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Fanfiction Pokemon: Green Version

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Saraceaser, May 17, 2018.


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  1. Saraceaser

    Level 2
    Jan 21, 2017
    Pokémon: Green Version
    By: Saraceaser

    A/N: So, this is a Fanfic (a REALLY long Fanfic) I've been working on for a while. It's still in the making, and I plan to go back to edit it once I'm pretty far into it, but for now... I don't know, enjoy? Any thoughts? (Please constructive, thanks!)

    This is a Green/Red - Originalshipping - story (if you squint because Arceus knows I can't write romance to save my life) just so you know, but the 'Romance' part will be... more or less in the background, somewhere. Maybe. I try.

    Um, it's mostly Adventure, and Green (or Blue) and Red are... they're probably really OCC, so I'll apologize in advance for that.

    Anything else? Oh, right!

    So, this story might get... kind of Angsty and Hurt/Comfort-ish, but I just literally can NOT write a sad ending or anything like that! There will be a happy ending and all that.

    I think that's it? Let me know if you have questions, and thanks, I guess!

    Table of Contents:

    Part 1 - Prologue

    Part 2 - Chapter 1: Route 1

    Part 3 - Chapter 2: Viridian City (To Be Completed)
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  2. Saraceaser

    Level 2
    Jan 21, 2017
    Part 1: Prologue
    A/N: This Prologue is... pretty bad, so honestly, you can skip if you want. (I'll probably go back and change it later on, anyways)

    Though I would never admit it, not out loud, sometimes I really did wonder what it was like to just be yourself and find some form of happiness.

    The only time I believe I was ever even close to something like that was when I was really little, when everything bad about the world was only whispered between adults and we passed our time play fighting, exploring the woods, and just hanging out at Gramps’ ranch. Back then, I never had to worry about keeping my deepest thoughts and fears locked up inside behind my wall; that only came later, as that day our lives would change forever approached.

    I admittedly say I regret the ‘wall’ I chose to put between myself and the world, and looking back I think life would have been easier if it never had been so hard. But, even still, back then I believed it was completely necessary.

    After all, isn’t showing something that was anything less than complete confidence a weakness?

    And compared to who I was rivaled up against, such a thing simply couldn’t exist.

    I mean, I know now that he, too, had built his own ‘wall’, and I knew it back then as well, but his true self was still full of that self confidence I lacked. And when you’re trying to be the very best, lacking confidence was already paving the road to failure. So, the ‘wall’ was built.

    At least, that’s what I had liked to tell myself.

    Still, as I walked those twisting paths in forests, mountains and cities, I remember clearly thinking ‘where had I gone wrong?’

    Wishing ‘Will I ever find my own happiness? Can I ever just finally be myself?’

    And dreaming of the day that I could stop my wandering, stop the aching pain, and finally walk that path towards the one place I have dreamt of since I was little; not that I would ever say it out loud.

    That path to home, right by my beloved’s side, with not a single ‘wall’ in place.

    If only I had known what a long, terrible path I had to take to reach it.
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  3. Saraceaser

    Level 2
    Jan 21, 2017
    Part 2 - Chapter 1: Route 1
    A/N: Okay, so this is the REAL Part 1, honestly. Um... so, yeah. (By the way, this is all unedited, so excuse any grammar mistakes!)

    “Alright, where are you, where are you…” I mumbled, gazing through the trees intently at a pile of Oran Berries with my binoculars, pen posed to write in the open journal sitting on my lap.

    I was sitting in the forest near Pallet Town off of Route 1, determined to finally confirm the rumors running around. I’ve been there for the better part of… two, three hours? And though my legs have gone pretty numb at this point, I felt that today, today I would finally catch a glimpse of the rumored Pikachu that was supposedly seen around here.

    “Ugh, why can’t it just show up now and be done with it?” I groaned, blinking as I rubbed my tired eyes. Taking a moment to relax, I looked up through the trees, their late-spring leaves swaying merrily in the breeze as the warm sunlight filtered to dancing patches on the grassy ground. All around, I heard the calls of the local Pokémon, a few distant calls of the more rare Pokémon back at Gramps’ ranch. Subconsciously naming each call correctly, I sat there with my eyes closed, just enjoying the moment with a soft sigh.

    It really was a nice day out today.

    And, of course, the small peace I could find was interrupted when I heard an all too familiar voice calling my name.


    Sighing, knowing I wasn’t going to get any more observing done today, I stood up while sticking my journal into my satchel. Giving one last glance at the pile of berries, I turned and headed towards the sound of the voice; I’ll just have to try again tomorrow, I suppose.

    Once back at the edge of the town, I headed straight for my house, my feet knowing the way even without me paying attention. My stride was as casually smug as possible; the well-built, confident facade I created over the years almost instinctual now. Of course, everyone in the town took my narcissistic facade at face value; which was fine by me, since I built it to cover the truth, after all.

    I spotted Leaf standing at the doorstep before she spotted me, so I waved as I greeted her with the grin I came to find as default over the years.

    “Hey, Daisy!”

    She looked over when she heard my voice, and I knew from her glare that I must have forgotten something. Which wasn’t that uncommon, I mean, I was a bit a busy doing Pokémon watching, you know?

    “Green! Today’s the choosing day, and you’re going to be late if you don’t put your rear in gear!” She yelled at me, pointing inside the house.

    I didn’t need further encouragement as I all but ran inside; I completely forgot! Today was the day I could finally get my own Pokémon and start on my own journey, and I’ve been waiting for this day forever.

    I ran straight up the stairs into my room, dropping my satchel as I grabbed the backpack I had gotten ready yesterday for. Throwing on a fresh pair of clothes, I took a moment to make sure I had absolutely everything - I had grabbed my Pokémon research equipment from the satchel and threw it inside as well - before turning to the full length mirror for a quick look check.

    I had simply threw on a plain green t-shirt that matched my eyes and a pair of comfortable jeans. My brunette hair was of course swept in it’s usual peak. I had a waterproof watch Leaf got me for my birthday on my wrist, and I had on my favorite pair of running sneakers that were a mottled green and brown. I had also tied my favorite hoodie around my waste, and while the red of it clashed with my outfit, I didn’t really care - it was a gift, after all, and I loved it. Giving myself the cockiest smirk I had in my repertoire, I shouldered my backpack and headed downstairs.

    In the living room, Daisy was back to studying the geographical books she had on the table when I woke up that morning. She lazily glanced up at me, taking in my casual appearance.

    “You look like you’re on your way to your first day school,” she teased with a smirk. I rolled my eyes exaggeratingly; I knew she was joking around like always.

    “And you look like a college drop out,” I retorted, smirking at her glare. This was normal for us, lightly bantering back and forth like this. And I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to miss this.

    “Yeah yeah, whatever squirt, just get going before you really are late,” Daisy said as she followed me to the door. Once there, I paused, glancing over at her. She gave a warm smile, and I honestly couldn’t help but give one back. She grabbed me by my backpack and dragged me into a quick, tight hug.

    “You’ll be alright,” she whispered as we stood there for just a moment, knowing we won’t see each other in a long while. With one final squeeze, I pulled away - albeit reluctantly, not that I would admit it - and waved before trekking up the hill towards Gramps’ lab.

    On my way up there, I had to stop at a couple of places to pick up some last minute supplies, such as Potions and Poke Balls along with a Revive or two for just in case, making sure to grab double of everything out of habit. As I was exiting the Poke Mart, I felt more than saw the moment when I tripped and fell, hard.

    “Oh, would you look at this? Little Green-bean here had an accident,” a sickeningly obnoxious voice cooed, and I felt my blood boil as I sat up, gritting my teeth. I turned the harshest glare I could at the owner of said voice as I stood. Unsurprisingly, they were both a couple of jocks from Trainer School, the type that always tried their damndest to push my buttons to the limit.

    Gripping my hands in tight fists, I told myself not to pick a fight since I really was going to be late if I took any longer, and today is the one day I really don’t want to be. Besides, I was about to start my journey while these idiots were still stuck. Feeling quite smug and a bit superior, I gave both of them a sharp smile.

    “Whatever you say, Brutus; I hope you can pass Trainer School one day, who knows, you might finally go on your journey before you hit fifty.” With that, I turned and stalked away, feeling smugly satisfied and amused at their confused looks, but anger still flared inside me. Who did they think they were? Seriously, a bunch of assholes, that’s who!

    All but growling, I separated the supplies I bought equally into two bags as I walked. Taking out a permanent marker, I quickly scribbled a message onto the side of one bag. Digging through my backpack, my hands landed on some of the snacks I also bought. Picking up the ones I had bought specifically for this purpose, I also placed them into the bag that was written on. Throwing everything back into my backpack once the bag was closed and secured, I hustled up the path to the ranch and lab.

    Once there, I smoothly walked inside into the cool air of the foyer. The large space was pristine as could be as Gramps’ lab assistants and fellow Pokémon researchers bustled about, carrying charts and equipment as they went. Ignoring them all, I headed straight for the back door which lead directly to Gramps’ private lab.

    Entering, I took a moment to glance around the ever familiar space. It was designed like the rest of the large building, but here there was a lot more lab equipment lining the wall in between the tall bookshelves containing books full of data and research. A few of his lab assistants were there, checking a bit of equipment, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the back.

    There, Gramps stood, talking animatedly to my childhood friend - and now rival - Red. I don’t know why I hesitated when I saw that… Okay, lie, I totally knew why, but I refused to acknowledge the pain nor the longing that pierced through me. I was used to it, anyhow.

    Steeling myself, I took a deep breath before striding forward, offering a confident “Hey, Gramps, Red!” They both stopped talking and turned to me expectantly, but I was drawn to my friend.

    Red, my closest friend, and the only one besides Daisy I can be even a bit like myself around; or, well, used to, anyways. He was dressed in his normal clothing with his jeans, black t-shirt, and red and white jacket with his hat on his head, just barely showing his raven hair and piercing, ruby eyes. How the taller teen could stand to be dressed so warmly in such weather was beyond me.

    But his eyes… tearing myself away from them - too dangerous to stare long - I turned my attention back to Gramps Oak, who was babbling animatedly about going on the journey and what to expect. The whole time I tried to pay attention - I really did - I also tried to completely ignore the taciturn boy’s gaze that still rested on me.

    But luckily, the time came for the best and most important part.

    “...Now I know you two are ready, but I actually only had one Pokémon ready for the journey,” Gramps joked while I just stared unimpressed at him. Seriously? He knew me and Red were going to start on journey today! “But, I don’t know if it’s luck or whatever else, thanks to Red showing up he helped me catch his own Pokémon, so Green, you can take that one,” he said, pointing at the table.

    Now, usually I would be pretty damn petulant and upset about Red being there to catch his own Pokémon, but at that moment I couldn’t care less as I stepped around my friend and instantly grabbed the Pokéball. Gently cradling it in my hands, I barely paid attention to whatever else was being said as I stared down at it. Inside, my life-long partner was held.

    I didn’t know I was grinning giddy till a flash of red light brought me back to my attention, and it was then I felt that pain and jealous irritation pulse inside me again.

    There, sitting on the floor and looking up at Red, was a Pikachu. The same one I’ve been trying to just catch a glimpse of the past few weeks, was now owned by my rival, and he apparently had helped catch it in the first place.

    Well, let it never be said that Green Oak didn’t take a challenge lightly, whether it was intentional or not.

    “Come on out!” I clicked the button, and the ball instantly expanded before popping open, a flash of red illuminating the white room for a second. When it faded, sitting on the floor, blinking up at me, was an Eevee. We instantly locked eyes, green meeting brown, and though the irritation from the Pikachu still held me, it was drained away the moment the small Pokémon let out a happy cry and trotted right up to me.

    And, dear Arceus, I never knew how nice it was to actually have my own Pokémon for the very first time. I gently picked up the small brown Pokémon and stroking her silky fur, taking in her features. She was just like any other Eevee, a sweet brown with tan colored patches on her chest and tail tip. The only difference was that one of her ear tips was also that tan color. All in all, she was beautiful, and I instantly knew that we were meant to be together.

    “...Pokédex!” I blinked, looking up from my new partner. Gramps was now standing beside a table that held two, identical devices, which I knew were the new Pokedexes he’s been creating. Red seemed to be paying apt attention, even as gently pet the Pikachu which was now resting on his shoulder happily, and watching the happy little scene made something warm and bubbly rise in me, and it took a lot to conceal the smile wanting to burst forth as I too paid attention as Gramps showed us how it work, continuously petting my Eevee’s brown fur.

    “Now, both of your Pokémon are already registered into the Pokédex’s data; why don’t you check them yourselves?” He said, handing one to Red than one to me. Shifting Eevee so she was now being gently held in one hand, I tapped the screen and watch the dex come to life.

    The dex was working a prototype to the new Rotomdex which was still being made, and it had to be the most high-tech piece of equipment I’ve ever held. The screen was almost see-through, and what appeared to be a dozen or more apps covered it in a swirling design. It was lightweight, waterproof, and could withstand the step of a Rhydon without a crack thanks to it’s reinforced structure. Determining to check out the other features later, I used my thumb to touch the ‘Pokédex’ app.

    Instantly, the Pokédex feature popped up with different parts to it. Fascinated, I clicked on the ‘Visual Map’ feature. It opened up, and two small sprites appeared on the screen, each obviously being of Pikachu and Eevee. Clicking on Eevee, an almost life-like picture came up with all the info underneath, and I read the entry.

    “Eevee has an unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to the environment in which it lives. Radiation from various stones causes this Pokémon to evolve.”

    “Many evolutions, huh?” I muttered, interested. I knew that some stones could evolve an Eevee, but if there were other ways… Pushing the possibilities aside, I was again drawn to the piece of technology in my hand.

    “This thing is really something,” I said in awe, because it really was. Glancing at Red from the corner of my eye, I could see I wasn’t the only one who was fascinated with the high-tech device. I chuckled lightly when Eevee lifted a paw at the screen, seeming to be interested in what was almost a picture of herself, so I tilted it down just enough for her to see the screen better.

    “That’s right, so you better take good care of it, Green! You have to learn to be more careful with your possessions, like Red is,” Gramps berated, while I just rolled my eyes, resigned, all the while ignoring the blistering pain from, once again, the fact that my own grandpa seemed to love Red more than me, and ignoring Red’s eyes I could see pointed my way from the corner of my eyes.

    “Yeah yeah, so anything else you want us to know, Gramps?” I said as nonchalantly as possible, carefully tucking away the Pokédex into a side pocket of my backpack. My grandfather just sighed, seemingly resigned to my careless appearance.

    “No, just be careful, the two of you; it’s a big world, and you have to be prepared for anything. To reach the first Gym, take the path of Route 1 to the next town over, and then get through Viridian Forest from there. Oh, and be careful of strangers! A group of thieves has been causing a big ruckus all over the region, and I don’t need to be hearing you two getting yourselves hurt, got it?” He warned before sending us both on our way with our new Pokedexes and Pokémon.

    “What are you going to name your Pikachu?” I said once we reached outside. Red, having always been the quiet observant type, glanced down at the yellow Pokémon on his shoulder.

    After a moment, he shrugged, and then said “Pika.” I couldn’t help it; I laughed, giving a grin when he shot me an unimpressed look.

    “Sorry, it’s just you’re calling your Pikachu ‘Pika’; never thought you to be one to choose such a frivolous name, is all,” I said with an amused grin. He sent me a challenging look, pointedly glancing at the Eevee still being held happily in my arms. Looking down at her, I felt my cheeks heat up a bit when I thought of the name I chose the instant she appeared from the ball.

    I looked away, clearing my throat a little as I simply said “Eve.” And of course, the jerk instantly starting snickering, causing me to whip my head back around and send him another glare.

    “Yeah, just laugh it up! We’ll see who’s laughing when I beat you at a Pokémon battle,” I stated, sending him a challenging smile. We locked eyes, and I knew we were both thinking the same thing. Turning around, I lead the way a bit to one of the many roads leading to the lab, clear of others. Stopping, I spun around and pointed at my childhood friend.

    “I challenge you to a battle!” I said, smiling as that giddy feeling returned; it’s been too long since I dreamed of the day I would finally get to say those words! I glanced at the Eevee in arms, only to see her eyes glittering; yeah, I think we’re going to get along just fine.

    Smirking, I pointed straight at Red - Pika was already in place as those red eyes stared back at me - and called out “Let’s do this, Eve!” And instantly, she sprung from arms to land nimbly on the dirt path, facing her yellow opponent.

    Me and Red both stared each other down before, all at once, we each called out moves. It had to be one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done. As Eve dodged and took the Thundershocks emitted from Pika, she hit back with Tackles of her own. I’m not entirely sure how long it went as I shouted encouragement to my new partner. All I do know is that Eve got behind Pika, and with a sharp cry rammed into him for a critical hit, and he was out for the count. I just blinked in surprise for a moment before collecting the brown Pokémon into my arms.

    “You were great, Eve!” I said, hugging her, not caring that I had completely dropped my facade. When I saw movement from the corner of my eyes, I glanced up and watched as Red gently picked up his own partner. That warm fluttering returned at the gentle look in his eyes as he gazed down at Pika, and… I felt guilty.

    Smiling softly - and completely involuntarily - I returned Eve to her ball for a rest before striding over to him. Just as he was about to return the Pikachu, I gently grabbed his arm as it reached for the ball, stopping him. When he looked back at me with surprised eyes, I grinned as I opened my backpack. Pulling out the two bags of supplies, I set the one I wrote on onto the ground and reached into the other one. Grabbing hold of a Revive and a Potion, I placed that bag into my backpack as I held an arm out. When I saw him reluctantly holding the Pikachu still, I snorted.

    “Come on, you really think I’ll hurt a Pokémon that gave such a challenging battle?” I teased, staring up at him. This seemed to catch his attention as he dropped to the ground gently, holding out the still unconscious Pikachu in his arms. Carefully, I applied the Revive first, taking note of the smile on the taciturn raven’s lips when he came around, then misted the Potion of the Pikachu’s injuries, like Gramps taught me when I was little and spent many hours in his lab.

    “There, I think he’ll be just fine, don’t you?” I said as I packed the left over Potion into my backpack as Red finally gave a real smile with Pika back at full health, chuckling softly when the small Pokémon jumped back onto his shoulder. Standing back up, I held out the untouched bag of supplies. At his curious look, I flashed him a smirk.

    “Thought you might need these, in case, you know, you accidentally trip and get hurt,” I teased as he took hold of the bag, mentally noting the irony to my own ‘accident’ earlier. Adjusting my backpack, I looked back over Pallet Town, then turned to look at the roade to Route 1. Turning back, I felt a strange pulse of warmth when I found Red staring at me. Quickly hiding my sudden nervousness - me? Nervous? Must be imagining it - I swiftly turned back to the road and started down, talking as I went.

    “Well, I’m heading straight for Route 1, so I’ll smell you later, and,” I paused, glancing over my shoulder to see him still standing there, “I’ll expect another battle next time we meet, so you better train, because I’ll be ready when you do!” I said, flashing a final smirk before continuing down, feeling content and not noticing the smile Red had on his face as he watched me leave.

    As far as beginnings go, I think one turned out pretty well.


    At least, that was what I thought, at first.

    Now, I’m no stranger to camping and sleeping outdoors; me and Red did that all the time, even up until a little while ago when we began preparing for our journey. But let me clarify; that still didn’t change the fact that it was still a pretty big pain.

    The first night, I woke up feeling absolutely grouchy; I guess it was caffeine deficiency or something, since I generally was used to having a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up fully. Thankfully Eve was there; I don’t know how she was so tolerant to my less than pleased attitude that morning, but she was able to gode me into getting ready for another day of trekking through the woods, training, and Pokémon watching.

    All in all, it actually was turning out to be a pretty nice day, despite the rough start. By the end of the day, she had perfected Sand Attack and was able to take down even the strongest Pidgey and Rattata after a few Tackles.

    We had stopped for a short break after a battle against a trainer we met. I told a couple of grateful gulps of water as Eve munched happily on an Oran Berry I picked from a nearby tree. Closing my eyes, I allowed myself to relax for just a moment; constantly training for an entire day can take a lot out of you.

    “Vee?” I opened my eyes, looking down when I felt a paw tap against my leg. Her other paw rested on a berry she had rolled over to me, eyes shining brightly up at me expectantly. Unable to help a small, warm grin perk my lips, I gently rested a hand on her furry head while I picked up the berry to munch on.

    And it was funny, as I sat there petting her, because it was only at that moment I fully appreciated the fact that I finally had my own Pokémon; that I was finally a real Trainer. That me and Red had finally begun a life-long dream.

    Feeling a rejuvenated and determined spike go through me at the thought of my friend - no, rival - I quickly finished eating and stood up, grinning down at Eve.

    “Ready?” I asked, grabbing my bag and reaching for the extra berries. She gave a determined yip before jumping up onto my shoulder where she had taken to relaxing when not walking by my side.

    “Alright, let’s keep go-” I was cut off when a Pokémon cry sounded from overhead. Moving on instinct, I backed away just as a purple blur landed in front of the berry pile. Blinking at the Rattata, a bit taken aback by the sudden challenge, I met its eyes. The Rattata stared me down before tossing it’s head to the side in a almost smug way, not moving its eyes away from mine. I immediately recognized the challenge there, almost hearing the silent ‘are you going to stand there stupidly, or are you going to battle me?’

    Smirking, I knew right then and there I was going to catch the stupid Pokémon, if only to rub it in it’s smug face.

    “Eve, use Tackle!” I called, pointing at the Rattata. The Eevee, using my arm as a springboard, instantly jumped forward with a cry for a critical hit at such close range, but at the last second the Rattata used its tail to swivel to avoid her. I blinked, stunned, before an excited smile set on my face; I love challenges. And like any puzzle that’s placed in front of me, I instantly started to think of a strategy.

    “Use Tackle to get behind it!” Eve jumped to action, bounding quickly around the Rattata who was just a little too slow to turn quick enough. Seeing the opening, I grinned and snapped, “Tackle!” Eve slammed into the Rattata for a critical hit, and, as natural as if I’ve done it all my life, I pulled out an empty Pokéball and threw it. It hit the Rattata as it staggered to its feet, disappearing inside in a flash of light.

    Silently, me and and Eve watched the ball with anticipation, and after the third wiggle… it stopped. Not even realizing I was smiling like a fool - no one was around to see it, anyways, so it didn’t really matter - I picked up the Pokéball.

    “Well, looks like we just gained a new teammate,” I said casually, but the smile completely gave me away. Eve jumped up onto my shoulder, nuzzling my face with an equally happy look as I pet her head for a job well done. We both looked at the Pokéball sitting in my palm, and with a happy thrill running through me, I clicked the button and it opened with a flash. Reappearing on the ground, the Rattata looked up expectantly - and almost smugly - at me.

    Kneeling down, I looked into the intelligent eyes for a moment before flashing my signature smirk.

    “So, what shall we call you?”

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