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Pokemon X & Y Review

Discussion in 'Pokémon General' started by Gemini, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Gemini

    Gemini "The Explorer"

    Mar 29, 2013
    Pokémon X & Y were the newest highly anticipated Pokémon games since they were first confirmed back in January of 2013. Pokémon X and Y are the first real 3d Pokémon main series games; the games feature a 3d world, 3d battles, 3d models of buildings and 3d Pokémon. Generation 6 brings the number of Pokémon to way over 700.

    This generation of Pokémon brings three new starters, Chespin (Grass type), Froakie (water type) and finally Fennekin (fire type).


    In Pokémon X & Y, your journey takes place in the Kalos Region; this region is based of the lovely country of France. This was a shocking development to many, but truthfully it brought so many beautiful elements to this game that you really appreciate how nice everything is. Pokémon X & Y brings a new language selection feature right from the game cartridge itself and not from where you purchased your 3DS.Pokémon X & Y also brings a new type the Fairy Type, this was the first time since Pokémon Gold and Silver that a new type was introduced; Gold and Silver brought the Dark Type and the Steel Type. Pokémon X & Y also brings a new in-game mini game called Pokémon-Amie, a new type of evolution called Mega evolution, two new battle styles: Sky Battles and Horde Battles and a new impressive system called the Pokémon Search System. Also, there is a new Fairy type gym!!.

    Language Feature:
    For the first time in Pokémon history, players now have the option to select any language from the game cartridge itself.Please be aware that once you select a language yo can not change it!!.

    Language features comments:
    This was a great feature and has allowed players to purchase 3DS consoles without worrying about the consoles being in a language that they can not understand.

    In Pokémon X & Y, you play the protagonist who is either a boy or a girl depending on which gender you picked at the game's opening menu. Your character is a teenager from Vaniville Town who along with their childhood friend Calem/Serena{depending on your character's gender} and their new friends Shauna, Tierno and Trevor go on a journey to explore the very vast region of Kalos, collect badges, challege gym leaders and compete with each other to become the Pokémon Master. In Pokémon X & Y, you don't meet the Professor (Sycamore) until a little later in the game. When you meet the professor, he asks you if you can help him find out more information about the mysterious mega evolution.

    Storyline comments:
    Due to the fact that you don't talk to the professor until later on during the game you have a very big gap of time which you can meet and battle a wide variety of Pokémon, time to train said Pokémon and enough time to get a very good feel about the game. The storyline itself is very rich and detailed; you not only have to do the Pokémon master quest {battling gym leaders & collecting badges},you also have to explore Kalos and find as much info as you can about Mega Evolution. As you continue to go deeper into Kalos you start to find out information about it's history, a previous war and a sinister plot to take over the world.

    Pokémon X & Y has improved & refined gameplay elements. First off, for the first time you can switch Pokémon, heal them and give them items just with your stylus; what this means is that you no longer have to go into your bag or any menu's. Another new element is that if you battle wild Pokémon or trainers every Pokémon on your team now gets experience. Also, playing online and with friends is now a major aspect to your gaming experience {you can trade with people as soon as you get your first Pokémon}and players can send O-powers and items to each other.

    Another couple of things included in gameplay are Mega evolutions and the new fairy type.

    ~Mega Evolutions~


    Mega Evolution is an entirely new evolutionary state. This new type of evolution takes place in battle, Pokémon that Mega evolve can have different stats, abilities and even a different type!!. In order for a Pokémon to Mega Evolve they need to be holding a special mega stone that is unique to their species. At the end of the battle a Pokémon will revert back to there regular form.Also you can only have one Mega Evolution Pokémon in battle. Mega evolution can drastically change battles and strategies; plus it brings a new element to the game.

    ~Player Search System~

    Pokémon X and Y have a new pen pal system called the Player Search system. The Player Search System can be looked to as a combination of the C-gear and the Pal Pad. This system allows you to search for other players locally or Globally (Wi-fi). The people that you interact with are split into three categories: Friends, Acquaintances and the Pass by group; the more you interact with a certain individual the faster they can be your friend. The Pokémon Player Search System will be able to synch with your DS's friend list. It also includes these features:

    Holo Caster:
    Let's you see the feelings/ Actions of your friends

    ~O Powers~
    Similar to Pass powers and can be sent and received to other players. Also Some O-Powers will temporarily increase a Pokémon's stats, while others make it easier to catch wild Pokémon or increase the Experience Points gained in battle. O-powers can even be received by the NPC Mr. Bonding.

    ~Wonder Trade~
    Allows you to trade with people around the world. It also allows you to receive Pokémon without knowing what you'll get. Also for the first time ever we will be able to receive Pokémon not yet registered in the Pokédex via GTS.

    Controls & Skating:

    The circle pad while allowing us to go in any direction you want can be annoying. It can cause you to go into buildings that you don't want to go in. Skating, a new game mechanic is a very neat replacement of the running shoes; it allows you to ride the various rails throughout Kalos and you can even perform a lot of tricks.

    Camera's & Graphics:
    The Camera in X & Y directs you to the scenery in the game and sometimes changes all together to a overhead view. What can be annoying {especially in Lumiose City}is that sometimes because of the camera angle it's hard to see certain buildings and because of this you may enter a wrong building, cave etc. On the other hand, the camera angle shows the beauty of the Kalos region especially the flowers, castles, and buildings/ Cafes.

    The Graphics are ok. In terms of the scenery, the world of Kalos is very beautiful and detailed. The scenery is lovely to look at and you can tell that GameFreak were really trying to capture that beauty aspect. The buildings while detailed are repetitious and you can tell that some of them are just repeated models. But there are some buildings {mostly the castles, and gyms}, that are very unique in their style.

    ~Gym leaders & Elite four~


    While the gym leader's and elite four member's of the Kalos region are unique there are some cases where the game is going so fast that you can easily forget their name, gym type and even what city or town that they are the gym leader of.

    + New type of evolution: Mega evolution
    + New Type: Fairy {this was a great addition especially since the last time we had new types were gen 2}
    + Impressive Online system
    + New Pokémon are impressive and very unique
    + Character Customization
    + Built in Language system
    + Nice Animations {especially when Pokémon faint}
    + New EXP Share is great for training your team and for new players to the series

    -Only 69 new Pokémon
    - Post game content is N/A
    - Annoying ads in PSS menu (Player Search System)
    - Sky Battles are highly limited
    -Easily forgettable Gym Leader's
    - A.I trainers are not very smart
    - Camera can be highly annoying

    Edit: This review has been completely written by me, photos have been either hosted or borrowed with Imgur (my Imgur account) and google.
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  2. tuxtuxman

    Mar 11, 2014
    Great review but why is this in the other consoles section?
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