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Pokemon TIAA!: Legend of Hiiro Satoshi

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by PokeMasterFactor, Mar 22, 2015.

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  1. PokeMasterFactor

    Nov 21, 2014
    Okay guys this is my first chapter of my ongoing story Pokémon Try it again Ash! Kanto I'm posting on the site...the sixth third chapter and whose title I have changed for this site and will eventually do so for Fanfiction.Net. You see the story started off as basically a rehash of old anime episodes and now looking at it was kind of poorly written but in late 2012 I started conceiving an arc that delves into one of the deepest unanswered questions of the Pokémon Anime...the identity and whereabouts of Ash's father.

    I don't know if I'll post the previous chapters on this site but I probably should so until I actually do you can check out the previous ones that will give this chapter a bit more context while most of it is self-contained you might want want to read a few chapters that are part of the arc that will help you understand this chapter and the ones I'll post in the future.

    So here's the link to my Fanfiction.Net page "https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2624119/FanFactor1996" and read the following chapters in order to understand what's going on if you'd like "Chapter 50, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 62"

    ...or you could just dive right in and I'll probably explaining everything that happened in a later chapter if you choose. Doesn't really matter. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this one and feel free to comment about it in the thread.

    Chapter 63: The Something Part 1

    Ash could feel the hard blowing wind in his face. He held on tight to Latias as the Guardian of Alto Mare flew him and Pikachu through the skies above the Kanto region. Pretty soon they would be approaching Tohjo Falls.

    Once they cross over the falls they'll be back in the Johto region. Once there they'll travel to where Professor Oak will be arriving to in the next three days in Blackthorn City. The place where Oak told him his secondary research lab is located.

    So when he and Pikachu arrived there to meet with the Professor, Ash will finally be able fill him in on the secrets he had learned about his missing father during his accidental trip back in time to 1992 the other day. However with Latias' impressive flying speed they'll probably arrive to Blackthorn by the day of their meeting possibly even a day early.

    The Orange afternoon sky was beginning to grow darker as the sun began set. Ash knew that once they cross over above the Tohjo Falls it would be a wise choice to find somewhere to sleep for the night in the town nearest to the falls. That town Ash knew was New Bark Town.

    Ash gently patted Latias on the neck to the get her attention. "Latias once we cross into Johto by flying over the falls, bring us back down near New Bark Town the place we visited earlier with Langley, it's the closest place to the falls...think you can manage that?" He asked.

    Latias turned her head around to face Ash. She gave him a smile and nodded "Yes" to him.

    She flew up even higher in the air and soared right above Tohjo Falls. Ash and Pikachu held on tight to Latias less they risk falling to their doom a couple hundred feet below their feet.

    "Of course you can manage...why do I always have to ask questions to things that I already know the answers to?"

    Latias made it across above Tohjo Falls and entered the Johto Region for the second time that day. She flew straight past above the Johto region side of Route 27 which probably wasn't too different from Kanto's Route 27.

    Normally Ash would probably have Latias set them down there so they could look around the place, take a quick swim and maybe check out the Pokémon down there and many capture a few but it was getting dark so they needed to get to New Bark Town.

    Ash looked out ahead and spotted New Bark Town behind a few mountains just ahead of them. The lights of the town were becoming visible to them as the skies began to grow darker so it was much easier to spot then it would be in the daytime.

    "I can see it guys! We're coming up on New bark Town, Latias bring us down"

    The Eon Pokémon flew down to the town just as the sun finally set and the sky turned dark.

    Thankfully the darkness of the night gave them some necessary cover to prevent people from spotting Latias flying down to their town and attracting too much unnecessary attention to them.

    Latias touched down in an alleyway in-between the local Pokémon Center and another building next to it. Once the duo slid off of her back, Ash and Pikachu stretched both their legs and their backs after the flight from Gardenia Town to the Johto region, both of them were glad to be back on solid ground.

    "Thanks Latias you've done a great job flying us here...twice today, return"

    Ash pulled Latias' ball out of his pocket and returned the Eon Pokémon inside for a rest.

    The two exited the alleyway and entered the Pokémon Center through the main entrance.

    Their faces were shocked by what they saw next.

    The whole place was packed full of Pokémon trainers and their Pokémon, much to the duo's surprise. The thing that shocked them was that the majority of these trainers were not there when they left to go back to Gardenia Town.

    "Well Pikachu...I guess a lot happened while we were gone for like an hour two, where did the guys come from?" Ash asked.

    Pikachu scratched his ears in equal confusion. "Pika, pi...?"

    Ash decided to get some answers and the best place to likely get some questions answered would be at the front desk where the local Nurse Joy usually is located most of the time. Hopefully she wasn't too busy with all of the trainers.

    The duo walked over to the main desk but Nurse Joy wasn't there. He saw a bell on the desk so he simply rang it and waited patiently for someone to respond to it.

    "SORRY, I'M SO SORRY! Just a minute! I'm coming!"

    Ash heard the frantic cries of Nurse Joy and sooner then he would care to count, she rushed over to the front desk where he and Pikachu had rung the bell to get her attention.

    Joy looked pretty overworked by the look of her hair and face. She was sweating like she had just got back from a seven-mile walk during an intense heat wave and her bright pink hair was all messy with most it covering her eyes. Ash correctly guessed that she was probably pretty busy that day.

    She breathed heavily in and out 'till she finally regained enough of her breath to be able speak to the duo. "I'm sorry but as you can see...we're pretty crowded here at the Pokémon Center at the moment" She explained still with a heavy breath.

    "I need to ask, why is that? We were here only a few hours ago and unless I wasn't paying much attention which I admit can be a habit of mine there very few trainers here in the center"

    "Well...there's a big local tournament that's happening somewhere here in Johto not far from New Bark in the next few days so naturally all of the trainers who either came to participate or just watch it have all come over here to see it have come to rest and heal their Pokémon INSTEAD OF TAKING A STUPID BUS AND GETTING THERE MUCH QUICKER SO THEY CAN OVERWORK THE JOY OF THAT CENTER before the event so I've been kind of busy healing up Pokémon and managing all of this for the last few hours if you haven't noticed"

    Ash could see that Nurse Joy was clearly pretty stressed at the moment and probably didn't two more to make her work even more difficult. "I can see that you guys are pretty packed as it is so me and Pikachu will just...go someplace else for the night" Ash said.

    "Oh thank you I already have so much work to do that... I mean I'm sorry but there are quite a few Inns here in town that are probably still open at this hour if you'd like I could give you directions on where you could find them..."

    The doors opened and a young trainer ran through carrying a Growlithe that looked like it had just fought in a pretty rough battle and looked like it needed some help right away.

    "Nurse Joy, I need your help my Growlithe got really hurt in a battle we had awhile ago!" He said.

    "SON OF A...ugh...I'm coming, just a moment!" Joy said.

    "Ugh I'll just go look for the Inn's myself Nurse Joy...I can see you're busy right now" Ash said.


    Joy was almost about to say something about the directions of the open Inns in Goldenrod at the hour but seeing as the center was already busy and the trainer's Growlithe needed immediate medical attention. She decided to just let them leave.

    "Alright...have a nice evening!"

    Ash and Pikachu exited the Pokémon Center to begin their search for a place to stay until the next morning. Ash felt that it had began to get a bit chilly out and he sometimes wished he either packed a long sleeve shirt and/or a jacket.

    "We'd better find a place to stay soon Pikachu or else we might be spending the night sleeping inside a cardboard box in the street...If we can even find one in that case we'll just be sleeping on the streets" Ash said.


    Ash and Pikachu spent the next hour or so looking for an Inn that was still open around this time but the dynamic duo found that either they were booked completely and didn't have any available rooms for them, didn't allow Pokémon inside or were just plain closed for one reason or another.

    The chances of the duo finding a warm place to stay for the night were becoming more and more slim as they could spending the night in an alley way in Ash's sleeping bag in a box like a couple of hobos.

    While they walked the streets Ash decided to break the silence and get something off of his chest to Pikachu that he's been thinking about for sometime and just had to say something about it.

    "Hey Pikachu...have you noticed something about us?"

    "Pikachu?" (What about us, Ash?)

    "Do you think that maybe...just maybe we're probably basically a couple of homeless drifters who don't have interesting lives back home to go back to so that's why we're always traveling"

    "Pika, Pika, Pika, Pikachu" (Whoa Ash I don't think...actually yeah that is basically what we are)

    "Okay homeless is a kind of a loose way of saying it I mean we've got a home to go back to back in Pallet but we usually never really stay there very long when we get back from a region we usually stay a day or two then flock over to the nearest region"

    "I mean hell, THE VERY DAY THAT WE CAME BACK TO PALLET after we finally managed to defeat Brandon and his Legendary Golems we both left the very next day we Gary mentioned the Sinnoh region" Ash explained.

    "Pika, Pikachu, Pika, Pika" (But before we left Pallet Town this time to...travel around here again we spent a year back there to take a break from traveling)

    "Okay you have a point there but you know as well as I do that it wasn't a full year it was seven or eight months because...after losing to Cameron at the Unova League and the stuff that happened with N and Team Plasma...I think we both needed an extended break from all this honestly"

    "Pika, Pika, Pika, Pikachu" (Yeah I was surprised you decided not to go with that reporter when she was going back to her home region Kalos, I was expecting us to be on that plane the second that Iris and Cilan left for Johto)

    "Yeah I was just as a surprised I did that as you were, I guess I just thought I didn't need to lose another League Tournament...but then again why the hell are we even collecting badges AGAIN in Kanto AGAIN?"

    Ash threw his palm right into his face. He let out a loud sigh.

    "I feel like I'm in some kind fan fiction story where the writer at first couldn't think of any other original idea at the moment so he just recycled stuff from what his story is based off of and didn't know how to plan ahead and just made things up as he went along 'till he actually got to a point WHERE HE HAD AT LEAST SOME IDEA WHERE HE WANTED HIS STORY TO GO!"

    Pikachu was stunned silent. Ash's anger faded away as he took a deep breath.

    "I'm...I'm sorry Pikachu I didn't mean to get that angry" Ash apologized.

    Ash then let out a loud tired sigh.

    "Ugh...we're both tired and a bit hungry, there's gotta be a place around here somewhere that's still open and isn't packed full other trainers"


    Ash's heart sank as he heard a strange cry and stopped dead in his tracks. The cry he heard sounded...unnaturally it was unlike anything he had ever heard and it left him totally spooked and his heart pounding hard and breathing heavily.

    "Pikachu...d-did you hear that...noise?" Ash asked.

    "Pika, Pikachu" (What noise are you talking about, Ash?)

    "You didn't...well a second ago I heard something it didn't sound like any sort of...not just Pokémon but anything I've ever heard, but why couldn't you heard it normally you're the one who hears stuff I don't?"

    "Pika...Pikachu" (Yeah...I normally am, so why couldn't I hear what you heard?)

    A few blocks away from Ash and Pikachu New Bark's local food market was still open though there were much less customers inside at this hour then there would be normally during the day or afternoon hours. The only people that were there for that very reason so they don't have to wait in any long lines.

    A teenage Pokémon trainer of about fourteen or fifteen years was among these nighttime shoppers. He dressed in Red and Golden Yellow clothes with hair colored dark blue and a pair of goggles he wore on his forehead on his backwards cap.

    The cart he had was filled with stuff like Pokémon Food, human food and a few other smaller things. He impatiently waited for the person in front of him to finish his purchase. The sooner he'd be able to purchase his groceries he could leave and go home.

    "Thank you, please come again," The cashier told the customer in front of the teen.

    The teen moved his cart over to the checkout point and began to pull out the groceries to have them scanned and paid for so that he could finally go home after spending the last three hours looking for the correct items because a good number of the ones on the shopping list were in short supply.

    "Oh hi Gold, how are you?" The cashier asked.

    The trainer called Gold by the female cashier let out tired sigh as a response to her question. Then he spoke. "Alright I guess...I just want to go home at this point, it's been a pretty long day"

    The cashier giggled much to Gold's obvious dismay as she began to scan his items for purchase. "I can defiantly relate to that Gold, let's check these out then so you can go"

    Pretty soon all of the groceries were scanned and placed inside plastic bags. Gold then handed the friendly cashier the money for them and pulled out two Poke Balls from his pocket.

    The balls opened up and released two of Gold's Pokémon. Typhlosion and Donphan.

    Gold grabbed three bags with one hand carrying two bags and the other carrying one. "Alright guys I have six bags and I won't be able to carry them all, all the way back to the house mind helping me?" He asked them.

    Typhlosion and Donphan nods told him "yes" and they both grabbed hold of the other two bags. The Volcano Pokémon used both of its semi-opposable hands to grab two of them while the handless Donphan grabbed hold of the last one with its long trunk.

    "Now that we have the groceries bought and paid for lets finally go home guys"

    However before they could leave the casher Rei had something to tell Gold.

    "Hey Gold just out curiosity have you or your mom heard about any of the strange stuff that's been happening close near town?" She asked him looking at a news article on her tablet next to register that she read while she had been working.

    Gold was curious. "No we haven't...what did you hear?" He asked.

    "According to this article I found and some people I heard talking about this earlier here in the store, it sounds like there's some really weird stuff happening around the area in the last few days..."

    "What do you mean by weird stuff?"

    "I heard it was things like trees just vanishing into thin air and there being nothing left afterwards they couldn't even find any roots when they disappeared and the people who saw these things happen say they thought they saw static or something when the trees vanished"

    Gold didn't really know what to think of that. So he just said whatever came to mind.

    "Sounds weird, I guess I'll just have to watch out in case I decide to go outside of town, but anyway see yeah Rei!"

    "Goodbye, have a nice night!"

    Gold and his Pokémon exited the market to return home. Little do the three know however that what they heard they're going to encounter pretty soon, much sooner then they would like.

    Hope of finding a place was beginning to wear very thin for the dynamic duo of Ash and Pikachu. Every place they've attempted to get a room to stay in for the night has either been closed for one reason or another. So Ash's only option left was to head to Professor Elm's lab and hoped that he had a room to spare for the two of them.

    Ash with little hope left decided to try to bring humor to their rather pathetic situation. "You know I do have a sleeping bag that I've somehow managed to fit inside my backpack along with all my other items Pikachu, so many with that comfort maybe sleeping in a cardboard box in an alleyway may not be so bad after all"

    "Pika, Pi..."

    Suddenly Ash stopped dead in his tracks. He felt something for some reason but he had no idea what he was feeling and why he was feeling it. But whatever it was it felt...strange.

    Suddenly the ground began to shake all around the two. The two braced for what could possibly be an earthquake when all of sudden Ash and Pikachu felt a lot lighter as if they were floating in mid air.

    Trashcans began to rise up off of the ground, as did Ash and Pikachu. Pretty soon almost everything except for the buildings and the objects that was attached to the ground began to float in mid-air. It was like if gravity had suddenly gone to sleep.

    A few blocks away Gold and his Pokémon were walking back home with their groceries when suddenly the same gravitational anomaly began to take effect and they too began floating in mid-air. They levitated at a good fifteen inches off the ground.

    Then with no warning gravity returned and they all dropped back to the ground. Some of Gold's groceries were let go of during the gravity flux and flew down to where Ash and Pikachu fell down. Ash caught them both right before they hit the ground saving them from being damaged.

    Car alarms and police sirens began to blare in that area of the town. The people began to pick themselves after that but have no idea what just caused that strange shift in gravity or whatever had just happened.

    Gold and his Pokémon got up off the ground. Surprisingly they weren't really hurt from the fall but their bodies felt a bit sore from it.
    "Guys are you okay?"

    The two nodded "yes" to their trainer.

    "What the hell just happened, it was like for thirty seconds gravity turned off or something" Gold thought.

    He brushed some dirt off of his pants that got on them when he fell on the sidewalk then looked at his Pokémon and realized that some things were missing. The only grocery bags they had were the three he carried in his hands

    "Oh no, we must dropped the other bags while gravity wasn't working, can you guys see where they went?"

    "Excuse me you over there, do these bags belong to you?"

    Gold turned around and saw Ash along with Pikachu at the other end of the block with the rest of the groceries in his hand safe and undamaged from the fall.

    He breathed a sigh of relief and walked over to Ash. He grabbed and shook his hands in gratitude. "Look whoever you are thank you, what's your name?" He asked as Ash handed him back his groceries.

    "Ugh...Ash, my name is Ash"

    "My name is Gold, again thanks you're a lifesaver"

    "You're welcome it was nothing really, can I ask you a question?" Ash asked.

    "Sure, what is it?"

    "Do you know Professor Elm is at his lab here in New Bark, I need to see him?"

    Gold remembered he heard something about Elm the other day. "Sorry but I heard that the professor isn't in town right now he left the other day to go research something out of town and he'll probably be gone for a week" He explained.

    Ash and Pikachu's expressions sank into sorrow. "Oh...I was asking because me and Pikachu are looking for a place to stay for the night, we're meeting someone in Blackthorn in three days to meet someone, do you know of any other places we could stay?"

    Gold shook his head. "No I heard nearly every place in town is packed cause of that competition happening soon...but if you don't mind having to share a room you guys could stay at my house for the night"

    Ash considered the offer and thought it was probably their only option left and besides Gold seems like a nice person and Ash never really minded having to share rooms with someone. He smiled.

    "Sure Gold thanks, so where's your house?"


    "It's not too far from here, follow me"

    Gold and his Pokémon return to walking back to their home with Ash and Pikachu in tow. The duo grateful toward this at the moment unfamiliar Pokémon trainer for offering them a place to stay 'till tomorrow and that they won't need to sleep in an alleyway like they feared they might have had to.

    Within no time at all Ash, Gold and their Pokémon arrived at Gold's home in New Bark Town. It was a normal looking home with a lovely garden on the front lawn. The law was filled with many different kinds of plants that varied in shape and size. Everyone one of them looked all very colorful. It seemed like a very nice place.

    Gold stepped in front of the front door and grabbed hold of the doorknob with a free hand as the other held some of the grocery bags. He turned to Ash and Pikachu to warn them. "Alright guys, I'm gonna open the door but I have to warn you...some of the guys that live with us might show you affection"

    Confused Ash asked the simple question. "What do mean?"

    Gold turned the knob and opened up the door.


    Suddenly a very long tongue reached out of the doorway and licked Ash right across the face and upper body. He staggered backward a bit from the sudden licking and looked through the door to see the thing that had just licked him.

    It was a Lickitung who gave him a wide smile with its long tongue still out.

    Gold simply laughed at this. "Lickitung is just really friendly so she'll do that to almost anyone she meets so don't take that in a negative way Ash"

    Lickitung and Gold walked back inside of their house. Ash and Pikachu both exchanged looks with each other and then shrugged their shoulders. They entered the house and Ash closed the door shut on their way inside.

    Once inside Ash and Pikachu were surprised to see that Gold's house was occupied by many different kinds of Pokémon. Almost wherever they turned their heads they fully expected to see a Pokémon somewhere.

    They saw a couple of Oddish that rested in some of the plants while a directly above them a Weedle lay atop a shelf. While Stuck to the ceiling was a Kakuna that neither Ash nor Pikachu could tell if it was asleep or not, which probably didn't matter.

    They looked down to the floor and saw a Krabby moving across it.

    "Gold and his family must really like Pokémon...but then again so do I" Ash thought to himself.

    They entered the living room and a woman probably in her mid-late 30's was watering some potted plants with the help of a friendly looking Chansey.

    The woman was Gold's mother and once she caught eye of her son she ran over and pulled him into a tight hug. Much to Gold's dismay "Oh Gold you're finally home, I was starting to get worried after what happened in town".

    Gold broke free from his mother's arms to speak. "Don't worry mom I'm fine, the whole anti-gravity thing lasted for only like 30 seconds sure my body hurt a little when we hit the ground but other then that I'm fine" He explained.

    He held up the grocery bags for to see. "Surprisingly these bags were unharmed when we dropped down after the gravity came back up again" He remarked.

    "Oh that's great now I can finally start dinner" She said.

    Gold's mother looked behind her son and finally noticed Ash and Pikachu.

    "Gold, who are those two?" She asked.

    It suddenly dawned on Gold that he forgot to tell his mother about them over the phone. "Oh I'm sorry I probably should have called you before I came back, these guys are Ash and his Pikachu I told them they could stay here for the night since every other place in town is crowded thanks to all the trainers that came"

    Gold's mother was a tad annoyed that her son didn't tell her he was inviting guests to stay for the night ahead she couldn't in good faith tell them they couldn't stay when they didn't have anywhere else to go. "Oh that's fine, we have a guest room you can sleep in...but I hope you don't mind sharing it cause there's a Pokémon that sleeps in there"

    Gold and his mother left the living room with their groceries to enter their kitchen so that they could start dinner. While they did that Ash and Pikachu remained in the living room. Ash sat on a chair next to the curtained window reading a book he found on the shelf that caught his eye.

    The book was about only 100 pages long it was a small short story and Ash during his time in the living room and he was already halfway through reading it. The book's title was THE UNEXPLAINED written by an author who's name had been scratched off the cover probably do to someone damaging it by accident years back.

    The book consisted of several short stories all written as far as Ash could tell by the exact same writer. The thing that made him assume it's the same writer is that while all the stories seemed somewhat self-contained each referenced both directly or indirectly events of a previous story.

    So far Ash speculated that there seemed to be an overarching story in each of them and thinks it'll eventually lead to something by the end of the book. He's noticed so far that each mentions something happening, something that no one can really explain or comprehend.

    Right now after the cry only he heard, the strange feeling he had and the error in Gravity that occurred in town Ash started to feel as if he's a character in the book.

    More importantly he knew there was something out there. He was certain that whatever it was, it had to be connected to the gravity flux and the cry that very strangely only he had heard.

    He pushed the curtain behind him up and looked out the window.

    He saw nothing outside but the darkness of night. Ash let go of the curtain.

    Ash knew in his gut that Something was out there.

    ...What was the Something...

    To be continued...
  2. mechazard01

    mechazard01 Youngster

    Apr 28, 2015
    I've began reading you're 'try again Ash' fan fiction and I was wondering if you would read mine :sweat:
    It's called Pokémon kalos high and it's on fanfiction.net
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