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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: End of Darkness Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by ScreamoShaymin, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. ScreamoShaymin

    ScreamoShaymin PKMN Breeder

    Jun 13, 2013
    Remember to read the first Chapter if you haven't!

    Damien, Jess and Mike stared at the gigantic dragon standing before them. Snorunt was still in the corner, shaking with fear. As all this was going on, Damien was thinking about whether he should have agreed to this or not. But something told him that this was his battle too, that this was meant to happen for a reason.
    "Why are you all here? Why do you intrude upon my home?" Charizard bellowed.
    Mike stepped up reluctantly. "All we want is the kid, so if you would just–"
    Before he could finish, he was whacked in his side with Charizard's flaming tail, sending him into the far wall on the side of the cave. He fell to the ground with a sickening thud, causing Jess to run over to him.
    "Mike! Are you okay?" she cried, running over to him with Damien close behind. Mike laid there, unmoving for a few moments. Then he got to his feet, his lip busted and bleeding.
    "Why did you talk me into this, Jess?" he said weakly as he staggered about.
    "Gee, you're welcome," Jess said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Damien managed to look behind him, where he saw the Charizard inhale and call out, "Flamethrower!"
    Nobody could move as blue and green flames started spewing out of his mouth. Jess closed her eyes and prepared for it to make contact. However, Damien put his power into making a shield to protect them all. The Flamethrower reflected off the shield, keeping them safe.
    "Hmm," Charizard pondered. "You seem to be the strongest, therefore I should kill you first!"
    Damien powered down the shield and prepared a battle stance.
    "You're really gonna take him on your own?" Jess asked, shocked. "Are you nuts? He'll incinerate you!"
    "It's me he wants," he replied. "I won't let you guys get hurt. Just let me battle and go. Remember to take Snorunt with you."
    Jess stood where she was, frozen with fear that he would get killed. Mike called the other over and told Jess to follow him as he grabbed a low torch from the wall. As they left, Damien found himself a little less confident with no one else to help him.
    "You're really going to let them leave you here?" Charizard roared. "They must not think of you too well," he looked at the scarf on Damien's neck. "And I can see why."
    Damien charged up a ball of energy in his paw. The Charizard started to laugh. "It's no use. That feeble attack of yours will have no affect on me. It'll just roll of like water on a duck's feathers. Besides, what match does a useless trained Riolu like you have against a Dark Charizard like me?" He bent his long neck down to Damien's level. "You're nothing but a wimp! A spineless, worthless piece of crap!"
    Damien let a growl come across his face. He pulled back the attack and called out, "Force Palm!" He threw the attack between Charizard's eyes, which threw him back into the cave wall. He lay there, unconscious, as the cave started to rumble about. Rocks fell from the ceiling as Damien started to run through the tunnel he came in from. He put up an Aura Sphere in front of his face to help him see through the pitch black darkness. He ran through each tunnel, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the Cave of Darkness collapsed on him. He ran through tunnel after tunnel after tunnel, trying to backtrack the way he came by memory. No map would help him now, for he would not have time to look at it to help him see his way through.
    After a while of running, he saw a light. He knew that a light at the end of a hallway meant an exit, and he ran even faster, still holding the Aura Sphere. Suddenly, he tripped, accidentally throwing the Sphere into the ceiling. The resulting explosion ended up making the rest of the path collapse. He got up and tried to run through it, but a falling rock had caught the long scarf on his neck. He was only feet away from the exit, and he could hear Jess yelling for him. He tugged at the scarf with all of his might, but he could not get it out from under the rock.
    "Hurry! It's going to collapse!" Jess yelled. But Damien was not able to retrieve his scarf from the boulder. He then decided to push the rock, trying to roll it off. After a few moments of wasted strength, he heard Mike shout.
    "Jess! Get back here! It's too dangerous!"
    Damien then noticed Jess trying to push the rock, her front paws struggling to get it rolled over. After a bit of effort, the rock finally moved, and Damien and Jess made their way out of the cave.
    "Why did you do that?" Mike reprimanded Jess. "You could have gotten yourself killed!"
    "Hey, I'm not the one whose scarf was stuck under a rock!"
    "Guys, seriously? Does that even–" Damien started, but was interrupted by Mike.
    "You stay out of this! Come on, you two..." Mike left with Jess and Snorunt, who was a little shaken by the whole experience. Jess looked back at Damien, who smiled and thanked her.
    "You saved my life. Thanks," he said.
    Jess nodded back in response and left.

    Damien had made his way back to the site of the plane crash, carrying a couple of sticks and a piece of vine. He buried Dyllan off to the side of the shredded cockpit, and he remembered seeing a movie where someone had done this before. He tied the sticks together to make the shape of a cross, then placed it on the site where he was buried. For the next hour or so, Damien sat there at the foot of the grave, remembering Dyllan for all he had done for him. Suddenly, Jess' voice made him jump.
    "I thought I might find you here! We got a good reward for rescuing Snorunt. Mike sent me to bring you your share. You okay?"
    Damien paused, then looked at her. He took the bag of money from her mouth and muttered thanks.
    "There's something wrong with you, I just know," she started. "I guess...the grave? What's with that?"
    Damien stayed silent. He was a little irritated at the moment, but he tried to bring himself to his senses. After all, she didn't mean to startle him in his grief. He slowly started, "He's my...trainer. I don't think wild Pokémon take too well to that, judging by what Charizard said."
    "What exactly did he say?" Jess asked.
    Damien hesitated. "He called me a wimp. A spineless, worthless piece of crap. Those were his exact words."
    Jess thought for a moment. "Yeah... you're right; trained Pokémon are usually seen as unwanted here. You need to be careful, because there will be a lot of enemies against you just for that."
    "I'll keep that in mind," Damien muttered, still staring at Dyllan's grave.
    "You know, my parents died in a forest fire a while back," Jess started. "It was awful. I was really little then, and Mike was a good friend of theirs. He decided to take me in and take care of me," she smiled. "He's a good godparent, but he's a little...overprotective." Damien stayed quiet as she continued on. "What's your name anyway? I never got it."
    He replied, "Damien."
    Jess snickered a little bit. Damien looked at her questioningly.
    "Sorry," she said. "I've just never heard that name before. It's kinda funny!"
    Damien sighed and looked back at the cross.
    Jess stopped laughing. "Well, anyways, I've thought about asking Mike if we could form a rescue team. The way you beat Charizard back there... you would be great in one."
    "What's a rescue team?" Damien inquired.
    "Oh... I guess humans don't have those. It's basically a team that is paid to do missions for other Pokémon, such as escorting, fighting off enemies, and also just plain rescuing."
    "Okay... I understand now, but why would you need to ask Mike about it?"
    "I need his approval before I can. Being in a rescue team is very dangerous work. Rescue teams have enemies and other rival teams to beat, and they usually battle regularly."
    "I see," Damien pondered.
    "I'll go ahead and ask. He's back at home waiting for me, anyways. I'll tell you what he says afterward."
    She ran off as soon as she said that, leaving Damien no time to object. He tried to think of what kind of things would happen in a rescue team. Jess said they get paid for what they do, so it could get him a little extra money. Maybe he would be a little more respected if he did. He thought some more on the topic, but then pushed it aside. He was told to wait for Jess, so that's what he did.
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