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Pokemon Special: Protector's Code

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by plainsight, Jan 5, 2015.

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  1. plainsight

    Jan 4, 2015
    Hi everyone :) I am Plainsight and I'm pretty new here, but I have several chapters of my fanfic prewritten (since I've posted them up on other sites like fanfiction and wattpad). Hopefully it's more popular here, but I've long since given up on receiving feedback and commentary so I write plainly for my own enjoyment now.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you come to love my story and my characters as much as I do. Updating might be a bit slow, since I'm not too caught up on this at the moment and I want to devote a bit more time into exploring this website first. Until I've properly met a few people and gotten used to the features this place offers, updates probably won't be regular. To be honest, I wasn't planning to put my fanfic up when I first joined, but I was looking around and a lot of the stories here look so amazing, which inspired me to post my own up. Honestly, it's kind of ironic that despite the fact that I wasn't planning on posting my fanfic, the first place I found was the fanfiction section...

    Anyway, rambling over, here's Chapter One of my fanfic, Protector's Code and I'll make sure I remember to post more as I become more used to this place ^_^


    Chapter One

    Professor Oak sank his head into his hands as he reviewed the photographs spread across his desk. New Pokémon had appeared and his most dependable pokédex holder, Crystal, had only recently completed her pokédex. It pained him, but he really couldn't make her go out again so soon into her long-deserved break to collect data for him. He'd asked his fellow colleague, Professor Birch from the Hoenn region, to distribute the three pokédex to three trainers he personally deemed "worthy". For the time being, that would get his research going into a slow crawl. However, a lot of these Pokémon were appearing in the Johto region as well now.

    With spare parts left over from the three pokédex for his Johto trainers, he'd managed to make a fourth, but it lay useless and neglected with no trainer for it to register to. Professor Oak had tried to do the fieldwork for himself, but the years had caught up without him noticing, and he just wasn't the same notorious trainer he used to be.

    Oak groaned loudly and thumped his head against his desk. Ouch. That had hurt a lot more than he'd expected.

    "What's the matter, Professor?" a voice startled him into a straightened seating position. Beside him stood his most reliable dex-holder, Crystal, with her head cocked to one side, looking down on him in concern. Her dark hair had a bluish-hue to it and was evenly spread into two twin tails. She wore a white lab coat over an orange top and a yellow skirt, but he knew that the coat and the skirt were only disguises to her field outfit underneath.

    "Professor?" she repeated, snapping him again out of his thoughts.

    "It's nothing, Chris. Nothing to worry about," he sighed, desperately avoiding the anxious emotion reflected from her pale, blue eyes.

    "Are you certain?" she asked, her voice soft and coaxing.

    "It's just my research," he groaned, unable to avoid the understanding and motherly aura that she seemed to discharge. "New Pokémon have been sighted across both Kanto and Johto that have only ever been seen in Hoenn. I'd like to send one of my pokédex holders out to gather data for me, but none of them will have a bar of it, or they'll at least take forever."

    "Oh, that's simple," said Crystal, her eyes lighting up. "I'll just go out again."

    "No, stop," commanded Oak as she turned away to throw off her lab coat. "You're on your break, so I can't let you. I've made a new pokédex, but I really can't find anyone good enough for it. I can't seem to find enough potential in the trainers these days."

    He sighed, remembering that Red, Blue, Yellow and Crystal were the only real trainers he'd entrusted the pokédex to. The others had either stolen them from him or had conned him into giving it up. That really didn't say much good for this generation of trainers.

    "I see," Crystal said thoughtfully. There was a moment's silence then she snapped her finger in triumph. "I have an idea Professor. I know a good person for the job!"

    "Really?" the comment took him surprise, enough to brighten his aged face and to let hope spread throughout his features.

    "Yes," she responded with a smile. "I have a twin sister. She's very professional and encounters numerous Pokémon daily. She doesn't have to go out looking for Pokémon, as they're generally attracted to her. So collecting data for you won't be out of her way."

    "Really," the Professor repeated with amazement. This girl sounded perfect; another trainer with the same attitude as Crystal, how could he not be interested? "Tell me more about her."

    Crystal's grin broadened at the eagerness in his voice. "Her name is Amber and we used to train together before we set out on our separate journeys. I haven't seen her in a while, but I have no doubt that she'll be willing to help if you ask her. She also has a very unique and special ability that you look for in trainers."

    Better and better, thought Professor Oak and he nodded along. All his chosen trainers, despite their many shortcomings, each had a gift that separated them from normal trainers. Crystal specialized in catching Pokémon, Red specialized in battling Pokémon, and his beloved grandson, Blue, specialized in training Pokémon.

    "She's a Pokémon "Protector"," continued Crystal. "She protects Pokémon and humans from aggressive Pokémon, as well as Pokémon from abusive trainers. Because of this, she emits alpha-like waves that allow both people and Pokémon to trust her with their safety, even if they don't really know her. Plus, because of her job, she undoubtedly meets a lot of Pokémon. I can vouch for her 100% proficiency, so there's no need to worry that she wouldn't get the job done!"

    As continued to voice her sister's greatness, clearly proud of her, Professor Oak slowly tuned out. He couldn't believe that such a trainer was out there. After Gold and Silver, he'd believed that finding more than one trainer of great potential would be difficult in the same generation. Anything more than one would be nothing short of a miracle. After all, the discovery of Yellow was nothing short of a miracle. Maybe, just maybe this was the breakthrough he'd been wishing for...

    But then he came to a realization that dimmed all his yearnings.

    "What's wrong," asked Crystal, breaking her campaigning when she'd noticed the sudden change in his facial features.

    "I don't have a starter Pokémon for her," he sighed. "With the exception of Yellow, all my pokédex holders have had a Pokémon that I've entrusted to them along with the pokédex. And Yellow is a very easygoing character. I doubt Amber will be the same sort..."

    "No, she isn't," confirmed Crystal thoughtfully. "But I don't think it would matter. After all, she's like me. She probably already has a full team of Pokémon. I would never have accepted Mega if you gave her to me. I only did because she passed my test. So I don't think you'll have to worry about that."

    "Is that so," said Oak. He breathed a sigh of relief, but still in the back of his mind, the thought lingered. "Then I'll just prepare the new pokédex and send someone to find her."

    "Would you like me to go?" she asked, peering over his shoulder as he swept his desk free of the photographs and pulling the new pokédex from his drawers. The pokédex was identical to the ones the Johto trio had. His thought had been to make the Johto trio a quad.

    "No, no," replied Oak, shocked that she'd even made the suggestion. "I'll send Gold and Silver to look for her. Those two are the only ones with nothing better to do."

    "I get that Red and Blue are training and that Yellow is spending the weekend with her uncle, but what about Green?" frowned Crystal.

    "Ehm..." muttered Oak. "Well, she's always been a hard one to deal with..."

    "I see," she laughed in understanding. "Well, I don't know where Amber is, so I can't clue you on that, but it shouldn't be hard to notice her. After all, she looks pretty much exactly like me!"
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  2. plainsight

    Jan 4, 2015
    Chapter Two

    "Okay, so who are we looking for again?" asked Gold before stretching his arms above his head and letting out a blatant yawn.

    "Crystal," replied his best friend and archrival, Silver. "Or a girl that looks like her, but isn't her."

    "Seriously?" responded Gold, shooting a glare at him. "We're looking for her twin sister."

    "If you knew, you shouldn't have asked," he replied calmly.

    Gold groaned loudly and turned to his Aipom. "Ataro, where did I put that picture of her again? And what was her name? Amy, right?"

    "Why do you need her picture?" asked Silver, genuinely puzzled. "She's Chris's twin sister. They should look exactly alike."

    "Not all twins look exactly the same, Silver," replied Gold, rolling his eyes. "And I remember that she was a bit different from Chris...damn it Ataro where is it?"

    His partner Pokémon looked innocently up at him and then scuttled up his body to perch on his shoulder. Grasped in the three-fingered hand at the end of his tail, the Long Tail Pokémon stretched out to reveal a picture of the soon-to-be pokédex holder.

    "See?" said Gold, waving the picture in Silver's face with triumph. "They aren't completely alike."

    Silver squinted at the picture, with his Sneasel peering over from his shoulder. It took him moments, but he soon identified the difference. Like Crystal, the trainer had dark hair, but didn't have the same bluish-hue that she had. Instead, her hair was slightly browner. The next and only other difference Silver noticed was that the trainer's eyes had a sharp and amber shade in contrast to Crystal's icy and pale blue.

    "You're right," he finally conceded and pulled away from the picture. "And her name isn't Amy. It's Amber."

    "If you'd known before, you coulda said so," grumbled Gold before stuffing the picture into his jacket pockets. Admittedly, Silver had forgotten the trainer's name as well, but the shade of her eyes had jolted his memory. But Gold had no need to know that... "So where are we starting anyway?"

    Before Silver could reply, Gold's Pichu suddenly shot out from his pokéball. The two boys exclaimed in surprise. Pichu didn't even allow for any time for reaction, as he sprinted away from them as if he'd seen something incredibly interesting.

    "Pichu!" yelled Gold, before hurdling off after him. "What's the matter?"

    "Wait a second, Gold," started Silver, but cut off when he realized that he had already made it far from hearing range. Sighing, he began sprinting after the two as they entered Viridian Forest. "That idiot..."

    Amber flopped down under a great oak tree with a heavy sigh. Finally, some rest. The last few days had been hectic. For some reason, a flock of Spearow had passed the forest and had caused a huge uproar to the ecology. They'd specifically targeted smaller and weaker Pokémon in large groups. It wasn't for any particular reason either. They didn't do it out of revenge or defense, it seemed all out of spite and malice. As a "Protector" of Pokémon, Amber had made the strange occurrences her business, flittering from location to location to chase away the random Spearow attacks.

    By now, most of the Spearow had figured out that she was a force to be reckoned with, but she was still on alert. It was precisely for this reason that when a sudden and desperate cry nearby from a Pokémon shriek, that Amber was almost immediately on her feet.

    "Mister, let's go!" she shouted, releasing her Misdreavus from his pokéball and racing off in the direction of the cry. As she ran, she released the rest of her Pokémon: Veevee the Umbreon, Nix the Onix, Rillri the Marill and Gligie the Gligar.

    "Nix, use dig and get ahead of us," she commanded. "Veevee, Gligie, get ahead as well, but none of you are to attack without my command. Review the situation and if it gets out of hand, use the Defense Formation we always go with. Mister and Rillri, stick close to me."

    Her team let out their battle cries before carrying out her orders. The ground rumbled as Nix tunneled underground; Veevee disappeared into a black streak within seconds; and Gligie swung above using his tail as leverage against the branches. When Amber, along with Mister and Rillri, reached the clearing where the Pokémon cry had originated from, she met up with Veevee. She didn't need to look up to see that Gligie was perched somewhere in the trees above, nor did she need to stop and press her ear against the earth to be sure that Nix was just under the center of the clearing.

    Amber swept her eyes over the situation and quickly took mental notes. The clearing was packed with more Spearows than she'd seen in the past few days. Most likely, the Spearow were beginning to leave the forest, but had then spotted their last and final victim for their visit: a Pichu.

    "What's with weird Pokémon popping up in this forest?" groaned Amber. First Spearow, and now a Pichu? Both these Pokémon weren't locals to Viridian Forest. Shaking her head in disbelief, she then left the coverage of the underbrush. "Okay Gligie, use X-Scissor!"

    Her voice startled the Tiny Bird Pokémon, but their reactions weren't quick enough as Gligie swooped from the canopy above, slashing multiple Pokémon at once. Amber quickly gestured to Veevee, and the Umbreon rushed forward, weaving through the fray to get to the Pichu. When she reached the tiny, yellow Pokémon, she created a barrier using "Light Screen" and stood on stand-by, waiting for further instructions.

    "Okay, good work, Veevee," shouted Amber over the Pokémon screeches. She ducked as a Spearow aimed a "Fury Attack" at her. "Gligie, keep it up! Try to wipe out as many as you can!"

    Already were the Spearow beginning to retaliate. They kicked up the sand and used other stat decreasing moves like "Leer" and "Growl". Some higher leveled Spearow countered with "Fury Attack" and "Aerial Ace". Though the attacks had little effect on Gligie, their numbers were beginning to overwhelm him. Some were starting to head for Veevee and the Pichu, attempting to thwart the "Light Screen". Vaguely, Amber noticed several Spearow take flight, but left them, as she didn't have the time or free members to deal with those who fled.

    "Okay, Rillri, go support Veevee with your "Defense Curl" if any Spearow get too close," she announced without taking her eyes away from the scene. "Mister, use Shadow Ball and Psychic to back Gligie up." When the two Pokémon left as reinforcement she raised her hand and screamed, "Okay Nix! You're up!"

    An uproarious rumble resounded across the clearing and the ground split as Nix made his entrance. He bellowed outrageously, sending numerous Spearow into the skies and then slid to form a reinforced barrier around Veevee and the Pichu with a "Bind" that didn't harm either Pokémon. As the Spearow flew up in panic, they met the awaiting claws of Gligie and the premeditated "Shadow Balls" of Mister.

    Finally, the last of the Spearow disappeared from sight and Amber let out a sigh of relief. She quickly did a last assessment of the team, finding that they had all been significantly injured. The flock may have been weak and her team might have overwhelmed them in experience and levels, but they had overwhelmed them in numbers to at least one to ten.

    "Good work, everyone," she called out, reaching up to rub Nix's nose. "Very good work."

    Nix loosened his "Bind", allowing Veevee and the Pichu to escape his grasp. Amber bent down to scratch Veevee's chin, smiling as the purr vibrated across the Moonlight Pokémon's body. She then turned her attention to the Pichu who was still cowering behind Veevee.

    "Hey, scary experience, huh?" said Amber gently, slowly lowering her body to a crouch. "Are you okay?"

    The Pichu trembled before letting out a wail and throwing his body into her arms. Amber cooed and hummed, doing her best to sooth the tiny Pokémon. When he finally calmed down, she lifted him up and looked him over.

    "Are you from here? You don't look like it. There are plenty of Pikachu that live here, but we don't usually see any Pichu. They're mainly all up in Johto," she said thoughtfully. "I'm from Johto, so I could take you back, but I don't know where you live. I guess I'll take you to the nearest Pokémon center and ask around a bit. Do you have a trainer?"

    The Pichu began to make a response but a cry from Mister cut him off. Startled, Amber stood up and whirled around to see Mister looking up at the sky. A sudden shadow fell over the clearing and a stab of premonition shuddered down her spine. She looked up and gasped.

    "You've got to be kidding me," she muttered, feeling a twinge of fear.

    Two Fearow circled around the clearing, squawking angrily as the flock of injured Spearow watched from afar. This was bad. Seriously, seriously bad.
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