rowlet asked.

    "I could only hear the sound of our laughter."

    "Yes! But those effects, the avalanche, the the the..."

    "Don't forget the second avalanche."

    "Forget it." Litten closed the box. "I don't know why I'm wasting my time out here when I could be watching my brand new television." Suddenly, helicopter sounds could be heard from the box.

    "Attention climbers, please hold on! The saws are on the way!" A pilot's voice announced.

    "Yay!" Rowlet and Popplio cheered.

    Litten quickly ran back to the box and opened it, and the two of them were just sitting in it. "How are you two doing that?"

    "First we establish a base camp at 15,000 feet..." Rowlet began.

    "The noises! How are you two making those noises?"

    "That's easy. All you need is a box."

    "And...imagination." Rowlet added as he formed another rainbow.

    "Are you trying to say that I have no imagination? I have more imagination..." Litten tried for form a rainbow over his head, but failed. "...in one paw than you two have in your whole bodies."

    "That's good. Now all you need is a box." Popplio then closed the box.

    "I'll show them!" Litten quickly ran inside and dug through his closet. "There's got to be one in here!" He managed to find a small, round green box. "Ah! This hat box should do nicely." Litten got into the box which was too small for him. He just sat there for a moment, and then got angry and kicked the box, causing police sirens to go off.

    "Attention! We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up!"

    "What do they want with me? What did I do?" Litten gasped. "Obviously, I've violated some new box kicking law!" He walked outside holding the green box. "Look officers, everything's okay. I won't do it again!"

    "You'll never take me alive, coppers!"

    "No, Johnny! Don't do it!" More police sirens could be heard, and Litten angrily kicked the green box towards the other box.

    The sirens then stopped as Popplio poked his head out of the box. "Whoopee! Another box!"

    "I got to try to relax. Perhaps I can drown out their childish games with a little TV." Litten turned on the TV where several boxes were being made in a factory.

    "It is here that the boxes reach their final stage of assembly." Litten changed the channel where a professor was writing a box equation on a chalkboard.

    "The equation is illustrated here by this box." The channel changed to a soap opera.

    "I couldn't afford a present this year, so I got you this box."

    "That's what I got you!"

    "Isn't there anything on that isn't about BOXES?!" Litten asked in frustration. He then changed the channel where a boxing match was going on.

    "And welcome back to Championship Boxing."

    "Heh-heh, I guess this is okay. I mean, it's not really about boxes." The TV then showed that two boxes were actually fighting each other. "I give up."

    "3...2...1...blast off!" The sound of a rocket taking off could be heard outside.

    "How are they doing that? That was the most realistic space launch I've ever heard! There must be an explanation. Think, Litten, think!" Litten imagined Rowlet and Popplio playing with a tape recorder making realistic rocket sounds.

    "Litten's such a jerk." Rowlet said, and they both laughed.

    "Laugh at me, will they?" Litten went over and opened the box. "Alright, where is it?"

    Popplio came out of the green hat box. "Here I am!"

    "Where's what, Litten?" Rowlet asked.

    "Don't 'Where's what, Litten?' me! Where's the tape recorder?"

    "We don't have a tape recorder, Litten!"

    "Don't 'We don't have a tape recorder, Litten!' me!"

    "But we don't!"

    "We have a tape recorder box."

    Litten took the small rectangular box from Popplio and tossed it away. "Alright, make way you two, I'm coming in." He then got into the box.

    "Welcome aboard, Litten! You've just set sail on the S.S...Imagination...where our only destination is fantastic adventure! Where do you want to go first?" Rowlet asked.

    "No, no. Don't mind me, I'm here to observe."

    "Litten, don't you see? Waiting and watching? That's not what the box is all about! It's about...imagination."

    "Alright, fine! Take me to Robot Pirate Island! I wanna arm wrestle with cowboys on the moon! Just do it so I can get back and watch TV!"

    "Okay, Litten! Robot Pirate island it is!" Rowlet and Popplio closed their eyes and began to make pirate and robot sounds. "For that you'll walk the plank!"

    "Why won't this thing turn on?!" Litten angrily slammed the bottom of the box. "Alright, fine. If you don't want to show me, I don't care! I've got better things to do than pace the floor wondering how you two work this thing." Litten got out of the box and began to pace back and fourth. "How do those two work that thing? There's got to be a secret button or a switch or something! I mean, listen to that!" Realistic pirate and robot sounds came from the box. "Now, that sounds like Robot Pirate Island! Think, Litten, think! I got it, when those two go to bed, I'll sneak in there and find that button! I'll wait all night if I have to!"

    Later that night, fireworks and cheering sounds came from the box, and then Rowlet and Popplio came out of the box and yawned. "I need to sleep to refuel my imagination tanks!"

    "I still can't believe those pirates beat all those robots."

    "Yeah, see you in the morning."

    "Goodnight, Popplio." Rowlet and Popplio then went inside their houses, and then Litten snuck out and tiptoed towards the box. He chuckled mischievously as he saw a piece of paper on the side of the box.

    "Hello, what's this? 'This plaque is to commemorate the brave pirates who gave their lives to keep this box safe from the Robot Menace. Lest we forget...Oh!" Litten quickly tore up the paper. "I've got to find that button quick! It's got to be around here somewhere. I don't see anything! It's just an empty box! Maybe it really was their imagination. Oh...get it together, Litten! What are you saying? I mean, do I really believe that if I sit here and pretend to drive a race car that I'm suddenly going to start hearing noises?" Litten pushed his foot down on the box and the sound of an engine revving could be heard. "What the?" He then turned the imaginary key. "It actually works! I can't believe it! Oh, boy this beats TV by a long shot!" Litten laughed. "This is the most fun I've ever had!" It turned out the sounds were actually coming from a garbage truck, which lifted the box in with the other garbage.

    Rowlet heard the sounds of Litten cheering in the distance. "Listen to that, Gary. Litten finally made the box work after all. That's so great."

    The garbage truck began to drive away with Litten still in the box. "Only two more laps to the finish line! I'm in the lead! Out of my way! I'm almost there! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Victory is mine!" The garbage truck dumped out all of the trash and the box slid down the trash and hit something, causing Litten to tumble out and land face-first into a cherry pie. He groaned as the box fell on top of him.

    The next morning, Rowlet and Popplio got out of their houses. "Hey, our box is gone!"

    "Oh, well." Popplio shrugged.

    "I know! Let's go see Litten!"

    "I hope he's not too down in the dumps today."
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    Sep 2, 2017
    Great BallGreat Ball
    A slow day at the Crusty Crabrawler.

    "Hey Litten, check this out." Rowlet held up a patty in each hand. "Two ordinary Krabby Patties, but when expertly tossed with the skill of a champ, they become..." He threw them on the floor and Popplio slid on them across the room.

    "A one-way ticket to pain!" Popplio slammed into the wall by Crabrawler's office and the window broke off the wall.


    "Heave-ho!" Rowlet slammed into the wall next to Popplio.

    "What the devil fish is going on out here?! Time is money! And if you boys is wasting time, then you're wasting money! And that's just sick!"

    "But we were performing a ritual to attract customers. And the only way the ritual can work is for us to get hurt. Real bad."

    "What stupid barnacle told you that?"

    "Uhh…" Litten nervously held up his magazine over his face.

    "Listen, instead of killing yourselves, I've got something real important for you to do for me."

    The three of them were now standing in front of Crabrawler's house. "Now, are you mons ready for your Super...?"







    "Assignment?! I beg of you, Mr. Crabrawler!" Rowlet and Popplio screamed.

    "The two of you are to paint the inside of me house!"

    "Yeah!" Rowlet and Popplio jumped inside in excitement.

    "But, let me give you two a warning. This here paint is absolutely permanent. It will never come off. So if I see even one drop on anything but wall, I'll have your rear ends cut off and mounted over me fireplace! So, have fun with the job." Crabrawler shut the door behind him as he left.


    "Yeah, Rowlet?" They looked at Crabrawler's wall which was covered from top to bottom in memorabilia.

    "Mr. Crabrawler sure has a lot of expensive treasures to drip paint on. Do you think we should take this stuff off the walls?"

    "No way, Rowlet, we're not getting paid to move stuff."

    "Popplio, we're not getting paid at all."

    "Well that's what I said! We're not getting paid and that's final!"

    "Ok, we'll just paint around all this stuff."

    "Good, just don't pay me."

    "First we need to set up the tarp."

    "Tarp ahoy!" Popplio spread the tarp on the floor but it was very tiny.

    "We're gonna need more coverage, Popplio."

    There were now more pieces of tarp covering the floor. "Now that's what I'm talking about. Well, I guess we should open these cans of permanent paint now."

    "That will never ever come off."

    "And if we get it on anything, Mr. Crabrawler will cut our butts off."

    "And mount them on the wall." Rowlet took out a screwdriver and tried to open the lid. "Careful, Rowlet. Careful, Rowlet. Rowlet, careful. Careful, Rowlet. Careful, Rowlet! Careful, Rowlet! Careful, Rowlet!" Popplio screamed.

    "Popplio, the lid's already off."

    "Oh. Now it's my turn!" Popplio took out a battle ax and hit the paint can with it.

    "I'm thinking I should do this one too, Popplio!" Rowlet carefully opened up the lid and as soon as he did, a paint drop bounced on the tarp. The both of them screamed as the paint drop then bounced on every tarp and then back into the can.

    "Well that was a rip-off."

    "Okay Popplio, let's get our brushes ready." Rowlet held up a big brush. "Uhh, maybe we should start with a smaller brush." He threw the big brush to the right of him then takes another small brush, dipped it into the can of paint and then faced the wall. "Alright Popplio, gotta get started painting this wall. With the permanent paint that we're not allowed to get on anything but the wall. Well, here we go."

    One hour later...

    "Just a few more seconds of mental preparation and I'll be painting this wall."

    Two hours later...

    "I'm getting to the painting."

    Three hours later...

    "Can you move it along, I'm all out of time cards."

    "No problem. Here I go." Rowlet made a line of paint going down the wall. The paint then started running down but he blew it one direction then another then another until he gets a blow dryer and blew the paint off the wall. "Yeah! Huh?" Rowlet noticed a big paint bubble floating in the room. "Barnacles! What could be worse than a giant paint bubble!?"

    "Oh, I know!" Popplio dipped his snout in the paint can and snorted out a big bubble. "Two giant paint bubbles!"

    "Noooooo!" The two giant paint bubbles merged into one. "Popplio?"

    "Yeah, Rowlet?"

    "I don't think this bubble can get much bigger!"

    "Nonsense!" Popplio began to pump the bubble with a bicycle pump.

    "Pop, no!" Rowlet yelled as the bubble popped, splattering paint all over the wall, covering it all up. "We did it! We painted the whole house and without getting a drop of paint on anything but the-Flappin' Flotsam! What's that?!" Rowlet noticed that the dollar on the wall had a tiny dot of paint on it and fell to the floor. "We're dead, Popplio! Do you know what that is?"

    "Hmm... it's a dollar. I win!"

    "That's not just a dollar. It's Mr. Crabrawler's first dollar! His most prized possession! And we got paint on it!"

    "I think you are over-reacting Rowlet, I don't see any paint."

    "Okay, this isn't a problem. Maybe I can just wipe it off." Rowlet tried to wipe the paint off with his wings. "There! I think I got it." He noticed that there was more paint on it and screamed.

    "Oh, now I see it!"

    "This is not good, Popplio! This is not good! Mr. Crabrawler is gonna be home soon, and when he sees what we did to his first dollar..." Rowlet imagined Crabrawler sitting by the fire with their butts on the wall and they both screamed.

    "Wait, Rowlet, all we got to do is wash the paint off and Crabrawler will never know!"

    "But Mr. Crabrawler said..."

    "Forget what Mr. Crabrawler said! Every paint comes off with something!"

    "Did it work?" Rowlet asked as Popplio came out from the washing machine with the dollar, which was still covered in paint.


    Rowlet started sanding the dollar in Popplio's hand. "Did it work?"


    Popplio screamed as Rowlet shot sulfuric acid out of a fire hose. "Did it work?"

    "Nope." Rowlet whacked the dollar with several different weapons, but none of them seemed to be working.

    "Nothing's working!"

    "Wait, Rowlet! We're not cavemon! We have technology!" Popplio picked up the computer and angrily smashed it on the dollar.

    "It didn't work."

    "This is all Mr. Crabrawler's fault! If he hadn't hung that stupid dollar in the first place!...I mean, it's not like it looks any different than a regular dollar. Why hang it? You could just stick any old dollar bill on the wall, no one would even know the difference! You might as well reach in my wallet, pull out a dollar, and put it on the wall! And it would..."

    "Hurry, Popplio, take out your wallet."

    Popplio took out a dollar. "I don't see where you're going with this...hey, a dollar!"

    "Our butts are saved, Popplio! Now all we have to...Popplio, no!" Rowlet noticed that Popplio was putting his dollar in a vending machine. "No...why'd you put it in the..." The dollar came out. "Grab it, Pop, grab it! Hurry, hurry!" Popplio pushed it back in. "Aww, Pop, no, no!" The dollar came out again. "Get it, Pop, get it, get it, get it!" Popplio pushed it back in again then walked up with a chocolate bar. "Oh, no-ho-oh!"

    "Wanna bite?"

    "Okay, okay, we still have time!" Rowlet looked in a mirror. "Don't panic Rowlet, panic is the enemy. You are strong. Through your strength, you shall overcome!" The sounds of footsteps could be heard from outside.

    "You're on your own pal." Rowlet's reflection said as he walked away.

    Rowlet screamed as he ran around in a panic. "Hurry Popplio, put Mr. Crabrawler's dollar back on the wall! I got an idea!"

    Crabrawler entered his house where all of the lights were off. "What the?"

    "We're all done, sir. Everything looks great." Rowlet stammered.

    "Yeah, you don't have to look around. We already did that for you." Crabrawler turned on the lights and saw that Rowlet and Popplio were grinning suspiciously.

    "You both look like you got a dirty little secret. Ha! I'm kidding. Let's see how you did. Oh, not bad boys, not bad. A nice even coat, high gloss, no bubbles."

    "Yeah, looks great, Mr. Crabrawler. We'll just be going..." Rowlet began.

    "Flippin' fish fossils! Look what you did!" Crabrawler suddenly exclaimed.

    "Oh, Mr. Crabrawler, we're so sorry! Don't de-butt me! Don't de-butt me!" Rowlet begged.

    "Mr. Crabrawler, I'm sorry! Have mercy! Have mercy!" Popplio begged.

    "Sorry? You dusted all my knickknacks! That was really nice. Great Barrier Reef! What's this?"

    "It's not our fault, Mr. Crabrawler!" Rowlet begged.

    "We didn't do it on purpose!"

    "Accident! Accident! Accident! Accident!" They both begged.

    "I don't want to be butt-less!" Popplio begged.

    "Oh, and I suppose the floor molding just painted itself on its own." The wall is decorated with tiny ships. "That's what I call craftsmanship. Criminy jim-jam! You messed up my dollar...rama!" Rowlet and Popplio were confused. "All the dolls in this dollarama were perfectly aligned!" Crabrawler straightened one of the dolls to an upright position.

    "And you boys thought I wouldn't notice. Oh well, I guess no harm done. All right boys, you're free to go." Crabrawler suddenly ran into a long pile of paintings on the wall. "Ow! That's funny, I don't remember a stack of painting jutting from the wall where me first dollar used to be. In fact, I don't remember this painting at all." He took off a picture of a clown. "Or this one. Or this one." Rowlet and Popplio are shook as Crabrawler continued to take off the paintings. "Or this one. Or this one. Or this one. Or this one." He took off a painting of Tapu Koko where Rowlet was hanging behind it.

    "Hi, Mr. Crabrawler."

    "Rowlet, what are you doing?"

    "Oh, you know, just hanging around."

    "Boo!" Popplio shouted.

    "Get down onto the floor, boy." Rowlet stretched his body down to the floor. "Alright, now you're just being silly." Crabrawler went over and took him off the wall.

    "No, Mr. Crabrawler! No! Don't look, it's a trick!"

    "Did you two get paint all over me first dollar?" Crabrawler asked angrily.

    "We're sorry, Mr. Crabrawler!"

    Crabrawler looked at the dollar again. "And then did you draw on it with crayon?!" The dollar had a smiley face and two dollar signs drawn on with green crayon.

    "I thought, you know, maybe he'd buy it." Popplio shrugged, holding a green crayon.

    "All right boys, you know what I've got to do now?"

    "You're gonna cut our butts off?"

    "Can I use mine one last time?" Popplio asked. Crabrawler took the dollar and licked it, causing all of the paint to come off.

    "There we go, good as new."

    "But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but..." Rowlet and Popplio stammered in shock and disbelief.

    "Yeah, I lied. This paint actually comes off with saliva!" Crabrawler laughed.

    "Oh, I get it, Mr. Crabrawler. You told us the paint was permanent so me and Popplio would be more careful and not get paint on anything!"

    "Nah, I just like to mess with ya!" Crabrawler laughed. Rowlet and Popplio glared at him and they stormed out in disgust. Crabrawler started laughing so hard he spits all over the walls. "The old mon's still got it!" The paint then started to come off the wall from all the spit. "Aww, crud. I really gotta learn to say it, not spray it."
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    "One Krabby Patty for table two. Rowlet, I don't have the whole day."

    "Oui, oui. Un Krabby Patty, Monsieur. First, les patty." Rowlet flipped the patty up in the air and caught it as he held up the other ingredients.

    "Come on, Rowlet!"

    "Next, les ingredients." Rowlet threw all of the ingredients in the air and caught them. "Ah, oui!"

    "Les quit fooling around, where's my Krabby Patty?"

    "Les hold on a second!" Rowlet went up to Litten and pulled a Krabby Patty from behind his ear. "It's behind your ear!"

    "You're killing me Rowlet! Ha ha ha...you really are."

    "Look at it, Litten. Mr. Crabrawler's gift to all of the Alola region, the Krabby Patty.."

    "Okay, give it to me." The Krabby Patty suddenly jumped off of the plate and starts bouncing everywhere. "Come on Rowlet, stop it!"

    "I swear I'm not doing anything. Mr. Crabrawler! The Krabby Patty is haunted!" The patty was about to head towards the front door until Crabrawler speared it with his leg.

    "Avast, ye patty pirate! This is no ghost. This is..." Crabrawler looked to see that it was a small black lizard. "Salandit! Stealing me booty!"

    "Hear me Crabrawler. When I discover your formula for Krabby Patties, I'll run you out of business. I went to college!" Crabrawler picked up the little pest. "Hey! Let me go!"

    "Oh I'll let you go, squirt. On a flying saucer!" Crabrawler laughed he splat Salandit on a plate and spun him across the street. "Back to the Chum Bucket with you!"

    "You'll pay for this Crabrawler!" Salandit shouted as he slammed through the doors.

    "Uh...Salandit, sir?" Rowlet asked.

    "Aye, he's been trying to steal me secret formula for years. But you haven't got it yet, have ye bug?" Crabrawler laughed and Rowlet laughed with him. "Okay. Enough lad, it wasn't that funny." Crabrawler said seriously, but Rowlet kept laughing. "Get back to work!"

    "Okay Mr. Crabrawler, see you tomorrow!"

    "Good night, me boy!" Rowlet walked out of the restaurant and passed by the Chum Bucket contently.

    "Psst...young mon." Rowlet looked around to see where that voice came from. "Yes, over here. Come on boy, a little closer." He walks forward to the direction of the voice. "Closer..." Rowlet looked to see that it was Salandit. "Hi."

    "Salandit? What do you want?"

    "I just want to talk. You could say we're friends, right?"




    "Well, we're both Pokémon, aren't we?"

    "I...guess so."

    "You see? Everything works out. I have something for you. I've been keeping it in my secret compartment." Salandit rummaged through his back pocket and took out a golden spatula. "Ding! Sparkle, sparkle."

    "Wow! A golden spatula! And its even got my name on it."

    "It's a gift! A gift from a friend. Friends give each other gifts. And tomorrow is my birthday. And you know what I'd like more than anything in the whole wide world?"

    "A booster seat?"

    "Booster seat? Hot dog! I mean, no. What I want for my birthday from you my friend, is one of those tender...delicious...Krabby Patties!"

    Rowlet screamed. "You just want to be friends so you can get your hands on a Krabby Patty! And I bet it's not even your birthday tomorrow."

    "Gee, and I thought you were stupid."

    "You'll never get a Krabby Patty from me!" Rowlet walked off and then stopped. "Even if we are friends! Never, never, never, never!"

    "Oh, I'll get a Krabby Patty and you're gonna hand-deliver it to me personally! You weak-minded fool!" Salandit took out a gramophone and it played evil music and laughed evilly to it.

    "Good night Gary." As Rowlet went to sleep, someone snuck into his treehouse. It was Salandit, wearing something that resembled a backpack.

    "Rowlet, you will be mine!" Salandit chuckled as he pulled out the record player and laughs evilly to it.

    "Letters of the alphabet, A-B-C..." He quickly fliped the record around and it played evil music and he laughed to it. Salandit then took off the backpack and placed it on Rowlet's head. "Yes, yes, that's grand. And now, for my very elaborate and college-educated plan. And now it's time for a little wakey-uppy." Salandit got on top of the control and stepped on the button and Rowlet woke up.

    "Morning already?" jammed the controls which cause to rumble and fall down. "I... I feel a little funny today." Salandit made Rowlet walk using the controls.

    "I have you now!"

    "Time for a well-balanced breakfast." Rowlet rammed through the wall and through the fridge, emerging with bread, a bottle of milk and an egg carton on his head. "This isn't what I had in mind." He crashed through the side of the wall. "I guess I'm not using the door. See you later Gary! ...I guess. You're right, Gary! There is something wrong with me! Litten! Litten! Wake up! I need some help! Litten! Help!"

    "Be quiet, Rowlet!" Litten snapped when Rowlet suddenly burst through the wall of his house.


    "Rowlet! What are you doing? I'm talking to you! Rowlet! Rowlet, are you mad?" Rowlet crashed through the opposite wall and then stopped and turned his head 180 degrees.

    "Shut your mouth, you mediocre Pokéflute player." Salandit spoke through Rowlet.


    "You pretentious little insignificant artist. Your snivelly creations are worth less than a protozoan's waste!"

    Rowlet quickly snapped out of it. "Something must be wrong with my head!" He looked to the back of his head and gasped when he saw Salandit. "Salandit! What kind of friend are you?"

    "Nonsense. You never liked me anyway. You wouldn't even come to my birthday party!"

    "Get off of my head! Leave my head alone! Never! Never!" Rowlet laughed evily and walked out backwards as Litten fainted. He walked right through a lake and emerged with Popplio on his head. He threw him off and started to walk towards the Crusty Crabrawler.

    "Toot toot! How about a little take-out?"

    "No, never!" Rowlet crashed through the and came out with a Krabby Patty. "You can't fool me Salandit, you want the Krabby Patty secret formula!"

    "You are going to hand-deliver it to me personally!"

    "No, no, no!" Rowlet walked through the door to the Chum Bucket. "There's no one here."

    "Don't remind me. Brace yourself Rowlet, this is my lab!" Rowlet walked into a room with a screen of a live-action Labrador retriever. They then walked into the next room, which was a real lab. "And this is my laboratory! And did I ever show you my record player?" Salandit pulled out the record player and laughed to the dramatic music.

    "I must fight!" Rowlet bit against the side of the door while his body kept trying to walk.

    "No, no, no, no." Salandit pushed the levers forward which caused Rowlet to lose grip and slam against the wall towards a giant funnel. "There, you see how much easier it is when you help, friend? How do you like my analyzer? It tells the ingredients of whatever I put into it." A robot arm dropped some seaweed into the giant funnel analyzer, where it was zapped and it disappeared.

    "Seaweed: 50% Sea, 50% Weed." A computer said as a picture of the seaweed appears.

    "Impressed? Now let's reveal that secret formula." Salandit laughed as he pulled the lever forward, letting two of Rowlet's fingers let go of the patty. "And this little piggy brought home a Krabby Patty. This little piggy will help me drop it in. Any last words, Rowlet?"

    Rowlet tried to resist, but stopped. "I just have to say I'm sorry I let Mr. Crabrawler down." His eyes started to tear up. "I let all of Alola down. But worst of all, I let you down, you delicate little Krabby Patty."


    "With your tasty, juicy, scrumptious, warm, steamy goodness."


    "I'll never forget your 100% all-secret patty, secretly assembled with cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, all secretly steamed between two fluffy buns.

    Salandit started to drool excessively. "Yes...yes...yes! Come to papa!" He jumped off Rowlet's head and landed in the analyzer. "Oh boy..." He then got zapped and disappeared.

    "Salandit: 1% evil, 99% hot gas." The computer said as Salandit appeared on the screen.

    "Well, this stinks."

    "Well patty, I guess we can go home now." Rowlet walked out of the doors.

    "Rowlet, that's my Krabby Patty! Give it back, you ruffled freak! I command you! My patty! Nooooo! I'll settle for some fries."

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