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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Civil War profiles

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by Ryex, Jan 1, 2015.

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  1. Ryex

    Ryex A nerd

    Dec 31, 2014
    Hello. and welcome to the profile page for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: The Civil War.
    In order to post your profile down below, you have to fill out a form. Fill out the form, PM it to me, I approve it, you put it below, bada bing, bada boom, you're done. The alignments will make sense if you go to the page for this, and so will everything else. Every Pokémon appear as a human to others in this, so don't be afraid! Once I have approved it, post your profile here, hope to see ya soon!

    Pokémon Species:
    Eye Color:
    Back Story:
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  2. Ryex

    Ryex A nerd

    Dec 31, 2014
    I'm posting my own here, this will be my main.

    Name: Ruby Zia

    Gender: Male

    Pokémon Species: Riolu

    Height: 5' 6

    Weight: 115 lb

    Eye Color: Crimson red

    Outfit: A black leather tunic with a blue 'spiky' paint job at the bottom, blue leather leggings, black leather boots, cloak the same color as tunic with many pockets, blue leather gauntlets with white pockets for daggers, and a black mask.

    Gear/Weapons: Two gray longswords, A black long bow, throwing knives, quiver with many arrows, smoke bombs

    Personality: He's normally very quiet, but he can swing his blade so fast, you think he hadn't if he's mad. He has a hood so people can't identify him most the time as he keeps it up a lot, but if he knows and trusts you, he's very friendly. Do any of his friends and injustice or try to betray him, you may just find a blade at your throat. He is an expert marksman and an even better swordsman, so don't cross him.

    Back story: He was raised in an orphanage in the main city of Zulol before he became of age to live on his own. Every day there, you train to fight and be emotionless, the perfect assassin. He became a member of the guild and since then he has had his father's old cloak and his mother's old pendent, a small 3D red diamond on a metal chain, as they were both members of the guild.

    Class: Rouge

    Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral, Deity he follows: Suicune, The North Wind

    Farewell! :brendan:
  3. TheWillful

    TheWillful Bug Catcher

    Jan 20, 2015
    Name: Merlin Soulheight

    Gender: Male

    Pokémon Species: Braixen

    Height: 4' 7"

    Weight: 8 st 10lbs

    Eye Color: Bright blue

    Outfit: A dark pruple pointed wizard-type hat and a cape to match with a crimson scarf with tattered ends. A brown belt with a sword sheath and brown boots.

    Gear/Weapons: A rapier with a silver blade and golden handle. The stick in his tail acts as his wand.

    Personality: Upon first meeting Merlin he can seem cold and distant but that is just how he is. When you get to know him you start seeing the kind and gentle guy he is. He will stand up for what is right and would do everything in his power to protect his friends. He is a strategist and wont go into battle without assesing every possible out come.

    Back Story: As a Fennekin he was the runt of the litter. His siblings would get the most food and his parents weren't really that kind. After witnessing the murder of an innocent Scyther, killed by his mother and father, he started realizing who he family really were. His parents were bounty hunters.
    He started training in secret and he soon grew strong, swearing one day to send his parents away for the crimes they had commited.
    As soon as he evolved into Braixen he left home and headed for the mountains to train in solitude. There he came across a lone Magi Linoone who went by the name Rutgar. Merlin trained alongside Rutgar for a year and his power grew. He left Rutgar and headed back home where he confronted his parents ans after a long battle between them, his parents fell and were inprisoned.
    That was the day Rutgar became an orphan.

    Occupation: Traveller. He doesn't like staying in one place for too long.

    Alignment: Lawful-Good
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  4. BlastoiseKoopa98

    Jan 25, 2015
    Name: Bastion Chromos

    Gender: Male

    Pokémon species: Wartortle

    Height: 3' 8''

    Weight: 60 lbs (85 lbs W/ armor)

    Eye colour: Burgundy

    Outfit: Wears leather armored pads on his arms and legs, steel banded leather gauntlets, and a dark navy scarf over his snout. Has several straps on the back of his shell to hold his weapons.

    Gear/Weapons: Two duel-wielding hammers, a larger war hammer (His "last resort" weapon), a bunch of crafting and blacksmithing equipment he keeps in his shell.

    Personality: Bastion is an extremely reliable teammate, very careful and strategic in tight spots, and caring towards anyone he fights alongside. He's very justified, and will fight for those who need it, and can be very vengeful, however, he's extremely merciful and will almost certainly let a foe live if successful in a fight. He has no respect for those who's values are opposing to others of good will, and will be eternally grateful if saved from a tough spot. He believes in equality, and treats all opponents as a possible threat, despite their true abilities.

    Back story: Bastion was born under the rule of Dialga, his father being one of Dialga's best blacksmiths, providing high-grade weapons to some of the greatest warriors of the west. As Bastion grew older, he realized that his father might not have been happy about his position, and questioned him on the topic. He then explained to his son that he wished to make weapons to those with good intentions, and not the maleficent ideals of his master, also learning that his mother (whom he doesn't consciously remember) was banished for her opposing opinion to Dialga. Bastion suggested that they escape, but his father snapped back in denial as it was far too dangerous, and told him to never speak of their discussion ever again, Bastion had other plans. A month and a half of planning later, overnight, Bastion escaped their home and slipped through the guards, after mapping out the region, and jumped into a nearby river, where he traveled east. Once free from Dialga's territory, he traveled the eastern half of the continent, sharpening his smith skills and teaching himself low-level white magic. He now makes his home in an eastern forest, slowly preparing for impending warfare, hoping to one day, reunite with his father.

    Class: Paladin

    Alignment: Chaotic-Good

    Deity: Entei, The Fire Walker
  5. shinyfairymon

    shinyfairymon PKMN Breeder

    Jan 4, 2015
    Hey- with how much the Elements of Nature has slowed down, I was thinking about joining another roleplay. When I browsed through and saw Ryex had made another one, I figured I'd give it a try. After looking at the above profiles, I made a character to counterbalance the angstfest we have above, and to provide some different abilities from above. Ryex said only one more person was needed to start the roleplay, so I'm hoping this is accepted?

    Name: Rosa
    Gender: Female
    Pokémon Species: Florges (red)
    Height: 1 meter
    Weight: 10 kg
    Eye Color: black
    Outfit: Wears a blue eyepatch with gold-colored embroidery to cover an unsightly scar on her left eye from an escapade early on in her career. Asides from that, she wears a blue dress with gold trimmings.
    Gear/Weapons: Being a cleric, Rosa's gear is mostly of the medicinal nature. She carries a sachet with multiple healing herbs and berries, as well as the tools (such as a mortar and pestle) to use them with.
    Personality: Rosa is somewhat shy and introverted, however, she is also studious- with her studious nature giving her a vast knowledge of her chosen profession. She is also brave, and willing to risk herself to help others, as shown by her choice to move to the border to help. Her biggest flaw is her gullibility, and there have been times in the past where she was tricked by her enemies because of it- most notably, the incident producing her eyepatch.
    Back Story: Rosa was born in Celebi's domain, in the Kingdom of the North. Unlike most of the other characters in the backstory, Rosa has no traumatic past. She has a loving, intact family, and she was lucky enough to have been born into a peaceful part of the kingdom. She moved to the edge of Celebi's territory of her own will so as to help provide medical care and nursing to the refugees who came across the border. She has practiced a bit in combat, simply out of the necessity of living nearby wartorn lands. What few battles she has been in, she handles the aftermath and injuries without angsting over them. Though she is not a grass type, following the Flower Cleric Shaymin is only natural for a species such as hers.
    Class: Cleric
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Deity: Shaymin, The Flower Cleric
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