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Fanfiction Pokemon Fusion Fire

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Momo Kisaragi, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Momo Kisaragi

    Momo Kisaragi Poké Maniac

    Level 12
    Oct 14, 2018
    Big Nugget ★★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Icy Rock ★★★
    Episode 1 – Pixil Power
    This takes place after sun and moon but with Ash’s personality reset to how it was in Kalos because he was cooler then.

    As the sun rises up above the world of Pokémon, Pokémon trainers of all ages are preparing themselves for their next adventure but none is more ready than the one and only Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet.
    He is awaiting his next adventure with his partner Pikachu and his next adventure is right around the corner.

    “Ash?! Are you coming?” Deila Ketchum called “if you don’t hurry you’ll be late!!”
    “Pikachu! You ready!” Pikachu nodded and jumped on Ash’s shoulder.
    “Pika!” he ran down the stairs.
    “Ready to go mum!” his mother nodded.
    “Well, let’s go then”


    It wasn’t long till they were on a plane to the Pixil region. Why?
    Ash’s mother had an old friend name Acacia Willows who was the Pokémon professor of that region and wanted to go see her.
    Ash on the other hand wanted another adventure.

    It was only a few hours later when they arrived at the snowy town of Piplin. In front of them was girl with brown pigtails and a very warm looking pink outfit.
    “Hiya! My name is Lily. I’m here to take you to see Professor Acacia!” Ash smiled
    “Yes! I can’t wait” Lily saw the Pikachu on his shoulder and smiled.
    “Oh! Hello Pikachu!” Lily smiled and started to rub Pikachu’s head
    “be careful my Pikachu’s high voltage!”
    “don’t worry. I love electric Pokémon! I know to be gentle with a Pikachu”
    “Char!” Pikachu said joyfully.

    “Well, we should go!”
    They started to walk when Ash tripped on something.
    “Huh?” Lily turned around
    “Sorry should’ve warned you the roads can be really icy on days like today” Ash laughed and picked up the small purple crystal that was in the snow.
    “Pikachu?” Pikachu asked confused Ash smiled.


    “What’s going on Meowth?” Jessie complained
    “yeah! Let us see!” James agreed
    “the twerp has joined up with another twerp” Jessie got annoyed and snatched the binoculars off of Meowth.
    “ooh! Look at that cute crystal!” James took the binoculars off of her and had a look.
    “it looks valuable” Meowth shook his head
    “of course it’s valuable! That there is something called a fusion Crystal. They’re extremely rare”
    “imagine how happy the boss will be if we bring back not only Pikachu but a rare jewel as well?” Jessie announced
    “yeah! A promotion will be coming our way for sure!” James laughed
    “and so much more! So let’s get our hands on that Pikachu!!” Meowth cried.


    “Professor Acacia?!” Lily called “where are you?!”
    “right here Lily” a woman with long hair walked out holding a small pad “oh, you must be Ash? Deila!”
    “Hello Acacia long time no see!” two began to chat as Lily looked at the crystal Ash had picked up.
    “Ash! Do you even know what that is?”
    “Uh…a cool crystal?”
    “It’s called a Fusion Crystal!”
    “A fusion crystal?” Ash echoed.
    “In our region we have a Pokémon called Lunarise” Lily explained “These Pokémon are the Fusion Pokémon. All Lunarise are born in crystal eggs which based of legend are the reason these Pokémon fuse with certain elements at birth.”
    “Oh sounds neat”
    “A Lunarise has two different colours pink on top because it’s a fairy type but when it’s born it fuses with one other type example a Lunarise that is blue and pink is a water/fairy type Pokémon”

    “Ash…that must be part of a Lunarise’s egg”
    “You see Ash the reason these are so sort after is because there is a legend that this crystal can cause Pokémon to temporarily fuse together”
    “that legend is also supported by lots of evidence from gym leaders and researchers of our region.”
    “Okay. That. Is cool”
    “Ash, are you leaving after this?”
    “well…I’m supposed to but…I really want to meet all kinds of new Pokémon…it would be so cool”
    “I hope you stay!”
    “huh?” he put the crystal down on the table.
    “come with me” Lily dragged him into a room and pulled out three Pokéballs “have a look these are our regions starters…come on out you three!” she cried throwing them up. Three light shone out and three Pokémon appeared in front of her.
    “This is Firoxy the fire fox Pokémon. This one is Aquabit the water rabbit Pokémon and this is Tealatoo the leaf blade Pokémon” she looked away again.

    “so cool…why’d you show me this?”
    “you see I want to be a Pokémon trainer not a researcher! I want to travel and have fun but… my mum thinks it too dangerous I’m 10 now I should be allowed to”
    “did you ask her?”

    “how could I? not many people know this but…I’m not just the professor’s assistant…Professor Acacia is my mum”
    “Oh I guess that makes sense”
    “mmhm… but she…I thought if you stay she might let me travel with you” suddenly there was a crash outside “oh no! the crystal!” running out there they saw two people and a Pokémon.
    “Team Rocket!” Ash cried
    “they’re a group of bad guys who steal people’s Pokémon and they seem to love following me around”
    “well you’re here twerp but you’re too late!” Jessie cried
    “we got the crystal and we won’t be giving it back!” James announce Meowth flashed a smile.
    “unless you hand over that Pikachu!”
    “yeah right! Pikachu! Volt tackle!” Pikachu dashed towards Team Rocket.

    “I think we should introduce you to our secret weapon!” Jessie smiled and pulled out a Pokéball “go! Carica!”
    “oh no. Ash! Carica’s ability is Lightningrod! Pikachu’s in trouble!”
    “Pikachu! Use agility!” Pikachu started dashing around.
    ‘Ash’s Pikachu can’t stand up to Carica’s Lightningrod…’ suddenly Lily saw something blue from the corner of her eye.
    “huh?” looking over she saw Aquabit the only of the three that had followed them “hey? Do you want to help?”
    “Qua, Qua!”
    “alright, Aquabit use Water gun now!” Aquabit blasted Carica back and Lily smiled at Ash.
    “Pikachu use Iron Tail!”
    “Pika! Pika, Pi!”
    “Aquabit! Use hyper fang!” the two Pokémon clashed together and knocked Carica out.
    “Pikachu thunder bolt!”
    “Piiiikaaachuuuuuuuu!” Pikachu cried shocking Team Rocket into the air.

    “well, here we go again” Jessie sighed
    “it’s going to be another losing streak…”James agreed
    “could you expect anything less? He’s the protagonist” Meowth replied
    “whatever…” James said annoyed.
    “Team Rocket’s blasting off again!!” they all cried. (just note Team Rocket break the fourth wall a lot…)


    “thank you Ash!” Lily cried “we would have lost the crystal if you hadn’t stepped in.” Ash held it out.
    “maybe you should keep an eye on it”
    “mum! Uh, Ash was in trouble…I had to help somehow”
    “no. I see now I made a mistake holding you back. That Aquabit seems to like you a lot why don’t you take it and go on a journey?”
    “what…really?” Acacia nodded “yes!!!”
    “and Ash?”
    “Deila mentioned you may decide to stay here are you?”
    “yeah. I want to say. I want go on a journey in Pixil and meet all the Pokémon in this region”
    “then both of you will need these” Acacia took out ten Pokéballs and gave 5 to Lily and 5 to Ash plus two Pokédex “and Ash…I also messaged the gym leader of the Minisia city Rose and she told me what she knows about the crystals”
    “she trains Psychic types and has a Psychic/Fairy Lunarise. She explained that the crystal doesn’t work for just anyone but that’s all she said I want you to take it with you as you’ll have to challenge her anyway you can take it to her”
    “alright. You can count on us!”
    “Pikachu!” Pikachu agreed saluting and Lily laughed. Deila ran up to Ash and hugged him.
    “Good luck on your next Journey Ash! I still can’t stand it! Oh make sure you call!”
    “I will!” Ash gasped “Mum…you’re choking…me”

    “ready to go Aquabit?”
    “Aqua, Qua, Quabit!”
    “okay. return!”
    Lily and Ash walked to the border of the town.
    “this is my first time ever leaving Piplin…”
    “where are we going?”
    “the closest gym is in Alastrial city the town after next. So we start by heading to Valender town”
    “Valender town. Okay” Lily took the last step out of Piplin
    “my own Pokémon adventure…this is so awesome!”

    Please let me know how I did. I haven't written Pokémon in a while...
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