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Pokémon: Unova Guardians

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by MCOury1998, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Chapter One: Unusual Starters for Special Trainers


    Satoshi 'Ash' Red Ketchum wakes up to a sunny, warm morning on his fourteenth birthday. The day he can finally become a Pokémon Trainer. Ash was originally from Kanto, where Trainers started at ten-years-old, but when Team Rocket took over the region six years ago, his mother had sent him to live with his aunt, Aurea Juniper.

    However, in Unova, Trainers don't begin their journeys until they're sixteen, unless there's specific circumstances that allows the Trainer to begin earlier, like with Ash. A dark, mysterious force is brewing in Unova. Also, he and a close friend of his are believed to be the two Heroes that will reunite the Original Dragon and save all of Unova...if not the world.

    The close friend is Iris Ajagar, a girl from the Village of Dragons who was born at the exact same moment as Ash, but in Unova. They had first met at about five years old, when Aurea took Ash to Opelucid City. Since then, the two have grown closer, and closer...some would even say to a certain point that, fits their age appropriately, at this point...

    ...Ash gets out of bed and quickly gets dressed in an outfit that Ash's own father had once worn when he was the boy's age. Red-and-black sneakers, white socks, dark gray cargo pants. Then, a black t-shirt worn under a hooded short-sleeved sweater with a golden zipper and blue shoulders and chest. Then, Ash places a red-and-white baseball cap with the blue Unova League cap over his messy, raven black hair.

    "Today is the day..." Ash whispers to himself, confidently, as he goes over to his desk and picks up his aqua blue-and-white backpack, and slings it over his shoulders. He walks over to his door, touches the knob, and then turns around. Take a good look around, who knows how long it'll be...

    Ash does this, sighs and nods, and then turns back to the door. He opens it, and goes out into the main hall of the house/lab. Similarly to Pr. Samuel Oak of Kanto, Ash's aunt has her house and lab connected.

    Ash stretches a bit and yawns as he enters the lab portion of the building. Not only is he dressed and packed for the journey ahead of him, but he already knows what Starter he's going to choose: Snivy. To be fair, Ash loves all three of the Starters, but Snivy the most out of them.

    As Ash enters the lobby portion of the lab, the first person he sees is Iris. The aspiring Dragon Master wears pink shoes, white pants and a large tan shirt, that almost makes her huge amount of purple hair not seem that big. A pink backpack is barely visible under said hair.

    When they're eyes meet, they smile at each other. Though from completely different families, both have the same kind of deep, chocolate brown eyes. Iris steps forward and hugs Ash in greeting, which Ash returns affectionately.

    "Morning, Ash." Iris says as the release each other. "You ready to begin our journey?"

    Ash nods. "Of course, I've been waiting forever for this! What Starter we're you thinking of getting?"

    "Tepig." Iris replies simply. "I know it's not a Dragon type...but it's just too cute to resist! So, still have your sights set on a Snivy?"

    "You bet..." Ash confirms. "And, even if you have the type advantage...well, just don't count me and Snivy out!"

    Iris laughs as Aurea Juniper emerges from a door on the other side of the lobby desk from the hall Ash had exited from. She pushes a small cart, carrying on top of it the Starters, empty Pokéballs and Pokédexes for new Trainers. There's some other items, but neither can tell exactly what they are.

    "Pr. Juniper!" "Aurea!" They great the thirty four-year-old Pokémon professor with a warm, friendly hug,

    "Ash, Iris...you two are up a bit earlier than I expected..." Aurea jokes as the two step back in anticipation. Then, she takes two of the Pokéballs off of the cart and shows them to the two. "Now, I know you were probably expecting the usual...Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy...but I found two Pokémon...that I think would be more suitable for you. Both of these Pokémon just hatched a couple of weeks ago, so they're quite young...and a bit, well, you'll see..."

    Aurea opens the two red-and-white spherical capsules and two, small baby Pokémon appear at their feet: a green, crested bipedal dinosaur with tusks, and the other a small mouse with large triangular ears.

    "Axew..." Iris says, recognizing the little green Dragon type from around her hometown.

    "Ew?" Axew asks, curious about what Iris is, making the girl smile. "Axew ew!"

    "...and Pichu." Ash is surprised to see the little Electric type in Unova, as it is mainly only known in Kanto, Johto, Kalos and Alola. "But how'd you find a Pichu egg in Unova?"

    "Pich?" Pichu asks, looking at Ash, and then to Aurea. "Chu pichu pi?"

    "I'm not sure, to be honest." Aurea says, then chuckles as Pichu climbs up Ash and onto the boy's left shoulder, and then Axew does the same, but accidentally falling into Iris' large hair. However, the Dragon type finds that this spot is comfortable. "Well, I guess I don't have to tell you which I thought'd be perfect each of you...they've already got it all figured out."

    Ash laughs and rubs Pichu's head. "Well, I'm glad you think so, Pichu!"

    "Pichu!" Pichu cheers.

    "Well, it would make sense for me to have a Dragon type if I want to be a Dragon Master." Iris says.

    "Axew ax!" Axew agrees, popping its head out of Iris' hair, making her laugh again.

    "Okay then, glad that's all settled." Aurea says, smiling as she turns and picks up the Pokédexes and Pokéballs, handing them each a Pokédex and five Pokéballs. "I'm pretty sure you know what these are, and how they work...so I don't need to explain, right?"

    "Not at all, Aurea." Ash confirms, trying not to laugh.

    The professor nods and then takes up two silver bracelets and two pendants with two strange watery blue spherical marble-sized stones inside some kind of golden piece. "Now, these are Z-Rings and Keystones. I wasn't sure whether to give you one or the either, both being useful in their own unique ways."

    "I think you've told us about these before, right?" Iris recalls. "Maybe two years ago, or so..."

    "Yeah, I remember." Ash agrees. "And...I guess I get why you're giving us both items."

    Iris nods in agreements as she and Ash both put the Keystones around their neck, and then the Z-Rings on their left wrists.

    "And the rest...up to the two of you..." Aurea sighs. "I hope I wasn't mistaken...and that you two are the Chosen that Unova has been waiting for. But also, you shouldn't let this weigh too heavily on you. You're only young teens, after all."

    "But we're growing up fast." Iris declares. Juniper nods, tears coming to her eyes.

    "No need to worry! We've got this." Ash adds, grinning.


    Ash and Iris, now completely set for their Pokémon adventure, the two head out onto Route 1, a mostly forested road that connects Nuvema Town and Accumula Town. They've played on this road a few times, and have even gotten to know some of the forest Pokémon.

    But today, even though the weather is warmly pleasant and the sun shining with a cloudless blue sky, the route is oddly, eerily quiet. It's as if the entire forest is holding its breath...

    "...why...?" Ash wonders aloud.

    "Huh?" Iris asks, confused.

    "It's so quiet out here...why is that?" Ash clarifies. "It's never like this. Even from in town, you can still hear some of the wild Pidove that live out here...but there's nothing. Not even wind rustling the leaves."

    "Pi...? Pichu chupi..." Pichu murmurs, looking around, while holding onto Ash with one paw.

    "Hmm...you're right." Iris agrees. "Just...nothing...I guess Aurea was right, now is the time for us to set out on our journey."

    "Yeah, cause usually this kind of thing denotes a bad omen." Ash adds as their pace begins to quicken a little.

    "Axew ew..." Axew whines, retreating back into Iris' hair.

    "Aw, Axew...you alright?" Iris asks the little dragon.

    That's when they hear a bush behind them rustling. The two Trainers spin around to see a large purple cat emerge from the bush. A cat that looks hungry. But Ash's Pichu isn't just going to let the cat scare it, as it sparks electricity from its huge, red cheeks.

    "Purrloin..." The cat, which Ash recognizes as 'Purrloin' growls, extending its claws and eyeing Pichu hungrily.

    "Okay, so you want to fight my Pichu, then..." Ash guess, placing his backpack on the ground, and flipping his cap backwards. "Alright buddy, use Quick Attack on Purrloin!"

    "Pichu!" Pichu says, agreeing with the command. Then, it runs at Purrloin with increasing velocity, until smashing into Purrloin with such force, that it gets knocked to the ground.

    "Whoa, way to go, Pichu!" Iris exclaim, watching Ash's young partner stand over the fallen Devious Pokémon.

    "Pichu...pichu?" Pichu steps back as Purrloin tries to get back up, hissing mad. "Pichupi!"

    "I thought surely...Purrloin must be pretty resilient." Ash realizes, now starting to get a bit worried. "Okay, Pichu...use Thundershock!"

    "Pichu!" Pichu agrees, regaining its confident, victorious grin as electricity sparks wildly from Pichu's cheeks. "Pi..CHUUUUUUUUU!"

    "Wait, isn't that...?" Iris trails off as Pichu electrocutes Purrloin, who again falls to the ground. "But Pichus can end up using all of their energy...using powerful electric attacks..."

    "Pichupi!" Pichu cries out, jumping into Ash's arms, making the boy smile as the little mouse nuzzles against him.

    "Yeah, I guess Pichu just had in it..." Ash says as Pichu goes back up to Ash's left shoulder. Then, the young Kantonese boy removes an empty Pokéball from his belt, enlarges it and fires it straight at the fallen Purrloin. "Alright, you're my first catch!"

    Axew pokes its face out of Iris' hair to watch the capsule suck Purrloin inside, whir once...twice...and then click! Ash picks the Pokéball up, and hoists it into the air. "Alright, my first wild Pokémon...a Purrloin, and all thanks to Pichu!"

    "Pichu!" Pichu echoes, copying Ash's pose from atop the boy's hat.

    "Axew!" Axew cheers.

    "Well, that was definitely something." Iris comments as Ash places Purrloin's Pokéball onto his belt, and then the duo continues up Route 1 once again. "So, what's next?"

    "Next one's your's." Ash offers, but Iris doesn't seem to get it. "Next willd Pokémon...I mean."

    "Oh, that makes sense." Iris agrees, then nudges Ash in the arm with her elbow, playfully, and then starts to run up the road a bit. "But, bet you can't beat me to Accumula Town!"

    "Why does it need to be a race?" Ash asks. He sighs and shakes his head. "Alright, then...hold on tight, Pichu..."

    "Pichu!" Pichu simply dives into Ash's sweater, and then pokes its head and forepaws back out, as it if it were a front-baby carrier.

    Well, that's one way to do things... Ash thinks as he runs after Iris, headed up Route 1...


    The mysterious creatures of this planet...Pocket Monsters...'Pokémon' for short...
    Now, the story of boy Ash and the girl Iris...and Pokémon,
    Their meetings, adventures and battles are about to begin!
  2. Thechaosmaster

    Thechaosmaster Keeper of Chaos

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2017
    Potion ★Poké Ball ★
    Wow, you really did good here, Ash, chosen by the legendary dragon of Ideals Zekrom, and Iris, chosen by the legendary dragon of ideals, if I'm correct and not just jumping the gun. Keep up the stories. ;)

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  3. MCOury1998

    MCOury1998 Negaishipper

    Jan 20, 2017
    Thanks...and we'll see about the dragons...

  4. CharlieWeasleyfan

    Shiny Roggenrola
    Level 1
    Jan 24, 2017
    Trainer Card - Cave ThemeRocky Helmet ★★★★★Staff of VerityExp. Share ★★
    This is amazing!
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  5. NickThePikachu/Ultimate

    Feb 3, 2017
    Nice job! :3 I seriously hope to see more in the future.

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