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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon -City of Genova- Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by ThenamesJunkie, Jan 1, 2015.

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  1. ThenamesJunkie

    Dec 31, 2014
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (City of Genova)
    Chapter 1

    A furret is pulling a carriage along a dirt path at night with several bags of what seem to be berries and medicine. As the furret passes by a sign that says, "Genova" with an arrow pointing where the furret was going, he stops as his ears steadily twitch, as if he hears something. He looks around and spots a scyther walking towards its position. "Hello there, I seem to notice that you're having trouble there with that carriage. Want me to- 'goes into a battle position' lend a hand?"

    "I-I think I'm fine, b-besides the town I'm heading to is just up ahead." The furret said nervously.

    The scyther laughs and slowly walks towards the furret. "No worries, I'll make sure your package will get there."

    The furret drops the handles and stands his ground. "I know what you're gonna do! You're gonna try to take it from me!"

    "Gee, no shit sherlock. 'he looks around to make sure no ones around' Well I guess I'll have to keep you out of my way then to get what I want!" The scyther said as he starts to run towards the furret.

    The furret closes his eyes, afraid of what Scyther will do.

    The scyther swings one of his blades at furret. Suddenly, someone grabs the scyther's blade. "What the?! How did you tra-" Scyther is suddenly tossed towards a tree. The scyther slams into the tree and falls on his back.

    "Wow, you really are a pathetic coward." The stranger said. As the light shines off of the stranger, he is revealed as a riolu. "Picking on someone smaller than you, almost like when I was picked on during my schooling days." the riolu said.

    "Oh like I asked how you were treated as a kid!" Scyther said as he starts running towards the riolu. He continuously swipes his blades at riolu, missing over and over as riolu dodges them. "Just stand still and let me hit you!" Scyther said as he swings both blades.

    Riolu raises his arms and blocks both the blades. "Heh, well this is your own fault. You told me to stay still." Riolu said as he swipes the blades off his arms. Then, he repeatedly punches scythed in the stomach and finally kicks him into the tree again. The scyther falls on the ground, completely unconscious.

    As the furret picks up his carriage, he walks along the path but stops beside riolu. "Thank you for helping me. I don't know what I would've done if he gotten these supplies."

    "No problem, 'picks up scyther and holds him by his left shoulder' you might wanna stay by my side if you don't wanna get jumped again." Riolu said as he starts walking along the path towards Genova.

    The furret picks up the handles and follows riolu, pulling the carriage along.

    As they make it to the town, the furret sets the carriage in a building named, the Kecleon Market. "By the way stranger, whats your name?"

    The riolu smiles and turns to face the furret. "The name is Rioku." Then Rioku walks off towards another building, Magnemite Prison Cell. As Rioku walks inside, one of the magnemites hover toward him and scyther. "IDENTIFYING CAPTURED CRIMINAL AS SCYTHER, PLEASE FOLLOW ME RIOKU." The magnemite said as he leads him to a jail cell. When an electivire opened the cell door, Rioku tossed him inside.

    The electivire closes the cell and locks it with his key. "Thank you Rioku for capturing another criminal. This has been your 4th capture so far."

    "Eh, it wasn't that hard really, he barely put up a fight" Rioku said after electivire hands him a bag of what seems to be money. As he walks towards the door. "Let me know if you got anymore cases."


    As Rioku walks outside, he walks towards a small hut. He opens the door and walks inside. As he closes it, he yawns from all the hard work he had today and sets the bag beside his bed.

    As morning arrives, Rioku wakes up and gets out of bed. When he walks towards a crate, to possibly grab a bite to eat, he hears a knock on his door. "Be right there!" Rioku said as he grabs an apple out of the crate and starts to eat it. As he makes it to the door, he stops just beside it. "Yes?" Rioku said as he bites into the apple again.

    "Hello there, you see we were recommended that we'd stop by your house and-" "If its something your selling, I ain't buying." Rioku said as he starts to walk away from the door.

    "No sir, please let me explain further. We were recommended that we would stop by your house to help with one of my guilds team." The stranger said.

    "Wait... team? 'opens the door' what do you mean by a- 'eyes widen' Wait you're the Guild Master, Guild Master Clefable!" Rioku said in shock of meeting the Guild Master.

    "Indeed I am." Clefable said happily. "But I wanted to stop by to see if you were interested in helping me with a team of ours. One of the teams, named Team Vital Fighters, lost a member and never returned. So late last night I was greeted by a Furret who told me all about you."

    "Wait a minute... you mean the Furret who was carrying those items in town?" Rioku said.

    "Yes, he was amazed by your abilities." Clefable said.


    Earlier that late night, Guild Master Clefable is in his room writing out documents til he hears a knock at the door. "Come in!" He said.

    As the door opens, he is greeted by a Furret and a Machoke walking inside. "Sir, this Furret wished to speak with you about something." The Machoke said.

    "Thank you. You may return to your post soldier." Clefable said as the Machoke salutes him and walks back outside. "So my furry friend, what seems to be the problem? Is there a mission I must assign to my guild members?" He asked.

    "No sir, its something wonderful. I've been seeing posters all around of another fighter you were wanting for one of your teams. And I think I found one!" The Furret said.


    "So I was wondering if you could help out one of my team members to give them a full team. So what do you say? Do you want to join their team?" Clefable asked.

    Rioku smiled at Clefable. "I'd be honored!"

    (To be Continued)

    (Feel free to give me any criticism, anytype of error you point out to me can help me improve, even if it is small and unnoticable.)

    (Also, if I am breaking the rules, feel free to let me know, and I will cooperate.)
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