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Pokemon Type Personality Quiz (in progress)

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Absolute Zero, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Absolute Zero

    Absolute Zero The second seal

    Level 19
    Mar 17, 2015
    Did you think this was going to be a quiz for a Pokémon-type personality determinant? Nope! I pulled a sneaky one on you!

    Actually, this is a preliminary step to me wanting to make such a quiz, because I find these things strangely fun, though I don't know why. But here's the problem I find a lot of the time: type and personality symbolism is often inconsistent between quizzes or they don't make sense (to me at least). Most of us can probably agree that Fire-type people are excitable and passionate, and maybe Flying-Type people enjoy freedom of movement and travel, but there are a lot of types that are harder to pin down. For instance Bug: are they solitary like the spider or do they try to fit in with their peers like ants? Or Fighting: are they hyper-competitive like boisterous luchador gym-rats or are they calm and serious Shaolin monks dedicated to self-improvement?

    So this is where you come in: I would like your opinion on what kind of personality trait or personal motivator corresponds to which of the eighteen types. It would be great if you could point out a good trait and a bad trait for each (Ghost-types are loyal to their friends but often say the wrong thing), and maybe explain it if you think your idea is un-intuitive (Water-types are not calm, but they're restless because in nature any sufficiently large body of water is never still and oceans/lakes/rivers are full of life).

    This is the favor I'm asking: I want you to copy-paste this spoiler tag into your post and just fill it out as best you can. Brief or detailed, positive or negative, whatever you what to have for your input: but please fill all eighteen types and please don't read anyone else's answers until after you post, not even mine. I think we'll all be best informed by answers that are not influenced by what other people have said here. We want what makes sense to you, and I value your opinion.


    Here are my ideas for each type, but please don't read them (or anybody else's) until after you decide on all 18 for yourself!

    Normal: They're adaptable: they can not only survive any social situation, but excel in them too. This might make them seem like shallow chameleons though.
    Fighting: Eat, sleep, train. Always improving with laser-focused determination, they sometimes forget that things other than competition exist. (Not just training the body, but studies and arts count too).
    Flying: Nihilistic in a happy way, they live in motion and aren't chained down, always in the moment, but that's because they're keenly aware that gravity might pull them down to earth.
    Poison: You might call them psychopathic, and they're probably okay with that. They realize that people are things too, and things have uses. They look out for their self.
    Ground: The power of consequence, they're aware that every choice has a reaction, good or bad. They'll support you, but don't make them take away the very ground beneath your feet.
    Rock: They may be rough, but that's because they're experienced. They have wisdom to share if you'll hear them out, but don't expect a hug.
    Bug: They have a sense of duty and they're always working for a bigger cause. They've chosen their colony or their hive or their queen or their creed, and they work ceaselessly to dedicate their life's work to that.
    Ghost: Always around, but never wanting to be in the spotlight. Your ghost never leaves you, but sometimes they say the wrong thing and seem unfriendly.
    Steel: Steel types have a mind for what's useful and practical (like tools and gold), but are often not emotionally expressive.
    Fire: Fire is what it is: life-sustaining, life-consuming, warm at a distance, hot when too close. You won't change them, and whether the relationship is good or not is entirely circumstantial.
    Water: They're patient and resourceful, and they always find a way, like a river carving a canyon.
    Grass: The roots are deep. They grow and adapt slowly, but whether they are a strong tree or a beautiful flower, they are a presence to behold once they self-actualize.
    Electric: Impulsive and always looking for the quickest way to get what they want. Effective, but short-sighted.
    Psychic: Influential and powerful, they know what they want and how to get it. That is, unless they're blocked by one of their unexpected fears or weaknesses. They're effective working alone or in a very small group.
    Ice: Ice is quiet, and prone to breaking or thawing out of sight. What's on the other side of the ice is a mystery often worth learning.
    Dragon: These people have it. That "it" might be hard to define, but it's also easy to admire. Hopefully it won't morph into toxic arrogance.
    Dark: Rules are meant to be broken, but that's not always a bad thing. They're not bad people, they just think rules and convention get in the way.
    Fairy: They're hard to understand sometimes, but they're a joy to be around. We'll come to understand them eventually. Eventually.
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  2. Moonstruck-Mist

    (Shaymin (Sky))
    Level 35
    Feb 2, 2017
    I doubt this'll be very accurate. I'm not very good with people

    Normal: Seen as the average down-to-earth kind, normal-types are your everyday friends with a special uniqueness to them. As average as they may seem, they're rather flexible in who they are/can be. Unfortunately, this leads to them being easily influenced.
    Fighting: Fighting-types are competitive down to the bone. They may not have a high ego, but they pride themselves in where they stand in the world. They don't like to fight all the time, and prefer to stay near friends who they can trust.
    Flying: Freedom-lovers in a nutshell, flying-types don't like to be held down by the rules or limitations placed upon them. They can often be taken as wild or uncontainable, as their drive for freedom can often make them impulsive.
    Poison: Oh, did you think they were toxic? Well, as likely as that would seem, you're wrong. These people are durable and are often able to influence those around them without a problem.
    Ground: When you like to play outdoors all the time, this is definitely who you are. They like to play hands-on, and aren't afraid to get dirty. But that also means they don't care too much. When it comes to fighting, they can play dirty without too much regret. At least they prefer to just play around instead of argue with others... until beliefs conflict.
    Rock: When you come across a rock-type, they may seem rough around the edges, but they're really great people. They're strong, smart, and maybe even a little flashy. They're easy to get along with, too, even if they may be a little sarcastic and defensive. That's all in good fun!
    Bug: Bugs, the bane of most of our existences - the most annoying thing in the world! Definitely not what these people are. Either independent or great with groups, bugs are perhaps one of the most hard-to-understand people in the world. You don't know which one you have until it's too late, and they're often complicated to understand properly.
    Ghost: Not-at-social. They prefer to keep to themselves, and would rather do their own work than be with people. They also like to pull pranks, though some would say they can go way too far with it. Just keep an eye on them. They're often a danger to themselves, if not others.
    Steel: When you think of steel, you think of the alloy that changed the world and make us even stronger. Steel-types are just as strong as the alloy, and maybe even stronger. Their easy to trust, strong, and even a bit flexible. They can stand pressure, but are just as hard to get along with. If you want to be friends, you need to be just as, if not even more, sturdy than them.
    Fire: "Like a hand grenade, thrown in a hurricane. Spinning in chaos, trying to escape the flame," Rise by Skillet. Passionate and chaotic, the fire-type is everything powerful and brave. They don't like anything hold them back, not even their friends. And though they're determined to be the best they can be, they sometimes hurt those who they're friends with.
    Water: Chaos and beauty in one, water-types are the best they can be when in an environment they know well. They're sturdy, hard to deter, and generally very calm. Don't let this fool you, though. They will turn on you if you pose a threat to them.
    Grass: If there was a time to be friends with nature, these people can tell you its from now until forever. They can be as soft as a flower, but as violent as a rose thorn. They're persistent and unstoppable. And even if you cut their roots, they're always there ready to carry on. Only one problem: when they set their sights on something, nothing can ever stop them.
    Electric: Jumpy and unpredictable, you're in for a wild ride if this is one of your friends, or even you! They're hard to control, and even harder to stop once they've started to do something. And though they might jump from project to project, they're quite flexible with multi-tasking.
    Psychic: When you look at a monk, is this what you think of them as? Well, the psychic-type is a great person to meet... if you want to meditate and sit in long periods of silence. Quiet, smart, and great for just being there when you need them - they're quite the special flowers they are.
    Ice: Cold and calm, ice-types are one of the hardest people to influence in the world. They're rather cold exterior can be dangerous, however, as they don't care about what they say to others. They're often seen as the honest, caring types.
    Dragon: *Loud Roar* Dragon-types are the strong and bold types, just like fighting-types. However, unlike said type, they can be easily enraged and cause massive damage if the wrong things are said. Be careful, especially if you want to be friends.
    Dark: Poorly mistaken as 'evil' or 'wicked,' dark-types are perhaps one of the most loyal kinds out there. They're nice, defensive, and even a bit quirky. But they do have a dark side that can come out if the right buttons are pressed.
    Fairy: Sweet, soft, and lively, the fairy-type can be taken as either tricky, or as a generally nice person in general. They're perhaps the most dangerous of all, especially with how often they can switch between good and bad.
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  3. Gazi

    (Litleo ♀)
    Level 9
    May 27, 2018
    Dawn Stone ★★★★Legendary Triforce ★★Reaper Cloth ★★★
    Strangely enough, this is something that I've actually been thinking about a lot lately, so I have a decent idea for at least some of these.
    Normal: Normal-types are extremely social jacks-of-all-trades. They will go to great lengths to please those around them.
    Fighting: Fighting-types like to have a sense of control. When they feel their control is being threatened or has been lost, they get aggressive and will do whatever it takes to protect what is theirs.
    Flying: Flying-types are outgoing and loyal. They make friends easily, but can be fierce enemies to those that try to mess with them or their friends.
    Poison: Poison-types are loners. They're not afraid of crowds, but when they're around others they tend to keep to themselves. If somebody breaks their personal bubble, they are not afraid to strike harshly.
    Ground: Ground-types are ambitious and driven. If they have a goal, not much can stop them from achieving it.
    Rock: Rock-types are stubborn and firm. They will stand to their beliefs, no matter what others may tell them. Their pride will often keep them from admitting when they're wrong.
    Bug: Bug-types do things their own way at their own pace. They don't care about what society may think about them, but they care a lot about the opinion of those closest to them.
    Ghost: Ghost-types are not often malicious, but they are passionate and intense about their feelings, which often intimidates those around them.
    Steel: Steel-types can be extremely social one moment, and a fierce loner the next. They can be unpredictable and frustrating to deal with, but when they're with a group they're really good at keeping the peace.
    Fire: Fire-types are extremely emotional. They can be quick to anger, but they're just as quick to break into tears. Their passion makes them very determined about their goals.
    Water: Water-types are playful and mischievous. They do what seems fun at the time, without thinking about what the consequences may be.
    Grass: Grass-types are natural leaders. They're always quick to settle conflict, whether their intervention is wanted or not. They can be self-centered
    Electric: Electric-types often have an Alpha/Omega pack mindset. The strongest are seen as leaders. When they're on their own, electric-types are very independent and slow to give trust or respect.
    Psychic: Psychic-types are quiet and intelligent. They would much rather be by themselves or with others like them than with a diverse group.
    Ice: Ice-types are excitable and like to have a good time. However, they can be easily overwhelmed, and respond either by withdrawing in on themselves, or by taking their stress out on those around them.
    Dragon: Dragon-types are fierce and eager to prove themselves. They're often very competitive, especially when around others just like them.
    Dark: Dark-types are rebellious and can be seen as somewhat provocative. They often pick fights with others, whether it be for amusement or because they feel attacked.
    Fairy: Fairy-types can be rather hyper and kind. However, if they don't like somebody's behavior, or if they feel like somebody doesn't like them, they will quickly do something about it.
    (I have no idea where have of these explanations came from. For some of them, I drew on the types themselves, and for others I did it based off Pokémon personalities)
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  4. Geroniny

    Geroniny The Spacecraft Of Miracle

    Level 34
    Jul 29, 2017
    Dawn Stone ★★★★Blue Orb ★★★★★Charizardite X ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★Star Piece ★★★★
    To Tell The Truth, You Actually Can Get Some Inspiration From Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Series-They Have The Personality Quiz That Using Your Personality To Determine Your Pokémon Character, But I Love The Fact You Are Trying To Add Our Effort Fused With The Personality Quiz To Create A Much, Update Version.

    So Here I Go...
    Normal: People Under Normal Are Average With The Freedom To Choose Their Path. Their Biggest Weakness Is Themselves.
    Fighting: People Under Fighting Are Competitive But They Are Hard-Working.
    Flying: People Under Flying Are Aim To Soar Higher Than Their expectation. But Once It Happens That They Hit Lower Than Their Expectation, They Have A Hard Time To Bound Back.
    Poison: People Under Poison Are Dangerous Because Of Their Attitude But They Are Very Alert.
    Ground: People Under Ground Are Always Stay Where They Are, Causing Them Hard To Move Mentally But They Hold A Strong Foundation To Their Value.
    Rock: Hard As A Rock, People Under Rock Are Though But It's Hard To Change Their Mindset.
    Bug: People Under Bug Are Excel In Muti-Task But Once They Are In Trouble Or Having Problem, They Will Panic.
    Ghost: People Under Ghost Is Very Brave And Valor But They Are Afraid That They Will Hurt Others.
    Steel: People Under Steel Are Lazy But They Are Motivated To Do Anything.
    Fire: As Passionate As A Flare, People Under Fire Are Passionate To Their Passion And Dream But They Have No Backup Plan.
    Water: People Under Water Are usually Follow Other's Path Instead Creating Their Own. But People Under Water Are Really Flexible.
    Grass: As Calm As The Forest, People Under Grass Are Usually Calm And Always Seek To Be One With Nature. But Once They Into One Thing, They Will Not Focus Other Things Caused Them Unable To Muti-Task.
    Electric: As Fast As Lighting Bolt, People Under Electric Are Excel In Agility But Due To Their Agility, They Can Ignore Things Fast.
    Psychic: Inspired By The Cosmos, People Under Psychic Are Into What's In The Future But They Sometimes Daydreaming.
    Ice: People Under Ice Is Very Shy That They Only Appear In Once A While But They Have A Potential To Shine.
    Dragon: Inspired By The Ancient Legends, People Under Dragon Are Adventurous And Seek To Understand The Past And Find The Ancient Object. But They Are Furious.
    Dark: Inspired By The Darkest Night, People Under Dark Tried To Seek Their Darkest Fear And Overcome It. But They Are The Weakest In Emotion.
    Fairy: Inspired By The Fairy Tales And Fantasy, People Under Fairy Are Creative And Invite Everyone To Create Their Own Imagination World. But They Are Too Pure To Understand The Reality.

    SOme Are From Experience And Some Are Made Out.
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  5. Neb

    Neb Cosmog Enthusiast

    (Flabébé (O))
    Level 19
    Nov 4, 2018
    GS Ball ★★★★★Love Ball ★★★★★Poké Ball ★Potion ★Oran Berry ★★
    Ooh, this looks like fun!

    Normal: Polite, but rather uninteresting.
    Fighting: Competitive and very irritable.
    Flying: Adventurous and free willed.
    Poison: Someone who doesn’t have much of a filter and tends to leave people feeling drained.
    Ground: A level-headed, yet introverted person.
    Rock: A person who needs support to get going, but can leave quite the impact.
    Bug: Squirmy and nervous.
    Ghost: A mischievous person who blends into the background.
    Steel: Someone who is hard to phase.
    Fire: A hotheaded person who usually lets their emotions run free.
    Water: A perfectionist who is very methodical with their actions.
    Grass: Relaxed and friendly.
    Electric: An extroverted person who is the life of the party.
    Psychic: One who always thinks before they speak.
    Ice: Someone who appears cold at first glance.
    Dragon: Bold and sure to leave a mark.
    Dark: Someone who is brooding and rather unfriendly.
    Fairy: A person who is bubbly and friendly to just about anyone.
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  6. Grimwave

    Grimwave Decepticon

    Level 7
    Apr 29, 2018
    Dome Fossil ★★★Premier Ball ★Darkinum Z ★★★★Reaper Cloth ★★★Luxury Ball ★★★
    It took a decent amount of thought, but I think I have the types pegged as their respective personalities pretty good.
    Normal: A very average sort of person, blends in with the crowd as far as tastes or appearance, etc.
    Fighting: Someone that seems rough around the edges, and with high determination and willpower
    Flying: Free-spirited, usually with their head in the clouds. Someone that has high goals they're aiming for.
    Poison: A harsh person whose tone can come off as degrading, sometimes unintentionally.
    Ground: Someone that is "grounded", meaning well balanced and sensible. However can sometimes be shook by things that are unexpected.
    Rock: People often mistake you for Dwayne Johnson. A tough person, but will occasionally crack under pressure. Typically patient and easy-going however, tending to roll with whatever life throws at them.
    Bug: Has a habit of getting under people's skin. Sometimes seen as the 'annoying' one of the group and often times a troublemaker.
    Ghost: Typically in the background, a shy and not very social person that goes unnoticed by most. Has a habit of lurking on Discord.
    Steel: Not easily affected by things, a solid person in general and can withstand any 'yo mama' joke you throw at them.
    Fire: Will get things heated, whether it's in a conversation or in a competition. Has a tendency to experience flares of emotions, usually when made upset.
    Water: Bubbly personality, usually more of an optimist.
    Grass: A relaxed person who is adept at making conversations feel natural.
    Electric: Energetic. Can sometimes be a bit of a shock at first.
    Psychic: The bookworm that's always two steps ahead of you. Analytical and likes to debate.
    Ice: Will most likely give you the cold shoulder. Not too talkative but can be cool when given enough time.
    Dragon: A bit of a shut-in that doesn't socialize much, tends to hoard things such as games, movies, comics, or collectibles, etc.
    Dark: Has a more pessimistic viewpoint. Basically the Eeyore of your friend group.
    Fairy: A very eccentric type of person. Most people think they're odd but fun to be around.
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