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Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Wingmaster, Nov 13, 2014.

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  1. Wingmaster

    Wingmaster The Tides of Destiny

    Nov 8, 2014
    Wingmaster here with a bit of FanFiction. It's a realistic Pokémon story taking place in a region not in the official storyline. This story focuses around three college students who are thrown into chaos and possibly fighting an evil organization. Thanks for reading. Please leave a review so that I can improve my story and add more chapters.

    "Hey dude, I've got a great idea. What if we become, like, crime-fighting hero guys?" Yooseok asked me. I gave him a side glance to show that I was not interested. "Come on, we're the top Pokémon battlers in the whole school!"

    "That doesn't necessarily mean that we can go and beat people up. Besides, I've got way too much homework." I responded. Two essays, three worksheets, a couple pages from the math textbook, a biology exam coming up, and that five thousand word memoir were all due in the next month. "Besides, you're terrible at battling. You rely too much on luck to get anything out of your Pokémon."

    "Hey, look who's talking!" Yooseok snapped back at me. "You always lead with your Whimsicott, a huge gamble when everybody and their mother is running Gyro Ball on their Ferrothorn. People rarely use Whimsicott, and when they do, they don't even utilize its nature like you do."

    "Then I'll bring in my Talonflame and Bulk Up on their switch." I dismissed the notion. "Also, I think you're just still mad over that Leech Seed that I managed to pull on your Dragonite." Yooseok was about to come over and most likely punch me when someone knocked on our dorm door and strode in.

    "Hey guys, what's up?" Leon came in and sat on my bed. "Have you guys finished that huge essay? Man, I was going to do it last night, but there was this huge party-"

    "Cut the crap, Leon, you're always partying." Yooseok waved him off. "Okay, Leon, consider this. What if we become crime-fighting heroes on the streets?"

    "...Xavier, is he high again?" Leon asked me. "Because he's not usually that crazy." No, I hadn't. I shook my head to say no, all the while pouring effort into the last thousand words of this essay. "Look, Yooseok, you're a good friend, but sometimes you just say the dumbest things."

    "Hey!" Yooseok stood up. "That's uncalled for. If you remember, I've beaten you every single time I've battled you!"

    "Yeah, but Xavier's beaten you every time you've battled him." Yooseok could not form a response to this and sat back down.

    "Look dude, we could get seriously hurt, or worse." Leon informed him. "I mean - Look, I'm sure you mean the best, but we're all still below the legal drinking age." ("Not like that's ever stopped you, Leon." Yooseok grumbled.) Leon continued, "Going out and fighting crime? That's just not possible. Besides, we've got tons of homework. If you want to graduate, I'd suggest you actually do it. I might waste a lot of time, but at least I scrape in a passing grade."

    "Yeah, whatever." Yooseok checked the clock. "Jeez, it's 2 in the afternoon. Do you guys want to get some food?"

    "Sure, where do you want to go?" I asked him as I got out of my chair, wincing as some of my joints made cracking noises. "Anywhere but that Unova place."

    "How about... that new salad place that opened up down by Tauros Avenue?" Leon asked. "I heard from a couple guys that it's actually pretty good. They're also all natural, which is a plus."

    "Seeing as though my last few meals consisted of instant noodles and Oreos, sure." I checked my wallet. "I've got about 5000 poke. What about you guys?"

    "2500 and a gift card for 1000 from my birthday." Yooseok pulled it out.

    "3470." Leon waved his wallet at me and then put it back in his pocket. "Alright, let's go. Are we walking?"

    "Yeah. My car's almost out of gas and I'm not wasting it to drive two blocks." Leon responded. Yooseok made a face, but he complied and soon, we were all walking down to Tauros Avenue.

    Suddenly, we heard a shout coming from an alleyway.

    "What the hell?" I ran over with my friends and discovered a man in the process of being mugged. Three men with ski masks on were surrounding him and his Cinccino, who was severely beaten up; clearly, he had tried to fight back and had lost. Their Pokémon, a Staraptor, a Bisharp, and a Golem, were also with them.

    "Hey! Leave that guy alone!" Yooseok shouted. The three men turned and one of them sneered.

    "Oh, who do we have here?" He leered at us. "Three students practically being asked to be mugged."

    "Are you guys trying to mug us?" I asked, pulling out a Pokéball. Yooseok and Leon followed suit. "You guys are just asking for a battle!" Without responding, one of them men pointed at us and his Bisharp lunged at us. I took a step back and threw my Pokéball at the same time my friends did. We were instantly immersed in a triple battle.

    The Pokéball that I had chosen to throw released my Scizor, who proceeded to block Bisharp's attack with a loud clang of metal against metal. Yooseok had released his Togekiss, who flew up and began combating the Staraptor. Leon had chosen his Garchomp, who went into battle against Golem.

    "Scizor, U-Turn!" I called. Scizor immediately slammed down on Bisharp's head with its claws and returned. I threw a second Pokéball to replace him. Breloom appeared and Bisharp's ineffective Night Slash struck him. However, even though it was not effective, it still did moderate damage against Breloom, who was not the bulkiest of Pokémon.

    "Togekiss, Dazzling Gleam!" Yooseok's Togekiss flew up and released a condensed burst of light, which struck Staraptor and Bisharp.

    "While it's blinded! Breloom, Mach Punch!" Breloom appeared to disappear in a burst of speed and landed a devastating blow against Bisharp. It was down for the count, and I could now help my teammates. "Mach Punch again on Staraptor!" Staraptor, while high in the air, was not nearly high enough to dodge the Mach Punch; Breloom jumped high and struck Staraptor on its body. While Breloom lightly touched down on a nearby building, Staraptor still remained flying despite the heavy blow. However-!

    "Aura Sphere!" A flash of blue aura, and Staraptor was down for the count and we had won...

    ...Well, if it weren't for the fact that Golem was being toyed with by Garchomp. It was too slow to land a single blow on Garchomp, who was dodging all of its blows and chipping away at it. Leon was too busy laughing to stop Garchomp, and Golem's trainer was too flustered to give proper commands.

    "Stop playing with Golem, you idiot. Breloom, Bullet Seed." I commanded. A rapid stream of seeds struck the Golem and it was knocked out. "Alright, we won. Uh, what do we do now?"

    "I dunno. Hey, don't mug people." Yooseok chided the three men. "That's illegal."

    "H-hey!" Their (presumable) leader shouted. "You're not calling the cops?"

    We looked at their defeated Pokémon. "I think we would be the ones arrested if we did that. Your Pokémon are a little... beaten up. Also, we're cool people so we're giving you a second chance." I decided. "It's not worth our time to get involved with police and stuff. I've still got an essay to write when I get back to the dorms."

    "Yeah!" Leon high fived Yooseok. "We're the best."

    "The supreme." Yooseok agreed. "They didn't stand a chance."

    "We're still here!" One of the men spoke up.

    "Yeah, but I've got a six foot tall dragon." Leon pointed out. Garchomp bared his fangs at the men. "Be quiet." The man immediately shut up. "Oh, and uh, dude who was getting mugged, are you okay?" The man at the back with the beaten up Cinccino nodded. "Okay. You three, shoo." They looked at each other, uncertain. "Do you want us to call the cops?" They scampered.

    About ten minutes later, we were sitting at a table at the salad place in silence. Even the normally chatty Yooseok was munching away at his salad and not talking.

    I decided to break the ice. "So, uh, have any of you got any potions? Breloom took a hit earlier from the guy's Bisharp."

    "I saw the Night Slash. Nasty business, but no. Price went up again and I didn't buy one in favor of buying food." Leon took another bite of his salad. "You could've just taken out the Bisharp with your trump card."

    "It lower's Scizor's capabilities for a brief moment if he isn't allowed to recuperate, Leon." Though it was exceptionally powerful, the fighting type move would make it difficult for Scizor to defend itself or attack well for some time. "The Staraptor could have taken that chance to do some serious damage. Besides, I didn't want Scizor to tire himself out. We're battling some first year kid today."

    "I had it covered, dude." Yooseok pointed his fork at me. "My Togekiss isn't just for show. I mean, some aspects of my Togekiss are, but just because we participated a lot in the Unova concert thing doesn't mean we're all about that kind of thing."

    "We all know you just did it to get closer to Anna." Leon pointed out. "I mean, sure, it worked, but that was basically your only cause."

    "Hey!" Yooseok leaned over. "That's not the only reason!"

    "What else could it have possibly been?" Leon dismissed the notion. "Have you gotten lucky with her yet?"

    "Goddammit Leon, I've already told you that I'm not interested in that stuff!" Someone at the next table looked over at us, and Yooseok flushed bright red and leaned in closer. "Listen here, Leon." Yooseok whispered furiously. "I'm more interested in a platonic relationship. I wasn't sexually attracted to her, she's a cool person."

    "How does that even work?" Leon shrugged. "Alright, whatever. Just finish up your salad and we'll get back." Yooseok grumbled but he returned to eating. He placed his fork in the salad-

    All hell broke loose and everything went white.
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