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Fanfiction Pokemon Shine Diamond

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by WavePearl, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. WavePearl

    Level 7
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 15a: A Gruff Act to Follow (part 1)

    "Are you gonna stay and watch my match?" Ash asked as Paul departed the Gym.

    Paul chuckled at this. "Me, watch you lose, Wonder Boy? Get real."

    "I am NOT gonna lose!" Ash shot back. "And stop calling me 'Wonder Boy'!"

    He heaved a relieved sigh when he heard Brock's whistle. "All right, you two, break it up!" Dawn stepped between Ash and Paul and pushed them away.

    "You've already battled Ash once, so there's no harm in staying and watching." Dawn explained to Paul.

    Paul raised an eyebrow as the black haired girl before him. "Who are you?"

    "You don't remember me?" Dawn gasped. "Maybe if you saw my team, it would jog your memory a bit!"

    Brock blowing his whistle again snapped her to attention. "Okay, let's find a place to calm down." Brock led Dawn away to an empty classroom. "Once you're calm and Paul is ready to talk--if he even wants to talk--we'll work this out so that both parties are happy."

    "Come on, spectators are always welcome to stay and watch." Roark assured Paul from the Pearl side of the arena.

    "Okay...I guess I'll stick around." Paul mused. "This should be entertaining."

    "Let's go!" Ash charged into the Diamond side of the arena.

    "Actually..." Roark interjected. "My team's been through a tough battle--can you wait until tomorrow?"

    "Okay!!" Ash smiled. "Rest up well, 'cause I'm bringing my S game!"


    Meanwhile, the Galactic admins strolled down the walkways in a museum. "Those dolts have been getting on my nerves!" Jupiter grumbled as she trudged through the natural history wing. "Not to mention Mr. Balladeer is as every bit as clever as the heroes in the tales he tells! So how do we get our revenge on them?"

    "If we're gonna properly get our revenge, we need to figure out interesting facts about Pokémon first." Mars assured her comrade. "This way, we kill two Pokémon with one stone. We get our revenge on Hat-boy and friends, and also get some info on creating a new world!"

    A large mass of coal got the admin's attention. "Wow..." Jupiter gasped. "Imagine the fire you could make with that big a nugget!"

    "Are you two searching for something specific?" a voice asked, startling Jupiter from her thoughts.

    "Um..." Mars hesitated.

    She then told the brown haired man "We've heard rumors you guys have a fossil restoration machine here. Is the public allowed to see it?"

    "Of course." the man smiled. "I'm Kenzo, one of the researchers that helped design our fossil restoration machine. It's based on the famous one in Pewter City."

    "Fascinating!" Mars smiled.

    Kenzo motioned for Mars and Jupiter to follow him. "The Oreburgh Museum is split into two main areas." he explained. "One is the exhibit area, where the public can go. The other is the research wing. That's where we study prehistoric Pokémon and their abilities to learn more about them."

    He went on "The fossil restoration machine is one of the few places the public can go in the research wing..."


    Back in the Oreburgh Pokémon Center, the boys huddled on a couch to discuss strategy. "Okay, my rock-solid Pokémon strategist...how should we approach Roark?" Ash asked.

    "Well, Gaia is the only one of your Pokémon who has an advantage against Rock types." Brock cautioned. "But since she is young, she may not be enough."

    "Gaia for sure..." Ash mused. "Sandshrew can learn Brick Break...and Tintri knows Disarming Voice and Iron Tail. Both of those are effective against Rock types."

    He got up from the couch. "So my lineup is Gaia, Tintri, and Terra, with your permission."

    "Sure--I'll be happy to lend Terra to you." Brock replied as he gave Ash Terra's Poké Ball.

    [How come I don't get to fight?] Estrella sighed. [I wanted to fight too!]

    "I'm sorry, Estrella, but you'd get your wings clipped against a Rock type." Ash replied. "Maybe next time. I'll be up against a type you can beat."

    [Okay--I'm holding you to that promise if it's a type I can beat!] Estrella smiled.

    "First time I've heard you say your Staravia's name right..." Brock smiled.

    He turned business-like again. "Keep in mind that Paul's victory over Roark was due to the speed of his Pokémon."

    "Got it--I have to figure out what I've gotta do." Ash smiled.

    "All you have to do is do what I did, Wonder Boy." Paul interjected as he approached the couch. "Hit'em hard, and keep on pounding until they yield."

    "Raw power isn't everything!" Ash shot back. "You have to have strategy too!"

    Just then, a boy ran up to Paul. "Thanks for the Azumarill, sir!"

    "Not a problem, kiddo." Paul smiled.

    Ash recognized the Azumarill the boy was leading away. "You just GAVE Nerida away??? One loss shouldn't be the end of the road! You could've continued working with her, and make her even stronger!"

    "The way I see it, Wonder Boy, Nerida was never going to get any better." Paul replied. "My goal is to win, and if a Pokémon can't deliver, I'll find a Pokémon that will!"

    "I want to win too, but I don't want to win like you do." Ash protested. "If your Pokémon are happy and loved, they'll win for you many times over!"

    "Suit yourself, Wonder Boy." Paul smirked before departing.

    Ash growled in frustration "One day, Paul...your strategy of raw power is going to cost you..."

    "Let it go, Ash--that's just how Paul is." Dawn began. "Every trainer trains differently, and if this is what works for Paul, great."

    A thought occurred to her. "Although...sometimes I wonder what Surge and Goku think of Paul..."


    "That was so cool!" Jupiter smiled as the admins departed the museum that afternoon. "We need to steal the fossil restoration machine! Lord Cyrus would be unstoppable with an army of ancient Pokémon!"

    "Remember when Kenzo showed us the machine?" Mars cautioned. "He said the restoration process takes a day to complete."

    "So? We can steal more fossils while we wait on the one to finish!" Jupiter grinned.

    "Next question: Where would we find fossils?" Mars interjected. Jupiter just sighed in defeat...

    To Be Continued...
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  2. WavePearl

    Level 7
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 15b: A Gruff Act to Follow (part 2)

    "...And representing the Diamond side, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!" Cole announced as Ash faced Roark on the Diamond side of the arena.

    "Now it's time for you to see some real battling!" Ash smiled down at Paul.

    "Show me what you've got, Wonder Boy." Paul smirked as Roark summoned Crystal.

    "What?" Dawn gasped as the Cranidos appeared in the arena. "I thought Roark was going to save Crystal for last, like he did with Paul."

    "Gaia, here we go!" Ash heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Start with Mega Drain!"

    Brock smiled as Gaia leaped into the air, creating a green aura around her. "That was a smart move on Ash's part. Draining Crystal early should give him an advantage."

    "Crystal, use Headbutt!" Roark commanded.

    The group watched as Crystal leaped into the air and slammed Gaia in the stomach with Headbutt. "That had to hurt..." Brock noted as Gaia hit the ground.

    "Crystal, time for our secret weapon!" Roark smiled. "Flamethrower."

    Ash gasped in horror at the wave of fire headed for his Budew. "Gaia, try Double Team!"

    He heaved a sigh of relief as the fire hit a few Gaia copies. But his pulse quickened as Crystal slashed away the other copies with a claw. "Gaia, try Energy Ball!"

    "Way to go, Ash!" Dawn called as Crystal went flying against the Pearl safety barrier.

    Ash saw Crystal charging at him with a glowing blue head--a sign the Cranidos was about to use Zen Headbutt. "Gaia, try another Mega Drain!"

    Both attacks collide, causing a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared, Ash's heart sank when he saw Gaia had fainted. "Gaia is unable to battle. This match goes to Pearl." Cole announced.

    "You did well, Gaia--get some rest." Ash sighed as he recalled the exhausted Budew.

    He looked over at his faithful Pikachu. "You're up, Tintri!"

    [Let's do this!] Tintri squeaked as he skittered into the arena.

    "Electricity's not gonna work here, so start with Brick Break!" Ash called.

    "Crystal, dodge and use Zen Headbutt." Roark countered.

    Ash grinned as Tintri intercepted the charging Cranidos with Iron Tail. The force of the attack sent Crystal backwards into the safety barrier again. "That should finish Crystal!"

    [Oh yeah?] Crystal countered before charging at Tintri!"

    "Tintri, try to dodge and use Disarming Voice in the air!" Ash called.

    He gasped as Crystal jumped to meet the Pikachu in the air, hitting Tintri and canceling out the attack. Jao wiisha--! Tintri attempted to sing, only to be knocked to the ground by Zen Headbutt.

    Paul was unimpressed by the match unfolding before him. "If he calls that real battling, I shudder to find out what fake battling is..."

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Tintri's tiny voice rang through the Gym, snapping Paul to attention. "Then again, maybe Wonder Boy's got what it takes!"


    "Tintri, use Quick Attack!" Ash called.

    "Crystal, counter with Flamethrower!" Roark urged his Cranidos.

    Ash smiled as Tintri weaved around the flames and delivered an Iron Tail to Crystal's head. "All right!"

    "Crystal's still in it despite being hammered like that?" Dawn was impressed.

    "That's the Rock type for you." Brock mused. "They can take quite the licking and keep on ticking in the right hands.

    Ash gasped when he heard Roark's next order. "Crystal, use Head Smash!"

    "Tintri, Disarming Voice at full power!" he almost screamed to his Pikachu, aware of the Cranidos barreling at Tintri.

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... he heard Tintri sing as Crystal smashed into him seconds later. The sound waves melded with the impact, causing a massive explosion.

    Tintri came crawling back from the smoke after a few tense minutes. [I did what I could...]

    "That you did, bud." Ash replied before finding the Poké Ball Brock had lent him. "Terra, let's go! Start with Brick Break!"

    "Crystal, use Flamethrower!" Roark countered.

    Terra, rolled away from the Flamethrower and bit down hard on Crystal's arm.

    She gasped as Crystal threw her off with Zen Headbutt! [WHOOOOOOAAA!!!!]

    Roark watched as Tera went flying into the Diamond safety barrier. "Crystal, use Flamethrower!"

    Ash gasped in horror as Terra was engulfed in flames! "Terra, if you can, use Brick Break again!"

    This time, Roark gasped as Terra's attack sent Crystal crashing through a rock. "Crystal is unable to battle--this match goes to Diamond." Cole announced.

    But no one expected Terra to collapse in exhaustion seconds later! "Diamond has no more usable Pokémon--Pearl wins." Cole smiled.

    Paul smirked as Ash went to retrieve Terra. "You call that 'real battling', Wonder Boy? That would win an award...for Best Comic Acting, that is!"

    To Be Continued...
  3. WavePearl

    Level 7
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 16: Wild in the Streets!

    "Keep it up, you guys!" Ash smiled as Tintri charged to perform an Iron Tail on a coal pillar. "You're doing great!"

    [HI-YAH!] Diddy heaved an Ember at a coal pillar of his own.

    [Easy as pie!] Gaia smiled before hurling a flurry of Razor Leaves at a coal pillar.

    "Ash isn't letting the fact he lost get him down..." Dawn smiled.

    "It may hurt to lose in the heat of the moment, but he's often raring to go again after a day or so." Brock replied. "Sometimes even sooner than that."

    He balked when he saw Tintri, Diddy, and Gaia shatter coal pillars at the same time! "Nice job, everyone!" he called as he applauded.

    [Thanks...] Diddy smiled.

    "You guys look like you're enjoying yourselves." Dawn amiled as she applauded.

    [Ash knows how to make the slog of training fun.] Tintri explained.

    Lola hurried over with a tray of water bottles. [You guys have been working hard...have some water.] she smiled as she nuzzled Tintri.

    "You realize that two of your three Pokémon have a disadvantage against Roark, right?" Dawn asked as the Pikachu, the Chimchar, and the Budew took a break. "Are you sure you don't need to call Professor Oak for advice? I can even lend you Kori, if you'd like...."

    "I appreciate your concern, but I think I'll be okay with what I've got." Ash assured Dawn. "Besides, Paul won with type disadvantages..."

    "Okay..." Dawn smiled. "I'll trust your ability."

    "If you like, you can train against my team." Brock offered. "Since it resembles Roark's Pokémon by type."

    "While you guys are training, I'm gonna head back in and brush up on dances and appeals." Dawn replied.

    The end of a Contest show on a TV got her attention. Attention, coordinators and Loremasters! The next Pokémon Contest and Fantasy Stage is in Floaroma Town!


    "We got it!" Mars smiled as she and Jupiter made their way out of town with one of the fossil revival machines. "Next step is make an army of fossil Pokémon!"

    "Well, did you remember to get any fossils on the way out?" Jupiter asked.

    "No..." Mars replied.

    "Then how are we gonna get an army if you didn't get any fossils?" Jupiter asked.

    "You were supposed to remind me!" Mars shot back. The two admins continued down the road, arguing all the while:

    "I DID remind you--multiple times!"

    "I don't recall you reminding me!"

    "Yes, I did!"

    "No, you didn't!"

    "Yes, I did!"

    "No, you didn't!"

    "Yes, I did!"

    "No, you didn't!"

    A bling brought the argument to a screeching halt. "Revival 100% complete..." Jupiter read on the status screen.

    The doors on the machine opened with a PSHHHHHHHHHH.... "Wow...an Aerodactyl..." Mars gasped at the ancient pterodactyl-like Pokémon as it flexed its wings a little.

    Excited, Jupiter heaved a Poké Ball at the Aerodactyl. "Poké Ball, go!"

    She gasped as the Aerodactyl climbed from the machine and soared into the sky. "I have a bad feeling about this..." she mused as a bright yellow aura formed around the Aerodactyl.

    "Hit the dirt!" Mars called as the glowing Aerodactyl streaked at the two admins. The attack missed them as they dove on the ground.

    "What was that?" Jupiter asked as she started to get up.

    "I don't know, but I'll find out what that attack was on GalacticNet." Mars replied as she found a PokeNav and typed something. "The last thing we want right now is for people to get hurt!"


    Brock watched as Terra rolled away from a wave of weakened Razor Leaves. "Getting there, but Terra was still able to evade that."

    "I've been thinking about my loss yesterday..." Ash mused as he shepherded Gaia back to him. "Roark's Pokémon were fast as well as able to counter raw power. So instead of pounding away with raw power like I did, I need to have a more tactical approach."

    "That's the spirit!" a voice interjected. "If you can defend against my tactics, you'll have a badge in no time."

    "Roark?" Ash gasped as Roark met him and Brock on their makeshift battlefield. "What are you doing here?"

    "I was on my way to the mine to find some more fossils, and overheard a little of your conversation." Roark explained.

    A rock with the imprint of an Omanyte shell inspired him. You know...if you've been to the museum before, you likely know about our fossil reviving machines. This was how I got Crystal."

    "Really?" Ash asked.

    "She was the first fossil to be revived with the first machine." Roark went on. "The demand for fossil revival got to be so big, they added two more..."


    Dawn smiled as Lola fired an Ice Beam, creating a flurry of frozen bubbles. "Nice job, you two." she smiled.

    An otherworldly screech got her attention. "What in Arceus' name is THAT?" she cried as the Aerodacytl soared overhead, firing Hyper Beams in every direction.

    She gasped when she saw the pterodactyl Pokémon coming for her. "Hit the deck!" she called, shielding Kori and Lola as another Hyper Beam whizzed over her head.

    Once sure the coast was clear, she fumbled for her Pokédex to read up on the ancient Pokémon:

    "Aerodactyl, the fossil Pokémon. This vicious Pokémon is said to have flown in ancient skies while shrieking high-pitched cries."

    "Oh my..." she gasped.

    "Flash! A wild Aerodactyl is running rampant in the city!" a TV announcer explained. Shots of people fleeing for their lives played across the screen as the announcer went on. "Police are advising people to evacuate if possible."

    Dawn watched in awe as the TV screen displayed some scientists trying to corral the Aerodactyl. "I hope the boys are all right..." she mused.

    She continued watching the news report in disbelief. Who would do something like this? And why?


    "Roark!" a miner gasped as the group and Roark arrived at the mine. "I don't know if you've heard the news or not, but a wild Aerodactyl is loose in the city! Officer Jenny was just on TV telling everyone to evacuate if they can."

    Officer Jenny and the scientists all heaved a sigh of relief when they found Roark and the group. "Roark, am I glad to see you." Jenny smiled as the scientists ran to corner the Armaldo and the Kabutops. "Think you could summon Crystal to help us?"

    "Sure...Crystal, distract these wild Pokémon with Flamethrower!" Roark commanded as he summoned his Cranidos.

    [We wanna help too!] Tintri called as he motioned for Terra to follow him. But before they could attack, the Armaldo and the Kabutops sent them flying back!

    [Thank Arceus...] Terra smiled. She watched Crystal used Zen Headbutt, freezing both Pokémon in their tracks.

    "We'll take these, thank you!" Jupiter smiled as she and Mars grabbed all three Fossil Pokémon!


    "Tintri, use--!" Ash started.

    "I wouldn't attack yet." Roark cautioned. "Both the Fossil Pokémon and the revival machine are both at risk." He let that hang as the Aerodactyl fired a Hyper Beam, freeing all three Pokémon and knocking down the machine.

    Mars watched as the scientists recalled the Armaldo and Kabutops. "That attack again!" she gasped as a familiar aura formed around the Aerodactyl. "It's called Giga Impact!"

    "Whoa!" was all Brock could see as the force of the Giga Impact sent Crystal and the group flying against a wall.

    Ash watched in fear as the Aerodactyl charged another Hyper Beam aimed at him! "Tintri...if this is the end...I love you." he whispered as he hugged his Pikachu and braced himself for the end...

    Furiya, shuru shamato... sang a familiar voice.

    Ash gasped as an Aerodactyl with clear black spikes all over its body emerged from a column of rainbow light. "No way! "Roark can use Mega Evolution too!"

    Dawn arrived soon after. "No way! Roark induced his own Aerodactyl!"

    "That I did." Roark grinned as he watched Lola and Kori intercept the Hyper Beam with Ice Beam and Bubblebeam.

    "Thanks for saving my life..." Ash smiled as Dawn helped him up.

    "Anytime." Dawn replied before instructing Lola and Kori "Be ready for anything, okay?"

    "I'll have Cassie cover your Piplup and Buneary, okay?" Roark assured Dawn. "That's short for Cassiterite."

    Dawn watched as Roark's Mega Aerodactyl shielded Kori and Lola. As the Aerodactyl flew in to perform another Giga Impact, Lola and Kori spun past the attack. Lola managed to kick down the Aerodactyl, allowing a scientist to catch it.

    Roark spotted Mars and Jupiter fleeing down a hill. "Go get them, Crystal!"

    "Actually, we'll take this!" Mars sneered before firing a net missile to capture Crystal.

    "CRYSTAAAAAAAAAL!" Roark screamed.

    Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Brock sang.

    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Roark watched in amazement as Crystal glowed a bright white. The net snapped as she became a large grey dinosaur creature with sapphires embedded in her body.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    "Did your friend's Swanna Song evolve Crystal into Rampardos?" Roark gasped as Ash hurried to tend to Brock.

    Dawn smiled as Crystal ran after the admins. "We know how special Crystal is to you, so Brock appealed to Arceus directly to rescue her."

    Crystal, meanwhile, had caught up to the admins. After snatching away the revival machine, she used Zen Headbutt to send the admins flying.


    "I have to ask you...where did you get a Mega Ring?" Ash asked Roark later that evening. The news on the TV was now showing what had happened earlier that afternoon.

    "It was a gift from my dad." Roark explained as he showed Ash the opal ring on his left hand. "You'll likely meet him on your journey--he runs the Gym in Canalave City. Since we share a bond as father and son, we both share a Heart Song."

    "Cool!" Dawn was impressed.

    "Is it okay if I battle you again tomorrow?" Ash asked Roark.

    Roark chuckled. "If you and your friends saved the city, you've earned yourself a rematch many times over!"

    To Be Continued...
  4. WavePearl

    Level 7
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 17: O'er the Rampardos We Watched...

    "Roark..." Ash began as he met Roark in the Gym foyer the next day. "I wish to try again for a Badge. After our last match, I thought about what you said about tactics. So I'm ready to try again with a new strategy in mind."

    "Well, there's no limit on how many times you can challenge a Gym Leader, so you can try as many times as you like to beat me." Roark replied. "I'll be waiting in the arena."

    "Okay!" With that, Ash hurried off to the Diamond entrance tunnel.

    A smile formed on Dawn's face as she rejoined Brock. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

    "Yeah--we cheer Ash on somehow." Brock replied.

    "I know just the thing we can do to cheer Ash on--but I'll need your help to do it." Dawn explained.

    "All right--whatever you want me to do, I'll do it." Brock replied.


    "Wow!" Brock applauded as Dawn emerged from a dressing room. She now wore a beautiful orange and white dress-like costume with matching accessories. "You look every bit like an idol! A Contest idol!"

    "I like that!" Dawn giggled as she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. I hope my song inspires Ash in this match!

    Kori and Lola emerged from the dressing room some moments later, in miniature versions of Dawn's costume. [Why do we have to wear this floofy outfit?] Lola complained. [It ruins my fur!]

    [This was Dawn's idea, not mine.] Kori sighed. [Besides, it's only for a few minutes. Can you deal with that?]

    [I guess...] Lola sighed, seeing she didn't have much of a choice.

    "Backing track's ready and tuned to a key you can hit." Brock reported as he hit the button to close the CD player. "I've tuned this to A minor, up from the original E minor."

    "Thanks." Dawn mused. "I may be able to sing alto, and some girls can even sing tenor, but I can't go that low."

    "Dawn and the Sunshines inspiring rendition of 'Glory in Our Story', take 1..." Brock grinned as he hit PLAY on the CD player, as Ash stepped into the Diamond side of the arena.

    The song beginning spurred Ash to look up at a large catwalk above him. "What in the..." he gasped as Dawn, Kori, and Lola danced along to the song's pounding beat.

    We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end... Dawn sang as she danced to the music.
    When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you!
    Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear!
    My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world...


    "Tintri, use Quick Attack!" Ash called over Dawn's singing and the music.

    "Sterling, counter with Slam!" Roark commanded.

    Tintri leaped away from the Onix's charge, allowing him to climb onto the rock snake's body. Annoyed, Sterling unleashed a hypersonic cry, but Tintri managed to brace himself.

    Sterling growled in annoyance as he squirmed around the rocky arena, but Tintri held on as hard as he could. "Now's your chance! Use Iron Tail!" Ash called.

    He grinned as he saw the silver flash of the attack and Sterling's roar of pain. "Okay, dodge the next attack and do that again!"

    [Okay!] Tintri smiled as he spun away from a Double-Edge, then charged another Iron Tail. Sterling swerved away from the Pikachu's shining silver tail, caught Tintri, and slammed Tintri on the ground.

    "Sterling, use Stealth Rock." Roark smirked.

    Ash watched as the rocks formed in the arena. "You know what to do, bud?"

    Tintri nodded, and took a deep breath. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    "What was that?" Roark gasped as he watched the sparking red sound waves destroy the floating rocks."

    "You've shown me your Heart Song already, so it's only fair I show you mine." Ash replied.

    He turned business-like again. "Tintri, use Iron Tail!"

    "Sterling--!" Roark started, but the KA-WHANG! of Tintri's attack clued him in that his Onix was down. "Well played." he smiled as he recalled his Onix.

    "Well done, bud." Ash smiled as Tintri romped off to the sidelines for a well deserved rest.

    He heaved another Poké Ball into the arena. "Diddy, let's go!"


    ...Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world!
    All of the glory, is in our story!
    Dawn sang as Ash summoned Diddy into the arena.

    As we make our way to heaven, take it step by step
    And get the glory, upon the great stage!

    We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
    I truly believe it with all of my heart...
    The cards here in my hand,
    Show you the way...

    "Diddy, try Fury Swipes!" Ash commanded his Chimchar.

    [Whoa!] Diddy gasped as he jumped away from Diana using Rollout.

    "Okay, new plan--try Double Team!" Ash called, aware of the Geodude rolling towards Diddy.

    He smiled as Diana hit a copy of Diddy. The real Diddy attempted to use Brick Break, but Diana's rocky hands blocked the attack. Oh, no... he thought as Diana slammed Diddy to the floor with Seismic Toss.

    A smile formed on his face as Diddy leaped away from Diana's second attempt at Rollout. "You've got this, Diddy! Use Brick Break again!"

    Roark didn't seem fazed as Diddy's attack connected. "You're doing very well so far, what with your cheerleaders up there." he smiled as he acknowledged Dawn, Kori, and Lola dancing and singing on the catwalk. "But are you ready for your final test?"

    "Bring it!" Ash replied.

    "Crystal, here we go!" Ash swallowed hard as the now Rampardos rammed into Diddy with a Headbutt...


    We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end... Dawn sang as she watched Ash summon Gaia in the arena.
    When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you!
    Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear!
    My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world...

    "Gaia, try Energy Ball!" Ash almost screamed as Crystal came charging at Gaia.

    Gaia rolled away from the Rampardos, then charged a large green ball of light. "Good work!" Ash called as the green light ball knocked Crystal away. "Now use Razor Leaf!"

    "Crystal, burn it with Flamethrower!" Roark called.

    Ash gasped in horror as Crystal rammed Gaia. "Don't give up!"

    [I'm okay...I have Synthesis, you know.] Gaia assured her master from inside a pale green aura.

    Ash noticed a wave of flames headed for the healing Budew. "Gaia, watch out!"

    Sweat started forming on his brow as his heart pounded. What do I do now? All I can do is defend myself! Crystal is way too fast, and Flamethrower will negate any Razor Leaf thrown at it!

    An idea occurred to him. "Gaia, start running while using Razor Leaf at the same time!"

    He watched as Crystal heaved another Flamethrower. But Gaia kept running, generating new leaves all the while.

    I see...Ash is trying to camouflage his Budew with the burned leaves... Roark mused. "Crystal, use Zen Headbutt!"

    The Rampardos charged forward, but Gaia jumped away. Crystal jumped, too, but she did not see Gaia rolling under her!

    "We've got this! Razor Leaf at full power!" Ash called.

    We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
    I truly believe it with all of my heart...
    Dawn sang as the whorl of leaves battered Crystal.
    The cards here in my hand,
    Show you the way...

    "Crystal is unable to battle...Diamond wins!" Cole announced as the song ended.

    Roark applauded Ash. "I see you took my lesson on tactics to heart. But I have no qualms about losing to you. You were strong, and I was weak. That's all there is to it."

    He offered Ash the rock shaped badge as Dawn went to change out of costume. "Here...you've earned this. Go on and shout out your victory from the rooftops, if you'd like."

    Ash nodded as his companions arrived. "I got a Coal Badge!"

    To Be Continued...
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  5. WavePearl

    Level 7
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 18: Twice Smitten, Once Shy!

    "Aw!" Dawn smiled as she spotted a pale blue and white squirrel-like Pokémon. "Pachirisu live in this forest!"

    Ash decided to read up on the squirrel Pokémon that was brushing its tail on a stump:

    "Pachirisu, the EleSquirrel Pokémon. It makes fur balls that crackle with static electricity. It stores them with berries in tree holes."

    "I'm gonna take a crack at catching this little cutie!" Dawn smiled. She heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Kori, Peck the Pachirisu!"

    She balked as the Pachirisu kissed Kori on the cheek, sending her stumbling about the field. "Okay, new plan..." Dawn mused as she recalled Kori. "Lola, use Dizzy Punch!" she called as she heaved her other Poké Ball skyward.

    [Hah!!!] Lola screeched as she charged at the electric squirrel in a flurry of fists. But she didn't expect to be meat by a shower of sparks!

    [I think you need to chill!] Lola taunted before firing an array of Ice Beams in an attempt to freeze the Pachirisu. The Pachirisu cartwheeled away from all the beams and discharged a massive thunderbolt! "Talk about a shocking personality..." Ash wheezed as the others coughed up char from the attack.

    "I'll say..." Brock agreed.

    Dawn noticed the Pachirisu heaving with exhaustion. "Kori, use Bubblebeam!"

    She smiled as the wave of rainbow bubbles knocked over the tired Pachirisu. "Poké Ball, go!" she commanded as she heaved a Poké Ball at her target.

    "One...two...three..." Brock counted the wiggles before seeing the light at the Poké Ball's center dim. "You got it, Dawn."

    "YESSSSSSSSS!!!" Dawn cried as she ran to retrieve her Poké Ball.

    "Nicely done." Ash agreed as he looked over Pachirisu's Pokédex info some more. "Now you have an opportunity for both Cool and Cute appeals, since a lot of Electric moves are Cool themed."

    "Would it be safe to argue Dawn is a cute themed coordinator?" Brock interjected. "Think about it. Piplup can have Beautiful and Cute appeals. Buneary has mainly Cute appeals, and now this Pachirisu with both Cool and Cute appeals."

    "It doesn't matter if I specialize in one type of appeal type or not. All that matters is that my team makes people happy and they win contests, right?" Dawn interjected.

    She looked at the Poké Ball in her hands. "I think I'll name you...Stormy."

    The group did not notice Mars skipping down the forest path near their camp. Over the river and through the woods, to Pokémon hunt I go...


    "Stormy...use Thunderbolt..." Dawn mumbled as she slept, lost in a dream of winning a contest with Stormy. "Thank you...it is indeed an honor to earn this ribbon..."

    She woke up with a yawn to find Stormy sleeping on a nearby stump. "Sweet dreams, Stormy--you and I are gonna win a lot of Contests together."

    Stormy gave a contented squeak in reply. Dawn decided to lie awake for a few moments, savoring the twinkling stars above her. I wish I was a Grand Coordinator... she thought as a shooting star streaked by.


    ...Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world! All of the glory, is in our story! Dawn heard Ash singing as she woke up the next morning.

    "I'm glad my rendition of your favorite song inspired you..." Dawn smiled as she emerged from her tent brushing her hair.

    "Oh, it did!" Ash smiled as he continued doing martial arts poses in time with a melody only he seemed to hear. "In fact, I'm eager to find where the next Gym is and take on its Leader too!"

    "Well, you do that; and I'll train for my first ribbon." Dawn replied as she finished getting ready.

    She hurried into an open part of the field and heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Come on out, Stormy!"

    She giggled as Stormy darted away from her, then came running back. "You're cute, you know that?" Dawn smiled as she reached out to pet Stormy.

    Just then, Stormy started to spark--a warning sign it was about to discharge! "Oh no..." was all Dawn could say as Stormy fired a massive electric blast! She then dashed away, laughing at the sight of Dawn's hair sticking out in fifteen different directions.

    Ash tried oh-so-hard not to laugh at Dawn's sparking hair. "If it's any consolation, the Pikachu family does that too." Dawn grumbled in reply.


    Back in her tent, Dawn thought about what had happened some hours earlier. 'Why did Stormy do that to me?" she mused as she finished combing out the last static mat. "All I wanted to do was pet her...is she not used to me yet? Is she one of those strong willed Pokémon?"

    She sighed. "Or maybe Stormy wasn't meant to be owned by a human at all?"

    After putting away her brush, she noticed Stormy standing by the tent entrance "Can we talk, Stormy?" she asked.

    The Pachirisu nodded as Dawn lead it to a bushy grove. "As much as I love you, and want to see you grow up to be the best you can be..."

    Tears welled up in her eyes as she continued "I think...the best place...for that...to happen...is..."

    Emotion finally overcame Dawn. She hurried back to the camp with tears streaming down her face, leaving Stormy confused.

    "What happened?" Brock noticed Dawn crying as he continued packing up his camp gear.

    "Is everything okay?" Ash was also concerned. "Whatever happened, you can vent to us."

    Dawn wiped away a few tears, then took a few deep breaths to compose herself. "I...tried to let Stormy go..."

    "What?" Ash gasped. "You just caught her yesterday!"

    "I don't know...she zapped me earlier, when I wanted to pet her." Dawn explained. "That, and I'm not sure if I could control something that's so high energy."

    "You have to remember that Pokémon are a little bit like people--they have different personalities too." Brock began. This means that yes, some of them are strong willed. It also means that some of them are naturally high energy."

    "The Pikachu family's very energetic too." Ash agreed. "So while a Pikachu and a Pachirisu are two different Pokémon, they do share a few similarities."

    "Believe it or not, some Pokémon are also very much like human kids." Brock added. "In my experience, I've learned that almost all unwanted behavior is because of a want. Sometimes they want more control over their lives. Sometimes they want to do more for themselves. Sometimes they want your full and undivided attention."

    "Hm..." Dawn contemplated what the boys had said. "You both make great points. Maybe I should have asked one of you for help..."

    Meanwhile, Mars spotted Stormy dancing around the field. "Well well, what have we here? I'll claim this little guy for myself."


    Power...experience...connection...which one of those was Stormy wanting? Dawn thought. What could Ash have offered if I asked him for advice earlier? Could some of his experience in caring for Tintri also have helped Stormy?

    She sighed as she looked out at the sky, where one of the clouds got her attention. Even that cloud looks like a Pachirisu. Maybe Arceus is telling me Stormy needs to be with me?

    Inspired, she hurried back down the road to meet the boys. "Guys...I thought about what each of you said, and I realized I was a bit rash to let Stormy go after one zap. So even though I didn't technically release her, I'm ready and willing to take her back."

    Brock smiled. "Well, if you wanna find her, I think I know where she is..."

    "Huh?" Dawn looked a little farther down the road, where she spotted Mars battling Stormy with Purugly. "Stormy!"

    "Come on!" Ash led the way down the road, just in time to see Stormy whack away Mars' Poké Ball with her tail.

    Brock's whistle snapped Mars and Jupiter to attention. "I believe the Pachirisu you are battling is actually owned..."

    "Yeah--my friend named it Stormy." Ash added.

    "Really?" Mars grinned. "Your friend must've released it, because it went inside the Poké Ball I threw earlier."

    "If you're so sure this Pachirisu is named, let's see who it really wants to go with." Jupiter suggested. She knelt down before Stormy. "Okay, little guy--who do you want to go with?"

    Ash noticed Jupiter had hidden a pile of nuts and berries behind her back in an attempt to sway Stormy. "Hey, Brock...maybe we could sway Stormy to our side with some of your homemade Pokechow..."

    "No--I'm not stooping to Galactic's level." Brock replied.

    "Besides, a food bribe won't prove anything." Dawn agreed.

    Both sides watched to see what Stormy would do. Stormy proceeded to fire a huge electric blast, knocking out both admins. "I guess she wants to go with me?" Dawn asked as Stormy pilfered all the food.

    [Yeah...I still choose you.] Stormy chittered.

    "Aw..." Ash smiled as Dawn hugged Stormy, never mind her hair was sticking up a little.

    Dawn offered a Poké Ball to Stormy. "If you touch this, you can come."

    Stormy nodded, and touched the ball; going in in a flash of light. "Thanks, Stormy--now we can shock the Contest world." Dawn grinned. "Starting with the one in Floaroma Town!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 19: Mutiny in the Bounty

    "Floaroma Town...75 miles." Brock read a signpost as the group made their way down a road. "The city is known as 'the town that smells vividly of flowers' and for good reason."

    "I'm sure it must be beautiful!" Dawn smiled.

    "Local lore says that the town was once a barren and desolate hill." Brock began. "People started planting flowers around it to brighten up the place, but nothing would grow. Then, someone expressed thanks for the bounty of nature, and the whole hill burst into bloom. Many believe the Legendary Pokémon Shaymin created the flowers."

    "Aw, that's cute!" Even Ash was enamored by the white hedgehog-like Pokémon with grass-like fur depicted in the guidebook. "Maybe we'll be lucky enough to see her!"

    The whooshes of wings got his attention as a familiar blue dragon Pokémon with red wings soared over him. "A Salamence?"

    "Wow!" Dawn gasped as she read up on the majestic Pokémon:

    "Salamence. the dragon Pokémon. It becomes uncontrollable if it is enraged. It can destroy everything with shredding claws and fire if it isn't calmed. Salamence is capable of undergoing Mega Evolution if the trainer's Heart Song has been awakened.

    She strained her eyes to make out a female figure on the Salamence's back. "Someone's riding the Salamence!"

    Ash got a better glimpse of the Salamence's rider. "She doesn't look friendly at all!" he gasped. He noticed the dull purple and red outfit the woman wore, and shuddered. She looks like every bad guy in every action movie I've ever watched!

    "Ariados, use String Shot!" Brock heard the woman command as she summoned a familiar spider Pokémon onto the ground.

    Dawn heard a yelp of surprise as the Ariados bound up a Gardevoir's magenta-haired owner. "She's gonna kidnap the Gardevoir's owner!"

    "Anime, warp away from here!" the girl pleaded as she struggled to get free from her bindings. "Save yourself!"

    I'll do my best to send help for you as soon as I can! the beautiful white humanoid Pokémon replied. With that, it disappeared in a flash of light.

    "We have to help the girl! Come on!" Ash called as he led the way down the hill, where the girl was struggling to free herself from the String Shot.

    Moments before they could reach the girl, a huge explosion rocked the area! "Mama Dragon J to Hatchlings, we have the Gardevoir."

    Ash watched as the petrified Gardevoir was loaded onto a truck. I see...she used a petrification device to catch that Gardevoir. That explains the loud explosion before...

    He motioned for Tintri to follow him. "Come on, Tintri! Let's hold that lady off at the pass!"

    [Yeah! No one Poke-naps an innocent Pokémon on my watch and gets away with it!] Tintri agreed.

    "Ash...I hope you know what you're doing..." Dawn mused as she watched her friend follow the truck down the road...


    "Are you okay?" Brock asked as he and Dawn finished freeing the girl. "Does anything feel hurt or broken?"

    "I'm all right, just surprised someone would take my companion, Anime." the girl replied. "What that lady wanted with Anime, I don't know, but it can't be good!"

    "My friend's gonna try and save Anime, okay?" Dawn assured the girl as she rubbed some anti burn stick onto some burned areas on her legs.

    "Thank you." the girl replied. "I'm Melodi, by the way."

    Meanwhile, Ash and Trintri had headed off the truck near a mountain pass. "Why did you take a little girl's Gardevoir?" he demanded. "Give her back, NOW!!!"

    The woman grinned. "Why not? I could just as easily take your little Pikachu, if I wanted. But first I want to see its versatility in battle!"

    She heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Mathayus, let's go!"

    Ash reached for his own Pokédex to read up on the massive purple scorpion Pokémon before him:

    "Drapion, the ogre scorp Pokémon. Possessing a sturdy build, it takes pride in its strength, taking down foes without using toxins.

    "Tintri, use--!" This was as far as he got before he found himself thrown against a rock and bound with String Shot! "OOF!!!"

    He growled as the woman scooped Tintri in her arms. "No fair summoning two Pokémon against one!"

    "I've got what I wanted, so why don't you be a good boy and hang out here for a while." the woman smirked before recalling both the Drapion and the Ariados and departing.

    Inside some brush, Mars and Jupiter huddled to discuss the confrontation. "Did you see that? That lady grabbed Hat-boy's Pikachu without having to lift a finger!" Mars cried. "We could use someone like that on Team Galactic."

    "We need talented people, sure, but I'm not so sure about this lady." Jupiter mused as she watched Ash struggle to get free from the rock. "Something doesn't feel right about her. But if you think she could help our cause, we'll go negotiate with her."

    As she and Mars hurried down the road, they heard Ash's voice ringing through the mountains. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...


    ...Katoradis favel siicletu edena... Ash's voice continued. Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Brock led Dawn and Melodi up the mountain path. "What happened?" Dawn gasped as Brock eased Ash onto the ground.

    "I tried to stop that lady and save the Gardevoir, but she took Tintri too." Ash explained as a tear formed in his eye. "Now I'm more determined than ever to stop this lady!"

    'What was that power your friend used to call us here?" Melodi asked, curious.

    "Believe it or not, the Swanna Song often seen in folklore and media is in fact real." Brock explained. "But only a rare few can actually use this power. My friend can use it because of his deep bond with his Pikachu."


    "Fog machine is go." Jupiter reported as she pressed a button on a fog generator.

    "It's stopping." Mars reported as she saw the truck come to a stop and the woman climbed out to meet them.

    "Excuse me, miss--our own vehicle broke down, and we could use the help." Jupiter began.

    The woman was unimpressed. "Using a fog machine to try and stop me? Typical Team Galactic. How's that creating a new world working out for you?"

    Jupiter growled at the woman's insult. "Noctis, go give this lady a piece of my mind!"

    "Nice, a Skuntank." the woman sneered as Jupiter's Skuntank appeared. "I'll just take your Pokémon too!"

    "No!" Mars reached for the Poké Ball holding her Purugly.

    "Venus, bind these Galactic fools!" the woman commanded as she summoned her Ariados again. Once sure Mars, Jupiter, and Noctis would not be getting out from their binding, she snatched the Poké Ball holding Mars' Purugly.

    Ash and the others arrived some time later. "That weird lady get you guys too?"

    "Yeah--they Poke-napped Leona too." Mars sobbed as Brock cut the admins and Noctis free.

    She brushed away a tear. "Look, normally, we would be wanting our revenge for you guys hindering our plan for a new world. Now we need your help."

    "Your Pikachu's obviously special to you, so we'd be willing to help you get him back if you helped us get Leona back." Jupiter agreed.

    A whir got the group's attention. "What in the..." Dawn gasped as a large plane-like vehicle flew over the group's heads.

    Officer Jenny and her faithful Arcanine arrived some moments later. "Is everyone okay? We came as soon as we could. We got a tip that the notorious Pokémon hunter J was here, but it appears we were too late to stop her."

    "So that lady's name is J?" Dawn asked.

    "J is a codename--no one knows for sure what her true name is." Officer Jenny explained. "Across the world, there are shady individuals who make their living stealing other people's Pokémon. They are known as Pokémon hunters. They swear no loyalty to any government or group, expect for a hunter's guild. Once initiated into a guild, they are known by a codename, and often recruit minions of their own. J is especially notable for having a hand in many high profile Poke-nappings. She could be an evil team on her own with how many spies and minions she has under her sway."

    "Wow..." Brock gasped.

    "How do we begin to take down someone that powerful?" Dawn wondered.

    "I don't know, but I'll do whatever it takes to save Tintri from the Pokémon Hunter's evil grasp!" Ash vowed. "Either that, or die trying!"

    "Yeah--Pokémon Hunters are total outcasts!" Mars agreed. "The lowest of the low!"

    "Mars, I hate to interrupt your dramatic speech, but I have an idea..." Jupiter whispered as Brock undid the bindings. "We're going to sneak aboard the ship and rescue Leona---you with me?"

    "Yeah..." Mars smiled. "If we can find that plane thing the Pokémon hunter flew off in."

    "This is the problem with attempting to catch a high profile Pokémon hunter like J." Officer Jenny explained. "Once she steals her Pokémon, she makes her getaway in an airship."

    "We obviously can't chase her on foot, then..." Dawn mused.

    "The only way we could catch J in the act is if we knew where she'll strike next." Brock suggested.

    "What a great idea!" Melodi smiled as she heaved a Poké Ball skyward "Douce, find out where J will strike next."

    The smaller humanoid Pokémon Melodi had summoned hummed for a moment. The next place J will strike is a small house with a waterwheel, near the river, at the edge of the woods.

    "Thanks." Melodi replied, recalling the small humanoid Ash remembered as Kirlia.

    "Blue Angel to all units--we have determined J's next strike point." Jenny called over the radio as she sent the coordinates. "All units assemble at this point!"


    "Ah ha!" Ash smirked as he spotted J stealing an Absol. "Are you gonna give Tintri back or not?" he asked as the officers moved in.

    J chuckled. "I should commend you for discovering my secret base, Superboy. But while you and your cohorts still live, it won't be so secret anymore!"

    She looked over at her Salamence. "Ridley, use Hyper Beam!"

    Officer Jenny gasped as the Salamence charged a familiar orange beam. "Anya, protect Ash!"

    She called to Ash "If you want to catch J, here's your chance! Go, go, go!"

    Ash nodded, and made a running jump onto one of the vehicles in J's convoy. Minutes later, Jenny's Arcanine took the Salamence's attack.

    "Ash...good luck." was all Dawn could say as the convoy made its way down the road.


    "Okay...we made it in." Ash whispered as he, Mars, and Jupiter made their way into J's base, where the main hallways split into two paths. "I'm taking my team down the left hall. You guys can look for Leona or Tintri on the right. Meet back here in an hour."

    "Got it!" Mars and Jupiter replied as they hurried down the right path.

    After checking in a few rooms, Diddy spotted a room filled with caged Pokémon. [Ash! I found where Mars' Purugly is!]

    As Diddy hurried off down the hall, J noticed Diddy left the door open. "I knew we had a few stowaways on board..."

    With that, she pressed a button on a wall, making a loud WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! ring through the base.

    "Run for it!" Mars called as she and Jupiter dashed down the hall.

    Chaos erupted in the base as Ash, the admins, J, and her minions all fought in the hallway. J's Drapion attempted to capture Ash; but Diddy hit the Drapion with Fury Swipes, freeing Ash.

    "Gaia, go help Diddy!" Ash heaved a Poké Ball skyward...

    Mars and Jupiter watched from a corner as Diddy and Gaia were hammered by a hard attack moments later. "We're sitting Psyducks!" Jupiter shuddered as J's minions surrounded them.

    "Maybe not..." Ash kicked down an air vent. "In here!"

    "Good thinking, Hat-boy!" Mars smiled, stiffling a giggle at the minions running up and down the halls looking for them.

    After making their way through the vent, the group emerged into the room holding the Pokémon. Hold! Anime called when she saw Mars and Jupiter. You do not mean to harm us?

    "No, we came to rescue you guys." Jupiter replied as she went to work unlocking the cages.

    "There you are!" a voice called.

    "J!" Ash gasped as he held Tintri close.

    He smiled as a minion summoned a Golbat. 'Now to do what I meant to do before...Tintri, use Volt Tackle!"

    [HAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!] Tintri screeched. He slammed into the Golbat with an explosion of light and thunderbolts.

    The attack also destroyed the airlock, causing the air to rush out of the room. "This room is some kind of pod!" Mars realized as she scrambled to hang onto a cabinet knob.

    "Estrella, go find the others." Ash instructed his Staravia as he recalled Diddy and Gaia.

    J noticed what Ash had done. "Fare thee well, Superboy...and happy landings!"

    "Huh?" Ash gasped before realizing that the pod the group was in was hurtling towards the ground!


    "I see them!" Dawn called, pointing out the large round pod hurtling towards the ground.

    "If they don't do something fast, they're gonna crash..." Officer Jenny cautioned.

    Inside the pod, Jupiter was beginning to panic. "We have to stop this thing before it crashes!"

    Mars got an idea. "This is gonna sound crazy, hat-boy. What would happen if one of us decided to sing that super powered super song they use on TV?"

    "It's worth a shot..." Ash smiled.

    With that he sang. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    As Ash's last "si" rang through the air, the pod was surrounded in a rainbow light! "I don't believe it...that song they use for a last ditch spell on TV actually works!" Dawn gasped as Ash, the admins, Tintri, Anime, and the other Pokémon landed safely on the ground.

    "It also has the strength drain that often happens when a character uses it on TV, too." Brock cautioned as he want to tend to Ash, who was heaving with exhaustion. "So if you ever meet a Legendary and learn to sing it yourself, use it only in an emergency!"

    "The falling...pod...counted as an...emergency..." Ash wheezed as Officer Jenny hurried over with some water.

    "I can't thank you enough in helping us to capture some of J's minions." Officer Jenny smiled as some other officers read the minions their rights. "That was a brave thing you did. I don't know where or why you learned a legendary power, but I hope you continue to use it for the good of the world."

    "I promise, Officer." Ash smiled. He did not see that Mars and Jupiter had slipped away into the brush.

    "Thank you, as well, for saving Anime and bringing her back to me." Melodi agreed.

    The Gardevoir's eyes glowed as she read Ash's heart. You need not worry about Ash using his powers for evil, Officer. His heart shines with the fires of courage, and the purest light.


    "Why did J elude us?" Dawn muttered as the group made camp on a hill that evening. "You had a chance to get her!"

    "I did my best, but J is craftier than a Ninetales." Ash replied. "Eventually karma will catch up to her, but who knows how more Pokémon she'll catch before then?"

    "Hopefully, it won't be any more." Brock replied. "Officer Jenny and the rest of the force are doing everything they can to help bring J and others like her to justice."

    A smile formed on Ash's face. "Here's hoping I won't have to see her again--next time, I'm using my rainbow Thunderbolts!"

    The group's laughter echoed over the hills as the sun set...

    To Be Continued...
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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 20: Borrowing on Bad Faith

    [HAAAHHH!!!!] Tintri screeched as he rammed into a target with Volt Tackle.

    Ash applauded the electrical explosion signaling a hit. "Okay! That was great, Tintri."

    He paused to look up Volt Tackle in the Pokédex. "If you ever want to use Tintri in a Contest, Volt Tackle is a very appealing Cool move exclusive to the Pikachu family."

    "Point noted." Dawn smiled before spotting a poster on a signpost. "Well! Seems the village we're headed towards is hosting in unofficial Contest and Fantasy Stage. Maybe I can introduce Stormy to a Contest setting."

    "I could use the practice for a Fantasy Stage myself." Brock agreed. "Especially if Nando's competing."

    Ash suddenly felt something being snatched off his head. "Hey!" he cried as Diddy clambored into a tree with his cap.

    [Okay, but you'll have to catch me first!] Diddy replied.

    "Follow that Chimchar!" Brock led the others after Diddy.


    Elsewhere, Mars and Jupiter discovered the same signpost Dawn had found. "Hey, Mars..." Jupiter whispered.

    "Hm?" Mars was snapped from a daydream.

    "Check this out..." Jupiter whispered as Mars joined her. "Contest and Fantasy Stage today...winner gets a year's supply of fresh fruit."

    "I'm sure Noctis would love that." Mars smiled. "I don't really want to use Leona for a Contest, and all my other Pokémon are back at the base. So are you okay with me borrowing Noctis for the Contest?"

    "Sure!" Jupiter smiled. "Skuntank is a very well rounded Pokémon for Contests as well as battle, using any type of appeal."

    She handed Mars the Poké Ball with her Skuntank inside. "I expect you to take good care of Noctis, okay?"

    "You know I will." Mars smiled. "Besides, battles are not allowed in a Contest setting, anyway."


    Brock emerged from the dressing area in the village square in costume some time later. "Wow...even though this isn't official, the village is making a big deal out of it."

    "I'll say..." Ash agreed as he observed the lines moving at different booths. Those that were not signing up for the Contest or the Fantasy Stage were trying their luck at various games of chance.

    He smiled. "Can I say you look beautiful in your costume?"

    "Thanks." Brock smiled. "Even if I don't win it all here, I plan to keep it for future storytelling shows back home."

    "I'm gonna go look around a bit before the events start." Ash turned to depart down a side path. "Break both legs!"

    He noticed Dawn had emerged from the dressing area. "Oh!" he gasped as he admired the lavender, gold, and white pantsuit with purple trim. "Is that your costume for the Contest?"

    "It is." Dawn replied as she set the matching lavender top hat on her head. "I packed a few different outfits so the audience doesn't tire of the same old dress every time."

    "Good idea." Ash smiled.

    He spotted Mars, as her alter ego Marta, training with Noctis in a practice arena. "Whoa!" he gasped as Noctis combined Fury Swipes and Night Slash to catch Berries falling out of a tree. "That was cool!"

    "Isn't Noctis one of Jupiter's Pokémon?" Brock wondered as he rejoined Ash and Dawn by the fence. "Using someone's Pokémon can be risky if the borrowed Pokémon doesn't know the other person well."

    "But your team listens to me." Ash mused.

    "That's because my team knows you well." Brock replied.

    Dawn shuddered as Noctis fired a Flamethrower into the sky. "Noctis seems to be listening to Marta. What if Marta ends up winning the Contest?"

    "Don't worry about what Marta will do." Ash assured Dawn. "Just focus on what YOU need to do."


    Laughter and applause filled the air as Stormy emerged from the Visual competition's dressing room wearing a fake black mustache, a matching black goatee, and sunglasses. "That's it! Stormy gets the silver in Visual with a very cool look!" the emcee announced as Stormy struck some cool poses for the audience.

    Once the coordinators had removed their accessories from their Pokémon, the Bailatron emerged from the floor with a whir. "Now, let's move on to the Dance competition..."

    In the backstage holding room, Dawn perused the song list. "What kind of song would you want to dance to, Stormy?"

    [Something fun.] Stormy replied as Noctis swayed and jumped to a pounding techno beat with an Oriental flair. [Skunky there thinks he's a samurai? I wanna show off some fun moves!]

    "All right." Dawn tapped her choice of song on the selector, just as Noctis struck a final warrior's pose. The audience roared with applause as the skunk Pokémon took a bow.

    "Up next is number U-63845430, dancing to 'Conga'." the emcee announced as Mars reunited with Noctis in the holding area.

    Ash whistled in support as Stormy leaped onto the huge machine, eager to dance to her chosen song.

    A festive Latin melody blared over the speakers. Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga!
    I know you can't control yourself any longer!
    Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga!
    I know you can't control yourself any longer!

    Many in the audience clapped along as Stormy jumped and twirled in time to the pounding beat. Inspired, Ash motioned to the girl next to him. "Hey...dance with me!"

    "Okay!" The girl eagerly grabbed onto Ash, spurring others in the row to join in. This created a large conga line as more people hurried to join in the dance in the stands...


    ..."King Damien did not recognize her, but he never left her side nor took his eyes off her." Jupiter continued her tale, aware of the uncomfortable chatter in the audience. "Around midnight a strange thing happened. A thick cloud suddenly filled the hall, so that for a moment all was dark. Then the mist suddenly grew bright, and Kitsune appeared in the room."

    "This," she tells the crowd as Kitsune, "is the girl whom you have always believed to be your sister, and who vanished during the siege. She is not really your sister at all, but the daughter of the king of a neighboring country, who was given to your mother to bring up, to save her from the hands of an evil wizard.’

    She concludes as herself "Then she departed for heaven, and she and King Damien lived happily ever after."

    Confused murmurs waft through the crowd. "Did Juno just put that in to satisfy the crowd?" Brock wondered--the previous events and the ending didn't add up in his mind.

    He thought back over the story's plot. Is it possible that the usurper Danielle fled from was the evil wizard?

    "Number K-42207, performing 'The Four Brothers'." an announcer reported, snapping Brock to attention.

    Oh well...I'll think it over later. Brock thought as he emerged from the wings and onto the Fantasy Stage.

    After taking a few breaths to ease the Beautiflies in his stomach, he began. "There was once a hunter who had four sons, and these sons wanted to go out into the world to seek their own fortunes. When they had all come of age, they said to their father..."

    "We are going out into the world, and seeking our own fortunes." he explained in a mimic of Ash for effect.

    As himself, he continued, "The father gave them each 100 gold pieces and a Ponyta apiece. They set out early the next morning, and rode to the mountains. Around noon they came to a fork with four paths, and between them stood a beech tree. They stopped there, and the eldest said to the rest..."

    "Let's separate here, and take a different road to seek our fortune in the world." he suggested as Ash again.

    He went on as himself "They agreed to each stick a knife into the tree, and meet back there in a year and a day. If any of the knives rusted, its owner was either dead or in need of help. If any of them glowed, the owner had found great fortune."

    Intrigued murmurs filled the theater as Brock continued "And so, they each went their separate ways. When they came to a town, they each learned a trade. The eldest learned to be a shoemaker. The second learned to be a thief that stole from those with ill-gotten gains to give to the poor. The third learned to be an astromancer, a kind of mage who drew his magic from the stars. The youngest learned to be a hunter, as his father was before him."

    He went on "When the year and a day was up, they returned to the fork. The eldest arrived first, pulled out his own knife and looked at the other knives. Seeing that they were all shining, he thanked Arceus that they were all alive and well. When he came to his father, his father asked him..."

    "What trade have you learned?" he asked in a mimic of Flint for the father.

    "Father, it’s no use telling you stories. I’m a shoemaker." he replied as Ash.

    "You’ve learned a fine trade." he smiled as the father.

    "But I am no ordinary shoemaker. If anything is broken and worn, I only have to sing a magical melody and it is healed or repaired." he explained as Ash.

    He next interjected as himself "The father had a coat worn out at the elbows, and told him to fix it up. The son sang..."

    The audience murmured as Brock sang in Ash's voice Seios, higarima laisido...

    Some applause went up in approval of the song. "...and in a moment the coat looked like new." Brock went on as himself. "The father said nothing more. The next day the second son returned home. When he came to his father, his father asked him..."

    He proceeded to perform the exchange again. "What trade have you learned?"

    "Father, it’s no use telling you stories. I’m a thief."

    "If you dare steal from innocent people, then I will be ashamed to call you my son!"

    "Father, I only steal from those with ill-gotten gains. If I even think of what I'd like to have, I have it without the owner knowing it is gone."

    He went on as himself "About then, a Buneary came running by on the hillside. The father told him to catch the Buneary. The son reached out his hand, and the Buneary was there in seconds."

    "Wow"s and awed chatter filled the theater at this. "The third day the third son came home." Brock's voice quieted the chatter. "When he came to his father, his father also asked him what trade he had learned. The son replied..."

    He performed the rigmarole again. "Father, it’s no use to tell you stories; I’m an astromancer.’

    His father was impressed. The son explained...

    "I learned from a great astromancer. If I only look at the sky, I can see where anything in the world is."

    More chatter went up as Brock went on "On the fourth day the youngest son came home. When he came to his father, the father asked him what trade he had learned. The son answered that he had trained as a hunter."

    "I am proud you have followed after me." he smiled as the father.

    "But, father, I learned from a master hunter. My arrow will strike true, no matter how far away the target is." he explained as the youngest son.

    As himself, Brock went on "The father was well pleased with all his sons. They lived in peace for some time, with the brothers practicing their trades."

    He intoned "One year, the princess of the land disappeared. The whole castle was in a panic!"

    Gasps and excited chatter raced through the theater. "The king made a proclamation that whoever found her would receive her hand and the kingdom as well." Brock explained. "The brothers wanted to go. The father was reluctant to let them go at first, but he relented."

    "And then?" a girl asked as she held a balloon close.

    "When they came to the royal palace, they asked if the proclamation was true." Brock replied. "The king said that it was, and immediately asked them to tell him where his daughter was. The astromancer replied that he would have an answer the next morning, after he had read the stars."

    "So, where was she?" a boy wondered.

    "The next morning, the astromancer said that he had seen the princess held prisoner by a Hydreigon." Brock replied. "The Hydreigon had grabbed her as she was out walking, and was keeping her on an island beyond the sea. So they assembled and drove in the carriage to the sea. Then they got into a boat and rowed to the island."

    Whispers of anticipation filled the air as Brock went on "When they got there, the princess was out walking. The Hydreigon wasn’t home; but the princess told them he would soon be there. The thief-brother brought her aboard the boat, and they rowed away as fast as they could go."

    He paused to retrieve his bow. "The Hydreigon pursued them, but the hunter easily shot down the rogue Pokémon." he narrated before preparing his shot, training his eye on a target of the exotic three headed dragon Pokémon.

    The audience held its breath as Brock fired his shot...


    "So, how did you do?" Brock asked Dawn as the group left town that evening.

    "Not so hot--someone did this really nice Hail and Icy Wind combo to edge me and Stormy, even though we started strong." Dawn sighed. "Did you do any better?"

    "I came up short myself." Brock replied. "After I told 'The Four Brothers', the person after me told this interesting version of 'Fire Ice and Lightning' that electrified the crowd."

    "Look at it this way--you both did better than your first attempts, right?" Ash assured his companions as the group stopped to make camp for the night. "So that should count for something."

    "Yeah--we both did our best." Dawn smiled. "Besides, this was a good learning experience for the real Contest."

    "I plan to think about how I did here, then use what I learned to do better in the real Fantasy Stage." Brock agreed. "We'll just consider today a practice run."

    To Be Continued...
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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 21: Cooking Up a Sweet Story

    "Okay, you guys...let's see what you think of this!" Dawn began as she retreated to the center of a field. "Kori, Lola--frozen Bubblebeam!"

    Ash watched in amazement as Lola's Ice Beam froze the bubbles from Kori's Bubblebeam solid, creating a pile of sparkling blue and cyan bubbles. "Wow!"

    "That was neat!" Brock agreed.

    "How would you rate that appeal?" Dawn asked. "Did you forget the scorecards I gave you?"

    "No, I didn't forget." Brock replied as he hurried to retrieve the pile of scorecards on a rock.

    "Be honest about your feedback." Dawn added as the boys gathered up their scorecards. "If something's not working, tell me how to make it better."

    "Well, I rate that appeal an 8." Ash explained, showing Dawn a card with a green 8.0 on it. "My only suggestion is to try and make the frozen bubbles light enough to fly instead of falling to the ground like rocks. Flying icy bubbles would really wow the audience!"

    "All right--try firing off both attacks at an easier rate." Dawn noted. "Brock, your score and thoughts?"

    "I'll give it a 7." Brock replied, showing Dawn a card with a lighter green 7.0 on it. "It is a very solid appeal, and much better than the spinning Bubblebeam idea. That said, I will agree with Ash--it has the potential to be even better."

    "Okay--I'm gonna keep trying until you show me the dark green 10." Dawn smiled, pleased the boys had liked her first appeal.

    She motioned for Stormy to join her. "Okay, next is an appeal I wanna try with Stormy--electrical fireworks. Or should I say, thunderworks?"

    Kori and Lola hurried to join the boys as Stormy leapt on a rock. "All right, Stormy--launch some thunderworks!"

    Stormy charged a Discharge attack, creating a few circular bursts of electricity. But no one expected the main thunderbolt to shatter the rock! The force of the impact sent Stormy flying to the ground, creating a small dust whorl on the ground.

    "You okay, Stormy?" Dawn asked as she rushed to examine the exhausted Pachirisu.

    Some applause filled the air. "That looked pretty cool, even if it didn't quite work on the first go." an auburn haired girl smiled as she approached the group.

    Ash facepalmed as Brock hurried towards the girl dusting off dirt from her clothes. Please don't sing...please don't sing...

    He sighed as a guitar playing the intro to a song got his attention. He's gonna sing...

    As I come in by bower madden
    Early in the morning dew,
    Brock sang to the girl as he strummed a bouncy melody.
    A fair pretty maid I'd chance to meet
    Said I my lass can I walk with you?

    This was as far as he got before Kage jabbed him in the sensitive areas, creating a discordant Eb chord. [You can't walk with her--she likely already has a lover.] Kage deadpanned as he dragged Brock away, guitar and all.

    "But...that's not...how...the song...goes..." Brock gasped between winces of pain.

    The girl laughed at Brock's pained look and Kage's deadpan. "You would make a wonderful comedian and musician! In fact, you're just the person I need!"

    "Oh?" Brock was intrigued as the girl motioned for the group to follow her down the road to an elegant building...


    "My name's Theresa, and this..." The girl made a grand gesture to the building. "...is Angel Cakes, the bakery me and my grandma run."

    "It's beautiful!" Dawn gasped.

    "I can only imagine what you guys make in there..." Ash agreed. Tintri licked his lips as he imagined hundreds of cakes, pies, and other sweet treats inside.

    Theresa smiled. "We do birthdays, weddings, graduations, and every kind of occasion. My Pikachu, Sugar, is the mascot, but lately she hasn't been herself."

    She looked over at Brock. "This is where you come in. I want you to inspire Sugar with as many joyful and inspiring songs and stories as you can for three days. We have a school event coming up, and Grandma wants the kids to see Sugar happy."

    "I'd be happy to perk your pensive Pikachu." Brock grinned, pleased with his witty reply.

    Dawn thought for a moment before bringing up her Poketch's calculator. "Assuming Brock is performing 24 hours a day..." she mused as she punched the numbers. "...and each tale or set of tunes is about 20 minutes on average..."

    She gasped when she pressed the equal button. "He would end up performing 216 numbers in all!"

    "Relax...that's just a dent in how many stories and songs I know." Brock assured Dawn. "216 numbers should be easy for me to do with enough caffeine."

    "I hope you have some Verde Power in there..." Ash mused as the group went inside.


    "Okay, everyone...this is Sugar." Theresa began as she led the group inside the bakery's cafe. A Pikachu was sprawled on one of the tables, sighing as it released a tiny spark.

    [Hi!] Tintri squeaked. [Do you feel like telling me what's the matter?]

    Sugar sighed as Brock looked around the cafe area. " Let's see...I can't perform in the entry area. I'd likely block people arriving to place or pick up orders."

    He looked over at what looked like a small stage overlooking the cafe area. "Okay if I use this stage?"

    "If you have a talent that may cheer Sugar up, the stage is yours." an older woman with greying dull blonde hair replied as she joined Theresa in the room.

    "All right..." Brock stepped aboard the stage. "Just give me a little time to prepare."


    Once sure his guitar was in tune and his props were organized, Brock started the story that came to mind first. "In a far away land, the people could not stop complaining about their vizirs. The reason? They argued over anything and everything. Once they started arguing, it was anyone's guess when they would stop."

    Ash chuckled in anticipation as Brock went on. "Now, the vizirs knew what the people were saying. So they took it upon themselves to show their people they could conduct affairs in a civil manner. So one day, they went into town, making small talk among themselves and saying hello to all they met."

    "This is one of my favorites..." Ash whispered to Dawn. "You'll see why shortly."

    "Suddenly, they found a rare black pearl embedded in the sandy road." Brock continued as he packed the stage. "Their first thought was to debate what to do with it. but then they remembered their promise to conduct affairs civilly. They decided to hold a great feast in honor of their friendship."

    He explained "So the ten vizirs all went down to the food shop. They used the black pearl to buy enough food for the whole city to be fed for a week and still have leftovers."

    "Wow!" Theresa was impressed.

    "There were potstickers, puddings, meats both from the land and the sea, vegetables of all kinds, nuts, Berries, and a bewildering array of desserts." Brock explained, counting off the different foods on his fingers as he mentioned it.

    He intoned "Before the vizirs could sit down to their massive meal, the ninth vizir saw that the palace gate was open. He told the sixth to shut it, but he believed the first vizir should shut it. The first told the eighth, the eighth asked the fourth, and before long, all ten vizirs were fighting over who should shut the gate."

    Theresa and her grandmother giggled as Brock continued. "The tenth vizir finally broke it up by saying the next person to say anything or stand up would close the gate. So the ten vizirs began to eat, not saying a word to each other or getting up for seconds."

    He smiled--it was time for the funny part! "The open gate lured hundreds of Pokémon into the palace, and they wasted no time in devouring all the meat. When every piece of Combusken, beef, and fish was gone, they moved on to the vegetables, fruits, cheeses and desserts. But the vizirs sat there, oblivious to the Pokémon eating their food."

    Dawn stifled a giggle as she pictured the comical scene in her mind. "Just then, a Growlithe mistook the tenth vizir's lip for a piece of meat, and bit down hard!" Brock announced.

    Brock's small audience roared with laughter at this. "When the others told him he had to shut the gate, they looked around and realized the food was gone." Brock explained as the laughter quieted. "So now there was no point in closing the gate."

    He concluded "They went their separate ways, not wanting to argue about the matter any more!"

    "Oh, that was so funny!" Dawn wheezed as she applauded. "I can see why it's one of your favorites, Ash!"

    Brock noticed Sugar giving him a bemused look. That's a good sign...

    He motioned for Dawn and Ash to join him on the stage. "So, what kinds of tunes do you guys play out here?"

    "If you'll give me a second to tune, I'll teach you both one of my favorites." Dawn replied before she went to find her fiddle case.


    "Okay...this tune is called 'Off to Pastoria'." Dawn explained as she finished fine tuning her instrument. "This a very common tune that goes well with many Kanto tunes."

    She set her instrument aside long enough to slide a copy of the sheet music before the boys. "I'm going to play it slowly so you guys can get a feel for the notes and the chords."

    "So many dotted notes..." Ash mused as he fished out a silver whistle with a green mouthpiece from his bag. "You're lucky you only have to strum open chords!" he told Brock.

    "That may be true, but I do have to work out an appropriate strum pattern that still retains the bounce this type of tune is known for." Brock explained.

    "Relax...I'll go slow enough so you two can strum and finger along." Dawn assured the boys as she prepared to play. "Ready?"

    "Ready. Brock replied. "Start at a G..."

    As Dawn began the song, he mused the chords to himself as he did his best to follow the fiddle's melody. "G...D...back to G...C...back to G...E minor...A minor...D7...and back to G..."

    Sugar looked up at the stage, piqued at the melody and the chord progression that was taking shape.

    "Anywhere I can breathe in all these notes?" Ash asked. "I want to try following along this time."

    "Here..." Brock took the sheet music and began marking notes he felt Ash could shorten or drop to take a breath. "Breathe where I've marked it if you need to."

    After snapping to count his companions off, the tune began anew. Theresa and her grandmother eagerly clapped along as the whistle joined in the tune...


    "You guys have great sightreading skills." Dawn raved when they finished a set some time later.

    She gasped when she saw a smile forming on Sugar's face. "That's it! Why don't we try a tale that features all our instruments?"

    "I have just the tale..." Brock replied. "Once a boy was wandering through a forest one night, on his way home from a hunt. It was late that night, and there was no moon to light his way."

    Theresa swallowed hard, but Brock had other ideas. "Suddenly, he heard a scream way off in the distance, and a mage dashed through some nearby bushes. A pack of Mightyenas pursued him. The boy readied an arrow and fired at the biggest Mightyena, killing it. The rest of the Mightyenas fled in terror."

    Tintri and Kori cheered at this. "The mage was grateful, and promised his deliverer whatever he wished in return for spending the night with him." Brock went on.

    "I would desire nothing more than a night's rest--I have been hunting all day, and have lost my way back home." Ash jumped in the role of the boy.

    "The mage took the boy to his cabin that lay in a clearing." Brock continued. "No sooner had the boy arrived, did he lie down and fall into a deep sleep. After some time, the mage's servant girl was interested in how the boy saved her master. She asked him to tell her about the encounter. Once the boy had finished his tale, the servant girl instructed him..."

    "If my master asks if you desire a reward for saving his life, request the third Ponyta that in the stable." Dawn fills in the girl's dialogue.

    "Some time later, the mage returned with a grand haul from his hunt, and the three of them sat down to a great meal together." Brock continued. "Besides the meat, there was fruit of all kinds, the finest cheeses, and fresh water unlike any other. When the meal had ended, the mage asked the boy..."

    "I must thank you again for saving my life--do you desire any reward?" he asked in character as the mage.

    "I only want the third Ponyta in the stables." Ash replied as the boy.

    "The mage tried again and again to talk the boy into reconsidering his offer, but the boy insisted on the Ponyta." Brock went on as the group retrieved their instruments. "Finally, the mage relented, and also granted the boy three magic instruments--a guitar..."

    He strummed a slow G chord for effect. "...a fiddle..."

    Dawn stroked a few notes for effect. "...and a flute...."

    Lola giggled as Ash played a high trill for effect. "The boy was told that should he ever be in danger, to play the guitar first." Brock explained. "If no help came, he was to play the fiddle, and if still no help came, to play the flute."

    "Remember those instruments--they'll be important later!" Ash reminded their small audience...


    ..."You would think by now, the groom would know to leave the boy alone, but no..." Brock intoned as he approached the story's climax. "Some time later, the groom appeared before the king a third time. He said that he had overheard the boy saying that he wished to have the throne for himself. Once again, the groom was lying through his teeth, but the king was angry enough to believe him."

    "NO!!!!" Theresa gasped.

    "The king was so angry, he didn't even bother to give the boy a trial, and ordered the boy killed right away." Brock continued. "The day of the execution came, and the boy was asked if he had any last requests. The boy nodded, and asked if he could play one last tune on the guitar. Leave was granted, and no sooner had the boy touched the strings, the executioner found himself dancing in spite of himself."

    Tintri led the clapping as Brock proceeded to play "The Bluk Berry Flower" on his own guitar.

    "By the time the boy had finished, the executioner was so tired, he delayed the execution for a day." Brock continued when the applause quieted. "The story of the miracle guitar spread like wildfire. The next morning, a huge crowd had turned out to witness the execution. When asked if he had any last requests, the boy asked if he could play one last tune on the fiddle. No sooner had the bow met the strings, not only did the executioner dance, but so did everyone else in the crowd."

    Theresa led the clapping as Brock and Dawn launched into a guitar and fiddle rendition of "The Trainer's Cap". "By the time the boy finished, it was dark out, and so the execution was delayed another day." Brock went on. "On the third day, when the boy was asked if he had any last requests, he asked if he could play one last tune on the flute. The king refused him at first--he had bad memories of dancing away another day. But the princess interceded, saying that it was his last request, and a prisoner's last request was not to be denied. So the king plugged his ears with wax, and the groom tied himself to a tree to protect themselves. But no sooner had the boy blown one note, did the rest of the crowd dance again, barring the king and the groom."

    Ash started the tune "The Meowth's Call" for effect. "After a few minutes, the mage appeared to the boy in a rush of wind and light." Brock narrated when Ash had finished the tune.

    "What sort of danger are you in, that you have called for me?" he asked as the mage again.

    "Someone present here has spoken a lie against me, and now the king wants to put me to death. The executioner is waiting for me to finish my song." Ash explained in character as the boy.

    "The mage, meanwhile, charged some red light in his hands and called..." Brock narrated before calling in character. "Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! Fire!"

    He played a mystical flourish with Dawn to mimic the spell. "No sooner had the mage spoke, did a fireball come flying from the mage's hands, setting the gallows ablaze."

    "And who was it that brought a false charge against you?" he asked as the mage again.

    Ash points at an imagined person as Brock narrated "The boy pointed out the groom--who was still bound to the tree-- and the mage charged another ball of light, this one blue, and called..."

    "Scatter your chilly sharp blades! Ice!"

    Lola batted the bells at the entryway to mimic the spell. "Icicles came flying from the mage's hands, and they sliced up the tree and the groom to little pieces." Brock went on. "The king then realized that the boy was innocent, and that his groom had been lying to him all along."

    "Thank Arceus..." Theresa's grandmother was relieved the boy would be all right.

    "So he ordered the boy freed, and offered the princess' hand in marriage as an apology. Brock concluded. "And so the boy and the princess were married. But the boy kept the three instruments and his Ponyta with him, just in case he needed their power again."

    Theresa's grandmother led the applause. "Bravo! You three must have real talent to put on that kind of show! Are any of you competing in the Fantasy Stage?"

    "I am..." Brock started before Sugar ran into his arms with a grateful hug.

    "It's a miracle...Sugar's her old self again!" Theresa smiled as Brock and Sugar shared an intimate embrace.


    "Before you three go, Sugar has something for you." Theresa began as she met the group a few days later. "Thanks to your talents, you managed to inspire Sugar. Our event was a success, now that she's happy again!"

    Sugar approached the group and opened the cake box in her paws. Inside lay some small cakes decorated to resemble musical instruments. [As thanks for your music and stories, I made these instrument cakes for you to share on your journey.]

    "Aw, they're cute!" Dawn smiled as she looked down at a fiddle shaped cake, complete with sparkling silver icing for the strings and the hair on the bow.

    "Yeah, they're almost too cute to eat." Ash smiled as everyone laughed in agreement...

    To Be Continued...
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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 22: Oh, Do You Know the Poffin Plan?

    "Here we are, gang--Floaroma Town." Brock began as a large city nestled in a wide array of flowery fields appeared in the distance.

    He smiled. "They don't call it 'the town that smells vividly of flowers' for nothing."

    "These are so pretty!" Dawn raved as she hurried to sniff the marigolds growing at the entrance.

    "I'm glad you think the flowers beautiful, travelers." an old woman smiled as she watched Dawn run around the field. "The story goes that long ago, this place was barren and without any kind of vegetation. A beautiful woman went to the hill and expressed gratitude to the Legendaries in heaven. Arceus was touched by the song of prayer, which resulted in flowers growing by the millions. This created the town we know today."

    "Fascinating." Ash smiled. "Maybe the tales are true."

    "Whether they are true or not, you'll have to decide for yourself." the woman assured Ash.

    "As a traveling storyteller, I would like permission to learn and tell this tale." Brock asked.

    "Of course--it warms my heart to see the young carrying on our world's traditions." the woman replied before departing.

    Dawn rejoined the group some time later as they neared the center of town. "Hm...Poffin cooking class today..." she mused as the group passed the community bulletin board.

    "What are those?" Ash wondered.

    "Poffins are Pokémon snacks that improve a Pokémon's condition." Dawn explained. "Mom made them all the time for Opal and her prizewinning Eevee. She often let me help her."

    "So, they're like Pokeblocks?" Ash as interested.

    "They have the same purpose, but Poffins appear to be something like a bread or pastry." Brock explained. "Not a hard block."

    "How bout it? You guys want to learn to make Poffins?" Dawn asked.

    "Sure!" Brock replied.

    "Why not?" Ash agreed. "This could actually be fun!"


    "This must be the place..." Dawn noted as the group arrived at a large building with a stylized Poffin on the roof.

    "Aw..." Ash smiled as he watched a blue Pokémon with a lily pad on its head and an elegant plant-like Pokémon tend to a garden. "Reminds me of Lilly..."

    "Well, Lilly is at home, dancing with Tarina." Brock replied as the group approached the house.

    Ash nodded as he read up on the plant Pokémon:

    "Roserade, the bouquet Pokémon. With the movements of a dancer, it strikes with whips lined with poison thorns."

    "Wow...Gaia's going to turn into that?" Ash smiled. "Pretty and powerful..."

    "Hello, travelers...are you taking the cooking class?" a girl with dull teal hair asked as she met the group on the path.

    "Yes, we are." Dawn replied.

    The girl smiled. "Come on inside, then--my name is Forsythia, and I'll be guiding you in the fine art of Poffin."


    "All right...aprons for you." Forsythia began as she tied on a dull green apron over her pale yellow outfit. "To make Poffins, you need a Berry. You also need butter, flour, sugar, eggs and the appropriate extract for flavor."

    "Sounds easy enough." Ash mused as Forsythia delivered some ingredients to him.

    He looked over the Berry basket at his workstation. "I'll use a Leppa Berry to start."

    "Good choice." Forsythia replied. "This will boost a Pokémon's Coolness. First, you prepare the dough as the pot warms."

    "Got it." Ash replied as he added in some soft butter and eggs to the pot at his workstation.

    "Okay, as you start adding in the dry ingredients, you have to stir it at a certain speed." Forsythia cautioned. "Go too fast, and it will spill. Go too slow, and it will burn."

    She observed Brock adding in flour to his own pot. "Just like that--stir in a little at a time."

    "Question!" Ash called. "What does it mean when the flames turn red and the dough turns brown?"

    "That means the dough is in the second stage of cooking." Forsythia assured Ash. "You can stir a little faster, but it is still possible to spill at this stage."

    "Got it." Ash replied.

    Forsythia, meanwhile, smiled as the flames around Dawn's pot turned blue. "You're doing well so far!" Once the flames around the edge of the Poffin pot turn blue, it will be impossible to spill dough. So stir as fast as you can for about 5 to 10 minutes until the Poffins are done."

    "Let's start with 5 minutes, then." Dawn smiled as she set her Poketch's kitchen timer.

    "You must know what you're doing." Forsythia smiled as Dawn continued stirring her dough.

    "My mom is a coordinator herself, so we made Poffin all the time at home." Dawn explained. "Although we didn't have a nice pot like this--we baked them in the oven."

    "Is it Poffin or Poffins?" Brock asked as he started the fast stir.

    "Both can be used interchangeably." Forsythia replied. "Keep going--you're almost done!"

    "Well, when you come from a large family like I do, cooking is an easy way to bond. It's also a fun way to teach math, science, and the value of a job well done." Brock grinned as he finished stirring. "I believe my dough is done..."


    Bee-bee-bee-bee-bee... sang the Poketch timer, alerting the group that the Poffins were ready.

    "How are they, gang?" Dawn asked as she watched Kori, Lola, and Stormy nibble her Poffin.

    [What did you put in here? Chalk dust?] Kori gagged.

    [Chalk dust is candy compared to mine!] Tintri complained. [I feel like I've eaten charcoal!]

    Ash sweatdropped. All that work, and my team doesn't like it...

    Brock's Pokémon had a quite different reaction. [Mm...amazing as always!] Hinata raved as she bit into a blue Poffin.

    [Tarina would love the pink ones!] Terra agreed as she savored a yellow Poffin.

    [Not bad, coach--you could have your own cookin' show on TV if the storytellin' and music gig doesn't work out.] Kage raved. [I can see it now: 'Rock-Solid Recipes'!]

    The group did not notice the blob that had perked up in Brock's bag. [Mm...something smells amazing in here! Is Brock making cookies again?]


    "It's okay if your team doesn't like your Poffins at first." Forsythia assured Ash as the group washed dishes. "Keep trying, and work on perfecting your recipe."

    "That makes me feel better a little." Ash smiled. "At least I didn't spill it or burn it."

    "Yes, you did well there." Forsythia agreed.

    She then addressed Dawn. "Each Pokémon has a Poffin preference, and there is a unique recipe for each. Copying your mother's recipe would be fine for her Glameow--Opal, was it? But it is ill suited for other Pokémon."

    "No wonder my team didn't like it..." Dawn mused, unaware one of her yellow Poffins had fallen to the ground...


    "Using Noctis in that unofficial Contest turned out to be a bad idea..." Mars grumbled as the admins made camp in a bush.

    "How so?" Jupiter asked as she watched people coming and going down the streets of town.

    "I decided to go with a tough appeal theme, right?" Mars began. "First, I tried Fury Swipes, and he attacked me instead of the appeal we practiced!"

    She shuddered at the scratch wounds still on her arms. "Then I tried Dig to set up a combo with Rock Smash, but he decided to hide in the hole. When the audience started murmuring in concern, I checked to see where he went. Then he sprayed me!"

    Jupiter tried oh-so-hard not to laugh. "It's not funny...do you know how long it took me to get the Skuntank smell out of my costume?" Mars grumbled.

    [Forgive me for interrupting your tale of woe, boss, but I found these awesome tasting bun things in the grass!] Leona cried.

    "Poffins..." Jupiter recognized the small yellow buns in Leona's paws. "Maybe their energy could bring about the new world Lord Cyrus wants."

    "The Poffin house is right there..." Mars agreed, forgetting about her rant. "If Hat-boy and pals are in there, we can kill two bird Pokémon with one stone! We get something with energy for the team's plan, and our revenge on Hat-boy and pals!"


    "Thank you, Rosie." Forsythia smiled as she handed the group a cup of mint tea.

    Dawn noticed the plant Pokémon back away after delivering some pastries. "Has your Pokémon always been this jittery?"

    "Rosie has been very shy and nervous for as long as I can remember." Forsythia replied. "It goes back to when I first met her, as a Budew, in a Pokémon Center some years ago. She went with me when she saw the flowers I was holding."

    "So, she bonded with you?" Ash was intrigued.

    "I gave Rosie a red scarf to keep her warm, and she evolved to Roselia, and then Roserade." Forsythia replied. "She still has her anxious moments, but we've grown very close through the years."

    She was about to say more when a huge crash got the group's attention. "Forgive us for interrupting the touching story, but we'll be borrowing a gardenful of Berries." Jupiter sneered.

    "What on earth?" Forsythia gasped as Mars and Jupiter summoned Leona and Noctis.

    "Noctis, use Venom Drench!" Jupiter commanded.

    "Kage, use Poison Sting to block the poison wave!" Brock commanded as he saw an ominous purple wave about to drench Forsythia.

    [Comin' through!] Kage fired a poisonous needle at the Skuntank, dispelling the attack.

    "Kori, use Bubblebeam!" Dawn commanded.

    "Gaia, use Razor Leaf!" Ash called.

    Neither Ash or Dawn expected Leona to disappear and attack Kori from behind. "Gaia!" Ash yelped as Noctis Sucker Punched his own Budew!

    [Stop this, you rogues!] a female voice called before a flurry of glowing leaves went flying at the admins.

    "Rosie!" Dawn smiled when she saw the Roserade firing the shining rainbow leaves from a corner.

    "She decided to help us!" Brock was amazed.

    Now's my chance! Ash thought. "Tintri, use Quick Attack!"

    "I think not, Hat-boy!" Mars giggled as she pressed a button on a remote, trapping the group in small cages.

    Forsythia ran to block the door. "What is it that you want?" she asked Jupiter. "Name your demands--I'll do anything if you let my guests go and give Rosie back."

    She looked over at Rosie, fighting back tears all the while. "Rosie...you are strong; even when you don't have your scarf. I'll always believe in you."

    [Hi-YAAAAAA!!!!] burst out of Mars hands, unleashing a torrent of Cheri blossoms that shredded the cages!

    "That's Petal Dance!" Dawn recognized the flurry of Cheri blossoms swirling about the room.

    Gatrandis favel, secret, edena... Ash began, making Mars and Jupiter gasp.
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    At this line, Rosie's flower petals gained a rainbow sheen.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    As Ash's last Bb rang through the air, Rosie fired a wave of rainbow petals, blasting away the admins in a rainbow explosion...


    Forsythia gasped as fresh plants sprouted in place of the damaged ones. "I don't believe it...it's like the old legend!"

    "Maybe the Swanna Song was the song in the story?" Ash asked as Rosie offered him water.

    "It could be, and it may not--different versions of the story could have different songs." Brock reminded him.

    "Thank you..." Dawn hugged Forsythia. "I learned a lot today. Not just how to make Poffins, but how to raise a strong yet beautiful Pokémon like Roserade."

    Ash nodded in agreement. "Seeing Rosie battle makes me more determined than ever to train Gaia even more, so she can be a Roserade too!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 23: Getting the Pre-Contest Titters

    [Hey, Stormy...] Tintri whispered as he bounded onto a rock near where Stormy was resting. [Want a tip on how to pull off electrical fireworks?]

    [Yeah!] Stormy replied.

    After checking to be sure Dawn was still working with Kori, Tintri began his lesson. [The trick to making fireworks is a big burst, okay?] he explained. [So rather than letting out immediately, charge your power a bit. This will make the resulting burst bigger.]

    [Will you show me how?] Stormy asked.

    [Sure...] Tintri paused to charge some power until his cheeks were almost white. He then unleashed a volley of sparkling electrical fireworks into the sky!

    "WOW!!!" Dawn gasped, impressed. "I didn't know you competed in Contests, Tintri!"

    [You can learn a thing or two about appealing to your audience when you battle too.] Tintri replied. He smiled, pleased his master and Brock were showing him the scorecard with the dark green 10 on it.

    He turned to Stormy. [Okay, now it's your turn to try.]

    [Okay...] Stormy charged some power in her cheeks until they too glowed white, then unleashed a massive burst of her own!

    [There you go!] Tintri called as Dawn applauded.

    "I think you deserve a Poffin for that little display." Dawn smiled as she offered Stormy a red Poffin.

    [How'd I do?] Stormy asked Ash between bites.

    "That was cool!" Ash agreed as he showed Stormy a green 9 card.

    "I'd give it an 8." Brock began as he showed Stormy a lighter green 8 card. "Work on holding and controlling your power, and that should put the appeal over the top."

    [Got it!] Stormy smiled.

    Dawn froze when she heard a voice call "Hey, Dee-Dee!" in the distance. Oh great...Barry's back...

    "Dee-Dee?" Ash asked, confused.

    "Remember that blond haired boy with me when you rescued me at Lake Verity?" Dawn reminded the boys. "That was Barry. He's a childhood friend of mine."

    "Oh yeah...that guy with a Turtwig that was always on the go." Brock remembered.

    Just then, Barry joined the group. "I'll have you know that Flora evolved."

    With that, he heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Come on out, Flora!"

    Ash decided to read up on on the large green and gold turtle Pokémon with bushes on its back:

    "Grotle, the grove Pokémon. The shell is hardened soil. Some Pokémon come to peck the berries growing on the trees on its back."

    Kori wasted no time in walking up to Flora. [Um...remember me?]

    She did not expect Flora to whack her away with a vine! [WAUGGH!!!]

    "Kori!" Dawn hurried over by a rock, where Kori rubbed her head in pain. "Are you okay? Does anything hurt?"

    [Just a bit of a headache, that's all...] Kori replied.

    "I am so sorry!" Barry gasped, bowing before Dawn. "Flora doesn't like when others get too close."

    He turned business-like again. "I fancy myself a coordinator too, you know--I watched the Jubilife Contest on TV.

    "Really?" Dawn asked, trying oh so hard not to laugh at Kori and Flora staring each other down. "I don't recall you ever being interested in Contests when we were little. In your words, you found them 'lame'!"

    "After giving it a go, I found them pretty cool." Barry replied. "I was doing great in the Appeal round of my first Contest, but lost to some girl named Zoey and her Glameow, Sylvie."

    "You've met Zoey too?" Dawn asked.

    Barry, meanwhile, ignored Dawn completely. "Are you competing in the Floaroma Contest too?" he asked Ash.

    "Actually, I plan to conquer the Shinou League." Ash replied.

    "Remember the time you attempted to give yourself a perm?" Barry smirked. "You were so excited about lookin' all pretty for school picture day. But when you got to class on the big day, it looked like you stuck your finger in an electrical socket!"

    "I quite LIKED my wavy hair, thank you!" Dawn shot back. "Mom supervised me the whole time to make sure I did it right."

    "Remember the time you forgot her lines in the class play?" Barry went on. "All you had to say as the White Buneary was 'I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!'. But you were so nervous, you ran offstage crying!"

    Dawn growled even more. "That was in the third grade!"

    Barry went on "Then there was the time you forgot to wear shoes to school. If I remember right, I showed you in the middle of math class!"

    "Ooooh...I demand a duel for your embarrassing me!" Dawn roared. "Flora vs. my team! Singles or doubles, I don't care--name your terms!"

    "I'm more interested in dueling your friend's Pikachu here..." Barry mused. "If only for the experience.

    "You're on!" Ash replied as he led Barry into a field.


    A referee's whistle pierced the air some moments later; signaling the match between Ash and Barry was underway. "Okay! Open with Thunderbolt!" Ash commanded.

    He balked as Flora used Razor Leaf to block the attack, sending it back in a flurry of charged leaves. "How'd you do that?"

    "Even outside the Contest Hall, we battle with pizazz." Barry grinned. "Flora, use Heavy Slam!"

    "Watch out, Tintri!" Ash called.

    Tintri managed to spin away from the charging Grotle. He next smacked his opponent with Iron Tail. [Top that!] he taunted as Flora went flying towards the line Brock had designated the Pearl safe zone.

    He watched as Flora created a patch of grass to land on, cushioning her fall. [What move was that?]

    Brock noticed Flora heaving in exhaustion, and blew a quick blast. "No contest! This match is a draw!"


    The Contest Hall hummed with activity as people filed in to watch the contest. "I hope you're ready, cool Meowth!" Dawn taunted as Barry emerged from the dressing room in a pale yellow suit. "You wouldn't dare taunt a princess, would you?"

    Try as Barry might to think up a retort to the green clad girl before him, he couldn't think of a taunt. "Told you." Dawn smiled.

    Just then, both coordinators heard the call of "It's time--all competitors, line up for the opening parade!"


    In the backstage area of the Fantasy Stage's outdoor theater, Brock emerged from a dressing room in costume. [Lookin' sharp, coach!] Kage raved.

    "Glad you think so..." Brock replied as he retrieved the harp he had received from Nando and started tuning it.

    He looked out a window at the Contest Hall across the street. Dawn--I hope you reclaim your honor after what happened yesterday. Barry had no right to embarrass you like he did.

    [Parade of Minstrels in five minutes!] he heard Hinata call.

    "Okay." Brock replied before making sure his instruments were tuned and his bow was close by...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 24: Settling a Not-so-Old Score!

    A majestic melody started playing in the Contest Hall, signaling to the audience that the parade of contestants was underway. "Contestant number F-44759784--Dawn Solberg and Stormy!" the emcee announced as Dawn emerged from the entry tunnel to thunderous cheers. Stormy was perched on her shoulder, waving at the audience as Dawn led the walk around the hall.

    Ash waved back at Stormy from his place in the stands, then observed the other competition. Okay...we have Dawn...Barry... he noted as Barry, now in an elegant gold suit, walked by with Flora. Marta... he noted as Mars walked past leading Leona. and some guy with a Manetric.

    Once the competitors had made their walk around the hall, the emcee introduced the Visual competition. "For today's contest, your challenge is to create a natural look..."


    In the dressing room, Stormy rummaged through the fashion case. [If Mr. Judge wants a natural look, I don't see anything!] she complained.

    "Calm down, Stormy...I have an idea.." Dawn replied as she fished out a variety of feathers.

    Stormy smiled as Dawn gently pressed feathers into her fur. [Oh, I see! You want me to pretend to be a bird!]

    "Well, at least look like a bird." Dawn replied as time expired.

    "Okay! Entrant number F-44759784, come on out!" the emcee announced.

    Laughter and "aw"s filled the hall as Stormy ran onto the judging platform, flapping her arms like wings all the while. [That's cute!] Tintri giggled as Stormy attempted flying again and again, to the crowd's delight.

    "Creative, as well." Ash agreed as Flora came out with a variety of puffballs on her.


    "Well done, Stormy." Dawn smiled. "Your bird dance got us first place, which means we go first in the Dance competition."

    [Okay...] Stormy began as the Bailatron rose from the floor with a whir. [What's that big black thing?]

    "That's what you'll be dancing on, remember?" Dawn replied. "It measures how you do as you step on it. If you do well, it will flash rainbow lights and shoot smoke."

    [COOL!] Stormy gasped, starry eyed.

    Dawn offered Stormy the song selector. "So, what song do you want to dance to this time?"

    [This one!] Stormy showed Dawn the selector, which displayed the title "Conga Feeling"

    Dawn giggled. "But you danced to a Latin song in the unofficial contest before. You don't want to bore the judges with the same kind of song again and again."

    [That's true...] Stormy looked through the song list again. [How's this one?] she asked as she showed Dawn the song title.

    "'I'm in the Mood for Dancing'." Dawn mused. "Nice choice."


    A festive techno beat blared over the speakers as Stormy began her dance some moments later. The crowd clapped along as the Pachirisu spun and twirled to the beat. I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing,
    Ooh, giving it all, tonight...
    I'm in the mood for chancing, I feel like dancing,
    Ooh, so come on and hold me tight!

    [Stormy's doing great down there!] Tintri cried as the score meter inched higher and higher.

    "She could trigger the lights and effects." Ash agreed. "But can she still focus with all those potential distractions?"

    He let that hang as the song continued I'm in the mood for dancing, romancing,
    You know I should never stop tonight!

    Both the boy and his Pikachu watched as the music swelled to an epic crescendo. I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood, I'm in the mood,

    To dance! Get up and dance! Come on and dance!

    At this, a burst of smoke fired onto the stage. But Stormy kept on dancing, lost in the music and the swirling rainbow lights.

    I'm in the mood to take a chance!
    Yeah, let's dance! Come on and dance!
    I'm in the mood to take a chance!
    Yeah, let's dance! Come on and dance!
    Get on your feet, now make your dance!
    Let us dance! Come on and dance!
    I'm in the mood to take a chance!
    Yeah, let's dance! Come on and dance!...


    "...Devin fell to his knees and asked Queen Titania what he could do to repay her." Brock went on, kneeling down before an imagined person for effect. "Queen Titania smiled and told him to travel to the plains by the cliffs and grow a fairy ring there. She also told him to build three walls around the ring, but to leave a space open to the sea. That way, the fairies would be able to come and go easily."

    He got up as he continued "Devin did as he was told. It wasn't long before a small ring of white mushrooms were growing at that place, surrounded by rock on three sides."

    Intrigued murmurs wafted through the Fantasy Stage amphitheater as Brock went on. "But Queen Titania knew she had to find a way to overcome the witch’s power. She also knew the only way to do that was by the hand of a human. She asked Orla if she knew of any strong and brave men in the world of humans, and Orla suggested Devin."

    "Aw"s filled the air at this. "Queen Titania made her way to Devin's house, and asked him to come with her to the fairy ring." Brock explained. "When he arrived, he found millions of fairies there, planting a pole in the ground. When the pole was planted, the fairies hung a mirror from the pole, and fastened a many colored streamer from the top."

    He paused to retrieve his harp from stage right. "They began to walk in a circle around that pole. Each fairy held a bell in one hand and a cup of burning incense in the other."

    With that, Brock proceeded to play "The Fairy Waltz" for effect. Many in the crowd nodded their heads to the gentle rhythm, or closed their eyes to savor the melody.

    But no one was more proud than Nando. Such a beautiful melody! Brock has been practicing hard to perform this well this soon. he thought as the stately tune rang through the theater.

    Applause filled the theater at the song's end. "A few moments passed before Queen Titania asked Devin to look in the mirror." Brock continued when the applause quieted. "Devin looked, and saw the witch transform into a Buneary, and run into the mill. He agreed to meet Queen Titania there at noon."

    He set the harp aside. "The next day at noon, right on time, Devin met Queen Titania at the door to the mill. She gave him a bow and some arrows."

    Excited murmurs filled the air as Brock showed off his own bow and arrows to the audience. "She explained she had enchanted the arrows with holy magic. "When the clock in the town square struck three, he was to climb the hill and stand in the middle of the fairy ring. When he heard the click of the mill, he was to fire one of the enchanted arrows as fast as he could."

    He prepared a shot as he went on. "Devin did everything Queen Titania had told him, and just after three, he heard the click of the mill."

    A click at the other end of the theater alerted Brock his target was in place. "He looked up and saw the Buneary racing toward the mill, and he fired an arrow with all his strength."

    The crowd watched in awe as Brock fired a shot of his own for effect, with a thunk confirming a hit.

    "The arrow reached its target, lodging itself in the Buneary’s skull." Brock explained as he set aside his gear. "She transformed into her true form. Devin called to all the hunters to come help, and so they did. They fastened the witch’s body to a Ponyta and dragged her to the bottom of the valley. They buried her in a grave so deep, she would never escape. The townsfolk were elated the witch was gone, and rewarded Devin well."

    He concluded "The fairy ring Devin planted is still there today. If you're lucky, you might see the fairies and their magic mirror."

    The crowd roared with applause at the story's end. "The winner, number K-42207!" the emcee announced as Brock took a bow...


    "Brock!" Nando called as he met Bock near the judge's podium. "I just wanted to say my heartiest congratulations to you. You've proven yourself the victor today!"

    "Thanks." Brock replied as he admired the red plastic jewel he had received. "It's still sinking in that I finally won after some close calls."

    "I do admire your grit and determination." Nando smiled. "That will serve you well on your Loremaster's journey."

    Something occurred to him. "I will confess that I have never seen someone shoot an arrow live onstage before--that was an amazing idea."

    "Well, I don't perform them very often because it takes a lot of practice to get the shot right." Brock explained. "But when I can pull it off, the crowds love it!"

    Nando nodded. "At any rate, I look forward to seeing what other surprises you have in store for your next performance."


    "Guys!" Dawn cried as she met Ash and Brock in the town square that evening. "I did it! I won my first ribbon!"

    "Nice..." Ash smiled as he admired the orange ribbon in Dawn's hand.

    "I got my first Miracle Jewel, too." Brock proceeded to show Dawn the red jewel. "Stunned the crowd with some stage archery."

    "I had to bail out to catch Brock's free performance in time." Ash confessed. "Mind giving us a recap of how you won?"

    "Sure!" Dawn smiled. "We started off with a Nuzzle and Spark combo..."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 25: The Champ Twins

    "Well done on your first ribbon." Ash smiled as he admired the orange ribbon glittering in Dawn's ribbon box. "And well done to you, Brock." he added as he watched Brock admire the plastic ruby he had earned.

    "I'll admit shooting an arrow live onstage was a great idea." Dawn agreed.

    "Well, what you don't know is that it takes weeks and sometimes months of practice to do the shot safely." Brock explained.

    He gestured to the quiver on his back. "Remember, these are only props, but I treat them as if they were real weapons. Most damage they can do is puncturing heavy materials or popping a balloon."

    Just then, Dawn noticed some TV cameras being set up in the distance. A familiar auburn haired woman was nearby, addressing a camera. "Oh, hey! 'Shinou News Now' is on location!"

    "What's that?" Ash asked.

    "'Shinou News Now' is the most popular news TV show in the whole region." Dawn explained. "Everyone and their Bidoof watches it. Despite the name, it doesn't just cover news. They cover the weather, sports, the arts, and more!"

    She went on "That lady there is Rhonda...one of the roving reporters."

    "When we come back, you'll learn all about the two trainers that test the strength of all their challengers, right here, on 'Shinou News Now'. the woman concluded.

    "And cut!" the director called.

    Seconds later, the boom operator dropped the microphone on the ground. "Again?" Rhonda sighed. "Those things are expensive to replace, you know..." she reminded the young operator.


    "Welcome to Camp Phoenix..." Ash read as the group approached a campsite. "Nice digs for a summer camp..."

    "Good luck beating the Champ Twins...you'll need it." a girl sighed.

    "Not even my Meganium could take them down." a boy agreed. He pointed out two green haired boys in near identical clothing talking with Rhonda. "Bryan's the older one with the messier hair, and Ryan's the one with the neat hair."

    "Thanks." Dawn smiled before leading the way into the camp square, minutes before the boys finished their interview.

    Ash strolled before the boys. "I am Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, and I have journeyed from afar to see if you two are as strong as people say!"

    "Two against one is unfair...this is why we compete in Tag Battles only." Ryan explained.

    "What's that?" Dawn asked.

    "A Tag Battle is a specific kind of doubles matchup where two people and their Pokémon work together as a team." Brock explained. "You're not limited to a single Pokémon per person, but it's best to start there."

    Dawn nudged Ash. "Okay if you let me be your partner?"

    "Sure!" Ash smiled. "I'll be using Diddy, okay?"

    "I'll cover you with Kori." Dawn replied.

    "Remember, we're on camera, so let's do our best!" Ash reminded Dawn, gesturing to the Shinou News Now team preparing to film the match...


    "Pyro, start with Flame Wheel!" Ryan called.

    Diddy leaped away from one flaming wheel, but in his rush to dodge the Croconaw's attack, he crashed into Kori. [Hey, Einstein, I'm on your side!] Kori snapped.

    She noticed a Water Gun headed for both of them. "They're sitting Psyducks!" Dawn gasped as the attack landed with a splash.

    The whistle and Brock's voice confirmed her worst fear. "Game Set! The match goes to Team Pearl."


    "Some partner you are!" Dawn snapped. "Why was Diddy trying to get in the way?"

    "I was TRYING to cover Kori, not upstage her!" Ash shot back.

    [I am not a pinball bumper, Nanab breath!] Kori snapped at Diddy.

    [Well, if you moved, we wouldn't have this problem!] Diddy retorted.

    [OKAY!!!] Tintri finally broke up the shouting with a Thunderbolt to the sky. [Clearly we have a problem that needs to be solved, but can't we work it out in peace?]

    "The entire point of a Team Battle is to show how the two partners work as a team." Brock explained. "They don't try to one-up each other. Instead, they know how to use each other's strengths, and cover for each others' weaknesses."

    [Instead of squabbling over what you did or did not do, remember you are partners, and working towards the same goal.] Tintri agreed.

    Diddy sighed. [Kori...I'm sorry I kept knocking you around like a pinball-mon...]

    [And I'm sorry I kept getting in the way.] Kori replied. [Will you forgive me?]

    [Sure...] Diddy smiled.

    "Aw..." Dawn smiled as Diddy and Kori embraced. "Maybe just charging into the fray like we did wasn't such a hot idea..."

    "That's the spirit!" Ash smiled. "So, are we a team?"

    "Yeah...let's give 'Shinou News Now' a battle to remember!" Dawn replied.

    "Okay...so we're up against Pyro the Quilava and Maui the Croconaw." Ash began. "If it would work better, I can pull Diddy for Tintri so we are each covering a type..."


    Brock's whistle pierced the air as Ash and Dawn faced the twins again. "Welcome back to 'Shinou News Now'. In case you've just joined us, another tag battle is underway at Camp Phoenix. This time, a brave challenger from Kanto and his coordinator partner try to unseat the Champ Twins!" Rhonda reported as Tintri knocked Maui backwards with a Thunderbolt. This bought Kori time to fire a Bubblebeam at Pyro, making his attack fizzle out.

    "Go time?" Ash smiled at Dawn.

    "Go time." Dawn replied with a wink. "Think like a coordinator, and use Tintri's moves in cool and creative ways."

    Ash nodded. "Tintri, use Brick Break!"

    "Kori, use Bubblebeam!" Dawn called.

    "Hammered where it hurt!" Rhonda reported as Tintri smacked Pyro, allowing Kori's bubbles to swirl around him. Tintri next used Thunderbolt, which spiraled around Maui and shocked him, buying Kori time to use Scald...


    "Game Set!" Brock announced some time later. "This match's winner is Team Diamond!"

    Rhonda smiled as Ash and Dawn threw their hats in the air and cheered. "That was quite a show, you two!"

    "Yeah--we have no qualms about losing." Bryan agreed. "These two beat us, fair and square."

    "Tell me, what was you two's secret out there?" Rhonda asked.

    "Just a combination of a trainer's know how..." Ash smiled.

    "...and a coordinator's pizazz." Dawn agreed.

    "Well, we're going to air your second attempt on the show...is that okay?" Rhonda asked.

    "Go ahead and purge Round 1--that wasn't one of our proudest moments." Ash sighed, to everyone's laughter.

    "All right...the episode will air in two weeks, so check your local listings, okay?" Rhonda smiled, waving as the group departed...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 26: Some Enchanted Sweetening

    "Up next is Eterna City..." Brock began as the group made their way down a road some days later. "Nestled deep within a forest, it is known as 'the town that ties the past to the present.' This is due to the immense number of historical landmarks there."

    "You could learn quite a lot of stories there." Dawn smiled as the group approached a signpost. "Eterna Forest, the place where time stands still--one mile.

    "We're getting close..." Ash mused as he led the way into the forest. "I'm sure there's plenty of lore in here Brock could learn..."

    "They say an old house that is supposedly haunted lies somewhere in the forest..." Dawn began. "That, and if you want to evolve your Eevees to Leafeon, several Moss Rocks lie here. But trying to get an Espeon or Umbreon here won't work. The forest does live up to its nickname."

    "This must be a Moss Rock..." Ash grinned as the group passed by a large rock covered in moss.

    He was snapped to attention by the noise of battle in the distance. After motioning for Dawn and Brock to follow him, he followed the sounds to a clearing. He peeked through the brush to see a woman in green battling what looked like a leafy Pokémon with a Chansey.

    "Emina, use Attract!" he heard the woman say.

    The odd bug Pokémon gained heart eyes, prompting the woman to cheer. "Don't you have to attack a Pokémon to make sure you catch it?" Dawn asked.

    "I think that's how it works..." Ash replied.

    Inspired, the woman called "Okay, Emina, use Doubleslap on the Burmy!"

    Ash decided to read up on the woman's target as the battle raged on:

    "Burmy, the bagworm Pokémon. To shelter itself from cold, wintry winds, it covers itself with a cloak made of twigs and leaves."

    "Fascinating!" Dawn smiled as the woman heaved a Poké Ball at her target.

    "They're also known to nest in people's beds. Once they infest a house, good luck getting them out." Brock cautioned. "This is why people do Burmy checks even at nice hotels."

    He noticed the woman approaching them. "Thank you all for helping me get a male Burmy." she smiled. "I have three Wormadam already, and I needed a male."

    "Can we see your Wormadams?" Dawn asked.

    "Sure!" With that, the woman heaved three Poke Balls to the sky. "Jada, Sandra, Rosa, come on out!"

    Dawn admired the three beautiful moth-like Pokémon. "I see...you named them based on what cloak they had when they evolved."

    "So why did you need a boy?" Ash wondered.

    "I wanted the end result to be a Mothim; since I have the three forms of Wormadam already." the woman replied.

    "What's so wonderful about Mothim?" Now Ash was curious.

    "Oh, listen to me blathering on without even introducing myself." the woman smiled. "My name is Cheryl, and I'm a treasure hunter by trade. My grandpa amassed a huge collection of treasures from across the world. One of the few he never could find was the Miele Dorato, or Golden Honey. It is said that the Miele Dorato is sweeter than any other honey in the world."

    "We'll be happy to help!" Ash offered. Dawn and Brock nodded in agreement.

    "Okay, Mr. Loremaster--what are some tales you know that involve food or treasure?" Dawn asked.

    "Let's see here..." Brock thought for a moment. "Far away from here stood a town populated by living food. Mayor Mushroom looked after the town and its daily operations. Miss Tamato managed his mail and planned events. But all the food looked forward to visits from Cheddar the minstrel."

    Cheryl giggled in bemusement as she pictured the whimsical town. "One spring, Mr. and Mrs. Eggplant welcomed their first child. The whole town turned out to give gifts and their well wishes." Brock explained. "Mayor Mushroom had asked everyone to bring a meal so Mrs. Eggplant would not need to cook."

    "A smart idea." Cheryl smiled.

    "Everyone had agreed, but Mr. Carrot panicked." Brock went on. "He didn't know how to make anything the Eggplants would like, and most of what he tried to cook was terrible. Mr. Tofu had gone into town to try and make something organic and all natural for the Eggplants. But not one of the stalls he checked sold organic ingredients. Mr. Cinnamon had been mobbed by girls because of his sweet smell. The list of problems--or excuses, depending on who you asked--grew longer..."


    "...The Talonflame flew away, and soon came back with Leviathan's heart." Brock wound down another tale some time later. "Destrian cut it in two with his magical sword. Then he went to the cave, still invisible. Leviathan was now vulnerable, for his heart had been found and killed. Destrian killed him with his sword."

    Tintri and Kori cheered at Leviathan's demise. "Then he removed his magical coat and showed himself to the girls who sat in the cave." Brock explained. "He brought them all back to the palace and their husbands came and claimed them."

    He went on "The king gave Destrian a large house close to his castle. There Destrian and his wife Princess Perla lived happily. Destrian also sent for his mother, and brought her to live with him and his wife."

    Cheryl listened as Brock concluded "The years passed, and when the king died, he left all his money and possessions to Destrian. Destrian ascended to the throne, and was king of all the land. He lived to be very old, and he did many wonderful deeds with the sword, the shoes, and the cloak."

    He smiled "But that is another story for another day!"

    Cheryl's applause was the most enthusiastic. "Bravo! That was exciting! You have a nose for lore like I do treasure!"

    Dawn gasped when she saw a white glow. "Is that..."

    Ash noticed the male Burmy glowing. "It is!"

    Brock smiled as the Burmy transformed into an orange and red moth Pokémon. "I think I inspired this Burmy to evolve..."

    [Oh, you did!] the Mothim chittered. [I want to be a brave hero, like in the tales you tell!]

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 27a: The Grass-type is Always Greener! (part 1)

    "Okay, Kaikoga...our destination is the Amber Castle, okay?" Cheryl assured her Mothim. She pointed out an orange-colored castle-like drawing on the map.

    Kaikoga chittered in reply, and flew off to the north. "Hey, wait!" Dawn called as the group followed the orange and red moth-Pokémon through the brush.

    When the group emerged in a clearing some moments later, Ash recognized the flowers and trees in the area. "This place looks familiar..."

    Cheryl smiled at Kaikoga, a Caterpie, and a Ledyba licking a orange gold liquid that dripped down a tree trunk. "This was the tree I slathered honey on earlier."

    Brock noticed the sunlight fading from the trees. "It's getting late, guys...what say we make camp here for tonight?"

    "Good idea!" Dawn agreed as the group hurried to find their tents...


    When the group departed the next morning, Cheryl noticed Kaikoga was chattering with excitement. "What is it?" she asked the Mothim whirling through the air.

    She gasped when she felt something wrapped around her foot. "Whoa!"

    "Cheryl?" Dawn hurried up close to a tree, where Cheryl was hanging by a vine. "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah...but unless you guys have a way to get me down, we'll be hanging out here for a while." Cheryl grumbled.

    "Gaia, cut Cheryl free with Razor Leaf!" Ash heaved a Poké Ball skyward.

    Cheryl heard her bindings snapping, then tumbled into Brock's arms. "Oof!"

    "You were expecting the hard ground?" Brock smiled as he looked Cheryl over for injuries, unaware of the many Kakunas clattering to the forest floor.

    "I'm okay..." Cheryl assured Brock. "I do thank you for catching me, though."

    She heard Kaikoga squawking in the distance. "Okay, we're coming!" she assured her Mothim as the group hurried to catch up to the moth Pokémon...


    The group caught up to Kaikoga near a group of shrubs some time later. "What is it?" Cheryl asked the Mothim as it observed a brown haired woman observing a plant Pokémon Ash remembered as Gloom.

    "You think she set that vine trap before?" Ash asked as he watched the woman write something.

    "No...she looks friendlier than a Team Galactic goon." Dawn replied.

    She gasped as the Gloom leaped over the group, spraying a sickly yellow gas as it ran. "Oh, ew!" Dawn gasped as she pulled her shirt over her face to block the nasty smell.

    "Not a smell I'd prefer to remember!" Ash agreed before he too pulled his shirt over his face.

    "Makes me wish I still had my AirPak from Houen!" Brock gasped as he too struggled to block the horrible smell.

    The woman sighed in defeat. "Aw...I couldn't catch that Gloom..."

    She gasped when she spotted Gaia by Ash's side. "Aw, what a cute Budew!"

    "Thanks..." Ash smiled. "My friends found her wandering in Oreburgh City, and it didn't seem to have an owner, so I claimed her."

    He offered his hand to the woman. "I'm Ash, and these are my companions Dawn and Brock; and our guide, Cheryl.

    "Nice to meet you." the woman smiled she she shook hands with Ash. My name's Gardenia--I'm the Gym Leader of Eterna City."

    Ash sighed as he heard a familiar guitar playing a reggae groove. "Of all the times for Brock to sing..."

    Rise up this mornin',
    Smiled with the risin' sun,
    Three little birds
    Pitch by my doorstep...
    Brock sang, much to Gardenia's bemusement.

    Singin' sweet songs
    Of melodies pure and true
    Saying', this is my message to you...

    [Go deliver that message somewhere else!] Kage snapped, creating a discordant Eb chord as he dragged Brock off.

    Gardenia just laughed at Brock's pained look. "Aw, I was kinda enjoying that!"

    She turned business-like again. "Fancy a match out here in nature?"

    "Sure!" Ash smiled. "It'll be great practice for our real match in the Gym!"

    "But, what about--!" Dawn protested.

    "Let them battle--I could use the break." Cheryl smiled as Brock hurried to draw a Poké Ball in the underbrush...


    "Ugh, where are they?" Mars sighed as she and Jupiter trudged through the brush. "Couldn't they have made a trail marker or something we could follow?"

    "Like the boss always says, don't lose the trail once you find it." Jupiter began. "We're bound to find hat-boy's trail sooner or--!"

    Mars gasped as Jupiter tripped on a Kakuna, falling into the brush. "You okay?"

    "Ow..." Jupiter winced as she gingerly stood up. "I tripped on a Kakuna..."

    Mars swallowed hard as the Kakuna Jupiter tripped on and some others on the ground all started to glow. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

    "RUN!!!!" Jupiter called as the new Beedrill swarm took flight...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 27b: The Grass-type is Always Greener! (part 2)

    The sound of a referee's whistle rang through the forest, signalling that the match between Gardenia and Ash was underway. "Sakura, let's go!" Gardenia called as she revealed a cherry-like Pokémon before Ash and Diddy.

    "Looks cute..." Dawn decided to read up on what Gardenia had summoned:

    "Cherubi, the cherry Pokémon. The small ball holds the nutrients needed for evolution. Apparently, it is very sweet and tasty."

    She looked up to see the Cherubi running to avoid Diddy's fiery charge. "Come on, Ash!" she called.

    Gardenia watched for a moment, then called "Sakura, return."

    "Huh?" Ash asked as Diddy's attack fizzled out. "What was that for?"

    "Your Chimchar is very powerful." Gardenia explained. "He put his heart and soul into all he did, just like you. Your hearts burn with the brightest fire, to burn away the weeds of evil, sadness, and despair..."

    I see..she was analyzing Diddy's abilities. Brock thought as Gardenia waxed poetic on Diddy for a moment.

    He was about to tell Gardenia to hurry when Gardenia tossed another Poké Ball skyward. "Peony, here we go!"

    Dawn recognized the small turtle-like Pokémon Gardenia had summoned. "A Turtwig!"

    Ash was unfazed by his opponent's move. "Time to go full throttle into this match! Let's show off some speed with a Flame Charge!"

    He balked as Peony dodged at the last second. "Okay...let's try that again. Flame Charge!"

    Peony leaped away from the charging Chimchar, sending Diddy crashing into a tree. "Okay, Peony! Use Leech Seed!" Gardenia commanded.

    All Ash could do was watch as the dull green seeds sprouted on his Chimchar, rendering him helpless. Peony next used a powerful Tackle, sending Diddy crashing against a tree. [Ash...she was too...strong...]

    "Wow--Peony was faster than Diddy!" Dawn was impressed.

    "She didn't move much, but when she did, Peony outpaced Diddy by a lot." Brock agreed.

    He looked over at Ash. "Make your next selection, Diamond."

    "Estrella, I choose you!" Ash called. The type advantage and flying speed should overcome Gardenia's Turtwig!

    "Eh-streh-yah!" Brock correcting him snapped him from his thoughts.

    "Start with Wing Attack!" Ash called.

    But no matter how many attacks Estrella fired, Peony dodged every last one. [Got any better ideas? Wing Attack isn't working...] Estrella wheezed.

    Ash growled in frustration. "Okay, Estrella, new plan. Let's try Aerial Ace--I know that attack is unavoidable!"

    He watched in amazement as Peony jumped at the last moment. Estrella went crashing into the bushes some moments later. "Wha...how?" he gasped as Estrella recovered and circled around to try again.

    But no one expected Peony to pummel Estrella with Leaf Storm, pinning Estrella to a tree. "Diamond is unable to battle--Pearl wins!" Brock announced.

    Tintri nudged Ash as Cheryl and Gardenia talked for a moment. [Even I'm amazed at this Gardenia lady's Pokémon.] he explained. [I know, it hurts to lose.]

    "Yeah--this hurts even more because I thought I had an advantage against her." Ash explained as he went to collect Estrella.

    [We've beat hard opponents before, and we can do it again!] Tintri smiled. [With a little help from my Super Shocking Special Training!]

    A smile formed on Ash's face. "Great idea, Tintri! Your special training hasn't failed me yet!"


    "...and so they agreed to help me search for the Miele Dorato." Cheryl finished explaining to Gardenia some time later. "My grandfather wanted so much to find this special honey, but could not. So I want to find it myself and complete what he could not." Brock finishing an intricate melody on his guitar punctuated her point.

    "I see..." Gardenia smiled. "All the Combee colonies in the forest are connected. I know a spot where Combee gather to form a massive colony known as the Golden Wall."

    She smiled at Brock. "There are actually a few folktales in this area about the Miele Dorato and the Golden Wall. Interested in learning a few?"

    "I would be honored." Brock replied as he worked out an improvised melody in A major.

    "Okay...two princes once went out in search of adventure. But they got so wrapped up in wine, women, and song, they never returned home." Gardenia began over the guitar. "The youngest--we'll call him Jake--set out to find his brothers..."


    "Ow..." Mars winced at the many wounds covered in Band-Aids all over her and Jupiter. "The sooner we find that special honey, the better!"

    "They say honey has healing properties, so who am I to think this special honey is a powerful medicine?" Jupiter agreed.

    Mars was about to answer when she spotted the group approaching where they were standing. "I see Hat-boy and pals! Let's ambush them!"

    "Come on, Leona..." Mars motioned for her Purugly to join Jupiter and Noctis in the bushes.

    Neither admin expected Gardenia to peek in the bushes some moments later. "Wow! What's a Skuntank doing here in the bushes?"

    "Noctis was...looking to find some medicine for all these Beedrill stings my partner and I got yesterday." Jupiter lied as she and Mars emerged from the brush.

    "Would you like to trade?" Gardenia smiled. "I have many fine Pokémon to offer!"

    "N-no thanks..." Jupiter stammered, a little unnerved by Gardenia's enthusiasm. "I'm happy with Noctis."

    "Gardenia, you realize you're talking with an admin of Team Galactic?" Ash hissed.

    "Team Galactic member or not, someone that raises powerful Pokémon can't be all bad." Gardenia replied, causing everyone's mouths to drop open."

    "Jupiter...come in Jupiter." Mars whispered, waving a hand in front of Jupiter's unnerved face.

    She grimaced in annoyance. "Leona, use Bite!"

    "Aw, a kitty-Pokémon!" Ash heard Gardenia cry.

    "Gardenia, wait!" Brock leaped into Leona's path and pushed Gardenia away. Dawn crashed on top of him some moments later.

    "Errrgh...Noctis, use Poison Fang!" Jupiter commanded, annoyed that Gardenia had stymied Mars' attempt at wounding the group.

    "Peony, teach these Galactic goons a lesson!" Gardenia called as she summoned her Turtwig.

    Jupiter watched in shock as Peony bit Noctis' tail, then threw him into the brush. "If her Turtwig's that strong, I'd hate to see what other powerful Pokémon she's got!"

    "We'll deal with you later, Hat-boy!" Mars called before she and Jupiter fled into the forest.


    "Thanks, Gardenia...you saved our skins." Cheryl smiled. "Arceus hoping we don't find those Galactic goons again."

    "Aw, it was nothin'!" Gardenia smiled. "I know a strong Pokémon when I see one."

    She looked over at a Nuzleaf running to meet her. After reading over the note the leafy humanoid Pokémon carried, she turned to leave. "I'm gonna have to leave you--I'm needed back in the city."

    "Thanks, Gardenia!" Ash waved as Gardenia departed. "I hope to battle you for a Badge soon!"

    Dawn spotted a Combee flying around a flower patch Kaikoga was studying. "Follow that Combee! It could lead us to the Golden Wall!"

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 28: An Angry Combee-nation!

    "Keep the Combee and Kaikoga in view!" Ash instructed as the group dashed after a Combee.

    Dawn decided to read up on the tiny bee Pokémon, looking up at the Mothim all the while:

    "Combee, the tiny bee Pokémon. This Pokémon is a set of three. When they sleep, they gather up and form a giant hive of 100 Combee or more."

    "Neat." she smiled as the group arrived in a grove of large red flowers. "What are these?"

    "Those are Pomeg Berry flowers." Cheryl explained. "Combee are said to love Pomeg nectar."

    "We must be on the right track..." Ash mused as he looked around for any sign of the Combee. "But we've lost our Combee..."

    "Easy way to find it again--follow the Pomeg flowers." Brock assured Ash.

    He was about to rally the group when Kaikoga chittered to get the group's attention. "What is it, Kaikoga?" Dawn asked.

    She gasped as a huge swarm of Combee emerged from a bush. "That has to be the Golden Wall! Come on!"

    The group wound their way through the forest underbrush. They emerged near a waterfall with many Combee walls flying nearby. "Okay...which one of all these is the Golden Wall?" Ash wondered.

    Tintri noticed Kaikoga flying off towards the waterfall. [Cardinal rule of RPGs--there's always good stuff behind a waterfall!] he smiled. With that, he hopped across some rocks to the bank.

    "That's true." Ash smiled as he followed Tintri across the river. Dawn followed him, then Brock, and Cheryl brought up the rear.

    Brock gasped when he spotted a cave behind the waterfall. "Speak of Darkrai...the Amber Castle has to be there."

    "Failing that, there's a dungeon for us to explore!" Ash agreed as he followed Brock into the cave.

    The group was unaware that Mars and Jupiter had followed them from a hidden tunnel. "You'll find a dungeon all right..." Jupiter grinned as she and Mars went inside the cave. "A Team Galactic dungeon!"


    As the group collected themselves in a passageway, Tintri sniffed the air. [Mm...something smells good...]

    "Let's head that way, then." Ash suggested. "Lead the way, bud."

    "How did Tintri know which way to go?" Dawn asked.

    "Pikachu actually have very good noses for a rodent Pokémon. I wouldn't be surprised if Tintri smells the honey." Brock replied as the group followed Tintri and Kaikoga into a wide open room with many pathways.

    "Now which way?" Dawn asked.

    [You guys! This way!] Tintri called from a spiral walkway. [We need to reach the route all the way at the bottom of this room.]

    As the group wound around the walkway, Kaikoga discovered a tunnel in the wall. [Hey, Kaikoga!] Tintri called, dashing after the Mothim.

    Ash's first thought was to dash after Tintri, but Brock pulled him back. "Easy, Ash. I know you're worried about Tintri, but we need to stay together, okay?"


    I think we're the ones lost in the dungeon..." Mars sighed as she and Jupiter wandered around the cave. "What if all those video game cliches are true?"

    "How a castle could be hidden down in the caves? That's what I wanna know..." Jupiter grumbled.

    "You're the Loremistress, you should know that underground castles show up all the time in lore." Mars replied. "Let's think positive! Hat-boy and pals have to be around here somewhere!"


    "Have we been this way already?" Dawn asked as the group emerged in another pathway.

    "This is worse than trying to figure out Demon in Zelda..." Ash sighed in frustration.

    "It all looks the same to me..." Cheryl agreed.

    [Hi!] Tintri waved from a fork in the path, getting the group's attention.

    "Tintri!" Ash hurried to embrace his Pikachu. "I was worried sick about you!"

    Tintri noticed some angry Combee flying down an eastern passage. [Something must've riled those Combee up...]

    "I probably know what it is..." Dawn smiled as the group hurried down the passage.


    The group arrived in time to see a red eyed silhouette hiss. The hiss prompted the Combee to surround the admins. "Figured...their digging must have made the Combee angry." Brock mused as Mars and Jupiter desperately looked for a way out.

    "Leona, I need you!" Mars called as she heaved a Poké Ball.

    "You too, Noctis!" Jupiter replied.

    The silhouette hissed again, and the Combee countered Leona and Noctis' attacks with glowing beams of light. "Kaikoga, use Supersonic!" Cheryl commanded.

    Once sure the Combee were all confused, Dawn heaved a Poké Ball skyward. "Kori, use Whirlpool!"

    Ash smirked as the admins swirled down towards a large hole in the cave floor. "Team Galactic's goin' down the drain!"


    "Wow..." the group gasped as the group approached a giant Combee wall. "Is this the Golden Wall?" Dawn asked, intrigued in the thousands of Combee.

    As if on cue, the Combee wall parted. The group gawked at a large orange-yellow castle nestled in a forested cavern. "By Arceus...we found the the Amber Castle!" Ash gasped.

    "Let's go inside!" Cheryl lead the way towards the castle.

    [Welcome, heroes.] a large bee Pokémon that appeared to be wearing a honeycomb-like "dress" smiled. [I am Beatrice, the keeper of the Amber Castle and the Miele Dorato. My guards knew you were trying to help us before, and so allowed you here.]

    Dawn decided to read up on the majestic bee Pokémon:

    "Vespiquen, the beehive Pokémon. When endangered, grubs from its six-cell honeycomb strike back. There is only one in a colony."

    "Beatrice...as a reward for saving your colony, I wish to take a little of the Miele Dorato." Cheryl requested. "My dream was to find it, and complete what my grandfather could not."

    [And you have found it.] Beatrice smiled. [I will allow you to take a little, as thanks for rescuing us.]

    Cheryl accepted the bucket some Combee brought to her. But before she could take some of the shining gold honey, a huge crash got the group's attention. "Surprise!" Mars called as she and Jupiter slid in the room.

    "We're gonna take all this honey and use its energy for Lord Cyrus' new world!" Jupiter explained before summoning Noctis. "Have fun!"

    Ash growled as Mars summoned Leona. "Wait...if we battle here, we could destroy the castle." Brock cautioned.

    Beatrice buzzed an angry command as she pointed her honeycomb scepter like a sword at the admins. The Combees rushed at the admins, but no one expected the castle walls to crack.

    "Lola, use Ice Beam to seal the cracks in the walls!" Dawn heaved a Poké Ball skyward.

    Brock watched as the honey was frozen solid. "I will commend you for the good idea, but it is only a temporary fix, as the ice will eventually melt."

    He watched as the Combee flew down until they were above the honey. "Terra, Kage, help the Combee out!"

    "Stormy, use Sweet Kiss to confuse Leona and Noctis!" Dawn heaved another Poké Ball.

    Cheryl spotted Mars and Jupiter trying to flee as the ice melted. "Kaikoga, use Supersonic!"

    The supersonic waves froze the admins in place, allowing the Combees to attack. Beatrice then created a large peridot, sending the admins flying through several floors of the cave.

    "Goodbye, and good riddance, Team Galactic!" Ash grinned. Beatrice giggled in agreement.


    "Thanks for the help, you two." Brock smiled as he watched the Combees repair the damage from before.

    Beatrice then presented Cheryl with a jar of the glowing honey. [As I was saying before those rogues rudely interrupted us...here is some Miele Dorato, as I promised.]

    "Thank you, Beatrice." Cheryl smiled as she accepted the jar. "Is it okay if my companions have a taste?"

    [Of course--they had a role in guiding you here and saving the castle, too.] Beatrice smiled.

    "Mm...this is way better than the stuff at the store!" Ash raved as he licked a little off his finger, then got another finger full for Tintri to taste.

    [Good stuff, coach--talk about a sweet payment for our hard work!] Kage agreed.

    A guitar chord got Dawn's attention. "A song for the queen bee?" Brock asked the Vespiquen as he finished tuning up.

    [Of course, minstrel--we await your sweet song.] Beatrice buzzed happily. Some Combee gathered around to listen with the group.

    "I call this song 'The Ballad of the Miele Dorato'." Brock explained before starting a lighthearted melody...

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 29: The Beautifly's Return

    "Today in Eterna City, dancers will converge on the Starlight Stage. There, they will showcase their best moves and smoothest grooves." Rhonda began as she watched people stream inside an auditorium. "But only one of them will walk away with an Explorer's Kit! All this and more on Shinou News Now!"

    After the theme song concluded, Rhonda began the next part of her script. "From its humble beginnings in 1958, the Eternal Dance Contest has grown into a competition worthy of its name. Thousands of amateur and pro dancers alike have grooved their way to superstardom on the Starlight Stage..."

    Elsewhere, group watched as people filed into the stands. "Remind me how a dance contest can benefit us?" Ash asked as he found a seat.

    "Well, the object of the contest is to create the most beautiful and creative dance." Dawn explained. "It doesn't matter if a human or Pokémon dances. All genres and skill levels of dancers are welcome. Like Rhonda says, many great dancers got their start here."

    "Sixty years is a long running show..." Brock agreed as he thumbed to a page about the contest from a guidebook. "It is the highlight of the summer for many people in Shinou. Many people come from all over to compete, as well."

    "Then what are we waiting for?" Ash cried as he motioned for the group to follow him backstage, where hundreds of people were in line signing up. "I'm told a massive underground network lies beneath this place..."

    Dawn nodded. "You need an Explorer's Kit to reach the caves. Some people even build elaborate secret bases down there."

    "I've heard tales of treasure untold down in the caves." Brock explained. "I wanna see if that's true or not."

    "We can all enter, but there is a line for a reason." Dawn reminded the group as they reached the signup tables.

    After filling out his personal info and receiving an ID number, Ash took a song selector and perused the available songs. "Let's see here..."

    "This is the Bailatron in Contests, multiplied by about 10..." Dawn mused as she located a certain song.

    "I'm gonna pick this one." Ash smiled as he selected the song he would perform to.

    "I've got my choice picked too." Dawn agreed as she too selected a song.

    Brock perused the list for a moment, but smiled when he spotted a familiar name and face in the entrant list. "How bout it? Show off some real kung fu moves?" he grinned at Kage.

    [Go for it, coach!] Kage grinned. [Give'em a taste of some real kung fu fighting!]


    "Okay, so that guy that danced to that rock inspired techno beat got a 7, which is decent..." Dawn mused as she looked over the current standings in the wings some time later. "That girl that did the teenybopper song was okay, as well."

    "You liked that acoustic power ballad..." Ash grinned at Brock. "I think that one should've scored higher..."

    "Me too, but the judges have the last word." Brock replied. "Then there was that guy that did that powerful Latin routine..."

    "That blew Stormy's version of 'Conga' out of the water!" Dawn agreed. She turned her attention to the scoreboard again. "And that hip hop beat a few minutes ago only got a 6."

    Ash balked as a familiar brown haired girl wearing a green bandanna stepped onto the stage. No way...that's May! he thought as the girl struck a reverent pose.

    Brock recognized the melody that started playing over the speakers. "This is different from the version of 'Beautifly' I remember in the arcades..."

    "I didn't know a slow version of 'Beautifly' existed..." Ash was equally impressed by May twirling and swaying to the song...

    I've been searching for a man,
    All across Japan,
    Just to find, to find my samurai...

    Someone who is strong,
    But still a little shy,
    Yes I need, I need my samurai...

    Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly...
    Green, black and blue,
    Make the colors in the sky...

    Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly...
    Green, black and blue
    Make the colors in the sky...

    "Who is that girl?" Dawn wondered. "Is she a friend of yours?"

    "That's May--she is a fellow coordinator from Houen." Ash explained.

    "She went with Ash and I on our previous trip." Brock added as he got up to leave, just as the crowd applauded May's routine.


    After a few tense moments, some gasps went up as a familiar Oriental riff played. May turned to look at where the Japanese war cry and the sounding of a gong had come from. But it wasn't until the familiar Oh... of "Kung Fu Fighting" started that the audience started cheering.

    "Y'all ready?" the rapper asked over the speakers as Brock struck a fighting pose in time to the music."Aw yeah...let's go!"

    The crowd roared as Brock strolled onstage in time to the music, spinning and jumping all the while. After he walked up to May, he kissed her hand, as if he was her "samurai". She giggled in embarrassment as Brock strolled out to center stage and struck a fighting pose.

    "Now here it is, one to make you move..." the rapper began as Brock spun in place twice. "A song with a funky kung fu groove. Something that'll make you shout, make you play to the crowd and make you want to turn it out." The crowd roared as I landed a Thundering Drum move on the word "out". "So ladies, gather round, I'll pick you up and take you on; go pound for pound. Cause I'm the only man who'll please ya; I got a little something that'll tease ya." The crowd roared at Brock's display of the Raikou Claw.

    "So throw those hands up high..." At this, Brock jumped, performing a Rising Raikou Claw on the way up. "Shake your body, move from side to side." Brock complied with the rapper's command, making him look like an Ekans about to strike. "'Cause we've just begun, party people in the place; yeah, we're having fun. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be a big star..." Brock nodded at this, as if agreeing with the rapper. "I'm gonna lay it on and go 'woo-ha'" Brock did two quick strikes with the "woo-ha" part, to some applause. "'Cause when the move gets excited, when everybody's kung fu fighting."

    Everybody was kung fu fighting, came the sung chorus.
    Brock performed the move Hidden Thunder Strike on the Huh!.
    Those kids were fast as lightning... Brock did Raikou Tail Kick on the Hah!.
    In fact, it was a little bit frightening... Brock next did Eternal Palm.
    But they fought with expert timing... Brock concluded the first chorus with a very fast spin kick named Raikou Tornado.

    The rapper joined back in with the next verse. "Dance, bright lights, Orinoco flow; kung fu fighter's in the disco." Brock did a cheesy disco dance move as a disco ball descended on the stage, to some laughter and cheers. "He's on the floor, he's got a black suit on. Five past one and the night's just begun. Cause when he lays it on with style, a ladies man with a nice smile."

    Half the girls in the audience screamed when Brock flashed them a grin in response to the rapper. "And right before his eyes, sees a pretty young thing looking real fly..." Brock noticed May still watching him dance by stage left, so he strolled over to her. "He wants to make the score, so he takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor..." Brock offered his hand to May, and she accepted it, following Brock to center stage. "He's giving her line after line..." Brock pantomimed speaking to May. "She tell him that he looks real fine..." May nodded, as if interested in Brock's imagined conversation. "'Cause he's the man of expert timing, just like when he's kung fu fighting..." The crowd roared when both Brock and May struck fighting poses. Brock was in the Raikou "ready" pose, while May assumed the Swanna "ready" pose.

    Everybody was kung fu fighting, Brock did Clever Submission on his side, May did Swanna Diamond Peck.

    Those kids were fast as lightning... Brock followed with Rising Raikou Claw again. May "covered" him with Goddess' Pose.

    In fact, it was a little bit frightening... Brock did Hidden Thunder Strike on his imagined opponent. May did Swanna Beak.

    But they fought with expert timing... Brock next did Flying Taiilows. May delivered a Cheri Blossom Punch to her imagined opponent.

    The crowd ate up the performance of moves as the Oh... continued. "Wow--they look great together." Dawn raved.

    "Oh, Brock taught May a few martial arts moves as self defense on our Houen trip." Ash explained. He smiled as he applauded Brock and May's final back to back pose.


    Backstage, Mars and Jupiter fumed as they watched Dawn weave and whirl to the beat of 'Golden Sky'. "I'm sick of people taking bows for our talent! What do Hat-boy and pals have that we don't?"

    "Stage presence, for one thing." Jupiter sighed as Dawn took a bow for the crowd. But just because we're out of the competition doesn't mean we can't stir up some mayhem..."

    Mars noticed a shot of the Explorer's Kit on the holding room's TV screen. "Wait...that's an Explorer's Kit! If we were to swipe that, think of what kinds of treasures we could find! We could create our new world!"

    "Exactly." Jupiter smiled as the screen displayed Ash stepping aboard the machine. "Let's go find where it is while everyone's watching Hat-boy."


    Back out on the stage, the crowd quieted as the lights went down, save for a spotlight on Ash.

    Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh... a young female voice sang as Ash struck a heroic pose. Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...

    Ash started twirling and spinning across the platform as the music picked up. Sweet little bumble bee, I know what you want from me,
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Sweet little bumble bee, more than just a fantasy
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da...

    After striking another pose, Ash starting lightly skipping and jumping across the stage as the singer went on My heart skips a beat
    When you walk in the room
    I go boom boom boom...
    Ash stomped three times in time to the singer's words, to some giggles.
    You go zoom zoom zoom... Ash timed three steps in time to the singer's words for effect.

    You're my playboy, playtoy
    Lover, my friend...
    the singer went on as Ash spun across the stage.
    I wanna be with you until the end...

    I give my heart and my soul to you,
    To make you see its true...
    I'm so confused, baby, cant you see?
    Please come rescue me!

    The crowd roared as the machine triggered a disco ball to appear as Ash continued his performance. Sweet little bumble bee, I know what you want from me,
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Sweet little bumble bee, more than just a fantasy,
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da


    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da


    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da
    Dup-i-dup-i-do da da...

    Ash capped his performance by striking a triumphant pose, to cheers and applause. "Way to go, Ash!" Dawn cheered as the judges gave him three perfect 10s. "If Pokémon training doesn't work out, you can always look into becoming a dancer!"


    [Wow! I'm amazed you made it to the finals!] Kori smiled as Dawn joined May, Ash, Brock, and a blonde haired girl near the stage.

    "As well as we did to make it this far, don't get your hopes up about winning the Explorer's Kit." Dawn replied.

    "I'm amazed I even got into the finals, especially on my first try dancing competitively." Brock mused as the champion took her place on the stage.

    May smiled as a pounding 80's beat began. "It helps that we still make a great team."

    The group didn't see Mars and Jupiter sneaking up to the pedestal holding the Explorer's Kit. After making sure the crowd was occupied watching the champion, Jupiter signaled Mars. Mars nodded, and carefully reached out to take the large leather bag...

    As the applause died down, Kage spotted the admins. [Hey, coach! Bogeys tryin' ta make off with the prize!]

    Brock fumbled for his referee's whistle and blew it, startling the admins and the crowd. "Hey! You've already had a chance to strut your stuff, and it wasn't even prize worthy!"

    "You want this?" Jupiter smirked as she and Mars threw off their alter ego costumes. "Come and get it!"

    Gasps and screams filled the air as Jupiter led Mars to a balloon near the auditorium. "Are you sure you want to escape this way?" Mars asked. "Minstrel-Boy has a bow, remember?"

    "I know that, but if we get a head start, we'll be long gone before Minstrel-Boy has a chance to shoot!" Jupiter assured Mars as the two of them took off.


    Ash and others hurried to keep the balloon in sight as the Shinou News Now team chased the balloon in a helicopter. "Tintri, use--!" Ash started.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you..." Brock cautioned. "A Thunderbolt could damage the Explorer's Kit."

    [HAAAAAAAAAHHHH!] Estrella screeched as she charged forward to perform a Wing Attack.

    Noctis growled back in reply, knocking Estrella back with Poison Sting.

    Dawn looked over at May. "You can tell me what Houen Contests are like later. For now, let's coordinate some power!"

    She then called "Kori, use Bubblebeam!"

    "Niji, I need you!" May heaved a Poké Ball skyward, revealing a beautiful butterfly-like Pokémon. "Help my new friend out with Silver Wind!"

    Brock watched as Kori's attack gained a silvery sheen from the Silver Wing. "Kage...think you can knock back those two?"

    [With pleasure, coach!] Kage smirked before delivering a Poison Jab to Mars.

    May smiled as Kage's attack connected. "Niji, use Sunny Day!"

    "Gah, bright!" Mars screamed, knocking over the Explorer's Kit as she bumped and banged around the small gondola.

    Dawn spotted the falling Explorer's Kit and heaved another Poké Ball. "Lola, catch the Explorer's Kit."

    Ash watched as Lola made a huge jump, catching the Explorer's Kit before it hit the pavement. "Now it's time to shoot Team Galactic down--again!"

    "Just like old times!" May smiled as Brock retrieved his archery gear and aimed at the balloon.

    He fired a few moments later, a POW!!! confirming a hit as the admins went flying...


    "And the winner of this year's Eternal Dance Contest is..." the judge announced.

    A drum roll played as the spotlights swirled around for a moment. They converged on Brock, to everyone's surprise and the crowd's cheers.

    "No way!" Dawn gasped. "Brock won?"

    "If he did the best of all, I respect the judge's decision." Ash smiled as Brock accepted the Explorer's Kit from the chief judge.

    "Thanks for your help before." Dawn said to May. "If you're here on your own Contest Challenge, I look forward to seeing you in the Contest Hall."

    "I would be honored to take part." May replied before hugging Ash and Brock. "It's good to see you both again--maybe we can get together sometime and chat."

    "My pleasure." Ash replied as he hugged May.

    [So, when are we gonna go treasure huntin', coach?] Kage asked as Brock rejoined the group. [I'm eager to dig up some treasure.]

    Brock chuckled a little at Kage's enthusiasm. "Be patient, Kage. There will be plenty of time for that as our journey continues."

    To Be Continued...
  18. WavePearl

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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 30: Buizel Your Way Out of This!

    "You've won an Explorer's Kit...what are you gonna do next?" Dawn grinned as Brock admired the Explorer's Kit he had won a few days before.

    "Well, I can hardly wait to show it to Tarina." Brock replied after stashing the kit in his bag. "She'd love digging for treasure."

    Dawn smiled "Besides, the best part is the mystery of what kind of treasure you find."

    Ash noticed that every person they had passed was carrying a battered or fainted Pokémon. "Something up ahead must be powerful to knock out this many Pokémon..."

    He flagged down a man carrying a Zigzagoon. "Pardon me, sir, but what was it that battered your Zigzagoon?"

    "A powerful Buizel attacked him while we were fishing earlier today." the man replied as he petted the beaten raccoon Pokémon in his arms. "If you plan to go fishing at all, pick a different lake besides Sapphire Cove."

    "Sapphire Cove, huh..." Ash mused as the man disappeared down the road. "Maybe Tintri could take down something that strong!"

    "I don't know--this Buizel could even be too powerful even for Tintri." Brock cautioned.

    "The only way to find out is to find this Buizel." Dawn mused as the group passed a signpost that read "SAPPHIRE COVE--ONE MILE".


    "Mini-Misty DX, don't fail me now!" Ash announced as he cast his line.

    Dawn noticed the lure that resembled a familiar orange haired girl as a superhero. "Interesting lure...where'd you get it?"

    "One of my good friends is Misty, who runs the Cerulean Gym back at home." Ash explained. "She went with Brock and me on our first trip around Kanto and our Johto trip."

    "She hand makes lures like that one, and sells them at outdoor fairs." Brock added as Ash reeled in his line. "Not too shabby a fiddler herself, either."

    "Is it okay if I can try out your lure?" Dawn asked.

    "Okay, but be careful with it." Ash replied as he gave Dawn the lure. "Misty made this one just for me."

    In the brush overlooking the lake, Misty watched as Ash hooked his own Mini-Misty DX onto Dawn's rod. "Good to see Ash is making some new friends this trip...and that he's finally learned to share the Mini-Misty DX I made him."


    "Hey, gang..." Dawn looked up to see Zoey approaching the bank. "How's everything been?" she asked as Sylvie jumped in her lap.

    "Well, I got my first ribbon in Floaroma Town..." Dawn showed Zoey the orange ribbon.

    "I got my first Gym Badge at the Oreburgh Gym." Ash went on, showing Zoey the Badge in his case.

    "What about you? How've you been?" Dawn asked.

    "Well, I have two ribbons already, and narrowly missed getting a third." Zoey replied. "Some girl with a Shinx edged me with a clever combo during the last contest. So I'm taking a little break for now."

    After checking her PokeNav, she asked Dawn "Are you going to enter the Hearthome Contest?"

    "There's a Contest in Hearthome City?" Dawn gasped. "I didn't even know about it until you said something."

    She smiled. "Of course I plan to enter--maybe we'll even see Fantina there!"

    Zoey grinned as she petted Sylvie. "We might--her Drifblim is a bit of a legend on the Contest scene."

    Sylvie mewed with excitement as Zoey put some bait on her own rod. "But for now, I guess I'll do a little fishing. Sylvie deserves a roast Magikarp or Goldeen for her hard work."

    Brock watched as Zoey cast her line. "We're out here because we heard rumors that a powerful Buizel was in the lake."

    Zoey was about to answer when she saw Dawn's line jerking. "Hey, you've got something!"

    Excited, Dawn pulled at the line as she reeled in a small otter-like Pokémon. "No need to worry--I've got this!"

    Ash looked at the dazed otter Pokémon on the grass. "That's the Pokémon that's been causing so much trouble out here?"

    Dawn, meanwhile, read up on her catch:

    "Buizel, the sea weasel Pokémon. It spins its two tails like a screw to propel itself through water. The tails also slice clinging seaweed."

    Ash grinned at the Pokédex's description as Dawn summoned Kori. "Sounds a lot like a game character I know..."

    "Since Kori and Buizel are both Water types, it should be a very close battle." Brock commented as he watched the Buizel weave away from Kori's attempt at pecking him.

    Both boys gasped as the Buizel used Water Gun, sending Kori into the air." "Whoa...all those people weren't kidding." Ash mused as Kori landed on the grass, then collected herself.

    Kori then heaved a Bubblebeam at the Buizel. The Buizel countered by slamming into Kori from the water! "That's Aqua Jet!" Zoey recognized the move as the Buizel slammed into Kori two more times.

    The group watched as the Buizel leaped into the air, then slammed into Kori again, knocking her out. [Is that all you've got? Come at me!]

    "Showtime, Sylvie." Zoey smiled as she watched her Glameow run to engage the Buizel. "Start with Shadow Claw."

    Even she gasped as the Buizel weaved through the shadowy claws. It then leaped into the air and creating a loud boom, knocking Sylvie backwards.

    [All right, who's next?] the Buizel challenged as Zoey hurried to collect Sylvie.

    "I will!" Ash challenged before whistling for Tintri.

    "Using Tintri here is a good idea." Brock explained as Tintri darted onto the bank. "An Electric type should give you the advantage in the battle. But you should still be careful, since this Buizel is very strong."

    [HAAAAAAAAAHHH!] Tintri screeched as he unleashed a Thunderbolt. The Buizel ran out of the way of the rain of lightning, then unleashed another loud boom. "Sonic Boom!" Ash recognized the attack.

    He heaved a relieved sigh as Tintri darted away with a Quick Attack. "Try hitting him with Iron Tail next!" he called as the Buizel jumped into the air.

    A smile formed on his face as Tintri smacked the Buizel to the ground. But his confident grin turned to horror as the Buizel got up.

    "Watch out, Tintri!" he called as the Buizel leaped into the air and used Sonic Boom again. The loud boom showered sparks out of the water and sent Tintri flying into a try.

    Ash growled in frustration as the Buizel swiped the group's rods and tackle, giggling all the while. "Don't think you've won yet, Buizel!" he vowed. "I'm not backing down that easily!"

    "Yeah, we're not backing down!" Dawn yelled in agreement.

    "Follow that Buizel!" Brock led the way into the brush.


    The group emerged from the underbrush near a waterfall some time later. "I found our stuff!" Zoey reported, pointing out the group's gear lying on the ground by some rocks.

    Ash hurried over to examine the rods. Let's see...they're in one piece...

    He smiled when he saw a familiar lure dangling from Dawn's rod. And the Mini-Misty DX is all right too! he thought as he carefully detached the lure.

    Some splashing in the distance got his attention. He found the Buizel smashing rocks with Water Gun attack, before it spotted him. [Hey, Hat-boy! You and your Pikachu back for more?]

    [You bet we're back for more!] Tintri shot back as he fired a Thunderbolt.

    Brock watched as the Buizel fired a Water Gun as a counterattack. "Thunderbolt should have the edge, if our knowledge of the type chart is correct..."

    The group balked as the Buizel's Water Gun overpowered the Thunderbolt; knocking Tintri down. "Don't give up!" Ash called.

    "Slippery as always..." Zoey grinned as the Buizel weaved away from a Quick Attack.

    The group braced themselves as the Buizel used Sonic Boom. "I'd say Tintri's just as slippery!" Brock smiled as Tintri rolled away from the shockwave.

    Everyone watched in awe as the Buizel tried to use Aqua Jet to pin Tintri to the ground. Tintri fired off a Thunderbolt in midair, while Buizel dodged and countered with Water Gun. Tintri dodged one Water Gun, only to be hit with another as Buizel flipped upside down.

    "Ash, c'mere..." Zoey whispered. "I know you are a trainer, but sometimes it pays to think like a coordinator."

    "What do you mean?" Ash asked.

    "In a Contest, a coordinator's job is to use their Pokémon's moves in creative ways." Zoey explained. "But this can also help you as a battler--so try using Tintri's moves in creative ways."

    "Okay...Tintri, create a thunder tornado!" Ash called.

    Dawn watched as Tintri charged a Thunderbolt, then spun in the air to create an electric tornado. "Oh my! That is so cool!"

    "The Buizel doesn't have a clue!" Ash gasped in amazement.

    "This Buizel is great when dealing with raw power, but it hasn't seen moves used in creative ways." Brock explained. "So Zoey has a point--sometimes it pays to think outside the box in battle."

    He let that hang as Tintri dove in the water while using Shockwave. The Buizel countered with Aqua Jet, but both attacks hit at the same time, dazing both Pokémon.

    With the Buizel dazed, Ash saw his chance. "Poké Ball, go!"

    "One...two...three..." Brock counted the wiggles before the center of the ball dimmed. "You got him, Ash."

    "I did it!!!" Ash cried as he held the Poké Ball to the sky. "I caught a Buizel!"

    [The only thing I wanna catch is some Z's...] Tintri groaned in exhaustion.


    "The Buizel had a whole bunch of other fishing stuff in its little hideout." Zoe explained as the group returned to the lake that evening. "I'll make sure they get back to their rightful owners."

    She noticed Tintri heaving in exhaustion. "You may wanna find a Pokémon Center--that took a heroic effort today."

    "What about you? What are your plans, Zoey?" Dawn asked.

    "I'm gonna stay here for a while, and catch some Pokémon." Zoey replied before addressing Ash. "So? What are we naming our new Buizel?"

    "His name will be Tails--after Sonic the Zoroark's sidekick." Ash replied as he admired the Poké Ball holding his new Buizel.

    "A very fitting name." Zoey smiled. "I'll see you guys in Hearthome, okay?"

    "Bye, Zoey!" Dawn waved back as the group departed. "See you soon!"

    To Be Continued...
  19. WavePearl

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    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 31: An Elite Meet and Greet

    "Okay, everyone...meet Tails!" Ash called as he heaved the Poké Ball containing his Buizel skyward.

    [Hi, I'm Tintri!] Tintri smiled.

    [I'm Diddy--nice to meet you!] Diddy grinned.

    [I'm Gaia--welcome!] Gaia smiled.

    [And I'm Estrella--welcome aboard!] Estrella chirped.

    [Nice to meet you guys.] Tails grinned. [I look forward to making some waves with you all.]

    Ash seemed pleased that Tails and the other Pokémon would get along. "If there's any problem or disagreement, you guys can always come to me, okay?"

    [Gotcha.] Tails smiled.

    "Hey, Ash, come check this out!" Ash heard Brock call from a TV lounge. Piqued, he hurried over to the lounge near the front desk. Brock and Dawn were on a couch, watching a TV tuned to a tournament.

    "Brock happened to find highlights from past Champion Leagues. This guy Lucian, is powerful!" Dawn explained.

    She invited Ash to have a seat on the couch. "I've even made popcorn."

    "Don't mind if I do." Ash smiled, taking some popcorn as he watched the raging battle on the TV. Onscreen, a dark haired girl was battling a dull blue haired boy in an elegant red suit.

    He noticed Tails had followed him to the lounge. "Come on--there's plenty of room." he assured Tails as Tails scrambled onto the couch.

    [Wow...] Tails gasped. He watched as a yellow and black giraffe-like Pokémon slammed the girl's Scizor against a boulder. [Who is that guy?] he asked as the giraffe-Pokémon wove around the Scizor's desperate Slashes.

    The group watched in awe as the giraffe-Pokémon jumped, making the Scizor's claw get embedded in a rock. It then leaped to the top and fired a Psybeam, knocking the Scizor out. "Whoa..." Even Brock was impressed.

    "How do you even begin to face someone that skilled?" Ash wondered.

    "Lots of preparation, and faith in your Pokémon." a male voice replied.

    Dawn whirled around and gasped to find the same dull blue haired boy approaching them. "No way...it's Lucian!"

    "I am humbled and amazed a real Elite Four member would be so kind to join us here." Brock began.

    Lucian stifled a giggle as Brock bowed before him. "We do publicity as much as other regions' League members' do. Tell me...what brings you three here?"

    "I am Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town, in Kanto." Ash began. "I'm here to challenge the Shinou League."

    "I am Dawn Solberg of Twinleaf, and I wish to follow in my mother's footsteps as a Grand Coordinator." Dawn replied.

    "I am Brock Harrison of Pewter City, in Kanto." Brock began. "I aim to make my mark on the Fantasy Stage, and jump start a career as a singer and storyteller."

    "A pleasure to meet you all." Lucian smiled. "Let's go outside and visit--it is a nice day, after all."

    "Good idea!" Dawn led the way outside, unaware that Mars and Jupiter were watching them through the bushes.


    "So, how do I get a chance to face you or your fellow Elites in battle?" Ash wondered as the group gathered around a picnic table. "You looked so calm battling that girl!"

    "Well, trainers that win a Pokémon League Conference earn the right to enter the Champion League." Lucian explained. "There, they battle the Elite Four and the Pokémon League Champion. "In order, you must face Aaron, the bug tamer. Bertha, the mistress of the ground. Flint, the brave flame. Then me, the Psychic sage. Once you defeat me, you earn the right to face our Champion, Cynthia."

    [Wow!] Tails gasped. [I wanna battle you, right now!]

    "Tails!" Ash hissed. "Asking someone to battle right away is rude!"

    He sighed. "My apologies, Lucian--I just got my Buizel Tails yesterday..."

    "No need to apologize--I can sense his energy and resolve." Lucian assured Ash. "I have no qualms about Tails battling me here in a friendly match."

    "I'll referee, if you'd like." Brock offered as Dawn found some chalk and started drawing a Poké Ball on a nearby blacktop...


    A whistle echoed through the park as Lucian summoned a bell-shaped humanoid Pokémon. "Brund, let's go!"

    Ash made a T sign at Brock, then fumbled for his Pokédex to read up on his opponent:

    "Bronzong, the bronze bell Pokémon. It can summon rain clouds. People long ago revered it as the bringer of plentiful harvests."

    He waited for the whistle blast that signaled his time out had expired. "Okay, start with Water Gun!"

    Tails heaved a familiar stream of water. But the Bronzong's body turned silver, nullifying the attack.

    That was Iron Defense...let's try something a little stronger. Ash thought. "Tails, use Aqua Jet!"

    [Hah!!!!] Tails cried as he sped towards the Bronzong; only to crash into a shining silver barrier. [No go, Ash--this guy's way too strong!]

    "Brund, use Gyro Ball!" Lucian called.

    Ash gasped when he saw a massive silver ball headed for his Buizel. "Tails, watch out!"

    [AUGGGHHH!] Tails cried as the large ball sent him flying into a tree. [Ow...]

    "Game Set! This match goes to Pearl." Brock announced as Ash hurried to assess Tails.

    "Ash...I'm so sorry..." Lucian began. "I let my excitement get the better of me, and I got carried away. Will you ever forgive me?"

    "Sure." Ash replied. "I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone..."

    "All I ask is your Buizel gets medical care and rest." Lucian replied.

    Dawn gawked in amazement as Lucian left. "Lucian really is the psychic sage...Tails couldn't even make a dent in his Pokémon at all."

    "This wasn't Lucian's fault--Tails got in over his head, simple as that." Ash assured Dawn. "Once he recovers, I'll teach him how to handle opponents at his level."


    "Okay...your Buizel took quite a beating, but he pulled through." Nurse Joy reported as she returned with Tails on a gurney.

    Tails sighed as Dawn and Brock arrived. "Do you think Tails is depressed, Nurse Joy?" she asked. "When we first encountered him, he seemed unbeatable. This was his first real loss."

    "It's possible, but depression is much more serious than a bout of low morale." Nurse Joy reminded Dawn. "For now, keep an eye on him. If his sleep patterns, mood, or eating habits change, let me know."

    [Tails...you did your best, okay?] Tintri began. [That Bronzong may be too strong for you now, but if you keep training and getting stronger, you can beat him.]

    Tails sighed again as Ash rubbed his back. "There's a pool nearby--want to go swimming?" Ash offered.

    Tails grunted in reply as Lucian arrived in the room. "Is your Buizel okay?" he asked.

    "Physically, yes, but he's taking losing to you hard." Ash explained. "Before, he had never lost to anyone..."

    "Defeat is never a pleasant thing, but every Pokémon--even the great ones--have to face it at some point." Lucian explained. "I will agree that it hurts the most when you have never lost before, or came within a narrow margin of loss."

    A guitar chord got the group's attention. "Maybe I could inspire Tails with a tale of a hero who bounced back from defeat?" Brock offered.

    "What a great idea!" Lucian smiled. "Please, sing your songs, and tell your tales, and we will listen."

    Brock played a few uncertain notes as he thought of a suitable story. "Okay...this is called 'The Hero's Sword'. It's a type of hero tale from Johto."

    With that, he began. "There was a man who had a son, who lived with him. The man was a hunter, but as the years went by and he grew older, he got weaker and weaker. Eventually he had to tell his son--we'll call him Greg--that soon he would no longer be able to hunt for him. Greg tried to comfort him, and assured him he would recover; but his father said no. If his time to die was close, he had nothing to leave him. What money they had would be enough for his own funeral. Yet he had one thing of value to pass on to his son. It was a sword, and rusty at that, but it would cut down any foe that dared harm its wielder..."


    "...The three deceivers were put to death right then. The true hero received Princess Alyssa's hand and the third part of the kingdom." Brock concluded his tale in the park some time later. "He had a long and prosperous reign, and went on many more adventures with the Beasts. But that is another story for another day!"

    "Bravo!" Lucian led the applause as Brock took a bow. "You are as skilled as you say!"

    Suddenly, a steel cage clamped on top of Tails! [Gah!]

    "I knew you'd show up sooner or later, Team Galactic..." Dawn muttered as Mars and Jupiter arrived to take the cage.

    "Why do you want Tails?" Ash demanded. "Give him back, now!"

    "Wait!" Lucian called. "Maybe a situation like this will allow Tails to renew his fighting spirit."

    [Trying to cage me and take to the zoo, are you?] Tails growled. [I am NOT some wild Pokémon to be locked away and gawked at! I have a master that loves me, and friends that care! And you lot will NOT take them away from me!] he vowed as he banged against the cage.

    With that, he fired a Sonic Boom at the bars, but it only made the cage swing in the air. "Come on, Tails!" Dawn called in encouragement. "Try it again! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom!"

    Say... Ash grinned. After bringing up MyTube on his PokeNav, he typed in something in the search bar. Tails, meanwhile, battered the cage again and again.

    Ash then tapped the PLAY button and turned the volume all the way up, blasting a familiar driving pop beat in Tails' direction. If you're strong, you can fly,
    You can reach the other side of the rainbow...
    some female singers sang as Tails kept attacking.

    It's all right, take a chance!
    Cause there is no circumstance that you can't handle.
    When you use your mind!
    the singers continued, spurring Tails to finally break the cage.

    He landed by Ash's side some moments later. [Keep blastin' that tune...it's reminded me why I fight.] he purred as Mars and Jupiter ran towards them. [I want to protect this world from people like those ladies!]

    "If it's okay, Ash, may I take control of Tails?" Lucian asked as Mars and Jupiter summoned Leona and Noctis. "I have an idea..."

    "Sure." Ash replied. "I think the looping version of 'Sonic Boom' from Super Smash Bros. Brawl is helping!"

    Lucian shepherded Tails by his side, aware of the Pokémon trying to attack Tails. "Tails, knock both Pokémon back with Water Gun!"

    "I can't believe Tails is listening to Lucian!" Dawn gasped as Leona and Noctis went flying back with a wave of water.

    "This should amplify Ash's musical motivation!" Brock smiled as he plugged in two wireless speakers, making the song even louder.

    Tails launched his own Sonic Boom, knocking out Leona as the singers sang Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom (Trouble keeps you running faster).

    He then slammed into Noctis with Aqua Jet as the song continued Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom (Save the planet from disaster).

    Lucian watched as the admins fled. "Well done. Remember that Tails has a unique battle style. If you can adapt to it, you two will be unstoppable."

    "Point noted." Ash smiled as he stopped the music.


    "You did great, Tails." Ash smiled as he petted his Buizel.

    [That tune reminded me that I want to be a hero.] Tails explained. [It's like you were telling me one loss is not the end of the world.]

    "Well, we did make a great team." Lucian smiled. "I have faith that you two will continue to grow ever stronger in your quest."

    "I look forward to facing you for real!" Ash smiled. "Not just with Tails, but my whole team!"

    "And you will, with a spirit and resolve like that." Lucian replied. He waved goodbye as the group set off towards the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
  20. WavePearl

    Level 7
    Nov 22, 2012
    Episode 32: A Secret Sphere of Influence

    "Welcome to Eterna City--the town that ties the past to the present." Brock smiled as he made a grand gesture to the city.

    "Wow..." Ash was impressed. "So, what is there to do here? Besides the Gym, of course."

    "Well, there's a name rater that lives here..." Dawn began. "She has her own segment on 'Shinou News Now'. She'll pick a postcard from a random person, go into a little history and origins about the Pokémon's name, and then rate it. It's quite interesting, and very well researched."

    "How do you think she would rate Kori?" Brock asked as the group arrived on the city's main street.

    "I'm not sure..." Dawn replied. "Maybe I should send in a postcard to her and find out!"

    "Does she rate names from outside of Shinou?" Ash asked.

    "Yes! She has rated names from elsewhere." Dawn smiled. "Usually as part of International Week or if the featured topic is from elsewhere."

    She then pointed out a bike shop on the left end of the street. "That's Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop. I got my bike from there."

    "Best not to go in there with Tintri." Brock grinned.

    "Yeah..." Ash giggled before telling Dawn "Whatever you do, never leave a bike unattended around an Electric type. Trust me."

    "I'll watch Stormy like a Braviary around my bike, then." Dawn smiled back.

    As the group approached another corner leading into the historic district, a ringing got Dawn's attention. "The museum's security alarm!"

    "Looks like the cops are already there." Brock noticed as several police cars sped down the street to join the officers already at the scene.

    Ash located Officer Jenny and a small purple skunk Pokémon putting up police tape around the museum entrance. "What happened here, Officer?"

    "One of the museum's prized artifacts, the Adamant Orb has been stolen." Jenny explained. "I'll give you three guesses about the prime suspects, and the first two don't count."

    Dawn spotted Mars and Jupiter running for the street. "Team Galactic!"

    "After them!" Brock called as the group ran as fast as they could to catch up with the fleeing admins.

    "Noctis, use Haze!" Dawn heard Jupiter say before the group was lost in a grayish mist.

    Ash coughed a little as the haze cleared. "That's one way to give us the slip..."


    "Is everyone okay?" Gardenia asked as she met the group in the square overlooking the museum. "I heard all these sirens this morning, and then saw the news report of the robbery..."

    Kage noticed Brock had a dreamy smile on his face. [Don't even think about singin', coach.] he warned. [Save the singin' for after we catch the crooks.]

    "Do we know anything about how Team Galactic took the orb?" Dawn asked.

    "According to the cops I talked to, the crooks used a Grass type to steal the orb." Gardenia replied. "That's why they're questioning every Grass type owner that was in the area at the time."

    "That explains why Nando is here..." Brock mused as the group approached a sidewalk. Officer Jenny was nearby, taking a statement from Nando.

    "I fully maintain my innocence." Nando replied to Jenny's question. "I came to the museum simply to study the history of the Shinou region; and nothing more."

    "I can vouch for this young man--he gave me a wonderful match at the Gym this morning." Gardenia agreed. "Doesn't look like the thieving type at all."

    "All right, but that still doesn't explain this photo of a Sunflora stealing the orb." Jenny mused as she showed the group the picture in question.

    "It is true I had my Sunflora, Soleil, with me. She was looking at one of the nature exhibits when you arrived to question me." Nando explained.

    Jenny thought for a moment. "One of the cornerstones of the justice system is 'innocent until proven guilty'". she explained to Nando. You seem to be a man of fine character, but I still have some unanswered questions about this photo. Would you be willing to talk more at the station?"

    "I will gladly answer any question you have." Nando replied.


    Ash smiled as a familiar Jenny with an Earth Badge pin on her hat arrived in one of the conference rooms at the police station. "Hi! I didn't know Kanto was pitching in with this investigation."

    "It's great to see you too, Ash." Earth Jenny replied. "My sister asked for help with this morning's robbery, so I decided to use my day off to help out."

    She then addressed Forest Jenny. "We could start by questioning every trainer with Sunflora..."

    "That would spread the force out too thin." Forest Jenny explained. "There's likely hundreds, if not thousands of people with Sunflora here. With something so powerful as the Adamant Orb stolen, time is of the essence."

    She addressed the group. "Here is what we know so far...as soon as we got the report of the robbery, we surrounded the museum. Assuming Galactic Admins Mars and Jupiter were the perps, there wasn't a way for them to get out with police everywhere. So they decided to fight their way out."

    "That was where we came in." Ash added.

    "If you don't mind my asking, why is the Adamant Orb so valuable?" Brock wondered.

    "The orb Is somehow linked with the Legendary dragons, Dialga and Palkia." Gardenia replied. "That's why we need to find it, and fast!"

    "It's also why we need to prove Mars and Jupiter did it, and tried to frame Nando." Ash agreed.

    He looked over at Forest Jenny. "If it would help the investigation, we'd like to search the museum ourselves for the perps or evidence."

    "I'll let the force know you're coming, and to let you guys inside." Forest Jenny replied. "The more we question your friend here, the more we realize his alibi is airtight. So we need that crucial evidence that he is innocent."

    She gave the group some radios. "If you need to report to me, my codename is Forest Angel."

    "PokeMaster01, standing by." Ash replied.

    "SunrisePearl standing by." Dawn replied as she flipped on her radio.

    "PewterSong, standing by." Brock replied. "Let's go."


    "Okay, everyone..." Ash began as he addressed his team in the museum foyer. "If you see anything interesting or suspicious, call me."

    [PokeMaster01--got it!] Tails smiled before leading Tintri, Esrella, and Diddy into the art wing.

    "You guys can start in the nature wing." Dawn addressed her team. "If you see something, call me. My codename is SunrisePearl."

    [Leave it to us!] Kori smiled as she lead Stormy and Lola down another hall towards the nature wing.

    "I have my team investigating the history wing." Brock replied. "Kage's leading Terra and Hinata."

    "Now all we have to do is wait on our teams to report." Ash smiled.


    [The easiest way to prove Nando is innocent would be to find his Sunflora.] Tails mused as he admired a painting.

    Diddy spotted a gold flower-like Pokémon near a statue. [There she is!]

    Neither Pokémon expected the Sunflora to fire a volley of glowing green seeds. The force of the attack sent them tumbling to the ground in pain. [ShockingYellow64 calling PokeMaster01--Li'l Kong and Sonic Twintail are down, over!] Tintri reported over the radio.

    He noticed the Sunflora ducking into the air vent. [Goldieflower is headed for the air vent!]

    "Stay put, ShockingYellow--I'm on my way." Ash's voice crackled back. Tintri nodded.

    As Ash and the others arrived to tend to Tails and Diddy, they did not see Mars and Jupiter hiding on the ceiling. "Okay, we're clear." Mars reported before elegantly jumping to the ground.

    "Hat-boy and pals are busy tendng to their Pokémon, so let's go back to the room and plan our next steps there." Jupiter agreed as she saw Ash tell Tintri something.

    Once sure no one was watching or following them, the admins disappeared into the vent.


    [Ah ha!] Kori cried as she and Tintri spotted a Sunflora wandering the nature wing.

    [Are you Soleil?] Tintri asked.

    [That's me--is my master okay?] the Sunflora asked. [He ran outside when the alarm went off, but he has yet to return.]

    [He's helping the police figure out who caused all the chaos] Kori explained. [Did you see who took the Adamant Orb?]

    [I did...] Soleil explained. [I saw two suspicious women set down an automaton that looked like a Sunflora. It then walked off towards the rarities wing.]

    [Were they wearing Team Galactic garb?] Tintri asked.

    Soleil nodded. [One had short red hair, and the other had purple hair in a high bun.]

    [Could that Sunflora in Officer Jenny's picture have been a robot?] Kori wondered.

    Tintri spotted what appeared to be a Sunflora walking towards them, and fumbled for his radio. [ShockingYellow64 calling PokeMaster01, we have a breakthrough in the case! The Sunflora Officer Jenny saw was really a robot, over.]

    [The admins are here in this area!] Kori added.

    "Copy that, Rainguin--we're coming." Ash's voice replied.


    "So, where did you see Mars and Jupiter?" Ash asked as the group meat Tintri, Kori, and Soleil in the nature wing.

    [I see them...right here!] Soleil growled as she Cut the two cloaks Mars and Jupiter had been using to disguise themselves.

    "I knew you guys were the real perps all along!" Ash growled.

    "Yeah, we confess, we did it." Jupiter sighed. "But we were ordered to steal the Adamant Orb by someone.

    "Give back the orb--NOW!" Dawn demanded as the group's Pokémon surrounded Mars and Jupiter.

    "Venom, spray the perps!" Brock heard a voice call.

    "Officer Jenny!" Ash smiled before pulling up his shirt to block the sickening smell.

    Gardenia gasped as Jupiter dropped the orb. "Peony, protect the Adamant Orb!"

    "That was close..." Dawn wheezed as Gardenia's Turtwig created a bed of leaves for the orb to land on.

    "Yeah, but it seems our perps have escaped..." Brock noticed Mars and Jupiter were gone.

    "Your friend's story checked out, so there was no way he would've been involved." Forest Jenny agreed. "At least the Adamant Orb is safe."


    "I'm glad the Adamant Orb was found safe. " Nando smiled as the group met in the police station parking lot that evening.

    "You were actually a big help to the investigation." Forest Jenny smiled. We were only doing our due diligence when we asked you to come.

    "Nando...while we were in the museum, I saw these interesting dragon Pokémon statues in the art wing." Ash began. "Are they the creation trio that local lore talks about?"

    Nando retrieved his harp, and started a mysterious melody. "They say that in the beginning was Arceus, the Original One. He helped shape the world by creating Dialga to rule over time, and Palkia to rule over space. This done, he created three other Pokémon to act as the world's spirit. Azelf gave the world the gift of will. Mesprit gave the world the gift of emotion. Uxie gave the world the gift of knowledge. From their gifts came all that is good and pure."

    He smiled as he concluded his song. "Of course, this is but one version of the tale. There are many more across Shinou and elsewhere."

    "Here's another question for you..." Earth Jenny mused. "Who told the admins to steal the Adamant Orb?"

    "Team Rocket!" Ash suggested.

    "It's not impossible, as they do like rare and valuable things." Earth Jenny replied. "But I have heard no chatter from them since they were defeated in Johto."

    "What about J?" Dawn suggested. "She could have her sights on Dialga, Palkia, or even Arceus!"

    "The most likely suspect is the head of Team Galactic, but we don't know for sure who is responsible." Forest Jenny sighed. "But whoever they are, we won't rest until they are brought to justice."

    Brock sighed. "We'll know the answer to this mystery soon enough."

    To Be Continued...

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