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Pokemon For Trade.

Discussion in 'Festival Plaza' started by MasterRyuga, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. MasterRyuga

    MasterRyuga Youngster

    Jul 31, 2014
    i own the Pokémon listed below and i will update frequently. list is as is meaning if i dont put egg moves they dont have them ect. Note: i do not like cloned Pokémon be honest and tell me if they are cloned i still might trade cloning is close to cheating devaluing Pokémon and pretty much is taking advantage of people for hard earned Pokémon that we can lose forever while you have multiples of 10 of a single Pokémon strictly for trading its not cool with me. clone only to use for yourself not to use as trade fodder. I do not want uber Pokémon.
    anything that has 5ivs i would like to be matched. same with 5-6iv shinies i would want a 5-6iv shiny get it? thanks :)
    4iv Skarmory
    4iv Noibat DW
    4iv Heracross(rock blast)
    4iv Drilbur(can breed mold breaker versions)
    4iv Bunnelby
    4iv Beldum
    4iv Gastly
    4iv Froakie
    4iv Corhpish(dragon dance,aqua jet,superpower)
    4iv Inkay(switcheroo)
    4iv Gible(outrage)
    4iv larvitar(dragon dance,stealth rock,iron head,pursuit)
    4iv charmander(jpn)
    4iv Growlithe
    4iv Klefki
    4iv Sneasel(ice punch)
    4iv Tyrogue
    4iv Goomy
    5iv Larvitar(stealth rock,pursuit,dragon dance)
    5iv Tyrunt(fire fang,thunder fang,ice fang,dragon dance)
    5iv Bermite
    5iv Mawile
    5iv Gible
    5iv Pinsir(close combat)
    5iv honedge
    5iv heracross
    5iv Klefki
    5iv Shellder(ger)
    5iv Gastly
    5iv Eevee(baton pass)
    5iv Noibat
    5iv Archen(defog,switcheroo)
    5iv Kadabra
    5iv Goomy
    5iv Garchomp
    5iv Charizard(timid)
    5iv Diggersby
    5iv Larvesta(spa)
    5iv Excadrill
    5iv Archeops
    5iv Volcarona
    Jirachi(Draco Meteor)
    Zorua(from bw in game event 6iv with hp flying NOTE: iv checker only confirms ivs of 31s not 30s iv spread is 30,30,30,31,31,31)
    Zoroark(from bw in game event 6iv hp ice iv spread is 30,30,31,31,31,31)
    Shinies: Note i RNG all of my Pokémon so everything is legit i do not clone.
    6iv Espeon(hp fighting)
    6iv Kyurem
    6iv Volcarona
    6iv Jolteon(hp ice)
    6iv Virizion
    2iv Trevenant
    Bulbasaur(hp ice)
    5iv Cresselia(might be 6iv but the atk is 30 i dont remember)
    6iv Breloom
    5iv Rhydon
    5iv Forretress(might be 6iv i dont remember)
    5iv Haxorus
    5iv Bisharp
    5iv Skarmory(stealth rock)
    im know well for trading and am open to offers.
    id a like 5-6iv jirachi,heatran(with stealth rock),celebii, but will trade for anything that seems fair and useful. and i do not want uber Pokémon.
  2. NewCucumber

    Jul 21, 2014
    Is Thehe Zorua Shiny?
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