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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Archangel of Darkness

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by MKLG, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. MKLG

    MKLG Youngster

    Jan 20, 2017
    *A sequel I came up with after the Explorers of Sky game. Any questions or comments are welcome!

    Chapter 1

    The bed was soft despite being a made of a bunch of straw. Team DarkFire's leader slept peacefully unaware of what was happening around her. One would think she'd be in tune with her surrounding and such, but no. She got to her place through determination, intelligence, and skill while other said she rode along or luck. She was found then trained by greater explorers. Anyone not against her stood up for her saying they were wrong. She was powerful and respected despite she once was human. Some this made her seem distrustful. However, the leader disagrees that sometimes you have to do a one Pokémon job.

    "Shadow!" Blaze, the Typhlosion, called out the dark type evolution of Eevee known as Umbreon who was named Shadow.

    "What Blaze?" Shadow asked groggily.

    "Time to get up!" he said nudging her with his foot.

    "Five more minutes. You didn't go travel thru World Abyss and fight Giratina yesterday by yourself because you team fainted." Shadow said boasting that she single handedly took down Giratina the day before alone.

    "You had to bring that up." Blaze glared at the fox like Pokémon.

    "Yes, I did." Shadow said. Before anyone could say anymore a familiar voice was at the entrance to their base.

    "Hey anyone here?" Bidoof called for the duo. He missed the two even though they visited often despite their busy work load since graduating and moving on to bigger, better explorations.


    "What's up?" Blaze asked. It was rare Bidoof visited them at base. It had to be serious.

    "I came to tell you guys that Wigglytuff is retiring." he admitted to the ex-guild members.

    "He is?!" Blaze asked shocked at the news.

    "Yup, Yup and he's asking a list of Pokémon if one wants to take his place." Bidoof informed. He had heard it from Sunflora who got it from Chimecho that got it from Diglett who overheard Chatot.

    "Chatot probably." Blaze said knowing the bird was second in command.

    "No siree! Chatot likes staying as Guildmaster's right hand bird. He could never take such a place." Bidoof said. "He asked him first."

    "Then I wonder who?" Blaze asked.

    "Think he'll ask you or Shadow? That would be cool. Yup yup." Bidoof said already imagining what it would be like, both cool and odd.

    "Really?" Blaze asked with small hope, before his condescending part toward himself added. "I see why he would ask Shadow, but me?"

    "I don't, plus I prefer to explore and such than that." Shadow interrupted finally joining the conversation. "If anyone should get it I think it should be you Blaze. You love and are more dedicated to this than anyone I know."

    "You think?" Blaze asked.

    "Yes, I know so. Look at all you've done." Shadow reassured before she snuck back to her bed.

    "Shadow, this is why you should do it because you know what to say." Blaze said not looking at Shadow as he was taking in what she said.

    "Come on Blaze. It would awesome! Yup Yup! Well I better go back to my duties. See ya!" Bidoof said before exiting.

    "Yeah, we're about to head out anyway. Bye Bidoof," Blaze said before he left and then turn to look at Shadow. "GET UP SHADOW!"

    Treasure Town was as lively as ever since Darkrai was stopped. Also since then Pokémon started to live in the town thus a healthy growth in population. However, with families Treasure Town became a place to play which was normal for Shine, an Eevee, and her best friend, Pulse, who was a Pikachu. Shine, like Blaze at a young age, dreamed of being on an exploration team and looked up to a certain one that walked into town from Sharpedo's Bluff.

    "There she is Pulse!" Shine said to her friend excitingly pointing at the Umbreon. "Look Pulse!"

    "I see her Shine. What is with you?" Pulse asked. Shine always acted this way or worse when Shadow was around. Pulse kept her tail close to her back in case the Eevee got too excited and stepped on it, again.

    "She's my idol and we're like related by evolution standards." Shine explained. She didn't forget Shadow and her could nowhere even be close to being related in reality. Pulse swore Shine wished Shadow was her mother. Shine insisted not, but sometimes the Pikachu could tell it was true.

    "You do remember that Shadow is said to actually be a human right?" Pulse said bursting her bubble.

    "Don't ruin this for me." Shine growled before her attention was lost again toward Shadow. "Wouldn't it be great if Team DarkFire accepted me?"

    "One in a million." Pulse mentioned knowing a lot of Pokémon know of their team and probably want the same thing.

    "More like never going to happen." said Mimi, a Glameow.

    "Be quiet Mimi!" Shine snapped at her rival. Everyone had one.

    "Feisty! If anyone from Treasure Town is going to join Team DarkFire it's going to be me. They could use a cat who is quick on her paws." Mimi said straitening up trying to show she was superior.

    "Yeah right! Quick at running away!" Shine countered.

    "Shine, we shouldn't fight." Pulse said.

    "Why the rush?" Rose, the Roselia, said blocking the path.

    "Leave us alone Rose!" Pulse shouted at the grass type.

    "Why can't we all be friends?" Wigglytuff asked interrupting a potential fight.

    "Guildmaster!" the four young Pokémon exclaimed.

    "Not for long! Now get along and play nice! Oh! Team DarkFire! Shadow! Blaze! I need to talk to you!" Wigglytuff said as happy as ever. The two older Pokémon look at each other before walking over. As they get closer the younger ones tense up.

    "Yeah?" Blaze asked.

    "As Bidoof probably told you I'm retiring the guild to an able Pokémon. Chatot does not want it so my question is Shadow, do you wish to be Guildmaster Umbreon? I know this is a major step for you giving up your team, but..." Wigglytuff stated before being cut off.

    "Shadow can't do that!" Shine was the one who interrupted.

    "Huh?" Shadow questioned why this kid was questioning before answering the pink rabbit like Pokémon. "I'm sorry Wigglytuff, I am a Pokémon that cannot be held down and despite seeing why I'm an excellent choice I think there is a more deserving Pokémon than me."

    "Who?" Blaze asked having not remembered the conversation this morning.

    "You, flames for brains." Shadow teased. "I said this morning despite how asleep I was. I can be that person young can come to for advice or be role model."

    "Thanks Shadow." Blaze said knowing she was sincere even though at times she could be an ass.

    "Well that's wonderful like a Perfect Apple as I was going to ask Blaze next! So what do you say Guildmaster Typhlosion?" Wigglytuff asked before he got distracted by a Perfect Apple in his imagination.

    Blaze took a deep breath before gathering the last of his thoughts and making up his mind, "I accept."

    "Remember that you're my best friend and you're the fire in DarkFire. If this doesn't work you can always return to the team." Shadow said kind of sad to see her friend leave the team after all they went through.

    "Don't make me cry Shadow." Blaze said as he hugs her as his was sure the tears were evaporating from the joyous heat he was giving off.

    "Let. Go." Shadow growled whether it was from the lack of air, unwanted touch, or the heat.

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