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Pokemon Gens - Best to Worst

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by DuoM2, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. DuoM2

    Groudon Egg
    (Groudon Egg)
    Level 18
    Jul 7, 2019
    This is one of the things I see people constantly debating just about everywhere - which generation of mainline Pokémon games is best? Although I've seen many people with similar opinions, and there are definitely games that people tend to think are worse than others, there is no definitive best or worst game in the series and one person's list can be wildly different from another's. There's a lot of different things you can consider as well - do you include remakes? Spinoffs? Something else that I didn't mention? Either way, I want to see what you all think!
  2. Wizard

    Wizard Do you feel it? The moon's power!

    Level 1
    Jan 18, 2016
    Since I am not a huge fan of Pokémon spinoffs, that rarely affects how I rank the Pokémon generations. However, Colosseum and Gale of Darkness are some of my favorite games in the series and would be key contributors the Generation 3 in my rankings. In my rankings, I will include remakes in the generation they were originally in, seeing as I've never played GSC. Some of the most important things to note before I begin are what I value in a Pokémon game and what I dislike in a Pokémon game. I enjoy slick, balanced gameplay experiences with the story only getting in the way sometimes. I strongly dislike having to grind for hours at a time and mashing through dialogue for lengthy periods. Without further ado, here we go!

    1. Generation V: BW are some of my favorite games in the series, but nothing too special. However, BW2 is my personal favorite game set in the series by a longshot. Taking the already magnificent roster of Gen 5 Pokémon, the Pokédex in BW2 is incredibly strong and fun to use. Although this is one of the weakest generations for starters, I really enjoy using all sorts of Pokémon from this region. Outside of Pokémon choice, the addition of infinite TM's made the games much more enjoyable for me. Taking away the risk-reward may be negative for some, but it did nothing but enhance the experience for me.

    The real hero here is the postgame content of BW2. In my main playthrough, I put well over 100 hours into it. There is a staggering amount of activities to participate in, most of which are quite fun. These games were a special experience for me back in the day and I will always remember them fondly as my favorite gameplay experience and favorite Pokédex in the series.

    2. Generation IV: Sinnoh is so incredibly replayable! I have nearly a dozen Staraptors sitting in my PC boxes from all of my adventures in Sinnoh. While the gameplay had yet to reach the polish of its successors, the leveling curve and Pokémon selection always made Platinum feel natural and fun to play. Some of my favorite Pokémon came from this generation, namely Gallade, Torterra, Staraptor, Luxray, and Rhyperior. My complaints about this generation are few, but I simply prefer Generation V overall.

    3. Generation III: Emerald, Colosseum, Gale of Darkness. Boasting one of the best groups of Pokémon ever introduced, Gen 3 is filled to the brim with solid experiences. I think the more simplistic gameplay can still be really fun and I have a ton of nostalgia for these titles. At the end of the day, I simply prefer Generations IV and V as more complete experiences.

    4. Generation VII: I never played SM, just USUM. I actually quite enjoyed my time with those games, but this is where I start having a lot of criticism for these games. The amount of unskippable dialogue in this game is obnoxious and really bogs down an otherwise fabulous game. The Pokédex has some notable holes with certain typings that I prefer, but there are a lot of cool and new Pokémon to choose from that made selecting my team on a blind playthrough quite enjoyable. There was a lot of promise in these games, and they lived up to most of the hype I built up for them.

    5. Generation I: If this did not include the remakes, this would likely be at the very bottom of the list. However, I have a lot of respect for FRLG and how good of a remake it is. I did not grow up with Gen I and only played the games when I got a bit older (outside FRLG). The game I discovered was not very fun to me, being a lot more underwhelming compared to its successors. With that being said, FRLG is one of the better games in the series. I think the Pokédex for these games is strong and introduces some of the best Pokémon the series has ever seen such as Lapras, Alakazam, and Venusaur. I like the Kanto experience, but it has never been anything special to me.

    6. Generation VIII: I didn't hate Generation VIII by any means, but it lived far beneath its potential. The raid battles were a good start towards the series becoming fresher, but it was not enough to save the game from the other weaknesses it has. The Pokédex is a highly debatable area of discussion that I won't get into right now, but it is not a positive thing for the game. This generation has me both hopeful and worried for the future of the series.

    7. Generation VI: I quite enjoyed my time with X and Y, but they simply are not remarkable games. The rivals are easily the worst in the series. However, I love the selection of new Pokémon and the arrival of certain features like Wondertrading. I like these games on a base level, but the music, visuals, and gameplay have never popped to me like I would want.

    8. Generation II: Ah, my most controversial opinion on the list. HGSS are conceptually amazing games, but the execution has never been there for me. I have always struggled to find places to level up and keep to a respectable level. As such, the gameplay has always been a complete drag for me in this generation. I know this is not the same experience that everyone has, but it has kept me away from these games for a long time. Outside of the gameplay, I like a lot of what this generation has to offer. The Pokeathlon, the Safari Zone, and legendary hunting are quite fun, but don't make up for the bad taste in my mouth these games leave in my mouth every time I try them. The final point is I don't like this region's Pokédex, generally speaking. Not a single Gen 2 Pokémon is in my top 20 list and I find most designs to be meh at best.
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  3. OzoneFruit

    OzoneFruit Made The Arcadia Virus a Cute Anime Girl

    Minior (Core Indigo)
    (Minior (Core Indigo))
    Level 3
    Jan 22, 2017
    Lucky Punch ★★★★★Eject Button ★★★★Castelia Cone ★★★Leftovers ★★★★Luxury Ball ★★★
    1) Gen 3: I have and always will be a Hoenn fan. Sapphire was my first game, and I continue to love Gen 3 to this day. Also has my two of my favorite Pokémon of all time, Deoxys and Sceptile.

    2) Gen 5: One of the bests narratives/characters and introduced my favorite dragon Hydreigon. Gotta give it credit where it's due.

    3) Gen 2/HGSS: I have never played the original GSC, but HGSS have so much replay value/things to do that I never felt bored while playing them. There's just so many options to choose from, fun times!

    4) Gen 8: I understand all the flaws and complaints with it, but it's still honestly a pretty fun game to play, and at least not as hand holdy/drawn out as SM/USUM, at least in my opinion. Also, Dracovish and Centiskorch are amazing (But Cinderace and Dymanaxing are heccing stupid >: ( )

    5) Gen 7: The whole Ultra Beast/extraterrestrial concept was a nice breath of fresh air. Suffered from a lot of the abovementioned hand-holdiness though, so at times the games felt tedious. Poipole is adorable.

    6) Gen 1: You have to start somewhere, but I didn't really play enough of RBY or FRLG to remember stuff. They were good games, but let's be real, compared to its successors, it's very empty.

    7) Gen 6: Blugh, this game was pretty, but the story was bland, and the characters were blander. Was a nice transition to the 3DS, but it honestly felt way too short.

    8) Gen 4: Disclaimer, I never played Platinum. That being said, Diamond and Pearl were S L O W. Mud, SURFING, fog, EXP grinding and HP bars, SURFING. At times I just wanted to shut my DS off in frustration because the games were so DANG SLOW. If I hadn't bought an Action Replay to speed things up, I don't thing I would have actually finished the games. That's how slow they were.
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  4. Captain Comet

    Captain Comet Fallen Star Baby

    Shiny Space
    (Palkia Egg)
    Level 27
    Sep 8, 2016
    Basic Gary Oak ★Rage Candy Bar ★★★Jaw Fossil ★★★Galladite ★★★★
    I want to preface my rankings by saying a few things.

    1) I am of the belief that all of the main series games are good games. The core Pokémon experience is just fun, and nothing really ever gets in the way of that for me.

    2) I am much less critical about stuff compared to other people. There's a lot of stuff that I like, despite having numerous flaws. Now whether I am completely oblivious to those flaws or acknowledge them and like it anyway, that is kind of up in the air.

    3) I have not played every main series game. But I have played most of them, and will mention if I haven't played the ones I'm talking about.

    Now, onto the rankings...

    1) Gen V
    Pokémon White was the first game I played. And while nostalgia for that is definitely a factor, I think the game is still the best in the series despite that. The story is actually interesting for once, the rivals are great, though not too hard (Bianca I'm pretty sure is supposed to be easy anyway), and the new Pokémon and region are fantastic. Now, I haven't actually played Black/White 2 yet. But I don't think they would be that far off from the originals, better or worse.

    2) Get VIII
    Oh I know people are going to fight me on this. But in my opinion, Sword and Shield are such a breath of fresh air in many aspects. The graphics are nice, the region is great, and the new Pokémon and the music are some of the best in the series. The focus on the gym challenge rather than the legendaries is a welcome change of pace and really makes your journey as a trainer feel grand. In fact, that kind of describes everything about these games. It's all just so much grander than the previous games, and I like that.

    3) Gen IV
    This is an odd one. I have yet to play any of the Sinnoh-based games, but have played SoulSilver. So this is mainly just going to be what I would imagine I'd feel about them, from what I've heard and what I know about the games otherwise. Diamond and Pearl seem to be infamous for being agonizingly and needlessly slow, both in story and gameplay, although Platinum seems to make up for that. The new Pokémon lineup is honestly one of the weakest in the series in my opinion. There aren't a lot that are definitely bad, but most of them are just kind of okay to me. That plus the surplus of new Pokémon that are evolutions or pre-evolutions of older ones, just kind of kills it for me. HOWEVER, the lore is cool, the region is interesting, and these were the first games to have the online component, which is a major addition.

    4) Gen VII
    Okay this is where things start getting a bit iffy. I like the region, the rivals, and a lot of the Pokémon from Sun/Moon, and the introduction of regional differences are amazing. But, due to the size of each of the islands, the story is pretty linear. There isn't really much room for just exploring. It's also kind of predictable. I don't know, there's just something overall about Gen VIII that feels restrictive.

    5) Gen VI
    Gen VI has a lot of problems. The story is eh, the characters have no personality, the art style is kind of weird, Mega Evolution is completely unbalanced, and it's extremely easy and handholdy. BUT, it also does a fair amount right. The new Pokémon, despite being the lowest number in the series, are pretty endearing overall. Yeah some aren't too amazing, but some are. Kalos is also one of my favorite regions, simply due to the visual aspect. It is the prettiest region in my opinion and has such unique and diverse areas. Character customization was also introduced here, and is fantastic. Better than Gen VII, really. And given that these were the first mainline Pokémon games with full 3D graphics, I think it gets a bit of a pass on a few things.

    6) Gen III
    Gen III is the only generation that I haven't played at all. Not the Hoenn-based games or the Kanto remakes. But I have played Omega Ruby, and feel that I know enough about this generation that I can talk about it comfortably. The story is kind of generic in my opinion, but these were also the first games to go for the big, world-ending plot instead of just the mafia doing mafia things from the first two generations. The new Pokémon are pretty good, not too much that stand out but I like it more overall than Gen IV. Hoenn is a pretty good region, although the amount of water routes is kind of tedious.

    7) Gen II
    Gen II is pretty much just a better Gen I in my opinion. It still definitely hasn't aged well, but it fixed a lot of the problems from Gen I. That said, it's still pretty similar. It shares the problem that Gen VI has of most of the new Pokémon being evolutions or pre-evolutions of previous Pokémon, but has even less new ones than Gen IV. I like the more historical and traditional feel of Johto, and the apricorns are a fun addition. But they're super limited in both getting them and making them into Pokeballs. Team Rocket is still here, and the story is pretty much the same as in Gen I, in that it barely matters. But being able to go back to Kanto in the post game gives so much to these games, and some of the new Pokémon are great.

    8) Gen I
    I do not like Gen I. At all. Kanto is boring, Team Rocket has zero character, the story doesn't matter at all and is just there as an excuse to play, Blue is a douche despite him ALWAYS LOSING TO YOU, the Pokémon have just been catered to and reused to death for years, and everything is completely unbalanced. But it managed to do the impossible: start a new franchise that has become the biggest thing in the world. It established the formula that would continue to capture so many hearts and minds for over two decades. That's not something that can be overlooked. But it still doesn't make me like these games more than any others in the series.

    Well there it is. Just for the record, I never beat a Gen I or Gen II game, but I did play them. Actually I technically never best SoulSilver either, but I got to the Elite 4 so I consider that close enough
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  5. WavePearl

    WavePearl Believer in Possibilities

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 31
    Nov 22, 2012
    How I see the Gens, in order:

    Gen 1: Every series has to begin somewhere, but it is not without its flaws (as any glitch hunter or hacker will tell you). FR/LG managed to spruce things up very well (even if I'm a little embarrassed it took me six tries to beat Brock the first time I played FR/LG because I didn't know they gave him Rock Tomb--I counted) Seeing Brock in his AG costume from the show was a nice touch. Had the Let's Go games cut all the Go mechanics and let us just catch the Pokémon like we always have, I would've played them in a heartbeat!

    Gen 2: This builds on Gen 1 very nicely--Team Rocket is now more of a danger, and there's lots more things to do besides the main quest (even more so in HG/SS, but I didn't really care for the Pokethlon--it was nice to see bits from Crystal incorporated into HG/SS--I always made sure to tune in for Buena's show as I played!) But the Cheri Berries on top were finding my first Shiny (a Ponyta) and getting to battle Ash, nee Red

    Gen 3: Two words--Battle Frontier! Even though I lost spectacularly to most of the Frontier Brains (I did manage to beat Greta, though), it was still great fun to run through the various facilities. The contests were great fun as well, and OR/AS really spruced them up. So far, this is one of the only games where I had two separate teams--a battle team (for the main quest) and a Contest team. I also managed to document a few shinies on video this gen (a Spinda in Sapphire and a gold Onix in LG)

    Gen 4: Two words--Super Contest! While it still had its quirks and flaws, (eyes the scoring system in the Appeal competition) it was the Contests that stood out for me in this Gen (even if the D/P version of Poffin making was hard) Exploring the Underground was also great fun, too. But I will agree that some parts just took FOREVER (Mt. Coronet, anyone?)

    Gen 5: Wow--so much to do here. While the Pokémon Musical was missed potential, BW 2 fixed that by adding PokeStar Studios (which I wanted more of), and Join Avenue. It was always a big event if one of the Gym Leaders came to visit. This gen also earns points for its ambitious story. (Ghestis is still my most hated evil team boss ever, and not just because he was HARD!!!) The main quest is actually challenging this gen, with what should be a breeze taking several tries.

    Gen 6: This gen tried to be ambitious, and failed. Five characters was way too many party members, and the story suffered because of it. Not to mention there were some plot points that went nowhere (why did AZ show up in the ENDING, of all places?) On the bright side, I do like Serena's design.

    Gen 7: I applaud the Pokémon team for trying something new with the Trials, but while they sounded cool on paper, in practice they were boring, repetitive, and HARD! I wanted to throw my 3DS at the wall in frustration with some of the Totem Pokémon! (eyes Totem Mimikyu and Totem Lurantis) Had they taken the time to fine tune the Trials and make them unique rather than boring fetch quests or refight all the Captains again, this gen would've really shined.

    Gen 8: Here we have another case of missed potential--while the story did have its high points (calling the major plot twist months before the game released was quite satisfying), there are glimmers of what could've been--did we really have to fight the Gym Leaders again instead of a PROPER E4? Version exclusive bosses were another neat idea, but couldn't their missions be a bit more unique rather than recycling the same challenge in a different skin? The Isle of Armor DLC also felt underwhelming--I wanted more to do, and more to explore. (fingers crossed that the Crown Tundra will offer a bit more substantial story.)
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  6. DuoM2

    Groudon Egg
    (Groudon Egg)
    Level 18
    Jul 7, 2019
    I'm going to be doing these from worst to best unlike the title of the thread suggests because I think it flows better, honestly. I have a lot more in-depth opinions on all of these but I just want to put out the gist of my feelings here. This is discluding sidegames and counts remakes as the generations they're from (so HGSS count for Gen 4 rather than 2). Side note that I also don't consider difficulty because even the hardest Pokémon games are bound to be easy for longtime fans because of how the games are designed, and I'm kind of no exception to that.

    8: GEN 6 - Pokémon X and Y did so many bad things on their own, whether it was by execution or concept alone, on top of setting some pretty bad precedents that the later games have followed suit with. To start with the positives, Fairy was a cool inclusion that did its purpose pretty well, and trainer customization is a huge step forward for the series. But...that's just about where my positives end.

    Onto my gripes though, Mega Evolution is perhaps the biggest one, and controversial opinion here probably. I dislike Mega Evolution quite a lot, though. Giving old Pokémon a new spin is a great idea, and it was great for things like Audino and Banette that kind of needed it. In cases like Lopunny and Mawile it actually made the Pokémon relevant again, but there were a lot of Pokémon that really did not need it and there are better ways to execute this mechanic without outright breaking some Pokémon. This started a trend where each generation needed a gimmick to get sales, which is pretty forced and always screws with the game's balance, and in this case in particular, made it so there were less new Pokémon. Gen 6 introduced a paltry 72 new Pokémon, and while you could argue this was to make way for Megas, you can only use one at a time and don't get most until postgame in XY. Lame.

    This Gen also started with a trope of making characters that may have seemed helpful on the outside that ended up being terribly-written twist villains, and Lysandre is perhaps the worst written of them all. The 3D transition also wasn't great for Pokémon, but it kind of had to happen, so I can't knock them for it. ORAS wasn't bad but really wasn't good enough to keep the gen as a whole out of last place. This is the only gen I'd call "below average," even if they're still not completely bad.

    7: GEN 1 - Most people dislike RBY, and honestly, I can't entirely blame them. I don't even think they're super good games, hence why they're second from the bottom. The problems in this game are very abundant and extremely apparent to even the most casual players. There are still some things that I can really appreciate from these games that I don't think enough people talk about.

    This may sound like a weird thing to praise, but the gym design of these games are fantastic. Something RBY does a lot is that before every gym, there's something that would help you beat it, but it's often out of the way. To run down a list - Mankey for Brock, Grass-types north of Cerulean, Diglett's Cave, Fire-types behind a Cut tree before Erika, intended Ghost-types before Sabrina (backfired lol), and there's Water all around Blaine and before Giovanni. Coincidence? I doubt it, given how many cases of this there are. But the games push you to explore with benefits that can help you learn the type matchups. No other games do this as subtly as RBY.

    In the end though, better region design doesn't save this game. Horrible programming, game design so bad that you don't need the knowledge we have today to see issues with it, you've heard most of it. I will say that the sprites especially irk me not because I'm a pixel artist but because some sprites are garbage while others are great. It kinda shows that they had the potential to make all the sprites good, but didn't feel that it was important or didn't have the time. If I were making a game, I wouldn't want any holes like this in it. I can appreciate the game design, and I haven't even gone into how much I like the groundwork they set to grow off of for the series, but not all of their effort went into the right places with this one. Also, side note - Yellow fixes the sprite issue but pushes you to use Pikachu which is just not fun, so it about balances out.

    6: GEN 3 - Hot take here, but while Gen 3 wasn't bad, it didn't stand out as much as the rest. Abilities were a great step forward for the series, but everything else was honestly kind of forgettable. The characters were either bad or underexplored, the evil teams were bad AND underexplored, contests are fun for about five minutes, and there just wasn't much to write home about, leaving the game to comparatively be not as enjoyable as many of the other games in the series. Doubles are okay I guess, and the Pokémon design took a huge jump up in quality, but there's really not much else I can say.

    Then Emerald came in and...didn't really do that much for me, honestly. They explored Team Magma and Aqua's rivalry more which made for a much more interesting story even if still not great, as I think the teams themselves are pretty bad. They also made a bold choice in letting you catch a legendary Pokémon that just auto-wins the game if you go a bit out of your way which was kind of strange. The Battle Frontier was a fantastic addition that gave you something big to do after you beat the game, and this is something that fans still want to return to this day.

    Then FRLG came out, and honestly, this strips away all of the problems base Gen 1 had. No more awful balancing, no more bad programming, no more bad sprites. The base game of Gen 1 would be great if those things didn't exist, and here it is. As a remake it succeeds as well, adding some more content to the base game in the Sevii Islands to explore after the games are done. I didn't mention this in the last thing, but I like Team Rocket, and I like the twist that Blue is the Champion. Overall, a great remake. Is it enough to keep the other two games out of the lower half, though? No, obviously. But I still think that Gen 3 overall isn't bad.

    5: GEN 2 - Fun fact, but I originally forgot to put Gen 2 in number 5 at first and got confused when the rest of my list looked wrong lol. Anyways, Gen 2 was a pretty good step forward for the series from Gen 1's imperfect start. A lot of people say these games didn't age the greatest, and personally, I disagree. I think the only thing keeping these games from being replayed is the fact that Heart Gold and Soul Silver are direct upgrades from the originals.

    To me, the two biggest things that GS brought to the table were the introduction of hold items and fixing just about everything wrong with Gen 1. Hold items were nice, but they got good sprites, fixed the awful balance to some extent, and at least masked the bad programming? Sounds great! They executed the Steel and Dark typings borderline perfectly, with my only complaint being that Steel is way better than it should be defensively. It's much better to have a broken defensive type than a broken offensive type though because Steel is still very breakable, while Gen 1 Psychic was barely stoppable via Chansey or other Psychics. On top of this, Kanto is kind of overrated since it's not the "full second region" a lot of people claim it to be, but you'd be lying if you said that this wasn't the meatiest postgame we've ever gotten excluding Battle Frontier.

    However, in making this step forward, the game took a huge step back in some areas. The trainers' levels are just horribly done, between the lower leveled NPCs and the pretty dumb level curve towards the end of the game. The games still aren't hard, even during Kanto when it gets to its absolute worst, but this is an awful and kind of lazy way of pushing difficulty onto your games. Team Rocket is honestly worse in this game than it is in RBY due to their near complete absence from the game even compared to the first games in the series making it feel pretty empty. As for Crystal, the improvements mostly felt minor aside from a female playable character which should've been there from the start. I like these games more than I dislike them, but they still have some pretty glaring problems.

    4: GEN 8 - Sword and Shield are by far the most controversial and divisive games in the series. What did I think about them? They're pretty good, but had some glaring flaws that I could not ignore. The textures of this game looked pretty awful for a Switch game, and I know Pokémon had it in them to put more time into this. The story in some parts could be very underwhelming, bad, or sometimes it felt like it didn't exist, and while a lot of good ideas were there, some of them ended up either not working or outright backfiring.

    So, what do I like about them? Well, for starters, Dynamaxing really added a lot to the games and were handled far better than Z-Moves and Mega Evolution in all ways aside from balance. Limiting when it could be used was really a great call that made it feel much more special and kept it from being stale, and the use in raid battles was excellent. The wild area in general was a great addition that I hope to see take the spotlight in later games in the series. There are a ton of smaller, but nicer quality of life changes that I can appreciate the effort for as well, like how using a Rare Candy on a Level 100 Pokémon can evolve it.

    How about Isle of Armor? I haven't played it yet, so I'll avoid talking about it. Still, this game had some pretty glaring issues and lacked the polish some of its predecessors had, which can just pull you out of the experience altogether. It's especially present in this game where the worldbuilding is actually quite good. Overall, I like Sword and Shield, but they're undoubtedly flawed in some areas.

    3: GEN 4 - This is the generation I grew up with the most aside from Pokémon Yellow being my first game, but I wholeheartedly believe I'm not nostalgic towards any of these games. I feel nostalgia towards games like Kirby Air Ride that I only really played as a kid rather than what I've been playing for basically my entire life at this point. As for the gen itself? A weaker start, but it quickly picks up.

    DP themselves are honestly kind of mediocre. Very slow, the story's not at its best, the regional dex is absolutely horrendous and pulls us from most of the awesome new evolutions, and I don't like the major characters. Pokémon Platinum fixed a lot of those though. The game's at least a tiny bit faster, the story and regional dex were significantly improved, and the characters thing becomes more of a nitpick. The music is near its best here, the sprites are near their best here, the postgame is really good. All it comes down to is whether or not you mind the games being slow.

    HGSS is a good bit above the level of GS. The music and postgame are at its best in the entire series here, with the major downfalls being the game's slowness and its bad story. So, there's one mediocre game, one of the best games in the series, and one above average game. This made it extremely tough to rate this generation as a whole, but I think that it should be above Sword and Shield. If we were talking about the individual games, Platinum would usurp #2.

    2: GEN 7 -
    I think Sun and Moon and their definitive editions are also pretty controversial, even if not as much as Sword and Shield. I kind of like to lump this game with Sword and Shield in that I like a lot of the things they did, and a lot of the things they did were similar, but they have some issues that hold them back pretty badly.

    First off, I LOVE the inclusion of Alolan forms. It's a completely natural new way of breathing new life into some older Pokémon, and in almost all cases (rip Dugtrio), the regional form was noticeably better than the original without being broken. I also love Team Skull in this game, and while I don't like the Aether Foundation, it's not the end of the world, since at least Lusamine herself is an interesting character. I like all of the characters in this game aside from Lillie, honestly, and I think Ultra Beasts were a pretty cool addition.

    This game's biggest downfall for me is that it just drags on. It feels like constantly you're pulled aside for some mundane story thing that you often will just want to avoid. I didn't feel like it was this bad for any other game, even Sword and Shield, and it made replaying these games feel a lot more like a chore in some parts than it should have. As for USM, it was mostly similar. The additions to Ultra Space and Ultra Necrozma were great, but it felt like they were forcibly reusing a lot of their cutscenes, which may sound minor but made me feel like the game lacked polish. Overall, I still like these games quite a lot and I think they're some of the best experiences of the series.

    1: GEN 5 - You wanna hear what's crazy about Gen 5? If you were to separate BW from their sequels and add a "Gen 5.5," they would be the two highest spots on the list. I think BW2 is even better than Platinum, in all honesty. These games are SUPER good, and while I wasn't sure about a lot of my placements on the list, this was the one where I was confident in from the start.

    BW's gimmick was that it was a soft reboot of sorts. No true gimmicks, just a bunch of new Pokémon, and you have a lot of fantastic choices to choose from. The story is at its absolute best in the entire series in my opinion, and the animated sprites make for the best graphics in the entire series. On top of this, I really cannot think of a major weakness for this game aside from the fact that it doesn't have the Battle Frontier or anything to replace it as postgame, but I don't think that pushes it down as far as the issues other games have.

    BW2 is just about everything you'd want from a sequel. It expands on the world BW set in place, the story is not as good but is still fantastic, and it does have a minor fix to the postgame "issue" in the Pokémon World Tournament, which is still one of the coolest things I've seen from the series. I honestly don't think we'll ever get games as good as these, and I'm honestly not sure which of the two is better. BW2 is more well-rounded, but BW has stronger strengths, so I'll say BW.

    This list was tough to make though. I could have flipped Gen 4 with 7 or Gen 2 with 8, but I genuinely wasn't sure. I may come back to edit this. Once again, note that this isn't my entire opinion and I have several smaller things to say, but this gives my general opinion.
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  7. Beffie

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    Level 36
    Apr 1, 2016
    Crown of ValorDawn Stone ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★Gardevoirite ★★★★Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    time for the entirety of lake valor dot net to hate my guts

    disclaimer: i have not played usum/swsh but otherwise ive played every game

    1) gens 3 and 5! IS IT CHEATING IF I COMBINE TWO GENS LOL but i can never pick my fave between these two....!! both of these games were an absolute blast to play thru and had amazing postgames to boot! ill start with 5 tho

    i think my playthru of white 2 will always be my fave playthru because it was just SOOOOOOO fun and then the postgame opened up and whacked me in the gut with 100s of more hours to enjoy! the pwt is probably my favorite postgame EVER because it had wallace BUT ALSO IT WAS JUST FUN TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN! the story was really awesome too and i think its unique that it was a sequel to bw and silly me for not talking about bw! the first games were also super fun (i was 9 tho so i didnt appreciate it fully but i do now) and the story. THE STORY. i dearly wish pkmn went back to great stories instead of playing it safe these days bc even if the a mashing is annoying if i get a good story that makes my journey feel meaningful then ill take it. i love the Pokémon designs a lot and the overall unique vibes the gen as a whole brought to the series! the music has a great vibe, the moving sprites were a treat, and everything about it was stellar. i dont wanna sound like Everyone Ever but i truly believe gen 5 was the last great generation. we will miss u.

    and now to 3! despite my first game being a gen 4 game i have an incredibly soft spot for the "retro" vibe of 3? only this february i was able to play a gen 3 game for real (emerald! working battery too bby) and its right next to emerald in terms of my fave playthru! i was so dedicated to my playthru that i actually made threads on my side twt for ppl to see and i brought my gba to school with me so i could finish it faster...!! and like gen 5 WHAM HERES A POSTGAME after u win! im still working on getting all my silver symbols but im having a blast so far even if the rng fucks me over Constantly but its great to have a challenge instead of "rigged battle tower" type stuff now. also wallace was in this game. NYWAYS on the other side of gen 3, frlg was pretty fun! it wasnt the most standout game out there but i enjoyed it a lot with the whole gen 3 vibe glowup to the "worst" pkmn game! a unique kanto experience thats just icing on the cake to gen 3 as a whole.

    so these are tied ig LOL

    3) gen 4! my first gen so this might be biased....!! sinnoh was a great unique region with a story that was pretty good for being the gen before 5 even if it slogged at points.... speak of slog i will admit that this gen was SLOOOOOOOOW in diamond and pearl but platinum fixed it enough. i loved the vibe of this gen from the Pokémon to the music to the characters to the everything! platinum als gave us the NEW battle frontier so WHAM POSTGAME! rng hates me once again but the battle arcade is the best postgame facility in EVERY game do not prove me wrong. on the remakes side, hgss was a nice dandy remake. it suffers from Johto Level Curve still but the little treats added from the ogs make this game worth a play! gonna make a hot take and say its not the best pkmn game EVER but its very solid and makes gen 4 that much more high up on this list!

    4) gen 2! this is gonna be the point where i stop talking less or at least positively but i like the vibe of this one?? it suffers from Johto Level Curve still but this game just has a good vibe to it.... Pokémon in color was mindblowing in 2000!!!! lol but this gen was the one that felt like a definitive 8 bit gameboy Pokémon game i guess...!! crystal gave us KRIS so its always great to see Pokémon say GIRL POWER even tho its so staple by now..... i know this gen having kris was the one that taught girls that video games werent just for boys so i have respect for this gen on that front but otherwise once again. chill vibes. would probably play the remakes over this one but if u want some good old 8 bit retro action. gen 2 is here for u.

    5) gen 6! ah, the gen of missed potential. i enjoyed my playthrus of y and alpha sapphire but it just felt. soulless in a way. the kalos games felt incomplete in a way but i still enjoyed them enough to have fun. i think kalos had a vibe that could have gone places but they just. failed to take it anywhere. the mechanics in gen 6 were kinda weird too...!! i think the concept was good but it just kinda flopped and thats kinda all i have to say about gen 6 as a whole..... and to oras. just play emerald. thats really all ill say. if you want to play a hoenn game thats not emerald i would recc oras but why are you not playing emerald in the first place..... oras did try tho and ill give it that (esp with the new fucked up lore and the delta episode) but it still had gen 6 syndrome of feeling empty.... play emerald. if it counts for anything wallace was in this one.

    6) gen 1! this one was literally only fun for glitching and exploiting the 2 times i played these games. otherwise this one was a snoozefest that isnt as good as the ppl wearing rose tinted glasses claim it is. its fun if u play it in the way u werent intended to! but if you do? its not fun. just bc it was the first doesnt mean it was that good.

    7) gen 7! i didnt like this one. thats kinda it. if i played ultra sun all the way thru maybe it would be different?? but og sun/moon was slow and an a mashfest thru cutscenes. ill say i like the attempt at the tropical vibes and i love it! but otherwise this one was a little disappointing

    8) gen 8! i didnt play this one but it doesnt look that fun thats all ill say

    roast me
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  8. bakugo

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    Level 8
    Dec 9, 2019
    1. Gen VI
    I honestly really liked X and Y. It was the first 3DS version, so it gained a huge graphics upgrade over the DS versions. The storyline wasn't that long but it had quite a bit of content still. Great soundtrack.

    2.Gen VII
    Moon was the first version that I ever completed a dex on. I enjoyed it quite well on my 3DS, and I put a lot of hours in the game.

    3. Gen V
    I played White 2 and it had a ton of content, and I LOVED the soundtrack from V.

    4. Gen I
    I've only played the GBA remakes, however I did enjoy them quite a bit.

    5. Gen III
    I've played ORAS, though never actually finished it. I did almost finish ruby, until the save got corrupted, and that was when I discovered I had a fake GBA cartridge. Sad times.

    6. Gen IV
    I've played through most of platinum, it got super slow IMO and I got bored of it.

    7. Gen VIII
    Sword and Shield should've included the entire Pokédex. There's no excuse. They could've delayed the game 6 months or so and things would've been just fine. The gameplay went super quick, and there was a ton of handholding. Felt more like a quick story game than anything. I'm pretty sure I got more hours out of Fairy Tail, which is a story based game, than Sword.

    8. Gen II
    Never played, it's "worst" in this list as I've not played it so I can't give it a rating.
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  9. Infernostar

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    Legendary Triforce ★★
    From best to worst.
    Gen V
    Gen IV
    Gen II
    Gen III
    Gen VI
    Gen VII
    Gen I

    Gen VIII (I refuse)

    And nah, not gonna go into specifics. Not here at least. Bug me on discord for that.
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  10. Jeydis

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    Poké Ball ★Trainer Card - Cave Theme
    To be noted, I always find something to like in every game. I don't deal in absolutes and this list shifts a lot over time :D Note I put the remake games in with the generation they represent.

    Gen III: I am a sucker for island themed stuff and anything nautical really so I did not mind all the water. The in game diving blew my mind as a kid and I loved exploring all the little nooks and crannies in that ocean. This is also the gen that brought in a good chunk of my favorite Pokémon and my favorite mechanic: Abilities. There's a lot to love here for me. And honestly this includes the remakes, they get a lot of flak but I found it really fun to go through.

    Gen V: One of the hardest ones to run challenge runs in but one of my favorites in the sense of scope. I never found myself thinking the leveling was dragging its feet, same with the story overall. I am long overdue for a return visit to here, maybe after my knight quest is done in Shield.

    Gen II: The only major negative I found for this is the level pacing and placement of the towns early feels rather sluggish. A lot of doubling back and pretty boring Pokémon showing up in the grass for a while. I wouldve also loved to have more gen II Pokémon show up in NPC teams in general, I know there wasnt a ton to choose from but it always felt odd to have so many gym leaders not use the Pokémon of the region. Cmon Bugsy, a metapod?!? Heracross wouldve been so much more bad ass. No hitmontop on Chuck... or heracross for that matter. Anyway the list goes on. I still love the Pokémon found here, they have grown on me over the years and the feel of the region is fantastic. With the crazy bonus of being able to go back to Kanto which I love.

    Gen VI: I love running this in challenge runs, the routes have soooo much variety its great fun every time. I also like the feel of Kalos and all the little details they programmed in, the weather stands out to me especially. The main complaint here is the friendly rivals are a bit stifling... especially having 3 of them. I liked the feeling of camaraderie they brought at first but the fact that they would roam in packs often just made them a chore to encounter. No real challenge either, I still cannot get over Tierno's Route 19 encounter... level 49 mons and he cant be bothered giving them full movesets. I understand the dance theme but it should take priority over giving the late game team some moves to work with. RIP Roserade that can only Petal Dance.

    Gen IV: this is the controversial placement I am sure. I love a lot of things about gen 4 but I do find the region design and constant roadblocking to be a pain, things like fog and Str boulder blocks just felt worse in this game than others. The Pokémon encountered here are a pretty mixed bag for me, I do find that they went a bit over board with the previous mon evolutions and filled up too much of the dex with them. I do enjoy most of the evolutions we got though... except for that accursed
    Lickilicky. Positives: I like the evil team and the challenge in general for the region feels good, the little special events like the drifloon encounter are also awesome and I hope we see more of those.

    Gen VII: Hoh boy the controversy continues! The main negatives I can think of for this generation are the start of the hard hand holding (Shut UP! Rotom please... stop telling me to save....) and hard gen I pandering. Positives outweigh this for me though, I really like the feel of the region and most of the new Pokémon. Regional variants are a fun mechanic when it makes sense but I do find making it all Kanto felt really forced. Same with the Megas... The gym leaders and trial folk were really fun though and the actual Totem Pokémon can be a real challenge in challenge runs when you cant bring the perfect counter with you. Also as I mentioned before I am a sucker for Island-y feeling regions and you cant really escape that here. Also side note I like the camera mini-game thing, it was fun looking at mons interact Pokémon snap style. I do wish they did a bit more with it though.

    Gen I: I am just really tiered of it to be honest :/ The Pokémon are cool and all but they just infiltrate every damn game and I am kinda tired of it. Shout out to the Safari zone though, still love that place to bits.

    Gen VIII: There are a lot of things I like in Shield but there are a lot of things that fall a bit short. The short routes were a shame, I liked the feel of them and the little variants like the wheat fields and the feel of surfing etc. They just felt really short and not polished. I love the gym leaders and most of the NPCs though and I think that's one of the best things in this region, they have a lot of personality in game and stand out from previous gens quite a bit. The plot in this game was rough though...the bait and switch with Rose felt really crappy and empty. I genuinely wanted his assistant to be the proper bad guy when the story started taking that turn, showing her making a grab for power from a man that she really likes but maybe has trouble understanding. The wild area felt awesome at first but got kinda old fast, the weather effects are excessive...and nonsensical and the graphic fidelity is really really rough. I get that that is the issue most people had with the game but I honestly love the look of most of the things in this game but the wild area felt really rough. But hey its their first time trying something like this and I respect that. The Isle of armor has a better flow to it and I think it will only improve from there. As for the Pokémon I enjoyed some but I found the majority pretty middling.
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  11. DuoM2

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    Jul 7, 2019
    So, here's a little something I did.


    I put everyone's opinions onto a spreadsheet, with every number signaling where someone placed a gen in their list (for example, Wizard thinks Gen 1 is the 5th best). Using this, I found some things about Lake Valor's average opinion on all of the Pokémon games. Note that this is not going to be 100% accurate due to the way people ranked remakes and some mentioning they had less experience with certain games, and this listing doesn't really mean much in the grand scheme of things. The sample size for this average is very small, and even if it wasn't, life would be very boring if everyone had the same opinion. Also note that I did not include WavePearl anywhere here since I didn't want to assume what their rankings would look like.

    Going from LEAST to MOST favorite...

    #8 - GEN 1 (Avg 6.25) - This comes as no surprise to me. Most people in this thread seemed to say that Gen 1 felt either empty or outright inferior to its successors. Most of the later games had something to make themselves stand out, with even Gen 2 having things like its postgame, so I can see where people are coming from. Interestingly, only two out of eight people put Gen 1 as their absolute least favorite.

    #7 - GEN 6 (Avg 5.25) - The one thing that stayed consistent about Gen 6 is that people always seemed to dislike the characters. A lot of people mentioned that, in general, many of the things they tried just didn't work like the developers had hoped they would have. Most people seemed to take it as an average to mediocre experience, but one person did put it as their favorite of them all. It still beat out Gen 1 by an absolute landslide, though.

    #6 - GEN 8 (Avg 5.17) - The thing that stuck out to me the most with peoples' opinions on Gen 8 is that a lot of people said it was missed potential. I think what happened here is that a lot of people in this thread took the game as "flawed" in one or more ways, and that kept it from being in a lot of peoples' top spots. Some didn't mind the issues as much as other gens, and some did enough so for it to severely hamper their experience. That's not even counting the two people who seemed to dislike it so much from speculation alone that they didn't even want to play it.

    #5 - GEN 2 (Avg 4.71) - Most people seemed to put this one around the middle of their list, with two people putting it near the bottom and nobody putting it in #1 or 2 to make up for that. The things I noticed the most were that people say it was a nice way to fix a lot of Gen 1's problems, but the level curve held it back from being any better than it was. Also note that two people here (one who put 3 and one who put 8) have only played HGSS and not the original GSC.

    #4 - GEN 7 (Avg 4.5) - People mostly seemed to mention the large amount of unskippable dialogue and how the games held your hand, but otherwise, everyone had very different things to say about Gen 7. The only other thing that was mentioned multiple times was its difficulty, with one person citing it as a positive and the other citing it as a negative. A lot of people found different things they liked about this Gen, though.

    #3 - GEN 4 (Avg 4) - This is the point where it starts to become apparent that most people like the gens from here on out. Five out of the eight people put Gen 4 in their top three, which is pretty impressive. Almost everyone seemed to mention that these games were slow, but to some people, this wasn't as big of an issue as others. A lot of people also seemed to like the newer Pokémon, and those who liked this gen just didn't seem to find much else to complain about in general.

    #2 - GEN 3 (Avg 3.38) - Three out of eight people ended up putting this as their number one (one of which as a tie which I allowed), but a lot of people seemed to do so for different reasons. The two biggest ones seemed to be the Battle Frontier's introduction as well as the more simplistic, almost retro gameplay without going quite as far back as Gen 1 or 2. The two people who liked it least said that not much really stood out to them, but compared to the rest, they seem to be in the minority here - and I'm saying that as one of the two people who liked it least.

    #1 - GEN 5 (Avg 1.5) - Looking at the numbers even only briefly made it glaringly obvious to me that Gen 5 was going to be #1. Everyone put it within their top three, and more than half of those people put it as their absolute favorite. The two things that people repeated the most were that it had a great Pokédex and a great story, and people generally had very little negatives to say about it, if any at all.

    I may update this if more people post their listings, but for now, this is about where we stand. I hope at least some people found enjoyment out of this!
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  12. TripleAAABattery

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    Nov 12, 2014
    All right, so I'm gonna go ahead and actually respond to this thread for once

    #1: Gen 5: Hoo boy, a lot to say here. Now, this is the gen I started with so I hope bias doesn't get the best of me here. First off, Pokémon lineup is just fantastic, and Samurott especially will always hold a special team in my heart, but there's much more to it than that. The characters really make this story as good as it is. Especially N. He basically steals the show anytime and every time he shows up, but even outside of N, Bianca has good character development over the story, and the gym leaders here do much more than just sitting around waiting to hand out badges. Feels much more like they have life breathed into them. The games felt like they had a good balance of difficulty going.

    And then there's BW2... honestly, BW2 is peak Pokémon. Nice expansion to a story that was already good, the new rival introduced was a great rival, more mons to use, and probably the most plentiful amount of postgame content ever. Seriously, you have Join Avenue, Pokestar Studios (probably meh to some but it's kind of like a puzzle at times), Black Tower/White Tree challenge that's really good for leveling up and just... going through in general, lot of good characters you can battle, freaking medals (which are basically achievements, no idea why they got rid of this tbh), and probably the thing people remember the most about it: the PWT. You have the capability of facing every single gym leader and champion that's been in the series up to this point. It really feels they put a ton of love into this game, and I really wish more people liked gen 5 when it came out instead of hating on the freaking ice cream cone and trash bag.

    Nothing else will be as long as this was, promise... well, except for the last entry, probably.

    #2: Gen 4: Platinum kinda carries this for me. The games are... kinda long and sometimes the animations are slow, but otherwise is fantastic. HG/SS was great, too. Probably the most fun normal nuzlockes I've done, and the semi-blind Platinum Nuzlocke I had was a real nail-biter for me. seriously, I switched one of my mons out to Houndoom against Candice's Abomasnow, and it used freaking Focus Blast and one shot my Houndoom. I never felt so outplayed by a Pokémon AI tbh. Great games nonetheless though, and I often do randomizers of this and gen 5.

    #3: Gen 3: I think the main thing for me is that RSE FR/LG are very aesthetically pleasing to me. Duo kinda nailed it on the dot in that if you want a more retro Pokémon experience I'd probably recommend these games over the first two gens any day. The one thing I hate about this game are the teams. Dumbest teams ever tbh

    #4: Gen 7: When these came out, it was the first time in a while a Pokémon game gave me more than a couple of decently challenging moments, and I'm in the crowd that very much appreciates that. The starter lineup in particular is probably my favorite, even moreso than Gen 5's. Incineroar's really fun to play in smash and I like the kind of personality they gave him in it, Primarina was my starter and did not regret it at all during the game, and while Decidueye took some time to grow on me... probably the best designed grass type starter ever. I like the legendaries in this game a lot, but just about every other mon I dont really care for. Everything else was all right. Except the pacing at the beginning. that was terrible

    #5: Gen 8: I didn't care about dexit. Still dont in fact. I also like quite a few of the new mons like Centiskorch, and how the gym structure is done. I really dont like how the xp sharing is forced upon you, but the level curve at least felt more like it was in line with this in mind. I just think it's fine all around. I just wish it wasn't $60

    #6: Gen 2: Basically Gen 1 but better in nearly every way. Kinda outdated, especially compared to HG/SS, but I can sit through the games and play them, though its... kind of painfully easy. Not much to say here otherwise.

    #7: Gen 6: This gen was going to be my Doesn't have many mons I care about in particular but it introduced fairies and mega evolution, which are honestly some of my favorite things introduced in mons. After what the more recent gens have done with online as well I realize just how good we had it with the P.S.S. You could at least battle friends reliably and efficiently. I'll also give the evil team credit that even though they look and act stupid, they're probably the only team that actually gets stuff done anytime you see them. Everything else though... Y I K E S. Easy af game, with or without the xp share (seriously, some of the gym leaders are missing moves what the fuck), bland story, bland characters, and a lot of gen 1 pandering that I didn't really like tbh.
    Oh and uh ORAS exists I guess.

    #8: Gen 1: There's one important thing that I'm going to say that makes this at the bottom for me, but we'll get to that in a moment. Now, I recognize that this is the first gen, and as such there are definitely bound to be some issues with game balance and some bugs. What I have a problem with though is how MANY issues/bugs there are. Some find it fun to go through the games and mess around with them like that. Fair enough if you do. That's not me. The mons are... ok, but quite a few look absolutely horrendous, sometimes almost nothing like how their anime/Pokémon stadium counterparts look. I might be able to excuse story/characters part since that's probably not the kind of focus you want to put on if you're making this on an old school gba. When you combine all of this together though...

    You get a Pokémon experience that I actually still have not fully completed to this day, and is the only gen where I haven't done such a thing. That's why this is at the bottom for me. I used this metaphor already but this game aged like milk sitting out in the middle of the day in the Mojave desert. In this modern day, unless you're seeking out the numerous, numerous glitches found or are playing the virtual console version to transfer these mons to more recent games with unique moves, I would not play these games. Especially considering FireRed/LeafGreen, which are basically a better experience in every single way.

    Sorry that this is so long.
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  13. Skittle

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    Comet Shard ★★★★Dawn Stone ★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Galladite ★★★★Whipped Dream ★★★★
    these opinions are 100% gonna get me filleted by this site and stuck on a spit roast but Oh Well

    some notes for context: i have only played the main series up until sun and moon (so nothing past usum) and im a super casual player and really like the anime too so i'll talk about that which is probably cheating but enough of that LETS GET RANKING

    1: gen 4
    apart from the nostalgia value of growing up with these games i really enjoy dppt and hgss!! i dont ever get bored with replaying these games and theyre by far the games in the main series i replay most. diamond and pearl were fine (but very slow) but platinum and hgss are the games that really make the gen shine!! i loved a large majority of the Pokémon introduced in this gen (the cross gen evolutions are just AWESOME this gen). as im a Super Casual Normie i could never really beat the main postgame feature of the battle frontier but i recall having fun with it as a kid. hgss suffers from johtos weird level curve in the main adventure but the cute walking Pokémon feature and the ability to rematch the gym leaders more than makes up for it!! and can i mention the anime?? because the diamond and pearl series of the anime was awesome and really makes me love the Pokémon and characters of gen 4!! i really dont know what else to say bc im sure most people understand why a lot of people love these games so theres nothing really left to say lol

    2: gen 6
    now THIS is the ranking that will get me slaughtered by the fandom but i REALLY love gen 6. yeah i know that the story was kinda lame and the characters tasted like cardboard but personally to me, there are so many other features that make this gen one of my favorites!! for just a bit of context i hadnt really played a Pokémon game after bw released so Pokémon x was my reintroduction to a new game after like 4 years and MAN did it welcome me back. like gen 4 i really liked all the new Pokémon they introduced, mega evolution was such an awesome concept (still mad the kalos starters never got them), and the pss was the peak of online for the games and made it so fun to connect with everyone!! i also found omega ruby and alpha sapphire to be super fun games, and honestly, i would rank oras as my second favorite game behind platinum. oras and how they incorporated gen 6 mechanics into the story as well as the PHENOMINAL storytelling of the delta episode make up for the lacking xy storyline. i still can acknowledge that the games were a little easy (especially xy, oras was much better imo) and the story and characters in xy were pretty flat but oras saved this gen for me with how they took the elements from xy and blended them so well with hoenns established lore!! also sugimoris art style PEAKED this gen and steven is hot now. xy(z) was way too shounen and slaughtered everyones characterization so yike but the animation was so smooth and steven was very hot in the anime

    3: gen 3
    im playing ruby sapphire and emerald for the first time this year and so far im having lots of fun with them!! i adore hoenns roster of new Pokémon (this gen introduced sceptile and he is best boy) and its a real interesting challenge as my first exposure to hoenn was oras which isnt that hard compared to what im facing in these games. compared to oras tho these games feel a little slower bc you have to grind more which im not too used to as ive been babied so hard by the full party exp share but thats probably a me issue with having played oras before rse. but im really enjoying playing these games!! the outdated mechanics (like the lack of a physical/special split im used to) kinda bog things down personally bc im not used to it yet but im sure as i play it more i'll warm up to the system. but like i keep saying im having a blast playing these games and really like them!! my only nitpick is how stupid expensive it is to buy these games now but i feel like im getting my moneys worth!! anime wise i hated may and max and how ash was a cocky brat so i dont really like the gen 3 anime but thats a separate issue from the games which are pretty nice

    4: gen 5
    okay i lied about gen 6 THIS is the opinion that gets me slaughtered. i remember liking these games as a kid and had fun with them...... but for some reason i just CANNOT get into this gen!! i really didnt like any of the new Pokémon (the solosis line was pretty much the only one i liked, yikes!!) and the heavy emphasis on the story just flew over my head as a kid. as i replayed these games years later ive been told the story is "teh best evur!!!!!!" but no matter how hard i try, i just dont understand it!! i understand that its deep and about n instead of you (at least what ive been told) but i really dont know what to make of it. personally i find it super hard to replay these games with the sheer amount of dialogue and lack of Pokémon i like (especially bw, which is exclusively unova Pokémon) but thats not to say i dislike the games. theyre as fun as a Pokémon game gets to me personally and i really enjoyed the pwt in bw2 and the pokestar studios sidequests. but to be personally, they provide me with the bare minimum amount of fun a Pokémon game gives me. i know people are gonna HATE where i placed gen 5 but i seriously cannot get into unova no matter how hard i try, which kinda sucks because ive been told these games are "the best" and i simply dont see it!! im trying not to let the travesty of best wishes affect this either but as a huge pokeani fan the gen 5 anime was a mess

    5: gen 2
    weird level curves, honestly underwhelming story, just gen 2 things. but i like how females got to finally have a trainer to represent them and show everyone that Pokémon is for girls too!! the definitive pre gba games in color, but theyve aged a bit poorly. was still fun to glitch the hell out of these games though

    6: gen 7
    too much kanto pandering, way too much handholding, THE CUTSCENES OH GOD, and yet another gen with a heavy emphasis on t h e s t o r y which if you can tell based on my gen 5 thoughts, i dont enjoy as much as everyone else. im sure usum is marginally better but im not sure because i never played those games but as far as my experiences with sm go, the sheer amount of dialogue shoved down my throat and alola basically being kanto 2, i dont see myself coming back to this gen for fun because usum seem like the same games. i do remember having fun completing the alola dex though

    7: gen 1
    the main fun here is glitching the games to hell and back. otherwise its a buggy mess with the same 151 Pokémon im tired of seeing, super outdated and skewed mechanics, and poor characters (you guys call gen 6 bad with characters, i raise you gen 1) and i have no idea why genwunners praise this game they kinda suck

    havent played gen 8 so that doesnt get a ranking but tbh i dont see myself picking up a gen 8 game unless its sinnoh remakes lol
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  14. Jupjami

    Jupjami Thy friendly neighbourhood birb shaman

    Level 66
    May 31, 2018
    Leaf Stone ★★★Dragon Scale ★★★Darkinum Z ★★★★Dragon Fang ★★★★Reaper Cloth ★★★
    Because I have nary the time nor the willpower to say much; I'll just go straight with the rankings:
    GEN IV
    GEN V

    GEN II
    GEN I
    GEN VI
    so yeah....
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