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Pokemon Distributions

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by Typhloser, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. Typhloser

    Dec 27, 2012
    You like free Pokémon? Pokémon you don't have to trade for? Who doesn't like absolutely free stuff??

    Luckily for the lot of you, every Wednesday I'll be hosting special distributions of random Pokémon. All competition-ready (except for special cases) and legal to use in online play! Sometimes there will be special Pokémon that are an exception to being legal. These will either have moves or abilities they cannot obtain legally and therefore should not be used in online play (except against other LV members, of course!) These will be specified in the Distribution Details, so you know what to expect.

    This week's Distribution is a classic: Venusaur!

    This Venusaur is able to be used freely on Random Matchup and should be alright for Nintendo events.

    Venusaur has the moves Growth, Giga Drain, Hidden Power (Fire, 70), and Sludge Bomb, is FEMALE, and has her Dream World Ability, Chlorophyll. Her stats are legal, and she has been fully EV'd in Special Attack and Speed. She holds a Life Orb, and is Modest.

    Here is the download link for your Venusaur: Here!

    To get her, you'll need to know how to configure your Wi-Fi settings. If you need help finding details, please know the name of your router and then check the Wi-Fi help page on Nintendo's site. Then follow the instructions on the download site. Make sure you have a full party before going into the GTS to pick up your Pokémon!
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