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Pokemon:Adventures in Kanto

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by TheMegaCharizardDude, Mar 31, 2015.

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  1. TheMegaCharizardDude

    Mar 31, 2015
    I wrote this same story on fanfiction.net but yeah. I'm TheCharizardDude!
    Soo here it is

    you can read it on fanfiction.net here :https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11140768/1/Pokemon-Adventures-in-Kanto

    This is a new fanfic created by me. I would like it if you would review. This series will be split into 6 books,one for each region. I'm starting with Kanto then going on to Johto and so on. I will explain the mechanics of battling at the end of this chapter.
    Pallet Town
    10 A.M June 3rd
    "I am finally getting a Pokémon today!" Jake screamed.
    "That's great." Jake's mother said.
    "I am so exited and now it's time to go!"
    Before his mother could say anything else,he rushed out the door and ran to Professor Oak's Lab.
    "Wow,he must be exited" she said.
    As Jake reached the lab,he saw his rival Blake just standing there.
    "Took you long enough" he exclaimed
    They both went inside of the lab and Professor Oak greeted them.
    "Hello,you must be the two new trainers that are starting their Pokémon journeys today"
    "That's right" Jake said
    "When do we get to choose a Pokémon?" Blake asked.
    "Right now" Professor Oak said.
    Professor Oak leaded them to a table with three Pokémon on it.
    "There are three Pokémon on this table:Charmander,Squirtle and Bulbasaur" Professor Oak said.
    "Charmander is a Fire type,Bulbasaur is a Grass and Poison type,and Squirtle is a water type" Professor Oak explained.
    "Who is going to choose first?" Jake said exitedly
    "You can choose first I suppose" Blake said.
    "I think I'll choose Charmander" Jake said as he grabbed Charmander's Poké Ball.
    "I'll choose Squirtle" Blake said with a smug look as he grabbed the Poké Ball.
    "Well,I'm going outside to go start my journey so see ya" Jake said.
    "See ya Professor" Blake said as he and Jake walked to the door.
    "Wait!" Professor Oak said.
    "Hm?" The two trainers asked.
    "I forgot to give you each five Poké Balls and each a Pokédex"
    They walked back to the professor and recieved five Poké Balls each and a Pokédex for the both of them.
    They then walked outside and went to Route 1.
    "Let us have a battle to see who is better!" Blake exclaimed
    "Okay!" Jake said.
    They started to grab their Pokémon as they prepared for battle...

    I know you want to see the next chapter soon because you want to see how the battle turns out. But as an author I must add some cliff-hanging and suspense so tune in next chapter!
    I will try to update as much as possible and might not be on a schedule but I will update a lot because I have quite a bit of free time.
    That's all folks so smell ya later!
  2. TheMegaCharizardDude

    Mar 31, 2015
    About the battle mechanics thing,sorry I forgot. I will put it in this chapter I PROMISE! Sit back and enjoy the battle!

    Route One
    June 3rd,12:00 P.M
    "I choose you,Charmander!" Jake exclaimed as he threw the Poké Ball to the ground,releasing the Lizard Pokémon and bouncing the ball back to his hand.
    Charmander came out of the Poké Ball and was ready to battle.
    "Charmander!" The lizard Pokémon exclaimed.
    "Go Squirtle!" Blake exclaimed as he released the Turtle Pokémon.
    "Squirtle!" The turtle Pokémon shouted.
    "You're going down Blake!" Jake exclaimed.
    "Charmander use Scratch!" He commanded.
    Charmander ran over to Squirtle and was ready to use Scratch.
    "Squirtle go inside your shell!" Blake commanded.
    Squirtle ducked inside of its shell before the attack could hit but Charmander ran to it anyway.
    "Put your arm inside of the shell and use Scratch on Squirtle's head now!" Jake told Charmander.
    Charmander went and used Scratch on Squirtle even when it was in its shell.
    "A critical hit!" Jake exclaimed as he saw the damage done to Squirtle
    Squirtle was still in its shell,it had survived the attack.
    "Use tackle while it's up close!" Blake shouted.
    Squirtle jumped up out of its shell and ran at Charmander and knocked it down.
    "Charmander!" Jake exclaimed,now worried about his Pokémon.
    "Squirtle use Water Gun!" Blake commanded.
    Squirtle used Water Gun and got a good hit on Charmander.
    Squirtle was about to finish Charmander off with another Water Gun,but Charmander's tail lit up even more then before.
    "What's that?" Jake said as he pulled out his Pokédex to check.
    Charmander's Special Ability,Blaze: activates only when the Pokémon is in danger,powers up the strength of Fire-type moves
    "Charmander,I didn't know you had Blaze!" Jake squealed.
    "Charmander,use Ember now!"Jake commanded.
    Charmander started up a normal Ember,but it expanded while Charmander used it and became even stronger than normal and hit Squirtle before it could react,knocking it out.
    "Charmander,yay!" Jake exclaimed
    "Good job Blake!" Jake said.
    "You too,Jake" Blake said
    They both recalled their Pokémon and Blake started walking towards Viridian City.
    Jake went home and rested before he ventured to Viridian City.
    His mother waved goodbye as he walked toward Viridian City.

    I hope you liked the chapter,please review:D
    Every time I decide to update,I will give you readers a treat! 2 to 3 chapters every update!
    How does that sound?
    That's all for today,updates are coming soon
    Battle Mechanics
    Pokémon can have up to six moves(four moves is just too little)
    Pokémon can dodge attacks and use their abilities like flying to evade
    All moves from Red to X and Y can be used but the Pokémon needs to be able to learn it.
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