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Trade Pokemon SV: FT: So many starters, oh my!

Discussion in 'Festival Plaza' started by Smooshie, Sep 18, 2023.

  1. Smooshie

    Smooshie Feebas Enthusiast

    Level 27
    Oct 31, 2014
    So, I have a huge amount of starters available in my main game, Pokémon Violet! So instead of letting them collect dust in my PC boxes (multiple boxes), I'd like to trade them away!! I'm mainly interested in Apricon Pokeballs at this time and some Pokémon! If you don't have what I'm looking for, please don't feel shy to offer something else!

    The Pokémon Up for Grabs:
    Cyndaquil (Moon), Oshawott (Pokéball), Rowlet (Luxury), Sprigatito (Poke), Fuecoco (Poke), Quaxly (Poke), Piplup (Poke), Fennekin (Premier), Chespin (Friend), Froakie (Lure), Scorbunny (Friend), Grookey (Dusk), Sobble (Dive)

    I can breed these beans too:
    Chimchar, Piplup, Turtwig

    Looking for:
    Unremarkable / Masterpiece cup
    Chipped / Cracked Teapot
    Love Ball, Dream Ball, Friend Ball, Heavy Ball, Moon Ball, Beast Ball, Level Ball, Lure Ball, Fast Ball

    Authentic Sinistea / Polteageist
    Alolan Diglett / Dugtrio

    Thank you for looking!
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