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Pokemon Revival

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by DeviantJTS, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. DeviantJTS

    DeviantJTS School Kid

    Mar 6, 2017
    (Rules- " = Regular speech. ' = Telepathy, - = Pokespeech)

    A small, blue and black furred creature running through a forest like his life depended on it, which in fact it did. He was attacked, everyone he knew was fighting an enemy he had no idea about or why that enemy was even attacking, all he knew was that he had to run and run fast. There was a few of them after him, he didn't count he just ran. He was scared and tired but he couldn't stop running not now. He ran for what to him felt like hours for in reality was only minutes, he ran through a bush and stopped, he was too tired, he had to rest, even if it was just for a second. He finally had enough energy where he was going to run again but when he looked up he saw a man. The man was tall, way taller than this two foot creature, and he was holding something up to the creature. He did not know what was in this man's hand but whatever it is was not good and he needed to get away from it, NOW! But it was too late-*P-TAFF*


    Hi my name is Jae, I am an 18 year old. I am about 5 foot six, white skinned, Blond hair, and a little scrawny. I enjoy playing video games, spending time with friends, collecting knives and other bladed weapons, and I also really like anything to do with crime solving, police officers, investigators you name it.

    "JAE!", called my brother Jon.

    I then walked down the hall to the living room where our game system is located, "Yeah what's up?", I asked.

    "Want to watch me play the game?", he asked me.

    "Sure but not to long ok, dinner is almost ready"

    "Ok." Jon is my younger brother by 3 years, he is 15 now. He is a bit shorter than me and skinnier than me and has brown hair. His likes are similar to mine with video games but he also likes something else, he is a huge fan of "The Flash". He watches the show, reads the comic, has a pop figure of the flash, you name it, he has it. "Boys time for dinner!" we heard our mom call out.

    "COMING!" both of us said in unison. We both walked into the kitchen where our Mom and Dad had just finished dinner. My mom was about as tall as me if not shorter and had blond hair, where on the other hand my dad was taller than all of us and had very short brown hair. I had gotten my looks from my mom and my brother got his looks from our dad.

    "Hey here is dinner kids", said my dad.

    "We made spaghetti tonight", said our mom. While where I was excited my brother was not, you see me and him are kind of exact opposites, where I like spaghetti, he likes other dishes. Where i like action and anime he likes realistic show with actual actors like Flash and Arrow. Where as the saying opposites attract with magnets, me and him are at each others throats. There are many times where we have bickered, argued, and fought one another, but hey that is what brothers are for, and it drives our parents mad (and anyone else caught in the crossfire as well). Then all four of us sat down to eat. We talked about things that happened to me and my brother at school, and dad talked about his work and Mom talked about what she did here and a pretty funny story with our cat acting stupid. Our Mom and Dad told us while we ate that they were planning on going out somewhere for the summer, we were going to go to Six Flags, both the amusement and the water park and we were going to be there for a couple of days. Jon and I were beaming with joy, we hadn't been to an amusement park in forever, and with school being over in about two months, I myself couldn't wait, and i believe the same goes with Jon.

    We then finally finished up eating, and Jon stayed in the kitchen with Mom and Dad and was scolding them saying he got to choose what we eat tomorrow night and I got on the game system for a little while and my brother not being to happy about it, but hey it was my turn. Around 8pm I got off and went to my room to lay down, I wasn't going to sleep but I was laying down watching Youtube.

    While watching I remembered something, I got up and walked into my Mom and Dad's room and asked them, "Hey Mom, Dad I was wondering, you got me that new shotgun for trap shooting for Christmas and we have only gone shooting a couple of times, I was wondering if we could go next weekend?"

    My Mom replied, "Sure Jae, I don't think it will be too much trouble."

    My Dad continued, "Yeah I think it will be fun, ill rent a gun too so I can join in with you, and maybe one for Jon too, how does that sound?"

    I replied, "Sounds awesome, thanks guys, I'm going to head on and brush my teeth and get ready for bed, love you guys."

    "Love you too.", they replied in unison. I then brushed my teeth, got on my night clothes, then stopped by my brothers room to see him doing the same thing I was doing a moment ago. "Hey Jon, Mom and Dad said we will all go shooting next weekend, they said they will even rent you a gun, what do you think?"

    "Sounds fun, we could probably go out to eat that night too, hopefully.", he replied.

    "Heck that sounds great, alright we have school tomorrow, so you need to go to bed early so I don't have trouble waking you up ok.", I suggested.

    He replied, "Alright fine, see you in the morning Jae."

    "See you tomorrow Jon." I then shut the door to his room and proceeded to my room to lay down and get ready to get myself and my brother up that next morning.

    But little did I know that the next mornings to-do list would not go as originally planned, and little did I know I wouldn't be waking up in my room the next morning or waking up to see my family that next morning.


    I finally woke up from my seemingly endless sleep and OH MY GOD did I feel out of it. My vision was blurry and could hardly hear anything, and the things I could hear and see were completely foreign to me. I was finally able to make out a voice, a women's voice, "Time of death, 6;48 a.m., March 12th, 2023." OK, a few things I gathered from that, if this was the next day the day was right, when I went to bed it was March 11th, but that year, the year was 2017 last time I checked, and then that first thing she said, "TIME OF DEATH" who was she talking about, it couldn't be me, I wasn't dead, but I couldn't move either, it was like I was paralyzed. Then my vision cleared up to see I was in a hospital bed, and it also seemed my nose stretched out farther in front of my face, NO! priorities, I am in a hospital bed, which means they are talking about me, and I can see them putting up the equipment, nope this was not happening. With all my strength I was able to take my arms and push myself up, and I started breathing then to, I didn't even realize I wasn't breathing until just then. Everyone of the doctors and nurses were shocked, but what they were feeling could not compare to what I was feeling.

    MY ARMS, th-th-they weren't mine anymore, I could move them all the same but they were not my human arms, these were P-A-W-S. Three fingered blue paws with no claws, and these steel guarders on the top part of my wrists. I-my torso also wasn't mine, it was black near the top part of the torso and it then zigzags with blue on the lower half. I didn't see my legs but I didn't have to, I knew what they looked like, pure black furred digitigrade legs with three toes on each foot. There wasn't a mirror but I had a good idea of what my face looked like, blue fur with black fur making a sort of mask and a small muzzle included. I knew I had red eyes now and I could feel my new feelers on each side of my head, I felt my ears move down when I went into shock, and of course I could feel the tail that was half the size of my height. I knew what it was I had turned into, played enough of the game and watched enough of the show to know. I was a Riolu, down to the size of one too, I was so much smaller than the people around the room, it was disorienting.

    But it was nowhere near as disorienting as what I felt next. After my realization which to me seemed like hours when in reality was only a few seconds, I screamed.


    I felt it that burning sensation in my left shoulder, just what happened I would feel this much excruciating pain. It felt as if my shoulder was on fire while salt was getting added constantly to the horrific endeavor. While the doctors and nurses started laying me down fast and putting me under sedative while wearing a breathing mask on, I saw a view of what happened, on my left shoulder was heavily wrapped and very bloody bandages, and with the blood I saw laying on the bed, that means whatever injured me, or whoever this was that got injured, was either a really bad stab wound or a gunshot, and the last thought I had before drifting off to into a sedative induced sleep was, "What just happened?"
  2. DeviantJTS

    DeviantJTS School Kid

    Mar 6, 2017
    Chapter 2 No Explanation

    After what felt like hours I finally woke up. I was groggy, dizzy and most of all, in pain. Now mind you it was nowhere near as bad as when I first woke up with this body but it still hurt like a pain that no decent person should ever have to go through.

    I took a look around the room and saw that I was alone, no one else in the other 5 beds in the room that I could see, there was no one. All I could do at that moment was think, how could any of this happen. When I first woke up everyone was shocked. Not shocked that I was what I was but that I was alive. Which in my mind meant that it wasn't unusual to see a living Riolu, or a living Pokémon for that matter. So that could only mean I was somewhere where Pokémon were real, so I know for a fact that I am no longer in Kansas. It was eye opening to say the least, I finally got to feel what this body felt, every move I did registered with what I was trying to do, I could even move my tail, and in that sense having a tail was for a better word, interesting to say the least. Smell was another topic, everything was stronger. I could smell food that was three stories down, don't even ask me how I know it was three stories down. I could also distinguish the smells. I could smell every individual creature in this building. I say "creature" cause I don't know who or what I am smelling, I just know that they are different. Then there is my new eyesight, everything was clearer, I could even still see color, huh I guess that is a good thing, right? I had glasses when I was human...huh...

    I just realized how weird that sentence is, "when I 'WAS' human." That is something I never really thought I would say. It just feels, unnatural.

    Anyway back to what I was saying, I did wear glasses "back then" but only for reading at long distances, but now everything was clear, every single nook and cranny in the walls was visible. This is actually something I could get used to.

    I then took another try at moving my arms and legs. It's definitely weird how these legs work, when your lower part of your leg is smaller than the sole of your foot, it is definitely a new experience. Also having three toes and fingers was new, I remember what it felt like to still have my pinkiss, pinky toes, big toes, and thumbs but now I couldn't fell them, not even a trace of a felling, just of memory of that felling.

    But the nubs (for which is what I like to call these "fingers" on my hands) I did have now were flexible. They spread apart, both my nubs and my toes. I could bend them very easily, and with the way that the nubs bent it felt like I wouldn't have much trouble holding on to things, well maybe small things might give me trouble. While doing all of this I was being very cautious with my left arm. It hurt, it hurt every time I moved my nubs or my arms it brought that fire like pain back to my left shoulder. The bandages covering up the wound were very bloody but it didn't seem like there was any more blood coming out of it, they must of stitched it up.

    But while I was thinking I realized something, I WAS STARVING! It felt like I hadn't eaten in days.

    As if on cue the door to the room opened and a man dressed up in long jeans, and a brown leather coat and a woman in a nurses gown walked into the room.

    The man was about six foot, white skin, green eyes, and short, black, spiked up hair with a short beard completing the touch. He spoke first in a deep masculine voice, "Are you sure he will be alright, when my son gave me a call and said he found him bleeding in the woods and rushed him here I was concerned, and even more concerned when I found out he was shot as well?"

    I knew it, so I was shot, it makes sense why there was blood on the back bandages too, bullet must of went straight through. The nurse then spoke to the man in a sweet very lighthearted tone, "Yes sir he will be fine, I can assure you during the beginning of trying to treat him we didn't think he would make it, in fact his heart even gave out at one point, we were going to jot him down dead but then he pushed himself up and starting breathing again, and when he did I guess he didn't realize how much pain he would be in and in turn screamed, so to calm him down we had to use a sedative."

    The man then replied, " And you said that was three days ago correct?" THREE DAYS!! No wonder I'm starving.

    "Yes sir but we've been monitoring him ever sense, and I will let you know that the worse is over, we were finally able to get the wound cleaned up, treated, and then stitched up properly, I can assure you, all we have to do is let him take it easy for a few weeks here while his wound completely heals, and then he will be all yours." All his huh, so I guess in a sense I was getting adopted, shouldn't be all bad I guess, but there is no way in HELL I'm being put in a poke-ball.

    "That is reassuring to hear, so when will I be able to sign him up as mine on the machine?" he asked.

    Now it was my turn to start asking questions, -Sign me up?- I asked.

    Both of them then looked down at me finally acknowledging me on the bed and the nurse said, "He might be curious about why you said sign him up, he might only know about poke-balls since he is so young." she inquired.

    The man then looked at me and said, "Well I guess I might as well tell you, even if your too young to properly understand half of it but, here in this town we don't use poke-balls, some places like our town have this machine where all you have to do is have the Pokémon get it's pawprint or whatever print scanned and then have the human scan his hand next and then it will automatically assign that Pokémon to that person, no poke-ball needed, but we can really only get it to work with land Pokémon, whereas water Pokémon and larger Pokémon need a poke-ball for well, obvious reasons."

    Him telling me all that made me so relieved that I audibly gasped, "Ri."

    Then the man looked confused and asked, " What's wrong, were you scared of being put into a poke-ball."

    Technically I was so I just nodded my head at him. He then replied, " Huh, well then, lucky you were found in this town."

    At that moment my stomach growled I just took my paw and rubbed the back of my head with a cheeky smile on my face. The nurse then said, " I guess he's hungry, well I guess that better be it then, he hasn't eaten in three days so he is probably ravenous by now."

    The man then said, " Alright I will take my leave now, it was nice to meet you Riolu, my name is Martin, and I know my son Riley will be happy to have you around as well, bye."

    I then replied, - Bye.- And of course he wouldn't be able to understand that, but he got the memo and smiled at me before leaving.

    The nurse then looked at me and said, " Alright I will be right back little one, I bring you something really good to eat, kay." She then took her leave and I waved at her.

    While she was gone I had to ask myself this big question, how did all of this happen? It started to get to me, was it random, did it just happen out of nowhere, was the government involved in some kind of weird experiment, or was it someone here in this world that caused this. It was obvious I wasn't where I used to be now, with the talk of poke-balls and Pokémon that was just a given. But who or what would want this to happen, the nurse and Martin obviously had no clue, and I don't think his son, however old he was could have caused this. No I really don't think this was intentional, there was just too much going against it. But at the end of the day I don't think I'm ever going to find out how this happened, this world probably has more continents then my world and is probably gigantic, and this is no game either, the pain in my shoulder is an obvious enough clue of that. But what if this also happened to anyone else, what if this happened to my FAMILY! Even if it did happen to them I probably would never find them, at least not alone. That thought made me very depressed but I also know that I couldn't just go looking for them, going around aimlessly searching, if they were here, they could be on the other side of the planet.

    All I can really do is just go live with this Martin. His son saved me, or at least whoever this body belonged to, I owe them that much at least.

    Then there is also that, who was this that I now was, did they die and I just took over there place. I'm guessing that really is the only logical thing. The nurse called me young one, I don't know how young, but young enough to where they thought I could barely understand them. So I must be pretty young, and whoever died was young too, probably too young to understand what was going on, I'm hoping whoever it was didn't have to suffer much. That is one thing about me, I hate it when someone young gets hurt or dies, and it's no different here, all I can hope is whoever this was didn't experience much pain and that he was in a better place now.

    The door to the room then opened to reveal the nurse, she was carrying a tray of, FRUIT! Oh thank god, that's another thing, I was not going to eat Pokémon food, I have my dignity, and that would never be worth it.

    The nurse then said," Here you go I've got a whole tray of good stuff for you, apples, blueberries and lemon." Huh guess they have real fruit here huh, Neat. She then laid the tray down in front of me while telling me not to eat too fast or I would choke, but I'm not that stupid so I just grabbed and apple and took a bite. WOW! That tasted better than any apple I've ever had before, even neater. After a few more bites I wanted to try the lemon, I wasn't scared of it being too sour, I've had warheads, and you don't know what sour is until you have had those. Cool thing too, the lemon was just as sour as a warhead, same flavor as a lemon but the sourness of a warhead. Huh wonder if warheads exist here, if they do I have a pretty funny plan. I then tried a blueberry, it was okay but way too sweet, almost like white chocolate sweet, and I don't like white chocolate. I tried to politely hand the little dish of blueberries back to her.

    She took it from my hand and said, " Guess you don't like blueberries huh?" I then shook my head at her. I then had the little glass of water she brought with her. I really don't like the taste of water but with the thought of new taste buds I tried it, and amazingly it was better, it tasted a lot better, I couldn't exactly explain what it tasted like, but it was just better.

    I finally finished eating and drinking and handed it all back to her and she put it on her rolling cart. She then said, "Alright glad you got something to eat but you still need your rest ok? It is actually pretty late you know." I hadn't really took the time to check it out but it was dark out and with the clock in the room I could see it was 9:20 pm. I then nodded my head to her while she started to leave the room. She then took one last look at me before shutting off the lights and said, "Alright goodnight, ill see you in the morning ok."

    I then said,- Ok goodnight.- I said in my new language.

    But before she left she turned around and said one more thing," Oh by the way, I never gave you my name, it's Delila, ok goodnight."

    She then shut off the light and shut the door, I then took this opportunity to lay down and get some non-sedative induced sleep. Before falling asleep I said to myself, " I guess this really won't be so bad."
  3. DeviantJTS

    DeviantJTS School Kid

    Mar 6, 2017
    Chapter 3 Sparring Partner

    So the past few weeks at the I guess Pokémon center were rather unpleasant. Not that it was the worst thing I have ever experienced, just that I would never want to do it again(And if that means not getting shot again, I will take it). The nurses and doctors were all nice they kept me fed and all that, but it was just very indecent, they were there almost all the time, they even had to bathe me. Granted the only reason they did was to keep this plastic thing over the wound so water wouldn't get in it and in that case I thank them for it.

    Another thing is that they expected me to go to the restroom outside, they had this sanctuary like thing with a very thin net above the area, guess it was to keep flying types in, wouldn't want them getting out if they were still wounded. That was actually my first time walking and surprisingly it wasn't that hard to do, it was very similar to walking like originally used to, the only difference is I use my tail as a counter balance to keep myself from falling forward, it was very natural. But the downside was that they expected me to go out here, so what I did was just go off through a couple of bushes and wait of few minutes, and that seemed to get Delila out of my hair, oh yeah and Delila was the nurse that was assigned to me, so she was always around, not that I didn't enjoy the company but I still like personal space. So after she thought I went she would take me back to my room, luckily for me they had a bathroom for any People they were treating or any trainers staying with their Pokémon, and luckily for me it wasn't that hard to still use the bathroom, just a bit of climbing I had to get through, even climbed the sink to wash my hands. I'm a clean freak so yeah. After my little routine happened over a couple of days of the first week Delila was able to find out after she walked in to do a double check on me and saw me walk out of the bathroom with the toilet still running. Unsurprisingly she was shocked that this young Riolu could do all that but thankfully she just called me a "Really fast learner" and told me she wouldn't let anyone know about this.

    After that first week they finally let me out to that sanctuary to get some exercise for an hour a day. I was able to finally see what this body could do, but fighting was strictly off limits for all Pokémon out in the sanctuary. So I did the next best thing, I practiced running and HOLY CRAP! Was I fast. Allot faster than I was back then, I could run around the whole sanctuary(Which in turn isn't that large just that I'm small) in just about 15-20 seconds. I must have been going 25 or 30 Miles per hour there. Couldn't tell exact but I was fast, and I used the time to get even faster. I also practiced jumping couldn't jump all that high at first, but don't give up is what I've always been told and with that practice I was able to jump SIX FEET into the air. Granted that is not really high but to me being only 2'4", I'd say that is pretty good. I kept getting better at jumping and also timing I my jumps and measuring them out too by climbing tress. I actually enjoyed climbing trees back then so it was no different here. Delila got scared at one point but I knew I was fine, when she got like that I would safely climb down just for her sake.

    After that I was in the midst of my third week here and all the time before this I avoided other Pokémon. I'm relatively shy but this was completely different. It was a different "SPECIES", I had no idea what to say or even what to do. Another reason I had avoided was because of the giant bandage that was on me, but at the beginning of this week they finally took both the bandages and removed the stiches. I had a pretty nasty scar there but my fur was able to cover it up thankfully. So now all that was said and one I was trying to mingle, and I found a couple of good friends. A Pidgey, which is small bird like Pokémon with brown and tan feathers that looks a bit like a bird of prey, by the name of well, Pidgey I had met who had sprained his wing, we talked about how each of us got there and what happened. He was flying in a canyon with his trainer when some rocks fell, they weren't huge rocks to his trainer, but himself on the other hand is another story, one of them fell on his wing and broke it, so he had been here having it healed and was getting some time outside. I told him my story and he seemed shocked, he said that anyone my age, heck even an adult would have died from something like that. I showed him the scar and got a real good look at it myself and realized something crucial. The bullet that hit me was very high caliber, seeing how big the scar was I could only guess I was shot by some king of magnum round. Pidgey was surprised too, he told me how he had been to gun shows with his trainer and that full grown Pokémon have taken those type of bullets and not survived. That confirmed it for me, me taking over this body must have kept the body from dying. I sure was lucky, but not the previous owner.

    After talking about that me and Pidgey messed around at the lake and enjoyed our time while there. We tossed rocks to see if they could bounce, I got it to do it once, but Pidgey was using talons and was actually able to do it twice, good for him. Then we both noticed something. Over by a tree with tons of bushes where none of the nurses could see was a Scraggy, which is a small, yellow salamander looking Pokémon with a type of hood hanging behind his head, messing with a Buneary, which is a brown, two legged bunny with really fluffy ears. He was hitting her and pulling on her ears really hard, and during this she was crying for help and of course none of the nurses heard it.

    Nope this was not happening, I stomped over there and yelled , -HEY! Leave her alone!-

    He turned his head to look at me and said,-Well if it isn't the gunshot survivor, what do I owe this pleasure.-

    Gunshot survivor? really that is what I was called, that didn't matter though, I replied, -Pleasure? really, cut the crap and let go of her, NOW!-

    He then replied while still holding on to her ear, - and if I don't then what, survivor?-

    I then got into an Wing Chun fighting stance and said, -If you don't then ill break you till you can't hold onto her anymore!-

    That seemed to get his attention with his shocked expression and he shoved her towards me and said, -Fine whatever, she isn't worth it anyway.- He then turned around and left.

    The Buneary then hopped over to where Pidgey and I were and said, -Thank you so much, it seemed like your bluff worked on him-

    -It wasn't I bluff- I said plainly. Back then I had actually been taught how to fight with Wing Chun, I knew the blocks, the punches, all of it so I was ready for a fight if that Scraggy really wanted it.

    Pidgey spoke up and said,- Wait, you were actually going to fight him, but it's against the rules.-

    -And so is bullying, and I don't see him following them." I replied as a matter of fact like.

    Buneary then spoke up and said,-Well thank you, if you didn't show up I didn't know what was going to happen.-

    -You're welcome, it wasn't any trouble.-

    She then said, -My name is Honey.-

    -Honey? As in Honey Bun?- I said while holding a laugh.

    -I KNOW, humans can be dumb some times, what's you're name?- She asked.

    -My name is Jae, nice to meet you.- I stated.

    She then replied,-Jae? Heh, that almost sounds like a human name.-

    Then Pidgey spoke up, -Yeah, now that you mention it does sound like a human name.-

    My heart stopped for a moment there, so I calmed myself and said,- Yeah, I guess my trainer wanted to me to have a human name, heh.- I forced a laugh at them.

    Pidgey then asked, -Where is you're trainer now Jae?- Oh crud had to be careful with what I say.

    -Oh he had to wait for my gunshot wound to heal, at the end of this week ill be able to leave.-

    Buneary then said,-Oh that's cool, I get to leave today, just waiting for my trainer to pick me up.-

    At that moment the nurses said we had to go back to our rooms and I said my goodbyes to Honey and Pidgey. Pidgey said he wouldn't see me because he would have to have his wing treated for the next few days, and with me leaving in just three days, he was right. So I told him I would see them later down the road.

    The next few days were uneventful, food, outside, drink, etc. Then it was finally time, this would be where Martin would take me back to his house. I wondered what it would be like, who would be there. Was it just him and his son, or does he have a huge family.

    Then the door to my room opened and Delila walked in, "He's here Riolu, you ready to go?" She asked. I nodded my head at her and she gently picked me up, and walked down the hall to the elevator.

    We went down and walked out and Martin was there in the lobby. "Hey there Riolu, so how was your time here?" I tried to use my paw to say indifferent, and he seemed to get the memo. "Ok now lets get him signed up."

    We then walked toward this machine with 2 scanners, one was bigger than the other and Delila placed me in front of the bigger one.

    Martin then instructed, "Ok Riolu put your paw onto the screen ok." I did as he asked and that seemed to be all I had to do, he filled out everything on the other screen until he stopped.

    He looked at me and asked, "Do you have a name?" I then nodded at him saying yes. "Ok ill leave that blank for now, I have a Pokémon that can translate for you when we get back ok." He said. I then replied with a nod, a Pokémon that could translate, that makes this easier and harder. Easier because I can communicate to the people of the house better and bad because if I slipped up with this Pokémon they could tell them anything. After he finished he said I could walk to car the car with him, he opened the door for me and we waved to Delila goodbye and I followed him to his car. He opened the door and I jumped in. He then got on the other side and strapped up while I strapped myself in.

    He looked at me and asked, "You know what that is used for?" I just gave him a simple nod and he replied with, "Neat."

    The car ride was nice, I saw all sorts of Pokémon and different places as we drove through the town. I haven't been bringing this up very much but in the car I was able to distinguish five different strong scents, and a bunch of minor scents. The stronger ones I could only guess were his family and this Pokémon. Still couldn't actually distinguish them but I could still tell them apart.

    We then pulled up to this two story rather big house, it was no mansion but it was still big and kept very tidy, looked very nice if you ask me. The front yard was very pretty and even had a garden, and they also had a forest in the back yard, wonder if I can ever check out anything back there.

    We then walked up to the front door and he said, "I know you will like it here, we have a huge backyard you are always aloud to go check out, we also have a training room where you can train to your hearts content, we even have a homemade battle arena in the backyard as well." In any sense of the word it seemed very nice, but I have to meet the rest of the family. It's the people that make the home not the home itself.

    He then opened the door and called out, "Everyone I'm home, and I've got our new friend here!" The first people I saw were a I believe 16 year old teenage boy who had somewhat long, blackish-brown, spiked up hair, similar to his father, he was also around 5 feet tall. The other one, I presume to be Martin's wife, is a 5 foot female who looked to be in the 20's or 30's, who had light brown, long, kind of wavy hair.

    The Sixteen year old was the one who spoke up first in a lightly deep masculine tone, "Hey there Riolu, I hope you remember me I'm the one who saved you, I found you out there laid up next to a tree, the names Riley."

    He held his hand out to me and I gladly shook it and told him, -Thank you, it's good to meet you.-

    The lady was next to speak up in a light, adult feminine voice, "Hello Riolu, I'm Claire, I am Martin's wife and Riley's mother, it is a pleasure to meet you, and must I say you are adorable!" She exclaimed while petting the top of my head. Man I was blushing, I really wasn't used to being pet, Delila never really pet me, guess she thought she shouldn't with me in pain, I don't know.

    ' Hey why did you start the party without me?' That voice, it was a very strong but not too deep voice, but this voice was different, I didn't hear it with my ears, I heard it with my head, I was hearing THOUGHTS! Out from behind Riley and Claire stepped out something I couldn't believe, it was a Lucario. Three feet eleven inches tall with tan fur on the midsection, thick blue fur forming shorts on his thighs and black fur covering the rest of the legs and fore paws with blue fur coming up from where it zigzags from the upper paws. Then he had the tail that measure up to half of his height. Then he had the black fur forming a mask on his muzzle with the blue covering the rest, then his four feelers on the back of his head and with his piercing red eyes. Then to top it off he has claw like spikes on his arms with a spike coming out of the center of his chest.

    Claire then spoke up and said, " Oh sorry Lucario, we didn't mean that, guess we got caught up in the moment."

    He then replied in telepathy, ' It is quiet all right, it is no problem in the slightest but on to more pressing matters.'

    He then looks toward me and speaks in our own language, -Hello young one my name is Lucario and I am also your fully evolved form, may I please ask for your name.-

    -It's Jae, and it is a pleasure to meet you Lucario. -

    He then replied, -Jae, what a peculiar name, if I do recall you were wild correct, is that the name your parents gave you.-

    -Yes it is, it's the name my parents gave me at birth and had always called me.- I replied to him while kind of not lying.

    -Then your parents must of took a liking to that name, I'm guessing they heard it from a human that they crossed paths with, I am sorry for your loss young one, I hope we can all help coping with this ok.- He apologized.

    -Oh it is quite alright Lucario, I really didn't get much time to know them.- I stated.

    He then replied, -Yes it is quite alright, for I can tell you are no more the a month and a week or so old.- I was only a week old, he was only a week old when he died, the previous owner of this body didn't even get a chance to live, that is just, devastating.

    Martin then spoke up, "Hey Lucario, sorry to be a bother but what is his name, I haven't had the chance to know of it so if you could please tell us it would be appreciated."

    Lucario then went back to using telepathy and said, ' Oh I'm sorry, his name is Jae, he got that name from his parents, they must of heard another human say it and took a liking to it, but he really didn't get much time to spend with his parents for which I can tell from the time when Riley had found him he wasn't over even a week old.'

    Claire then looked distraught and petted me again while saying, "Oh I'm so sorry Jae, I hope we can help you feel better about all of this." I let her finish petting me and then replied with a nod.

    Riley then said, "Okay Lucario how about we show him the house and tell him the rules, that alright?"

    'Certainly.' Lucario said.

    But before we did that I asked Lucario a question, -Hey Lucario?- He then replied, -Yes Jae, what is it?-

    -There are four people besides me in this room right?-

    He then asked, -Yes but what about it?-

    -Well in the car I smelt five including yours, who is the fifth?-

    Before we could answer, we all heard in a very high pitched, feminine voice, "OH MY GOSH IT'S SO CUUUUTTTEEE!!!" and before I knew it I was trapped in a bear hug from behind, I knew better than to fight because whoever had me in her arms was very young and wasn't really being rough, she was just petting me.

    Then I heard Lucario say, - And you have met number five, this is Carol, Riley's six year old sister and Martin and Claire's youngest child.-

    -Did she hide and wait to get her arms on me.- I said while being petted.

    Lucario then replied, -Yep she did the same when I first came here, just be careful that she doesn't get a dress on you.- Noted, to-do list, look out for hiding 6 year-olds, number one priority.

    She then put me down and Riley said, "alright that is enough for now Carol we got to show him the rest of the house and tell him about the rules." She must of heard everything we were saying and Lucario must known about it, have to get him back for that one later. She then replied in a cute nod and ran up to what I was guessing was her room. Then Riley showed me around the house, he talked about meals and what we get to eat and my guess was right Pokémon food, and I wasn't having any of that so I would do something later for food, they gave fruit in the morning, but lunch and dinner Pokémon food, looks like I will have to scavenge the house or kitchen for something to eat at night. Anyway they showed me the living room and they had a huge t.v. and a.... GAME SYSTEM! I was so excited on the inside, the system and the controller were very similar to a PlayStation, but it was called something else, couldn't really get a good reading on the name though, had to keep moving. They showed me the hallway leading to the backyard and one of the room in the hallway was the training room, could not wait to learn how to fight. There were 3 bathrooms, two downstairs and one upstairs, good enough for me. Then we checked upstairs, there was the parents room, Riley's room, Carol's room, and another room that they said only their dad could go into. He didn't go into detail but he obviously knew what was in there, I could tell he was hiding it. Then there was Lucario's...and my room?

    It seemed like it used to be a room set up with one small size bed but now there was a second one, there was what looked to be a beat up punching bag and a brand spanking new one as well.

    'This used to be just my room but with a month preparing for your arrival, we had time to set it up as a room for two Lucario's.'

    -Wow I don't know what to say, thank you, and Lucario's?- I asked.

    -Yes Lucario's, in due time you will evolve and with enough training I don't believe it will be too long.- That was really nice of them, they knew I was coming and Lucario was nice enough to set up a place for me in what used to be just his room.

    "What does he think Lucario?" asked Riley.

    ' He said that he loves it and thanks us for it.' Lucario replied.

    Riley then Turned to me and said, " Your welcome Jae I'm glad you like it, now then why don't you two go get some training in while we prepare dinner."

    -Ok, lets go Lucario!- I exclaimed. We both walked downstairs and into the training room, it had a door that could be pushed from either side, and it was very light too, I guess it was made to make sure that any Pokémon could get into the room with ease, then it also had a small hallway before going into the room, guess it was to make sure nothing broke the door.

    We both entered and Lucario said, -Ok, so I know you are young and do not have much fighting experience but I would like to see what you can do, so I want you to show me your form and come at me.-

    I did what he asked and got into my Wing Chun fighting stance. He looked at me confused and said, -Huh, that is actually a very good stance, you look comfortable and you are also protecting your center, your ready to block any physical attack. Ok come at me!- I then quickly ran up with both of my paws still protecting my center and jumped up and swung, couple of problems here, first off he dodged and second he's taller, so the maximum damage areas are higher up so if I want to hit him I have to jump. But then tried something different, instead of going up to more damageable areas, I would bring him down to my level. I made him think I was going for another punch by acting like I would jump up and punch with my left but instead grabbed his left leg with my right arm, lifted it up, then used my left leg to trip his right leg and it worked, he fell over. While down I quickly got a good punch to the face while he tried to get up, I quickly turned around and tried again but he was too fast, he got up and jumped back away from me.

    He then smirked and said, -Very clever, making me think you would use the same tactic twice but then went for my legs to get a good hit, but even though your set up for blocking physical attacks, I do not believe you are ready for projectiles.- He then started charging up an Aura sphere. Uh oh, this was bad, I'm going to have to try and avoid this one. He launched it at me and I tried to sidestep left, but it followed me, hit me, and exploded on impact. That sent me rolling a few feet away. It hurt, but that was nowhere near what a gunshot was, so he tried charging another one, it follows me so maybe I can deflect it, these guarders on my arms can be used for something. So he sent the next one and I got ready to block it, but instead of blocking it I move a little to the left and used my right arm guarder to push it behind me and it flew itself into the wall and made it's explosion.

    Surprised couldn't even describe the face that Lucario was making, he was astonished. -Wow, your so young yet you were able to pull off such a feat against our species signature attack, that is impressive to say the least.-

    -Thanks, aura sphere follows me, so I knew I couldn't dodge it, and I wasn't just going to let myself get hit either, so I did the next best thing, point it in the wrong direction.-

    "LUCARIO, JAE, TIME TO EAT!" We heard Claire say.

    -C'mon, lets get something to eat, you earned it after that little stunt you pulled.- We went in there and they had the plates and even our plates on the table, to Lucario pulled up his chair and I pulled mine and jumped into it while everyone else sat at there table.
    They had Pokémon food for Lucario and I and while everyone was eating I just started at my plate kind of depressed.

    Carol noticed and asked, "What's wrong Jae? C'mon it is really good, I PROMISE!"

    Even though it was cute I told Lucario what was wrong and he translated for me, ' He says that he does not like Pokémon food of any kind, and he asks if he may have something else to eat.'

    Martin looked at me with a very concerned look and he said, "Ok Jae, would you like some of the spaghetti we made tonight?" I looked at him more upbeat and nodded at him, so he got up and got me a small bowl with some pasta in it, it was the big pieces of pasta too. He laid it down in front of me and there was another problem.

    "What's wrong now?" he asked more concerned than annoyed.

    I told Lucario and he was surprised as well and said, ' He said that he needs a fork or spoon to eat it.' Martin had a "Of course" look on his face and brought me a spoon, I had to hold it in two paws but it wasn't hard at least.

    "OK now, you can't have what we have every night ok, so we will try to find alternatives for you to eat, we will try and find you snacks that you might like ok." I nodded my head at him, I was perfectly ok with that, I completely understood money problems, so I understood why this couldn't happen often, so we would try and find other things for me to have, and it shouldn't be to hard to find cheap things that cost the same as a bag or can of that food, plus I'm small, I don't eat as much as I used too.

    During dinner, Lucario took the opportunity to tell everyone about our little skirmish and Martin complemented me, "Amazing, you were able to land a hit on Lucario and even deflect his aura sphere, even though he didn't use his full power, that is still a great feat." That got me thinking, how strong was Lucario, and also how old was he, he was experienced so that was no surprise, ill ask him later.

    We all finished dinner and Claire took up all the plates, I was tired, I was up all day and ready for bed, seems like Lucario was too. So Lucario told everyone goodnight for me and him and we went up to bed. Lucario got in his bed and I jumped into mine and I got to see them had everything, a pretty thick blanket, sheets, and a thick pillow. After I got situated I just had to ask, -Hey Lucario?-

    -Yeah what is it, are you scared of the dark.-

    After he said that, I jumped up looked at him and said, -No, nothing like that, I was just curious, how old are you?- He got up looked at me and said, -I'm 20 years old, Martin found me when he was eleven and when I was just a baby. Just like how Riley found you out in the woods, and also if your wondering Lucario's can live over a thousand years, maybe even more, most fully evolved Pokémon can live for that long, is that all you wanted to ask.-

    I was shocked, I couldn't believe it, Lucario already promised he would get me to evolve, so I just gained maybe 10x my life span or even more. - Yes, that is all Lucario, thank you.- I thanked him while half stuttering.

    We then both then laid down and it didn't take me long to fall into a sleep with a dream that I never expected to ever have in my lifetime.
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    Chapter 4 Human Habits

    I couldn't tell exactly where I was, there was so much fog and mist. There was nothing above, below or around me. I was still a Riolu, so I am a Riolu in my dreams huh, guess that is just how I see myself now. But then I heard a voice, it was feint but I did in fact hear it. I recognized it too, but I just couldn't tell who it was. I kept looking around and finally I was able to see a figure, again could not tell who or what this figure was, all I knew was that it is familiar.

    Then I finally was able to hear what the voice was saying, it was screaming out "HELP."

    Even though I didn't know who exactly it was, I knew it was someone I know, so I started running towards it, trying to get to whoever it was. Then I noticed something, behind whoever it was another figure, but this other figure was holding something, a gun. But then the voice called out, "JAE! HELP ME DON'T LET ME DIE!"

    I was in a panic now, I had to get to whoever this was and FAST! I kept running towards them but then as they were in my reach I couldn't go any further, I kept moving forward, they were just in arms reach, but it was no use I couldn't get any closer. The figure with the gun held it up to the other figure and I was trying my hardest to stop this from happening, I tried everything but it was no use. Then the figure said it's last words, "Jae, how could you just stand there and watch?"


    I woke up in a fright, breathing heavily, sweating, and my little heart beating a thousand miles a minute. I then heard Lucario look over to me and say, -Hey are you okay, you seemed fine in your sleep, what happened, bad dream?-

    After calming myself down I looked over to Lucario and said, -Yeah, really bad nightmare.-

    -Want to talk about it?- I was going to say no, but I felt like I needed to talk about it, so I told Lucario all the events of the dream.

    He then replied to me, -That dream probably came from the fear of losing your family, you are probably traumatized from losing them once, but I promise you this, you won't lose this family, I guarantee it.-

    I felt like he was right, and I am extremely grateful for his promise, but still I couldn't help but still think about the dream, it was just so real. But I threw the thought of the dream out of my head and told him thank you. We then walked out of our room (which I forgot to mention has the same type of door as the one for the training room.) and walked down to the kitchen.

    Inside we found Claire making breakfast for her family. She looked at us and said, "Hey, you two are up early, I mean Lucario your always up this morning, but I didn't expect to see you up so early Jae." She said that last part while petting me. I was actually used to getting up this early, it is about 7:30 a.m. when I got up and I had to get up earlier than that for school. So I told Lucario to tell her about my hours and also tell her about the dream I had, better that way, I don't want to keep secrets I don't have to keep.

    Lucario used telepathy to tell her about my hours and the dream, she then bent down and carefully brought me into a hug and said, "Oh it's Ok Jae, I promise you this, you lost one family, I am going to do my best to make sure you don't lose another." That felt good, just having reassurance that everything would be okay was just a really good feeling to have, so in return I gave her the best hug my tiny arms could manage.

    She then got up and said, "Alright I better get back to cooking or everything will burn, I will have you two your food when I get done with this, hope you don't have any problem with fruit Jae." I shook my head at her to tell her no I didn't have any problem with it.

    So to wait me and Lucario walked into the living room and I grabbed the remote with both my paws, laid it down on the couch where I jumped to, pointed it at the T.V. and clicked the button with one of my nubs to turn it on.

    Lucario gave me another dumbfounded look and said, -You know how to work the T.V.?-

    Oh, crap baskets, I had to think of something, -UH, Yeah, I saw Martin turn it on with this yesterday while I was getting showed the house, so I thought what else better to do you know?-

    Lucario gave me a "not buying it" look, but then he smiled and said, -Yeah, it didn't take me long to figure out what that it did too, guess you are a fast learner huh?- I then nodded at him and he joined me at watching it, I flipped channels and found they had parallels to shows I used to watch, they had there own Pokémon themed Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, and even The Flash, but instead of "The Flash" it was "The Flish" the fastest Magikarp in the ocean, so yeah I went back to the Pokémon themed Dragon Ball. Lucario seemed to get a little interested in the show before Riley came downstairs while Claire said that food was ready. Lucario and I walked out while Riley looked confused as to why we were watching their version of Dragon Ball, but he just shrugged, turned off the T.V. and joined us.

    So we sat down and got ready to eat, apparently Martin had already left to go to his job and Carol had joined us after Riley had to go wake her up, she walked in, gave me a pet while calling me adorable, and then sat down. Riley, Carol, and Claire had omelets while me and Lucario assortments of fruit. I got the smaller plate for obvious reasons, but also I didn't have that big of an appetite anymore so I was alright with it. My plate had orange slices, lemon slices, apple slices, and even grapefruit slices, while Lucario had the same just a bigger portion.

    After we all ate Claire said that she needed to go out and asked Lucario to go with her, he accepted, turned to me and said, -Ok I won't be gone long alright, Carol and Riley will be here if you need anything, you will be alright without me right.- Huh Lucario seemed to treat me as if he was a father, that was nice but kind of insulting, I am 18 after all, well at least in mind.

    So I replied to him, -Hey I'll be fine, don't worry so much Ok.- That response seemed to surprise and also reassure him, so he then nodded at me and took his leave with Claire while Riley locked up the house.

    I then took my time to go to the training room I needed to try and learn something. I need a move to use, so I couldn't think of any better one to learn for a starter, Force Palm. While in there I started trying to focus on my right Paw. I was a right handed person, guess I'm right pawed as a Riolu, so I started with it first. After a few attempts I couldn't really get anything to happen so I tried something else, aura reading. I closed my eyes and started focusing, after about five minutes of calm and peace my feelers on the sides of my head started floating up, then I finally saw something, IT WAS RILEY'S AURA! I could see it, I could actually see it, this was amazing, I even saw Carol's aura upstairs in her room. It was like having a better X-Ray vision, I could see through walls, and anything that didn't have an aura was outlined in blue. I guess it wasn't that much of a feat though, aura reading is like the first thing a Riolu should know, but I digress I was proud, I wasn't always a Riolu anyway, so it was a feat to me.

    Now onto my next step, Force Palm. So I did the same thing as before, using the same technique with aura sight but then focusing it on my Paw. This took me a good ten minutes until I finally saw something, there was a spark. A white colored lightning sparked from my hand, I guess that is how the paralysis happens, so I kept focusing on it for five more minutes until my paw shined a bright white light out of it with the white sparks flying close to it. It was amazing and I was excited but I couldn't lose focus. I then brought my paw in front of me and when it was pointed out, I stopped focusing on it.

    The sound it made was like a crack of thunder, but not as loud. I had held my ground so the force didn't push me back. It was a strong force but it didn't go far, it really is made for close range so it makes perfect sense, but still it was way stronger than I thought it could be, but it also gave me a thought, could I charge it up even more. But before I could think about it anymore Riley ran into the training room in a panic and saw me standing there with a few leftover white sparks of lightning coming from my paw.

    He then said, "Did you make that sound?" I gave him a nod and he looked and took a guess, "Lucario must of taught you force palm, well that's good now that I know you can do that so it wont scare me next time." I found it funny how he thought Lucario taught me that, guess he didn't realize how capable I really was. He then walked out and I practiced a few more times. I also practiced with my left hand, but it was harder to do so I stuck to my right hand. I spent about thirty more minutes with aura sight and force palm until I had both of them mastered as if I was learning how to ride a bike all over again.

    With my personal training session done I used the restroom, washed my paws and went into the living room where Riley was. He was a little shocked after seeing me coming from the bathroom and said, "Huh, I guess dad wasn't kidding when he said the nurse told him you could do that." Well, I didn't know Delila told Martin about that, guess she had to gossip to someone about it huh, and it seemed Martin warned the people here too.

    I then saw that Riley was playing a Mortal Kombat like fighting game and getting really frustrated. "ARGH! I just can't beat him, he's too good, and I can't stand playing as this character!" I gave it a look and it seemed similar to the final boss of one of the Mortal Kombat games, moves and everything.

    So I went up to Riley poked him and he said, "Yeah what's up, you hungry?" I shook my head at him and pointed at the controller.

    He then responded with, "Wait, you want to give it a try?" I nodded at him and he said, "Well then, be my guest, should be cool to watch a Pokémon play a video game, or at least try to." I gave him a cocky grin and he handed me the controller. Took me a second to figure out a way to hold it with my new paws, but rest assured, you really only play games with four fingers anyway. My top nub acted similar to a thumb, and my middle nub acted as the one that hits the triggers. Besides the controller being big and holding it close to the ground in case I dropped it because I didn't really have the best grip on it, it wasn't that hard, so I got comfortable and got to work.

    First I went to the moves list and checked the combos, perfect they were the same as the one as I used to play, and I have very good muscle memory, even now. So I got what I needed and started the fight. First time I lost, what had to get used to the game again. Second time I lost but I got closer. Then my third time trying I won the first round, then I lost the second. I was on final round, got a few good hits in, crap got hit by the un-block able twice! Then finally, wait, almost....YES! I did it, I beat him, even with paws.

    I looked back at Riley with a grin and saw his jaw hanging. He then finally spoke after I paused the cut scene, "How on earth did... holy crap that was AMAZING! That was the coolest thing I've ever seen, not only are you good at real fighting but virtual fighting as well, that is just incredible."

    -Thank you very much.- I replied to him in my own language. We finished watching the cut scene and he popped in another game, seemed like it was a shooter, he asked if I wanted to play but I declined, I am not a huge fan of shooters, main one I like is Battlefield but that seemed like a Call of Duty like game.

    I then headed upstairs to the restroom to take a shower, I haven't had one in a couple of days so I wanted one, I walked in since the door was open like it should be and started the water. Riley then walked up and said, "Now Carol if your going to take a shower you need to let me k-" He stopped mid sentence when he noticed me and said, "Oh? You started the water?"

    I nodded to him. "You know how it works right?" he asked.

    I again nodded and got the reply, "Okay I'll close the door for now, just call when you need out okay." I nodded once more and he shut the door. I guess he assumed I was taught by Delila to do that, how wrong he was. I then started the water, pulled up the stopper for the shower and got in. I had to use shampoo on all of my body because fur don't come clean with just body wash. So what I did was use the body wash first then use the shampoo after. When I finished cleaning up I pulled a towel down from the curtain and dried myself. I jumped up on the counter because I just had to see something.

    I was all fluffed up, it was actually pretty funny with me looking like this, I looked like a small Riolu shaped cloud. I then took a minute to push down most of the fluff, jumped down from the counter and called out for Riley. He heard my yells and opened the door.

    He then asked me, "Didn't fall did you?"

    I shook my head at him and he said, "Alright just making sure." With that he took his leave downstairs. I was going to follow him but I realized something dreadful, I wasn't looking out for Carol.

    Suddenly I was in Carol's death grip of a hug with her cutely chanting, "Caught you, Caught you, Caught you!"

    For a couple of seconds before she said, "Your coming with me to play dress up!" Nope, Nope, Nope and NO! I then tried to squirm out but not violently so I wouldn't hurt her but too late. She had closed the door to her room with me and her in it. This place was as pink as it gets for a room.

    She then said, "Now to find something that will fit you." Ok, had to find a way out of this. While she was searching for a dress I saw something over on the little table she had in her room, paper and crayons. I then ran over picked up a good one in both of my paws and started writing.

    She had a dress in her hand but when she saw me writing she stopped and asked in her sweet little voice, "What are you doing Jae?"

    I then finished writing after a few seconds and she read off what I wrote, it wasn't too sloppy even though I had sloppy handwriting back then, but it was legible, "Please don't make me wear a dress."

    She looked at me innocently and asked, "Why?" I then put the paper down, turned it over and wrote the message to her.

    She then again read it off, "I am a boy, it's not right for a boy to wear girl's clothes."

    She then looked at me innocently and said, "OK, instead of dress up, is there anything else you want to play."

    She wasn't just trying to put me in a dress, she just wanted to spend time with me, so I got an idea and wrote it down on the paper and handed it to her, she read it to herself and exclaimed, "Drawing? YES! that is a great idea sure lets do it, I will draw you and you can draw me Ok," That actually sounded pretty fun if you ask me so I nodded and we got to work. By the time we were done she had drawn a very simple, but actually pretty detailed drawing of what I looked like now, it was no Mona Lisa, but it was still very well done, especially at her age. She asked if I liked it and I nodded to her repeatedly telling her I loved it. I then handed her my drawing and it was a anime like drawing of her and what she was wearing.

    She then said, "Wow! This is an amazing drawing of me, way better than any my friends had made, I'm going to hang them up on the wall!" She then took some pins and hooked them up to her wall in the corner, I hadn't noticed because her bed blocked it but she had a ton of drawings, and some of them were really well done.

    "Do you like them, when I grow up I want to be an artist, and hopefully have a Smeargle to help me with my projects so I can become a famous artist." She told me. I nodded my head at her to tell her I thought that was an amazing idea. That actually is pretty great, I can tell she has talent, and if she keeps going I believe her dream may just become a reality.

    We then heard Claire's voice ring out and say, "I'm home, kids come help me put up groceries!"

    Carol then yelled out, "OK I'M COMING!" Her standing right next to me while screaming did not fell good, I just noticed this now but my hearing is extremely sensitive, going to have to be careful about that.

    So I walked downstairs while following Carol and Lucario was standing there and asked me, -Hey there, Carol put you into a dress yet?-

    I then smugly replied, -Nope! Me and her were just drawing pictures.-

    -Drawing pictures huh, guess maybe she stopped with the whole dress thing.- He replied.

    I then said playing it cool, -Yeah I guess so, OH! By the way there is something I want to show you in the training room, I learned something while you were gone.-

    -Really? Well then let's see what you can do!- He exclaimed.

    We then walked to the training room and asked me, -All right, show me what you learned.- I nodded at him and started focusing. My feelers started floating up like last time, my paw started sparking with the white lightning, it then quickly grew into a bright white light. I then quickly put my palm in front of me and let it go.


    Lucario was clapping with his paws, -Incredible, you learned how to focus your aura and use a Force Palm all on your own, I really am seeing great potential for you in the near future my friend.-

    Cool, guess he noticed the father figure thing made me feel uncomfortable. -Thank you Lucario, It took an hour or so to learn, but I also have to learn how to effectively use it in battle as well, so it is nowhere near perfect.-

    He then retorted, -That is true, but for now you have made great progress and I couldn't be happier that I am teaching you Jae.-

    -Thanks Lucario.- I replied. Then we both heard Martin come through the door and scream out how he was back. I finally got to learn what his job was, he is a police officer. I was enlightened, I always wanted to be a police officer or investigator and Martin was actually one. A little later we had sat down for dinner where Lucario was given his normal meal and I was given fruit again.

    Claire said, "I forgot I needed to get things for you to eat as well, so tomorrow we will go back and get you something you will like, but until then can you deal with fruit and water." I nodded yes at her, I was fine with that, I really did like the taste of fruit now. During dinner Martin had talked about a couple of things that had happened today. He caught someone in one of the bad neighborhoods they had in this town that I still don't know the name of yet. He had stopped because the guy looked suspicious and Martin asked if he could do a check on the man and the dude went off running, Martin was able to find him and found cocaine on him. The dude got in more trouble for running, I still can't believe people wont learn that drugs will bring nothing but trouble to you and everyone around them. Riley and Carol had to go to bed because they had school in the morning and I waved to them goodnight. I saw Martin with a tablet and earbuds on, and that had given me an idea. I followed Lucario to our room and I got in my bed and used my aura sight to check when Martin and Claire went to bed. Once they did I got out of bed and put my plan into action.
    (Lucario's POV)

    I woke up from my sleep too early. It happens to all of us, even us Pokémon here. I then sat up for a moment to get my bearings when I noticed something, Jae wasn't in his bed! I was worried, could he have run off. I then used my aura vision to locate him and he was downstairs in the living room, just sitting in the middle of the floor. What was he doing?

    I then left our room and went down there to check on him. I went down the stairs and entered the living room, but when I spotted him I froze. First off everything in this picture was wrong, first he had Martins tablet sitting in front of him with the earbuds on. How did he learn to do this, I know the centers don't give those out to Pokémon, and I know Martin hasn't showed him how to use it. Then my theory was proved more when the video ended and he opened up the search bar, typed in what he wanted to watch in the search bar and started watching. It was some video of a man playing one of those video games that Riley likes to play and it seems as though the person is acting really dumb and saying stupid things. How could Jae know how to operate that tablet, he was wild, right? Then second he had a soda laying next to him, he would pick it up with both his paws and drink from it. Ok how did he get that open, he has no claws or anything to grip the metal that would open the can. So I went into the kitchen and saw there was a butter knife laid out on the counter near the sink, he must of put it over the sink in case it spilled. This means he opened the fridge, knew what the soda can was, which I know no one here or at the center would have given him a soda, jumped on the counter with the soda can, opened the drawer, grabbed a butter knife from it, and used it to open the can and drank the soda while he watched the video. I guess he planned on putting the knife up after the fact.

    A lot of this was wrong, either he was lying about being wild or maybe the trauma from the gunshot wound making him think he was wild. But that also makes no sense, if I measured his age right, which I know for a fact that I measured right, there is no way he couldn't be wild. Why was he acting like this, I was suspicious with his name and the T.V. but now I am even more confused.

    I couldn't let this get to me, I was too tired for it, for now I will let this play out and if it continues I will confront him about this, but until then I am getting some rest. I then quietly walked back upstairs as not to disturb him, opened the door to my room, laid down in my bed and went back to sleep.
    (Jae POV)

    Man those were some funny videos, looks like my type of humor still exists in this world. I then got up from the spot I was sitting with Martin's tablet in my hand and put it back on the charger and left the earbuds where he had them as well. I then proceeded to throw away the soda can that I had and put back the butter knife I used to open it back in it's appropriate drawer. After all that I quietly went back upstairs, opened the door to Me and Lucario's room and saw that he was still asleep, perfect. He was the one I was most worried about waking up, looks like I actually kept it pretty quiet. I then proceeded to quietly climb into my bed, pull myself under the blankets and covers, lay my head down on the pillow, and fall into a very relaxing, dreamless sleep. Thank, GOD!
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    Chapter 5 Found Out

    (Jae POV)

    I woke up around 7:45 and saw that Lucario was nowhere to be seen. But I could hear the sound of Claire cooking on a stove top, so in turn I walked down from mine and Lucario's room and went to check it out. In there I saw Claire cooking with Lucario watching her, he seemed really interested. In the living room I saw Carol and Riley watching T.V.

    Looks like I was the last awake, guess that is what i get for staying up. I then walked into the kitchen and exclaimed, -Hi Lucario, hi Claire!-

    Claire said hey to me but Lucario turned to me and said, -Hey you are up later than usual, did you have trouble falling asleep?-

    Ok had to be careful with what I say here, not trying to keep secrets. -Yeah, couldn't really go to sleep, so I just wandered a bit until I got tired enough.- I said calmly.

    He gave me a somewhat suprised expression and said, -Okay, just don't try to do it often, It's not good to keep those kind of hours.-

    I told him okay and we all sat down and had breakfast. During this Claire said, "Jae today me and you need to go out so we can pick out things you would like to eat, you didn't forget did you?" I shook my head at her, I remembered perfectly, I just didn't know when we would be going.

    After we ate and I sat down to watch T.V. for a moment Claire came out and said, "Alright Jae time to go, we will be out for a while because I don't know how much I need to get for you and I also like to stock up, so you ready little guy?" I nodded my head at her to tell her yes and we both walked to the door.

    Lucario was there and stopped me. -You stay safe okay, and if anyone tries to hurt Claire make sure to be there for her.- he told me.

    I gave him a serious look and said, -Don't worry, I will make sure nothing happens to her, I promise you.- He seemed to get the confirmation he needed and walked off. Then Claire and I took our leave, walked to the car and drove off.

    (Lucario POV)

    I was with Riley in the living room while he played his games but I wasn't paying attention to that, my thoughts were elsewhere. What Jae had said this morning was getting to me and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

    When Jae had said, -Yeah, Couldn't go to sleep, so I just wandered a bit until I got tired enough.- it really got to me. You see I saw Jae last night, as he said he did stay up late, so that part he wasn't lying about, but even though he said he stayed up, he was vague about what he was doing. He is putting me in a very awkward place, he isn't lying to me but he isn't telling the whole truth either, it is just getting to me, what is he trying to hide, well besides what he was doing last night anyway.

    My thoughts were broken as Riley spoke up and said, "Hey Lucario you alright, you seem like you are somewhere else?"

    I then used my telepathy and said, 'Oh, it's nothing, just thinking about something is all.'

    He then replied to me, "Hey if it is bothering you I could tell you about something Jae did yesterday to take your mind off of it."

    Something Jae did yesterday? Now I was interested, 'Sure, please tell me what Jae did yesterday.'

    He then looked at me and said, "Okay now I want you to hear me out, first he probably already told you this but he learned how to use Force Palm, and it seemed to be pretty strong."

    I had heard of this already and said, 'Yes I know about this, he showed me yesterday that he learned how to do that, he is learning at a very fast pace.'

    He then continued, "Well that is not all, remember how I have been having trouble with my game right?" I vaguely remembered this so I nodded at him, "Well get this, Jae was interested in the game and seemed to want to try so I let him. I thought he would get demolished but no, he beat the final boss of the game in only three tries, I have had trouble with that boss for three days straight and he get on and beats it in only three tries. How incredible is that, if I didn't know any better I would say he had played it before, but it is amazing isn't it."

    I was shocked to hear about this, my eyes were probably wide as dinner plates. This is just getting weirder, Jae shouldn't even know what a video game is let alone be able to play one to that extent. This whole situation was looking less like a coincidence by the minute.

    After what seemed like an hour I finally nodded at Riley and he continued, "That still not all though, after that I had heard the water for the shower running upstairs, I thought it was Carol but when I went up there it was Jae, he turned on the water and got everything set up, he completely knew how to work it, I guess that the nurse he had up there had taught him how." No he was wrong, if I do recall Martin had told us that Jae's nurse had mentioned him being able to use the indoor restrooms on his own, he must have already know how to use the bath and shower already, and I know that the nurses don't teach them how to use the bath either.

    I then told Riley through telepathy, 'Thank you Riley, I think that finally got my thoughts in order and it was very interesting to hear.'

    He then replied, "You're welcome Lucario, it was no trouble."

    With that i took my leave, even though I had lied to him because everything he had to say had just made me even more worried. What was happening, could this be some kind of plot, is someone against us or Martin, him being a captain on the police force is concerning and him going against the champion in a tournament when he was younger would also make him and I a target as I was in the tournament as one of his Pokémon, they could want me, or want to know secrets on how to go against me. OH NO! Jae is with Claire NOW! Who knows what he could be doing to her!?

    (Jae POV)

    "Alright Jae you sure you like sushi, my mother had taught me how to make this and it is very inexpensive to make, but you are sure you like it right?" I nodded at her repeatedly to tell her yes. "Alright then but I also need to know what you prefer, pomegranate or lemon?" Oh crap what do i choose, I love pomegranate and lemon. I kept thinking and every time I thought I had decided I had a change of mind.

    So at this point I did the only logical thing, -Uhhhh......-

    (Lucario POV)

    On second thought I really have nothing to worry about, he is still way to young to have a plot, and if anyone was trying to use him against us that would also make no sense. Jae was left for dead out in the middle of the woods, and he wasn't just left for Riley to find, he was in the middle of nowhere, slumped up against a tree, and he wasn't close to the normal route Riley normally takes either, it wasn't some plot that we found Jae, anyone could of found him, but it was Riley who did.

    I needed to really get this off of my mind, this shouldn't be something I should worry about and also I shouldn't let myself lose sanity because of it. I decided I would go spend some thime with Carol, that should take my mind off of it. I then fully walked up the rest of stairs and headed to her rooms door, I then used both of my paws to open up the door and saw her sitting there playing with the dollhouse she had in her room.

    She looked at me and said, "OH! Hey Lucario what you up to?"

    I then replied to her, 'Nothing much just trying to see what you were up to.'

    She then said, "Well do you want to play dollhouse with me?"

    'No, but I will watch if you like?' I suggested. She nodded and proceeded to play. She seemed to have the husband fighting with the wife and then making up after the husband went to work. As she continued to play I noticed that there were two new drawing on her wall, I got up and walked over to see the new drawings.

    She noticed and said, "Oh you noticed the new drawings, this one is a drawing of Jae that I drew yesterday." She pointed to the one of Jae.

    She then pointed at one that looked to be a drawing of her and said, "And this is one that Jae was able to draw of me, It's great isn't it?" I had to admit it was a great drawing of her, not professional but definitely good for a month and a week old Riolu. Also how did he learn to draw that.....you know what no, I am not going to get myself wound up again, I will just admit that the drawing is great, no more.

    "Hey do you want to draw with me?" she asked me. You know what that sounded great right about now so I told her yes. We then sat down at her little table and started to draw. After a couple of minutes I noticed something on the table, it was a normal piece of paper but there was a big sentence written in crayon.

    I picked it up and it read, "Please don't put me in a dress." Ok who wrote this.

    I asked Carol the same and she said, "Jae wrote that, I was going to put him in a dress but he insisted not to, on the back he wrote that it wasn't right for boys to wear girl clothes."


    I finally got myself to calm down after my mental rant and I decided I had to confront Jae about this, I don't know how he is able to do all of the things he is able to do and I was going to find out, and I will not take no for an answer.

    (Jae POV)

    So the trip with Claire was great, she got me all sorts of fruit to eat, even pomegranate and lemon. She also got me all sorts of sushi stuff to eat, apparently all the stuff to make sushi is really inexpensive here, she saw me looking at the sushi stand and asked me if I liked it. Of course I nodded yes and she told me that the stand was really a scam and it is actually really inexpensive to make the stuff yourself, so she said if I really liked it sushi and fruit could be what I have to eat there, so in turn I agreed.

    So we finally got back to the house and got out when she started to go to the trunk. She started pulling out bags so I went to her and lifted my paws to symbolize I wanted to help her. She said, "You want to help?"

    I then nodded at her and she replied, "Oh well thank you! Not just adorable but a gentleman as well." I blushed at the comment and handed me a few bags to carry. We walked to the door and she opened it and called out that we were back.

    After I put down my bags and turned around I saw Lucario standing there glaring at me.

    I was confused so I asked, -Hey Lucario, what's up?-

    He then replied, -We need to talk meet me in the training room when your done.- And without another word he walked down the hallway and into the training room. I was confused, what happened while Claire and I were gone, he seemed fine when we left, what got into him? So I then proceeded to help put things up in the fridge that I could reach with my tiny arms and we got done in no time flat. Claire told me thank you and I proceeded to go see what Lucario wanted, I hope everything is okay.

    So I opened the door to the training room and saw him standing there still glaring.

    So I then asked, -Hey Lucario, what did you want to talk about.-

    His glare got more intense and he said, -You should already know what I want to talk about.- I was scared, did he know.

    I kept my composure and asked, -What do you mean?-

    He looked at me with scorn and simply said, -You do realize that I can read aura by just simply looking at you, and it is very easy for me to tell when you are lying.-

    No, he knew didn't he found me out. At that moment I couldn't even move from where I was, I was frozen stiff. My eyes were wide as saucers, my heart was beating faster than it ever had before, and I was sweating puddles while I was standing there, and one question ran through my mind, what was he going to do?

    His muzzle opened again and he spoke, -It really just boils down to this, I saw you last night, at that time I had questions and I was too tired to worry about it, but then this morning you had spoken to me and when you did you told me the truth but you had also lied to me as well. Then I went to see what Riley was doing and while spending time with him he told me how you played his video game and started the water to the shower. Then the final piece to this puzzle is when Carol and I were drawing and I saw the note you used to speak with her. You told her your own thoughts and morals about wearing the opposite sex's clothes. The entire way you act, the actions you do, the morals you have they don't match up with a Pokémon, they more correspond with the thinking, actions and morals of a human...-

    The whole time he had spoke I was dead still, I couldn't move a muscle, I was too scared to. He found out about everything I did yesterday and also saw me last night. But then his last sentence, that tone he had in his voice was a tone of realization, and he was looking at me with a face of shock and awe. He knew, he knew what I was, and there was truly only one thing I could do to keep this whole situation from getting out of hand.

    -Could you p-please let me e-explain?- I asked him scared and stuttering. He looked at me with a face of shock and confusion. It seemed like he was trying to determine what he should say in this situation.

    After a full total of five minutes he finally spoke up and said simply, -Yes, please do.-

    So in short I told him everything, from who I was back then, to what I did back then, to how I was from a different world. From the year I was in previously to the night I woke up in the hospital/Pokémon center, I told him everything. The entire time his face showed confusion, intrigue, shock, and concern. To fully tell him everything about what had happened to me it took roughly around 15-20 minutes. After my explanation I spoke up and said, -I am sorry, I am so sorry about not telling you, but could you blame me, you're the first to know, I was too scared to tell anyone, I couldn't trust anyone here.- I was about ready to break, for the first time here I was just about ready to break down as I waited for his response. I wasn't looking at him, I was too ashamed to at that moment.

    -Hey Jae, please calm down and look at me.- So I did what he asked, took me a minute but I finally gathered up the courage to do it. When I did look at him he didn't have the face of scorn anymore, his face showed caring and concern unlike anyone else has given me here.

    -Jae I want you to listen to me, you have only been here for a couple of days, and I already consider you a friend, and more than that you have done nothing but try to act courteous and kind to the family of this household, even help them to the best of your ability. Even though you have only known them for not even a week yet you have treated them as if you have known them for your whole life. I thank you for that my friend, I have also enjoyed having you around and I see great potential in you and wish to train you more. So what I am trying to say is relax, your secret is safe with me, I will not tell a soul, it is up for you to decide who gets to know about this.-

    After he said that I smiled, I made a smile that truly described what I felt in that moment, relief, joy, happiness, and the simple fact that there is someone I can trust with my secret. I looked at Lucario and he had a smile of relief that showed he was glad I was nowhere near as scared as I was just a few moments ago.

    But then he returned to a confused look and asked, -But I do have one more question, if wished for no one to find out you were a human, than why did you go out of your way to do those things even though you knew it was a risk.-

    I took a minute to gather my words together, looked at him in a serious tone, and then spoke to him in a serious tone, -Because I wasn't going to lose the small amount of what made me, me. I wont lie to you, this body is amazing, and I love it and the idea of what I am going to be able to do. But, have you ever lost something that you can never get back, well think of this, in a single night I lost my belongings, the things I used to wear, the things I used to do, my friends I spent time with, my family that I had known for 18 years of my life, and even my OWN DAMN BODY! So you know what, I was going to hold on to what I could from my previous life, because it's the only way I can still remind myself that I was a human, the only way that I can remind myself that I am still me. Do you have any idea what it feels like to look in a mirror and not see yourself, because I do, and it is a terrible feeling. So I do what I can to remind myself I am still me, and it makes me feel better about all this, so if that is what I can gain from acting human, then I will take the risks.-

    -I understand completely, it is hard to believe everything but I can tell you are sincere and your aura is showing me you are not lying, I don't know how I would feel in your situation and I wouldn't want to, I am here to help you Jae, and I will help keep your secret, but you know I really don't think you have to worry about the risks anymore, everyone else here just thinks you are a fast learner or were taught at the hospital, so you know what, you don't you have to hide anymore about the things you can do, just be yourself, I can promise you that I was really your only concern in this situation, so just be you, don't worry about any risks, okay.-

    I then smiled at him and nodded my head. After I did that we heard Claire calling for dinner and Lucario spoke up and said, -C'mon lets go get you some food okay, we will skip training today, you have had enough stress.-

    I was about to walk forward but Lucario stopped me with his paw and said, -Oh, just to let you know now that I have found out that your age in mind is 18 years old, I am going to be a lot more strict on your training, what do you think of that?-

    I smirked at him and said, -Wouldn't have it any other way, my friend.-

    He gave me excited smile and said, -We shall see, my friend.- We then took our leave of the training room and into the kitchen to go and have dinner.

    When we sat down we were brought our plates. Lucario had his normal dish, the family had teriyaki and I had my plate of 10 pieces of sushi, and it was amazing. Martin and the others didn't question why I had it and neither did Lucario, Claire must have told Martin and them they got it for me and Lucario probably didn't need to be told why I had it, for he had probably guessed that is what I got Claire to get me. We all enjoyed the meal and Martin went to sit down with his tablet.

    I saw him and jumped up there to see what he was doing. He looked at me and said, "What a curious thing you are, I am guessing you want to know what this is?" After his unneeded explanation he finally let me watch what he was watching, but after a few minutes he got up and said he was done using it, but he saw the look of disappointment on my face and said that I may use it. To say the least I was content, so I sat down with it, put in the earbuds and watched what I wanted to watch. Lucario even got interested and sat down with me, put in one earbud and watch it with me, and we were both snickering in our own animal like way. So everyone just enjoyed the rest of the night and did they're usual things until we all had gone to bed for that evening.
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    Chapter 6 Family Matters

    So the next few days had been rather rough, Lucario has been putting me through constant training. I do 8 hours of training a day, but it does indeed pay off in the long run. First off I can run a lot faster, instead of 30 miles per hour now I can run 40-45 miles per hour. He was training me outside for that and also to train me how to jump higher. I can now jump 9 feet in the air now. He has also been helping me learn how to use my force palm in combat, and I also learned I could charge it up above what it normally could do. Lucario was shocked, he said that I was the first Riolu or Lucario with the ability to do that. He explained to me that there are different tribes of Lucarios and they all have their own special abilities, I guess this is my tribes ability. Having the ability to charge it even further beyond a normal Force palm's power was incredible, it led to so many possibilities, and I even tested those abilities against Lucario.

    Also need to do some explaining, moves don't work in this like they do in the game, not even remotely close. First off Pokémon don't just learn four moves, they are able to use tons of moves, just each has moves they can use with their own abilities. First off I for example am able to use moves like close combat, sucker punch, low sweep and reversal at any time, as many times that I want, but a move like force palm is something different, similar to power points in the game, those take up energy each time a Pokémon uses them. But also each one has their own energy reserve, so when it is used up you will have to use a different move for that time, and if you want to use that move again you will have to rest and recharge. Force palm is a move that can be used 25 times in the game with no rest, so it is the same here. But the thing is if I add more power to my force palm, it will do double damage, but I would only be able to do that 12 or 13 times, not including the ones I have done singularly. You can only have 4 of the energy moves, the amount of energy a Pokémon has is the same for every Pokémon, the thing is moves take up different amounts of energy, so as force palm has 25 energy, focus blast has 5, so if you had four moves that can only be used 5 times then after you have used up each moves energy then you can't use any more energy moves, and If you try to force it then it could make you pass out, leave you in a coma, or put you in an even worse condition. I don't know all the moves that require the energy, but all special attacks, half of the physical attacks, and most of the ability increasing moves take up that energy.

    Lucario is mainly skilled with ranged attacks, his clan has an ability where aura sphere will only use half of the energy, seems like a good ability if you ask me. So me and Lucario had been doing sparring matches inside and outside on their outside battle arena. We fought about ten times. The first time he had went all out against me, he kept me on my toes the whole time. He sent aura spheres, metal blasts and psychics at me. He also knows nasty plot, want to know what that does, harshly increases his attack power for his projectiles. So in short I tried my best to fight him with the best of my abilities, I tried my best deflecting his attacks and running up to land fighting type moves, I managed to land a few but Lucario also has his own assortment of physical moves, he mainly uses protect and reversal to turn my moves against me. In short I lost that battle, I hadn't been trained much then so it makes sense.

    Around the fourth battle with him I was able to catch him off guard. During the battle I was being real cautious because I really wanted to find an opening against him. At one point he started to charge an aura sphere, but what he hadn't realized I had practiced while he was gone with Claire on one of her grocery trips. First off my speed had increased, but that didn't matter because what I did was as soon as he started charging it I got ready. I stayed there as if I was going to take the hit, but as soon as he fired it I was already behind him and I sucker punched him right in the back of the head, sucker punched worked like this, it makes an image of what you look like in the spot you were standing, and if you try to attack it lets go of the illusion, so you wait until they attack and then SURPRISE!

    After he fell to the ground he got up and looked at me surprised. I know it didn't hurt that bad because sucker punch is a dark type move and isn't very effective against a fighting type like Lucario and I but he still seemed very impressed. He didn't expect me to learn sucker punch that fast but hey, aura is actually a lot easier to use than you think, and most abilities Lucarios and Riolus use come from their aura, so yeah go figure. That fight ended on a draw, he told me after doing that I earned a draw.

    Then the seventh fight was different, I got close to beating him in a fair fight and no draws, I still lost but I almost did it. Then the tenth battle was completely different, we were both equal in strength, both of us were close to being finished but I was able to land a Double Charged Force Palm (Which is what I officially named it) and landed on him. He said I won, he couldn't move, and he wasn't lying either, I had to carry him over my shoulder and take him for Claire to treat him, thankfully all he needed was some rest, and Claire was surprised I was able to do that much damage to Lucario, I can't wait to see what I will be able to do as a Lucario, and I think Lucario can't wait either.


    After my training days there was a day where the kids were at school and Lucario went with Martin on a job Martin needed his help with, Martin said he takes Lucario on missions where they are having trouble tracking the culprit, guess Lucario must of worked on the force. Anyway it was just Claire and I a the house this time. I was in the training room when I heard Claire scream, so I ran into the room and said, -Hey are you alright?!-

    She heard my pleas in my own language and replied, "Oh, it's okay Jae, just a little spill. Just didn't have a good enough grip on it *huff,* you know it really is hard cooking all by myself, no one ever helps me cook and when everyone else is gone I have no one to help me if I was in trouble, I guess I am glad your around, anyway just leave the rest to me I will have lunch ready in a minute." I shook my head at her, I wasn't going to leave her alone to do this, it wasn't right. If nobody had helped her before well she has her help now. So I jumped up on the counter and made a yip at her. She looked at me confused and asked, "What is it now, you know you shouldn't be on the counter!" I then pointed at the pan she was cooking with, then back at me and so on until, "Wait, what do you mean?" So I took hold of the spoon in the pan an started stirring what was in the pan.

    She got what I was doing but was against it, "No please, this is my job not yours."

    But then I grabbed her hand with my paw and said, -No, please I want to help, you shouldn't have to do this alone.-

    I guess she thought there was no hurt in doing it and said, "Ok if you insist keep stirring this while I go and get some things out of the pantry ok." I nodded at her and proceeded to stir the meal. I kept stirring and when I looked at her I saw her hands full and it looked like she was about to drop something, she was still tying to do everything herself, the whole point of me helping is so she didn't have to do everything yourself. Then I saw her lose her grip on a glass jar and it started to fall, but it didn't hit the ground because I dropped the spoon and jumped for it.

    She then put down her stuff, looked at me and said, "OH MY GOSH! I am so sorry are you okay!"

    I was fine and so was the jar but still I couldn't stand the way she thought, so I spoke up, -DAMN IT! The whole point of me helping you is so you wouldn't try to do everything yourself, and you shouldn't have to, if it wasn't for me you could gotten yourself really hurt, you need to stop trying to do everything yourself!- The whole time I was using gestures with the jar and pointing at her.

    "I guess your mad huh, if I didn't try to carry all that at once then maybe I wouldn't have put you in danger, I am so sorry because of me you almost got hurt and almost got myself hurt, Jae I am used to working by myself but I would appreciate if you would help me, please?" I then nodded with a smile at her and we got to work. She was working on a homemade steak soup, she had all sorts of vegetables, seasonings, and in that glass jar homemade Peppers that she grew in her garden. So I helped her stir as she got stuff out and used my paws to rip some of the vegetables that didn't need to be cut.

    So we got the soup finished and she exclaimed, "It turned out great, thank you for all your help Jae, and since you helped I think you deserve a bowl too." She then filled up a bowl and took it to my spot at the table. When she turned around I had her bowl filled up for her. She looked surprised and gave me a happy smile and said, "Thank you Jae." We then both went to our spots at the table and enjoyed the soup she made, and it was great.


    About three days after that Riley was over at a friends house and I saw something interesting with Carol. She was on Riley's game system trying to play the fighting game, but I saw she was having very little success in doing so. I proceeded to walk up to her and see if she needed any help.

    Before I got to her she noticed me, "Hey there Jae what you up to?" In return I pointed to her, "What you want to know what I'm doing, well Big brother always wants me to play this game with him but I just cant do it. It is to hard to play, I would rather him play dollhouse but he never wants to." She pouted.

    This gave me and idea, I could teach her so I said to her, -wait here.- and then I ran upstairs. When I came back down she saw I had the a piece of paper and pencil. When I got down there I wrote on the paper and she read it off.

    "I can teach you how to play. Wait, you can teach me how to play, REALLY!?- So I wrote to her my next message, "Yes I can but please don't yell, it hurts my ears. Oh it does? Sorry." I waved at her to tell her it was fine and we got to work.

    I started off by teaching her the basics. She chose her character and I used my paper to write down all the controls, what they were for, and combos she could use. I was pretty much making a guide for her. That was a lot for a six year old to memorize so she had to be slow and try doing them multiple times. Then after about 2 semi-frustrating hours she seemed to finally have it down. To test her I did a couple of matches with her, about five, and she was able to win 2 of the games.

    She was so proud of herself, "I DID IT! I DID IT! Thank you so much Jae I am so glad you taught me, now when my brother gets home I will beat him for sure." She wasn't perfect, but I believed she could do it so I nodded my head at her to tell her I believed in her.

    When Riley came back he was surprised that Carol asked him to play the game with her and he accepted.

    I was in the room watching them play and on the first match Carol had los but Riley was surprised, "Hey Carol how did you get so good?"

    She looked at him smugly and said, "A friend taught me." After that the second match began and Carol almost won in the final round.

    Riley was still kind of mad, "Ok who taught you, none of your friends even have this game."

    She looked at him innocently and said, "I don't know take a guess." Then they're third match Carol had won against him in both rounds.

    "Ok I give up, who taught you how to play?" Riley asked desperately. She then innocently pointed to me on the couch there and Riley exclaimed, "YOU TAUGHT HER? Well I guess that is pretty cool, I guess." I just gave them a peace sign with my paw.


    The next week I was just hanging around the house when Riley came to me and said, "Hey Jae do you mind if we go out for a walk?" I was confused, Riley has never really been too interested in spending time around me, the only time he was is when he played the video game with me, he has really even spoke to me since then. So I just nodded at him and told him I would, I haven't really gotten to go out much just a little bit in the backyard, I haven't explored the forest yet, guess I am just a little scared to.

    Anyway we then proceeded out the backdoor and into the woods. We had walked on this path he had through the woods that led to a road. The road was about a 2 mile walk until the town. Riley during the walk had said he always rides his bike to the school, he says it's less expensive then a car. About a quarter mile before the town he told me to wait. I looked at him confused and he pointed to the right and said, "Lets go this way toward the mountain." I was confused but he insisted we go so I didn't ask questions. The mountain was pretty big and there were a few mountains behind the one about 2 mile in front of us. Then Riley pointed to the left and told me to head this way. We walked just a minute or so until I noticed it.

    It was a tree, just a normal tree, but there was something very noticeable, there was blood on the tree and on the grass below the tree. I took a moment to look past the tree and saw other trees that had been burnt and ripped apart. What happened here. I took a moment to look at the blood on the ground. While looking at the blood on the ground and on the tree I noticed something. The scent on the tree was the same as my own.

    I took a look at Riley wide eyed and he said, "That is where I found you, I had heard a loud cry followed by the sounds of fire, growling and fighting." I took another look at the blood when Riley continued, "You know I never really liked Pokémon, when I was young Lucario was scary to me, I don't hate Lucario but it's just there was nothing we could really do together and when we do speak it is for only a moment. At school I was the only one without a Pokémon, and I was ridiculed for it. The other kids made their Pokémon attack me and that just fueled my hate even more for Pokémon. I never planned on becoming a trainer anyway, so it really didn't matter if I liked Pokémon or not, I am trying to get a career as a T.V. actor or show host, either of the two. So I just avoided Pokémon and ignored them as much as possible. But then one day while riding my bike to school I heard a gunshot go off and following a scream. I waited a minute before I did anything, I was scared. Then I heard explosions and fighting start. After they died down I went toward the forest and walked the path we went. Before I took that left I heard a whimper and I walked toward it and saw you. You were slumped up against that tree with the gunshot wound in your shoulder. You were breathing heavily, whimpering and crying. I stood there for a minute and just looked at you, and then I had decided I was just going to leave you there, why should I help you I had asked myself, what good would that have done me. I was about to leave when you did something I never expected you would do. You looked at me with tears in your eyes and you reached your paw out at me and started pleading for me to help you. You were in pain, you were dying and your life was in my hands. That look in your eye wasn't one of malice toward me or concern, it was fear and pain, and I then decided I had no choice was to help you. I wrapped my shirt around your wound and rode my bike to the center. I dropped you off and called my dad to help you. Not even once did I visit you in the center, I thought you would be the same as any other Pokémon and treat me with malice. But then when you came to our house I got to meet you, you were kind, you spent time with my sister, Lucario, my parents and even me. You were the first Pokémon to ever take an interest in me and what I like, Lucario doesn't understand or even care about it. Jae, if I had left you there on that tree it would have been he worst decision of my life, and I am sorry I even thought to leave you there, can you forgive me and still be my friend."

    I just looked at him, I never expected him to open up like this to me, and I could understand, I have been bullied before and it can cause a lot of distrust, so to me there really was only one answer. I nodded my head at him and lifted my paw to him. He looked at it confused but then figured it out, he knelt down and shook my paw.

    "Jae, this means a lot, I wont let you down, promise." He got up but stopped and turned to me again, "oh also would you mind coming to school with me sometimes and maybe come on more of these walks?" I nodded my head at him, it seemed like a great idea. With that done we just enjoyed the walk back to the house, we saw flying Pokémon and even got one of them to come up to us and just hang out. It was enjoyable and I think I helped Riley with his trust for Pokémon and also got to strengthen our friendship.


    After a few days I still had a concern, what is behind Martin's door. His secret room is something I want to see and I am tired of waiting so I started snooping. I tried jumping on the door handle to see if it was opened, locked so that means I have to get a key. I went to check Martin and Claire's room, Claire was doing something downstairs and Martin what at work with Lucario. No luck in their room so that could only mean one place, the doorframe. The door frame is 10 feet high and I can only jump 9 feet in the air right now. So with the chair I got from Carol's room(thank you for leaving it open Carol) I got a grip on the doorframe and used my left paw to search for the key and...FOUND IT!

    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" With that scream I fell to the ground and landed with a thud. Before I could grab it the person who screamed picked up the key and when I looked up it was Martin. Why was he here I thought he was working. "What do you think you were doing Jae, I come back for a minute and see you doing this nonsense?" I was scared and didn't know what to do, I did not expect him to come back early, so I just pointed at the door.

    "What you want to see what is in there?" In return I just calmly nodded. So he then reached up and put the key in the keyhole and opened the door, and I couldn't believe my eyes.

    In the room was a huge collection of all sorts of bladed weapons. Knives, swords, spears, axes, bayonets, military knives and even rapiers. This room was heaven for a collector like me. I didn't have a lot of bladed weapons but seeing so many in this room was to die for. I started looking around at all the different types of weapons he had and he had noticed how much I liked them.

    "You seem to really like those weapons huh?" I just nodded my head at him repeatedly. After a minute of looking he said, "Ok, this is going to sound stupid but I am giving you one." I looked at him expectantly, I did not expect that, why would he let me have one, it makes no sense, I didn't even think Pokémon were allowed to have weapons? He then continued, "You seem confused why i would say that, first off I am not going to do anything with them. The second reason is the only real reason I am truly giving this to you is this, Lucario has been holding back on you, you may be a Pokémon and you may be strong but you are not as strong as Lucario, if you went up against someone hurting my family and they were too strong for you then that means I have lost my family, so to have some extra insurance that you would be able to protect yourself and more importantly my family. Giving you this now means having more insurance that you could do an effective job of making sure my family stays safe. Now you better listen up here! If you step out of line one time with it, I am taking it, end of story. So now if you want I will let you use any you want in here. If that gets broken or lost then I will let you have a new one, but remember if my rule is broken, you will be punished, is that clear!" I nodded my head with a serious look to tell him I understood his terms. I then proceeded to look around the room for a weapon I wanted, then I spotted one.

    It was a smaller than average Kukri, it looked like it was made for combat, it had grooves in the handle which was made of a strong wood. The steel was black and looked extremely sharp, so I then pointed to the knife and Martin came and opened up the case and handed the knife to me. It was about a third of my size which was perfect, he even got the strap and sheathe for it and tightened it to hang from my left shoulder and hang to my back so I can pull it out with my right paw backhanded(I use knives backhanded or back-pawed, it is just what I do.). With the strap secure and the knife in place it was awesome, he set it up so it is easy for me to take it on and off and so it will stay connected to me tight, it straps around my waist and left shoulder.

    "Oh, another rule, you never let Carol hold it you hear me, I don't want her near a weapon!" I nodded to him vigorously to tell him I understood.

    "Now then the reason I came back here is that I have a proposition for you. You seem very interested in my work, every time I talk about my stories you seem really interested, so I want to ask you this, we at the station are able to have a Pokémon partner, with me being the chief I go on all types of missions, from patrolling to swat missions so I wanted to ask you. When you evolve into a Lucario would you like to join me as my Pokémon on the force?" This was probably the greatest thing I have ever heard, my dream was to be able to help catch criminals in any way I could, that is the job I wanted, from just patrolling to swat to working in a lab this is the career field that I wanted, and if I can use telepathy I can use my knowledge from my criminal justice class to help as well. So to say the least I gladly accepted, I nodded repeatedly. He told me that he had asked Lucario before to join him but he went against it, he didn't want to be accountable for someone else's life. Me I didn't see it that way, I saw it as a chance, a chance to where I could actually save a life and be out there helping and to not just sit and do nothing, so I was on board.

    When I do become a Lucario I am going to do everything I can to help in this city. I will do my best to make sure the people in this town are safe. I will also protect my family, I wont let any of my family die.

    No matter what.
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    Chapter 7 Slight Chance of Thunder

    So a few days after me getting my new knife Lucario, Riley and I all went out on a little forest adventure just to enjoy the scenery. At one point I wanted to practice with my new knife and it started like this. Lucario would go up in a tree, grab some leaves and thrown them down to where I was. My objective was to make a cut on the leaf. I was able to cut some, miss some, and cut some in half. When they got cut in half that means I was very accurate.

    "Hey Jae let me try it once." Riley asked. So I complied and handed him the knife. He wasn't bad and was able to cut a few but his accuracy needed work.

    After the little training exercise we continued to walk our trail. We continued to walk up a path next to a cliff that had a wood fence next to the edge. This was one of the nature trails that Riley knows of and it was beautiful. Standing on one of the mountains was an amazing feeling. This mountain we were on was one of the ones that did have a nature trail on it. A little ways down we were on a path that had a waterfall coming out of a cave, it was awesome!

    "Hey Jae here can you do this for me, I want to get a picture with this boulder, can you take my phone, point it at me until I'm on the screen and click the red button. So in return I nodded and grabbed the phone.

    He then exclaimed, "Man this is cool, I always walk this trail, it is amazing for a boulder just to form like this." Wait, boulders just don't form out of nowhere, OH NO!

    I quickly screamed and Riley looked at me scared, and when he did turn around the rock got up and tried to take a swing at him, but I was faster than this rock head and was able to force palm it away.

    Lucario ran up next to me, got in a fighting stance an said in a shocked voice, -Good work Jae I didn't even sense or notice him, stay on your guard now these guys can be dangerous.-

    -Yeah I know, it is weak to fighting so I will focus to try and get a force palm in and you distract it, okay!-

    -Got it!- Lucario agreed. He then turned to Riley switched to telepathy and screamed with his mind, 'STAND BACK RILEY! IT'S A GRAVELER, THEY ARE DANGEROUS!'

    "Okay, I will let you two handle this." After saying that Riley stepped back some more to gain some distance while Lucario and I got ready to fight. Our opponent was a Graveler, just imagine a pretty big boulder with a intimidating face and 4 arms and 2 legs made out of rock.

    The Graveler spoke up in a very gruff, deep and scratchy voice, -So it was that little punk behind you two who woke me up, hehehe, he is dead!-

    -Over my dead body!- Threatened Lucario.

    Graveler looked unfazed and said, -I can arrange that.-

    I then spoke up, -Nah I don't think you will have to. In fact when were done we will make sure to give you a proper burial.-

    He then looked at me with hate and screamed, -I'LL BURY YOU MUTT!- and then the fight ensued.

    Lucario went left while I went right. Graveler charged at me first but was sidestepped when he was hit by an aura sphere. I took my opportunity to jump toward him and give him a strong straight. I refrained from using my blade because it could break easily against his hard skin. He was knocked back even more when he took a small, silver glowing beam shot through him. I looked at Lucario and saw his paws spark with the same energy, it must have been metal blast. Graveler seemed fazed but when I tried to attack he hit me with a strong punch that sent me falling back. Lucario sent a bunch of smaller aura shots at him and he had to block them all. While he was blocking I ran up and sent a force palm straight to his back. The force sent him staggering forward where Lucario had a aura sphere in his hand and he started running toward Graveler. But as soon as the attack was about to hit Graveler dodge it. Lucario got ready to block but to out surprise Graveler kept going and started running toward, RILEY! Oh crap me and Lucario started running but it was too late.

    "ARGH!" Riley was sent flying toward the wood railing of the cliff after Graveler had punched him. Lucario was right behind him though. Graveler had prepared to hit Riley again but Lucario ran up right behind him and...

    Was smashed right into the ground by Graveler's earthquake. I saw Lucario cough up blood from the attack, it was bad. I thought he was going to hit Lucario again and that I wasn't going to make it in time, but I was wrong he tried to take another hit at Riley, bug mistake. I was right next to him ready to attack and he didn't see it coming. I know I couldn't knock him out, but I could push him off the edge. So I had 2 force palms prepared in my bottom paws. So I jumped forward with my legs in front of me, drop kicked him and then let off the force palms. He started to fly toward the edge, Riley had gotten himself up and Lucario had gotten himself up on his knees and was in a crouched position. Both of them seemed to have faces of relief. But their faces were changed to shock and horror in a mere matter of seconds.

    He grabbed me, Graveler had caught my leg before I could hit the ground, there was nothing I could do to get out of this, Lucario can't fly and I wouldn't be able to charge up another force palm in time, it was no use. He then crashed through the wood railing with me in his arms and we both started falling.

    -HAVE A GOOD FALL!- With that said Graveler threw me away from the water and I was aimed toward the trees

    Before I got too far away from the edge I heard Jae and Lucario scream.



    Huh? Where was I, what exactly happened? I opened my eyes and saw below me was the grass and the ground I don't know exactly how high I was in the air but it seemed to be around 12 or so feet. How did this happen? If I remember correctly there was the Graveler, the fight, and me being dragged down with him. I then took the moment to look above me and I saw that a branch had caught the holster for the sheathe of my knife. Talk about lucky, good thing I was wearing it. I must have passed out from the stress when I was falling. I then proceeded to pull myself up from the rope that was caught and grab a hold of the branch. Once I got on the branch I then unhooked myself and started to jump down from branch to branch. When I got on the ground I took a look around myself an saw that I didn't recognize the area at all. I was nowhere near the waterfall or the mountain, how far did the Graveler chuck me. I didn't see him around and I also didn't see Lucario or Jae anywhere so I decided to use aura vision to look around. A couple of stray Pokémon but nothing more. I really had nothing else to do but to start walking, it was sundown and I had to move before it got too dark. Good thing I got some sleep cause it looks like I am staying up all night on watch.

    After walking in the direction I chose to walk in for about 2 hours it got dark. I was hungry and I was cold, thankfully I didn't get thrown in water so I wont be freezing, but before it got dark I needed two things, fire and food.

    I took a look around to see if there were any berry bushes. After a couple minutes of searching I found a bush with what seemed to be Oran berries, there weren't many but it will do. I used a big leaf to put them in and then proceeded to get wood for a fire. It didn't have to be anything big, just needed one. Maybe Jae and Lucario might see the smoke signal.

    Oh who am I kidding, I know they haven't given up on me but there is no way they are looking for me at this time of night. So I then continued to make a pile of leaves and twigs and got to work on the fire. I had the whole thing made up but I still needed something, a fire started. So I looked around in the area to find some kind of rock and I was finally able to find one, a single rock. GREAT! NOW WHAT WILL I USE TO GET THE FIRE STARTED! I then looked at the rock in my paw then I looked on the other side of my paw. MY GUARDERS!

    I then proceeded with the rock in my right paw and my guarder angled toward my homemade fire pit. I stroked it one and saw a spark. I then did it again, and again until....
    YES! It started, the fire actually started. I was so happy I was able to do that I screamed out in my own voice and kept moving the fire to keep it going.

    After a few hours, 2 or 3 I have no idea, I had eaten all of the berries and still had the fire going. The berries acted as nourishment for thirst too so I didn't have to worry about much. I waited for about thirty minutes until I heard something.

    -Sssssssssss......- Oh no what was that! -Well look at the little sssssssnack I found!- The voice sounded like a light male voice with a sadistic tone to it. I turned around and I saw it.

    It was an Arbok. A giant cobra like snake with a mostly purple skin tone. It had black and red markings in a pattern on it's hood and trust me he looked hungry. -Mmmmm, you look tassssty, a fine morsssssel that I will enjoy for a while.-

    -Get back you legless lizard!- I then unsheathed my Kukri and got prepared for a fight. -Turn around now and you wont end up dead!-

    -OH! A feisssssty one are we, I will enjoy digessssting you!- With that he slithered toward me and lunged, in return I took a slash at the lower part of his body. He screamed out and tried to bite me again but that just ended up with me slashing him near his eye. -AHHHHHH!-

    -Well I don't think this thing will work against hard skinned opponents but you are a poison type, this is a steel blade, not the same as a steel type attack but still effective.- I explained to the snake.

    -ARGH, I WILL GOUGE OUT YOUR EYESSSS FOR THAT ONE!- With that he lunged at me again but this time I saw his tail light up in a pinkish glow, it was a poison jab, I can't let that hit me!. So I ducked under the jab so I didn't get hit but I made a bad mistake because he then quickly coiled around me and held on before I could escape.

    -EH! ARGH! LET GO *GASP*- I couldn't escape I was trapped and I was running out of air, is this where I die. Can't really catch a break can I. I lose my things, my friends, my family and now I lose my life. Only regret is I really wish I could have met some girl to be with, have a family, hopefully get to have a little girl. But it looks like I really won't get that chance now, too bad I guess.

    Then a high pitched voice squeaked out, -YOU LET HIM GO, YAH!- and as soon as that was said a bolt of lighting struck the Arbok and only electrocuted me a bit. -HURRY GET OUT!- The same voice screamed. No I wasn't just gonna let this thing get a way with that, I was mad, madder than I have ever been. This is the second time someone has tried to kill me, even if the first time wasn't really me.

    I then screamed out, -RAAHH!- and then jumped for his neck with the Kukri. It was over in a second and I saw him squirm for a minute before he went limp. There was some blood on my paw and a little on my face then looked down at the body of the Arbok I just killed, did I really just killed something, I had never killed something in my life. Killing was wrong but it was in self defense, he tried to kill me, it was justified.

    I was then taken away from my thoughts when I heard the same light voice from the one that had saved me speak up, -I um, didn't expect you to do that, but at least now neither of us are in danger.- I then turned around to look at the one who had saved me, it was a Pichu.

    It was under half my size being only a foot tall. It had a little black tail with most of it's body having light yellow fur with black zigzagging near the top of his torso. He had big triangle ears rimmed with black fur and of course his popular electric sacs on the sides of their face. Now that I looked at his body structure I could see he was a male Pichu.

    -Yeah, I guess thanks, who are you anyway and where did you come from?- I had questioned him.

    -Oh, sorry mommy and daddy always tell me to introduce myself whenever I meet someone, I'm Ray, I am only a month old, who are you?- The little mouse exclaimed.

    I then answered his question, -I am Jae and I am only about a month or so older than you.-

    His eyes lit up when I said that, -REALLY! CAN WE BE FRIENDS PLEASE, PLEASE!- Okay he was definitely innocent, I really don't even think her realized I killed that Arbok but I decided why not, and besides I needed help.

    -Sure we can be friends but I need some help, it's dangerous out here and I am really lost, do you know where I could stay safe for the night?- I asked politely.

    -Yeah, you can come to my town!- Okay a town, this I had to see. Did the less aggressive Pokémon make a town in this forest, must be well hidden cause I couldn't see it, not even from the mountain.

    I then picked up a somewhat big stick and told him to electrocute it. Ray shocked it and the stick did light on fire but it seemed to hurt him. I checked to see if he was okay and he said he was fine so I told him to lead the way. We walked for about 15 or 20 minutes and we made sure to look out for any other aggressive Pokémon. We then walked up to a pretty big wall of shrubbery.

    -Okay were here, put that out and follow me okay.- So I did what he asked and followed through the bush and when I came out the other side, oh my god.

    This was amazing. There were small houses that seemed to be made of wood and rock. There were many caves in a Cliffside they had. There was a building bigger than others in the center of town and there were tons of trees that were made into treehouses. This place was great, it was a huge area that looked like it was made just as a city was designed but maybe not as big. It wasn't New York but it was still beautiful in it's own right. There seemed to be only a few lights on though, I guess most of them were asleep.

    -Come on my house is this way Jae!- As he said that he took off and I followed. It took us a minute but I followed him to a house he stopped in front of. It was about a 6 foot tall house that was about 20x20 in diameter. He then walked up to the house and opened the door and motioned for me to come in. -MOM, DAD I'M HOME!-

    He ran into what I suppose was a living room and saw his parents. There was a Pikachu which is a 4 inch taller version of Ray that is bigger but with skinnier ears and a lightning bolt tail that on the end looked to have the top part of a cartoon heart, that was his mom. When a Pikachu has a heart shaped tail they are female. Then her electric sacs were red instead of pink. Then also in the room was a Raichu. He was slightly taller than me about 3 more inches. He was darker furred in a shade of dark orange with black stripes on his back. His tail was skinnier and on the end had a lightning shaped blade on the end of it. He had tan fur on his stomach and chest area and his paws were all brown at the tips. His ears were shaped like a crescent moon with brown running across the edges and yellow fur running on the inside with a curl at the end. Then his electric cheeks were yellow instead of red or pink. Then the final touch was that he was wearing a leaf eyepatch with a scar going from one side to the other vertically on his left eye.

    They both looked up from their son who they were hugging and the first one to speak or better yet scream was his mother.

    -OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, YOU'VE GOT BLOOD ON YOUR PAW AND FACE, ARE YOU HURT ARE YOU OKAY?!- She said all this in a light and kind of squeaky feminine voice while walking up to me and checking me all over to see if I was okay.

    -Ma'am I am fine, this isn't my blood.- Probably shouldn't of said that because she turned around looked at Ray with a mean look.

    -NOT YOUR BLOOD, THAN WHOS IS IT, RAY! Why did you bring him here, you saw what he did why on earth would you bring him here!- His mother questioned.

    Before Ray could speak his father interjected in his light but also strong masculine tone, -Now honey let us hear him out, our son wouldn't have just brought him here for any reason. Also honey do you even realize what he is?- He said the last part kind of scared.

    -NO! Why would I know what this murderer is!- Well that was rude, it was in self defense.

    -Honey, that is a Riolu!- What was with his tone. Why did he sound like he was scared of me?

    A face of realization appeared on her face, -OH MY GOD! I am so sorry I have never seen one of your kind nor would I have thought you would have come down to our home, please make yourself at home and I will get you something to wash up.-

    But I didn't want her doing it by herself so, -Ma'am please let me come with you I can help with this.-

    She was not having it, -No, no please your grace I insist I will be as quick and as clean as possible.- Your grace, okay no did they think I was royalty or something, nope not having any of that.

    -Ma'am I will have to ask you to refrain from calling me your grace and treating me like I am king, my name is Jae. This goes for you too, I am no king nor do I think I am above anyone in this room so please relax.-

    -Ray's mother then looked at his father and spoke to him aggressively, -So Raiden, want to explain this, you told me that Riolus and Lucarios are like royalty and they were to be treated as such, what was this just a joke to embarrass me in front of our son!- Uh oh, she was MAD! Her cheeks had started to spark there.

    -WHAT NO! Honey I have met other Lucarios and Riolus and they had always acted that way.- Man he was desperate, he may be the evolved one but it seems she has more control.

    -Well then tell me why does this one not act like that and has even asked us to not treat him like that!- Okay now I was putting a stop to this.

    -Maybe it has to do with I have not grown up in the wild or have I been living with these royal Lucarios you speak of.- They both turned to me after my revelation on the situation.

    -Wait you're a trainers Pokémon?- The father asked me.

    -Yes I am, now if someone could help me clean up I will do proper explanations and introductions. Ma'am if you would please come and help me clean up I would appreciate it.-

    -Certainly Jae I would be happy to help.- As she spoke she gave Raiden there another death glare.

    We then walked into what appeared to be a bathroom but they had a weird pump system that she pushed down a couple of times to get the water flowing. She then helped me wash off the blood on my paw and face and after we both proceeded back into the living room where Ray and Raiden were on what I assumed were like homemade cushions, gonna ask how they make those later. So I sat down with them and started my explanation. I told them my name, who I was(excluding who I used to be), the whole incident with the Graveler and what happened when Ray saved me.

    Raiden was the first to speak, -Well I can see why you did what you did, if you had left the Arbok alive it might of killed you and my son, they are known to be dangerous.-

    I had to say this though, -Well sir I guess if you didn't let your son go out I probably wouldn't be standing here.-

    -I didn't let him go out.- After that sentence he looked toward his son with a glare and I saw his mother doing the same, -Any way it is very nice to meet you Jae I am Raiden, my mate here is Sharara and you already met my son Ray.-

    -It is a pleasure to meet all of you, and I am sorry to ask but is there anyway I could stay here for the night, I am lost and it is too dangerous to travel at night and *Yawn* I am dead tired.-

    Sharara at given me a kind look, -Of course you can, we have no problem with it.-

    I responded, -That's great but also could I get a little guidance outside the area. I just need to find one of the nature trails.-

    -Oh certainly, Ray can lead you there, oh that also reminds me, RAY! Why were you out there?- Sharara questioned.

    So he guiltily answered her, -I saw smoke from the fire Jae had made and went to see who it was.-

    Raiden looked to Ray, -I guess that makes sense, but don't go out without asking next time, you could have gotten hurt.-

    -I won't dad, I'm sorry.- He seemed really upset, guess he didn't like being yelled at.

    -It is alright son, just ask next time.- With that Sharara showed me the place where I would sleep that night, seemed they had like a guest bed. It was almost like a small nest, the size I was now I could fit in it but I don't think this would work very well if I evolved, it seemed to be big enough just to fit Raichus or anything smaller. With that I told them all goodnight and went off to sleep.

    *YAWN* Man that was a good sleep. I must of slept like a log, what time was it any-oh right I am not at the house I am at Ray's house. I got up and looked around and saw no one so I decided I would take a look around. I got up on my paws and started to explore, their house was nice and really clean. I guess some Pokémon are more civilized than others are. I entered the living room and saw Sharara in their, she seemed to be fiddling with something in her paws.

    I decided to greet her, -Hey Sharara what you doing there.-

    -Oh Jae your awake, you must have been dead tired to sleep this long, but after what you went through yesterday it doesn't surprise me very much. Anyway to answer your question I have a little shop in the town where I make these pinecone necklaces, I use lightning to sometimes burn them and turn them into different patterns, here is one I finished.-She then handed me the one that had a string around it and it was amazing, the wood was burnt down and it looked to be put in the shape of a lightning bolt, it was incredible.

    -Wow this is amazing, you did an excellent job on it.- I complemented.

    -Thanks, it was my mother who taught me how, I wish I could do the same with Ray but he is not very interested, he likes what his dad does being the town guardian and all.- I was shocked to hear Ray's dad was the town guardian but I had to ask her something.

    -Is your mother no longer with us?- She seemed a little shocked I would ask that but she just lowered her head sadly.

    -No she is not, but it is not that bad, she got to meet my son before she passed, so I am not as sad as I would have been.- Oh, I guess that is why she was so shocked when I asked.

    -So it was recent, I am sorry to hear that, I've lost my family too.- She looked at me shocked.

    -They do not live with the humans that you stay with.- This was a hard question to answer, I didn't know if whoever controlled this body's family is still alive but I decided to just be honest.

    -No, I do not know where they are or if I will find them.- I lifted some of the fur on my shoulder so show her the scar and said, -I was shot the day we were separated from each other so they might think I am dead if anything, so I know the pain of losing a loved one.-

    She looked surprised I had the scar, but quickly looked down and sadly said, -I am so sorry for your loss, if you need someone to talk to I'm here.- She then got a look of realization on your face, -Oh that's right you have to get back to where you live, just go see Ray outside he will help you get back home, he knows the layout of the land, if you were lost on a nature trail then he can probably get you back to one and you can get your bearings from there.-

    -Thank you Sharara, if I don't see Raiden please tell him I said thank you for letting me stay and I will be sure to visit okay.- She then waved at me as she told me that Ray was at a friends house just down the path to the left, it's the only house that is a tree house on that path so I couldn't miss it.

    As I walked some of the other Pokémon were giving me stares, some flying Pokémon, some normal types, small, big you name it, they all seemed shocked I was even around, did it have something to do with the royalty thing? I then came close to a tree house where I saw Ray playing with a Starly which is another flying type, it was a type of avian with black and white feathers with white on it's face making it look like it had a mask. It was only a foot tall with an orange beak and orange legs.

    Ray noticed me first, -JAE! Jae come here quick, this is my friend Avis, he can fly.-

    Avis then introduced himself, -Hi I am Avis, believe it or not I am actually able to fly.-

    Ray interjected before I could speak, -It's true it really is, I couldn't believe it.-

    I then finally had my turn, -Well I know he can fly, he is a flying type, but I mea you're an electric type, you have an advantage over him.-

    Ray looked confused, -How do I have an advantage?-

    Well looks like I needed to explain here, did his parents not teach him, -Well it is like this, he is weak to you cause you can shoot lightning, I am weak to him because he is a flying type and I am fighting.- He still seemed confused and I just said, -Know what forget I said anything, what were you two doing?-

    Avis picked up a ball in his talons and stared flying up, -We were throwing the ball to each other, wanna try?- I just said yes and we started to play. Avis was a bit cheap, no matter how hard we threw it or how high he could always catch it because well he can fly. He then did a front flip and tried to throw it over both of us, but I didn't let him trick me, he only threw it up eight feet, but I can jump nine feet. Both of them were shocked that I was able to do it. Ray ran up to me with a gleeful expression.

    -HOLY WOW! How did you do that.- He questioned.

    I only had one word for him, -Training.-

    He seemed to accept that answer. I then reminded him that I needed to get back, we told Avis bye and we headed toward the exit. We had walked for a minute and got close to the exit we heard someone call out, -HEY!- We looked up and saw Raiden up in a tree and he called out, -YOU TAKE CARE OF MY SON, YOU HEAR!-

    I gave him a reassuring look, -WILL DO, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME!- He then nodded and ran off through the trees, I guess he was patrolling.

    Ray and I continued to walk when he asked me something, -Hey Jae, I have to ask you how did you learn how to jump that high and also fight like you did. I was watching the fight before I saved you, you were awesome, how did you do that.-

    So in return I answered him, -I have a friend who has been teaching me for a while now, he been teaching me ever since I have been at my new home.-

    He looked saddened, -New home, what about your old one, why don't you go to your old home?-

    I stopped for a moment and I just sadly said, -I can't go back to my old home, I will never be able to.- That thought again, the thought I would never see my family. I started to tear up, but Ray had grabbed my paw.

    -Hey, don't cry, you shouldn't anyway, you seem to have a new family at your new home right, I know their not the original thing but they are still family, right?- His words they ringed true. These people I live with now, I haven't been treating them as friends, I have been treating them as a surrogate family. I don't know when it started but it did, they became my family. When I had no one they were there. I might have lost one family but I still have one that will be there for me.

    -You're right Ray, they are my family and they will be there for me. There really isn't a reason to cry, they're probably out looking for me as we speak, so lets not keep them waiting any longer ok.- He nodded and we started running, I saw a nature trail up ahead and started to slow down.

    Ray sped up though, -Come on I will race you there!- I was about to pick up speed before I saw something, I saw a huge rock headed right at Ray, in a mere second I ran as fast as I could and got in between the rock and Ray. I held onto Ray and was struck in the back. I was sent tumbling down and when I stopped rolling I checked on Ray.

    -Ray you okay?- I questioned.

    He gave me a scared look and screamed, -YEAH I AM FINE, BUT YOU YOU'RE HURT!- He was right the rock hit me directly in the back and caused some scratches that were bleeding. But as I said, they were scratches.

    -I'm ok, it looks bad but it's just a scratch.- Even though it was just a scratch it still stung bad, but I couldn't worry about that at the moment.

    -WELL LOOK AT THIS I FOUND THE MUTT!- It was Graveler, I knew he could survive that fall no way he couldn't have.

    -Look at you, thanks for the fall by the way, I am about ready to return the favor.- I gave him a death glare, I was mad. -Ray you stand back you hear me!-

    -Oh don't worry about him, when I kill you he is next.- After that statement I looked at Ray and he looked to be on the verge of tears, he was scared.

    -Ray, listen to me I won't let him near you, got it. I made your dad a promise and I am willing to keep it.- He looked assured after I said that.

    He then exclaimed, -Kick his butt Jae.- I nodded to him and I ran at Graveler while Ray went for cover.

    He tried to swing at me but he was slow at I was tiny, he couldn't touch me. As he swung I was charging up a force palm, and as soon as I saw an opening I sent it straight to his right leg. I heard a cracking sound from it and I saw him cringe, but he then turned and swung his left arm at me and sent me rolling. He couldn't move as good but he then did a rollout attack. I had dodged once and he circled around to try and hit me again. As he did I timed myself and waited until he got closer, closer, a bit closer and...

    I then quickly side stepped left and used a sucker punch. It sent him tumbling straight into a tree and when he got up he looked furious and hurt. He then put all of his arms on the ground and lifted up. He had picked up a part of the ground to throw at me. As he was getting ready to throw it I started running toward him. He threw it and I knew what I was going to do. As the rock got closer I dodge left really quick and pulled out my Kukri and threw it toward him as if I was throwing a javelin. As I thought he had dodged it and didn't realize it wouldn't have done much. It was enough though, I quickly started charging force palms in both my paws as I jumped in the air. He had turned around and didn't see me. I landed onto of him and sent my right and force palm right on top of him.

    When I let it go he screamed, -ARGH!- But I wasn't done I was still on top of him and sent the force palm in my left paw on the top of his head again. -*GASP!*- Seemed like that one knocked the breathe out of him, but then I charged up 2 more force palms and got a bit closer to where his face was. His eyes stared up at me and I looked him dead in the eye, swung my arms above my head and then bent down to sent both force palms straight to his face.

    -GAAAHHHHH!- As I released them it sent him flying back and I was sent into the air about 2 feet. With my momentum I flipped forward and balanced myself so I could land on my paws. My back was turned to him and when I turned around he was having trouble getting up. I heard scampering and saw Ray running up behind me.

    -YOU DID IT YOU BEAT HIM!- He exclaimed. I turned and gave him a smile. I had heard grunting behind me we turned around to see the Graveler getting back up.

    I screamed angrily at him, -YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH, JUST STAY DOWN!-

    He got up and smiled, -No, no, I don't lose, no matter what my kind doesn't lose. We never let our prey escape, that is our rule.- His body started steaming up and turning red, -Yes, yes, YES! Now you will know what happens to those we hate, you are going to pay for everything you did to me, AAAARRGGGHHHH!- As he screamed his body kept spewing out steam and getting redder.

    I looked at him in disgust, -Go ahead make me pay, but with you hurt like that I don't think you will be able to even touch me.-

    He then looked at me with his eyes bloodshot and his face with a grin that the devil himself would have shivered from. He then said in a monotone voice, -You are missing the point.-

    Wait, was he...OH GOD! I quickly scooped up Ray in my arms and ran as fast as I could. I could hear the steam getting louder. Then I saw a rock that could be used as cover and quickly ran behind it.

    Then I heard it *FzzzzzzzzzBWOOOOOM!*

    A huge shockwave rattled the earth and I waited a minute for it to die down. I finally put Ray down and told him to stay there while I checked the area. The Graveler was nowhere to be find. All that was left was about a 30x30 crater where he used to be standing in the middle of. There were trees destroyed and grass burned.

    I knew what that was. He used explosion to try and kill us. Explosion in the game was where a Pokémon makes a powerful blast but takes up all his HP. Here the first part is correct but not the second, here the move kills you.

    -That is what they do.- Ray stated. I turned around to look at him when he continued.

    -That is what they're kind do. If they can't win they will use that move to take out their opponent. My dad warned me about them, he said he lost a friend to one of them.- Man talk about a screwed up race, I wasn't even going to kill him. To think he would do something like that, it's sickening.

    But then out of the forest I heard a voice, -JAE, YOU'RE OKAY!- I turned around to see Lucario and Martin running towards me. I was so happy I started running over to them too.

    -YOU FOUND ME!- I exclaimed. We both stopped in front of each other and Lucario looked tired and stressed. -How long have you been looking for me?-
    He then started to explain, -When you fell we didn't know if you were alive. Riley and I went back and told Martin what had happened. Martin and I left immediately to come and look for you.- I took a look at Martin and saw he had a gun and his own Katana with him. -Martin and I have been searching for you ever since we left. By night we saw smoke. We went to go see who made it but when we got there all we found was a little left of the fire and a dead Arbok.- When he said that I had looked down in regret and Lucario noticed, -What's a matter?-

    -I am the one who killed the Arbok, it had got me in his coils an I thought I was going to die, but Ray here.- I had gestured over to Ray, -Had sent a bolt of lightning at it to distract it and then I-I don't know I just, jumped for his neck.- I was about to break down, I still couldn't believe I took a life and just caused another one to go away.

    -Jae look it's okay, you were scared and acted in self defense don't be ashamed of it.- That reassured me somewhat, but I still felt guilty. He then continued, -Anyway we have been searching when we heard and saw the explosion and ran in the direction of it and, here we are.-

    "Hey Lucario what did he say?" Question Martin.

    Then Lucario used telepathy to speak with him, 'Jae was the one who killed the Arbok we found earlier.'

    Martin then said shockingly, "Wait! Jae you did that? It looked like you slit his throat!" When he said that all I did was nod at him and look down. "Hey look Jae don't worry about it, you acted in self defense, I have no problem with you protecting yourself, I am just glad your alive. But two things, where is your Kukri and what happened here?"

    I took a look around and saw my Kukri, seemed like it was launched in the blast, good thing it didn't get damaged. I then came back and gave Lucario my explanation, -The same Graveler came back and attacked, he hurt me.- I then showed him the cuts on my back and continued, -But in the end I was able to beat him. I turned around to see he got back up, he couldn't fight so I wondered why he got up. Then his body started steaming and I realized what he was doing.- I then looked over at the crater.

    -He blew himself up.- Finished Lucario.

    "Lucario what happened here?!" Martin demanded.

    'The same Graveler that tried to kill us yesterday blew himself up to try and kill Jae.!' Lucario yelled in telepathy. Lucario seemed mad at Martin. Martin kept demanding for an explanation while Lucario just cared for my safety.

    -Well it seems you found your friends Jae.- Started Ray sadly, -I guess that means this is goodbye then.- I saw a tear start to form in his eye.

    -What do you mean Ray, I will still visit.- I assured him.

    -What! Really you will!?- He surprisingly question.

    -Sure will, I mean we are friends right?- With that he nodded. As Martin treated and cleaned the wounds on my back we had waved to Ray and told him goodbye. I remembered the path we had taken to get back on the trail, so I would be sure to visit him and his family.

    Once we got the wounds cleaned up we got up and started walking. Once we had gotten back to the house and opened the door I was bombarded by Claire and Carol hugging me and Riley asking if I was okay.

    After the explanation to them and getting more hugs from Carol Lucario asked me, -So Jae what are you gonna do now that you're back?-

    I knew exactly what I was going to do. I answered him exhaustedly, - I am going to take a shower.-
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    Chapter 8 School Day

    Okay so let me give you the rundown, I was asleep in bed having a really good dream and just snoozing away. Then all of the sudden I was shaken awake and told to wake up. Lucario and I have a clock in the room were in and when I looked at the time it said six o'clock. Who in the right mind woke me up at six o'clock?! When I turned over I saw the culprit, it was Riley. I gave him an unamused look.

    "Okay Jae before you get mad I wanted to ask if you wanted to come to school with me? I am sorry for waking you up this early but I go to school early, please come with me." He pleaded. Oh right I did say I would come with him, I just wasn't used to this schedule anymore but mine was worse, I used to get up at five in the morning. So I nodded to him to tell him I would come with him. I didn't bring my Kukri, I didn't think I was allowed to have it in the school.

    "Yes! Thanks Jae, c'mon lets get you some breakfast." So I followed him while we stayed quiet as to not wake Lucario. We walked downstairs into the kitchen and saw Claire making food for Riley.

    "Riley foods ready and oh!" She noticed me as she was talking and stopped. "I guess he is coming with you today, I will make your breakfast too Jae." She said that as she gave me a pat on the head. Me and Riley each had our breakfast and waved goodbye to Claire as we headed out the back door.

    Riley had his bike and his backpack on. He turned to me and said, "Hey Jae, there is not much room on the bike. Do you think you can stand onto of my backpack?" So I tested it to see and it actually worked, I jumped up on the top part and used my front paws to hold onto his shoulder. "See you got it, alright lets go!" With that we started riding through the trail until we made it t the main road. Once we got down the road I got a good look at the town. When I went to the grocery store with Claire we weren't in the main town, that store is actually pretty close to the neighborhood were in but in the other direction. The town was awesome, as we rode I saw many stores. Restaurants, clothing stores, bakeries and even a game store.

    "So do you like the town?" He asked expectantly. I nodded my head at him an yipped. "Well don't worry my mom has planned for all of us to head out just to enjoy the town, so you will get a better look and don't worry Pokémon are allowed in all the shops and restaurants as long as you don't cause trouble." Cool I would be able to check out all the town has to offer soon, that should be fun!

    "Okay we are here!" it took us roughly 20-25 minutes for us to get to the school and it was 6:55 a.m. The school was great. It was a single building school that was long but not as wide. The building was also four stories, bigger than my old school, we split up classes into different buildings. "Okay let me explain some things, right now I am in 11th grade. There are 12 grades in all before you graduate high school. Now with me in 11th grade it means I am in the second hardest class. I have seven classes I have to attend before we leave and a lunch period in the middle. Mom packed me a lunch for you too so don't worry you will get to eat, oh and don't eat the school food, it is disgusting!" I knew about all of this, with me being a senior I knew about all that mess, especially the food. But he couldn't be luckier, if I can remember things from my 11th grade year than I could help him with problems if we are allowed to.

    So we then entered the building and I saw there weren't many people here. "Sorry school doesn't start till 7:45, I just like to get here early. But a friend of mine should be in the lunch room so les go meet up with him, follow me." I did as I was told and followed.

    The lunch room was big and had long tables, round tables, booths, an outside area and the line ups where you get your food. Nothing special, same stuff I was used to with school. I saw a couple of students with their Pokémon in here and a couple of them were staring at me but Riley kept walking to this one table which had a kid with dirty blond hair with a red t-shirt and jeans. Next to him was a Froakie, which is a whitish blue frog with rounded toes, big yellow eyes, and around his neck was white bubble like things around his neck. He was about half my size at a foot tall and was sitting there with his monotone expression. So Riley and I had walked up and Riley was the first to speak.

    "Hey there Arin, what's up?" He asked who I now know as Adam.

    "Yo Riley how has your day be-" Arin stopped when he had noticed me. "Riley, is that an honest to god Riolu?"

    Riley seemed scared but still opened his mouth, "Yes, he is the Pokémon I had saved out in the forest."

    I saw clarity shine through Arin eyes, "No way, you said you saved a Pokémon but I wouldn't have guessed it was a Riolu! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find them?" He said all of this while getting way too close for comfort.

    "Yeah I did research, it said you have a five percent chance of seeing a Lucario or Riolu in your whole life and a two percent chance of catching one." Wait, I WAS THAT RARE! Holy crap, I knew Riolus were rare but THAT RARE! No wonder everyone freaks out when they see me, I wonder how your hardly even able to see them though?

    -So, you are the Pokémon that Riley saved huh?- I looked up to see the Froakie looking down at me from the table. He spoke in a cool and non caring tone. He then jumped down and continued, -Not much too special about you if you ask me.-

    Okay was this man trying to start something, -Well looks can be deceiving, you don't know what I am capable of.-

    I saw him smile when I said that, -Well you passed my test!-

    Okay what, -Wait what test?-

    -My test to see what you would do, I thought you would've told me off when I said that, but yo kept your cool, didn't lash out at me.- Oh, I guess he was seeing if I was a jerk or not.

    -Oh, well thanks, my names Jae.- I pronounced.

    -I'm Hyabusa.- Oh my god, Hyabusa? That actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

    I held in my laugh and spoke calmly, -So how long have you been with Arin there?-

    -Oh I was his starter, when he turned ten he didn't get a Pokémon but recently he chose me because he wanted a companion, he had no interest to become a trainer so I really just help him with school work.- Oh so he was able to help with school work, that's neat.

    I had to ask something though, -So you can help you're trainer with their school work?-

    He then explained, -Yes, Pokémon are able to help their trainers, it has something to do with trainers becoming closer with their Pokémon but I am really of no help, some classes give Pokémon sheets they can work on and if they pass their trainer gets extra credit but I just can't figure it out. All I really do is give moral support.- Extra credit? It depends on how hard it is but I might be able to get Riley a higher grade.

    -Huh, it's like a team building exercise, not only does it help the students get closer with their Pokémon but also teaches them how to work together with other people, it is actually pretty smart when you think about it.- I got a confused look from Hyabusa.

    -Um, okay that is actually very correct, did Riley teach you about that?- Uh oh, I keep forgetting I am like 2 months old now.

    -Yeah he taught me, he isn't stupid you know.- I stated.

    -Well Riley might not be but Arin can't keep his grades up for nothing.- We both burst out laughing at that comment.

    Riley and Arin had been watching us talk and Arin said calmly, "They seem to be getting along okay."

    "You said it." Riley replied. So while Hyabusa and I talked and Riley and Arin talked other students ha finally stared coming in and I was getting stares from everywhere. Riley, Arin, and Hyabusa all noticed and said we should go to class early. It seems like Riley and Arin almost have every class together. Wish that could've happened with me more, would make classes a lot less boring. Anyway the first class I and everyone had was Literature. Seemed pointless that a Pokémon would be in a literature class and Hyabusa agreed. So more people came into the class and I still got stares. Besides that I noticed something, most of the Pokémon were Froakies, Chespins which were little green grass gopher like Pokémon and Fennekins which were yellow furred fennec fox with red tufts of fur in it's ears. This could mean only one thing, these Pokémon originated from the X and Y games. Does that mean I am in the Kalos region? There was a town that had a school in the Kalos region. I forgot the name but if I find out it will be great. I didn't want to ask Hyabusa, he might get suspicious because I am from here. During my inner thoughts the people that came in were all looking at me. It was really wigging me out, I am never the center of attention and this was just really uncomfortable.

    Thankfully Riley was around, "Hey can you all quit it, your freaking him out just stop!" That seemed to stop that and I told Riley thank you in my own language. We waited and I talked with Hyabusa for about 20 minutes and then the bell ring, time for school.

    Everyone sat down in their seats. Each desk had a side desk for a Pokémon to sit in as well. So the teacher came into the room, sat his tuff down on the desk and began his speech.

    "Good morning class I hope you all had a good weekend and I hope you all are not too tired as to where you fall asleep, you know the rules, you fall asleep and your Pokémon chooses how to wake you up." I gave Riley a sinister smile and let a Force Palm spark up in my paw, I think he got the gesture and became awake as someone who had ten cups of coffee.

    The teacher noticed me and called out to Riley, "Riley it seems you have someone with you today, and you should know it is impolite not to introduce them to the class."

    Riley got scared, "Oh right, sorry Mr. Willis." Riley stood up and began to introduce me, "This is Jae, as you know he is a Riolu and they are very rare to find but besides that I will tell you how I found him. He was injured by a gunshot wound out in the forest I found him. He was only a week old when he was shot and it has been about two months since the incident. Don't worry, he is well trained and will not cause a disturbance purposefully."

    Mr. Willis looked at me with a kind expression, "It is nice to meet you Jae and I hope you have a good first day." In return I nodded and waved to him. We then began class. It was literature, there was not much I could do, Riley was taking notes the whole time through and I just sat there watching. It was really boring.

    The next class was math, if they had worksheets I could do this. The teacher was female this time and named Mrs. Quill. Introductions were pretty much the same, class staring at me, Riley telling how he found me, and wished a good first day. But when work started the students had a worksheet but also the Pokémon.

    Mrs. Quill explained, "As you know if your Pokémon completes the worksheet and gets questions right you get bonus points, if they get them all right you get 50 points added to your grade. But if you make a 100 you get 20 extra if they get it all right, and here they are." She passed out the sheet and pencils for us and I took a look around, most of the Pokémon were asleep with a few having a hard time figuring out what the answer is. Some of the Pokémon held the pencils in their mouths and were able to write well but it seems they had a hard time figuring out the answers.

    I took a look at the paper and saw the front had addition and subtraction, with the back having multiplication and division. Riley nudged me and said, "Hey if you can't do it don't stress okay, I am okay at math so it's no big deal." I just gave him a smile and got to work. This was elementary math, I was a senior back then, this was as easy as pie. I held the pencil in both my paws(I am able to hold things if they are around the size of my paw but a pencil and things around that size I have to hold with both paws.) and wrote down answers. In about seven to ten minutes I was done. I got up from the seat without Riley noticing.

    I walked up to the teacher sitting at her desk and nudged her to get her attention. "Huh? What is it?" She questioned. In return I just simply handed her my paper and went to sit back down. Back at the desk I was watching her check the paper and her face was priceless. She looked mind blown and couldn't think straight.

    Riley was still only half way through his sheet when the teacher called, "Riley!"

    He looked up at her and asked, "Yes ma'am what's wrong?"

    "Did you help your Pokémon with his work?" Riley got a confused look on his face.

    "No ma'am I haven't." She didn't like that answer.

    "Okay then how did he just come up here and give me work with every answer correct?" He looked at me surprised.

    "Ma'am I didn't do his work for him I promise." I saw her face go into one of mischief.

    "Okay then would you mind if he comes up here and does a new sheet next to me?" Riley and I both shook our heads to ell her we didn't. I then walked up to the desk next to her huge desk and she handed me a new sheet with different questions, like it matters. Again I took another ten minutes doing the work and handed it to her and what do you know.

    "You really did do it by yourself didn't you? Well I am sorry for doing that, Riley!" She called out

    Riley looked up from his work and said, "yes ma'am?"

    "I will be giving you the extra credit for both of the worksheets Jae did as an apology, it will go towards 2 of your grades." She explained.

    He got a look of happiness on his face, "OH! Thank you Mrs. Quill!" With that Riley finished his work while I was getting weird looks from the Pokémon and some of the people in the room. By then the bell rang and it was time for third period, he had graphic design. That was a fun class but still had to deal with the stares but thankfully Hyabusa was there to help me through it.

    Fourth period was science. Again Hyabusa and Arin were there so we had fun. The assignment was kind of like a project where we had to make a project and the students had their Pokémon help with it.

    Then lunch happened. We sat down with Arin and Hyabusa and Riley pulled out my lunch for me, it was sushi, god Claire you are amazing!

    "Wait he gets sushi?!" Asked Arin.

    "Yeah my mom went with him to find something he would eat, he wont touch Pokémon food at all, so he went with my mom and my mom found him at the sushi stand. My grandmother taught my mom how to make sushi so she can get stuff real cheap to make it." Arin just nodded in understanding.

    Hyabusa looked at me in wonder, -You get to eat that!-

    -Yeah, I just can't eat the Pokémon food, it makes me sick, but anyway I am starved, I am going to dig in; ARGH!- Just then I was sent out of my chair by a punch.

    Hyabusa screamed, -JAE!- I landed with a thud and got up quick to see who it was and what do you know.

    -Well if it isn't the gunshot survivor, what are you doing in my turf runt!- It was scraggy, that dirty rotten little piece of, you know what I am not falling to his level.

    -Well if it isn't you, not a big enough of a man to fight me head on huh?- I questioned smugly.

    "HEY! You leave him alone you rotten-" Started Riley but he was stopped by another kid with black, long hair.

    "Hey man, let my Pokémon have some fun with him, their just playing." This new kid said calmly.

    "CADEN, TELL HIM TO STOP!" Screamed Riley.

    "Really? You giving me orders, if I remember you are nothing but a coward. You won't do a thing." I saw Riley hesitate and he backed off. He isn't a coward, he just doesn't want to fight, it's understandable. Especially to me.

    -Well mutt you ready!- I was looking at Riley at the time and didn't notice the punch scraggy threw. It landed but I was still standing.

    -I don't know, are you?- I asked sinisterly.

    -Heh, don't make me laugh!- He threw another punch but I caught that one. He had a shocked expression on his face when I caught it and then he threw his other hand and I caught that one too.

    -What, you seem scared, where did all of that spunk and confidence go?- He was terrified now, I think he thought he had gotten stronger and could take me.

    -DON'T MOCK ME!- He screamed. He tried to struggle but I quickly kneed him right in the gut. I saw his face go into shock. I let go of his "hands" and let him fall over. I forgot to mention there was a crowd around and when I did that knee everyone just froze as Scraggy fell over.

    Hyabusa's eyes were wide open, Riley was shocked and Caden looked pissed. "Why you little!" Caden turned to Riley and punched him straight in the face. "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO SCRAGGY!" He then kicked Riley while he was down and I jumped up right up to Caden's face and punched him straight in the face.

    He held his face and his nose was bleeding, "WHY YOU LITTLE!" He was about to run at me and Riley but he was stopped.

    "THAT'S ENOUGH!" Caden's arm had been grabbed and when he turned around there was a really big dude with a suit on and a beard. "I think you will be coming with me Caden."


    "AND LOOK WHAT YOU AND YOUR Pokémon DID TO INNOCENT Pokémon AND PEOPLE JUST TRYING TO ENJOY THEIR MEAL!" He then dragged Caden away while another teacher told everyone to calm down.

    I helped Riley up and he said, "I am alright, thanks for standing up to him. Man I love our principal, he is the one who dragged Caden away as you saw." As I finished getting Riley up I went to finally enjoy my food. As I started to eat Hyabusa had some questions.

    -WOW! THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! You took scraggy out in one blow, I have fought him before and I was never able to beat him, how were you able to?- He quizzed me.

    -Riley's dad has a Lucario, he has taught me how to fight and everything.- I stated.

    -OH! That's right, I have met him before, but I didn't know you were that good, who's the strongest opponent you have fought.- I was going to bring up the Arbok but decided against it, didn't want him knowing I killed another Pokémon.

    -A Graveler I fought with in the mountains with Riley and Lucario.- His face lit up with joy when I said that.

    -REALLY! A Graveler, what happened?- I thought there was no harm in telling him.

    -So Riley, Lucario and I were walking one of the nature trails when Riley wanted me to take a photo of him next to a new rock that formed. It had only been a week since Riley last walked so I knew there would be no way for a rock to just form there. Anyway it as the Graveler. Me and Lucario attacked for a moment but then Graveler went after Riley, Lucario tried to stop him but was hit with an earthquake. I then charged 2 force palms in my bottom paws and used them to push him off the edge the mountain.- He was amazed by my story.

    -Wow that is really smart.- He was wrong though.

    -Not really because he grabbed a hold of my leg and dragged me down with him off the mountain.- He was shocked by that statement.

    -Wait then how did you survive.- I didn't really want to tell him about my knife, so I made it simple.

    -I got lucky. I was lost in the woods for a while but got some help. But then Graveler showed up again. We fought and in the end I won but.- I saw his face full of anticipation.

    -BUT WHAT, WHAT HAPPENED!- Okay he wanted to know so I was blunt, I wanted to stop talking about that night. The only good thing that came from it was meeting Ray and getting back.

    -He blew himself up.- That seemed to shut him up, only one word came out of his mouth after that.

    -Oh.- So after lunch I just enjoyed the rest of the day. I still had classes with Hyabusa and we still spoke. I wasn't mad at him, just wanted to change the subject is all. Most of the classes were just the same as the first so nothing much happened until last period.

    "Hey there Riley, I didn't know you had a Pokémon?" When I looked I saw a girl with brown hair that was in a pony tail with bangs on the side. She was wearing rectangle glasses and had green eyes.

    "OH hey Natalie." Riley said nervously.

    "*Teehee* you want to come help me with the worksheet, we can work together?" Natalie asked kindly.

    "Oh sure, c'mon Jae." So I followed and pretty much just sat there. The two talked for a while and they seemed to know each other well. I could already see that Riley liked her and wasn't going to do anything to ruin it. I overheard Natalie asking if Riley really did save me so I decided to help out and nod multiple times. That seemed to help because he got a hug out of it.

    School then ended and I did the same trick that I did earlier to hold on as he rode his bike. After a few minutes Riley spoke up, "Hey Jae, I just wanted to say thank you. You have helped me out a lot. With Graveler, Caden and even helping me out with Natalie. Just wanted to let you know if you ever need anything just ask, I owe you that much at least." In return I yipped as to tell him okay. We then rode back to the house and entered through the back door. Riley ran off to tell his mom what happened and Lucario entered to talk to me.

    -So how was your "first" day of school." He said "first" sarcastic like.

    -Pretty good, I think I even scored Riley a date.- Just then the phone in the house rang and I saw Riley go toward it.

    I waited a minute before I heard a scream from Riley, "IT'S NATALIE!" Yep I think I definitely scored him a date.
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    Chapter 9 Night on The Town

    So as Riley had promised we are going out to the town. It had been three days since I went to school with him I was wanting to go see some of the store they had. Apparently the only stores you couldn't go in to stores that had glass jewelry or ornaments, everywhere else is enterable. Lucario said he wanted to get in some training before we left to go out so I agreed. I was going to use my Kukri against him as to his request. Apparently as he described me having the knife made me a more tactical fighter. I couldn't disagree, it helped me out in the fight against Graveler so I agreed.

    We began to fight and I started hand to hand first. For a change he was using a few physical moves, but I knew it was a trick to try to take me off my guard. As expected he then tried to use a close range aura sphere against me, I quickly grabbed his arm and he let it go right past my face. I then used my right leg to trip his left leg and spun him around by his arm and let him go. He balanced out quickly but he didn't expect me to throw my Kukri in his direction, He dodged left but got tricked. I was right next to him and sent a Force palm right on him and it sent him staggering. As he did I quickly grabbed his leg and started to spin him again. I threw him toward the wall on the left but he quickly balanced himself and he slid on his paws. He was still down, perfect opportunity. Before he could look up I ran up and did a jumping knee straight to his jaw.

    -ARGH!- But he wasn't finished, I was still in the air and he sent an aura sphere right on me that made me hit the ceiling, I got dazed and as I fell I saw him charging an attack with two of the nubs on his paw. He made his nubs into the shape of a gun and pointed it at me. I saw a pinkish purple energy glow in his nubs and I knew exactly what it was. It was a psychic attack, I guess it worked differently here. He shot it and it what as fast as a bullet and it hit me straight on. It hurt bad, that was the worst attack I have been hit by. I am a fighting type so it make sense why it hurt so bad. I got sent straight into the wall. There was some smoke made from the impact and energy and I made sure to grab something as I got up. Before he could think I threw the knife again he dodged it and waited for me to attack but I wasn't attacking from the front as he dodged he was watching from the front but I ran around him and caught my knife. When you can move at a max of 60 miles per hour you can do things like this. After catching the knife I jumped up in the air and tried to hit him with it. He noticed, turned around and used his arm spike to guard it. He then pushed up with his arms to push me back and I landed. He got out of his fighting stance and looked at me with a proud smile.

    -I believe that is enough for toady, Jae you have improved masterfully since the first time you came here. You have been able to calculate and come up with plans on the fly when you fight. For someone who wasn't originally a Pokémon I believe you have become a master at fighting like one, maybe even better because you add what you learned from as a human.- I smiled at him sheepishly.

    -Thanks Lucario, but I believe I have gotten used to being this way and not being a human anymore.- I explained

    -You think so? Do you actually mean that?- He questioned.

    Don't get me wrong I still will never touch Pokémon food but I think while living here I became more Pokémon than human. At first I got scared that I would lose myself if I didn't act like a human, but the more Pokémon I meet and more time I spend getting to learn what this body can do, and of course hanging out around you the more I realize how wrong I was. I am not human anymore, but I am still me, and the time that I have spent here has given me new interests like training with you and talking with other Pokémon, I still love gaming but I actually have more fun training with you then doing that.- I stated.

    He gave me an excited smile, -I am glad to hear that Jae, it's good to see you have adjusted so well. I could only imagine how hard it was for you but I am glad you have managed this well.-

    We then heard Claire call us to tell us we were heading out. -C'mon Lucario, let's go have a night on the town.

    He turned to me with a smile, -Can and will do!-

    We both booked it to the car like our tails were on fire and got inside. I was going to leave my Kukri behind but Martin insisted I take it with me, he must really want to keep his family safe. We then drove down the street to the town I saw just the other day. During the drive in the trees I noticed Ray and he noticed me in the car. We had both waved to each other before neither of us could see the other. We then made it to the town. They had beautiful shops all around, but nothing could beat the awesome fountain they had in the center of town. We parked next to the fountain, since it was around four not many people were there just yet, I was guessing afternoon traffic but it's cool we live close. We got out of the car and we stayed together for a minute but Claire told us what was going down.

    "Okay guys, I am taking Carol to get her new clothes, you guys go around and do what you like, Riley I know you wanted to buy a game so why don't you take Jae with you, he seems interested you know?" I nodded at him and he led the way while Martin, Lucario and I followed. It took us a minute but we found the game store and entered. It was pretty much like a Pokémon themed Game-stop. They had the sections, the games, the collectibles, the accessories, everything you found in a Game-stop. Riley started to look around in his system's section and I tried out the system I could get my paws on. Seemed like a smash brothers like game but with all Pokémon as the characters. Who do you think I played as. Move set was the same and he was the one I played as all the time, I put on a level 9 AI and got to work fighting. I fought their version of Shiek which was a Decidueye which is a falcon Pokémon with green feathers that is part ghost part grass type. I was having fun when Riley came over and noticed what I was playing.

    "You're playing that, funny that's the game I just bought look!" He showed me and I got hyped. "Hey when we get back to the house do you want to try it out with me Jae?" In return I just kept nodding over and over. Lucario then came over to speak with me, seemed that he had something he wanted to tell me.

    -Hey Jae, there is a store over here that Martin said you would really want to check out, and trust me I think you will like it too.- With that I followed him with Riley right behind us and he pointed to a store and went inside, wonder what store Martin wanted me to see. Martin you sly dog. It was a weapon shop. I was so happy. They had all sorts of themed items, gun shaped blades, giant swords and more. I saw a lot of cool things, they even had old-time guns that looked like ones from WW1 from where I used to live at. They had all sorts of cool weapons that Martin did already have but it reminded me that when I become a Lucario I might want to get a bigger weapon than this Kukri. We hung around there for a little while until we got bored and left. As we walked Lucario noticed something and got my attention again.

    -Check it out, it's a dojo that I have been to before, want to go check it out?- I nodded to him and he told Martin we wanted to go. He went along with us. We crossed the street and made it to the dojo. Man there were all sorts of fighting types in here. Some Hitmonlees, some Mienshoas, but the main focus was on a Machamp which is a huge muscle Pokémon with four arms and grey skin. He also has a duck-bill. They were doing all types of reps, practices, trainings, and excercises. I just watched them all for a little while till one of the Machops, which is a smaller two armed version of a Machamp(minus the duck-bill) came over to me.

    -Hey you're a Riolu! Would you spar with me please, I have heard about your kind and want to see if the rumors are true.- He asked kindly.

    Martin asked Lucario, "Hey what did he say?"

    Lucario went to telepathy and spoke, 'He said he would like to fight Jae if that wasn't a problem.-

    "Sure he can, I mean if he wants to." I then turned to the Machop and nodded.

    "Cool! Good to meet you Jae, let's have fun, I'm Alli." So I went with the male Machop to one of the fighting arenas. People and Pokémon were looking at us in wonder. Again Riolus were rare and it was a sight to see so I have no problem with it, as long as they don't get too close or touchy. We had a ref and he gave out the rules, no cheap(nut) shots, no weapons so I put my Kukri down and no knocking out, if you can't fight you can't fight. He then started the match.

    He came at me full force, he was slow so I just waited, when he swung he didn't know I used sucker punch. It didn't hurt him much but it knocked him down. He got shocked I knew that move and got up and started advancing slower. I decided to do the favor and had my arms ready. I closed my eyes and got ready. It scared him and freaked him out when I closed my eyes. My feelers on the sides of my head started rising and I was reading his aura. I was checking when he would attack so I could land a hit. As expected I saw the attack coming and ducked right under his fist to land a punch and then used my left paw to send a force palm to his back. When he tried to get up I noticed electricity flying from him. He got paralyzed. He got up after a minute and tried one more time for and attack, I stopped it with my paw. He was to weak to land another hit so I simply used my right leg to trip him. I held his paw so I wouldn't let him fall.

    -Hey good fight man, looks like I win this one, but I will be sure to fight with you again Alli!- I exclaimed.

    He looked at me shocked for a moment and then his expression turned to happiness, -WOW! You're amazing, did that Lucario teach you and you really mean it, you will fight me again?-

    I then stated, -Yeah he taught me, and of course I mean it, it isn't fair if you don't get a chance to win right.- He gave me a nod. We then told each other bye and everyone clapped for the match we had. We then left as I waved to him bye and grabbed my stuff. With us going to these places we blew about an hour and a half.

    Martin then told all of us, "Alright guys how about we go get those two from the clothing store and go get us some dinner?" We all agreed to that and headed out. It took us a couple of minutes to get to the clothing store and when we got there...Yeah just like any clothing store it's huge and it's packed. So Martin said he was going to say at the entrance to see if they came and Riley, Lucario and I would spread out and search the store. Lucario went the middle, Riley took the right and I took the left, because I was the only one who say the women's section sign. If I was a guessing Riolu, if they haven't purchased or left the store, they are probably in the fitting rooms. I searched around for a minute while getting stares from the women and Pokémon in the store. I saw Meowstics, Delphoxs and other female like Pokémon. I then finally found the fitting room and what do you know there was Claire. I walked up to her and yipped at her.

    She looked down at me and got suprised, "Oh Jae! Did Martin tell you to come looking for me?" I simply nodded at her. "Well I just need a minute, I can't decide which of these colors looks good on Carol, it's the same dress but I can't decide which color." She seemed in thought for a minute and she then got a look of realization on her face, "I KNOW! You decide which one is better. Carol ad I are indifferent what you decide which one looks better." I thought that was a good idea. Claire explained everything to Carol and she then showed me the first dress. It was a short dress that was pink in color, had a flower imprinted in the skirt. It was nice and he flower looked really good but I don't think pink looked good on her, looked good for her room but not that dress. She then brought out the next one which was the same in pattern but the color was a light blue. Again the flower looked great but that light blue color makes it stand out way more than the pink so it was the one I think they should choose, so I yipped and pointed to the blue one.

    Claire noticed, "You like the blue one better than the pink?" Carol took a look at herself as well.

    "I like the blue one too, mom!" Carol exclaimed.

    "Okay will get the blue one then." So I followed them to the register when Martin noticed us and came over.

    "Good you found them." Yeah I found them, where is the thanks. A minute later Lucario and Riley met up with us and told me thanks for finding them(see Martin) and we waited for Claire to pay. After that we finally left the place and we started walking down the side-walk an I was starting to get hungry. During this Martin spoke up.

    "Hey guys let's go find us something to eat." He suggested.

    Riley than asked, "Well what should we get to eat? Everyone started suggesting but nothing sounded good. I told Lucario my suggestion and he told everyone.

    'Jae suggested steak for dinner tonight.' Lucario said for me.

    "Huh, that's not a bad idea, what do you all think?" Martin questioned. Everyone nodded and agreed. "Alright I know a good place, follow me." We then followed Martin to the steakhouse. We passed by this really futuristic building on the way. I paid it no mind because I was hungry. We walked for about 5 minutes and we were there. This place was great, it got made to look like an old fashion building and the booths got made with this beautiful wood with cushions that were a rich red. We had to wait for a minute before we got ourselves a table. Martin, Riley and Lucario sat on one side and I sat with Carol and Claire. So we all got our orders and Lucario told them what I wanted which was a small steak and fries and everyone else got their own orders that were pretty much the same as mine. Everyone was talking. Riley was talking about the new games to his parents, Carol was talking about a drawing she made and I talked to Lucario about what went on at school that day and who that Scraggy was.

    -So he just up and attacked you?" He questioned.

    -Yeah, I had met him at the Pokémon center when he was mistreating a Buneary, I told him if he didn't stop I would make sure he could never do that to anyone again, and what do you know he up and left.- I explained.

    Lucario thought for a moment then spoke, -He went down in one move as well, he is nothing but a coward, trying to pick fights with those smaller than him. Seems like you showed him setting him down in one kick.-

    -Yeah, no kidding.- I agreed. Then our waiter finally brought our plates to us.

    "Here you are, everyone's plates!" She exclaimed. She handed everyone their food and when she handed me mine I tried to tell her thank you but she didn't understand. Thankfully Lucario was there.

    'He said thank you miss.' He said for me. She then looked to me with a smile.

    "Why you are quite welcome you little gentleman, seems like you guys have some well-trained Pokémon." I blushed at that funny little remark so bad my fur couldn't even hid the red. It also didn't help that everyone was smiling at me.

    During dinner we heard police cars go by but we ignored it because we were having fun. The steak was amazing, I hadn't had steak in a while and I dug in, I just didn't know if this was steak from an actual cow or a Miltank, probably better that I don't know. So we all finished our meals and told our waiter thank you for the meal and started to walk the sidewalk. We just kept talking and enjoying ourselves while we walked back to the car. Today had been a good day!

    Wait what the? That futuristic building I was talking about earlier had all sorts of police officers, cars and publicity around. What was going on? On the staircase leading up to the entrance I saw a man screaming and had someone in a choke hold and a gun in the other hand. The main officer was barking out orders to the hostage taker trying to get him to let the hostages go. All of the officers had their guns out but they wouldn't dare shot with a hostage in danger. Everyone had noticed it and Martin said to let the police handle this and we should move on, but I wasn't going to. I started running to the other side of the street and everyone started calling me to get back there but I didn't care. There was no way I just saw that but I had to make sure, I had to I ran up to the edge of the brigade and was trying to look between people's legs to get a better look.

    I heard the others behind me, "JAE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Screamed Riley.


    "JAE STOP, ARE YOU TRYING TO RUN AWAY?!" Pleaded Carol. No I wasn't but I had to see this.

    "JAE! YOU GET OVER HERE NOW!" Yelled Martin angrily.

    Lucario ran up beside me and yelled at me, -Jae! What are you doing you need to get back here, NOW! That man has a gun, don't try and be a hero!- I wasn't paying attention, I saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes but it was true it was actually true, and I only let one word slip from my mouth.

    -Mom?- that was it, Lucario repeated the phrase and looked over to the scene and saw who I was staring at. It was my mother, and she was still human, I don't understand why but she was. She was in a lab coat of some kind with her hair ruffled up but she wasn't hurt. She was around my original height and was five foot six inches. Her hair was medium length with some curls. I couldn't believe it, she was here and she was alive, but there was only one problem. She was in the hostage takers arms.

    She started screaming, "PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP, ALL I AM TRYING TO DO IS FIND MY SONS, THEIR NAMES ARE JON AND JAE SHIDEL!" Yep that was her, I hadn't told anyone here what my last name was. Lucario gave me a look of confusion, I guess he didn't believe that was my mother but I think he does now.

    "QUIET HOAR, UNLESS YOU WANT A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD!" Oh no! This was bad, I had to do something. No, I couldn't if I did she could get killed, I had to let the police handle this.

    "NO!" She screamed while struggling to try to get out of his grip. "SIR PLEASE YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING NOW!"




    The man stood still for a moment, my mother still in his arms when he finally spoke up, "You know you're right. What would I gain from killing her?" He then pushed her away in front of him, she turned to look at him scared, "Well what are you waiting for, GO!" He yelled. My mom then started walking down the steps.

    Oh thank god, THANK GOD! I couldn't believe it, not only was my mom alive but she was here. That was the most stressful moment in my entire life, I couldn't go through losing someone again. I can't speak to her but I can still be with her. I wonder if I could get Lucario to explain for me so I could spend time with her, wait LUCARIO! He could translate and tell her it's me, she will be able to see me and speak to me again! I am so happy I could just cry, I couldn't wait to spend time with her again!

    *P-TAFF!* *THUD!*

    It felt like the world had frozen, nobody was moving to what I saw, it was like I was the only one who could move, but I wasn't moving, I was having a crisis in my mind.

    What, what just happened? No, no, no, no, NO! THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN, THAT COULDN'T HAPPEN. WHY! HOW COULD I BE SO DAMN USELESS, I SHOULD OF DONE SOMETHING, I SHOULD HAVE, I KNOW! None of this was real, it was a dream, a nightmare. I got put to sleep by a Darkrai and was having a nightmare. OH GOD PLEASE, she didn't deserve it, I didn't deserve it WHY!

    Everything around me was still frozen and I just waited for this nightmare to unravel itself, I waited, and waited but nothing. It seemed like it was true.

    No, it happened, that wasn't fake, there was no way it couldn't be fake. It happened, I can't change it, but there is something I can change. Without even thinking or doing anything my body just moved. I guess my body knew what I wanted before I could even try to do it. I had no control, it was almost as if it was instinct, like I had to do it but I also had no choice to do it. With no sound and no feeling my legs started moving.

    And a scream rang out.

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    Chapter 10 Aftermath

    Have you ever lost someone you love before? It is probably one the worst feelings you will ever experience in your life. I had experienced death in my family before. Long distance relatives dying and grandmothers or grandfathers dying is one thing. But experiencing a close family members death is something else. Being told that they have died is one thing but experiencing their deaths is something else. Believe or not I have experienced that pain before now.


    (2 years before change, Jae POV)

    I couldn't believe it! I actually got a date with her! This was incredible, the girl I liked named Elizabeth actually accepted to go on a date with me! Even better I told her I liked her and she said she liked me too! This was the first time we went out as Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

    I told her I didn't have a license but she didn't care, she liked me for who I was. I was getting ready for my date when my mom walked in, "Hey who is my handsome young man!?"

    "Mom I am not young, I am sixteen now." I insisted to her.

    "I know but I am so proud of you, my boys first date, it's a great day as a parent!" She explained.

    "Yeah it's pretty cool, remember now she needs to go back by nine so I need you guys to pick me up by eight okay." I demanded of her.

    "I know son, we will pick you both up by eight okay." She promised me. I then nodded at her and continued to get ready. I got everything done, got cleaned up, got nice clothes on, the whole shebang. My mom then drove me to the movie theatre where she was waiting.

    Elizabeth was just a little shorter than me but the same age. She had natural black hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a simple blue shirt and jeans and was waiting for me there. She noticed me and greeted me.

    "Hey Jae! Did you get all dressed up for me?" She guessed.

    "Yeah I just didn't want to disappoint you." I revealed to her.

    "Well you did a pretty good job to not disappoint me, anyway you remember I have to go back by nine okay, I don't live to far away so-" I then cut her off to tell her something.

    "Don't worry my mom will pick us up right after the movie, you will be on time okay." She gave me a nod to tell me she understood. We then proceeded into the theatre and got to our seats for the movie. We had pop corn and each of us had a soda for while we watch the movie.

    We had been halfway through the movie when she spoke up, "You know Jae? There was something I always liked about you, well besides your personality that is."

    That actually surprised me, "Oh, well thanks for the compliment, I think your personality is amazing too, but what was the other thing you like about me?" I asked blushing heavily.

    "It's your last name, Shidel. I think it is a beautiful name." She stated.

    "Wait really? I am actually surprised you like it that much, I mean it's nothing special." I said humbly.

    She looked at me with a shocked face, "Stop being so humble, there is no reason you should. You are better than you think you are." That response surprised me.

    "Oh! I am sorry it's just I just don't want to brag or anything, I think you are a thousand times better than I am anyway." I explained.

    "Hey Jae?" She asked.

    I turned to look at her and asked, "Yes what is-" I got cut off by a kiss from her. It was probably the greatest feeling I had ever experienced in my life, I couldn't believe it my first kiss. We sat there for a minute and I just enjoyed the moment. After we stopped she looked at me.

    "Well you might not think you are that great, but I think you are one of the greatest guys I have ever met." That comment filled me with joy, I had known Elizabeth for years, this was amazing. I think our relationship might even go farther.

    So I wrapped my arm around her and she just laid her head on my shoulder. We enjoyed the rest of the movie and just waited outside for my parents to pick us up. It was now 8:30, 15 minutes past when the movie ended, what happened they should have been here by now. Elizabeth looked just as concerned and around 8:40 she spoke up.

    "NO! I have to get home, my parents are going to kill me if I don't get home on time!" I got worried, what should I do? "WAIT JAE! I only live a bit away, could you please walk with me there?" My parents bailed on me it seemed so I wasn't going to let her down.

    "Alright, I will walk you home." She smiled and we started walking. We had walked for about ten minutes when I noticed that there was someone following us, it was nighttime to I knew something was wrong. I grabbed her arm real quick and started walking fast.

    "Someone is following us we need to move now!" I said seriously. We started walking faster and I noticed her getting scared. We were about to pass another set of buildings when someone walked out from the side, oh CRAP!

    The man in front of us spoke, "Well look what we have here a couple of lovebirds out on the town." Then the man who was behind us came up and started talking.

    "Yeah don't you two think you should go at home?" He questioned.

    "That's where we going now." I said calmly.

    "Well would you like one of us to give you directions?" The man in front asked.

    "That won't be necessary I know the way, it is where I live after all." Elizabeth spoke up shakily. They started walking closer backing us into an alley way. This was really bad.

    "Hey why do you look so scared, you can trust us." The second man said while pulling out a knife. I had to find a way to get us out of this. I noticed a steel rod sitting on the side of a dumpster and I started to reach for it. As the man with the knife got closer I quickly picked it up and smacked him right in the face with it.

    "ELIZABETH RUN!" I said while running toward the other man and slamming him with the rod. Elizabeth started to run but was got grabbed by the first guy I hit.

    "Where do you think you are going you wench!" I saw him grab her and turned around to try to hit him.


    "What just?" I asked scared. I looked down and saw blood coming down from where my right side is. I fell to the ground with a thud and held my side in agony. I saw Elizabeth scared out of her wits and breathing really fast.

    "Good shot." Said the man holding Elizabeth.

    "Yeah, DAMN IT! That kid knocked out a tooth." Screamed the man with a gun. "I am going to make him pay for that!" I looked up and saw he picked up the metal pipe.

    "What you gonna do, kill him?" Asked the other man.

    The man with the pipe smiled and said, "No." Then he quickly spun around and bashed Elizabeth in the face. She fell down while screaming. Her screams gave me enough strength to push myself up and, oh god....

    He just kept swinging as she was on the ground, she had already been knocked out and he just, just, OH MY GOD! I couldn't even do anything but sit there and watch, I couldn't even move. Then a scream from outside the alley rang out and the two went off running. With the last of my strength I crawled over to her body and grasped her hand with my right hand.

    My last words before my consciousness left me was, "I am so sorry."

    When I awoke I was in the hospital, my family was there but I was furious. I was so mad, if they were there on time they could have saved her! I was screaming at them asking what they could be doing that was so important. In short they were fighting. Parents get into arguments all the time, but it didn't excuse them, it would never excuse them, if they were there it would have kept her alive.

    Guess what else her parents were mad at me too, I wasn't going to hear it, I told them that I loved her and if you want the real culprits go yell at my parents. I attended her funeral, no matter if her parents were against it. This put me in a bad depression, I hardly did anything. I had my friends and my brother, they helped me through it but the pain never truly goes away. It was horrible, but my friends understood and consoled me. This also made me more aggressive. I would attack people who even dared talk bad about her. It took awhile but I did forgive my parents, but I still held them responsible for it.

    The pain I felt back then was atrocious, I knew her since elementary, knew her for years. So to lose someone who I had known for years was a horrible feeling.

    And now I have experienced the same pain all over again.


    (Lucario POV, present)

    I had heard Jae say mom and saw the women in the mans grasp, it was the only one Jae was looking at so it was her. She was in the same lab coats that the people who work in that building wear. She screamed out "Jon and Jae Shidel" so that was Jae's last name. The police sergeant was calling out for him to let her go and what would he get out of doing this. The man stopped for a minute then let her go. He told her to get on and go to the officers. I smiled, I looked down at Jae and saw the same kind of happiness I felt, looked like he would get his mother back.

    *P-TAFF!* With the gunshot I heard I quickly looked toward and saw Jae's mother fall to the ground. Oh no. I couldn't believe that just happened, what kind of sick person would kill and innocent woman like that. The man then got a smile on his face and spoke up.

    "At least this way I can survive." He stated proudly. This sick freak, how could he do that to her. I looked at Jae and, OH NO!

    Jae was reaching for his Kukri and I knew exactly what he was about to do, I jumped at him to try to tackle him to the ground but he took off. He then ran through the people's legs and when he started running up the stairs he started screaming.


    *F-SHIK!* With that the man started having blood run from his lips. He looked down and saw Jae hanging from him with the dagger impaled into his chest. Everyone in the crowd, all the police officers, and I could only guess the family was watching this as well. I turned around to look at them and saw Claire horrified wither covering Carol's eyes and hugging her, Riley had his hands over his mouth and his eyes wide open, and Martin had a face of horror and rage. When I turned around I noticed Jae's face. The look in Jae's eye was nothing I had seen before. His eyes were thin slits with almost all the red showing. His face didn't look like a Pokémon who was calm and collected, he almost looked, feral.

    *F-SLASH!* With that Jae had turned the blade around with the edge pointed toward the sky and he pulled upwards to rip the blade up and out of the mans left shoulder. He almost chopped off the arm. I couldn't even explain how much blood there was. The man started screaming and backing away while Jae just stood there with blood on his blade and in his fur. The man then looked at Jae angrily and pointed his gun and fired.

    *P-TAFF!* Complete miss, Jae was moving and side-stepped a couple of time until he jumped up and rammed the blade through the mans stomach. The man fell with a thud, and Jae quickly jumped into the air while the man tried to cover the new wound with his right hand, which was holding his gun. Then Jae came right back down and impaled the blade through his hand and into his stomach again. His hand got stuck and he couldn't use his gun.

    Then Jae put both of his paws around the mans neck. The man then gathered enough strength to lift his left arm and punch Jae three times.

    *POW!* *POW!* *POW!* *CRUNCH*

    When the man tried to throw a fourth punch Jae bit right into the mans fist and dug his fangs in. Jae got a bloody nose from the punches but he recovered quickly. After biting in the man started screaming again.

    But then I saw it. I saw white electricity building up from Jae's paws. It got brighter, and brighter, and brighter until-


    With that it was over, Jae sent eight force palms straight into the mans throat. There were cracks in the concrete underneath the mans head. He was dead, the first force palm had broken his neck, what Jae had done was overkill. Jae got up from the man and ripped the Kukri out and put it in his sheath. When Jae turned around there was blood on his muzzle, on his paws, and his torso and some running from his nose where he got punched. Everyone else was still dead still. No one even dared to make a move, not even me. Jae then proceeded to walk down the stairs.

    To the exact spot his mother's body was.

    He stood there for a moment looking down at her, I think he believed it could have been a dream. He then fell to his knees, held her head in his paws and started wailing.



    He just sat there bawling. He broke, there was nothing left holding back his tears, he had enough, that was the breaking point. I saw the police officers start to advance but I was the first to approach. I quickly ran past all of them in the blink of an eye and was beside Jae. I put my hand on his shoulder and he quickly turned around and stared at me with a face that said, "CAN'T YOU SEE I HAVE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH." His face stayed that way for a second until he realized it was me. I felt so bad for him, he had already been through enough, he shouldn't have had to deal with this too.

    I then spoke to him, -Stay with her okay, leave everything else to me.- With that he nodded with tears in his eyes and went back to hugging his mother's head tight.

    About an hour later I had informed the police of a lie that Jae had known that woman from the Pokémon center for a month. The police, Martin and I went and built the scene of the crime. Jae hadn't moved an inch, he was in the same spot I had told him to stay in. I then noticed Martin walk up to him and stop a foot away.

    "Jae, you broke my rule, I should not even have to tell y-" Before Martin could even finish speaking Jae unhooked his Kukri's sheath around him and threw it a few feet away from. He then continued hugging his mother's head without even a word. That is it, I was about to have a talk with Martin, I quickly went up to him and grabbed his arm and dragged him a few feet away.

    "Lucario what has gotten into you!?" Martin demanded.

    'Where the hell do you get off!?' I questioned.

    "What do you mean Lucario?!" He asked angrily.

    'YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE HAS GONE THROUGH!' I shouted with telepathy.

    "OH YEAH LUCARIO, AND DO YOU SEE WHAT HE DID TO THIS MAN?" I looked to the man with disgust.



    So I came up with an excuse, 'Well let me tell you this. You do still realize that Jae is only three months old. That women had visited him in the center multiple times and they grew a bond. He knew her for a third of his life, so to him he had known her for pretty much most of his life. You do get that right? You want to try to make him feel worse than he already is, well before that let me remind you that Jae had risked his life to save me and your SON! So how about you be a little understanding and be there for him like he was there for Riley and I.' That seemed to shut him up. Apparently his mother was working here at this futuristic building because an officer came by and told us they found her work I.D. here. Her name is Cindy Shidel.

    Jae was still with his mother but we had to move her now. But it looks like someone had that already taken care of. They put their hand on Jae's head and that got him to look up. Claire had put her hand on his head and started stroking him.

    "Come on Jae, we need to go okay." She said to him with remorse. He then slowly turned around and hugged her waist. He still had blood on him so some of it got her clothes but that was the least of her concerns. "Let's go home okay, let them handle this and we will go get you cleaned up." Jae just nodded still hugging her. She then slowly wrapped her arms around him and lifted him up. She then walked back to Riley and Carol and I proceeded to go back and help fix the scene.


    (Carol's POV)

    Well mommy and daddy said I had to come to this funeral thing. Apparently it had something to do with the woman from the other night. Mommy said she had passed away and that she was someone close to him. We had gotten in the car and I was wearing this black dress, I don't like black so why are they making me wear this. I looked at Jae and he was frowning. Mommy said not to bother him, he wasn't in a mood to play apparently.

    We drove for a while until we were at this place called a grave yard and we got out of the car. Jae just walked over to the area where the tent was. A bunch of my dads coworkers were there at this and had their uniforms on, better than what I was wearing. There was a staircase next to this black box and inside was the woman from the other night. I saw Jae start to tear up and my mom told me to get back. The funeral didn't last long and they lowered the casket into the dug hole. My mom then handed Jae a flower and Jae threw it on top of the box's lid. Once it was over we all got into the car and drove back to the house. Jae didn't do anything but walk upstairs and back into his and Lucario's room. I didn't see him for the rest of the night, he didn't even come down for dinner, was he not hungry? Nighttime came and mom said it was time for bed. I went to my room to lay down and fall asleep.

    I stood awake for a couple of hours, I was just too worried about Jae, he hadn't eaten and it was really late. I opened my door slowly and walked to Lucario and Jae's room. Inside I saw Lucario but not Jae, where was he? I went downstairs when I started hearing something from the training room. I took a peek inside and saw Jae standing in the center of the room. There was some blue energy surrounding him and in a moment. What the?

    It was a blue hologram, but it was a hologram of the woman in the box from the funeral. The hologram then started speaking.

    "Okay son, show me the trick you learned how to do." Jae's muzzle turned to the first smile I had seen on him all day. He then proceeded to do kicks, punches, force palms and all sorts of neat tricks. He then turned to the hologram who was clapping her se through hands. "That was amazing Jae!" He then replied to her in a language I couldn't understand.

    The hologram continued to speak, "Jae I am so proud of you. You have grown up so well, even if you aren't human anymore. I am proud you are my son Jae!" Son? What did she mean, how was Jae her son? Jae then ran up to the hologram and the hologram bent down and gave Jae a hug and he returned the favor. They sat there for a moment happily but Jae started to cry. The hologram looked down at Jae.

    "What's wrong Jae? Why are you crying, I am here aren't I?" I saw Jae start to get more upset. "I will always be here for you Jae." With that sentence the hologram shattered and Jae slammed his head in the ground and screamed.




    I just left him there, he was in so much pain, I couldn't do anything to help him at that moment. That hologram said Jae was her son, and the woman had said Jae and Jon Shidel. I don't know if it's true but I will leave it alone for now and I would leave him alone for now. I then took my leave while hearing him scream some more and headed upstairs to my room to go back to bed.
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    Chapter 11 Pain of Loss

    (Riley POV)

    So I woke up the next morning after the funeral and went to go check up on Jae. I opened the door to their room and saw Lucario had gotten out of bed but Jae was still asleep. I was going to ask if he wanted to go to school with me again but I decided against it, he went through enough the past two days, he deserved his sleep. It was a school day so mom made me breakfast and I told her see ya after I ate. I went to school the same way I always do and went to the cafeteria where I saw Arin and Hyabusa were waiting there. Arin ran up to me though, he seemed freaked out and excited.

    "DUDE! HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEWS!" The news? He watches the news? But anyways I answered him.

    "No, what happened?" I quizzed.

    He then got more shocked when I said that, "I couldn't believe it man, there was a hostage situation shown on the news and the man killed a hostage! I thought it was fake but no, others had closed their cameras but this news crew didn't. Then out of nowhere a Riolu jumped in and killed the guy, it was insane!" I had a face of worry on me and he noticed it, "What's wrong? What got you looking scared?" I didn't want to say it but I thought it would be better not to keep secrets, well at least from him.

    "Look man, keep this on low okay, the riolu on the film was Jae." I said quietly. His and Hyabusa's eyes widened at that comment.

    He then whispered, "What? You serious man, I mean I didn't know any other riolus but I didn't think it was Jae."

    "It was, it scared me but apparently Jae knew the woman who got killed. I wanted to bring him here but he is really depressed about losing her so I refrained from it. He is hurting bad now man, just don't bring it up that it was him okay." Arin nodded at me and I saw Hybusa with a face of remorse. I helped him feel better though, "Hey don't worry Hyabusa, Jae is strong, he will get better before you know it." He half smiled at me, glad Jae had a good friend like him.

    So classes went on as usual through the day, but at lunch I was eating with Arin and Hyabusa when you know who came by. "Well look at the crybaby, where is your body guar at today?"

    I looked over to Caden and gave him a death glare, "What do you want Caden, and Jae is at home, he didn't want to come today." Caden gave me a sinister smile.

    "I think I know why he wouldn't want to go, especially after killing a man!" He exclaimed. What how did he know!

    "I don't know what you're talking about." I lied nervously.

    "Your lying, my friend saw your parents and you there when it happened, it was your Riolu, and you know what?" He then turned to everyone in the lunch room. "HEY EVERYONE GUESS WHAT, RILEY'S RIOLU WAS THE RIOLU FROM THE NEWS, HE IS THE ONE WHO KILLED THAT INNOCENT MAN!" Everyone started talking, some said why would I keep it, some called Jae a freak, some said Jae should have been put down, I wasn't having any of this!


    "He's innocent because anyone that does pain to you or your friends is a friend of mine, I saw him crying on the film and it was the greatest sight I've ever seen, he is even more of a crybaby than you ever were." Okay I had enough of him, he went to far this time, he can mess with me and do what he wants to me but you don't mess with my friends! I may not like hurting people but you know what?

    "Hey Caden, I just realized something." I said plainly.

    "Oh and what's that freak lover?" He said while pointing his nose at me. I then quickly socked him right in his stupid face and he held his nose with his hands. I wasn't done yet, as he bent over I took hold of his hair and kneed him in the face as hard as I could. He fell to the ground crying.

    "I realized that I don't have to feel bad about hurting people who mess with my friends!" I yelled at him.

    I left but none of the teachers noticed somehow, I think the principal noticed but felt it as justified, I don't know but I wasn't caught and I wasn't called up to the office, guess Caden follows the no snitching rule, an I guess no one told it was me. If anyone started crap trying to make Jae look like a monster, then I would show no mercy to any of them!


    (Lucario POV)

    I was waiting for Jae to wake up, I wanted to see if he was okay, it was already noon so I made sure. I went upstairs to our room and saw him sitting up and looking down. -Hey Jae? Are you alright?- He looked up for a moment and stared at me then went right back to looking down.

    -You should already know the answer.- He said in monotone. This wasn't something he would get over in two days, he lost his mother, no matter how strong you are I don't think anyone could stay that strong in this situation.

    "I see, Claire has your food ready and if there is anything I can do please let me know." He looked at me a bit more upbeat but not much.

    "Look Lucario, I am grateful you are trying to help but, I don't think it will, it might even make it worse. Just give me sometime and don't be too forceful." He gave me a weak smile, "I will come out of this eventually, I promise." He stated. I think that was all I needed to know. He then got out of bed and followed me to the kitchen where Claire was.

    "OH! Hey Jae, remember when we went to the market, I saw you really seemed interested in pizza, so for breakfast I thought I would change it up and make you some!" She then bent over to show Jae the pizza, he still looked sad but his face changed to a weak smile. He gave her small yip as to say thank you.

    That is good to know, Jae is eating and drinking so isn't trying to keep from eating. I've heard that some humans stop eating when they go into depression. I've even heard when Pokémon lose someone close to them they will starve themselves to death. So Jae ate the pizza, he just dug into it, either he was really hungry or really loved pizza. He then proceeded to just watch T.V. for a while. He seemed to watch this show where Pokémon were ninja's and all sorts of abilities. It seemed there was a fight between two riolus. One was female and one was male. They were fighting in an odd fashion. Not exactly how we Lucarios or Riolus fight but it was fun to watch.

    Jae didn't really do much for the day but when Martin came home he saw Jae was still depressed while watching the T.V. Then Martin did something that I don't think I can forgive him for.

    "So your still in here moping about that woman huh?" Jae just looked toward him in a "what are you trying to say" kind of face. Martin continued, "You know I really don't get you, I was so happy to bring you here when I first met you but now! I am starting to regret my son's decision." Jae had a look of anger on his face, one just as bad as the face from the other night, Claire was speechless and I was about to tell him to stop but he continued.

    "You have caused me a lot of problems, you killing that guy has caused me and the force a lot of problems. We have publicity and people who think you need execution at our doorstep, they're rioting, breaking things, causing vandalism and all of this trouble over WHAT! Just a woman who nobody cares about!" With that Jae jumped from where he was sitting and latched on to Martin shirt collar and screamed.

    -HOW DARE YOU, SHE WAS MY MOTHER! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I HAVE GONE THROUGH LOSING HER AND YOU WANT TO COME IN HERE AND TELL ME WHY I DID IT, GO TO HELL MARTIN, GO JOIN THE BASTARD WHO KILLED MY MOTHER!- With that Jae let go and landed on the ground. He then took his time to go all the way upstairs and I assume he headed to our room. I then took the liberty to grab Martin's shirt collar as well.

    'I warned you once Martin! As I stated he has been through enough without you doing this to him, if you knew what he said then you would have realized how much in the wrong you are! Next time you pull this stunt I will make sure you regret it!' I screamed in telepathy.

    "OH REALLY LUCARIO! WELL MAYBE YOU SHOUL-" Before he could finish the sentence Claire came over.


    With that Claire started speaking, "STOP IT MARTIN! If you were a man you would stop treating someone who is three months old like this and apologize!" That shut him up, his eyes were wide and he looked to the ground in shock. He then proceeded to head upstairs.


    (Martin POV)

    I walked up the stairs as I got told off by my wife and Lucario. I think they were right, I went too hard on him, it wasn't fair and it wasn't right. I walked to their room and saw Jae was sitting on the cushion next the window just watching outside. I don't think he noticed me so I spoke first.

    "Hey Jae?" He turned his head to look at me without moving.

    -Rio?- I believe he said what but I wasn't to sure.

    "Jae I wanted to apologize, I went too far. That woman, Cindy, she seemed very important to you, enough so that you would go and take down the man who took her life. I don't know who she was or what she meant to you but I am so sorry I said what I said, it wasn't right for me to say and I shouldn't have said it, can you not hate me for it, please?"

    Jae sat there for a minute, I didn't know what the response would be. He was furious a moment ago so I wouldn't be surprised if he said no. But shockingly I saw him nod his head while somewhat looking at me. "Thank you Jae, and again I'm sorry."

    I saw him nod again and he went back to looking outside. I then left the room while thinking to myself how stupid I was for saying that. I know it seems dumb but sometimes I get frustrated and I take it out on others, I got stressed from everyone giving me and the crew up at the police department hell about not doing anything with Jae. I guess I was just so mad and Jae got made the target, and it wasn't right. So if anyone thinks my apology wasn't genuine I can tell you it was.


    (Jae POV)

    Everyone was helping in their own way (except for Martin who I was about ready to fight) but I don't think it was enough. I was still not feeling it, her death it just, I don't know it's like someone reopened a wound that was already there. Losing her just broke me, I saw her death than next thing I know I am standing over the corpse of the man. It happened so fast, I couldn't even tell what happened.

    I was just watching outside at that time, it was so peaceful. It just helped watching the sky. My mother was amazing, she was kind and sweet. Both my parents had their times where they would hurt or make me feel bad, but nobody is perfect. I remember one time my mom had started to take me and my brother to school. We both had projects to turn in and I realized I left my project at home. My mom said we would turn around and go and get it. I got confused cause we were taking a different route on a highway. We then stopped at one of those rest stops on the side of the interstate and she gave me a snack while I complained Jon and I were late. She then told me to look in the trunk.

    i saw the trunk filled with suitcases and packed food. My mom surprised us and told us we were going to Disney World. That was probably one of my favorite moments with her, but now I can't make any more of those memories. All I could do now was look up at the sky where she was now.

    After about two or three hours I heard Riley come in and Claire who had picked up Carol. I decided to stay though. I still wasn't very social so I wasn't in the mood. I heard Claire screaming at Riley, apparently he had gotten into a fight and he won it, wow good for him. I sat there for a while until my door opened, it was Carol.

    She just stood there for a moment like she was trying to decide to get closer or not. I just gave her a yip to tell her hey.

    She then spoke, "Jae? Are you still upset?" I just turned my head to her and nodded. "Could you please, not be upset anymore?" What? I know she is young but it's not that simple. I just shook my head at her. She then did something I didn't expect. She ran up to me and hugged me from behind, but it wasn't her death-grip ones, it was a genuine and kind hug.

    She had tears in her eyes when she spoke up, "JAE PLEASE STOP! I KNOW YOU CARED ABOUT HER BUT I CAN'T SEE YOU LIKE THIS ANYMORE! I WANT THE ONE THAT DREW WITH ME BACK! I WANT THE ONE THAT TAUGHT ME HOW TO PLAY GAMES BACK! I WANT MY FRIEND BACK, I WANT YOU BACK!" She continued to cry as I just sat there in her arms. I didn't know what to say, has me acting like this hurt her this much, I had no idea. I don't think I will ever truly be over her death, who would be, but I think I can stop moping and get back to my life, and give Carol her friend back. So I turned around in her arms gave her a big smile and hugged her. I saw a smile light up on her face.

    "Jae! This is the first time I have seen you smile since then! Thank you Jae!" She then hugged me tighter, I would have returned it but I proceeded to lose air in my lungs. Just then though Claire called her and she let me go before I suffocated. I then proceeded out of the room to get some air. I walked downstairs and got greeted by Lucario.

    -Oh hey, are you feeling better?- Felt like I would keep hearing that question.

    So I answered truthfully, -About her death, no. But in general yeah I feel better.- He seemed confused.

    -Wait that fast how? What made you, you know, feel better?- So I just pointed at Carol in the kitchen. Lucario got recognition and just stared at me.

    -You know she really is a good pep talker, maybe she should become a cheerleader but let's be honest, I want to see what kind of art she would make when she is older.- I said proudly but then I thought of something. -Hey Lucario could I ask for a favor?-

    He looked at me stupid like "why ask", -Yeah sure, what is it?-

    I then explained, -Not today but, I think tomorrow, I want you to make a call for me.- He looked at me like I had four heads.

    -WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?- He screamed.


    (Carol POV)

    Mommy and daddy said it was time for bed. I had spent time with Jae earlier, he drew with me again. Once I got into my room and closed the door I was deep in thought. I knew, I knew exactly who she was. I don't know what happened to Jae or whatever caused this but, that was his mother. There was just no way it could be, but there is no way it couldn't either, what I saw last night was proof. Rest assured though, he is my friend, whatever happened is in the past, and I always keep a friends secret.
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    Chapter 12 Meet Up

    -Wait Jae! Are you sure you want to do this?- I looked toward Lucario in frustration.

    -Yes! Lucario this is what I want, I think meeting new people might help me. I like meeting the other Pokémon around but, I really want to meet other Pokémon who are my age.- I explained.

    -You are three months old.- He said plainly.

    I looked at him with a "Really" type look, -Lucario you should already know what I mean.-

    -I know, I know.- He said half-laughing. I heard Martin on the phone with the first guy.

    "Hey man it's Martin.......Yeah I know it's been a while man, being the chief of police doesn't help......Yeah I am chief of police.......Okay the reason I called was because I have a new Pokémon here that Riley found out in the woods........It's a riolu.........Yes I know they're rare, listen the reason I wanted to call was to see if Cole wanted to come and train with him........Wait, what are you serious!" He said that last part kind of scared, I noticed Lucario was kind of scared too. "Oh, I am so sorry.....wait Cole's son? He had a son?!.......You actually think he would want to come here?.....Wait Darian is gonna bring him here......Alright that sounds good, see you later today, oh also don't tell them it's a Riolu, I want it to be a surprise." Lucario walked up to Martin.

    'Cole is, actually gone?' He asked in telepathy sadly.

    "Yeah he is gone, Ulrich won't be coming, his son Darian and Cole's son Flynt will be coming over instead." He explained.

    'I can't believe it, what could have happened to him?' Martin just shook his head to tell him he didn't know.

    Lucario looked distraught, they must have been close, -Hey Lucario, I know how you feel man, it will be okay.- He started to look calmer when I said that. Martin then dialed another number and it seemed a woman picked up.

    "Hey Lilly it's Martin, how are you and Barry doing?.........Great how are Gareth and Griffon?.......That is good to hear, hey listen I don't know if you can but my son has a new Pokémon here that wants to make some friends.......it's a riolu.......Yes I know they are rare and I know it is kind of unfair but that's what he is asking for!.......Okay so I will see you and Barry here along with Griffon and Gareth, also don't tell Gareth or Griffon, let it be a surprise he is a Riolu........Alright see you around soon." He then hung up and told us they would be here soon.

    So Lucario and I discussed it with Martin that we would let it be a surprise to all of them who or what I was, couldn't wait to see the look on their faces.


    (Lucario POV)

    So me and Jae were watching T.V. when we heard the doorbell ring, I told Jae to head upstairs and I went to go see who it was. Martin beat me to the door and he opened it. On the other side was a african-american teenager with thin hair and standing next to him was a Blaziken. A Blaziken a two-legged bird that had talons for hands and feet. He had a red muzzle with blue eyes. He had tan feathers going from the back of his head that formed two longs strands that form a triangular spike. He has red feather and tan feathers running along his body except for the arms, hands and feet. Martin greeted first.

    "Hey there Darian, it's me Martin, you remember me from when you were young, right?" He asked.

    "Yeah I remember." He said in a somewhat deep tone, a little deeper than Riley.

    "And I also see you brought Flynt, it's good to meet you Flynt, I knew your father when he was young." He explained.

    -Really? Oh! My dad did mention you at one point!- He said in a very upbeat and light male tone.

    I then spoke, -Hello Flynt, it's good to meet you, I am a friend of your father's, Lucario.- He gave me an odd look.

    -YOU ARE LUCARIO! My god, my dad told me tons about you, he said even with his type advantages he still had trouble fighting you!- He exclaimed. Huh seems Cole id tell about us, did I really leave that much of an impact he would tell his son? -Well anyway where is my opponent, Mr. Ulrich wouldn't tell us!-

    -You will have to wait for everyone else, there are some others coming here too, then we will let you meet him okay.- He gave me a nod and we all sat down. We waited for about fifteen minutes until we heard the door again.

    When Martin opened there was a blond, long-haired woman with green eyes and a brown, short-haired, blue-eyed man. That was Lilly and Barry. Standing next to them was a Gallade and a Gardevoir, Gallade is a green and white skinned Pokémon with a somewhat helmet like head with a red horn coming out of it, his arms were actually blades and were really sharp. The gardevoir is a green and white skinned Pokémon with a horn from her back and chest, she had thin arms and a long skirt making her look like she had no legs. Besides their skin a trait they both shared was their deep red eyes.

    "Hey there all!" Said Lilly in her calm yet somewhat deep voice.

    "Long time no see Martin." Barry exclaimed in a young tone.

    'Hey there Martin, Lucario!' Said Griffon in her telepathy. She had a German accent.

    -Hey Lucario what's going on?- And Gareth had a light Italian accent.

    'Not much how are you all doing?' I asked them.

    Lilly spoke up, "We are doing great Lucario, we can't wait to meet your new friend!" While she was speaking I noticed Griffon looking upstairs to the bedroom Jae was in, she then got a smile and proceeded into the living room along with Gareth, there they noticed Flynt.

    Gareth spoke first, -Oh, Cole, I didn't know you were showing up too!- He exclaimed.

    He quickly corrected him though, -I am not Cole, I am Flynt his son, my dad is no longer with us.- He said sadly.

    -Wait Cole died?!- asked Griffon normally.

    -Yes but, I don't know what else to say but, ca we drop it, anyway it's nice to meet you, I am Flynt!- He exclaimed.

    -It's very nice to meet you Flynt I think your father would be proud.- Said Gareth with Griffon nodding in agreement.

    -Thanks.- He said plainly.

    I then spoke up in telepathy, 'Alright everyone wait here and I will go get the guy who wanted to meet you!' I then walked upstairs to go get Jae.


    (Jae POV)

    I was waiting for Lucario to finally come and get me, I heard talking from outside down in the living room, anticipation was killing me, Lucario wouldn't tell me what his friends were either so I had no idea what anyone looked like. I then heard my door open and Lucario was there, he gave me a nod and we both walked downstairs, he gave me an introduction.

    'Alright ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my close friend.' He stopped to let me come out.

    -HEY EVERYONE I AM JAE!- I took a look around and saw a African-American teenager, what I couldguess was a married couple and a Blaziken, Gallade and Gardevoir. The woman in the couple had a face of joy, the teenager had a face of wonder and the husband, Blaziken, and Gallade were in shock. The Gardevoir just had a smile on her face though.

    The what I presumed wife spoke up and came over to me, "OH MY GOSH! He is so cute, it's so nice to meet you, uh.." Lucario told her my name and she finished, "JAE! It is nice to meet you Jae, I am Lilly, my husband is Barry over there." I gave her a yip and shook her hand with my paw. The Blaziken and Gallade walked up next.

    -Wait are you serious, we are fighting you?!- Exclaimed Gallade.

    -You are just, so small though!- Said Blaziken shockingly.

    -Well then, that makes me harder to hit!- I exclaimed. They both laughed a little at that one. The Gallade then turned to the Gardevoir.

    -Griffon, why aren't you surprised at all?- She gave him a smirk.

    -Because Gareth, I said your name since you said mine, thanks for ruining the surprise. I knew because I read Barry and Lilly's minds.- So she can read minds huh, hat seems rather unfair, -It really isn't that unfair, I can't do it for long, it will wear me out.- That shocked me a bit.

    I then asked, -How much can you read minds?- She looked at me surprised, guess she didn't expect that question.

    -Well, it works like this, if I am in a battle it is harder to focus on the mind, in battle what I do is I focus on their soul, their soul tells me what they do before they do it, but that drains me bad. For normal mind reading when people are calm I can only read immediate thoughts, not long distance memories.- I gae he a nod in understanding.

    The Blaziken then spoke, -So anyway I am Flynt, If you don't mind me aking how old are you?- So I gave him my answer.

    -I am three months old!- I exclaimed proudly. That got Griffon's attention because her, Gareth and Flynt all stared at me in shock and in unison screamed.

    -YOU ARE THREE MONTHS OLD- Screamed all.

    "Jeez why are you all screaming!" Screamed the teenager.

    'They are surprised that Jae is only three months old.' Explained Lucario.

    "Wait he is only three months old? Ah, it doesn't matter that much, anyway Jae I am Darian!" He said to me. I nodded at him to tell him I understood.

    -Wait Lucario, are you sure he needs to fight us?- Asked Gareth.

    -Yes he is, I have trained him ever since he got here. Let me give you a run down, first time we fought he deflected and Aura sphere of mine, and it was his first fight. He also got lost in the forest and took down a Arbok and a Graveler!- Lucario explained.

    -Wait an Arbok and a Graveler?! And how did he get lost.- Questioned Griffon.

    -Said Graveler had attacked Riley when we were on the nature trail on the mountain, I tried to stop him but he got me with an earthquake, Jae here thought up a plan and used force palms in his bottom paws to try to push him off, it worked but the Graveler grabbed him and dragged him down with him.- Lucario told.

    -Wow, where is the Arbok and Graveler now.- Flynt asked.

    I answered this one, -They are both dead, the Graveler blew himself up to try and kill me and a friend, and I killed the Arbok.- They looked at me shocked and sorry.

    -Oh, we didn't know, we are sorry.- Griffon apologized.

    -It's okay, he had tried to kill me and that friend I made in the forest saved me, and I had the chance and, I don't know I just couldn't control myself.- I explained.

    -Hey lets not worry about it, we are here to spar right?!- Exclaimed Flynt. Lucario then turned and used telepathy to speak.

    'Okay everyone we will be starting our first match here, question is who goes first?' He looked at me expectantly, but I couldn't decide who to choose, I was indifferent.

    -How about me first Jae!- Exclaimed Flynt. -Think about it, both of them have a type advantage over you, and I am actually only six months old so I am closer to your age, what do you say.- He was right so I quickly nodded to him.

    'Alright then, Jae will fight Flynt first!' I then told Lucario an idea and all the Pokémon in the room agreed that is a good idea. 'Jae is requesting if we do not have trainers in this, he wants it like a plain one on one with a Pokémon, no orders or commands.' Nobody had any objections. Riley and Carol were at friends houses spending the night and Claire was out shopping so they weren't here if anyone was wondering.

    We then proceeded to the back door outside to the training field and we got in our spots. Martin was our Ref and everyone else at the tables they had outside. "Okay if both contestants are ready, let the battle begin!"

    I then looked at Flynt, -Let's give them a good fight!-

    -Can and will do Jae!- We then proceeded with our fight.
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    Chapter 13 The Raging Flame

    He came at me full speed. I waited while I was reading his aura, he was going to do a sweep kick. It came flying and I blocked it with my paws. He then proceeded to use his other leg and I blocked that too. I then pulled on his leg to try to punch him in the face. He had grabbed my paws in his talons and pulled me behind him. He then tried to do a spin kick but I read him and used my right arm to block it since my back got turned. I then jumped back to elbow him in the gut. He went back a bit.

    He then lit up his bottom talons with fire. He came at me again. I had better be careful, I had dodged a few of them but then there was one that I couldn't dodge. If I blocked that I would still be hit by the fire, so what I did was charge up a force palm to block the fire. It came at me and I aimed it at his leg, it worked. I still got hit by the kick but his kick got diluted and the flames went away. We both got pushed away from each other.

    He seemed very shocked but he then immediately got focused again. He came at me but didn't know I used a sucker punch. He attacked and my image faded away as I punched him. It only staggered him. But I ran up and he tried to swing another kick but I jumped up and did a side kick straight to his face. As I landed I jumped up again and hit him with a punch from my left paw. I then landed again but used my right leg to trip his left leg, as I did I grabbed with both my paws to spin him around and then slam him into the dirt. As soon as I did I jumped straight into the air right above him. He wasn't going to recover in time. I then placed both my paws above my head and let off two force palms to launch me into a dive and send my knee right into his chest. It cracked the ground beneath him and he had a look of shock and horror on him. I then got up from my knee and jumped away from him.


    (Lucario POV)

    -Man Lucario you weren't kidding that he was good!- Exclaimed Gareth.

    -Well I told you didn't I, I am the one who trained him after all.- I said proudly.

    -Well I can certainly see, we have all had trouble fighting you, and if you trained him then we might just be in trouble as well.- Griffon said.

    "MAN HE IS AMAZING, GO JAE!- Yelled Lilly. She then elbowed Barry as to say "CHEER!"

    "Um, you can do it Jae! Hey Martin you said he got trained by Lucario right? I can definitely see it, but there is a difference." Martin gave him an interested look.

    "Really? What is it?" Martin asked.

    "He is a physical fighter as where Lucario is a special attacker!" Martin had his eyes open, I hadn't told him much about this so it makes sense.

    "Well don't get too excited yet, that's not it for Flynt!" Exclaimed Darian cocky like.


    (Jae POV)

    Flynt then started to stir and get up. Once he stood up he had a more serious look on his face, looked like he was going to stop playing around. He had a bit of blood on his muzzle, but not much. He quickly swiped it off with one of his talons and then seemed to get ready. I better be on my guard, I guess he underestimated me and was going easy at first, I don't think he will anymore. He started running at me again. This time he went for straight kicks, but the difference was his kicks were a lot faster. I had to use my guards to block them. He sent on after another, after another, they just wouldn't stop. I had to focus on guarding the time, there was no room for me to attack. Then he sent a few more than hit me with one that pushed me back and made me cringe, he hit my arms pretty hard there. When I looked up though, oh no!

    He sent a flurry of flaming kicks at me, and they all landed. I got hit with one after another. He then stopped after I was already hurt then did an up-kick that sent me flying up in the air. He then actually propelled himself with fire into the air, kind of like a rocket. He then had himself at an angle where he aimed for me. He then shot himself forward and had a kick infused with flames. I tried to block it but when it hit he flew pat and it had me spinning like a top in the air, and then...


    (Lucario POV)

    Flynt was attacking nonstop. He fought just like his father, it was kind of hard to choose who to root for. He then hit Jae with his signature flaming kick barrage. After that he sent Jae straight up with an up-kick. Then he did something I had never seen Cole even do before. He propelled himself in to the air with fire then launched himself with a kick into Jae. Jae spun around in the air for a moment but I noticed there was some fire on him. Then...


    With that a huge explosion of fire burst right where Jae was! Did Flynt make a firebomb with that kick he hit Jae with!? I looked over to everyone and saw they had faces of shock. All except for Darian who still looked cocky. I then saw Jae fall from the smoke and land with a thud on the dirt facedown. Man that must have hurt. He isn't a steel type yet but that type of attack would hurt anyone here. I saw Martin with disappointment, I guess he wanted Jae to win. I wanted Jae to win as well, but he made this choice, he wanted to fight them, it isn't like I made him do this. But then I saw something unbelievable, and everyone else got shocked to see it as well. When Flynt turned around he saw that Jae was getting up again, and he was holding his left paw out to his side.


    (Jae POV)

    I don't know how I was able to but I got up, I thought the attack would have finished me there but I was still going. A good bit of fur got charred but I was okay. I guess Pokémon don't take the effects of fire as bad as humans do. I wasn't burned so that was good. The fire hurt when I got hit and I still felt the impact, but I wasn't burned.

    Flynt looked baffled, -BUT HOW! I got told the Lucario line was steel type, you shouldn't be standing now.

    I corrected him, -You are right, Lucarios are steel types, but riolus are pure fighting types.- He seemed to get a look on his face that said "REALLY!"

    The whole time we were talking I had charged a force palm to it's max potential in my left paw I raised, and he noticed it too. He was about to charge but I sent a small force palm into the ground with my right foot. It sent a couple of rocks into the air. I caught one of them and full on baseball threw it. He is fire so that would have hurt and of course he dodged it and as soon as he did he took his eyes off me. I was right next to him and charged at him with multiple kicks and punches with my right paw. I did multiple kick in the air and had him on the defensive this time, guess his attack took a lot out of him. I then saw my opening and sent my charged force palm straight into his chest, it sent him rolling on the ground. He wasn't finished, I saw him still stir, I had to finish it NOW!

    So I ran up to him and jumped up to give him a punch, he noticed and started sending a kick, I had to see this through, I threw it and I was going to end this.


    (Flynt POV)

    He ran up as I was trying to get up and threw a punch, I noticed it and started my kick, his punch was coming at me but I already started my kick, I started it and I was going to end it!


    (Lucario POV)

    Jae threw a punch and Flynt swung a kick, Jae hit him dead on but Flynt hit Jae dead on too, both hits had hit straight to the face. Flynt flew backward and slid and Jae flew to his left and slid on his side. We waited for a minute to see if either would get up, but no both were out cold. Darian ran over to Flynt and Martin and I went to Jae's aid, he wasn't hurt, just out cold. I carried Jae in as Darian got help from Gareth. I laid Jae in the armchair in the living room as they placed Flynt on the couch.

    "Man, I can't believe it ended in a tie!" Exclaimed Barry.

    "You said it, I thought the force palm knocked out Flynt." Stated Martin.

    "You guys kidding, I though Jae cocked out from the explosive kick!" Said Lilly shocked.

    "I am surprised Flynt lost to a Riolu, something that small. Even if it was a tie." I looked at Darian who spoke up.

    'You should be proud of him, I have been around for years and have had more experience than Flynt. I have taught Jae a lot. I pretty much taught him everything I know, so for Flynt to go against someone I taught is pretty amazing!' I encouraged him.

    He gave me a weak smile before Gardevoir spoke up, 'He is right you know, Lucario can handle us two and we have type advantages!' That seemed to reassure him enough.

    "Well while we wait for those two to make up why don't we get ourselves some snacks and watch some t.v." Suggested Martin.

    Everyone agreed and I sat down to enjoy too.


    (Jae POV)

    Uh, god where was I? Wait I was fighting Flynt and did I lose, no wait I think I saw him pass out too, it was a draw. Pretty good for my first time fighting him I guess. I started to stretch and wake up and I heard the t.v. on, it was the news.

    "Tragedy occurred just three nights ago when a riolu had brutally killed a man who was a hostage taker that the police was handling perfectly on their own. The person who owned the Pokémon was the chief of police Martin Zavier. We will now show you footage of what happened that night, I must warn you that you keep your children from watching the video." The news then showed footage of me killing the man, I looked like a monster, I looked feral. I saw every stab, the bite, and the eight force palms. Once the video was over they went on to other news and everyone in the room was looking at me, except for Martin who was crossing his arms and looking away and Lucario who was standing close to me.

    -You, did that?- Said Flynt scared.

    I didn't know what to say, I couldn't tell them why I did it, if they knew I killed him because I killed my mother, they would think I am crazy. But thankfully Lucario was there.

    'Listen everyone, that news group is lying, the police didn't have it under control, the hostage taker killed an innocent woman. Jae was in the Pokémon center for a month because he got shot at only a week old. That woman the hostage taker killed was someone who was with Jae then.' They all looked at me while I looked away in shame.

    "Is that true Jae?" Asked Lilly sadly. I just nodded at her. Yes it was true.

    -Jae it's okay, I sure don't judge you.- Flynt said. -By the way, good fight, can't believe we tied.-

    -Yeah Jae, you aren't a bad guy, don't worry about it.- Gareth said.

    -Yes, I think your outburst is justifyable, and I saw you weren't in control.- Griffon pointed out. Lilly then ran up, picked me up and hugged me.

    "Oh it's okay, I know you did what you did because you felt traumatized. I like you just the same." I looked behind her and saw Darian and Barry nod. "Alright enough of this drama, gets some food then we will decide who you fight next." She gave me a poke on my nose at the end of her sentence. So I did what she suggested and got me some food. As I was eating I was getting complemented on the fight I had and I actually had tied. Cool. After eating and drinking I was then tapped on the shoulder by Gareth, he bent down to my height.

    -Hey, I think you should fight me next, my mate can put up a fight, I think fighting me first would be a better decision.- Save strongest for last huh. I then nodded at him to say I agreed.

    We then finished eating and rested for a bit before I said I was ready for the next fight. We all walked on outside. I stretched and got ready for the fight.

    -Okay ready?!- I asked.

    -Hope you know swords well.- He said.

    -I think I know a bit!-


    (Griffon POV)

    Before the fight began I was in thought. I had read Jae's mind before Lucario spoke to us and I had one question. What did he mean by mother?
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    Chapter 14 The Psychic Edge

    So Gareth then got into a fighting stance, I guess unlike Flynt he was going to wait for me to attack. He started advancing slowly, taking his time. So I gave him what he wanted and started moving slowly with my arms raised. He was planning something, I was careful and waited. He had his left arm-blade next to his right side and had his right arm-blade over it. I guess that was as close as he could get to sheathing it. I then noticed it there was a pink glow coming from the covered blade.

    He then launched the Psycho cut and I immediately dodged it, it was like he had charged the blade up then launched it out like it was in a sheath. I had sidestepped it. He then was closer to me and tried to swing at me. I had to duck under it. He then tried to drop his other blade on me so I jumped under him to get a surprise attack. I did a kick that launched him a few feet. But he quickly recovered and did a kick that hit me straight in the face. My momentum was sending me back and he was going for a slash. So I used my momentum to do a back flip and gain some distance. I did a few more backflip to get away. He then went for a slash at my legs, but I jumped, did a flip, and used that momentum to do a kick with the back part of my leg. Sent him back a bit and he got staggered. I tried to go for another hit but as I jumped he slashed me with his blade once, kicked me, then slammed me into the ground with his other blade. He tried to stab me while I was down but I rolled away and got to my feet.

    He then started charging another Psycho Cut, as he did I wanted to try something, I started charging aura into my paw and got ready. As he sent the blade at me I put my paw up and let the blade collide, as it did I grabbed on and what do you know. I caught the blade and was able to hold it, I got shocked it worked but it did.

    -WHAT!? How did you even do that?!- Exclaimed Gareth.

    -I had a feeling it would work, I just charged aura in my paw as a form of force field, it's small but it worked, now I have my blade and I am at less of a disadvantage, you are part fighting so I suggest you be careful.- I explained.


    (Lucario POV)

    -That cheeky devil, I never even thought of doing that!–I exclaimed. I got surprised he had thought of this, he really was a quick thinker!

    -I never thought any Pokémon could do that, that is incredible!- Exclaimed Griffon.

    -My dad taught me a lot but I don't think he knew about this either!- I then started to see Jae turn the blade around, he had told me once before he likes holding bladed weapons backwards, apparently it's more comfortable to him, but he still uses them normal as well.


    (Jae POV)

    -Lets see how you are against another blade wielder!- I exclaimed.

    -You kidding, that is my specialty!- As with that said we both charged, our blades collided and I got ready for another slash, I aimed for his legs and he jumped, I then swung up toward him. He did block it but I still kept up the pressure.




    Our blades both collided again and we were pushing, he was definitely stronger but I decided to do something, I quickly pushed up to deflect both his blades, then I jumped and swung! Direct hit! I slashed right across his chest. It left like an energy burn where it hit, reminded me of when I got hit by a psychic, left that same kind of energy on me. I then turned around and had my blade out in front of me ready. He then slashed his blades again and another beam of energy came at me. I used mine to block it and send it back. But as it hit there were than three of him, DOUBLE TEAM!

    -So that's how you want to play huh?!- I then made double team clones of myself. Our clones waited there for a while, we both waited for the other to make a move. I saw one of them run at a clone and attack it, it made it disappear. I didn't run after it because it could have been a fake, so I sent one of my clones to attack it. It disappeared(as I thought it would) and then another one attacked and screamed.

    -GOT YOU!- He slashed it and it disappeared, he got surprised but I had better be sure, so I made one attack it and I made the clone scream too, he turned around to attack it and slashed it, and once it disappeared I saw his face go to one of horror, now is my chance, so I ran up and jumped. Before he could turn around I slashed him and he didn't go away. He fell to ground with a thud. I got ready for him again but when he got up he looked mad. He got into his stance he had at the beginning again and I got ready for another psycho cut. But I didn't see the pink energy. Before I knew it he turned into a pink smoke and the smoke went toward me. I tried to block it but it was air. Then I noticed he was behind me but it was no use.


    All of the sudden I got bombarded by four blades of energy all at once. -ARGH!- I screamed. That hurt bad. I felt like I was about to fall out but I didn't let myself. I still had the blade in my hand, and he was still behind me. So I quickly spun around to try to wing but he caught it in his blade hand. With him being five foot three inches and griffon being the same. Flynt was actually six-foot three inches, taller than all of us. But anyway Gareth caught my hand, I thought he was going to attack but he simply waved his hand over my blade and it disappeared. He then bent down to my level and spoke up.

    -You did well, but I believe we should postpone this, no one wins, no one lost. You are an excellent fighter, and I can see you can work with a blade easily, so let us wait for you to get yourself your own blade, then we will have a real fight, agreed?- You know what, that sounded great. So I nodded at him. I then tried to walk but I was too weak to, thankfully before I fell he caught me.

    -Let me help you get to the living room, okay.- He suggested. So I agreed and let him half carry me. Everyone else followed us in while he sat me down on the couch.

    -Thanks Gareth.- I thanked.

    -No problem, you deserve a rest after that fight.- He proposed.

    -Man that was awesome! Using your own double team to trick Gareth up was incredible!- Exclaimed Flynt.

    -You know you actually are quite smart, how old are you anyway?- Asked Griffon.

    -Three months old.- They looked at me like I was stupid.

    -What did you just say?- Gareth said. -A three-month old put me through that much trouble, I never would have guessed!-

    -Hey just wanna let you know you were pretty brave, you have been through a lot for just being three months old.- Said Flynt. That was kind of him to say but it really isn't credit I deserve, I wasn't actually three months old. I saw Griffon give me a strange look but I ignored it.

    -Besides that I wanna play his system!- I exclaimed. I then jumped over to the table since I felt somewhat better, sore but better. I grabbed the remote, turned on the T.V. and grabbed a control. I just set up the system while the others watched.

    "He knows how to run the game system." Asked Darian.

    "Yeah, my son told me he beat something the he couldn't beat himself, but I don't really believe it." Martin explained.

    I was getting the game set up when Flynt came over, -Hey Jae?- I looked towards him.

    -Yeah what's up?- He looked at me shyly for a second.

    -Would you mind teaching me how to play it, you seem to know how and I have seen these around town, could you let me try.- So I nodded to tell him yes then started teaching him. First had to teach him how to use the controller. I showed him the way I held mine and he mimicked. It seemed to work for him, his talons were longer than my paws so it didn't surprise me. Then once I started the game I explained the rules.

    -Now unlike other games you don't have a health bar you have a damage bar. Now the more damage you have the farther your character will fly when hit, the goal is to launch your opponent off the screen.- He seemed to understand and we chose his character. Since there was a Blaziken in it he chose that(Guess which character that was!). So then I explained the controls to him. From the charged attacks to the basic attacks, how to move, how to jump, and how to play with his character. First we played some team matches(it wouldn't be fair if he had to fight me first). We went against a level nine and a level six. I told him to leave me the level nine while he attack the level six. He seemed to have trouble taking him out but he was staying alive at least. Then after we won a couple of times Darian came up.

    "Does he have three controllers?" I nodded and handed it to him. He then asked, "So me against you two?" I shook my head and set the teams where the two of them were against me.

    He looked confused, "Wait you sure you want that?" And again I nodded. He just shrugged and we began. Instead of going after one of them I stayed on the defensive and waited for them to attack. They came at me and I used my counter-move to hit both of them. It worked but they were able to land hits. I grabbed one of them then did a combo from the grab. I took out Flynt but Darian was able to land a spike on me. I came back and got him to where he couldn't get back up. Then we all went for each other, I had to get damage off, only had one life so had to do it. Then I knocked off Flynt then went for Darian. One on one and guess what, he got off some good hits but I landed one good aura sphere and he was out of there. I heard clapping behind us, guess the others were watching, guess I wasn't paying attention, too into the zone.

    Darian turned to me, "Wow! You are amazing, you got taught by Riley to do that huh?!" He couldn't be more wrong, I had played this game and already had experience from before all this, they didn't know what they were getting into when going against me.

    -That was fun! We should try to do that again sometime!- Flynt said excitedly.

    -You think that's good you should try out some of the other games!- I suggested.

    -Really! You have other games that are that good!- He exclaimed.

    -Yep! Sure do, in fact there are also some shows that you should check out!- I exclaimed.

    -Shows? You mean on the T.V.?- He questioned.

    -Yep, trust me I know some really cool ones you should watch, there is one that is about ninjas that can do amazing powers!- His face lit up like a kid in the candy store.

    -REALLY! That sounds awesome, I am so excited to see it!- He screamed.

    I then noticed that Martin brought me some water. I nodded at him and drank up. Then I saw Griffon come up.

    -Sorry if I am interrupting, I am kind of bored, I would like to have my turn in a fight now.- She stated.

    I looked at her sincerely, -Sure all you had to do was ask, oh let me use the restroom real quick!- So I then ran upstairs to the restroom.


    (Lucario POV)

    Griffon gave me a look of confusion when Jae left.

    -He knows how to use the restroom in your house?- She asked.

    -Yep, apparently he was able to learn how by watching the nurses when he was at the hospital.- I explained while lying.

    -I see.- Her face turned to one of extreme thought, I checked her aura and saw nervousness in her, was she scared of Jae or something?


    (Jae POV)

    So I finished up in the restroom and went back downstairs. I waved at Griffon and said, -Okay! You ready! She gave me a nod and we all walked out, me and her stepped on out to the battle field and Martin sounded us off.

    "When both of you are ready you may, BEGIN!" I got into a fighting stance and she just stood there.

    -Ready when you are!- I screamed. She gave me a small nod and all the sudden...There were cherry blossoms flying around us.
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    Chapter 15 All Seeing Beauty

    I took a look around at the cherry blossoms. They came out of nowhere, the were glowing pink and almost looked like glass. I had seen cherry blossom trees where I lived, and when the petals fall they were beautiful. Heck there was even a festival where I came from called the cherry blossom festival. It was like a carnival really, I had gone there a couple of times with my parents. I let my guard down to take a look around. They were pretty and reminded me of my family, but it also made me depressed, I would never get one of those moments again with my family. Griffon must have noticed me deep in thought cause she just stood there, she actually looked concerned for me. These blossoms reminded me of my family and I needed the moment, it was worth it. I then looked at her with a serious look that said "I am ready!"

    All of the sudden I felt something fly past my left ear and dig into the dirt in front of me. When I looked down I saw one of the cherry blossoms, I noticed that it was razor-sharp and that it almost hit me, then I realized I got surrounded by them. Talk about a false sense of security.

    Just then more were flying toward me. I was quick, I started using the guards on my arms to block them. They kept coming and I just kept guarding. During this Griffon just stood there without a care in the world. I saw her like that but I had to focus, one false move I would end up looking like a blue hedgehog. As I was guarding some of them had scraped by and left the same burn marks that Gareth had made, this hurt, and it hurt bad! I kept focusing though, just kept on blocking and guarding every one I saw. Then I noticed that there weren't as many so there was an opening on her. I started running up to try to hit her. During this she just stood there without a care in the world. I then jumped and threw the punch.


    As I tried to swing my arm hit something like a wall. I had hit a reflect-shield. It felt like slow motion, I had started to fall but the wall started glowing with Griffon behind it just smiling. Then the wall glowed brighter and sent a shockwave at me. It sent me to the ground rolling. Thankfully she gave me the courtesy to let me get up before trying to hit me with another blossom. I had to think what could I do here, wait! I had grabbed Gareth's blade so could I grab her blossoms. So I did it and was able to grab a couple of them. I then threw it at her like a throwing knife and I saw the shield come up. Now is my chance. I quickly ran as fast as I could around her and jumped for a hit.


    I hit another shield but she seemed surprised, she didn't have time to use the shockwave so I jumped away as quickly as possible. She seemed to have shields all around her, or did she? I didn't know if she had shields up or if the shields came up as a reaction. I needed to know, if it is a reflex, could I outrun it? I then got into a running-position and she seemed to get ready for something. Then I started running, I was right behind her and sent a punch. She turned around and right before she could send the shockwave I was behind her again. I landed a kick on it and she turned around again. I then hit the right side of her shield and kept running around and hitting each side. She couldn't keep up with me and her cherry blossoms couldn't hit me either, I was too fast.
    (Lucario POV)
    "HOLY CRAP LUCARIO!, HOW DID YOU GET HIM TO BE THAT FAST!" Martin exclaimed. Really should have paid more attention Martin. I saw the same faces of shock on everyone else.

    -Why didn't he use that speed on me and Gareth?- Asked Flynt.

    I gave everyone a smirk, 'Did you really think Jae would show all of his tricks in one fight?' They all looked me with a "what!?" look on their faces. 'Let me spell it out for you, ever since I trained Jae he was very focused on increasing his attack and defense, and over all he wanted to increase his speed, if there is something he cant attack, he will avoid it. If there is something he can't break through he will quickly get around it. Throughout his training his speed has increased handily, he can run up to sixty miles per hour now. Then the worst part to think about is, how fast will he be when he learns extreme speed?'
    (Griffon POV)
    This was ridiculous! No Pokémon this young has been able to stand against this set up. It is like he thought of a way to get around it all, how can someone so young be this skilled. Flynt was around the same age so that fight was understandable, but my mate had trouble fighting him, now me?! I can't even land a hit on him. He keeps moving around in circles, guess I have to pick up the pace. I charged up a shockwave around me and sent it in all directions, since it was an area of effect attack so he couldn't get away. I expected to see him on the ground somewhere but I didn't. Where was he? Then I realized where he was, and it was too late.

    I looked up and got greeted with him swinging his arms down. The weird thing was is the way his paws aimed, instead of going for a punch he had his palms twisted to where....to where his guards were for me.


    Before I knew it he sent both of them right on top of my head. Those guards are steel and being part fairy type didn't help. I got staggered and I tried to charge up a beam to hit him with in my fingers. But to no avail he jumped at me again and sent a one of his guards to hit me right in my chest. He just missed my emotion spike, that hurts extremely bad if I let it get hit. He then ran at me again and jumped up right below me to where his guards hit my chin. I then fell to the ground with a thud.

    -How are you, how did you even, you didn't have this speed in the previous fights, and you didn't fight with those guards either?!- I screamed at him.

    -Do you really think I am that stupid?- He asked me, where was he getting at? -I knew I would be at a great disadvantage against you, I knew you would be the hardest fight today, and I knew you would be watching my other fights, so I wasn't stupid and didn't let you see my true speed, and the only reason I am fighting with my guards now is because I didn't have a need to use them, it's called strategy, if you don't need to use something then don't use it, and when you do, let loose with it!- This cheeky little, how did I not sense it from him or Lucario? Did Lucario know? Of course he did I see him smiling over there, but he forgot one little trick I had.

    -Very clever Jae, you actually were able outsmart me, for someone so young that is a feat. But I will let you know I have held back so you better be ready now!- I screamed and complimented.

    -Yeah, I had a feeling.- He then go into a fighting stance and I got into mine where I was more ready if he attacked. I then started using this, I was going to refrain from it but this isn't a newbie, this kid knows what he is doing, so I started my soul reading. I kept focusing on him and I felt it coming to me, I started getting the image of what he was thinking of doing and......What is this? What, what am I seeing, this isn't right, when I use the soul reading it should show me the image of the Pokémon or person I was reading. I was reading this riolu, SO WHY AM I SEEING AN IMAGE OF A HUMAN! It was a blond-haired eighteen year old with medium to long hair wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. He had freckles and had blue eyes that gave me a concerned look. I hadn't noticed but I had a look of fear on my face and was backing away.

    "What's wrong, you look like you have seen a ghost?" The human asked me in a somewhat more deep version of Jae's voice. "Well what ever your scared of you better get over it, because here I come!" The human than ran at me and I got ready to block it, the punch was coming toward my head but then I was hit in the chest. My focus gave way and I saw Jae had hit me in the stomach. I had staggered and when I focused again I saw the human again. I thought it might have been a mirage but no it was coming from him.
    (Lucario POV)

    -What's wrong with her, why does she looks scared?!- Screamed Gareth.

    -Come one Griffon, I know he is cute but don't let him beat you!- Screamed Lilly. I don't think cuteness is what's wrong here, what is wrong with her?
    (Griffon POV)

    This human tried to swing the back of his arm at me but what happened was that I was hit in the leg and then tripped me and I saw the human jump and try to hit me but I rolled away. Terrified I kept reading Jae but I only saw this human. The human spoke up.

    "Griffon what is wrong with you, what has you so scared?!" The human screamed at me. Wait it wasn't no human, I have to stop trying to think of some excuse, that human is Jae, but how. Jae had talked about his mother but he implied that human who died was his mother. How it is not possible. He started to run and I tried to get up and block with a shield. But then the human was gone and Jae was nowhere to be seen, but then I realized he was behind me but too late. I got sent to the ground and as I was about to get up I saw Jae as a Pokémon with his paw in the air about to strike me, I held my arms up to try to block but the blow never came. He got up away from me and spoke.

    -Hey look, you seem stressed, you might just want to stop now okay, lets just end the match.- He then held his paw for me to take, as I reached for it I forgot my soul reading was still on and his paw changed to hand, I looked up and saw the human looking down at me concerned. As I reached for his hand I had to know, I focused all of my power into checking his memories, and with close contact it should show me a lot. As I did grab his hand it turned into a paw and I saw his memories. Him spending time as a human with a human family, memories of sadness, memories of happiness, then I saw one that was horrible, a memory of him spending time with a girl he loved, and he had to watch her get taken from him. Then his recent memories here and the death of his mother, it was his mother. After the memory show I saw him as himself, soul reading turned off and I wouldn't be able to use it for a while. He then helped me up and I looked at him with remorse, he has gone through a lot. He then spoke.

    -Come on, you might want to sit for a minute.- He then waited for me to follow him and I did. It was true, he was a human. He told Lucario, I had to ask him questions, I don't know everything but I want to hear it from him. Once we got inside Gareth came up to me.

    -What was up with you, you went out of it?- He asked me.

    -I don't want to talk about it.- I stated plainly.

    He looked at me concerned, -Was it about you sister.- Why would he bring that up, I already told him not to, but with him worried I guess it justifyable.

    -No just, I got scared, I don't know it was like a panic attack, guess I got stressed out.- He then nodded at me.

    -Okay just wanted to make sure y'know.- He stated. I then got up and walked over to Lucario who was complementing Jae.

    -Hey Lucario, can I talk to you in private?- He looked at me confused.

    He looked at me concerned, -Yeah sure, what is it?- I told him to go upstairs and Jae went to talk with Gareth and Flynt. We went into Lucario's room and he started first.

    -So what's the matter?- I then walked up to him and grabbed his arm seriously.

    -Jae is a HUMAN!- I whispered. I saw his eyes go wide at the statement and I think I got him.

    -What, what do you mean?- Oh so now he was trying to lie to me.


    He huffed and started speaking, -Okay, I know, Jae didn't cause this, he had nothing to do with this, if anyone found out and told the humans it would mean the end for him, and you know it!- I looked down, I knew he was right, I had to speak with him and know if he had told Martin or anyone, couldn't just let it slip.

    -I wasn't going to tell anyone, I had to hear it from you though, I just had to. I needed to know I wasn't going crazy, I didn't know if what I saw was real or not.- I saw his face go into shock. I guess I tricked pretty well to know what I wanted to know.

    -So what now?- He asked.

    -I want to speak to Jae.-
    (Jae POV)

    So I was talking to Flynt and Gareth about what had happened during the fight when Lucario came down.

    -Hey Jae? Can you come up here for a minute please?- I wondered what this could be about, could it be about Griffon acting scared during the fight. I came up to the room and saw her waiting for me and Lucario let the door close.

    I greeted first, -Hey, is something the matter? Look about the fight I am sorry, I thought that you needed to take a break okay.- She then looked at me with a no emotion face. She looked like she was trying to choose her words.

    -I know you were a human.- My eyes widen at that statement. How did she, wait was the reason she was freaking out because she found out!? -Remember when I said I could use soul reading? Well I used it on you right before I got scared, and your soul was a humans, it kept going back and forth, from you to well, you. Then when you reached down to pick me up you were human for a moment again. I used all of my remaining energy to read your thoughts. I saw all of your memories, your mother, and Elizabeth.- When I heard that name I lowered my head in shame. Lucario had looked at me with a scared and concerned look.

    -Elizabeth?- I gave Lucario and Griffon a death glare.

    -Not, one, more, word, about, her!- I said in a menacing tone. They both looked at me scared, especially Lucario, I think I had that look in my eye again.
    -Jae I am sorry, I will refrain from speaking about that.- I calmed down after a minute.

    -Okay it's true, all of it, I was a human.- I paused for a minute, -Could you please not tell anyone.- She gave me a heartwarming smile.

    -Well you certainly haven't done anything to harm us, and I have checked your memories so I know you didn't cause this so, sure why not?- I got really excited and started repeatedly saying thank you.

    I then screamed out, -Come one, let's go join the others!- When I looked at the door it was cracked some so I was going to pull it open, and when I did.



    When I got out-of-the-way I took a look at what had fallen and I saw Flynt and Gareth on the ground. I was thinking what could they possible be doing until Flynt spoke up.

    -OH! Hey guys, don't mind us, we didn't hear anything about Jae being a human or anything like that!- He exclaimed.

    Then Gareth got up, -Real smooth Flynt.- I look at the two like they were idiots.

    -*Huff* Okay, come in I have some explaining to do.- They then walked in and I shut the door. So I gave those two the run down of everything that had happened to me up till this point, including my mother(but not Elizabeth).

    -Wow, Jae I am so sorry you lost you're the way you did. It really isn't fair to you.- Exclaimed Gareth.

    -Yeah man, no wonder you went berserk on that guy.- Said Flynt.

    -Well thanks guys, it means a lot to me you will keep this a secret.- They both nodded when I said that. -Hey Griffon, I want to point something out, remember when you said I kept flashing between human and riolu when you did soul reading right?- She nodded at me, -Well I think the reason is because I have got used to being a riolu, and accepting the fact I am not a human anymore. I would like to let all of you know, it was hard to take in, besides my mother everything here has been pretty great, and having friends like you just makes this all an added bonus.- I explained.

    -Well that's certainly nice of you to say, I think I can say for everyone here that it is nice to have you as a friends, forget the past Jae, enjoy the here and now.- I nodded at her and everyone agreed with her as well.

    I then spoke up, -Well guys, we don't want to leave everyone down there waiting. I have had enough fighting tonight, lets just enjoy the rest of the night and relax!- Flynt spoke up first.

    -You know I think I will take you up on that offer, come on I wanna see more of those games.- Flynt said. I nodded and Gareth started speaking.

    -Come on honey let's go get some food okay.- Gareth said to Griffon. Griffon nodded to him and Lucario called out.

    -Hey Jae! You need to eat too okay, get yourself some water as well.- I nodded at Lucario and I followed all of my new friends down to the living room. Tonight would end on a high note.
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    Chapter 16 House Party

    So we all went downstairs to see Martin and he told us that Claire would be back soon with Riley and Carol and when they do they are going to make dinner for them. That is actually very generous of them to do this for me, I think they did this because they thought the death was still getting to me. I will never forget what happened but meeting Flynt, Gareth and Griffon have definitely helped. I than suggested to the Pokémon in the room that we should watch some t.v. They agreed and I surfed channels. I then saw there was this worlds version of Attack on Titan. Oh this was gonna be good! So I hyped it up telling them this was a really good show, they agreed to watch it, and the best part is that it was the first episode. Lilly, Barry and Darian joined in and I saw Darian smile, he must have known what was going to happen. All of the titans were human and all the characters were Pokémon. Lilly kept complimenting how the show was beautiful, oh how wrong she was. Then the main point in the plot where everyone started getting attacked happened. Then the last few minutes of the episode played. Barry, Lucario, Gareth and Flynt were in shock. Griffon and Lilly were about to cry. Martin was indifferent. Then Darian and I were about to bust out laughing, which he did but I held it in.


    "YOU KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN!" Lilly yelled. I saw Griffon about to get mad so I took partial blame.

    -Yeah, I knew too.- All the Pokémon looked at me.

    -You knew?!- Exclaimed Flynt.

    -Wow, must have been hard to hold that in, you watched the show before?- Gareth asked.

    -Yeah back when I wasn't a Riolu.- They looked at me strangely.

    -Wait, this show followed the same plot in your world.- Griffon asked me surprised.

    -From beginning to end.- I said. They looked like they wanted more answers.

    Flynt asked first, -Is there anything else here that is the same from your world?-

    -Actually yes, there are a lot of things here that are exact copies of ones from my world. From shows to games there are plenty, there is one major difference between my old world and this one.- I explained.

    -What is it?- Lucario asked. I had refrained from telling him this before cause I thought it would freak him out.

    -Pokémon are fictional in my world.- I got a good group of stares from that one. -Where you see these Pokémon running around and being with trainers, the sole existence of Pokémon in my world is fictional. All the Pokémon you see including yourselves we created by a company called Nintendo. The fact of the matter is in my world instead of Pokémon we had animals.- I explained.

    -Animals?- Asked Griffon curiously.

    -Well yes, animals were pretty much what Pokémon got based off of. Riolus and Lucarios got based off of Jackals. Blaziken got based off birds in my world. Gallades and Gardevoir well, they are kind of hard to explain.- I stated.

    -How so?- Asked Griffon.

    -Well, let me put it to you this way, you know the Pokémon Aegislash?- I asked.

    -Surprised you know of it.- Stated Lucario.

    -Well the thing is that is based on an object. The reason some are hard to explain is because some were just created in their own right, no basing it off of anything. So some around here might just be Pokémon based off of an idea. Such as Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina.- I gave as an example.

    -You know of those three!?- Question Griffon.

    -As I stated, it is a fictional game in my world, and I played a lot of it so yes I know a lot about it.- I stated.

    -We are a video game?- Asked Flynt.

    -Yep, anyway as I was saying, those three got based off of ideas. Dialga can control the fabric of time, Palkia controls the fabric of space, and Giratina is based on the devil, his dimension could even be described as another version of hell.- I described.

    -The Devil? What is the Devil?- Asked Lucario.

    -The Devil is something that comes from my religion, I am a Christian, still am and the Devil was a fallen angel who went against god, when he fell from heaven and sent to hell and became Satan, which is another name for enemy. From my religion it states he is the reason behind everything bad that happens in the world, or universes I should say now.- They gave me very quizzical looks.

    -Wow, that is pretty crazy.- Flynt said flabbergasted.

    -Crazy or not, it is what I believe in.- They all nodded and I continued.

    -A couple of others I can point out our Latios and Latias. Basically I don't know if this is exact fact but from what I have seen those two got based off of the idea of love because you never really see one without the other. It's actually pretty cool.- I described.

    -Oh yeah! I remember hearing about that!- Griffon exclaimed.

    -There are a lot I don't know exact backstories but I do what I can.- I stated.

    -Let's test it do you know can you describe me?- Griffon asked.

    I though for a moment before answering, -Garedvoir, the emotion Pokémon. With the horns in the center of their chest they are able to read emotions from others. Is that an okay summary?- I asked

    -Close enough! You do know your stuff.- Exclaimed Griffon.

    Just then we heard the door open and I had a funny feeling, -Hey Flynt I would be careful if I were you.- He gave me a quizzical look that said "what do you mean?"

    Just then on cue, "OH MY GOSH! GIANT BIRDIE!" Like a speeding bullet Carol ran in and tackled Flynt to the ground with a hug before he even got a chance to defend himself. We all in the room looked down and laughed at the scene in front of us. Carol would not let go and Flynt knew it was a little girl so he just sat there and let her hug him.

    Just then Claire came into the house, "How is everyone doing?" She asked. Everyone said they were fine. Riley walked in and started talking.

    "So I heard Jae was fighting, how did he do?" Riley asked. So Martin told him everything that had happened and he stood there amazed.

    "That is incredible Jae, being able to knock out Flynt here, almost win against Gareth and then have a stalemate with Griffon is amazing. By the way, Darian what have you been up to?" He said the last part to Darian.

    "Oh it has been fine, senior classes are a pain. Wonder if you could help me out?" He asked.

    "Nah, I know none of that stuff, you could ask Jae though. He got me two bonus sheets fully completed with all the right answers. Who knows maybe he could do your math?" He said half jokingly.

    "Yeah, anyway it is good to see you again Claire, you as well Carol." They both nodded but Lilly spoke up.

    "Um, sorry not being rude here but, I AM STARVED! Could we possibly make some food, I will help if needed." Lilly suggested.

    "Yes that would actually be a lot of help, Barry, Martin you mind helping too?" They both shook their heads and they went to work. The rest of us hung out watching t.v. We wanted to find something more suitable for Carol to watch and we found this worlds version of the movie "Up." As always the movie was amazing and at about half way dinner was ready. They made me my usual and the others had some really interesting meals. For Flynt he had portions of beef and some fruit. The meat was raw and I guessed he liked it that way. I was proven wrong when he made flames come from his muzzle to cook it. Gareth and Griffon had some fruit along with these rice cakes with soy sauce on the sides, they looked really good actually, but I had my sushi, that is what I liked. Lucario had some cooked beef as well, he seems to like many things, even Pokémon food. Then everyone else had hamburgers and hotdogs, I really didn't like those so I was glad I got what I got. After we all had eaten everyone gathered around and started talking. I had listened in on one of the conversations Martin was having and when I did the rest of he Pokémon did too.

    "Yes when he becomes a Lucario he wants to join with me on the police force. I had asked him personally and he kept nodding as to say yes, but I am rethinking my decision." He stated.

    "How come daddy? I think Jae would be a great police officer like you!" Exclaimed Carol.

    "Well it's not that Carol." He said calmly.

    "Then what is it?" She said more seriously.

    " *Huff* Because Jae is too dangerous." He stated.

    "Dangerous?" She questioned shocked.

    "What do you mean dangerous Martin?" Barry asked. Everyone waited in anticipation.

    "Well get this everyone, remember when we saw the video of Jae attacking that man? Well guess what the reason he attacked was because he's attached to the woman he killed. He only knew her for a month, and for him to have an outburst like that over someone he only knew for a month, then how can I trust him not to act out like that again. You can't do that on the police force, that's why the force is having to deal with publicity and people giving out false information." I just lowered my head in shame, what else would I have done there, I just acted, that was better than doing nothing at all.

    Griffon stood up from where she was sitting, 'Martin, could I tell you something please?' He looked at Griffon confused and nodded. 'There is a lot more than Jae knowing the woman who caused him to act like that, Jae is still very inexperienced, and as you said you wanted to wait till he was a Lucario right, well then do this, see if Jae can keep himself under control until he evolves, and if he can than you can let him join. I think that is fair enough, he is only three months old you know, what can you expect?' She concluded.

    He seemed like he was in thought for a moment, "Okay!" He then walked over to me, "Jae if you can keep your cool until you become a Lucario then I will allow you to join the police! I might even let you have another weapon if you can really prove you have cooled down, how does that sound?" I gave him a serious look and nodded while yipping. After that conversation we kept enjoying he rest of the night until it was late and about time for everyone to head back to their houses.

    "Alright it has been fun but me and Barry have work to do tomorrow so I think we will head out!" Stated Lilly.

    "Already? Alright I guess I will see you four around." They said their goodbyes while I walked up to Gareth and Gallade.

    -Hey thanks you two and you as well Flynt for coming over. I think it finally was enough for me to get over what happened.- I thanked.

    -From what happened to your mother right?- Gareth asked.

    -Yes that's right.- I said sadly.

    -Well if you need someone to talk to I will be here for you Jae. Also don't try to hide it, I can sense it pretty easy you know?- Griffon stated.

    -Hey if you really do want to talk about it you can come to me, I know what is like to lose a parent, and it isn't a good feeling.- I shook all of their hands/paws/talons. As they were walking out Flynt turned to me.

    -Oh by the way, you better not forget my name, it's F-L-Y-N-T, Flynt. Got it memorized?- He asked.

    -Got it memorized Flynt!- I exclaimed to him. As they all left everyone came inside and I shut the door. Lucario came up to me.

    -So did you enjoy it?- He asked.

    -Yeah I did, I think I might hang out with them more often. Say why haven't you been hanging out with them lately, you seemed close to Gareth and Griffon, so why didn't you spend more time with them?- I asked curious.

    -Well lets just say something came up in Martins life that kind of got him sidetracked from spending time with all of them.- He proclaimed.

    -Oh yeah, and what's that?- I asked.

    He paused for a moment before finally answering my question, -He fell in love.- He stated plainly. I got a look of realization on my muzzle. Why didn't I think about that? Stupid, stupid! -Jae let me tell you something. Before you came along I had pretty much given up on fighting, we didn't get in touch with those three and I never really liked the force, it wasn't the same and it got boring. Riley never got interested in Pokémon and Carol was way too young. Jae you actually brought me back to my A-game. You gave me a fight, you gave me thrill, and you have been a great friend to me and even got Martin to let me see my old friends again too. When Martin fell in love I was second fiddle, then I was third when Riley came along, then fourth. But now that you are here I actually don't feel that way anymore. You are probably the best thing that has happened in a long while. You actually make my life not boring anymore, quite the opposite actually, and if doing this helped you well, then I have way more favors I gotta do.- Wow, I guess the others neglected him for a while, that wasn't right. I mean family is important but you can't neglect others that were there for you either.

    -Hey Lucario I didn't know this, is that actually how you felt, why didn't you ever ask to see your friends?- I asked.

    -I did ask but, his family came first.- He said sadly.

    I looked down in thought, but I wanted to make him feel better, -Well don't worry, as soon as I turn into a Lucario I will probably be ignored the same way. But don't worry if we get ignored we will make sure we got each others backs, got it friend.- Lucario looked over to me shocked then got an accepting smile.

    -Yeah you got it friend.- He said happily.
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    Chapter 17 Interesting Day Part 1

    It had been about a week since I met Flynt, Gareth and Griffon, I was asleep one morning when Riley had come to ask me if I wanted to go to school. I hadn't gone in a while so I decided why not? I got up so that I could wake myself up. We went downstairs to see Claire.

    "Oh hey there Jae! I see you finally going to school again huh? Well it's a good thing you chose today, do you even know what day it is?" I got confused by that, what day was it, I hadn't been keeping up. She had noticed my confusion and started up again.

    "Well it is Riley and Carol's last day of school! Did you not even realize?" WHAT! IT WAS THEIR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL?! Why hadn't I heard about.. oh wait I know the reason.

    "We never really did tell you, we wanted to wait until, you know?" Riley stated. "Yep it is June first, the last day of school!" He exclaimed. So the last day of school was the first of June huh? That is a little late but that meant a longer summer, that is cool! "And since it is the last day I didn't want you to miss out on all the parties we would be having today!" I nodded happily, I sure didn't want to miss this!

    "Riley while Jae goes with you I am going to Carol's celebration day for her getting past first grade. Then when you and Jae get back I want Jae to come with me so we can get some stuff for a party here okay!" She explained happily.

    "Alright mom, I wont tell Carol anything don't worry!" He exclaimed. We ate breakfast then did the same trick from the first day where I ride on his shoulder as he rides his bike. I saw down one of the roads that the police station was still being ransacked by publicity. I looked down in shame but Riley stopped me.

    "Hey don't feel bad, I don't know who she was but she seemed important to you, I probably would have done the same if it was my sister." That helped cheer me up and we kept heading toward the school. Once we got there we went to our same spot in the lunch room and there was Arin and Hyabusa. Hyabusa came up to me while Riley talked to Arin.

    -Hey where were you, I heard about what happened and I just, wanted..- He paused for a moment before speaking, -I just wanted to make sure I didn't lose a friend.- He said sadly.

    -Well you didn't so don't worry about it. I am fine now I promise, I got some help from some new friends I made.- That seemed to help him cheer up as well and we started to talk. He told me after I fought scraggy that Caden wasn't allowed to bring him back to school anymore. It actually got a lot calmer apparently. I also heard that Riley had kicked the living hell out of Caden, serves that punk right. He also told me what would be happening on this last day. We would go to all classes and just have parties or food, watch movies, listen to music and more. Even the Pokémon got to do it as well. When classes di start it wasn't even five minutes after the bell that the intercom turned on.
    *Could you please Riley and Jae to the principal's office please?* What the principal what did I do? It could be about the fight Riley had but why me, maybe I just had to stay with him.

    We both went up there and entered his room, "Please sit down, both of you." Riley took one chair and I jumped into the other.
    He took a moment before speaking, "Riley I would like to ask you a very serious question and I want you to answer truthfully." Riley nodded and I nodded just for extra measure..
    He then continued, "Jae, your riolu, is the same riolu from the hostage situation that happened over at Digi-Corp, am I correct?" Riley and I were both shocked that this was what he wanted to ask. I just lowered my head in shame and Riley looked to me sadly before answering.

    "Yes, he is sir." The principal seemed to like the honesty from him.

    "The reason I brought you up here is just to ask this question. This is the last day of school, we would not want anything to ruin it, so can you promise me that Jae will not hurt anyone or any Pokémon when he is here, unless it is in self-defense or to protect another?"

    Riley gave him a serious look and stated, "Yes sir!"

    "Then that is all I need, go enjoy the rest of the day you two." Wow his principal is actually pretty chill, most principal's I know aren't this chill. So we went back to class and Hyabusa question what happened but I just told him everything was fine. Nothing happened this class just told us what we would be doing that day, which was PARTY!
    The next class was that math class and they had all sorts of food and snacks including pizza. But the teacher wanted us miserable and not have fun that day and said the Pokémon can only have the Pokémon food and can't eat with the people either. So I was sitting there with a bowl of Pokémon food in front of me and just stared at it. Hyabusa and a couple of other Pokémon were staring at me.

    -What's wrong, you can eat it can't you?- Asked Hyabusa.

    -I can't eat this.- I stated plainly.

    Before he got a chance to speak again a Chespin spoke up, -What the little special dog too good for the food!?- This idiot.

    -That isn't it, I just get sick when I eat it!- I stated.

    -Oh yeah! Well know what you have some nerve coming back after about half a month, so what were you doing? Was school to easy for you so you decided not to come.- Okay why do people have to start with me.

    -OKAY WISE GUY! WANNA KNOW WHY I WAS GONE! IT'S BECAUSE I HAD TO GET OVER KILLING SOMEONE!- Everyone including Hyabusa went wide-eyed at that statement. I got up in the Chespin's face. -You have no idea what I have been through! I came here so I could have a good time not get complaints from a weakling who doesn't realize that he could die if he said something he shouldn't.- That shut him up and everyone stayed quiet. I felt bad though,

    -You know what, I'm sorry. It's been hard on me, and it isn't easy for people to just try to start something every time I am somewhere, can we just chill and just enjoy the day, that's all I am asking.- He seemed to get less scared.

    -Oh um, I am sorry too and sure.- The Chespin said. I held my paw for him to shake and he accepted. Riley had come over with two plates.

    "Not eating I see, figures anyway. You hate that stuff so I decided I would get you something as well, make sure she doesn't see it but I don't think she will." He then sat the plate down and I saw he got me a piece of pizza. I saw a plastic knife in his hand and
    I yipped at him. He looked down at me.

    "What? What is it?" I started pointing to the knife in his hand and he took a guess. "You want the knife?" I nodded furiously and he just got down and handed it to me. I went over to the pizza and cut a few pieces of it off.

    I then got up with the plate in my hands and pointed it to the fie other Pokémon around me. -It isn't really fair if I am the only one the gets it, so I cut you all off some pieces to have as well!- They all started saying thank you and the last one was the Chespin.

    -Hey, thanks and sorry again.- He said.

    -Water under the bridge.- I stated. I then sat down with my piece which was the biggest and had the crust, I am not selfish but they already have food and I have to eat too. The next class was similar with the party but the teacher was actually kind enough to let us eat the real food. Then it was lunch. Hyabusa had seemed cautious before he spoke and I wondered why.

    -You okay man?- I asked.

    -Yeah it's just, I want to know why you were gone for so long, Riley and Arin talked about you being on the news and that you lost someone close, what happened? Please you can tell me, I won't let it go around.- He asked and begged.

    -Okay but you really have to keep this from others.- I then explained the night while leaving out details of my human life and who my mother really was.

    -Wow, I am sorry, I had taken a guess when you screamed out you killed somebody but, I really had no idea.- I gave him a calm smile.

    -It's okay man, I have no problem with it. I have had a while to get over it.- We then stayed quiet for a minute before he had another question.

    -So do you think you might be able to come over to where Arin lives so we can hang out, I mean if Riley wants to come over that is.- He asked.

    -Sure man, I don't have a problem with it. Sounds great.- Just then we both noticed Caden show up. We both got ready to fight if he wanted to start something.

    "Calm down you two I am not here to hurt anyone!" Riley turned around and seemed to get ready for him. "Riley I am sorry."

    "What?!" Riley exclaimed.

    "I am sorry for everything, it was wrong for me to do what I did with scraggy and bringing up what happened with Jae, and I am sorry to you as well Jae." He said the last part looking at me. "I know we are not friends on any means but would you like to play video games over the internet?" Riley took a minute before he answered.

    "Okay fine, here is my account name." He wrote it down and gave it to Caden.

    "Thanks man this means a lot. I will talk to you later okay." He waved off and we just kept hanging out there before the next two periods. Nothing really happened but the last period was where something fun happened. The last period was another party but Natalie was in there and Riley and her started talking. Natalie had brought up something about the riolu on the news.

    "So I heard about a Riolu killing a hostage taker on the news, was that Jae? I want you to be honest with me here!" She said the last part seriously.
    He gave me a concerned look and I nodded my head to say that he could. He told her again what happened to us that night and she walked past him and knelt in front of me. I was wondering what she was going to do until she brought me into an embrace. I got confused about why she did until she started speaking.

    "Thank you. I know that woman was important to you, and I know you are still shaken up about what happened but. I believe you saved my mother, she was one of the hostages there, if you didn't do what you did then she could have ended up the same way as your friend. I know you couldn't save her but, you saved my mother and many others I thank you for that." Well I didn't really notice any of the other hostages but I am glad I helped them, even if I couldn't save my mother. I also probably nailed Riley with another date. But that would have to wait because once school was over and we headed back Claire was there and told me to come with her to help get the party stuff. She told Riley that she had got Lucario to help distract Carol so we could get the stuff. Riley ran upstairs while Claire and I ran out to the car to go get the party supplies.
    (Lucario POV)

    How do I get myself into these messes. Here I was, a Lucario, sitting down with a little girl playing tea party, how the mighty have fallen. I was doing my best to hold on when Riley bust into the door.

    Carol greeted first, "Hey Riley you want to play tea party!"

    I kept shaking my head at him and he got the message, "Actually would you want to come play video games in my room? We can all play!"

    "That sounds amazing! Lets go!" Oh thank you Riley, you are a life saver. We all went into Riley's room where he brought the game system and set it up. They started playing when Carol looked at me.

    "Lucario come on you play too! Jae plays this and is able to so why don't you give it a try." I wanted to keep her distracted so I decided to go for it. I saw they had one of my kind as a character so I decided I would play that. They described to me that in this game you have a damage meter that goes higher and the goal is to knock the opponent off the map. The more damage you did the farther they would fly. So we played for a while when I heard the door downstairs open. Carol was about to get up but I stopped her.
    'Hey wait I am having fun so lets keep playing okay!' I said through telepathy. She nodded and we continued to play while Riley left the room quietly. I actually can honestly say that the game was fun. I had never played video games before but it was actually quite enjoyable, I would have to try this out at some point with Jae.
    After about thirty minutes Riley came up and told us to come down. We walked downstairs and as soon as we entered the kitchen.


    When we did we saw the room there was Jae, Martin and Claire and the room filled with all sorts of party stuff like streamers, balloons, cake, and they also had pizza. Carol looked around in amazement.

    "What!? OH MY GOSH! YOU ALL DID THIS!" She screamed.

    'Why do you think Jae and your mother were gone all that time.' I told her through telepathy.

    "You guys got all this?!" She ran up and gave Claire and Martin a hug. She then looked down at Jae. She then got down and hugged Jae. "Thank you as well Jae!" Jae gave her a hug in return. She then got up after and started speaking.

    "Well let's not all wait, I WANT THAT CAKE!" She exclaimed. We then enjoyed the night. I thought Jae would go for the cake but he kept waiting right beside the counter where the pizza was at. Of course they gave him a slice. We all sat down and enjoyed watching t.v. for a while. Seemed like the party idea worked out, Carol and Riley seemed happy and now we all have summer to enjoy, and all to my price of being at a tea party.
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    Chapter 18 Interesting Day Part 2

    (Flynt POV-Same day, morning)

    I had woken up from my bed that morning and started my day as normal. I get up and go check up on my mother in her room. -Hey mom I see you are already up!-

    My mother was a Blaziken like me by the name of Blaze. She had a very motherly tone that shows a lot of care. -Hey son, have you checked on Darian, Ulrich and Mariana?-

    I answered truthfully, -No I haven't yet. I wanted to check on you first.-

    She had given me a funny look. -I have another question for you. You haven't said anything about what happened over at Lucario's place, care to explain why?-

    I got scared for a minute there, -Uh no! No reason.- I exclaimed nervously.

    -I think there is one! It's got something to do with that new Pokémon they have over there, I heard you lost, is that what you are trying to hide? Listen honey just because you lost doesn't mean I wont love you any less!- She stated lovingly.

    -No that isn't it! I don't care who I lost to, it's what I lost to.- I exclaimed.

    -Oh! Well tell me what is it that you lost to?- She questioned.

    I waited a minute before I answered. -A Riolu.-

    She stared at me like I had three heads, -Wait what? You a fully evolved Pokémon lost to a, no! You must have lost to Lucario that is his real name you know!-

    -No I lost to a Riolu named Jae, Lucario had taught him and we tied. We knocked each other out at the same time.- I said truthfully.

    She took a moment to gather her words. -Well...I shouldn't really be surprised, you said Lucario taught him so it really isn't a surprise you tied, that somewhat count as a win right!-

    -Yeah I guess so, at least I did better than Griffon did!- I exclaimed.

    -Wait Griffon, what do you mean by that?- Uh oh! Guess I had to lie to her about this.

    -Well, she got terrified fighting Jae! She couldn't handle him and Jae won!- She looked stupefied by my statement.

    -Wow. If Jae was able to win against Griffon it's a surprise you were able to tie with him, I have never beaten Griffon!- Sorry about throwing you under the bus Griffon.

    After our conversation we headed downstairs to see everyone waiting. Apparently Darian and Ulrich were going out to where Ulrich worked. Ulrich was a glass maker, and Darian wanted to go check out the job with him. Ulrich was tall, dark-skinned with really short hair and a short shaved beard. Mariana was dark-skinned and had black, braided hair in a pony tail. After Darian and Ulrich left we heard Mariana yell to us.

    "Blaze, Flynt! Could you come help me please!" We went into the kitchen to see her cooking at a really fast pace.

    She then started speaking, "So um you two, a little problem. You see I was going to make all my work easy and make breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time so I could have a break for the day, but as you see from everything almost burning that it was a very bad idea! So in simple, PLEASE HELP ME!" She screamed in her very lite and cute female voice. So we quickly got to work on what we could. We were stirring, shaking, baking, and more. We thought we were doing okay because we got two of the dishes done, but the dinner meal caught on fire.

    "AHHHHH! QUICK DO SOMETHING!" I tried to grab a towel to suffocate it but the towel burst into flames. My mom tried to kick it out, but since she is infused with fire and her body temperature is just as hot it made the fire stronger. As Mariana was trying to get a water can filled up I remembered the fire extinguisher upstairs. I ran up and grabbed it in my talons. As I got back down I saw that The water made the fire worse. I quickly handed Mariana the fire extinguisher and she unhooked the nozzle and started spraying. That foam went everywhere but it did put out the fire and it didn't get on the already cooked food. It got all over us though, my mother and I looked like Swannas now and a bunch of that foam was on her as well.

    Mariana started speaking after she calmed down, "Well we got two meals done at least but dinner...I am not cooking again, what do you two think about take out?!" She exclaimed happily. My mother and I got a good laugh out of that one I we were al on mutual turns for take out. Lets just hope when Darian and Ulrich get back they will unerstand.
    (Griffon POV, Afternoon)

    So Lilly had told me that she wanted me to come to the grocery store with her to help her get things or the next few days. See this wouldn't be a problem if it was anyone else, but Lilly was an extra enthusiastic shopper. Which means we would be here a while and she would want me to see everything she gets.

    "OMG, OMG, OMG this is going to be great! What do you think Griffon?!" The screamed at me in the car.

    'Yes I believe it will be but please watch the road!' I screamed at her in telepathy. She got the car realigned in the road correctly after I said that.

    "Oh right *teehee* sorry Griffon." She apologized.

    'It is quite alright just be careful okay.' She was quiet the rest of the way to the store and we started looking around in the store. As my prediction came true she already started. She picked up a coupon list and ran back over to me.

    "Griffon! Oh my gosh, they have so many good deals, we came on the perfect day!" She says this every time there are good deals. She then grabbed a shopping cart and rolled it to where I was, grabbed my arm and dragged me through the store. The first part we stopped at was by the meats. She started looking at two of them as I waited there.

    "Griffon what do you think we should get, Miltank steak or Tuaros burgers?" I looked at the two options before I settle don one.

    'Get the steak, usually don't see it that cheap.' I sated. She nodded and she put it in her shopping cart. Then we were on an aisle where what she needed was higher up than both of us. She is only around four-foot ten inches, so if I can't reach it she can't. But thankfully being a psychic type has it's advantages. So I did what I always did and used my psychic powers to lift that off the shelf and down into the cart.

    "Thanks Griffon." I nodded to her and we continued on. So as I said we have been here for thirty minutes and have gotten like twelve items, out of thirty. We were going to be here forever, I need something to keep me from dying of boredom, now!
    (Jae POV, same time, supermarket)

    Claire and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We were trying to get everything ready for the party while Lucario and Riley were keeping Carol busy. Everything was going fine and dandy until something happened. Claire had sent me to get steamers which I knew where they were since I knew the isle and where they were on it. When I got to the isle I saw a Poocheyena, which is a dark type, grey and black furred wolf Pokémon, who was bullying a Rockruff, which is a rock type wolf Pokémon that was white and light brown fur with blue eyes. The Poocheyena kept biting and berating him and I had enough.

    -Hey how about you pick on someone your own size.- I said standing behind him.

    He turned around thinking he could take whoever it was behind him. He saw I was taller but then got a smug grin, -Oh really, well mister my size what are you going to do to stop me.- I didn't need any words for this, I held my right paw in front of me and started letting it spark up.
    (Griffon POV)

    I was still here walking with Lilly and her constantly talking about her shopping. I thought nothing was going to happen and that I wouldn't get to do any interesting or see any thing interesting. We had walked past a couple of isles when I heard a crash sound happen behind me and Lilly. When we turned around we saw a Poochyena who had crashed into the isle and looked really pissed. He ran back down the isle and then crashing and banging kept happening on the isle. Lilly and I went to check out what had happened and what do you know? It was Jae who was fighting this Poocheyena. I saw there was a Rockruff who was cowering, guess that Poocheyena had tried to hurt her. The Poocheyena kept trying to bite Jae and was failing miserably. He jumped for another bite and Jae just lifted his arm and let him do it. Big mistake. He bit down on one of Jae's steel guards and immediately regretted it. He started whimpering and screaming about how it hurt. He was squirming when Jae had grabbed his scruff and picked him up. He looked at Jae in the eyes terrified. But Jae didn't hurt him.

    -Listen kid, I don't know what your problem is but, why bully her? What did she do to you?- The Poocheyena looked around for a moment before speaking.

    -Someone told me if I wanted friends I would have to look tough, I thought if I looked stronger she would be my friend.- He stated sadly. The Rockruff looked at him like she didn't know that.

    -WHAT!? Who on earth told you that.- Jae asked surprised.

    -My dad.- Jae then put him down and started talking again.

    -Well your dad is wrong, making people scared of you is a bad way to make friends. That only gets you fake friends. You should have just asked her instead of that, how about you apologize and try again?- Jae suggested.

    The Poochyena walked up to the Rockruff. -I am sorry for attacking you, I tried to get a friend the wrong way. My name is Shadow what is your name?-

    She seemed less scared, -I am Ina, and it's okay, wanna go to the play area!- He nodded furiously and those two ran off while

    Jae stood there satisfied. Jae then grabbed a bag of streamers and ran off on his own. Lilly and I looked at each other but Lilly got confused.

    "Well what happened there, that was Jae right? Looked like they were fighting!" She exclaimed.

    'Jae pretty much taught that Poocheyena a much-needed lesson, anyway come on we have more to get.' That at least kept me satisfied until the end of our shopping spree.
    (Gareth POV, Sundown)

    While Lilly took Griffon to the grocery store Barry took me to his job where I usually work. We do car maintenance. The reason I am here is if we have to make cuts to metal. I can also help pick up heavy things even though my psychic abilities don't even rival Griffon's. What I would normally do is when he needed me to cut metal I would use a type of spinning psychic energy that I sent to my retractable blades and I would use it as a metal-cutting tool, kind of like a blowtorch or welder. I usually work here all the time. We got a customer in who wanted their truck.

    I had to cut some metal and make some clamps. I used my blades accurately so that I didn't miss and so that I could accurately make the clamp. Once we had completed the additions to the truck I saw the news.

    "Reports today show the same gang called the "Bladed Vanquishers" have struck again today on a public mall. As you can see from the camera feed it shows the three attack people and destroying things." The video showed a Sceptile, Bisharp, and a Samurot. Those three Siward, Banquo, and Ike. I actually was with that group, back when it wasn't this bad, thankfully I got out when it did get bad but, I felt like I could have stopped them. After the news broadcast I finished all of my work for the day. I thought we were about to go but I saw that Barry was on the phone.

    "Uh huh.........So it is really that bad.........Alright we will be over there tomorrow." I got scared so I spoke up in my language to get his attention. "Oh Gareth, that was Martin. We are heading over there tomorrow." I was confused so I asked.

    -Wait why?- I asked.

    He didn't understand but he got the memo and said one phrase, "We have got trouble."
    (Caden POV)

    "So this will work right? I got you what you needed?" I asked the man.

    "Yeah kid you did, we weren't sure how we were going to get the chief's information, that was smart getting that kids info. The email connected to that account we hacked is the chief's. He usually keeps that stuff secure, but his idiot of a son got us what we need." The man in front of me explained.

    "So we will go there tomorrow. Now remember, the deal for the information was that I get to do whatever I want to that Riolu and Riley, got it!" I stated.

    "Yeah kid you got it, do whatever you want, once that chief is out then we will be one step closer to taking this town for our own purposes." *Ring* *Ring* His phone started ringing and he picked up.

    "Yeah what is it?.......Wait what do you mean?........Why?.......OH!.........Okay fine." He hung up then turned to me. "Change of plans, we have to keep the Riolu alive."

    "What!? Why the hell do we have to!" I screamed at him.

    "BECAUSE BRAT! THAT IS WHAT THE BOSS WANTS! AND WHAT THE BOSS SAYS GOES! Now go get ready, we are going tomorrow." So I did what he said and went to go get my Pokémon, and they wont be ready for what I have done with him.
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    Chapter 19 Ambush

    -Okay guess I will see you around Lucario!- I waved to Lucario as I was going out the backdoor.

    -Alright see you here later!- He screamed at me. It was the day after the party and Lucario had suggested I should go visit Ray. I got confused as to why he would suggest it but after thinking he was right. I hadn't visited him in a while and I should go check up on them. I started going on the path I knew to his town and waved one last time to Lucario as he went back inside.
    (Lucario POV)

    I had walked back into the house when Jae had left and saw Martin was there.

    "He gone yet?" He asked quietly.

    'Yeah he is. What about Claire and the others?' I asked through telepathy.

    "They just left. Barry will be here soon with Gareth and Griffon." He stated. We needed Jae and the others to leave. Martin was expecting an attack. He had noticed his account got compromised and we needed to get everyone away. The hack happened yesterday and they apparently have our address, we don't know who they is yet but we have a feeling it was involved with the person who killed Cindy Shidel. The man's name is Piers Till. He apparently had a bad track record of working with gangs but was somehow hired to that company as a security guard. We think these people are friends of his. We called Barry over with Griffon and Gareth because it might be too much for just me to handle.

    We heard the door knock and I used my aura vision to check and see who it was. It was Barry, Griffon and Gareth. I informed Martin and he let them in.

    Martin started to speak with Barry and Gareth and Griffon came up to me. -Is it true Lucario, is this actually for real?- Asked Gareth.

    -Yes it is, we think these people were friends of he person who killed Jae's mother.- I explained.

    -Wait are you sure? And where is Jae anyway?- asked Griffon.

    -Jae and everyone else are away. Jae is going to a friend's place and Claire took Riley and Carol.- I explained again.

    They both paused for a moment, -So. Where do we start?- Martin gave me my order which was to use aura to track everything around the house, so I sat down and got relaxed and ready.
    (Jae POV)

    I kept walking the path until I finally made it to the shrubbery that leads into the town. Same as before I see. I started walking the same way I did to get to Ray's house. While walking I noticed I was still getting stares as I was before. I was kind of tired of it really, I felt like I was an outsider. I just kept walking while ignoring people until I saw Ray's house. In front of it I saw Ray and Avis fighting while Sharara was watching them.

    I walked up and yelled out, -Hey Ray! Avis! Sharara!- They all noticed me and I saw Ray's eyes light up like stars.

    -JJJJAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEE!!!- He screamed this while running up to me and jumping at me. Thankfully I caught him.

    -Whoa be careful about doing that, I almost didn't catch you.- I put him down and he started talking again.

    -Well you did! Where have you been! It's been so long why haven't you come to visit.?- Oh right I did promise to visit but I got caught up with....

    -I um...Well it's just...- I just couldn't say the words.

    Sharara came up to us, -Well I mean what did happen, you said you would visit? Come on it couldn't have been something that bad.-

    I just said it, -I lost my mother.- I said looking down sadly.

    The three looked at me in shock, -Well that's okay you can find her again right?!- Exclaimed Ray.

    Sharara new better, -She really?-

    -I saw it happen, and I....- I couldn't continue.

    -Ray how about you go play with Avis for a minute okay, let me talk to Jae.- He complied and walked away with Avis.

    -And what honey?- She asked motherly.

    -I killed the one who did it.- I stated.

    Her ears perked up at that, -You did?....I am so sorry for you, here.- She then brought me into a motherly hug. This was the first time in a while I had gotten asked about this, she was acting like a mother towards me, and I appreciated it more than I think she understood. -She is never really gone, you know?-

    -Yes I do.- I said tearing up. She noticed and just kept hugging me.

    After I we finished she let go, -If you ever need to talk about it just ask, okay? I will be here for you.- She stated. I nodded.

    -Okay I didn't come here for that, I came to hang out with my friend, I will go find them okay!- She gave me a reassuring nod and I ran off where they were. It didn't take me long to find them thankfully. They were fighting in a dirt area when I came.

    -Hey guys!- I screamed. They both flew and ran over to me.

    -Hey Jae, what were you and my mom talking about?- He asked.

    -Oh nothing, don't worry about it. What were you two doing?- I asked.

    -We were practicing fighting! You want to as well!?- Avis said enthusiastic.

    -Okay but I want us to do it different!- I stated.

    -How so?- Asked them both.

    I waited a minute to keep them in anticipation, -You two against me.-

    (Lucario POV)

    'I SENSE THEM!' I screamed through telepathy.

    "You do!" Screamed Martin as he came to me with his sword and gun ready. Then Griffon and Gareth came down with Barry who was also holding a handgun.

    "So we do this now?" Asked Barry.

    "Yeah, just like we handle those thugs who kidnapped us before, remember Lucario?" Martin asked.

    'Do I ever!' I screamed through telepathy.

    -Okay I will get into position!- Screamed Gareth.

    -Me too!- Screamed Griffon.

    'Okay. LET'S DO THIS!' I screamed.
    (Caden POV)

    "Alright kid you ready?" The woman beside me said while we were crawling through the bushes.

    "Yeah I am, are you Scrafty?" My scraggy had evolved and I couldn't wait for us to get revenge on those pussies.

    "Alright I am going to check the perimeter." She started looking through binoculars at the house. "Seems to be clear, but I am seeing a weird pink light from the inside of the house." Weird pink light. I took a look and realized what that was.

    "NIFA!" I pushed her out-of-the-way as Scrafty backed up and the Psychic shot flew by.

    "SCRAFTY!" I heard Scrafty scream and when I looked up I saw a Gallade coming down from the trees. Before he could hit Nifa's Persian jumped up and collided with his blade with her claws. Before I knew it I saw a Lucario shoot an Aura sphere at us. We both moved out-of-the-way as we jumped into the back yard. My Scrafty blocked a psychic shot from that sniper and Nifa's Persian blocked the path of the other two.
    (Lucario POV)

    That Persian was in front of me and Gareth and we saw Martin come out with his gun and sword.

    "Don't you move!" He screamed. That girl Nifa didn't even flinch and pulled out a gun on him.

    "I don't think so old-timer!" She screamed.

    Then the other kid took out his gun, "Yeah you better listen, we outnumber you." He looked toward me in disgust. "Now Martin, where is Riley at? I want to personally pay him back!"

    "How do you know my son, payback? Wait! You are that brat that bullies him aren't you!" Martin screamed.

    "Yeah I am, I am also the one who your son stupidly gave his account on his game system and the reason we found you." I got shocked to hear this! This is the brat that Jae talked about! And that Scrafty is the scraggy that Jae took out in one hit.

    "It was so easy, made him think I was so sorry and I wanted to make up! You're son is as gullible as you are to think you could beat us, it's two guns against one old man!" Caden continued.

    "Actually." Then Barry came around from the side of the house with his handgun. "It's two V two."

    "Shouldn't have opened that flap of yours kid!" Nifa screamed.

    "Well what do we do now?" Asked Caden.

    "You thin I wouldn't come prepared." Nifa said. What did she mean by that. All of the sudden a Honchcrow flew down and grabbed Martin's gun, then a man come from behind Barry and grabbed him really quick and handcuffed him.

    "WHAT!?" Screamed Martin. How did they plan this?!

    "You didn't think we wouldn't come without a backup did you?" She asked. "Now tell that sniper to come out or you die." Martin screamed for Griffon and she walked out with her hands up.

    "Very good, now step over here." She then turned to us, "Be good pets or your masters die." We held our ground. He walked over after dropping his sword and she told him to turn around. When he did she put handcuffs on him and put him to the ground.

    "Now where is your family and that Riolu?" Martin started chuckling.

    "You won't find any of them. We got them out of here before you even came." Nifa looked shocked.

    "WHAT!?" She screamed.

    "Lucario! Don't be afraid of them killing us, they need us alive, we have valuable information for them. They can't kill us so you three fight! Take down these monsters. Show them what you've got!" Wait Barry didn't know anything so why? WAIT! He said that to keep Barry alive! Genius!

    'Okay! GARETH! GRIFFON!' Griffon sent a shockwave at them and they dodged while they moved away with Martin. Griffon stood next to me and I continued.

    'So you think you can come here and do what you want well I have news for you, you try to mess with us, then we have no choice but to make sure you are never able to again.' Then the Scrafty, Persian and Honchcrow came in front of us.

    -You will have to get through us first!- Screamed the Scrafty.

    -You are the one Jae mentioned right?- I asked.

    -Yeah he tell you about how I knocked him down at lunch?- He asked smart like.

    -Yeah! He also told me you went down in one hit! Wonder if this will end the same way?!- He seemed shocked at that one.

    -YOU TWO READY!- I screamed.

    -YOU GOT IT- Screamed Gareth.

    -LET'S END THESE FOOLS!- Screamed Griffon.

    We then ran at them and I sent an aura sphere at their feet. Then Griffon sent a storm of psychic shots from the sky as Gareth started slashing at them. Griffon kept her distance and kept taking shots from afar. I took mid and then Gareth took close. This would be a piece of cake.
    (Jae POV)

    So I had Ray sending sparks at me while Avis tried to swoop down and hit me. Thankfully the lighting wasn't that fast so it was easy to dodge. Besides I was going easy on them. They then did a team attack where Ray sent three bolts along the ground while Avis attacked. Smart! Keeping me from going below or jumping above, so what do you do when all else fails? Go through. So I jumped and grabbed Avis's leg and threw him at Ray. They both slid on the ground for a minute before finally trying to get up.

    -I think that is enough you two, good try though!- I told them.

    -Dang how did you get so strong!?- Screamed Avis.

    -Yeah Jae! How did you!?- Asked Ray.

    -I told you I train didn't I!? Doesn't just help in ball games you know.- I stated.

    -Isn't that the truth.- We all turned and saw Raided, eyepatch and all. -You did good Ray, you too Avis, but I think you two need more training before you get to Jae's level, he seems almost as good as me. I should also let you know that Jae was holding back on you.-

    They both screamed "WHAT!?" and I just gave them a cheeky smile. Just then we felt the ground rumble and saw smoke coming from where the entrance was.

    -What was that!?- Screamed Avis.

    -DAD I AM SCARED!-Screamed Ray.

    I started taking a few steps in the direction when Raiden spoke up. -Jae! What is wrong!?-

    -In that direction is where I live.- I said scared.
    (Lucario POV)

    -ARGH!- The Scrafty screamed while falling to the ground.

    'As I was saying, all talk and no backbone.' Nifa, Caden and the other guy looked terrified. The Honchcrow was barely standing, Persian was down and the Scrafty was the only one that still had some fight in him.

    -Well you were right that was easy.- Gareth stated.

    -If they move I will shoot!- Screamed Griffon.

    'Now then if I were you, I would let them go and give yourselves up.' I said through telepathy. I saw Barry and Martin smiling as I said that. All of the sudden I heard a swoosh sound and me and Gareth turned around to see, oh no!

    Behind Griffon was a Machamp in mid attack. Me and Gareth had turned around with shocked faces and she realized it too late.

    *CRRRRRRAAAAAAAASHHHHHH!!!!!!* A bunch of smoke flew up and flew forward and once it finally cleared we saw Griffon grabbed by her head. The Machamp smirked and threw her into the brick wall of the house behind him.

    -YOU F**K!- Screamed Gareth. -I WILL KILL YOU FOR THAT!-

    -Come show me you can lover boy!- Screamed the Machamp in a gruff voice. The ones behind us tried to get a jump on us but I sent them a glare that said "You try! You die!"

    -Calm down Gareth, she isn't dead!- I stated.

    -Really!?- He asked.

    -Yes now get ready, we will have to take him together to win.- We both got ready to take him on. WE charge full force. I charged aura in my paws and started swinging it to make waves of energy aimed right at him he blocked it while Gareth tried slashing and he got blocked. The Machamp landed a punch but I sent an aura sphere he had to block. That gave Gareth time to slash his stomach and gain distance. I came above and sent multiple small aura spheres and he blocked them all. But Gareth used his multiple psycho cut attack to make him staggered. I then came up with aura in my paws and did a spin that burned him while Gareth used a couple more cuts. We then joined an Aura sphere and psycho cut to send him to the ground. I then fist bumped with Gareth and I started walking over to the Machamp to finish him off.

    -AAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!- I turned around and there was a man with a spiked goatee and he had shocked Gareth with a stun baton and Gareth was on the ground out cold. I was about to take the man down but then I remembered the Machamp, too late. Before I could do anything I got sent falling after being hit by all four of his fists at once. As I tried to get up I realized I was hurt bad and I couldn't stand, I saw Martin's sword and tried to grab it but I saw the man with the goatee kick it away and kick me to the ground.

    "Nice job mutt, really had us going there for a minute. Loved the speech your master gave you as well, bold choice you made, you could have run away and stayed alive, but it looks like you die here." He sparked up his baton and started walking towards me as the Machamp watched from afar. "Got to hand it to you, you put up a good fight, I would have loved to have you as my Pokémon, but fate has a strange way of working. Anyway it really is unfair, wish you could have seen what would come in the future, but unfortunately even though you are Martin's Pokémon and you know telepathy, we have no use for you, Martin can give us all the information we want. So in the end about that choice you made, let me truly ask you, was it worth it?" He then swung and I accepted my fate.


    But the blow never came. I had my eyes closed but when I opened them I saw the man fall to the ground and I saw someone's legs in front of me where I crouched at. When I looked up at who had saved my life, I couldn't believe it.
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    Chapter 20 Payback

    (Jae POV)

    -Wait! What did you say Jae?- Raiden asked.

    -That smoke cloud is came from where I live! Something could have happened! I got to make sure they are okay!- I was about to take off but Raiden grabbed my arm.

    -Now look here! I don't know how strong you think you are, whatever made that is way out of your league! I am coming with you!- I got shocked to hear this and so was Ray.

    -But dad! What if those guys come here!?- Ray questioned.

    -That is exactly why I am going, to stop them before they get here, okay son?- Ray nodded and I turned to him.

    -Come on! We have to hurry!- I stated.

    -Right!- With that we started running toward the house. I knew the direction and Raiden just followed. We had gotten to the edge where the forest was and I saw the scene. Barry and Martin got handcuffed. Gareth and Griffon were out and Lucario was on his knees with a man in front of him. I saw all the other Pokémon around, a Persian, Scrafty, Honchcrow and a Machamp. Oh god, that is a lot of Pokémon, but I think I can handle it. I tried to move but all of a sudden my body locked up on me. I then started shaking violently, what was wrong with me!?

    -Jae what is wrong?- Raiden whispered. I was shaking, why was I this scared, I could barely move, why? Did I feel threatened by them, was I scared of them, no! I didn't feel any of that so WHY WAS I SCARED!

    Wait...Is it I am afraid? But I am not afraid of them, I remembered back to that moment with Elizabeth, I tried everything, I fought to my best ability, but was still unable to save her, I wasn't strong enough to save her, and I had to watch her die. Then I remembered the time with my mother, I stood there and let that happen, I could have done something but I didn't, I watched her die right before my eyes. I now realize what is wrong, I am afraid of losing someone again. Every time I got put in this situation I either let someone else handle it or wasn't able to save the person I cared about...

    NO! I would never let that happen again! I will never let someone close to me die if I can help it! It doesn't matter if I get beaten to a pulp, it doesn't matter if I get killed, the pain of losing someone is a thousand times worse! I won't stand around and watch someone else I care about die!

    I WILL NOT! All of the sudden I felt something in my body, it wasn't bad it felt good, what was it?

    -Jae!...You are!- When I looked at myself I saw I was glowing a bright white. I had a feeling I knew what this was and I just let it happen.
    (Lucario POV)

    "So in the end about that choice you made, let me truly ask you, was it worth it?" He then swung and I accepted my fate.


    But the blow never came. I had my eyes closed but when I opened them I saw the man fall to the ground and I saw someone's legs in front of me where I crouched at. When I looked up at who had saved my life, I couldn't believe it. It was a LUCARIO! He had grabbed Martin's sword and had cut the man down in a single swing. He looked exactly like me! I don't get it, why was a Lucario here?!

    -Hey Lucario, looks like we made it just in time!- WAIT THAT IS JAE! His voice is definitely deeper but that is hi. His voice only got a bit deeper but it is noticeable. He had grabbed Martin's sword and sheath and the man had died from the swing.

    -Jae! How did you?- I asked weakly.

    -That doesn't matter now, I don't feel like focusing on the past, I would rather focus on the here and now!- He said angrily while looking at the three Pokémon that were still standing.

    All of the sudden a Raichu with an eyepatch leaf came out, -Jae! This is amazing! You evolved!-
    (Jae POV)
    Just then I heard another voice that seemed familiar, "WHAT!? WHERE DID THAT LUCARIO COME FROM? I THOUGHT THAT PIERS SAID THAT THERE WAS A LUCARIO AND A RIOLU!- That was Caden! He was responsible for this!?

    "Beats me kid, but Piers' lack of information got him killed!" So Caden was with these guys? Why am I not surprised, I felt like answering their question. So I focused and gave it a shot.

    'Well actually his information was correct! Just that he didn't expect me to evolve so soon!' Everyone got shocked I used telepathy and those two got really shocked about what I said.

    "WAIT! You are the riolu!?" Screamed this Nifa girl.

    'That is correct.' I stated.

    -HOW DARE YOU KILL PIERS!- Screamed the Machamp.

    -We will make you pay for that!- Screamed the Scrafty.

    -Hello scraggy, seems like you evolved as well. Too bad it will be short-lived though- He seemed scared at that one.

    -What do you mean?!- He said scared.

    -Because you won't live long enough to enjoy it.- I stated. I then turned to Lucario. -Lucario listen Raiden and I will handle them, you go make sure Gareth and Griffon are alright and get Martin and Barry out of those handcuffs. Don't worry you have already done damage to them, it will be easy.- He gave me a nod and I got ready to fight.

    -Alright so how do we go at this Jae?....Jae?- I wasn't answering I was looking dead at the people in front of us.

    'All of you standing in front of me........including you Caden! You put Riley through a lot of hell you know....Then you try to get his family killed......All of you, what you came here and tried to do, I will never forgive you for that....I WILL MAKE ALL OF YOU PAY!!!! AAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!' As I started screaming aura started flaring out of me. Raiden had to hold him self in place to keep him from flying away. Lucario had shielded his eyes and I wasn't in control of the aura flying out.

    -JAE! CONTROL YOURSELF!- I let it fly out for another moment and then I finally let it stop. I breathed heavily for a moment before I spoke again.

    -Sorry, there was so much aura wasn't used to it, had to let it burn out, now I am in control!- I stated proudly.

    -Alright, so where do we start?- Raiden asked again.

    -Like so.- Before they could even think I was in front of Nifa and Caden with my back turned to them. They got shocked but they didn't get a chance to do anything because I elbowed both of them in the stomach. I then spun around grabbed them by their necks and slammed them into the ground. It knocked them both out. The three Pokémon turned around and noticed what I had done. The Honchcrow tried to take off but was electro-tackled by Raiden and then slashed with his tail.

    -I got this one!- He yelled and I ran up to the other two with the sword and sheath ready.

    -So what is this for Scrafty payback, revenge. You should know this won't end well!- Before he could speak the Machamp came at me and I dodged him and gave him a slash to the back. I re-sheathed the sword and I saw Scrafty behind me. I blocked his attack with the sword and saw that Machamp was trying to hit me with a haymaker. I jumped and before it could hit I used my back paws and sent force palms into his fist. Before I could do anything Scrafty kneed me in the face, then Machamp had punched me in the back. I rolled for a minute and I saw Scrafty running at me again, I got the sword ready. He got ready to block from the side but I wasn't doing that, I rammed the butt of the handle into his chin. Then I kicked him forward. As he went back I realized I was a Lucario and therefore faster. I ran as fast as I could and got behind him in less than a second. I then kicked him up. As I did that he started falling and I ran up in time to land a drop kick before he hit the ground. As he flew away I ran again and was behind him. I got ready. Before he got a chance to turn around and attack I unsheathed the blade and slashed through him. I was behind him and in a moment he fell over. It wasn't lethal but he was hurt bad.

    Then the Machamp was attacking again. I tried to block but he grabbed me with all four arms and he threw me into the air. He then jumped and all I could was try to block his attack. Really didn't do me any good cause the momentum sent me straight into the ground.


    -JAE!- Raiden screamed but had to go back to fighting that Honchcrow. The Honchcrow was flying around and trying to do swoop attacks. He couldn't land a hit. The Honchcrow kept trying to swoop and he landed a few hits on Raiden. Raiden then seemed to have idea. The Honchcrow tried to swoop down and strike again but he didn't notice Raiden having lightning charge in his paw. The Honchcrow swooped down and he slid under him. As he did Raiden grabbed the Honchcrow's talon and Raiden threw him over his head and slammed him into the ground. When he did lightning spewed everywhere. The Honchcrow had gotten knocked out.

    The Machamp was waiting, he knew I was still awake. Well I would show him a good time. I jumped out of the smoke with the blade ready. I started swinging and he didn't have time to attack. I swung at his legs, arms and head. He dodged and tried to hit me but I kept dodging too. I then di something he didn't expect. He swung and when it hit I disappeared. He got shocked and then he screamed because I had slashed his back. Then I kept using my speed to go around him every time he turned so I could hit him. I thought I had him but he timed it and hit me. I tried to retaliate but he hit me again. I wasn't able to get out of this, he kept landing. He landed another and during that I sheathed the sword. He hit me again and I spun around from it. I then timed it and watched. His arm was coming toward me and in the last second.


    Off came his arm. He started screaming and I turned the sword back-pawed and then I slashed him again. Then I turned my head the other direction to slash the other way. Then for the last blow I spun around and stabbed the blade into his stomach. I let the blade sit in him for a second then I grabbed the sword normally and ripped it out.


    Then he fell over. He was down. Lucario had handled that one other guy and had gotten Barry and Martin out of their handcuffs and made sure Gareth and Griffon were alright.

    Martin walked over to me, "Jae? That is you isn't it?" He asked scared.

    'Yep it is Martin, listen sorry I had to use this, but I am good with swords, here.' I handed him back his sword.

    "Thanks Jae." He said.

    I then turned to the Machamp, 'I will watch this guy, get those three handcuffed and make sure the other two Pokémon don't go anywhere.'

    After about an hour we had gotten the police here and we started getting people in their places. We put Caden in a car but his Scrafty started freaking out.


    I walked away for a second and walked over to them, 'Wait, that kid is only sixteen. He didn't hurt anyone. I know he has to go but let him take his Pokémon with him.' Martin gave them a nod and Cadengot shocked I had done this.

    I walked up to the car where Scrafty and Caden were being held, 'I know you two think of me as an idiot or below you, well I am not. You had better be grateful I got them to let Scrafty stay with you.' I said with a glare.

    "Thank you, for what it is worth I am sorry. Thank you." Caden said.

    -Yeah, thanks.- Scrafty said.

    'See you two later.' And I let them take them off, hopefully they will become better after this.

    "ALRIGHT START TALKING!" Screamed Martin.

    "Who are you working for?" Asked another officer.

    "GOSH I HAVE TOLD YOU ALL I KNOW!" Screamed the Nifa girl. "As I said, I'm work for hire, I have no business with them other wise. All I know is the mission, not the reason behind it. The only one who did was the guy dead on the floor over there. The only other one who would know is the Machamp. Since that was his Pokémon he might know something." I took a look over at the Machamp and he was breathing heavily.

    I started to walk over but I got stopped by Lucario and Gareth who of which was helping Griffon walk.

    -Hey man loving the new look.- Said Gareth happily.

    -You look amazing Jae!- Exclaimed Griffon.

    -Hey guys, are you alright?- I asked.

    -I will be fine just really sore right now.- Said Griffon.

    -We will be fine don't worry.- Gareth added.

    -Jae I can't believe it how did you evolve?- Lucario asked.

    -I don't know, I saw you all hurt, and I guess the thought I was going to lose all of you pushed me over the edge to evolve.- I explained.

    -I see, that makes sense, Riolus evolve through friendship, so I guess your friendship towards us led you to evolve.- I nodded to that an I heard the officers arguing on how they were going to question the Machamp.

    -Let me go take care of this okay, I will talk to you all later.- I started walking over there and used telepathy to explain to them how this would go. I then walked up to the Machamp with another officer next to me so I could give him information.

    -Listen here, I am not going to sugar coat this. You will tell us what we want, no other option.- I explained.

    He coughed and started talking, -And if I refuse?-

    Oh a smart guy okay, -I don't know, how many more arms you want to lose today?- He seemed scared at that one.

    -Alright I will tell you, but before that...- Before I could stop him he quickly jumped at the officer standing next to me and grabbed his gun.

    -Hey you realize I will take you down in a second, you have nowhere to run!- I screamed at him.

    He had the gun pointed at us and he gave smirk, -Yeah I know!- And he aimed the gun at himself and pulled the trigger.


    Everyone including myself got shocked to say the least. I guess he is one of those extremists, Jesus, why are there people like this. I told everyone through telepathy to back away and they did. First priority was to get that gun away. Picked it up and gave it back to the officer. I then ordered the rest of them to get body bags. This wasn't pretty.

    After we cleaned up I spoke with Martin, 'So you gonna call back everyone?'

    "Yeah I am. Are you gonna take my offer on joining?" He asked.

    'Yes but I think we should let things calm down, also I have a little plan when everyone gets back.' I said through telepathy.

    I made sure that Barry had Griffon and Gareth okay, -You two gonna be alright?-

    -Please! We have been through way worse than this!- Griffon exclaimed.

    -Yeah, the worst was when we had broken a bunch of bones, trust me this is nothing!- Gareth stated.

    -Okay well you two stay safe okay, don't crash!- I suggested.

    -With Barry driving you never know.- Said Griffon. We all got a laugh out of that one and they took off. Raiden said he had to get back as well and he said he would tell the others what happened. I told him bye and he was off. The rest of us went back inside and waited until Claire came home with Riley and Carol, and my plan went into action.

    Me and Martin were both waiting in the living room when Claire, Riley and Carol came in. Carol spoke first.

    "Hey Dad! Hey Lucario!" She looked around for a moment and spoke again. "Hey where is Jae?"

    "Hey yeah where is Jae?" Riley asked. Then from the door in the room Lucario walked in. The looks on their faces were priceless. Claire was looking back and forth. Riley stunned and Carol looked confused.

    "Wait two Lucario's, where did the second one come from?" Carol asked. She was so cute. I decided I would do this now.

    So I walked up a little towards them and started, 'Hey there guys! I don't think I was ever to properly introduce myself, I am Jae! It is nice to meet you all!' I saw their faces go to shock except for Carol who was extremely happy.

    "OH MY GOSH JAE!" She then ran up to me and gave me a hug which I returned. I was just a little taller than her so I finally didn't get crushed. "HOW DID YOU GET SO BIG! AND YOU CAN TALK NOW!"

    'Well I evolved Carol. That is how I got bigger, and as an added bonus I can use telepathy to let you hear my thoughts.' I explained.

    "Wait so I am hearing your thoughts?" She asked innocently.

    'Yep exactly.' After our hug Riley came up.

    "Wow this is incredible Jae! Maybe now you can help me more in school when it starts up." He said laughing.

    'Yeah I could, I am smarter than you anyway.' I said plainly.

    "OH YEAH! HOW SO!" He said shocked.

    'Well maybe because without that extra credit I got you, you wouldn't have gotten a good grade on that sheet.' He seemed scared at that one.

    "So that is what you sound like. Is it funny that is actually how I thought you sound like?" Claire stated.

    'I guess so, I am glad I am finally able to speak with you all like this.' I stated through telepathy.

    "We are all glad too Jae." Martin said, "Hey could you come with me for a minute Jae?" So I followed him up to his weapons room. He unlocked it and we walked inside.

    'So what is this about?' I asked.

    "I know I took your weapon before but that is because of what you did. But you have proven again you can save my family again and save even more people. Rules still stand as before, don't break them okay. Go on ahead and choose what you want." I gave him a nod and looked around. Since I was bigger I wanted a bigger weapon. I looked around and saw the one I wanted. It was a black Nodachi blade. It was almost as tall as me but it was perfect. I grabbed it and put the holster on and placed the blade where it is set for me to grab it with my right paw back-pawed.

    'So? What do you think?' I asked Martin.

    "I think it fits, plus it can help us distinguish you from Lucario better." I got a laugh out of that one.

    'Come on let's go show everyone!' So we then headed back downstairs to join the rest, I think I had just started a new leg of my life by evolving.
    (??? POV)

    "So that is your report?" The person on the line said.

    "Yes. As I said from the report both Piers and Machamp are dead and it was the experiment that killed Piers. Machamp ended his own life to keep us secure." I said plainly.

    "A heavy loss they both will be, so with all the information we have gathered it seems our experiment was a complete success. He worked perfectly and seems to have adjusted without many knowing." He said.

    "So what should we do with him now?" I asked curious.

    "Nothing. He has served his purpose, and for that he gets the reward of living his life in peace from us." He stated.

    "But sir, what if he becomes a threat to your plan?!" I exclaimed.

    He stayed quiet for a moment before speaking, "Then I will expect you to take care of that problem, I hope it would be no trouble?"

    I chuckled for a moment, "None at all." And then I hung up. That Lucario better not try to get on our bad side, if he did well, I guess that makes my job easier.

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