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Sign Up/Discussion Pokemon: Stars of Crystal (Signup and discussion)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by WavePearl, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. WavePearl

    Level 20
    Nov 22, 2012
    Located in the heart of Nimbasa City's theater district, the Crystal Theater is home to what many say is the hottest up and coming show--the Crystal Revue.

    Unlike many of the theaters in the district, the performers in the Revue do not use electric instruments (the only exception is a digital piano). The only electrical equipment are the mics, sound effects, any pre-recorded music, and the lights. Fans agree that the all acoustic setup creates a showy yet intimate experience.

    There are 24 performers in residence at the theater, but not all of them (or their Pokémon) will appear in a show. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Serena, and their main Pokémon are guaranteed to appear in every show, but if there is a specific member of the troupe or Pokémon you want to see, it's a good idea to ask at the box office. Many also say to arrive at the theater early--the theater fills up very quickly.

    The show is mostly music and dancing, often with storytelling mixed in. But this is not storytime at the local library--the performance of these timeless tales are often dramatic productions. Many of the tales are not necessarily the Disney versions, either!

    Sometimes the troupe will do a full on and lavish dramatic production of a folktale or folklore inspired story. The box office refers to the first type of show as "A Showcase of Music and Tales" and the second type as "The Crystal Musical Theater". Unlike theatrical companies, the Revue only focuses on one or two tales at a time for their dramatic productions--and particularly popular tales may run for a long time. However, the troupe tries to rotate through some tales for variety.

    Currently, the Revue is performing an adventurous slant on a Moltres story called "The Ten Jewels of the Phoenix" and their take on "The Three Musketeers" for showings of the Crystal Musical Theater.

    You play one of the 24 regular performers that are part of the Revue. Will your run as a cast member be long and prosperous, or relegated to blooper reels on MyTube?

    Sign up here with the following info:

    Character's name:
    Character's age: (anywhere from 12 to 17 is okay)
    Character's physical appearance:
    Character's personality/known history:
    Character's Pokémon (if any):
    Character's skills (explained below)

    Each of the regular cast (and many of the others) is adept at least two instruments (keeping in mind that no electric instruments are allowed), dancing, acting, stage combat, and even aquatic or aerial acts. When picking your skills, pick at least two instruments (singing counts as an instrument, if your character is a good singer)


    Instruments (pick at least two non electric instruments. The music mainly takes a folk slant, but jazz is not unheard of, so keep this in mind when picking instruments)
    Singing (singing counts as an instrument, so if you list "voice", be sure to include what part your character sings)



    Stage Combat

    Martial Arts

    Showmanship Skills

    Stage magic
    Pokémon skills
    Aquatic skills
    Aerial skills
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  2. WavePearl

    Level 20
    Nov 22, 2012
    The regular cast members you will likely interact with the most often:


    Various flutes and whistles
    Fiddle (rare)
    Acoustic guitar (for playing gypsy jazz with Serena)
    Trumpet (uncommon)
    Ukulele (uncommon)

    Along with Misty, Brock, and Serena, he is one of the Revue's public faces.


    Fiddle (her main)
    Autoharp (uncommon)
    Tin whistle (recurring)
    Trumpet (uncommon)

    Misty's trumpet is a custom designed blue one--even the mouthpieces and valves are blue, which makes it striking to see when she does play it.


    Acoustic guitar (his main)
    Harps (both a large wire strung Galarian harp and a smaller minstrel's harp)
    Percussion (usually a frame drum to accompany singing or certain types of dancing)
    Trombone (for comical scenes)
    Euphonium (for beautiful scenes and serene interludes)

    The emcee for most shows and narrator for the stories and dramatic performances (although he may also play roles while someone else narrates), he is a very skilled mimic. Fans refer to him as "The Boy of a Million Voices" for this reason.


    Fiddle (her main)
    Mandolin (her secondary)
    Acoustic guitar (uncommon)
    Piano accordion (recurring)
    Kalosian horn (uncommon; mainly for heroic stings and signals)

    She mainly plays heroines alongside Ash as the hero, but is also adept at playing tricksters and princesses



    She is a skilled dancer, in addition to a wonderful singer. Unlike Misty and Serena, she doesn't mind playing princesses.


    Fiddle (her main)
    Small percussion

    Dawn mainly plays Shinou Highland tunes, which in turn was derived from High Galarian fiddle. But she knows tunes from around the world.


    Tin whistle (his main)
    Fiddle (his secondary)

    He plays both styles of Galarian fiddle, and sings in both Low Galarian and English. He will sometimes join Ash for a twin whistle feature, or a Pokeflute and whistle duet.


    Pokeflute (her main)
    Tin whistle (her secondary)

    She taught Chris how to play the instruments he can play. Is also a great dancer in addition to singing and her instruments.

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