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Pokemon: This is War

Discussion in 'Roleplay Institute' started by DocTachyon, Apr 30, 2015.

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  1. DocTachyon

    Apr 12, 2015
    [​IMG]((Disclaimer: image is NOT mine))​
    "War is a rarity in this world. I'm not denying that. But it happens, and it always has. We sit in our homes, petting our Pokémon on the head, thinking things will be just fine. Not this time. Lines have been crossed. Tensions been building for years now- It all started when Hoenn almost let an asteroid put a hole in our planet. You bet your ass that people were damn pissed about that- Except for Johto. Always Johto, they figured the asteroid had some kinda 'cultural significance' or some crap. Thought maybe there'd be undiscovered species of Pokémon on that blasted rock. Sinnoh was interested too- a'course, for different reasons. They wanted to mine the crap out of it, get all the material they could. But then, it was Hoenn's rock. So the three made an alliance over it. But Kanto didn't like that. Kanto, contrary to their proximity to Johto, has always been a solitary place. They thought three regions buddying it up was too much power for comfort. Sinnoh then promptly told them to shove it, and keep their heads in their own affairs. At that point, Kanto called up Kalos and Unova- Made their own damn alliance, as an 'insurance policy'. And things didn't get any better from there. People were gettin' anxious, wondering when the anger and feuding would boil over.
    The day it did boil over was 72 hours ago. No one's positive how Johto got that Ho-oh thing to listen to them, but it did- and just like that, Fuchsia City, all burned and turned to ash. And so, the games begin..."
    Welcome to Pokémon: This is War, an RP i decided to start because I wanted to experiment with war in the Pokémon universe. Keep in mind this won't be your average RP- Our characters are soldiers on either side, fighting a desperate war with our Pokémon to stay alive. Some of your characters may die. Fights will be brutal, with no holds barred. Most of the fighting occurs on the Johto/Kanto line, though the other regions are sending troops to whomever their allegiance lies.​
    1- All Lake Valor RP rules apply.​
    2- Eight sentence minimum for posts. But if you can write a little more and with some quality, there may be some rewards coming your way.​
    3- No god modding/power playing. I know this is stated in the LV rules, but i feel as thought it is important to re-iterate.​
    4- A characters orders will be PMed to the one that controls them. Orders may range from holding a city in preparation for an assault, or scavenging the ruins of Fuchsia for supplies.​
    5- No meta gaming. If you for some reason become aware of the other sides battle plans, make sure you don't let that knowledge come out in character.​
    6- If you've read the rules put the words Thirty Seconds to Mars at the bottom of your app.​
    7- From time to time I will have... Unfortunate things happen to characters, ranging from them hearing the subtle click of a landmine somewhere around them to bullets suddenly whizzing past their heads. Nothing inescapable, but difficult situations to be sure.​
    8- Guns DO exist, but they're mostly for use on people. To Pokémon, taking a bullet is like having an average size rock tossed at them.​
    9- Though there may be lots of guns and violence, that doesn't mean it has to be insanely graphic. Keep things at PG-13, its easier than you might think. All you really gotta do is avoid describing all the dirty details.​
    10- Power level of Pokémon will be closer to the anime or manga rather than the games.​
    Johto Forces:
    -Grey Steele
    -Trinity Valence
    -Casey Whittaker
    Kanto Forces:
    -None! (yet)
    Want to make a character? For character rules and the application itself, head on over to this link in the Character profiles section:​
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