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Pokemon Underground: Roaring Flame, Howling Thunder, and Rumbling Ice

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by jetwhiskey, Jan 15, 2013.


Which Legendary would you choose?

  1. Leoblaze, The Roaring Flame

  2. Mingark, The Howling Thunder

  3. Arctilla, The Rumbling Ice

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. jetwhiskey

    jetwhiskey Black Belt

    Nov 22, 2012
    Well, going off of the Poll above, first I'd like to post the Three Legendaries to choose from that will go into this Hack.

    The first choice is Leoblaze, the Roaring Flame: [​IMG]

    The second choice is Mingark, the Howling Thunder: [​IMG]

    And the thrid choice is Arctilla, the Rumbling Ice: [​IMG]

    As some of you may know, I started this project some time ago, on the original LV site, but as that one had issues we had to move. For a time I've been busy with other things, and haven't had time to re-post this here. I've added a few ideas here and there, but it's still the same project. I am looking for a willing tea who would like to take part in this project of mine, as I'm hoping some of my team will return to help out this go around.

    As you can see here, I have a draft made up of what the mpa/region will most likely look like...but like I said, it is just a draft made in MS Paint, and needs tweeking. I'm hoping that someone can take this idea and recreate it into an actual Pokémon Map.

    This region is different from other regions for a few reasons.

    1. Instead of an ocean of water it is magma, due to this region being located deep underground.

    2. instead of towns there are villages, because this region lacks technology. This region is in a war, by it's Prince wanting to conquer, so instead of gyms and leaders you have Outposts and Generals, as well as the Pokémon League being substitued by taking on the Empire's Elite Guard, and then the Prince himself.

    3. Pokeballs are still somewhat available, but are substitued by a different form, as crystal orbs that don't open, but instead transform them into the energy and suck them through the crystalized stone, which is tinted dark, and then becomes a tinted color that represents the type of the pokemoin that rests inside. In the game itself the pokeballs will just look like round crystal orbs, the action that occurs with catching a Pokémon doesn't have to change.


    1. Rock Smash (Would be useful alot during the journey; unlocked after beating General 1)
    2. Cut (Used somewhat, but not really required much after getting past 4; unlocked after beating General 2)
    3. Strength (Would be used quite often, and is required to get through; after beating General 3)
    4. Dig (Not required to get through, but help when trying to enter deep cave tunnels) & 5. Shadow Crawl (Required to sneak past guards and through tough areas) (Both unlocked after beating General 4)
    6. Fly (Useful, but not necessary. Won't acquire this HM until aftr beating General 6; unlocked after beating General 5)
    7. Surf & 8. Lava Flow (Will acquire these HMs right after beating General 5, but cannot be used until after beating General 6)
    9. Dive (Required to reach Outpost 8, and can be used to reach certain areas within the Empire Castle; unlocked after beating General 7)
    10. Rock Climb (Require to get through the Empire Castle; unlocked after beating General 8)

    Now, I know some may complain about the HM system, but seeing as this is a new hack, and my first go at trying to make one, it's best to leave the system how it has been for now. If we can change things around a bit later on then we will do so, but until then this is how the HM set will stay.

    I also have sets of pseudo-legendaries. One is the Draconian Trio:

    Hawdrex the Draconian Bird

    Gladigantrus the Draconian Gladiator

    Pydravorm the Draconian Worm

    And the other is the Mystic Triangle:

    Monsooki the Forest Trickster

    Anubitsune the Spirit Walker

    Kapawatiki the Swamp Child

    There is another Legendary thta isn't one available for catching, and in some cases isn't considered a Pokémon at all.
    True Form

    For anyone wishing to join this priject feel free to apply, any and all are welcome, even if you only plan to be a game tester or a spectator. My main concern is that I need a programmer/hacker to deal with the coding, if anyone who views this is or knows a game hacker, please let me know. Thank you and enjoy.
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  2. jetwhiskey

    jetwhiskey Black Belt

    Nov 22, 2012
    More to the project, those of you who are not familiar with our DeviantArt Group profile I would like to give you the chance to check out the works we have there: http://pokemon-underground.deviantart.com/

    This is our new logo for the project team.

    And these are a few pieces of art that Co-Founder Serpentnight http://serpentnight2350.deviantart.com/ made that go along with the project, one of the imagery of Fire Starter Evolution Blazark, and the design for the Player/Trainers.




    So if you notice these and you want express your comments on them please go to his DA page and tell him, because he deserves alot of credit for this.
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  3. jetwhiskey

    jetwhiskey Black Belt

    Nov 22, 2012
    Alright, I've started making a plot-line for how this will go, right now all I've got is a partial Mapping Guide as to how things will go. The script, information, and details will come later.

    Mapping list and details:

    Start: Isle of Emergence
    >Thunder Tribe: Start of Howling Thunder (Rival Tribe of other two)
    >Flame Tribe: Start of Roaring Flame (Rival Tribe of other two)
    > Ice Tribe: Start of Rumbling Ice (Rival Tribe of other two)
    >Tunnel of Elders: Island Shaman gives you your first Pokémon to choose, and you fight both rivals from the other two tribes

    Magma Route 1: Leads to Uno Isle

    Uno Isle Path: Fight Trainers and Wild Pokémon

    Magma Route 2: Leads to Dos Isle

    Dos Isle Path: Fight Trainers and Wild Pokémon, find first Traveling Shaman

    Magma Route 3: Leads to Tres Isle

    Tres Isle: Location of Capulica Village, home of Outpost 1 and First General
    > Village Shaman shows you the area, and explains the game. Leads you into Shaman Temple (Replaces Pokémon Centers) and Introduces you to Healer (Nurse), Mage (Replaces the PC), and Trader (Buy and Sell).
    >Fight Outpost Guards and Defeat General ???
    >Obtain ??? Seal and TM from General
    > Village Shaman stops you on your way out and gives you HM Rock Smash

    Magma Route 4: Leads to Quadro Isle

    Quadro Isle Path: Fight Trainers and Wild Pokémon, meet up with Rivals, one leaves while the other stays to fight

    Magma Route 5: Leads to Jeweled Continent, and Docks of Embra Village

    Embra Village: First Step of the Jeweled Continent
    > Visit Shaman Temple, find other Rival there and discover that Theives have been through and stolen Pokémon and Items
    >You and Rival leave Temple and head out to find them

    Route 1: Leads to Breachfort Village, Location of 2nd Outpost
    > On the way to the next village, guards stop you, but your Rival picks a fight with them allowing you to escape towards the village in search of the Theives

    Breachfort Village: Outpost 2
    > You ask around the village about the Theives until finally General ??? leaves his Outpost and confronts you. He sees the seal of General ???, and decides to help you find the Theives.
    >You and the General head out the village

    Route 2: Leads to Route 3
    >The General runs off to route 3, saying he may know where the theives are. You have to walk through the route, fighting trainers and wild Pokémon.

    Route 3: Location of Theives Hideout, and leads to Route 4
    > You find the General standing around near a rock formation, and signals you to use rock smash on it. You break through and find the Theives Hideout.
    > The General runs in and begins to fight the theives, telling you to keep going and find their stash.
    > You continue in and fight off waves of theives. You go up a set of stairs to find a hallway full of doors, each is a personal room for one of the theives.
    > You go up onther set of stairs to find the large Dining Hall and Throne room of the Theif Leader. The Leader isn't in sight so you head for the door at the back of the room, and are ambushed.
    >You fight the Leader and beat her. The General shows up and scares off the other theives. The two of you enter through the door to find the stash, and the General has his men take the stolen goods back to where it belongs.
    > Before he leaves, the General tells you to come challenege him at the outpost, and then leaves. This gives you a chance to look around and pick up items, one of which is the HM Cut, which was dropped by one of the guards.
    > You head back to Breachfort Village

    Breachfort Village: Outpost 2
    > You enter the outpost and head directly up to the General without fighting any guards.
    > You Fight and beat him, obtaining the ??? Seal and a TM, you can now use cut outside of battle.
    > You head back to route 3, and continue on to route 4.

    Route 4: Leads to Twingem Village, the first fork on your road to the Empire

    Twingem Village:

    Route 5: Leads to Amethyst Village

    Amethyst Village:

    Twingem Village:

    Route 6: Leads to Garnet Village and Dock

    Magma Route 6: Leads to Zircon Isle Docks

    Route 7: Leads from Docks to Golem Village

    Garnet Village:

    Route 6: Leads to Route 8

    Route 8: Leads to Route 9

    Route 9: Leads to Riverfort Village

    Riverfort Village: 3rd Outpost

    Route 8: Leads to Route 10

    Route 10: Leads across bridge to Peridot Isle, location of Tarzipo Village

    Tarzipo Village: Docks of Peridot

    Magma Route 7: Leads to Citrine Isle, location of Citrifort Village.

    Citrifort Village: 4th Outpost

    Tarzipo Village:

    Route 10: Leads to route 8, or to Tunnel Route 1 (Use Dig to enter)

    Tunnel Route 1 (Optional): Leads to Route 11

    Route 11: Leads from Amethyst Village to Route 12

    Route 12: Leads to Route 13 (inaccessible), to Tunnel Route 2 (inaccessible), and to Route 14:

    Route 14: Leads to Diamondfort Village

    Diamondfort Village: 5th Outpost

    Route 13: Leads to Magmole Village

    Magmole Village: Docks

    Magma Route 8: Leads to 1st of Tourmaline Isles

    Tourmaline Isle 1: Path

    Magma Route 9: Leads to 2nd of Tourmaline Isles

    Tourmaline Isle 2: Path

    Magma Route 10: Leads to 3rd of Tourmaline Isles

    Tourmaline Isle 3: Path

    Magma Route 11: Leads to 4th of the Tourmaline Isle, location of Opalfort Village

    Opalfort Village: 6th Outpost, leads to Tunnel Route 4 (inaccessible)

    Magma Routes 11-8 (Optional): Battle Trainers and wild Pokémon

    Diamondfort Village (can bypass routes with Fly):

    Route 15: Leads to Turquoise Lake, Surf to Lakepost 1

    Lakepost 1: Fork between Routes 16 and 17 (inaccessible)

    Route16: Surf to Lakepost 2

    Lakepost 2:

    Route 18: Surf to Lakepost 3

    Lakepost 3:

    Route 19: Surf to land and then leads to Marshfort Village

    Marshfort Village: 7th Outpost

    Route 20: Leads to Route 21

    Route 21: Leads to Turquoise Lake

    Route 22: Surf to Lakepost 4

    Lakepost 4:

    Route 23: Surf to Lakepost 5

    Lakepost 5: Fork between Routes 24 (inaccessible) and 25

    Route 25: Surf to Aquafort Village

    Aquafort Village Outer: Dive to Underwater Tunnel

    Aquafort Village Inner: 8th Outpost, Final General

    Route 24: Surf to Lakefort 6

    Lakefort 6:

    Route 26: Leads to Empire Caste, Tunnel Route 2, and Tunnel Route 3 (inaccessible)

    Empire Castle: Take on the Elite Guard and Fight the Prince

    Route 27: Leads to Isle of Legends

    Isle of Legends: Entrance to Fire Jungle (Roaring Flame), Electric Forest (Howling Thunder), and Ice Mountain (Rumbling Ice)

    This is all I have so far, and I don't have names for the villages/towns, the Generals (gym leaders), or the seals(badges) that you receive from them. I also don't know what themes I'm going to use for each Outpost (Gym). If anyone has any suggestions I'd like to hear them.
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  4. Luxman

    Luxman School Kid

    Nov 24, 2012
    Where is the download for this?!
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  5. jetwhiskey

    jetwhiskey Black Belt

    Nov 22, 2012
    There isn't one, it's still in progress. We don't even have any programmers for it yet.
  6. Luxman

    Luxman School Kid

    Nov 24, 2012
    I'll be sure to check in every now and then
    Just in case.
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