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Gameplay Journal Pokemon Y Automata challenge (Test run)

Discussion in 'Other Pokémon Games' started by guest, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. guest

    Dec 18, 2014
    Going to be doing a few runs of Pokémon Y with self-made rules applied based on Nier: Automata(the androids got me good OTL) to see if the rule set works in a decently challenging way. Here's hoping it goes well!
    The challenge takes rules from the classic nuzlocke challenge with the main spin being a faction system and type limitations.

    There're 3 factions: Android, Pacifist, and Machine. The following rules are universal:

    ◉You can only catch one Pokémon per route. Duplicates not allowed.
    ◉Must nickname all Pokémon caught (optional: preset designations for android players).
    ◉Healing items are permitted, except for revives.
    ◉If a Pokémon is knocked out, it must be boxed immediately and cannot be used until the following gym leader has been defeated.
    ◉You cannot run from any battles.
    ◉Once you've entered a gym you cannot leave until the leader is defeated.
    ◉If all Pokémon in your team are incapacitated(you black out), you lose the run.

    Type limitations are as follows:

    Android faction
    Android types permitted (Fire, Fighting, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Poison)
    Pacifist types permitted (Normal, Flying, Fairy, Bug, Grass, Ground)

    Machine types are prohibited (Water, Steel, Electric, Dragon, Psychic, Rock)

    Pacifist faction
    Pacifist types permitted (Normal, Flying, Fairy, Bug, Grass, Ground)
    Dual type Android/Machine types are permitted.

    Android types and Android/Pacifist types are prohibited (Fire, Fighting, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Poison)
    Machine types and Machine/Pacifist types are prohibited (Water, Steel, Electric, Dragon, Psychic, Rock)

    Machine faction
    Machine types permitted (Water, Steel, Electric, Dragon, Psychic, Rock)
    Pacifist types permitted (Normal, Flying, Fairy, Bug, Grass, Ground)

    Android types are prohibited (Fire, Fighting, Dark, Ghost, Ice, Poison)

    For this run I will be playing under the Android faction and updating after every gym battle. Here's hoping it goes well! ♥
    Let me know what you guys think of the ruleset and run as a whole! *_*

    Let's goooo~!

    We're talking to Sycamore somehow, is this a recording or something? We aren't going to be introduced for a while, hmm... Gave my character the designation 1S (scanner model android) here.
    And now we're waking up? So it was some kind of dream? I haven't even met this guy! Got dressed and headed downstairs to tell mother to control her delinquent bird.
    Alas she does not listen and we have to socialise outside (nightmare scenario). Some kids are hanging around by the front door which isn't weird at all. Calem and Shauna summon 1S to Aquacorde for sneaky business on the request of dream raider Sycamore. Not only socialising outside but travelling to another town? How dare?
    There're more kids hanging out in Aquacorde, these ones trying to peer pressure 1S into their weird social convention of 'nicknaming'. Denied.
    We receive out partner Pokémon! Chespin is the only option so we go with that (water type and psychic type are prohibited).

    650D (defender model) added to the squad!
    Trevor and Tierno also give us a Pokédex and letter to be delivered to mother dearest so we're off on walkies again. :furious:
    Shauna fancies a fight so we knock her new friend out for her. Dream team.
    Drop off the letter and nick off with a town map while mother thirsts over a stranger. Rhyhorn steals our pocket money one last time before we're off to assert our dominance over everything and everyone in Kalos.
    Bypassed the scripted encounter on Route 2 cause we're not about that life.

    10G (gunner model) added to the squad!
    Calem teaches us how to catch Pokémon after we've already caught a Pokémon. Shauna still doesn't get it so she's gonna tail us through Santalune Forest instead of figuring this stuff out herself. Free healing I guess, whatever.

    513A (attack model) added to the squad!
    Lucky encounter given how many panpour keep jumping out at us. Decent experience for 650D /shrug

    10G evolves into metapod!
    These kids have followed us through the entire forest, are they observing 1S..? I guess she is a foreign element here. Exudes talent because I'm controlling her B)
    We escape the forest and discuss our life plans on Route 3. Tierno and Trevor want to make contributions to Pokémon study and the rest of us are gonna coast along having a good time.

    399B (battle model) added to the squad!
    I can't evolve this kid so he's going straight to the box. Tierno hovers over us and explains everything about a Pokémon centre while we do so, probably continued talking after we left.
    We're off to Route 22!

    10G evolves into butterfree!

    667G (gunner model) added to the squad!
    We beat someone up and steal their shoes because they wouldn't get out of our way and take on the gym leader, Viola. Pretty easy with ember in the arsenal, rollout too. Took Viola down in a second and took a Bug Badge for ourselves!

    Current team

    650 D
    Lvl13 M
    Wine Whip

    Lvl10 F
    String Shot

    Lvl9 M
    Play Nice

    Lvl13 F
    Work Up

    #1 Jun 5, 2018
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  2. HiddenLore

    Time Master
    (Dialga Egg)
    Level 36
    Mar 25, 2014
    Crown of ValorPoké Ball ★Root Fossil ★★★Beedrillite ★★★★GS Ball ★★★★★
    An interesting idea, similar to the avatar (airbender) rules I have played before. I'm interested to see where this goes.
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