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Pokemon: A Mother's Adevnture

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Pokemontrainernick, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. Pokemontrainernick

    Sep 8, 2014
    Chapter 1

    Another Ketchum starts

    Our story begins one summer's afternoon in pallet town, where Mrs Ketchum is hard at work cleaning her house with her trusty Pokémon Mr.Mime or as she calls him, Mimie.

    The two busy bees go about the house cleaning up the already spotless house with a combination of cloths, brooms and cleaning liquids. It was just another day in the ketchum house hold what with Mrs Ketchum's son ash already off on a journey to the new Pokémon region of Kalos hoping to become a Pokémon master. His mother stayed at home praying for her son's safety and worrying about her baby boy setting off in the world of Pokémon once again.

    "Oh I wonder if he packed enough underwear?" She thought concerned as she dusted a frame that held her son's johto gym badges on the their fireplace. Delia knew she shouldn't worry about her son but what else could she do? She loved her son and wanted to make sure he was safe but able to grow up experiencing the world as she once did as a Pokémon trainer. She did miss those days travelling and seeing the world of Pokémon but she knew she had to be a mum first, ready to support her son whenever he needed it. The thoughts of her past soon left the cleaning Delia and soon with the cleaning done Mimie now came to Delia's side ready for its next task.

    "Well I guess we should go shopping for dinner. What to do you say Mimie?" Delia asks kindly to her Pokémon who nods saying it's name happily as an answer. The two of them then beginning get ready to go closing the windows of their home before locking the front door as they left. Delia and Mimie then set off to their first stop pallet town's own green grocery shop.

    Located in the centre of town along with a range of other shops,this green grocer had been here since Delia first moved in to pallet town and hadn't changed since then either. What with it's small wooden shelves filled to brim with fresh fruit and vegetables, dark green walls of the shop and an old fashioned cash register sitting on a tall oak table right at the back of the store where the owner of the store Mr. Goodwin stood behind having a clear view of whoever came into his shop.

    "Good morning Mrs Ketchum. Got some fresh apples in today if the professor needs them." Mr. Goodwin says happily greeting Delia as she enters through the shop's open dark green door with Mimie by her side. Delia greets him back warmly by answering thank you before going on with her

    shopping. She strolls around the shop looking and examining the fruit and vegetables not knowing really what she or Mimie wanted for dinner tonight.

    And asking Mimie what he thought they should have didn't help Delia either. Because Mimie's answer was a shrugs of it's shoulders at her as if to say I didn't know either.

    "Oh well I guess something will come to us if we keep walking around." Delia said happily patting Mimie's head, who cheered happily at his petting. The two of them then continue to wonder around the shop looking at every fruit and vegetable they came across including fire red chilli's. But with not a soup or a salad coming to her mind, Delia decides to shop else for dinner. However as she goes to leave the store with Mimie, Mr. Goodwin calls cheerfully "Good bye Mrs Ketchum, come again!

    His call catch Delia's attention making the mother not pay less attention to where she was walking while she respond back. Ash's mother walks straight into another customer's chest as enters they shop.

    "Oh dear I am sorry." Delia apologies quickly moving herself back away from the customer's chest quickly before looking at who she walk into. To her surprise, the person she'd walked into is a tall man about seven foot around her age with dark green eyes and short military cut brown hair. The man smiles at her friendly before saying it's OK as accidents happen. He then asks Delia if she's is OK? Causing ash's mother to respond cheerfully she is before commenting how polite the man is.

    He just laughs kindly at her comment saying it cost nothing to be polite to people before the two are interrupted by Mr. Goodwin who comes over to see what was going on before noticing the man Delia had bumped into.

    "Ah Mr. Heart here you are. Your lemons came in yesterday you know, come get them." The shop keeper said dashing off towards the back of his shop at some speed. It looked like the shop owner had forgotten about the accident but as for Mr. Heart and Delia, the two excuse themselves before going on about their day. Yet before she left the shop Delia had to look back at Mr. Heart as something about him reminded her of her son.

    She couldn't put her finger on what it was that made her think like this. But she was sure it wasn't

    his dress sense. After all Mr. Heart wore a forest green t-shirt with brown corduroy trousers, a large brown travel bag on his back and dark green high top basket shoes. But maybe the link she could see between this man and her son is the pink coloured butterfree resting on his right shoulder.

    The Pokémon sat there happily resting on Mr. Heart's shoulder as he talked to the shop owner at the counter. But all Delia saw was her son and his pikachu, happily resting on his shoulder surrounded by his friends. She felt happy knowing her son was travelling like this but Delia also felt a little jealous about the experience her son is getting. Yet shaking that feeling away by telling herself she needed to be at home for her little hero, Delia moved on to the next shop with Mimie at her side.

    The morning went by as the two continued to shop around buying food and other household necessities before finally making their way back home that afternoon with lot of bags of shopping in tow. It didn't take long for the two to get back into the house and back to work with Mimie putting the shopping away while Delia starts to prepare lunch for them.

    She begins by buttering some bread for their lunch time sandwiches however as she does, she couldn't stop thinking about what her son is doing right now on his journey. Who is he meeting? What new Pokémon has he seen and what new expecting places is he experiencing? She never thought about it so much before but now after being alone in her home again while her son went off adventuring Delia's mind wouldn't let the subject go. She thought about it as she ate, worked and even when she relaxed watching some gardening show on her TV later that after afternoon.

    She didn't want to admit it, but Delia knew that deep down she wanted to travel again. She wanted to see the world, meet new people and not do the same thing day in and out. But what about her home and Mimie? She knew she couldn't just get up and go without making sure they're taken care of. She thought about the subject all the way up to next morning even when brushing her teeth till finally after sitting down to eat her breakfast. Delia decides then before she can do anything about setting off on a journey she has to talk the idea over with professor oak, her friend and old teacher.

    She knew if anyone could tell him if her desire to travel again was a good thing or not it would be him. And so wasting no time to get her answer, ash's mother calls for Mimie,who was busily sweeping her house porch telling him they were going to see the professor. The Pokémon cheers happily before coming to help it's trainer lock up the house. The two then make their way quickly toward professor oak's lab. The lab is located at the edge of town, with fields behind it full of a mixture of trainers Pokémon and wild Pokémon would make it their home, Delia always remember

    when she studied here and how empty the lab fields once were. But now filled with Pokémon of all shapes and sizes, Delia happily walks to the professor red front door with mimie by her side and rings the door bell.

    "Coming, coming" A voice yells from behind the door before suddenly the door opens to revel Tracy an old travelling companion of ash's. He greets Mr Ketchum warmly inviting her and mimie inside. Delia accepts his offer and stepping inside she asks Tracy if professor oak is free at the moment?

    "Oh yeah I think he's at his computer again typing in the main room." Tracy answers before asking Delia if she would like a cup of tea as he was on his way to make the professor one.

    Ash's mother nods thanking Tracy before making her way to the main room. Lucky visiting the professor so many times Delia knew the way to the main room and once she got there it didn't take long for professor oak to invite Delia to sit down to chat about ash and his adventures. Delia always loved to hear what ash had said to professor oak but as they talked about ash sending him a new bird type Pokémon known as flechling. Professor oak couldn't help but noticed Delia's eye line go past him and on to the three pokeballs with starter Pokémon in resting on the desk where his computer is.

    "Delia is everything ok?" Professor oak asked wondering why ash's mother had such an interest in the starter Pokémon's pokeballs. Delia didn't hold back about her idea about travelling and telling oak this, the Pokémon professor's face turn to one of shock. He'd never thought Delia would want to go back to travelling after having ash and even now even if she wanted too he wasn't sure if she would be ready as times in the Pokémon world were changing.

    "Well Delia it's great to hear you want to travel again but are you sure your ready to go? I mean what about your home and ash?" Oak asks worried that she's acting on an impulse and not thinking clearly about the situation. However Delia had already planned in her head what she would need to do if she went on a journey on the way to the lab.

    First she explained she would find someone to look after her house given oak a look of it being him she'd ask. Before she went on to say she would ask mimie if he wanted to come along with her and if not she wanted to leave him here with oak before finally taking a day to pack and get ready for her journey. Oak certainly couldn't say now she was acting on a whim however he did have to ask

    why? Why did she want to go back to travelling now?

    "I think it's because of ash." Delia answers oak kindly. "I see him and his friends going off on adventures and seeing all these new places and I want to experience that for myself. I never travelled far when I worked for you professor oak, always saying in an area to research the Pokémon that lived there and then having ash put a stop to all that. But now he's growing up and going off on adventures on his own. He doesn't need me anymore so now I think its time to see the world and experience what I could not while I was raising him. So one day I can say too that I have seen the world and all it has to offer."

    Delia answer moves oak option about the situation for being an old Pokémon trainer he knew of the experiences she spoke off. The feeling of being free, seeing new people, places, taking it all in and learning from it. He knew he could not tell Delia to do this and instead offered to help Delia to help in anyway he could resulting in the poor professor finding himself agreeing to looking after Delia's house while she's away. Delia knew she had only one more thing to do before she could begin her journey and that all came down to asking her Mr.mime if he would join her on their adventure. The Pokémon was busy cleaning the professor lab with a broom when Delia found it a few minutes later with oak in tow.

    She bent down to the cleaning Pokémon's height and with a cheerful smile on her face, Delia explained to Mimie what she was planning. The Mr. Mime listened carefully hanging on every word the human said who had taken care of him. When Delia finally asks if he would come along with her on the journey, Mimie answers her back with a happy nod saying it's name just as cheerfully.

    With that the preparation began for Delia's adventure. An adventure that would lead her all over Kanto. She began to pack that afternoon after returning home using a grey rucksack she had when she was younger. She packed spare clothes, bed-wear, blankets, cans of poke-food, spoons, folks and an range of other things only a mother would think about carrying before finally picking out an outfit for her to start her journey in. She thought about going in her usual style of long blue dress, pink jumper and white slip on shoes however guessing a skirt would not be the best thing to wear if she was going through tall grass or climb Delia decides to go with an outfit she hadn't worn in years. One that the next morning would not only surprise Tracy and Professor Oak but get Delia some unwanted attention from a young group of male trainers.

    So this is chapter one of my Pokémon fanfiction featuring Delia Ketchum as the star. I'll post more when I can, but if you can't wait you can always find more chapters over on fanfiction.com under the same story title as I do tend to post there first.
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  2. Airenee

    Airenee Psychic

    Sep 8, 2014
    There are a few capitalization mistakes and there is one paragraph that was cut off. But overall, nice plotline. Can't wait to read about this mysterious man with the pink Butterfree. :)

    Will she be getting a starter too? Well she has Mimie.

    And lol what would Ash think about all this.
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