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Pokemon Z

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by sonicdash759, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. sonicdash759

    sonicdash759 Youngster

    Dec 10, 2014
    As the plane descended from the skies, a young girl with brown hair peered out the window to the majestic new region below. Her face showed obvious signs of unhappiness as she began to stare off into space, thinking back to the life she had left behind in the Sinnoh region. She had just started making friends, was a familiar face in her hometown, and was just about to embark on her own adventure across the land. It could've been a wonderful life.

    Sitting in the seat next to the girl was her father who had noticed his daughter's saddened and homesick look. He sighed and gently pet the girls' head. "C'mon Nicole. Don't be so down. We're off to a new region and your mother's waiting to see you. You should be excited!" he said.

    Nicole sighed before taking her father's hand off her head. "I don't want to go to a new region. I wanted to stay in Sinnoh and start my journey as a trainer. I even decided on what Pokémon I wanted! But now...I just...please just leave me alone." she sadly requested.

    Nicole Porter had just turned 10 years old, the perfect age to start a Pokémon journey. Unfortunately, her father had to move due to job concerns just before she could even get her starter Pokémon.
    At a younger age, Nicole always wanted to have her own Pokémon. One she would be proud to call her partner and best friend. When she was enrolled in Trainer's school, her knowledge in the classroom was guaranteed to let her pass.
    Despite her cheerful and optimistic appearance, Nicole was always quiet and had very few friends but she didn't mind this too much.

    Her father frowned. Never before had he seen the girl so depressed. He didn't want Nicole to feel so alone and upset so he pulled out a Pokéball from his coat pocket. "Say...do you remember that Eevee you would always play with after you came home from trainer's school?" he asked.

    Nicole sighed. "She was my best friend...she even saved me from a Starly attack one time...I bet she misses me a lot." the girl then noticed the Pokéball in her father's hand and her face instantly lit up. "I-Is that the...You caught the Eevee?!" she asked excitedly.

    Nicole's father nodded with a smile before placing the ball in her hand. "She's your Pokémon now. Take good care of her." he advised.

    Later on the ground, the airplane unloaded its passengers and the first to exit was a super excited Nicole Porter who had gone far ahead of her father. Not wanting to wait another second, Nicole enlarged the ping-pong sized ball to the size of a baseball and threw it down. "C'mon out Eve!" she exclaimed.

    The ball hit the tiled floor, immediately bursting open in a bright flash of light and the Pokémon inside was converted from data to matter in seconds. When the light faded, Nicole found herself standing in front of a small fluffy fox-like creature with long pointed ears, a cream-colored scruff, and a poofy tail with a cream-colored tip. "Eevee." it cried before noticing a familiar face. "Vee? Eev Eevee!!" Eve squealed in absolute happiness before gently using a Tackle attack on the girl and sending her to the ground.

    Nicole laughed, not minding the impact. After a few years of being close friends, a Tackle had become Eve's way of greeting her and Nicole had become used to the slight pain. "It's great to see you too Eve! I really thought I was gonna have to leave ya behind!" she said before pulling her friend into a loving nuzzle then getting back onto her feet, dusting off her beige UGG boots, jeans, and lavender sleeveless shirt.

    The Eevee smiled and climbed onto the girl's shoulder as she dusted herself off. "Vee? Eevee...?" it squeaked in curiosity, observing the surroundings.

    Nicole turned her head towards the Pokémon on her shoulder, slightly able to understand its speech but still uncertain. "Hm? Well...I think it's called Lumoise City. My mom told me it's really big and busy in the city." she explained before realizing something. "Wait a minute...DAD! Oh no! I lost him didn't I? I should've stayed close to him!" she exclaimed, frantically looking around for any sign of her father.

    Eve frowned before sniffing the air and catching a faint but familiar scent. "Eevee...Vee Eevee!" she squeaked before jumping from the girl's shoulder, landing on the tiled floor, and gesturing for the girl to follow. "Eevee!"

    Nicole caught onto what Eve was trying to say and nodded before following her friend.

    After sometime of searching, Nicole and Eve felt they were getting closer but quickly grew exhausted. So they decided to take a quick break on a nearby bench before continuing.

    "Whew...Ok Eve...Let's take it easy for a bit. I'm getting tired..." she panted, taking a seat on the bench before lifting her friend onto her lap.

    Eve nodded in agreement as she lied down on the girls leg. "Vee...Eev." she tiredly squeaked before eventually noticing a familiar figure nearby. "Eevee! Eev!"

    Nicole quizzically tilted her head before following the Normal-type's gaze and noticing the same figure. "Hey you're right! There's my dad!" she happily said before a sudden burst of energy got her off the bench and made her run to her father with Eve following behind. "Found ya daddy!" she exclaimed upon wrapping her arms around the man.

    Nicole's father recoiled for a moment before sighing and hugging her daughter back. "There you are Nicole. Where have you been? I thought I told you to stay close." he lightly scolded, looking down at her.

    The girl frowned. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't wait to bring Eve out of her ball and I know that you can't send out a Pokémon when people are getting on or off the plane so I ran out here to send her out and play a little then I remembered about what you said and I-" she was cut off when a hand was put over her mouth.

    The father sighed but gave a forgiving smile at the girl. "I think I've heard enough. I know you two are best friends and love to spend time with each other but sometimes you just need to be patient with each other. I'm pretty sure you can last a few minutes without company from each other." he said.

    Nicole nodded understandingly. "O-Ok. I'm sorry dad. I promise it won't happen again. Right Eve?" she asked, looking down to the Normal-type sitting next to her.

    "Eevee!" it nodded in agreement.

    Nicole's father nodded. "Now, I'm going to a job interview here in Lumoise City so you'll have to go to Vaniville Town without me Nicole but don't worry. I've arranged a taxi service for you so the trip should be an easy one." he explained.

    Nicole blinked. "Really?? I'm-er I mean we're going to Vaniville by ourselves?" she asked.

    The father nodded again. "Don't worry. Just look for a sign with your name on it. The man holding it will drive you two into Vaniville and once you get there, just look for your mother. She'll be happy to see you two again. Think you can do that?" he asked.

    Nicole and Eve nodded before hugging their father goodbye and walking off towards the exit.

    Later in Vaniville Town, a blue taxi cab pulled up in front of a 2-story middle-class house. It had a nice european look to it with an orange tiled roof, windows with shutters, and streetlamps on both sides of the outside of the driveway.

    Nicole kindly thanked the driver with a badly accented "Au-revoir" before running to the front door where a blonde-haired woman wearing a black shirt, green dress, and white shoes was waiting with outstretched arms. "Nicole! It's so wonderful to see you again! How is my baby angel?" she asked, hugging her daughter.

    Nicole giggled as she hugged her mother back. "Hi mom! I've been good! It's nice to see you again too!" she replied before turning back to Eve. "And guess who came along with me!" she said.

    Nicole's mother turned to face the Normal-type but blinked. "Eve came here too? But she's a wild Pokémon." she then noticed a small round object in Nicole's pocket and beamed. "You caught her?! Your very first Pokémon?!" she asked excitedly.

    Nicole shook her head. "Nope. My dad caught her but gave her to me. But she still counts as my very first Pokémon! Right Eve?" she asked.

    Eve nodded in satisfaction. "Vee! Eevee Eevee Eev!" she squeaked.

    Nicole's mother chuckled. "Alright then. I guess that makes Eve a family member now. Welcome home sweetie!" she said.

    The Eevee smiled. "Eevee!" it replied.

    Nicole's mother smiled. "Alright you two. I'm sure you must be exhausted from all that traveling. Let's get you inside so you can rest up while I get dinner ready!" she said.

    Nicole smiled along with Eve. "Great! I can't wait till dinner! I'm starving!" she hungrily said.

    Eve agreed, hungry as well. "Eevee Eev!"

    As evening approached and the streetlights that filled Vaniville came on, Nicole was in her new bedroom, sitting at her desk with a laptop in front of her as she randomly surfed the web while Eve was happily curled up on Nicole's bed, fast asleep.

    After some time of browsing, Nicole closed the lid with a soft sigh before looking to the Pokémon asleep with its head against the pillow and smiling. "Wakey wakey Eve. You don't wanna miss dinner do you?" she asked, gently nudging the Normal-type.

    Eve slowly opened her eyes and stretched before turning to Nicole with a feeling of welcome and comfort. "Vee? Eevee." she squeaked.

    Nicole chuckled before laying in bed next to her friend. "Glad to see you enjoying yourself." the girl said before a look of slight worry and uncertainty came to her. "Erm...Can I ask you something?" she asked.

    Eve nodded, slightly confused as to why Nicole would suddenly look so nervous. "Eevee."

    The brown-haired girl took a deep breath. "How close do you think we are as friends? I've just been thinking about starting my journey as a Pokémon Trainer and of course, I'd need my own Pokémon for protection." she explained.

    Eve beamed and jumped into Nicole's arms in glee at the thought of joining her childhood friend on a journey to explore the wide region of Kalos and meet many kinds of Pokémon. "VEE!! Eevee!!" she loudly squealed with excitement.

    Nicole laughed as the Normal-type jumped into her arms before pulling the Pokémon into a loving nuzzle. "Ok! Ok! Take it easy Eve! Dad said to be patient ok?" she said before setting the Eevee back down next to her. "Ok. I guess we're pretty close friends then. But can I trust you to do your best? To be there for me?" the girl asked.

    Eve nodded before striking a confident and fearless pose. "Vee!" she cried.

    Nicole giggled. "Ok Eve. I guess we're feeling pretty confident about this!" she said, about to continue until hearing a voice from downstairs.

    "Nicole! Eve! Dinner's ready!" The mother called.

    Seated at the dining table, the mother and daughter enjoyed their meal while the Eevee happily ate from a pet bowl on the floor next to the chair her trainer was seated at.

    Nicole swallowed before looking to her mother with anxious but slightly nervous eyes. "So mom...I-I've been thinking about becoming a Pokémon Trainer but since I just moved from Sinnoh...I'd have to start here in Kalos. Would you let me go?" she asked.

    Nicole's mother sighed before looking to her daughter with a slightly concerned look on her face. "Well honey, I think becoming a Pokémon Trainer could something good for you. But do you truly think you're ready to be out in the world all by yourself? First off, I remember that you used to be afraid of Pokémon when you were little...well except for Eve of course. And second, you were and still are kinda shy. I'm just a bit worried about you sweetie." she explained.

    Nicole nodded with a soft smile. "I'm not that scared anymore mom! If I ever get into trouble, Eve's gonna be there to help me out. Right Eve?" she asked, looking down at her friend.

    Eve nodded. "Vee!" she replied with food in her mouth.

    Nicole's mother smiled. "Well...Give me some time to think about it first then we'll talk. But right now, it's time to get ready for bed with you two. I can tell that you and Eve have had a long day." she said.

    Nicole and Eve nodded before getting up and heading upstairs to their room. "Alright then. Goodnight mom."

    The mother smiled. "Goodnight you two. Sleep tight."

    After the usual teeth-brushing, cleaning up the room, and slipping on some pajamas, Nicole climbed into bed along with Eve, ready for a trip to dreamland until a thought came over the girl's mind.

    "Hey Eve. You still awake?" she asked, looking to her friend curled up next to her on the pillow.

    Eve turned to face Nicole, looking wide awake. "Eev. Eevee?" she squeaked, nodding her head in reply to the girl's question then looking at her with curious eyes.

    Nicole smiled before gently petting the Normal-type on the head. "I just thought of something. Do you know what you want to evolve into? Of course that's what EVERY Eevee thinks about but I'm just curious. It's ok if you're still thinking about it." she asked.

    Eve pondered for a moment before jumping off the bed, scampering over to a bookshelf, pulling out a book, and bringing it over to Nicole then flipping through pages using the tip of her tail.

    Nicole was rather surprised her friend had the intelligence to flip through a book. Then again, she has heard of other Pokémon capable of other things such as releasing a Pokémon from its ball or even breaking out of its own!

    Eve stopped upon reaching a page with artistic illustrations of the different 'Eevee-lutions'. "Vee! Eevee....Eevee...Eev!" it exclaimed, placing a paw over a blue four-legged creature with a dolphin-like tail and fins on its head.

    Nicole nodded upon seeing her friend's choice. "A Vaporeon. That's what you want to evolve into?" she asked.

    The Eevee gave a nod of confirmation. "Eevee Vee Eev!" it answered.

    Nicole smiled. "I'll definitely keep that in mind. So I'm guessing you're a powerful swimmer?" she questioned.

    Eve slightly blushed and nodded. "Vee." she answered again.

    Nicole chuckled before closing the book and putting it in her nightstand drawer. "No need to feel embarrassed Eve! I actually love to go swimming too! I'm kinda surprised that we've been best friends for a long time and we never knew that about each other." she said before yawning tiredly. "Ok Eve. We can talk about it in the morning but right now, let's try to get some shut-eye. Something tells me tomorrow's gonna be a big day for us."

    Eve smiled and nodded before curling up against Nicole's chest and lying down. "Vee EevEev ." she cooed.

    Nicole knew very well what her friend said. She smiled and wrapped her arm around Eve before pulling the covers over the two and closing her eyes. "Night Eve." she replied before drifting off to sleep.

    The next morning, Nicole walked through the streets of Vaniville with Eve happily riding on her shoulder. "Wow. Vaniville sure is fancy-looking." she said, looking around at the buildings and houses.

    "Vee! Eev Eevee." squeaked the little Eevee, glancing around at the many houses and buildings.

    Nicole chuckled. "I couldn't agree more Eve. I wonder if this place has OOF!" she suddenly bumped into another girl with blonde hair. "Oh! I'm so sorry miss! I didn't see you there!" Nicole apologized nervously.

    The newcomer gave a reassuring smile before briefly dusting off her black sleeveless shirt, red skirt, black knee-high socks, and matching shoes. "It's fine! Vaniville can be kind of distracting sometimes." she looked back up and curiously stared. "Wait...aren't you the new girl? Nicole Porter?" she asked.

    Nicole sheepishly nodded. "Uh...y-yes. How'd you know my name?"

    The stranger smiled again. "Your mom came over a few days ago and told us that you were moving in. Welcome to Kalos by the way! Anyways I should probably introduce myself. My name's Serena!" she cheerfully said before offering a handshake.

    Nicole slightly smiled back and accepted the handshake. "I'm Nicole and this is Eve. It's nice to meet you too Serena." she replied.

    Serena nodded. "Eve huh? Your mom told me she's expecting you to start your journey as a trainer. I'm guessing she's gonna be your Pokémon to start out with?" she asked.

    Nicole nodded. "I'd hate to just leave her at home while I'm out on an adventure. Besides, she knows what she wants to evolve into and I'm gonna help her get there!" Nicole said.

    "Vee Eev Eevee!" the Normal-Type squeaked in agreement.

    Serena chuckled. "I'd ask what she wants to evolve into but I don't want to spoil it for myself. Anyways, I should probably get going. Tomorrow's a big day and I got to prepare!"

    Nicole nodded. "Oh. Alright then! I guess I'll see you around."

    Serena nodded back. "Right. See ya later!" she said before running towards home.

    Nicole watched her go before turning to Eve. "Guess we should be heading home too. Maybe mom's finally decided if I can become a trainer." She said, beginning to walk home until noticing the gates to Vaniville Town were open.

    "Vee...? Eevee?" squeaked a now curious Eve, following her friends gaze.

    "Hmm...I wonder what's out here..." she pondered. Curiosity had gotten the best of them as they stepped out of Vaniville Town into the small and quiet path of Route 1.

    The two looked around and amazement. "Whoa...This place is taking nature to the next level! I don't think I've ever felt so calm and peaceful before." she exclaimed.

    Eve nodded in agreement before hopping off the girls shoulder to the ground below. "Eev! Eevee Eevee." she happily squeaked before one of her ears twitched at the sound of rustling nearby. "Vee?"

    Nicole curiously glanced down. "Huh? What is it Eve?" she asked before following the Pokémon's gaze to the shaking patch of tall grass. "O-Ok! M-Maybe we should get going now!" she said.

    Suddenly, a wild Pokémon in the grass leaped out and attacked! "FLETCHLING!!"

    Nicole and Eve quickly dove out of the way. "YIKES!" they glanced back up, now terrified. "I should've known wild Pokémon live out here!" she said.

    Eve sweatdropped before getting back up and frantically urging Nicole to follow. "Vee EevEev! Vee!!" she cried.

    Nicole got up as well before running in the direction of Vaniville only to stop in front of the bird Pokémon, keeping them from passing. "Oh no! I guess running isn't an option. We'll have to fight it!" she exclaimed.

    Eve nodded and readied herself, awaiting orders from her trainer. "Eevee!"

    The wild Fletchling moved first and stabbed the Normal-Type with its sharp beak in a Peck attack! "Ling!!"

    "Eve!!" Nicole screamed.

    Eve stumbled backwards but quickly shook off the impact and readied herself. "Vee Vee Eevee!" she squeaked, reassuring her trainer with a confident smile.

    Nicole nodded in understanding. "Hopefully it's just something minor. Now...I think it's our turn to strike. Use...uh...T-Tackle?" she nervously ordered, unsure of what attacks her friend even knew. "Y-Yeah! Use Tackle!"

    Eve lunged forward and fell on the opponent with damaging force! "Vee!!"

    The wild Fletchling got back up with ease as if the attack did nothing before using another peck in retaliation this time with much more force! "Fletch...LING!!"

    Eve rolled backwards, eventually coming to a stop and struggling to stand. "E-Eev...Eevee." she weakly cried.

    Nicole gasped and rushed over. "Eve! Are you ok?!" she asked worriedly.

    Eve nodded, still feeling strong enough to fight. She stood up and awaited orders. "E-Eevee!"

    Nicole frowned. "Please try to be careful. Use another Tackle but hit harder this time!" she commanded.

    Eve lunged forward once again and applied more force to land harder on the opponent.

    The wild Fletchling tumbled backwards before weakly flapping its wings to get back up. It eventually did and got airborne to land one last powerful Peck. "Fletchling!!" it screamed.

    Nicole beamed, thinking it was giving up but then saw it coming back down, aiming at her partner! "Eve! Watch out!!" she warned.

    Eve quickly looked up to see the bird Pokémon nosediving right at her. "Eevee!!" she squeaked before scurrying out of the way.

    The Fletchling quickly panicked and broke out of its attack to stop itself from slamming into the ground. "Fletchling!!"

    Nicole smiled as she saw an opening. "Hurry Eve! Use Tackle one more time!!" she exclaimed.

    Eve lunged at the bird Pokémon for the last time with full force! "Eevee!!"

    The wild Fletchling took notice and quickly flapped its wings to get away only to be knocked off balance and sent flying to the ground. "Ling!" it tried to get up but to no avail.

    The wild Fletchling had fainted.

    Nicole paused to let the sight before her sink in. "W-We...did it! Our first battle together...and we won! Eve we won!!" she exclaimed before running over and scooping up the Normal-Type into a victory hug.

    Eve beamed despite the pain and hugged her friend back. "Vee!! Eevee EevEev!" she gleefully squealed.

    Nicole smiled before sighing. "That was intense wasn't it?" she asked.

    The Eevee nodded. "Eevee!"

    Nicole chuckled. "Well, It's over now and we did it! I think we're definitely ready to go on an adventure but I don't think we should let mom know about this. She'd probably flip!"

    "Actually, I'd be very proud of you two. Congratulations!" said a voice.

    Nicole turned around with Eve still in her arms. Both of them were surprised to find Nicole's mother standing behind them! "Mom! Uh...how long have you been standing there? Did you see us battle?" she asked.

    The mother chuckled. "Actually, I was part of the battle. That wild Fletchling is actually a household pet of mine!" she explained. "You see, after you asked me for permission to become a Pokémon Trainer, I wanted to see if you REALLY were ready."

    Nicole and Eve blinked. "So...you fooled us into thinking we were attacked by a wild Pokémon? I don't know whether I should be laughing or mad at you." she said.

    Nicole's mother smiled. "Actually you two should be happy. I've seen more than enough to know that you're ready to become a Pokémon Trainer. Congrats to you both for passing my test." she happily announced.

    Nicole and Eve beamed. "R-Really?! So you think I'm ready to become a trainer!?" she asked excitedly.

    The mother nodded in approval. "Your journey starts tomorrow."

    Nicole threw Eve up in the air in joy before catching her. "Awesome!! I'm gonna be a trainer Eve! I can't wait!!" she exclaimed.

    Nicole's mother chuckled at the two before healing her Fletchling with a quick medicine spray and letting it perch on her head. "Ok girls, settle down! Let's head back home for some lunch then we'll start getting your stuff ready for tomorrow." she said before walking the girls back home.

    After a long day of picking out clothes and other necessities for traveling through Kalos as well as saying good-bye to their mother, Nicole and Eve climbed into bed, excited for tomorrow.

    Nicole layed in bed facing the ceiling, lost in thought. After some time of thinking, she sighed and looked towards Eve who was still awake, curled up against the girl's chest. "Can't sleep either huh?" she asked.

    Eve turned to face her friend and shook her head. "Vee." she softly squeaked.

    Nicole chuckled. "Guess I'm not gonna be restless by myself tonight." she joked. "You must be just as excited for tomorrow as I am. Can you believe it Eve? I'm finally gonna become a Pokémon Trainer and you're gonna be my first Pokémon! How cool is that?" she exclaimed.

    Eve excitedly wagged her fluffy tail with a joyful smile. "Vee Eevee EevEev!" she squeaked.

    Nicole smiled. "Just think about it Eve. There's so many Pokémon out there we haven't seen before. And by tomorrow, we'll be out on a new adventure, meeting tons of friends, traveling to new places, and making lots of new discoveries." she said.

    Eve smiled back before jumping off the bed, scampering to the nightstand, pulling the book out, back to the bed, and flipping to the page with the Vaporeon illustration then placing a paw over it. "Vee?" she turned to the girl with a look of hope in her eyes.

    Nicole giggled. "Don't worry! We'll get to that eventually but let's just wait for now. You still have to toughen up a bit before you can evolve! Ok?" she asked.

    Eve nodded in understanding. "Vee EevEev."

    Nicole nodded back before pulling the Normal-Type close for a hug. "I'm really lucky to have you as my best friend Eve. You remember the first time we met. Don't you?" she asked.

    Eve gave Nicole an affectionate nuzzle before nodding in response. "Eevee."

    It was a chilly autumn day in the surrounding area of Twinleaf Town. School had just gotten out for the day and a young Nicole Porter nervously made her way through Route 201.

    "D-don't worry Nicole...just a little bit left...you can do it." she wearily encouraged herself.

    Just as she was getting close to Twinleaf, a sudden squeak stopped the little girl dead in her tracks.

    Nicole gasped and glanced around in panic. "WAH! Wh-who's there?! Wh-what do you want?!" she questioned the unknown presence. Nicole paused, waiting for a reply. "Hello?"

    The squeak came back sounding louder and in pain.

    Nicole looked around before noticing a small opening in a bush. "H-Hello? I-is anyone there? A-Are you...nice or...mean?" she asked again.

    The thing inside the bush squeaked again. As if answering the girl's questions, it sounded soft and gentle.

    Nicole got to her knees and slowly approached the bush before peering into it.

    Inside was a baby Eevee. It's body was covered in scratches and bruises and its leg appeared to be stuck between two branches. "E-Eevee Eevee!!" it wailed painfully.

    Nicole gasped. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok?? Uh...D-don't worry! I'm gonna get you out!" she said before reaching inside, grabbing one of the baby's paws and pulling hard.

    This only resulted in cries of pain and agony. "EEVEE!!!" the Pokémon screamed.

    Nicole jumped back in fright before realizing what she had done. "EEP! I-I hurt you didn't I? I'm so sorry but I don't think there's any other way I can get you out! Please try to stay calm and don't move. I promise I'll do anything to help you when I get you out." she pleaded.

    The Eevee whimpered in fright but still nodded, desperate to be free again. "Vee!" it cried.

    Nicole nodded back. "It's gonna hurt but I promise you'll be ok! Just try to be still. Please." she pleaded again before grabbing the baby's paws and pulling hard.

    The Eevee fought and struggled to endure the sharp pain as its leg began to slide out from between the two branches. Finally, its leg popped free, sending Nicole backwards with the Eevee in her arms.

    After a few moments of catching her breath, the girl threw her backpack to the ground and zipped it open, searching for some kind of medicine. "Where is it?! Where is it?! OH!! It's not a medicine but it can still help you!" she exclaimed, pulling out an Oran Berry then holding it out to the Eevee. "Eat this! My mommy says Pokémon eat this if they have any owies!" she explained.

    The Eevee curiously sniffed the object in the girls hand before taking a bite and swallowing then proceeding to eat the rest of the berry. "Eevee!!" it happily squeaked, feeling much better after the first bite. It then beamed and gave Nicole a nuzzle as thanks. "Vee Eev!"

    Nicole was surprised at first but soon hugged back. "Uh...you're welcome. I think that means you're all better." she smiled.

    The baby Eevee smiled back before staring at the girl with curious and playful eyes. "Vee?" it squeaked.

    Nicole blinked. "Wh-what? What's wrong?" she paused to try and translate the Pokémon's expression. "Oh um...you want to know who I am?" she asked.

    The Eevee nodded with anticipation. "Eevee!" it squeaked.

    Nicole smiled. "O-ok then. M-my name is Nicole. I'm 5 years old...and uh...my favorite food is cheesecake...?" she said, unsure if all that information was necessary. "W-what about you? I know you're a Pokémon but...what are you? I don't think I've ever seen a Pokémon like you" she said.

    "Eevee." squeaked the Normal-Type.

    Nicole nodded. "Ok. An Eevee. D-do you have a name?"

    The wild Eevee shook its head. "Vee."

    Nicole frowned. "I can give you a name if you want. How about Eve?"

    "Eve? Eevee!" the Pokémon happily cried.

    The girl smiled. "I think that means you like it. Ok then. I'll call you Eve now. It's nice to meet you Eve!" Nicole happily greeted.

    Eve smiled back, wagging her tail. "Eevee Vee Vee EevEev!"

    Nicole and Eve both shared a chuckle as they returned to present time. "And we became best friends from that point on. Right Eve?" the girl asked.

    Eve replied with a nod. "Vee!" she squeaked.

    Nicole smiled. "Anyway...tomorrow's a big day for us. We should get some shut eye."

    Eve nodded before curling up against the girl's chest. "Vee EevEev." she squeaked before falling asleep.

    Nicole sighed as she pulled the covers over her friend and herself. "Night Eve. Sleep well." she said as they both drifted off to sleep.

    As the sun began to rise over the horizon, Nicole and Eve had just woken up. Today was the day. At long last, Nicole would set out on her journey to become the Pokémon Trainer she'd always wanted to be. And best of all, her trusted companion Eve would be traveling right by her side.

    Nicole yawned before looking down at her friend. "Well Eve...I guess this is it. Today's the day." she said before getting out of bed and heading downstairs with Eve following.

    Nicole's mother had fully packed her daughter's bag and placed it on the couch along with a pink coat. The girl put on the coat, grabbed her backpack, and took one last look at the living room before opening the front door and stepping out with Eve riding on her shoulder.

    Nicole closed the door behind her before making her way to Route 1 and stopping at the entrance. She paused and turned to Eve who had a look of excitement. "Here we take our first step into the world as Trainer and Pokémon, Eve. You ready?" she asked.

    The Normal-type jumped off and stood next to her trainer then nodded. "Eevee." she squeaked.

    Nicole nodded back. "Alright. Let's do it." she said.

    The two friends stepped into Route 1 together in unison before continuing onwards towards a town in the distance.

    "Welcome to Aquacorde Town." Nicole read aloud, looking at a sign. "Wow! That was fast! I think we're off to a good start!" she happily said.

    Eve smiled and nodded in agreement as she climbed back onto her friend's shoulder. "Vee! Eevee!"

    Nicole chuckled before entering Aquacorde and looking around. "Nice place!" she stopped upon noticing lines of stores. "Ooh! Where should we start?" she wondered.

    Eve looked around before pointing a paw at a store with a hanging sign of a Pokéball. "Vee?" she asked.

    Nicole beamed. "A Pokemart! Good choice Eve! I'm gonna need some Pokeballs to catch wild Pokémon after all!" she said before walking into the store.

    A few minutes later, Nicole walked out of the store, empty-handed and slightly embarrassed. "I can't believe I forgot to bring my own money. Then again I probably don't have enough for anything..." she sighed.

    Eve sighed as well, feeling sympathy for her friend. "Vee..."

    "HEY NICOLE!!" said a distant voice.

    Both Nicole and Eve looked up to find a familiar face running in their direction. "Hey! It's Serena! But what's she doing here?" the girl wondered.

    The blonde haired newcomer stopped in front of the two and panted, catching her breath. "So you're finally starting your journey as a trainer? That's amazing! So am I!" she exclaimed.

    Nicole smiled. "Sweet! Maybe we could travel together! Eve and I could use some extra company!" she said.

    Eve nodded happily. "Eevee Vee!" she cried.

    Serena chuckled. "Sounds good but first, You haven't bought any Pokeballs yet have you?" she asked.

    The brown-haired girl frowned and shook her head. "Unfortunately not. I forgot to bring any money." she explained.

    Serena kept her smile as she pulled out 5 pokeballs from her bag, all shrunken down to the size of a golfball. "Don't worry! I've got some extra ones you can have!" she said.

    Nicole and Eve both had looks of surprise for a second. "Really?? Thanks Serena! You're the best!" she complimented before taking the balls and putting them in her bag.

    The blonde-haired trainer smiled. "It's nothing! Now with that out of the way, do you know how to catch Pokémon?" she asked.

    Nicole thought for a moment. "Well...I know how it works but I've never actually done it." she said.

    Serena nodded. "I can show you if you want! I've had some practice before." she offered.

    Nicole smiled and nodded. "That'd be great!" she accepted.

    Eve smiled. Seeing her usually quiet and outcast trainer open up and trying new things filled Eve with a glee.

    Serena nodded. "Then let's go to Route 2! There's a forest nearby that's filled with Pokémon of all kinds!" she said before making her way to said location.

    Nicole and Eve followed before realizing something. "Wait a minute! Do you even have a Pokémon to fight with? I don't think you can take on a wild Pokémon by yourself!" she asked.

    Serena nodded. "Of course I do!" she answered before entering a waist-high patch of tall grass. "First step to catching a Pokémon is knowing where to find one! The most common place you'll find them is tall grass like this." she explained.

    Nicole and Eve both nodded as the watched from outside of the patch.

    After wandering for a few seconds in the grass, a wild Pidgey shot up in surprise and landed a few feet from Serena. "Alright! Now we can REALLY get started. Go Fennekin!" she yelled as she threw a Pokéball from her bag into the air.

    As it got high enough, the ball burst open in a flash of light and beamed down the creature contained inside! The light faded to reveal a small fox-like Pokémon with extremely large ears. It's fur was a pale yellow with red fur on the inside of the ears and the tip of its puffy tail. "Fennekin!" it barked.

    Nicole and Eve watched in amazement. "Woah! Is that one of the starter Pokémon?" she asked.

    "Eevee Eev!"squeaked the Normal-type.

    Serena nodded. "We'll talk later. Right now let's get back to catching a wild Pokémon." she turned back to the wild Pidgey who was waiting for the opponent to make a move. "Pokémon battles are usually turn-based though it depends on who's faster than the other so it'd be best to make sure all your Pokémon grow strong and powerful. Ok Fennekin! Use Tackle!" she ordered.

    Fennekin followed commands and charged at the wild bird Pokémon before tackling it down to the ground. "Fennek!"

    The wild Pidgey threw off Fennekin before jabbing the opponent with its sharp beak!

    Serena frowned. "Hang in there Fennekin! You got this!" she encouraged.

    Fennekin quickly got back up and readied itself for another strike.

    Serena smiled. "One thing to note is that Pokémon also grow stronger by forming a bond with their trainer! The closer you are, the stronger your Pokémon gets! Since you've known that Eevee for a long time, I'd have to guess it has some decent strength." she explained.

    Nicole and Eve both turned to face each other before sharing a smile. "We'll see if that's true once WE find a wild Pokémon." Nicole said.

    Eve nodded. "Eevee!"

    Serena smiled as well before turning back to the battle. "Alright Fennekin! Tackle one more time!" she instructed.

    Fennekin did as told and tackled the wild Pidgey once more, leaving it weak.

    "If you want to make sure the Pokémon stays in the ball, you gotta weaken it. It also helps if you can paralyze it or put it to sleep." she explained before pulling out an empty Pokéball and enlarging it to the size of an orange. "Go Pokéball!" she shouted as she threw the ball at the wild Pidgey.

    The ball hit and opened before turning the creature into pixels and data and sucking it inside. The ball closed and fell to the ground before beginning to rock back and forth.



    The ball ceased rocking as the wild Pidgey had been captured!

    Nicole and Eve smiled. "You caught it!"

    Serena nodded as she picked up the ball and secured it on her belt. "And there you have it! So now do you get the idea of catching Pokémon?" she asked.

    Nicole nodded. "Got it! Once again, thanks for the Pokeballs and for showing me how." she said.

    Serena smiled and nodded. "No problem! Now with that out of the way, how about we meet each other in Santalune City? It's on the other side of the forest." she asked.

    Nicole and Eve both nodded. "Sounds like a plan! See ya there!" she said.

    After going their own way, Nicole and Eve entered Santalune Forest.

    "So this is Santalune Forest. I wonder if there are any cool Pokémon we can catch! Let's go Eve." she said before walking in with Eve riding on her shoulder as usual.

    After sometime of walking, they came upon an area filled with tall grass. "Hm...Serena said this is where wild Pokémon are mostly found." Nicole paused and turned to Eve. "You ready to fight?" she asked.

    Eve nodded with confidence. "Eevee!" she squeaked.

    Nicole smiled and nodded back before continuing and eventually tripping over something. Then came the shocking and burning feeling followed by screams of surprise and pain.


    Nicole and Eve felt paralyzed for a moment before getting back up and looking around. "S-So that's what it's like to be electrocuted. What was that?" she wondered.

    Eve blinked before turning to face a certain electric rodent with a lightning bolt-shaped tail. "EEVEE!!" she squealed in surprise.

    Nicole quickly followed her friends gaze and gasped. "Is that a Pikachu??"

    The wild Pikachu let out a series of sparks and jolts to try and scare off the intruders. "Pi!!" it cried.

    Nicole and Eve quickly jumped back. "Yikes! We'd better use caution with this little guy. I read that Pikachu aren't too friendly to strangers and also have pretty nasty electric attacks."

    Eve nodded before scampering into battle. "Eevee!"

    Nicole grinned. "Alright Eve! Use Tackle but try to go easy on it." she instructed.

    Eve followed command and, just like Fennekin, charged the wild Pikachu and gently tackled it to the ground. "Vee!"

    The wild Pikachu blasted Eve with a Thundershock! "Pika...chu!!"

    Nicole gasped. "Eve!!" she cried.

    The Normal-type was momentarily stunned but managed to pull through and ready itself for another attack. "Eevee!" she reassuringly squeaked to Nicole.

    The brown-haired trained smiled and nodded in understanding. "Alright! Let's try one more Tackle!" she instructed.

    Eve nodded and did as told, slamming into the wild Electric-type once more.

    Nicole beamed as she pulled out an empty Pokéball and enlarged it. "I think it's weak enough!" she exclaimed before reaching into her bag for a Pokéball only to realize she couldn't find them! "Erm...Just give me a second here. I know I put them in a certain pouch but which one?!"

    Eve slightly awkwardly sat there, listening to her trainer rummage through her bag for a ball while muttering in embarrassment. "Vee..."

    After a few seconds she finally found one and quickly pulled it out. "Ok! Go...huh?!" Nicole sweatdropped upon realizing that the wild Pikachu had fled. "Darn! It got away!" she said before sighing. "Then again, it is our first time doing this so of course we'll make some mistakes, right Eve?" she asked, looking down at her friend.

    Eve nodded in understanding. "Eevee EevEev!" she answered.

    Nicole smiled. "Right! There's always next time!" she said before suddenly hearing rustling nearby. "Wow! Talk about perfect timing. C'mon Eve. This could be our chance." she said before walking over to the area where the rustling was heard.

    Eve nodded and followed Nicole before both of them jumped as the wild Pokémon revealed itself!

    "FLETCH!!" it cried.

    Nicole gasped. "Sweet!! A Fletchling! Now's our chance to...Wha?" she blinked.

    The wild bird Pokémon didn't stop upon showing itself. With a few flaps of its wings, the wild Fletchling flew away.

    Eve frowned, disappointed. "Vee."

    Nicole sighed. "Third time's a charm I guess." she said.

    Later after walking for sometime, another rustling caught Nicole and Eve's attention. They turned to find a rather weakened wild Pichu.

    Nicole gasped and stepped back a few. "Yikes! Let's be careful with this one, Eve! I read that Pichu aren't very skilled at controlling their own electricity." she explained.

    Eve nodded before cautiously walking into battle.

    The wild Pichu noticed this and glared at the opponent, still willing to fight. "Pi..." it growled.

    Nicole took a second to ready herself before issuing command. "Alright Eve! Let's start this off with a Tackle!"

    Eve did as instructed and charged at the wild Pichu with a full body impact to the ground. "Vee!"

    The wild Pichu retaliated with a strong Thunder Wave! "Pi...CHU!"

    Eve felt the intense electricity surge through her body, making it rather difficult to move. "V-Vee!" she squeaked.

    Nicole frowned with worry. "You ok Eve?" she asked.

    Eve struggled to shake her head in response. "E-Eevee..."

    Nicole tried to stay strong. "Hang in there Eve. You got this!" she encouraged before looking to the wild Pichu again. "Let's try another Tackle!" she instructed.

    This time, the wild Pichu moved next with a strong Thundershock, only to have it backfire and damage the tiny electric mouse! "Pi...CHU!!" it cried.

    The weak blast hit its target.

    Nicole frowned upon noticing her friend suddenly having slowed down. "C'mon Eve! Go for it!" she ordered.

    A paralyzed Eve fought to move forward before using all her strength to charge and deliver a powerful Tackle! "E-Eev...VEE!!"

    Nicole beamed. "There we go Eve! It's looking pretty weak so now's my chance! Go Pokéball!!" she exclaimed as she threw the Pokéball at the wild Pichu.

    The ball hit before sucking the creature inside, closing the lid, and falling to the ground.

    Nicole and Eve both held their breath as the Pokéball began to rock back and forth like last time.



    The ball ceased rocking as the wild Pichu inside was captured!

    Nicole took a few seconds to let it sink in before finally walking over to the ball and picking it up with a smile. "We finally did it Eve! Guess third time really is a charm!" she said.

    Eve nodded before twitching.

    Nicole blinked, now beginning to worry for her friend's well-being. "Eve...? You feeling alright?" she asked.

    The Normal-Type shook her head before struggling to walk over to her trainer. "E-Eev."

    Nicole frowned, walking over to her injured friend and picking her up. "Let's get you to a hospital ASAP!" she said before placing Eve in her bag, throwing the strap over her shoulder and running towards the exit.

    Upon exiting from Santalune Forest, Nicole saw that Serena and her Fennekin were there waiting for her.

    The blonde-haired girl smiled. "Hey Nicole. Took you a long time to get here." she then noticed a rather worried and panicked expression on her friend's face. "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

    Nicole stopped in front of Serena and panted. "Do you know where I can find a hospital or something? Eve's looking kinda hurt." she asked.

    Serena nodded. "Follow me." she said before taking off to the nearby Santalune City.

    Nicole and Fennekin ran after her.

    A few minutes later in the Santalune PokeCenter, Nicole anxiously waited, sitting on a couch next to Serena and Fennekin.

    "Hey Nicole, I know the first time at a Pokémon Center is a bit nerve-wracking but don't worry. Nurse Joy and her Chansey have tons of experience working with sick and injured Pokémon." Serena assured.

    Nicole nodded but kept her nervous expression. "I know but...it's just that I hate to see Eve looking so hurt and beat up...I guess Pokémon battles are too intense for me. All Eve and I have ever done is just play and have fun with each other. I'm starting to feel like it's my fault she got hurt." she said.

    Serena frowned. "C'mon Nicole! Pokémon battles happen and of course we're gonna see our Pokémon getting hurt but it's something to get used to. Just look at it this way: Our Pokémon take damage and get hurt to protect us! To make sure we're not the ones taking hits. And they do this because they care about us humans." she explained.

    Nicole paused before smiling. "Well...Eve and I are best friends...I did save her from getting seriously hurt when we first met...and she did save me from a Starly attack." she recalled.

    Serena smiled as well. "See? That's called returning the favor!" she said.

    Nicole was about to respond when she heard a sudden beep.

    "Excuse me? Are you Nicole?" asked Nurse Joy.

    The brown-haired girl nodded her head. "Y-yes. Is everything ok?" she asked.

    Nurse Joy nodded back with a smile. "Of course. I just wanted to let you know that your Pokémon are back to full health." she said.

    Nicole smiled. "Really? Thank goodness...I'm sorry it's just that this is my first time here." she explained before getting off the couch

    Nurse Joy nodded again before leading the girl to the front desk. "Well there's no need to worry Nicole. Every trainer's first visit to the center can be unsettling due to them worrying about their Pokémon's safety. But they always know that Pokémon Centers work hard to heal injured Pokémon back to full health as quickly and as painlessly as possible." she reassured.

    Nicole smiled and sighed with relief. "I'll keep that in mind. Thanks Nurse Joy. So you said my Pokémon were all better now?" she asked.

    The pink-haired nurse motioned for her Chansey to wheel in a gurney on which a joyful Eve and a curious Pichu sat upon.

    Nicole beamed upon seeing her friend healthy again. "Eve!" she exclaimed.

    Eve beamed as well before leaping into the girl's arms and nuzzling her. "EevEev!" she happily squeaked.

    Meanwhile, Serena and Fennekin both remained on the couch, watching with a smile before noticing a second Pokémon still sitting on the gurney, looking around curiously. "Whoa! What kind of Pokémon is that?" she wondered before pulling out a rectangular electronic device and pointing it at the yellow rodent.

    [Pichu. The Tiny Mouse Pokémon. Pichu is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. Unable to fully control its powers, it may let loose electricity when startled or excited and ends up hurting itself.]

    Nicole and Eve both stared curiously at the device in Serena's hand. "What is that thing?" the girl asked.

    Serena grinned. "It's called a Pokédex. When you encounter or capture a new Pokémon, this thing automatically records its data. It's extremely useful to any trainer and I guess I forgot to give you one back in Aquacorde Town." she sweatdropped before pulling out another Pokédex and tossing it towards Nicole. "Heads up!"

    Eve quickly jumped off Nicole's arms just in time to allow her to catch the device with both hands. "Got it!" she said.

    As the brown-haired girl went to put the Pokédex in her bag, Pichu jumped down from the gurney and walked over to Eve.

    "Pokémon Translator ON" said the electronic voice from the Pokédex.

    Nicole blinked. "Uh...I think I did something..." she said to herself before turning to her two Pokémon appearing to converse with each other while the voice translated and dubbed their 'Poke-speak'.

    Eve smiled as she noticed the electric mouse approach. 'Huh? Oh hi Pichu! Is everything ok?' she squeaked.

    Pichu nervously turned to face the ground but kept eye contact with Eve. 'Um...you know where mama is?' he asked.

    Eve frowned and shook her head. 'N-no. I don't know where your mama is little one. But you don't need mama anymore! You're with us now!' she happily replied.

    Pichu frowned and began to cry, letting sparks fly. 'I want mama! I wanna go home!!'

    Eve went wide-eyed and her ears folded back in fear. 'Nonono! Don't cry little one! It's ok! I miss my mama too but I still have my best friend!' she reassured.

    Pichu's crying reduced to sniffling. 'F-friend?'

    Eve nodded before sitting down next to the electric mouse but putting some distance just in case. 'Mhm! Nicole! The human girl with the brown hair. She's my friend!'

    Pichu turned to look at said human before continuing to cry and let sparks fly again. 'Mama says humans are meanies! I want mama!!'

    "Pokémon Translator OFF" said the electronic voice.

    Nicole frowned and let out a sigh. "Alright Pichu. I'm not gonna force you to be my Pokémon. If you want to be with your mom, I won't stop you." she said.

    Pichu stopped crying and stared at Nicole as if to say "Y-you don't want me anymore?"

    Nicole squatted down and gently patted the baby Pokémon's head. "Well...you'd be an awesome Pokémon to have on my team but I also don't like to see you sad. If you want to go back to Santalune Forest, we can go with you to make sure you don't get hurt. But it's not my choice." she assured.

    Serena got up from the couch and returned her Fennekin to its ball. "Hey Nicole, I'd love to stay and help you work this out but I gotta get going. We're gonna try to take on the Gym Leader here. I'll see you around." she said before heading out the sliding doors.

    Nicole nodded before turning back to Pichu who was now thinking long and hard. "Take your time little one. Like I said: It's not my choice." she said before walking over to the couch with Eve and sitting down.

    Pichu paused for a bit before smiling, scurrying over towards the couch, jumping on, and giving Nicole's arm a hug. "Pichu." he cried.

    Nicole blinked before realizing what this meant. "So you're staying with us?" she asked.

    The Pichu nodded with a smile. "Pichu Pi!"

    Nicole and Eve smiled back before forming a group hug. A 'shocking' group hug which Nicole and Eve didn't mind.

    Pichu suffered a few jolts but was more concerned about his friends. "Pichu??"

    Nicole and Eve laughed despite the pain. "Don't worry Pichu! If we're gonna be friends, Eve and I should start getting used to that." she giggled. "I just thought of something. If you're gonna be my Pokémon, you need a name." she added.

    Eve smiled and nodded in agreement. "Eevee!" she squeaked.

    Nicole thought for a bit. "Hmm...How about Static?" she asked.

    Pichu beamed and nodded. "Pichu! Pichu!" he cried.

    Nicole giggled. "Static it is! Welcome aboard Static!" she said.

    Eve smiled. "Vee Eevee!" she squeaked.

    Static smiled back.

    Nicole nodded. "Ok Static. Let's get you back in your ball. You deserve some rest." she said before pulling out the Electric-Type's Pokéball and pointing it at Static, sucking him inside.

    After attaching the ball to her belt she paused and looked at the 4 remaining balls. "Hm. Maybe I should keep the empty ones on my belt too. It could save us a lot of time if we come across another wild Pokémon, right Eve?" she asked.

    Eve pondered for a bit before nodding. "Vee." she squeaked.

    Nicole chuckled before looking outside and noticing that day had turned to dusk. "Wow! Time has really passed. Guess we should find someplace to sleep." she said.

    Nurse Joy looked up from her work from behind the counter and stood up. "Excuse me. You need someplace to spend the night? The Pokémon Center has plenty of bedrooms." she suggested.

    Nicole smiled. "We can sleep here? Sure thing! Thank you Nurse Joy."

    After settling into a room and slipping on her pajamas, Nicole climbed into bed and waited for exhaustion to get to her.

    Eve was curled up next to her friend, still wide awake and still wanting to do something. She hesitantly turned to the girl and gave her a nudge. "EevEev? Eevee Eevee." she squeaked.

    Nicole had come close to falling asleep before yawning and turning to her friend. "Mmmh...? E-Eve? You're still awake?" she asked, still half asleep.

    Eve nodded, frowning and showing a look of guilt. "Vee..."

    Nicole rubbed her eyes and noticed. "Why so sorry looking? I don't mind you waking me up. If you have something to tell me or show me, I'm all ears...and eyes." she reassured, chuckling at the last part before petting the Normal-Type.

    Eve felt better and smiled. "Vee. Eevee Eev Eev Eevee?" she asked.

    Nicole took a second to try and decipher her friend's question. "Ok...are you trying to ask me how I'm doing as a trainer?" she asked back.

    Eve nodded.

    Nicole chuckled. "I must be getting better at understanding you!" she said. "Oh sorry. Getting kinda off track. Um...I'd say I'm off to a great start! I captured my first wild Pokémon and you put up a good fight against that Pikachu and Static." she recalled before pulling her friend in for a hug. "I got a good feeling we'll go REAL far!" she said.

    Eve smiled and gave the girl a nuzzle. "Eev Eevee EevEev!" she squeaked.

    Nicole nuzzled the Normal-Type back. "That reminds me." she said before reaching over to her bag on the nightstand and searching the contents before pulling out a transparent blue stone and a transparent light green stone with a thunderbolt pattern on the interior. "Nurse Joy was kind enough to let me keep these when either you or Static are ready to evolve." Nicole explained.

    Eve suddenly felt herself being drawn to the blue stone and was about to place a paw on it before Nicole quickly realized and put them in her bag. "Woah there Eve! I know you want to evolve into a Vaporeon but I don't think you're ready just yet." she said.

    Eve sweatdropped, smiling in slight embarrassment. "Vee..."

    Nicole giggled. "How about this; when we reach Lumoise City, which is like...1 or 2 towns over, I'll let you decide if you're ready to evolve or not. Does that sound ok?" she asked.

    Eve thought for a moment before smiling and nodding. "Eevee EevEev!" she squeaked in agreement.

    Nicole nodded back. "Alright then!" she said before gently patting her friend on the head and yawning. "Ok Eve. Big day tomorrow so let's call it a night." Nicole added as she let her head fall sideways on the pillow.

    Eve nodded before yawning as well and curling up next to Nicole as usual. "Vee EevEev." she squeaked.

    Nicole smiled and closed her eyes. "Good-night Eve. Sleep tight." she whispered before drifting off to sleep.
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    Nice first installment of your story. Very interesting, and i look forward to reading more if you post it.
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    Dash! Such amazing work! I really like it :D. I wanted to stop reading because my mother was calling me but i couldn't! haha! xD
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