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Pokemon Shuffle, level Guides.

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by sohrob101, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. sohrob101

    sohrob101 Destiny Draw!

    Oct 7, 2014
    Hello, today I bring you a guide (that will be updated constantly) For Pokémon Shuffle. If there's a level you are having trouble with, here are some tips and tricks I can suggest. Note I am playing the Mobile version, meaning some Pokémon will be missing in regards to the 3DS version. So lets begin with some really tough levels that you may want some help with.

    Mega Mawile: This will be the start of your frustration, the start of everything that makes the game so scary. Mega Mawile is the first Mega you encounter that is really hard. Heck any Pokémon that spams ice blocks should be feared. So how do you stop Mega Mawile. See early on you don't have much to work with in regards to fighting types, and fire types. At the time i faced Mega Mawile, i even went out of my way to catch Lucario in the EX levels, and even then, Mawile just wouldn't go down. So what do you do to stop Mega Mawile? What mega do you use, that you have available? At the time of mega mawile, the only mega you will have that is actually effective is Mega Sableye. There's combusken, but it only gives a combo boost for fire types. We also have Charmeleon as another good fire type. Finally we have Vulpix, the last fire type that can be affective. You can combine these 3 with sableye and try fire types to stop Mawile. But lets not forget fighting types. Right off the bat, If you have the time and patience, try and catch Lucario, it's really good for a fighting type Pokémon for not only mega mawile, but other future levels. You can also go for the following; Riolu, and Hawlucha. I don't remember exactly how I beat Mawile, but I know I had Mega-Sableye, Lucario, Combusken, and Charmeleon. Again this is gonna be your first hardest level, and there's more to come.

    Mega-Ampharos: You thought Mawile was hard? This is worst. Once again a mega that utilizes Ice blocks...(Why!How!) Anyways, when it comes to ground types, they aren't really that many good ones in Pokémon Shuffle. You definitely want to catch Donphan, as it's the only powerful ground-type you will have available to you. Next you want to use Phanpy, again your second best ground type you will have. Finally, you have Cubone, your third ground type. You pretty much want these guys to stop Ampharos, now for the mega, the one i found successful in my play through was Mega Kangaskhan, but again this is your preference. I suggest Mega-Kang as long as you use it when its aligned in a column. Again there really isn't much to your advantage when trying to beat Ampharos, because no good ground types. Now if your fortunate enough to have caught a Grouden when it was available, just do what you can to even attempting to catch it.

    Mega-Glailie: Good news, More Ice Blocks :) So to deal with Glailie, you want to do what you did with Mawile, Either pick to go with a fire combo, or choose to go with a fighting combo. At the time of Glailie I was able to catch myself a Charizard from the EX levels. As for Mega, at the time, again not many options, but I suggest going with Mega-Kangaskhan, or Audino. Now you can use Mawile, but I felt Mawile was not helping out as it's claw attack doesn't really fare well with ice blocks. I wouldn't risk it to be honest, I have gotten stuck because of the ability at times.

    Gengar, and Mega-Gengar: Gengar, even without it's mega, is an annoying stage, and foreshadows it's mega stage. Right away it shoots Ice Blocks down the center of the stage, just utter annoyance. At this time you should have a lot of good ghost or dark types. To deal with Gengar, you want to have Haunter. Haunter is incredibly useful in both the normal and mega stage for Gengar. The reason is cause Gengar likes to also spawn Haunters randomly, so if you combo this with your haunter, you don't need to worry about clogging your board with 5 Pokémon. Now after you beat normal gengar, I suggest catching Zoroark. Zoroark is a really amazing dark type, that gives a boost if you combo it with other dark types. At the time of Mega-Gengar I also caught an Absol, that is also an EX stage, but isn't too hard. Absol helps reset the disruption countdown, which is a godsend sometimes with Mega-Gengar. So what is the proper combination? Your obvious mega choice is Sableye, as everything on your current team isn't gonna do too much to Gengar. I ran Sableye, with Zoroark, Absol, and Haunter. No matter what combo you decide to use, you must use Haunter, it's the best you can do without any items. I do admit, that Gengar might be the first Mega you might actually want to use items on. I had to use mega-start, because of how slow Sableye was when it came to mega evolving. In terms of the level and strategies on beating it, I suggest not touching the Haunters, so that you can let Gengar just add more Haunters, only hurting itself in the process. And try to find rows where you can move one Pokémon, but get 2 combos out of it right away.

    Mega-Mewtwo: Get ready to cry, and cry, and cry. This will be, I repeat, will be the hardest level in the game (that I've played). Mega Mewtwo is not a joke, I promise you, you will need to use items for Mega-Mewtwo. First, the Pokémon you want is Heracross. Heracross has a great ability that really helps out. The more Heracross on the field, the more damage Heracross will do. At Mewtwo I used the same dark combo I used with Gengar, except no Haunter, but Heracross instead. Now there is a combo you can try with Mega-Gengar, where you can use Mega-Gengars ability to increase the amount of Heracrosses on the field, but what sucks so much about Mega Mewtwo, are the espeons. For some terrible reason, Mewtwos stage forces you to have 5 Pokémon, and one that doesn't even cause super effective damage. This level was so bad, I had to use 2 different item combos. You can either use a Move +5, and Mega Start item, or you can use Complexity -1. I had to use the Complexity -1, and understand just cause you use the item, don't think it's an instant win, try your best to beat this guy, cause he is just scary hard.

    Milotic: So after all those terrible megas, you face off against Milotic, which is just dumb. You can't beat this level without Feebas, I cannot stress this enough. If you think you can beat this level without Feebas, good luck, cause Feebas literally saves you the game. The whole level for Milotic is literally Feebas in Ice Blocks. If you bring Feebas, you will break the ice and easily get going on the level.

    Wacky Workshop: Now I know this isn't a Pokémon or Stage, but this is literally the worst zone I have played in the game. Wacky Workshop was part of the new Pokémon Shuffle update, and it's just terrible. For some terrible reason every stage is difficult. A froakie is the equivalent of an EX level or even a Mega level, it's ridiculous. I can promise you, that This zone is meant to convince you to use an abundance of items. Do not use items, these levels are hard, but all it needs is patience.

    (If you are having trouble with a stage, or a zone, and it isn't on this guide, please leave a comment and I will update the guide overtime.)
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  2. manaphy2

    manaphy2 Sailor

    Level 19
    Feb 9, 2015
    Wow, this is really helpful! I struggled so much at Mega Mawile. I could have really used this at the time!
    I'm getting close to Glalie now so I will definitely be using the tips here to beat it.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!
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