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Pokemon Revival

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by DeviantJTS, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. DeviantJTS

    DeviantJTS School Kid

    Mar 6, 2017
    Chapter 21 New Abilities

    (Lucario POV)

    I had woken up one morning about a week after the last incident we all had to deal with and I noticed Jae was nowhere. I checked all the rooms in the house and the only place I hadn't checked yet was the training room. What do you know I found him. He seemed to have aura in his paws and when I came in he stopped.

    -Oh hey Lucario, what's up?- He asked.

    -Hey Jae, just looking for you, I couldn't find you anywhere, so what were you doing?- I asked.

    -Oh nothing much, I would rather it be a surprise anyway. So if you could give me some time, I will call you when I have everything ready.- I gave him a nod and let him do what he needed. I went to go check on everyone else and found Martin.

    'Hey Martin what are you up to?' I asked with telepathy.

    "Oh hey Lucario, I was looking over the profiles of the people we captured. This guy was really a junkie looking for money. We all know who Caden is. Nifa was actually telling the
    truth, she is hired help. But the last guy, Piers, he is the most interesting."

    'Oh and what is so special about him?' I asked.

    "That is just it there is nothing. He had no criminal background, no crimes committed, nothing at all that would consider him to do this." He stated. Wait he wasn't a criminal.

    'Wait you are telling me there is nothing bad, is he affiliated with a high-end company?!' I asked.

    "No, he had his own private business, made bank. There was really no reason for him to do any of what he did." He explained.

    'Then how the hell do we find who he was working for?' I asked curiously.

    "Simple, we can't at the moment." Guess that was that.

    Then all of a sudden I saw Carol from upstairs but she didn't notice me. "LUCARIO! WANT TO COME PLAY DOLL-HOUSE!" Nope, nope, nope, nope! I quickly ran into the training room where Jae was practicing with his new sword.

    -Lucario what are yo- I then cut him off.

    -Just be quiet! Don't let her find me!- I then hid behind the door and she walked in.

    "Hey Jae! Have you seen Lucario, I want him to play dollhouse but I can't find him." Jae looked at me then turned again to Carol.

    'Nope, sorry Carol haven't seen him' He said innocently through telepathy.

    "Oh okay see ya." And she walked out. The door shut and Jae looked at me.

    -You know you could just ask her to play something else?- He said smartly.

    -I know I just don't want to right now.- I said. He gave me shrug and I left the room. Jae ran by me before I got a chance to ask and he came back but was carrying Martin's tablet. He then ran back into the training room without a word, just what was he doing?

    After that I went outside and saw Claire working in her garden. I walked up to her and she noticed. "Oh hey Lucario, could you hold this for a sec?"

    'Sure.' I replied. She then handed me this little pot and she went back to digging.

    "Hey Lucario, you have known Jae and what he is like longer than all of us right?" She asked.

    'Yes that is correct.' I answered.

    "Well all of us have only really known him for a full week now, what is he like, what does he normally talk about, I mean I have talked to him but I just don't know what is the norm for what is usually said." She stated,

    I thought for a moment before speaking, 'Well, he is very caring, he wants to make sure everyone around him is happy, but if you try to say something that upsets him he can get out of hand.'

    "Yeah that makes sense, when Martin came home that day yelling at him Jae didn't take it well and I thought he was going to attack Martin." She brought up.

    'Well that is another thing, even though he can bark and bite he will usually never bite the ones he cares about, even if they have made him extremely mad.' I stated through telepathy.

    "Well what else?" She insisted.

    'Well as you know he likes a lot of your type of things.' I stated.

    "Our type of things?" She asked confused.

    'Yeah you know he likes to do human things that you all normally do, like play video games.' I said such as.

    "Oh yeah! I get you, I always wondered about that! It was very surprising to see a Pokémon act more human than others. Like how he is able to work the shower and use our bathrooms with no help at all." She stated.

    'Yeah, you know there was this one time around when we first brought him here that he stayed up later than everyone and I woke up and found him. Get this he had Martin's tablet and was watching videos on it as well. Plus he had gotten a butter knife out of the drawer and used it to open a soda can and drink out of it as well.' I exclaimed.

    "That clever little sneak! You know Riley was so mad at us because he thought we drank his soda that one time. I didn't even consider Jae was the one that did that!" She paused for a moment and I saw her expression turn grim, "Lucario, be honest with me." I looked at her confused and she continued, "Martin hasn't told me anything since the day those thugs attacked, did.... Did Jae kill someone again?" I didn't know how to answer this, she should ask Jae this question.

    'I don't believe that is my place to tell you, if you want the truth than it will be Jae who will tell you it not me.' She got up and looked at me.

    "You are right, I am sorry Lucario it is just, I can sometimes get scared about you and Jae. I have that fear that I could wake up one morning and find that one of you killed one of my children. I think I am more scared of Jae though, he lost it when that woman who died, I didn't think something that had given me one of the cutest smiles in the world could become a monster in a split-second. Lucario has Jae told you who that woman was, I know her being at the hospital was false, I called that nurse Delila and she said no one but herself visited, please tell me if he has." I didn't want to lie to her, but I couldn't tell her, I promised I wouldn't.

    'Yes he has.' I stated plainly.

    "Can you tell me why he asked you to keep it from us?" She wanted to know so I let her.

    'Because if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. Again if Jae wants to tell you who she was then you will have to ask him. Another thing about Jae, he won't lie, he hates it.' I stated.

    "Then I won't, thank you for being honest, if he wants to bring it up then it would be his business. But it isn't my place to ask so I will leave it as it is. Thanks for talking to me Lucario." I gave her a nod and went back inside.

    Once I did Jae came out of the training room exhausted, -Lucario! Quick come here I have mastered what I was trying to do!-

    -Alright lets see it!- I exclaimed. I followed him in the room and he stood in the middle of it.

    -Alright watch this!- I saw aura forming in his paws. He let it sit there for a minute before he put his two paws together. Once he did he seemed to focus for a minute more and then.


    In his paws formed a Bone Rush Staff! I don't believe it! He actually learned Bone Rush!
    of the staff and sent his knee up, when it did it broke the staff in two and he held both of the parts backhanded. -Pretty freaking cool! Right Lucario?!-

    -JAE! THIS IS AMAZING!- I screamed.

    -Well get this! That isn't all I learned!- He let the staff dissipate and he held one arm over the other. I waited there for a moment before I saw it. A dark blackish purple colored energy started forming on his new claws on the top of his wrists. The energy got stronger until it fully enveloped his claws.

    -Wanna guess whet this is Lucario?!- He asked.

    -Is..! Is that Shadow Claw!- I exclaimed.

    -You got that right! When I was using Martin's tablet I looked up a video on how to learn it. I knew from when I had played the fictional Pokémon games that I always taught my Lucarios I had how to use Shadow Claw. All I had to do was follow the instructions in the video and surprise! It worked.- It was amazing. He learned all of this in a day.

    -Now this last one I have tried my hardest to learn. Thankfully the video I watched on it helped in so many ways. Best part is that it doesn't take anything for me to use this attack. Shadow claw does but thankfully Bone Rush doesn't. This one I was actually amazed I learned how to do.- I wondered what he was going to do but then I saw him flick his tail and it turned to steel.

    -IRON TAIL!?- I exclaimed.

    -Yep! Once I watched the video it turns out any steel type that has a tail can simply learn this move as a reflex. It is as simple as this, when I want to activate it I just make sure I first off want to activate it and then I give my tail a good flick. Best part is if I can time it I can swing my tail and during mid swing it will do the move!- He then let his tail turn back to it's normal wavy self.

    -So do you think I can give you a real fight now?!- He asked.

    I waited a moment before speaking, -You can try!-
    (Jae POV)

    Oh mister tough guy wants a challenge huh? -Well then let us do this!-

    -I won't be holding back this time Jae!- He screamed.

    -Did I say I want you to?- I asked. Our fight began, he started sending a bunch of small aura spheres and I kept dodging. I brought out my sword and charged at him, he wasn't used to the extra range and got caught off guard. He used his spikes to block them. I saw his paws turn bright white and he tried to send a Flash Cannon at me. Thankfully I backed away and I saw he tried to send a psychic attack at me. He fired and I used an Iron Tail to block it. I tried to go at him with my sword again but I added some flare to it. I activated my Shadow Claws along with slashing with my sword and he was not expecting that. He tried to dodge it all but he was hit within a second. I used multiple slashed with the sword and the claws and it stunned him. Before I could land another hit he sent a high charged Aura sphere into the ground beneath our feet. It caused smoke and I saw him charging a Flash Cannon. I made a Bone Rush staff and threw it over at him so that the Cannon got blocked. Then I saw a dark energy forming around him. Was he using a dark type move? That would be stupid. Then I saw the energy recede into him and he gave me a sinister smile. OH NO! That was Nasty Plot! Which means he just got a giant boost in power! I then saw him start charging something giant in his paws. Oh No! that was a Focus Blast. He threw it and thankfully I was able to get out-of-the-way, I still felt the force from where it hit though, that would have been bad. It caused a whole bunch of smoke to form. I took my chance. I made two Bone Rush staffs that I use back-pawed and ran toward him. He never saw it coming. I bashed him a bunch of times with them. Then I hit one over his head. Then went back with the other one under his chin. That hit sent him up. I leaped into the air and bashed both of the staffs right into his back. I landed on my feet while he fell with a thud.

    -Okay! Okay! You win, I give. Man you are something else, who knew a human could fight this well.- He stated.

    -Well I am not human anymore.- I announced.

    -Yeah I guess not.- He said. I then sat down too because the fight tired me out. We both sat there just getting our breath back before Lucario spoke again.

    -Hey Jae, thanks.- That was odd.

    -For what? What did I do.- I asked humbly.

    -Thanks for saving me, Martin, Barry, Gareth, and Griffon. Thanks for protecting my friends and family from those people. I never even got the chance to thank you for that and I am sorry.- He apologized.

    -Lucario, you don't have to thank me. I did that because I wanted to do it, not because I got asked to. Besides I should thank you Lucario.- I stated.

    -Thanking me *huff* for what?- He asked clueless.

    -I should thank you for everything. You all took me in, I wouldn't have survived in the wild. I should thank Riley for saving me. I should thank Martin for trusting me. I should thank Claire for feeding me. I should thank Carol for helping me through my grief. And most of all I should thank you, you have been here for me through all of this, you taught me how to live like this, you have been there as a friend for me and even kept probably one of he biggest secrets in this world. Lucario, thanks for being my friend and having my back, and if the events from last week happened again I would have done the same thing over.- I stated proudly.

    -If the events did occur again then I would make sure I would be the one saving you, I owe you that. You saved my life Jae, anyone who would do something like that is a true friend.

    I will pay you back, I promise.- He stated.

    -Hey don't sweat it, you aren't going to have to put your life on the line anytime soon, anyway I am starving, let us go get some food.- I stated.

    -I think Claire has just come in with her fruits from the garden.- Lucario stated.

    -Really? Well if she needs it.- I let my claws alight up with the shadow energy then. -I think I can help cut the fruit.-

    We walked in to find Martin sitting in the kitchen with Claire cutting. 'Hey Claire what you doing?'

    "Oh hey Jae! Just cutting some of the fruit, this stuff is good I promise." She stated.

    'You don't have to promise anything, it is always good!' I exclaimed. 'Hey would you like some help cutting?' I then let my Claws light up.

    "WHOA! When did you learn that Jae!?" Claire screamed.

    'I have been practicing all day.' I said simply.

    "Smart, learning a move to take on a weakness, what else have you learned Jae?" Martin asked.

    'Besides that I have learned Bone Rush and Iron Tail, and I guess Metal Claw because well, the claws.' I stated through telepathy.

    "Hmm that is good, now you have more options to defend yourself with. That will come in handy when you are signed up to join the police force." Martin stated.

    'By the way how is that coming along?' I asked.

    "Not so good, you might have to wait a while, we are dealing with rioters that think you are too dangerous to let join the force." Martin explained.

    'Well take your time, I am not going anywhere any time soon.' That seemed fair, I did kill a man in public. But that doesn't matter, I will be able to do what I have wanted to do as a human very soon, I can't wait. Being a part of the police will be amazing.

    *Ring* *Ring*

    Martin picked up the phone after it started ringing, "Yes......This is he........Um let me ask, RILEY!" He screamed.

    Riley ran into the room as fast as he could, "Yes dad!?"

    "Tomorrow would you and Jae want to go over and hang out at Darian's house?" That sounded awesome so I said my piece.

    'I would be fine with it, what about you Riley?' I asked.

    "Sure that is fine! Tell him we will be over there tomorrow." So Martin did and I was happy, haven't gotten to hang out with Flynt in a while, boy would this be a shock to him!
  2. DeviantJTS

    DeviantJTS School Kid

    Mar 6, 2017
    Chapter 22 Blazing Revelation

    So as stated me and Riley had headed out the next day to Darian and Flynt's house. Unlike last time where I rode on his back on his bike I no longer have to. See Being a Lucario not only gives me more strength but I am a lot faster. Plus I can go about Forty miles per hour without even breaking a sweat, but I stayed slower than Riley because I didn't know the way to Darian's house.

    Riley called out to me, "Hey you sure you don't want to ride?! Are you not tired?!"

    'God no! Trust me the speed I am going now is nothing, compared to my full speed this is slow, trust me I am fine and I enjoy this!' I stated through telepathy.

    "Oh okay! Wait, what's a god?" OH NO! Crap they don't have my type of beliefs here, okay just act calm.

    'Oh nothing, forget I said anything.' I said hiding my shock. He just shrugged and we continued. It took us about another five minutes until we got to Darian's and I told him a plan to keep it a surprise. He knocked on the door and in a minute it opened.

    At the door was Darian and Flynt, "Hey man what's up, hey where is Jae, Flynt wanted to hang out with him." Flynt seemed worried to. So I just broke the ice and walked out from behind Riley.

    Flynt spoke first, -Oh hey Lucario, I thought Jae was coming, guess he couldn't come.-

    -Oh come on, can't even recognize a friend huh, that isn't even funny.- I said sarcastically. I saw his face go into one of pure shock. He could tell it was my voice, it may be deeper but it is still mine.

    -JAE! What, how!?- He screamed.

    "Flynt what is wrong?! Why are you screaming!?- I answered his questioned.

    'Because he was shocked to know that I evolved!' I explained to Darian. I saw his face go into shock as well.

    "What, within a week you evolved?!" I mean, it is surprising but, I could get Pokémon to evolve in a day in the games so. There is that.
    'Yep, I mean how long did it take for Flynt to evolve, it took me three months, and I heard Flynt was six months old.' I asked.

    "Oh, it took him about two months to evolve the first time, then another two to reach his last form." He explained.

    'My point exactly. Anyway Flynt what have you been up to?' I asked.

    -Oh not much really, just been helping my Mom, stopping a fire, the usual.- He stated.

    -Wait stopping a fire.- I said normally cause I didn't think the others needed to hear that.

    -Don't ask.- He stated.

    -So what has gone on?- I asked.

    -Better than that man, how did you evolve!?- He screamed at me.

    -Alright, what happened was is there were these people who were after Martin. Martin knew they were after him and he set up a trap. They sent me off to keep me away, I didn't know about the attack so, I would have stayed if I had known. Anyway they got Gareth and Griffon to help them as well. The plan apparently went off without a hitch until a Machamp they had attacked. They thought they won against him but another guy stunned Gareth and knocked Lucario down. I had just gotten there at that moment and the thought that Lucario was going to die I guess provoked me to evolve. I had killed the guy that tried to attack them. In the end we won with a little help from a Raichu I know.- I explained thoroughly.

    -Wow that is incredible. But damn it! That means you will be even harder to fight, if you tied with me as a riolu I have no chance against you now.- He stated.

    -Don't be so sure, I am a steel type now, I have a double disadvantage against you now.- I explained.

    -Wait really?- He asked.

    -Yep really, if anyone will have a hard time it will be me.- We both got a laugh out of that but I had another question.

    -Hey I never got to meet your mom, can I meet her?- I asked.

    -Sure come on.- So I left Darian and Riley to hang while I went with Flynt. We opened a door where there was another Blaziken who was handling flowers.

    -Oh hey Flynt and oh! Hey Lucario I didn't know you were coming!- She stated happily.

    -I am not Lucario, I am Jae, I am the Riolu.- I explained.

    She took another look and her eyes widened. -Oh my! I am sorry I didn't even realize, you look exactly like him you know, well besides the sword.- I gave her a calm look and held out my paw.

    -Let us try again, my name is Jae, it is a pleasure to meet you ma'am.- I stated proudly.

    -So you are a respectful one huh? It is a pleasure to meet you as well, my name is Blaze.- She introduced while shaking my paw.
    -It is great to meet you, your son has been a good friend to me for the short time I have known him.- I explained.

    -I hope he has, I have taught him well, so if he wasn't would have to re-teach him.- We got a good laugh out of that one. I then turned to Flynt who was behind me.

    -So ma'am if you don't mind I would like to meet everyone else here as well, if you don't mind being a guide?- I asked kindly.

    -Not at all it would be my pleasure!- She stated. We walked out of the room and noticed that Darian and Riley were playing a game. We left them alone and went into another room which looked like a bedroom and I saw an African American woman who was doing what looked to be painting.

    "Oh hey there Flynt, Blaze and...Who is this you guys?" She asked kindly. Since they couldn't talk I decided to answer her question.

    'I am Jae, I am Riley's Pokémon.- I stated,

    "OH! You are the Pokémon Darian said was coming over, it is good to meet you, my name is Mariana. I actually did not know that you could use telepathy." She stated.

    'I couldn't until recently when I evolved.' I explained.

    "Oh wow! I didn't hear about you evolving." She stated.

    'Well we wanted it to be a surprise, hey what is that you are working on?' I asked.

    "Oh this, this is my job, I make homemade unique art and I sell it to people online, I ship it and they send the money to my account." I took a look at the painting and it was a amazingly crafted picture of a flower vase with a white rose. It was gorgeous.

    'Hey this is really good, Riley's sister Carol want's to become an artist when she grows up, do you think you could give her tips!?' I asked.

    "I think I probably could but before that you probably want a snack after coming all the way here, I will go make us something." I nodded to her to tell her that would be okay but all of the sudden Flynt and Blaze started yelling at me. "What did they say?" Mariana asked.

    'They said not to try and cook three different things at once.' I said confused. I saw her face go into one of innocent shock.

    "Okay I won't! Promise!" She then sped off into the other room.

    -She seems nice.- I stated innocently.- I then had some other questions. -Hey where is Darian's dad at?-

    -Oh he is at his job, he doesn't get back until late.- Blaze stated to my left.

    But I had one more question, I turned to Flynt who was to my right and I started speaking, -Hey Flynt where is your dad at?- I asked confused.

    I saw Flynt's face go into sadness, -Jae he is..- I then noticed Flynt's face go into one of grim, but he wasn't looking at me, I turned around and saw that Blaze's face had gone into one of nothingness, no life, no emotion, nothing.

    -NO! NO! Mom! Mom, please don't do this again please!- Flynt screamed while trying to shake her awake. I think I know what this is, I checked her aura and saw it went into a sickly black, oh no this wasn't good.

    -Flynt! Back away!- He looked at me with tears in his eyes and I just spoke again, -Trust me.- He nodded his head and I got in front of Blaze and put my paws in front of me facing her. I placed both of them on her shoulder and I started using my aura to heal hers. It was a trick Lucario had told me about. Apparently when some people and Pokémon go through something traumatic they can go through Aura Poisoning. It is not lethal to anyone but it puts them into a no emotion state where they wont eat, drink, or do anything. It is kind of like Post-Traumatic stress disorder, but way more severe. I started using my aura to surround her and let it do it's magic. I used my Aura Vision to make sure I was doing this right and I saw that her Aura was going back to a strong blue color. I kept doing it for another minute as Flynt just watched. Then in a couple of more moments life came back into her eyes and she had recognition in them as well.

    She took a look around and saw us before speaking, -Flynt, Jae? What happened?- Before I could reply Flynt ran up and hugged her as hard as he could.

    -MOM! I am so glad your okay!- He had tears in his eyes and just kept hugging her tighter. I saw confusion on her face before she realized what happened.

    -It happened again! Didn't it?- She asked scared.

    -Yes it did, but Jae fixed it, he stopped it.- She looked at me after that and I felt responsible for this.

    I started shaking my head at them, -I am so, so sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen, I didn't!- I pleaded with them.

    She got up and walked over in front of me. I thought she was going to hurt me but she hugged me. -Jae that wasn't your fault.- She said. As we finished the hug she continued, -You didn't know that would happen, you did nothing wrong. Flynt I am going to go see how the others are doing okay.-

    Flynt looked down with tears in his eyes, -But mom, you..-

    She stroked his eyes with her talons, -Don't cry please, I am okay, there is no reason for you to cry I am okay.- She then turned to me, -Thank you Jae, you helped me out there, I am going to go and help Mariana make our snack okay.- With that she walked out of the room and in the direction of the kitchen.

    That was bad that was no normal case of Aura poisoning. Lucario didn't tell me anyone could die from it but it apparently can last a really long time. If it wasn't for me she could of been like that for a while, and if that continues it could last for even longer, I had to fix this, but I couldn't do it alone.

    -Flynt we need to talk. Now!- I said seriously. This was a bad case of it, we had to fix this now.

    -What!? The hell do you mean?- He asked.

    -Look here. I don't know if you know this but I said one word which involved your father and it sent her aura into getting poisoned. Your father is dead, isn't he?- I asked demanding. He just nodded his head sadly.

    -Do you even realize what aura poisoning is?!- I asked seriously.

    -NO! I don't!- He screamed.

    -Well let me tell you, Aura Poisoning is when someone goes through something so traumatic that if it is ever brought up it sends them into a state where they wont move, feel or even do anything. Whatever happened was so traumatic that she got sent into a comatose like state. What happened to your father?- I demanded.

    -That isn't your place to ask!- He stated.

    -Actually it is! Wanna know why!? It is because if I wasn't here then she would have been in that state for a full week. Flynt me brining up your father caused her to go into that state, what happened to him?- I asked.

    -That isn't your place to ask! You don't what it is like to go through something like that!- He screamed.

    -Newsflash! I actually do! I woke up as a week old, wounded Riolu when I was human before, then I had to watch my mother be killed before my eyes! You want to know traumatic then go through what I have gone through!- I screamed at him. -I need to know this Flynt, it isn't just for my sake, if I can find something from what had happened then we can probably fix this with your mother, we can make sure her Aura is never poisoned again. You have to tell me.-

    He stood there a moment before speaking, -No.- Okay I had enough. I grabbed him by the feathers around his neck and slammed him into the wall.

    -You listen to me now! If we don't do this now then your mother will suffer through this every time your father gets brought up! Do you want that!?- I screamed. I saw tears form in his eyes and I said that, maybe I went too far.

    -I d-don't want t-t-to live through it a-a-again!- He said bawling. I did go too hard on him.

    -Listen, Flynt. If we do this, then we can fix his problem with your mother, and you will never have to live through this again, I promise.- He looked at m still crying but he wiped his eyes and looked at me determined.

    -Okay, let's do this, where should I start!?- He asked.

    -Start right before his... When he passed.- He gave me a look of concern before starting.

    -Okay, my father was a Blaziken by the name of Cole. When I was born my mother told me he had screamed out "I can't believe it! I am a father now!" At a very young age my father always spent time with me, he would even pass up eating to spend time with me. Then when I could finally started making memories I got to actually see who he was. As a gift he gave me a necklace that got made of hardened charcoal that could survive any heat, even lava. It was in the shape of a blazing sun. I remember him giving me that necklace, it was one of the greatest memories I had from him. From that point on he always spent time with me, him and my mother. They would play outside with me, they would teach me how to fight and use moves. It was amazing! And I loved every second of it!- He said the last part with a big smile. But it quickly turned to sorrow. -But then....-

    (Cole POV, Five months ago)

    Ah...... This is the best. My son was over there enjoying his time playing with a Buttterfree that was flying around him. He was trying to jump up at him and tackle him. My son was a Torchic which is the first form in my line of evolution.

    -It is so cute.- My mate Blaze said next to me.

    "Don't worry you two I am getting this on camera!" Said Marianna enthusiastically.

    I kept watching him play. It was a sight to see. I had waited a while to become a father. When my wife told me that she was pregnant I couldn't be happier. The rest of the family didn't know why we were so happy initially so we had to use pen and paper to tell them the good news. They got us everything for him. Toys, games, everything. The moment he hatched was the happiest moment of my life. He looked up at me with his adorable eyes and I screamed. It was the happiest moment in my entire life. I was a father, and a proud one at that! I kept watching as the two played together but it seemed a couple of other Butterfrees were flying away and it had to follow.

    -Hey! Where are you going?- Flynt asked in his cute high-pitched voice.

    Blaze had walked up to him and picked him up, -He probably had to go with his parents honey, don't worry you will probably see him again.-

    -Really!?- He asked.

    -Really, Really!- Blaze exclaimed. I was so happy, this month that I have had my son has probably been the best month of my life. To celebrate it I had even gotten him a necklace that had a piece of un-burnable charcoal in the shape of a blazing sun. It would never burn away and would even make the flames he creates stronger. I was watching as my mate walked back with our son in her arms when I noticed something. From the bushes in our back yard I saw two piercing red eyes looking through them. I wondered what that was but it noticed I saw it and ran off. What was that. I didn't know what that was but I had a bad feeling that it wasn't just staring at us for fun. One thing for sure if anything was after us, it would be me before anyone else.

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