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Sign Up/Discussion Pokemon: The Jewels of Miyahara (signups and discussion)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by WavePearl, May 25, 2020.

  1. WavePearl

    Level 25
    Nov 22, 2012
    (rated E10 for fantasy violence and frightening images)

    Four divine beings, taking human form to save the world...

    After working hard to create a world and populate it, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Serena--four daevas, or divine beings, with a rock solid bond--next decided to give the mortals the gift of magic. But they were shocked to discover a band of mortals had found not the divine magic they wished to give, but an evil magic from a primal dragon who was determined to destroy their new world, and all that was good and pure with it.

    A divine Delphox, blessing those who are brave and kind, and punishing the selfish and deceitful.

    Panicked over what they had learned, the four daevas hurried as quickly as they could to the cave of the holy Delphox Kitsune, and told her about the band of mortals with evil ambitions; who now called themselves the Tsubaki Order.

    Luckily, the crafty divine Delphox had a solution--find the millions of shards of the ten Origin Jewels, and master the many martial arts inside each shard on the way towards re-assembling the jewels. Once this was done, they were to confront the sect's leader, a man known only as Chairman Bara, in a climatic battle for the fate of their new world, Miyahara.

    A troupe of traveling musicians and storytellers, hiding their divine origins.

    But even a god has fears--Serena saw how powerful the members of the Tsubaki Order were; and worried that they were powerful enough to defeat a god. Kitsune had a solution for this too--disguise themselves as musicians and storytellers. This way, they could move throughout Miyahara, battle monsters and other forms of evil with their song, and help the people without Chairman Bara and his followers having a clue.

    This pleased the four daeva, and they immediately disguised themselves as human musicians--Ash took along some of his collection of flutes (the side blown bansi, and the end blown kidi). Misty took a hata; the three stringed fiddle with a voice-like sound. Brock took a harp and a suji, the larger lute mainly used for melodic solo lines, harmonies, and accompanying singing, Serena took the smaller moji, the small lute traditionally played by girls and women as a solo instrument, and the mandolin-like kanegen. They also took weapons along, if the need to battle came.

    Other daeva wanted to join Ash, Misty, Brock, and Serena on their journey, and gathered their own weapons and gear in hopes they too could come save the mortal realm.

    The denizens of a world, their spirits crushed by a sect who rules with an iron fist.

    When the four daeva and their companions arrived in their new world, they saw the extent of the Tsubaki Order's reign of terror--whole towns destroyed by fire in the night for refusing to follow Chairman Bara's harsh laws; entire schools being wiped out after challenging the order to battle, and families who feared following the most basic of daily routines, lest the Tsubaki Order wipe out the family line to the last person.

    Heartbroken by what they saw, the four daevas and their companions promised to do everything they could to find the Origin Jewels, stop the Tsubaki Order, and restore the world they had lovingly created to how it was meant to be.

    You play one of the daevas that decided to join Ash, Misty, Brock, and Serena on their quest to stop Chairman Bara and the Tsubaki Order--can you bring peace to the world of Miyahara, or is Miyahara doomed to enter an age of despair?

    Sign up here with the following info:

    Character's name (in keeping with the flavor of this RP, try to use names that at least sound Japanese or Chinese)
    Character's mortal age (since you are playing a god, you mainly take a mortal form on this adventure--how old does your mortal form appear to be?)
    Character's divine appearance (what do you look like in your true divine form?)
    Character's mortal appearance (what do you look like in your mortal form?)
    Character's personality (what are you like as a deity? How does that carry over to your mortal form?)
    Character's domain (as a god, what do you rule over? Nature? The arts? Human Emotion? A part of life? Or something else entirely?)
    Character's preferred weapon (when you do have to fight, what do you fight with? A weapon, something fitting your domain, or do you fight unarmed?)
    Character's current gear (what is your character currently carrying right now?)
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