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Fanfiction Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Investigators

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Wolf Expert, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Wolf Expert

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    Jun 27, 2017
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    Finally decided to upload my fanfiction from Fanfiction.net. I'll be adding some illustrations though, so I won't be uploading them in quick succession. I think I've been working on this for about 8 or 9 years now, which is ridiculous to think about. Because it's so old, I have made some changes from the version on Fanfiction, but nothing too major aside from fixing some typos or small logistical errors.

    book 1.png

    Quill was running out of hope of ever becoming an Investigation Team member. By the city elder Noctowl's advice, he goes to Shroud Lake where he discovers a Riolu named Aamira. This is no normal Riolu, however. This Riolu has lost her memory and was apparently once a human.

    The early morning sunlight shone through the window of the Treehouse and ignited the flames on Quill's back. He slowly opened his eyes. The room was very small, but at the time he didn't have the money to do any renovating. It consisted of one window without any glass like the rest of the Treehouses in Vine City. The only things in the window were two tree branches tied together to make it look like windowpanes. In front of him was the ladder leading down to the base of the tree. To his left was his desk which was covered in his text books from the Pokémon Research Academy. Every day the work got harder and harder.

    There was a rustling in the tree branches outside his window. Aipom suddenly appeared and climbed through the window. She had been Quill's life-long rival since they both decided to join the Academy. Both had dreams of becoming the better of the two, though they still considered each other friends.

    "Rise and shine, sunshine!" she said as she squeezed through the window. She laughed the way she usually did and landed on Quill's desk. "C'mon! Get up! Get up!" She took a piece of fruit that was in a bowl on Quill's desk, sat down and started eating it with her tail.

    Quill yawned and stretched, causing his flames to flare up bigger than before. "What day is it…?" he asked groggily.

    "It's THE day! It's THE day!"

    Quill just stared into space, still half asleep before jumping hurriedly off his bed, suddenly wide awake. "IT'S TODAY! I completely forgot!"

    "Better get goin' less you wanna be late again." Aipom jumped out of the window and started jumping from tree to tree shouting "WAHOOOO!"

    "Ah! I'm going to be late!" Quill started rushing around. "Where's my bag?! Where is it?!"


    "Alright, class!" Espeon said. "Let's start with roll call then we'll get down to business!" Pokémon had been piling into the large tree at the center of the city all morning with uncontainable excitement from the events that would soon take place. For this was a special day in the academy. Today was recital day. Everyone in Vine City came in to watch as the students talked about what they had learned. If they were found confident, calm, and of course, knowledgeable enough, they would graduate the Academy and begin their careers in different sections of town.

    "Now, then." Espeon said. "I would seem that only one student isn't here today, so let's contin—"

    "I'm here!" Quill burst through the large bark doors of the Academy and ran up to Espeon. "I'm so sorry I'm late Mrs. Espeon! I was so excited last night that I…"

    "Please save the talking for your Recital." Espeon said. "Now, take your seat and we'll begin in alphabetical order. Now then, first up is Aipom!"

    "Wahoo!" Aipom used her tail as a spring and jumped onto the stage in one leap from her desk. From the other side of the room, Headmaster Alakazam and Elder Noctowl, the two most important people in all of Vine Town watched carefully, which could only add on to the tension.

    Even under these conditions, Aipom spoke happily, calmly, and used the most diverse words anyone could put into a recital. "And that concludes my presentation!" She giggled a little as she rocked back on her legs and supported herself on her tail. Alakazam and Noctowl whispered something, but it was too hard to hear through all the clapping.

    'They must be impressed!' Quill thought. The flames on his back leaped into life once again, causing his chair and his bag to catch fire. Everyone in the room yelled in surprise.

    "I got it!" Totodile stepped forward and used Bubble to extinguish the flames.

    "I-I'm so sorry everyone!" Quill said.

    Espeon sighed. "Well, it's your turn anyway, Quill. Come on up and give your recital."

    "Uhh… right!" Quill turned around to get the paper he had written, only to realize that he had accidentally torched it. 'Oh, why couldn't I have memorized it like Aipom?' Suddenly embarrassed from realizing that everyone was watching him, Quill cringed and the flames on his back leapt to life again. This time even the ceiling caught fire. The tree moaned as Espeon and Alakazam tried to control it with their Psychics.

    "Maybe you should just wait outside…" Espeon said to Quill in a calm, soothing voice that did nothing to settle Quill's emotional pain.

    "Ohh…" Aipom said sadly from her seat.

    After a few minutes without anyone noticing, Elder Noctowl snuck out of the Academy to find Quill sitting alone on the vine-swing behind the school. As Noctowl approached, Quill looked up, startled, and the flames on his back ignited again, but feebly.

    "Do not let tears extinguish your flame, young one." Noctowl said to him.

    "Isn't that what everyone wants though?" Quill asked. "No one likes having a fire type Pokémon in a city built into a forest!"

    "You see things the way you think they should be seen." Noctowl turned and looked in a different direction as if in deep thought. "But if you were to look farther than you want to see, you would see great things…"

    "Are you saying that I'm not trying hard enough?"

    "No, that's not it at all. Look deep within yourself and ask yourself who you really are. When you find that answer, great things will happen. To you, and everyone else. Ah, yes… It's in there…"

    "Huh? Wait, why are you telling me this?"

    Noctowl laughed hoarsely. "I don't know, but you will someday. Try going to Shroud Lake. That's what I try to do whenever I need a quiet place to think." Noctowl headed off back to the Academy.

    Quill just sat on the swing and looked at the door he had disappeared through for a while. After a while, he decided to go ahead and try what Noctowl suggested and headed towards Shroud Lake.


    "I'm here…" Quill said after a while. "But what do I do now that I'm here?"

    Shroud Lake was called so because of the mist that eternally enshrouded it. The water in the lake was unbelievable. It had magical healing properties and made the trees in the area grow big enough for the Pokémon to live in. Thousands of people constantly dedicated themselves to finding the secret that gave the lake its life. Although no testing could be done on the lake for fear they might destroy the reason they were researching it in the first place, many people still tried to find some less explainable reason the lake had such wonderful healing powers. Even the mist in the lake got rid of colds and could clear sinuses in an instant. So many Pokémon were drawn to the lake's mysteries and eventually made Vine City close by. One of the people who was most passionate about discovering the mystery was Quill, but now it seemed that his dream would never come true.

    "I guess…" He said to himself after a while. "I guess I just need to pick myself up and try harder to pass next year! Yea! Like everyone always says, the flowers that bloom latest are often the most beautiful. Or strong in my case, I suppose."

    Quill ran up to the lake and stuck a paw in it. The water was icy cold, which was weird since it was usually so warm this time of year. Quill looked out across the lake to try and discover what was causing it. Then he saw on the far bank of the lake, someone unconscious. It seemed strange though the way the fog seemed to dance around them and not come close.

    Quill ran over out of curiosity. It was a Riolu. It looked like it had been attacked and was badly hurt. Knowing from his class on medicine, Quill could tell that the breathing was irregular and the heartbeat was much too slow. Also, somehow, he could tell that it was in a lot of pain.

    "Oh, what do I do?" Quill said to himself. "Let's see… uh… for a high temperature, a wet rag, and some ointment made from certain herbs that grow around the lake… Oh, what was it called!" He paced around for a few second before figuring out how stupid he was being. "Oh, the name doesn't matter! I know what it looks like!"

    Quill picked some herbs from the lake bed and ran back up towards the injured Riolu. It was wearing a purple scarf. After wondering for a few minutes if it would be okay to take it, Quill decided that a scarf was worth sacrificing for someone's life. A few minutes later he started rubbing the ointment he made from the herbs on the Riolu's wounds. The wounds healed instantly and the icy cold water on the scarf from the lake started to bring its temperature down.

    Quill sighed in relief. "But there was something else…" He looked around and found the red berries that grew by the lake. When the juice was squished out of them, it could be drunk to heal internal injuries. They learned that when not knowing what an injured person was hurt by, it was always best. Of course, the Riolu couldn't really drink it until it woke up.

    The sun started to go down, but Quill never left the Riolu, or tried to carry it to the town's healer, for fear that transporting the Riolu might worsen its condition. Suddenly the Riolu started flinching and its eyes started opening. It jumped when it saw Quill.

    "Oh, you're finally awake!" He said. "You've been like this all day!"

    "Like… what?" She asked.

    "I grew up here and I don't think I've ever seen a Riolu around these parts."

    "R-Riolu?!" She jumped up suddenly and looked around panic stricken. "And you're a… a Cyndaquil?"

    "Well, yea…" He said. "I prefer to be called Quill though. But you should sit down and rest. You might still have internal injuries." Quill passed up the red berry juice to the Riolu. This lake and everything around it has healing powers. If you drink this, any internal injuries will be healed.

    The Riolu hesitated a second, then took the drink. When lifting the drink to her mouth, she caught her reflection and dropped the drink. "I… I really am a Riolu!" she said.

    "Hey, you know how hard it is to make that so it's just perfect?" Quill said, but he felt more like he was panicking more than anything for some reason.

    "Oh, I-I'm sorry…" She said. "I was just shocked is all… But I think I'm fine either way. I'm not in any pain…"

    "Well… That's good at least!"

    The Riolu slid down the side of the lake to the water and looked at her reflection, then groaned. "How did this happen?"

    "I'm sorry, but what?"

    "I'm not supposed to look like this! I… I WAS human!"

    "You were a human?" Quill laughed a little, but then suddenly felt desperate for some reason. "You're… serious?"

    The Riolu nodded and started looking around. "I… I feel like I've been here before but… I'm having trouble remembering…" Riolu was quiet for a long time. "It's not just that… I can't remember anything…"

    "Really?" Quill slid down the bank carrying her scarf. "Does this look familiar? You were wearing it and I used it to bring your temperature down."

    Riolu took the scarf. "This is… my scarf… I remember it at least." Riolu flipped it over. "There was something here I think…" On one half there was a symbol that looked like the sun with a crescent moon in front of it. The sun was yellow, the crescent moon was purple, and the circle around the crescent moon was a light blue. Something was written in shiny gold letters on the other half.

    "Aamira…" The Riolu's eyes widened. "Aamira! That's my name! I remember now but… I still can't remember anything else…"

    "Why don't you come back to Vine City with me?" Quill asked. "Maybe the Elder or Headmaster will know something."

    "Elder and Headmaster?"

    "Yea. Elder Noctowl is really wise. He's actually the one that told me to come here. Weird, huh? And Headmaster Alakazam knows everything! He's so cool! I'm sure one of them would know what to do!" He led the way up the steep lakebed. "Oh, and then there's Chansey the Healer. I bet she could help too."

    "Well I already had a great healer help me." Aamira said.

    "Oh, I'm not a healer." Quill said. "It was just one of the things I learned at the Research Academy. What I really want to do is become an Investigation Team member!"

    "Investigation Team…?"

    Quill was shocked. "You mean you don't… Oh, I guess you wouldn't know. I'll explain that later."


    "So, let me get this straight…" Alakazam said. "You found your Riolu friend, Aamira, next to the lake and was able to heal her with the things you found around the lake?"

    "Yea and she said she used to be human and can't remember anything!" Quill said nervously.

    "Oh, really?" Noctowl said. "This is unusual… But, why so tense? This isn't like you."

    "Oh, it's nothing I don't think!" Quill said. "But Noctowl, sir, you were the one that told me to try going to the lake. Surely you know something."

    "I'm afraid not." He said. "I knew you would find something at the lake, but not what, or in this case who, it would be. I'm afraid I've never heard of a human turning into a Pokémon and loosing their memories."

    Aamira's head lowered.

    "Nor have I…" Alakazam said at the desperate look in Quill's expression.

    At that moment Chansey entered the city hall where Quill and Aamira went since Quill knew that Noctowl would most likely be there. "I got here as fast as I could." She said.

    "Here, this might help." Chansey handed Aamira an Aspair Berry. Because of the lake, everything in the area had stranger effects than normally wouldn't even be possible. It was said that Aspair Berries could clear the mind and bring back memories when grown in the forest, but they were really hard to grow in the forest.

    Aamira took the berry from Chansey. 'Star.' Aamira looked around confused. 'What was… Star?' Aamira looked at Chansey. "Did you by any chance have a nickname when you were little?" She asked. "Star?"

    Chansey's eyes widened. "H-how did you know that?"

    "I'm not sure… It was just a thought or something…"

    "This sure is strange…" Alakazam said. "I didn't know that, but it seems you knew who Chansey was when you don't even know who you are."

    "I've never met a human before though…" Chansey said. "Try the Aspair Berry. You might remember something."

    Aamira took a bite of the berry. It was really soft; the opposite of how it would normally be. She waited for a few seconds then shook her head. "Nothing…"

    Quill's head drooped.

    Noctowl noticed it. "You seem to be more discouraged than Aamira. What's wrong with you today?"

    Quill looked around nervously. "I know this might sound weird but, ever since Aamira woke up, I've been having a bunch of weird emotions and I don't know where they're coming from!"

    "That's not strange at all." Alakazam said. "We normally let students find out about Pokémon out in the field, but I'll go ahead and tell you this much. Riolu is the Emanation Pokémon. Riolu have the ability to emanate their feelings so that other people can feel them."

    "So." Quill said. "I've been feeling what you feel?"

    "It's not like I'm trying to do it." Aamira said. "I didn't even know about this until just now."

    "So you're not doing it on purpose?" Noctowl asked. "Young Riolu are said to not be able to control their ability, but in that case we should all feel what you do. Very curious that only Quill would be able to feel your emotions and I sensed that what he found would be useful only to him…"

    Suddenly Chansey and Alakazam's eyes widened.

    "Sir," Alakazam said. "are you saying what I think you are?"

    "Yes." Noctowl said. "Pokémon learn better in the field. What Quill couldn't learn in school he might learn in the real world, and Aamira might find her lost memory. His quick thinking in saving Aamira speaks for itself. Actions speak louder than words, after all."

    Quill looked shocked. "D-do you mean…?!"

    "Yes." Noctowl said. "I hereby declare your graduation from the Pokémon Research Academy. Starting tomorrow, you can pick the job you would like. I believe that it was an Investigation Team member that you really wanted to be."

    Quill's mouth broke into a wide smile and he started laughing hysterically. "I'm going to be an Investigation Team member!"

    "But wait…" Aamira said. "Isn't a team more than one person? Are you saying that I should be part of the team too?"

    "As I said before." Noctowl said. "You might just find your lost memory. The ultimate investigation, I believe it will be."

    "You… really think so?" Aamira was also smiling and laughing like Quill, though more out of nervousness than excitement. "But, I still don't know what an Investigation Team is. I would like to at least know what it is that I'm being signed up for."

    "Okay." Chansey said. "I think it would be best if you three filled her in, and I'll go tell the construction team to start making plans for their Investigation Headquarters."

    "We get our own HQ!" Quill asked.

    "Of course." Chansey said. "You may already know this, but I'll say it anyway for Aamira. In the forest lives a group of Pokémon called the construction team. Their leader, Smeargle, designs the buildings, then his partners Jigglypuff and Chatot use different sound frequencies to coax the trees to grow certain ways, that way no plants are hurt. It's very exhausting work though, so we can only afford to make a few Pokémon Investigation Team members a year. You're really lucky. In fact, only four other Pokémon were chosen to be Investigation Team members."

    "I bet I can guess two of them!" Quill said. "Aipom and Mankey! And they chose the name Team Sky, didn't they? They always talk about how it feels like they're flying when swinging from branches by their tails."

    Chansey laughed. "Yes, that's exactly it! Then there's another two who call themselves Team Rapids." She said as she left the town hall.

    "Oh no…" Quill said. "Don't tell me it's them… Crawdaunt and Croconaw?" Sensing her confusion, Quill explained. "They're in a different class than mine, but they still bother me. While Mankey and Aipom have always been my rivals and friends, Crawdaunt and Croconaw have been more like bullies than rivals. A few times I almost gave up because of them, but Aipom and Mankey kept egging me on. And I'm glad too! It feels weird that we're going to be competing against each other now instead of working together."

    "Be that as it may…" Alakazam said. "They had the second highest scores behind Team Sky. You, obviously had the lowest because you didn't really do anything as far as school was involved."

    "Yea, I suppose I couldn't have…" Quill said. "Oh, but Aamira doesn't know anything. She hasn't gone to the Pokémon Academy."

    "Well, then you'll just have to teach her everything you know. Like what an Investigation Team is."

    "Oh, yea!" Quill turned to Aamira. "Well, for starters, most Investigation Teams are these awesome Pokémon that seem to be able to do almost everything! We solve crimes, look for missing items, take down outlaws, and solve mysteries. In fact, the places we most often work are called Mystery Dungeons. They're really strange. Every time you go into one it's an entirely different layout, so it's always a new adventure! Sometimes money can be found in them along with special items that clients might ask for. And if you get defeated in one by an enemy Pokémon, you get kicked right out of the dungeon and end up here in town hall. You even lose all your money and half or more of your items! Also, dungeons are a big cause of missing person's cases. Some people that get curious and want to solve a Dungeon Mystery might ask for an escort. There's no telling what might happen then. Rare Pokémon, rare items, or nothing could be found at all. You never know!"

    "It seems like Investigation Teams are supposed to make new discoveries and help keep the peace." Aamira smiled a little. "I thought it must be more than just a clever name, but it sounds really important."

    "Yea, especially since Pokémon around here have been going bad lately."

    "What do you mean?"

    "For reasons no one knows, in places dungeons pop up, Pokémon lose all their sense, all their knowledge, and just become more like monsters that attack anything that moves that isn't like them. Luckily though, we're safe here in Vine City because of Shroud Lake's healing powers. Sometimes someone might have been traveling and got caught when a dungeon formed and someone may ask us to find them. In that case the only thing to do is to capture them and bring them to the lake where they regain their sense. I've seen it happen before and it looks terrible, but all is well afterwards. But are you more scared or worried? I can't really tell…"

    "I'm not sure… Just the thought of what happens to Pokémon is horrible… It might even have something to do with me losing my memory if they lose their sense."

    "It looked like you were attacked or something… I suppose you wouldn't know anything about that though."

    'I was attacked?' Aamira thought. 'What's going on around here?'

    "Oh, I guess I should give you the tour too."

    "Just one thing." Noctowl said. "I think it would be best for all involved that neither of you say anything about Aamira once being human. At least not yet. Who knows what sort of uproar it could cause?"

    "We understand." Quill led the way out of the town hall and into the main part of Vine City to the south.

    Over on the left, Quill showed her the bank that was being run by a Sableye. To the right was what he called a help center, where job notices were posted along with outlaw posters, which were also scattered all around town. South of those were the Keckleon shop and Kangaskhan's storage. Apparently Kangaskhan and the Keckleon sisters also had relatives working in other regions.

    In another part of town was an appraisal, and a link shop that allowed moves to be used at the same time. All the buildings really were made in the trees. It was a strange sight to anyone that hadn't grown up here.

    "That big tree in the middle of the clearing." Quill said. "That's the Academy. I was supposed to give a recital to pass, but this way I guess I got a team member too! And I accidentally burned my paper…"

    Aamira laughed. "It's amazing that all these buildings could be made from the trees…"

    "Some people even think the Academy tree is intelligent. When I accidentally set part of it on fire it sounded like it was moaning, but Alakazam and one of my teachers put it out. Oh, I forgot the most important part!" Quill led Aamira in front of the tree and pointed towards the left. "That road leads to the forest division. It's the biggest since the whole city is forest. That's where Team Sky lives." He pointed to the path to the south. "That's the river division. It's the second biggest because grass types love water so much. Team Rapids lives down there, I think. I try not to go down there if I can avoid it. And that way." Quill pointed to the right.

    "Must be the fire division." Aamira said.

    "Right. It's called the spark division. I live down there. It's the smallest since fire types aren't something you really want in a forest. I like it though; it's nice and quiet. I guess you'll be living down there now. I'm guessing my Treehouse is going to be modified to make our Investigation HQ. They'll probably add an extra room and an office. Hope you don't mind heights!"

    "I'm not really sure, but I'll get used to it."

    "Quill?" Espeon came running towards him. "Quill! I heard about what happened! You found an injured Pokémon and healed it with the things I taught you! I'm so proud, you have no idea!"

    "Mrs. Espeon! Oh, I wasn't expecting you to be here so late!"

    "Don't be silly. I knew you would be coming this way. I wanted to congratulate you on your graduation." Espeon turned to Aamira. "And you must be the Pokémon he rescued! You'll be his team member now? That's so great! Watch after him for me."

    "Uh, sure! I promise!" Aamira smiled weakly.

    "Oh, and you should know, Smeargle and his team just finished with your HQ. Why don't you go check it out? And get some sleep too. Your inauguration into becoming an Investigation Team is first thing in the morning."

    "I'm not good with first things in the morning!" Quill said.

    "Well let's just hope that I'm an early riser!" Aamira said.

    "Oh, and we still have to pick a team name! Ah! Team Sky had theirs planned out for years and both Team Sky and Team Rapids had more time! So much to do! Will we have to make a speech or…"

    "Just relax." Espeon said. "It's nothing like a recital. You'll be fine. You just need to think of your team name and say the Investigation Team oath at the inauguration."

    "So uhh…" Quill turned to Aamira. "Do you have any ideas for a team name? I always thought I'd just think of one when I made it this far but… Now I can't think of one." Quill could feel that Aamira was thinking really hard.

    'They're Investigation Teams… Maybe something to go along with that theme… Nothing like Team Sky or Team Rapids though, that's for sure… Maybe…' "How about Team Sleuth?" She asked.

    "Why didn't I think of that?" Quill was obviously more excited than ever. "Yea, Team Sleuth is perfect!"

    "Well then." Espeon said. "You two better go home and get a few hours of rest. It will be dawn before you know it."

    "Right. Let's go." Quill led the way down to the spark division. At the end, there was a large tree with a good sized Treehouse built into it. "That's where my Treehouse was. Wow, even the tree looks bigger!"

    "It's hard to believe that was grown naturally and that the tree wasn't cut at all or anything like that."

    "Yup. Vine City is a strange place, that's for sure. Now we just have to get used to where the door is." Quill started knocking on the trunk of the tree until he found a hollow-sounding spot, pushed on it, and the door swung open. Quill stepped in and climbed up the ladder with Aamira fallowing.

    "Oh, shut the door, too. Wouldn't want someone coming up in the middle of the night. Well, technically it is the middle of the night, but you know what I mean."

    Aamira turned around and saw a vine rope attached to the door. She pulled on it to close the door, then tied the vines to another vine sticking out of the wall that formed a loop. This, she guessed, was supposed to be like a lock.

    "Hey, Aamira!" Quill yelled down. "Come check this out!"

    Aamira climbed up the ladder as fast as she could. When she pulled herself up onto the floor, her jaw dropped at the sight of the Treehouse. "This is amazing! Pokémon sure can do amazing things! I think I could get used to this!"

    In front of them was a large window with shutters made from bark that had a vine lock like the door. In front of the window was a mailbox. Over on the left of the window was a blank bulletin board. On the right was another ladder that led upstairs. In the middle of the room was a rug with a table on it. There were two chairs and a bowl of fruit on the table.

    "It's a little plain." Quill said. "We'll have to find some more stuff to put in here some time. Maybe a desk or something… but look at the view!"

    From the window they could see a mountain range in the distance. The moon was just below the peak now. The sun would be up in a few hours. Aamira looked down and suddenly realized how high up they were.

    "You get used to it after a while." Quill said, sensing her unease. "I wasn't born here, but I've learned to live in the trees without much problem. Let's check upstairs."

    This time Aamira went first. The ladder led to a hall with two doors. The one on the far end had her name on the door (misspelled Amera) and the one next to the ladder had Quill's name on it.

    "Well we'll have to do something about that sign." Aamira said referring to the sign on her door.

    "That really agitates you, huh?" Quill noticed Aamira suddenly getting a little annoyed.
    "Sorry, it's just that I've never actually been able to feel what another Pokémon does. It's kind of neat, so I'm just trying to get used to it is all."

    "Alright, but my name is one of the only things I can remember, so yea it is a little agitating."

    "Well let's check out our rooms."

    In quill's room there was a metal floor near the center with a cavity filled with hot coals in the center for a bed. There was a window like the one in his old room along with his desk. It was a lot bigger though, which he wasn't complaining about. They even added in a comfy looking chair and a bookshelf filled with books and manuals.

    Aamira also got a chair and a bookshelf, thought the books didn't look as complicated as Quill's and her chair was more like a pillow couch of some sort. Near the window was a hammock for a bed. There wasn't as much to her room as Quill's but it still looked about the same size.

    "Looks like we'll have to get you some more furniture too." Quill yawned. "Wow, it's been such a long day and I was so excited that I didn't even realize how tired I was…"

    Aamira yawned too. "Yea, same here. And don't make any jokes about how I was asleep all day!"

    "We should try to get a little sleep. If I wake up first, I'll wake you up and if you wake up first wake me up."

    "Okay…" Aamira yawned again and stretched her arms. Quill left and headed towards his room.

    As tired as Aamira was, she couldn't force herself to sleep. After a while she got up and looked at the books in the bookshelf. She ran her finger over the spine of one.

    'Floatzel, having more adept floatation devices than their pre-evolved form, Buizel, make great water rescuers and are especially capable when trying to enter water dungeons and save drowning Pokémon.' Aamira lifted her hand of the spine. "It happened again… This is so weird…" she looked towards her door. "Unless he's asleep, Quill could probably tell how surprised I was by that… It's a bit annoying, but I guess I'll just have to live with it until I get my memory back."

    Aamira took her scarf off, sat down on the couch and looked at the symbol. 'I wonder if this means anything…' She folded it and put it beside her and laid back to try to relax. 'I guess I have more important things to worry about right now. I wake up next to a lake with healing powers apparently attacked by something and can't remember who I am. On top of that, somehow I've turned into a Pokémon… Such strange things are supposed to be happening… Maybe becoming an Investigation Team member would be a good thing. And maybe Quill and I can be friends and not just team members… It would be nice to have someone to get through this with, although I guess he doesn't really have much of a choice since he can tell what I feel. I'm sure we'll be great friends.' Aamira smiled to herself and went to lay in her hammock. Watching the stars outside, she slowly fell into a peaceful sleep, unknowing of what lay ahead.

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