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Pokemon League Life

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Thunder, Aug 18, 2015.

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  1. Thunder

    Thunder The Alolan Archer

    Apr 19, 2015
    In a world where men, women and children are aided by mystical creatures, where competitive battling is a game and loving is top priority. The world of Pokémon is scary but fascinating but the people who are at the top, the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, the Champion. They experience something much, much more interesting. They are experts in battle, each one is better than the last and once you beat the champion, you know you are the best, even if your time at the top is short, you know you were the best at some point and your picture will be put in the Hall of Fame. All is well until a threat comes to a new region known as the Oslok Region. The Gym Leaders and the Elite Four are standing their ground, they won't let this threat get past them, they won't let this organization get to the Champion.​
    So this is where your journey begins, you may be a Gym Leader, you may be a member of the Elite Four, whichever one you are you must win at all costs, you will once or twice but hope that the trainer above you will be able to defeat the trainer you could not. For the trainers are no longer children, they are criminals with an unknown plan, can you stop them?​
    You can only swear twice a post but it's no really necessary ​
    No racial/religious/offensive comments​
    NPCs are allowed, use as many as you want, they can be anywhere you want them to be​
    All LV Rolepaying Rules apply here, the basics...​
    No Godmodding​
    NO Overpowering​
    When you speak out of character please say it what you want to say in double brackets, (()), {{}} and [[]] are acceptable​
    Romance goes up to kissing, I don't think there'll be much in this one but if it comes to that, nothing more than kissing​
    I have a three strike rule, break the rules three times and you're out​
    Please sign up here and enjoy the RP.​
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Thread Status:
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