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Pokemon: Cameron Ketcham's Adventure

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Dragon Spirit Jurabi, Apr 5, 2015.

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  1. Dragon Spirit Jurabi

    Apr 5, 2015
    Jurabi: Hello every reader I'm Jurabi the Dragon Spirit! Here's a new story I'm making. This time it is about the Next Generation of Pokémon and by 'Next Generation' I mean like Ash's son/daughter. Now keep in mind that I ship Ash and Serena. Sorry, AshXMisty shippers but I find Ash and Serena to be much more of an enjoyable couple. Now, let's get started with this story. If you like it, please follow it and favorite it if you love it. You can also favorite and follow me. So please sit down and enjoy this new story. :)

    Silent Night
    Inside a pitch-black forest, an injured Pokémon limps away looks back at a blinding light.
    "There it is!" A voice shouted as it was a male wearing a black armor. Standing beside him was a female also wearing a black armor.
    "You're not getting away this time, little rascal! Druddigon, Go!" The female shouted sending out her Druddigon.
    "Electabuzz, you too!" The male said sending out his Electabuzz.
    The two Pokémon stepped forward sending the Pokémon intimidating glares.
    "Electabuzz, use Thunder Punch!" The male commanded as the Electabuzz threw a thunder punch at the Pokémon but it dodges.
    "Druddigon! Use Dragon Tail!" The woman commanded as the Druddigon hit Pokémon with its tail smashing it into the ground.
    "Hey, watch it! The boss wants this Pokémon unharmed and secured." The man said.
    "Heh, don't get paranoid. This one's tougher than it looks." The woman said.
    Suddenly, her Druddigon was sent flying by an ice punch attack. The two looked back to see Electabuzz get hit by a jump kick attack.
    "See? Like I said: This Pokémon's a special case." The woman said taking out her Pokéball, Druddigon, return."
    "Electabuzz! Use Thunderbolt!" The man said as his Electabuzz shot a thunderbolt at the Pokémon but it dodges the attack that ends up hitting a tree causing a huge explosion.
    The mysterious man and woman coughed as the smoke cleared revealing that the mysterious Pokémon was gone.
    "Drat! It got away!" The man said.
    "It couldn't have gotten far." The woman said examining the one footprint left behind by the Pokémon. "Houndoom, come out!" She shouted sending out a Houndoom, "Houndoom, track the Pokémon that left this trail. The Houndoom sniffed the trail and then howled and started running with the two following.
    The Houndoom led them to a small town, "This town...its Rosemist Town." The man said.
    "We do this quietly. The boss doesn't want any attention drawn to us." The woman said as the man nodded.

    "Ninjask! Use Fury Cutter!" A female trainer shouted as the Pokémon, Ninjask, slashed.
    "Hawlucha! Use Detect!" A male trainer shouted as the Pokémon named Hawlucha dodged Ninjask's attack. "Now use Sky Drop!" Hawlucha grabbed Ninjask and brought it up in the air with it.
    "Ninjask! Use Bug Bite!" Ninjask bit Hawlucha on the neck but it didn't affect the flying Pokémon that much. Hawlucha slammed Ninjask into the ground knocking it out.
    "Ninjask is unable to battle. The winner is Hawlucha!" The referee announced.

    The T.V. broadcasted the whole battle on television inside a large green room. Watching the television was a blonde haired girl with chocolate brown eyes wearing blue Mudkip pajamas. The girl smiled as she saw the female trainer pull out another Pokéball.

    "Garchomp. Come on out!" She threw the Pokéball and the Pokémon, Garchomp came out.
    "A Flying-Fighting type against a Dragon-Ground type! Who will come out on top?!" The announcer shouted as the crowd cheered.

    "Cameron, dinner's ready!" A woman's voice called.
    "Okay! I'll be down in just a second!" The girl named Cameron shouted still looking at the television. "Come on...Ronnie! Do it!"
    "Cameron, your food's going to get cold!" The woman's voice called again.
    "I'll be there, Mom! Just one second!"
    Cameron missed half of the action and saw that the Hawlucha and Garchomp were about to make their last attacks. "Yes..." Cameron leaned forward in anticipation. Just as the two attacks were about to clash, the television blacked out surprising Cameron.
    "Wh-What!? No! What happened?!" Cameron shouted banging on the T.V., "I wanna see what happens!"
    "What I want to see happen is you coming down stairs ready to eat, young lady." A voice said as Cameron turned to her mother. Behind her was a Braixen who had the plug to the T.V. floating in the air with its psychic powers.
    "But Mom..."
    "But nothing, there are a lot of things more important than watching a Pokémon battle such as eating your dinner which I worked very hard to cook, by the way. Now come down stairs to eat or you'll get no food at all tonight." Cameron's mother said making Cameron pout.
    "Alright..." Cameron got up and went down stairs with her mother into the dining room.
    "Cameron...I know how much Pokémon means to you but don't get so much into it that you forget everything else. I don't want you to end up being so fixated on one thing and end up getting in a total mess." Cameron's mother said.
    "I know but...Dad's such a cool person. His job, his Pokémon, everything about him is so amazing. I just want to be just like him." Cameron said.
    Cameron's mother giggled and patted Cameron's head, "Someday, Cameron. Now go and eat your food before it gets cold."
    "Okay, Mom." Cameron said sitting on the table eating her dinner.
    "Speaking of your father..." Cameron's mother said.
    Suddenly the door flew opened and a raven haired man and his Pikachu entered the house and barred the door. Not a few seconds afterwards a large group of paparazzi swarmed the door.
    "Mr. Ketcham, please answer my question!"
    "Mr. Ash, please let me have an autograph!"
    "Please! No more autographs! No more photographs! Please just go home and get some rest!" The man named Ash Ketcham shouted as he closed the door and locked it. He and his Pikachu sighed, "Gee...their like blood-thirsty Carvanhas."
    "Pika..." Pikachu sighed in agreement.
    "Welcome home, honey!" Cameron's mother said.
    "Hi, Dad! Hi Pikachu!" Cameron said hugging Ash and Pikachu.
    "Hey, Cameron, so how have you been?" Ash asked hugging his daughter.
    "I'm doing fine. Are you going to show me more of your Pokémon?" Cameron asked.
    "Oh...about that...can it wait until another time?" Ash asked shocking Cameron.
    "What? Why?" Cameron asked.
    "That's the thing I need to announce to you and Serena." Ash said turning to the woman named Serena, "Serena..."
    "Yes?" Serena asked her husband.
    "I've been asked to become an Elite 4 member in this region!" Ash announced as Serena and Cameron jumped in joy at the news.
    "YES! You're finally an Elite Four member!" Cameron shouted.
    "Ash...that's wonderful news. Congratulations." Serena said kissing Ash's cheek.
    "Thanks honey. I couldn't have done it without my buddy Pikachu and the rest of my pals." Ash said.
    "Pika!" Pikachu shouted in agreement.
    "So Cameron, I have to go out and accept my role and then train my Pokémon team. Can you wait for just a little longer?" He asked.
    "Sure thing, Dad. Besides, you-know-who's going to have her 10th Birthday tomorrow!"
    "That's right. My little girl's growing 10 tomorrow. Now, are you certain that you want to go on a Pokémon journey?" Ash asked his daughter.
    "Of course I'm sure. I'm going to make lots of Pokémon friends and become a hardcore Pokémon trainer like you." Cameron said.
    "That's great. So, have you decided on your starter?" Serena asked, "From what I heard from Professor Gary Oak is that he actually brought many starters from the different regions."
    "Different regions?" Cameron asked.
    "That's right. We forgot to tell you." Serena said, "Your father is from a region named Kanto while I am from a region called Kalos. There are a total 6 regions including this new one, the Harlen Region."
    "Wow..." Cameron said.
    "Now the starters from different leagues are..."
    "Fire type, Water type, and Grass type. I know." Cameron finished.
    "Right, you do. I would tell you about them, but it's best to wait and see for yourself." Ash said.
    "Well that's a bummer...but I can't wait to see them." Cameron said.
    "Oh! It's almost 10, Cameron. You should be getting your rest now." Serena said.
    "Okay, Mom. It's great to see you again, Dad." Cameron said as she heads upstairs.
    After Cameron left her parents, Serena looks at her husband with a worried look. "Ash, I know it may seem alright with you, but I'm not feeling so...optimistic about our daughter going on a Pokémon journey like we did. Don't you think it's a little unnecessary...?" She asks.
    Ash shoots her a confused look, "What are you saying? You know our Cameron more than even I do, Serena. The girl doesn't have as good cooking skills as you do and she always spends her time on Pokémon games and comic books."
    "That's what I am worried about: Our daughter could turn into a socially awkward teenager or even worse..." Serena said.
    Ash took Serena's hands and looks at her straight in the eyes, "Serena, I am just as worried about Cameron's future as you are, but you need to hear me out here. This is for the best that our daughter experiences the world of Pokémon."
    "But why?" Serena asks.
    "You remember when I first introduced Cameron to my Charizard?" Ash asks as Serena nods, "I never told you this, but when Charizard was once a Charmeleon, it wouldn't listen to a single command I gave him. It got even worse when it evolved into Charizard which cost me the Kanto League...and it took so much time for our bond to grow enough for it to finally listen. Now remember back when Cameron met it...almost immediately, Charizard warmed up to the kid just like that. Even I don't know how that is even possible, but I do know that Cameron has a gift. Such a gift shouldn't go to waste...am I right?" He asks.
    "...Okay...but she only gets one trip around a region and she stays here!" Serena said.
    "Wh-What?!" Ash asks in shock.
    "P-Pika?!" Pikachu is also in shock.
    "S-Serena! What if Cameron wants to go on more journeys?" Ash asks.
    "Then the answer is no. I will not have our only daughter's mindset to be all about Pokémon battles and walking around in forests and roads all day. Seriously, how do you even do that without going insane?!" Serena asks suddenly going into one of her usual long rants.
    Ash sighs, "Pikachu, did you bring those ear plugs?" Pikachu took out a 'Pikachu Ear Plug' set and gives it to Ash, "Thanks pal..." He said as he put them on to block out Serena's chatter.
    "...and another thing!" Serena continues not even noticing Ash blocking her voice out with the ear plugs.

    Cameron is sound asleep in her bead dreaming of the Pokémon she would soon pick. She always had a liking for Water types since she has a passion of seeing the sea; however, she apparently can't swim since she almost drowned in a kiddy pool and her father had to pull her out. Fire-types are also cool but they can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Finally, there are the Grass types...but Cameron's had fond memories of accidentally running into a Vileplume that used Stun Spore on her putting her on the bed for two weeks. However, that incident doesn't mean that Grass-types are, in her opinion, bad...just not to her liking so it is definite that she won't be choosing a Grass type starter. But what starter will she choose? Questions...with no answers as of now...

    Meanwhile...outside the Ketcham residence, a limping Pokémon sees the house even in the night and looks around frantically. Seeing that the cost is clear, the Pokémon hurriedly limps over to the house and uses the trash cans as a standing ground to jump to the roof. There, the Pokémon peaked into the window to see Cameron asleep. Using its ears, the Pokémon steadily and silently opens the window just enough for it to fit in and then it closes it quietly.
    With its breath as silent as the windless night, the Pokémon tip toes to the door and extends its hands to open it. It turns the knob slowly and tries to open it without any noise; however, the door started making squeaky noises causing the Pokémon to stop.
    In Ash and Serena's room, Pikachu's ears twitched and it rose up, "Pi?"
    The Pokémon looks back and sees Cameron still asleep and it breathes a sigh of relief. It then tip toes down the stairs and sniffs the air. Drawing closer to the smell, it enters the kitchen and nears the refrigerator and opens it. To its delight, it was filled to the brim with Poke puffs.
    Just as it was about to grab one, it was suddenly tackled by Pikachu.
    "PIKA!" Pikachu shouted as sparks crackled in its red cheeks.
    Suddenly, the lights turned on, "Pikachu! What's going on?!" Ash's voice called.
    Pikachu turned the other way when it heard Ash's voice, but unexpectedly, it was hit by an ice fist and was sent skidding on the floor.
    "Pikachu! Are you alright?!" Ash asks.
    "Pika!" Pikachu said his voice unusually uneasy.
    "Ash, what was that noise?" Serena asks from behind after being awakened by the loud noise.
    "I don't know...but..." Ash was interrupted by a tug on his arm as he looks down at Cameron.
    "Dad, is there a Pokémon down there?" Cameron asks.
    "Serena, take Cameron and-" Ash was cut off by the sound of munching in the kitchen and readied himself. "Okay, whoever you are, show yourself." He demanded.
    "Go to your room, Cameron." Serena said.
    "But Mom..."
    "But nothing! Now go!" Serena whispered loudly as Cameron did as she was told.
    Then the sounds of steps were heard from behind the counter, "Get ready, Pikachu." Ash said.
    "Pika..." Pikachu said as a small figure drew closer to them and the light.
    As it's body was now shown by the light, Ash, Serena, and Pikachu all shared the same face of unimaginable horror as they laid eyes on the Pokémon.
    "Bun...neary..." The Pokémon Buneary growled.
    "Wh-What happened...to..." Serena was too frightened to finish her questing as she covered her mouth nearly crying.
    The Buneary's entire body was covered in bruises and scratches and showed major signs of hunger and thirst. For a Buneary, it's paws surprisingly has sharp nails on it and it's left eye's pupil is white with a jagged scratch mark on it, but the worst part was that it has no right ear...only a stub part that the right ear once was.
    "P-Pika..." Pikachu stepped back away from the horror he's laying eyes upon.
    "It's...a Buneary...right...?" Ash asked very uncertain.
    "O-Of course it's a Buneary...but what on earth happened to it?!"
    "Bun...neary!" The Buneary growled loudly as it starts a mad rush at Ash and Pikachu.
    "Buneary, stop! We're not going to hurt you!" Ash shouted trying to stop the Buneary with reason; however, the Buneary showed no signs of stopping...until it sprang its leg and hits the wall knocking itself unconscious. "Buneary!" Ash shouted picking up the unconscious Buneary.
    "Ash...what are we going to do...?" Serena asks.
    "We take him to Prof. Gary. He'll know what to do..." Ash said. "Stay here and watch over Cameron. I'll be back as soon as I can." Ash then left his house running with the Buneary in his arms. "Hang on, Buneary..."

    In the distance, the two black figures watch Ash leave with the Buneary.
    "There it is. Great job, Houndoom." The woman said returning the Houndoom.
    "That Buneary will soon be back in our hands. LET'S GET IT!" The man shouted about to run.
    "WAIT!" The woman pulled the man back. "Remember what the boss said: Do not draw attention. We steal it as silently as possible and leave quicker than we arrive. Besides, our Pokémon are worn out. That Buneary is stronger than the boss and the scientists described it to be. We will wait until tomorrow to make our move and we will capture the Buneary in one swoop." The woman said as the man nodded.

    After Ash left, Serena went into her daughter's room.
    "Mom, what was that? What made that sound?" Cameron asks.
    "Well..." Serena didn't know what to say to her.
    "Oh! Was it a Pokémon visiting?! Was it?!" She asks excitingly.
    "Yes...it was...a...uh...'cute' Buneary." Serena lied about the cute part.
    "Wow...I want a Buneary! I want one so bad!" Cameron shouted in excitement.
    "Cameron...you should really be in bed now. You father will be back soon and you had better be asleep." Serena said.
    "Okay, Mom." Cameron said as her mother entered the room. She stares at the ceiling with a smile, "A Buneary...I hope my Dad catches it...because I want the both of us to be friends. My first Pokémon friend..."

    To Be Continued...
    Jurabi: So, what are your thoughts on this first chapter? If you think it's bad, that's understandable since no fanfic I wrote is 100 percent perfect. This Pokémon story is indeed not starting out as that typical Pokémon fanfic story. This time, I'm adding some new elements to the table like the messed up Buneary. Now what do you suppose happened there?
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