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Project Legacy (Version Dawn)- Book 1

Discussion in 'Literature Library' started by Arkilos, May 1, 2017.

  1. Arkilos

    Arkilos School Kid

    Jan 12, 2017
    Pokémon- Legacy
    Book 1
    Professor Oak's research camp.

    Written by Arkilos

    The wind howled during that dark and stormy night. A man kneeled in the forest. Shivering in the cold. "We are ready master." A creature said kneeling next him it's blood red eyes glowing faintly blue and mouth remains unmoving the details obscured by the darkness that surrounds them. "Then let us waste no time." The man replied using the link he had wiry the creature. "I'll take the guard to the left, you take the guard to the right." The creature nodded.

    The pair took out the guards swiftly and silently. They hid the bodies where they where moments before. Before them stood the large and maze like building that was Team rocket headquarters. Using the vents, the two made their way through the building, there was a painful cry that caused them to stop dead in their tracks. Following the cries, the man and the creature found a Pikachu and large a group of scientists conducting what appeared to be genetic experimentation. After the last injection, the Pikachu had passed out.

    The man gained a thoughtful expression before coming to a conclusion. "Lucario. When I say now l, will take out the scientists, then I want you to take the Pikachu and leave this place." Lucario looked at his master in shook. "But master, you don't have enough Aura, to escape! You'll..." "Lucario! I need you to do this for me, I need you to leave and don't come back here. The Pikachu depends on you getting him to safety. Let's move!"

    Thus, one last time both Lucario and his master fought side by side killing the team rocket scientist. In the end Lucario used his Aura to tear the restraints off of Pikachu, cradling the unconscious in his arms. Lucario gave his master one sad look, and vanished.

    Leaving the man alone. He took out many guards on his way to the core. Though he managed to use the vents to remain mostly out of sight.

    The core acted as hub for the power and support structure for the entire complex. Upon entry the alarms blared. Giovanni made his way to where knew that his intruder was. A knife waiting in its scabbard.

    Our hero goes around planting explosives in their correct positions. With the last one placed there was an echo of footsteps behind him. "So this is how it ends brother. It's a shame that it has come to this. I still remember a time when we got along so well." The man said calmly holding a sad expression. Giovanni scowled. "Humph! The only one to have a good childhood was you, mother and father alway ms favored you over me!" Geovani sprinted drawing the knife. Plugging deep into his brother's shoulder. Our hero hissed in pain, however remained conscious pushing his younger brother away. There was only one last thought the man held before he placed his hand thumb on the button.

    "I'm sorry Delia, my love."

    The room quivered before collapsing above the siblings, shortly followed by the rest of the headquarters the shook wave shattering the support structure.

    In professor Oak's lab the professor was finishing off his work. With the rain prattling at his window. He was also preparing to visit the hospital the next day. It was Lacario that interrupted the peaceful mood with his arrival there. The Pikachu cradled in his arms. Slowly and silently placing it down, Lucario backed away. Turning instantly at the sound of the explosion, that echoed from far away. With wide eyes Lucario vanished again, leaving Pikachu with the professor.

    Professor Oak gently scooped up the fragile Pikachu in his arms and turned to face the window. Where far in the distance a large cloud of dust and fire shot onto the sky. Glowing in the night.

    In Viridian city's Pokémon center a baby boy was crying in his mother's arms. The newly made mother couldn't help the tear that fled her eye as she watched the cloud rise. Deep in her heart she knew... she knew that she had just lost her husband and her only love.

    Soon the doctor and and a nurse arrived and took the baby to rest, allowing Delia some rest as well. She wasn't prepared to believe what her heart told her. No, he can't be dead...

    Ash soon fell asleep among the few other babies in the room. No one knew about the lone guest that had just arrived. "Mew?" It called out silently looking at baby Ash her eyes glowing in a faint blue Aura. In his dreams, Ash saw a girl with dark blue hair and matching eyes. He returned to rest in peace not knowing that he wouldn't wake up the next morning screaming like those others around him.

    The guest departed the Pokémon center unseen knowing that there was another place that needs visiting in a small town in the Sinnoh region. Soon after arriving, she slipped through a open window and found a crib and repeated the process. Baby Dawn was held in a peaceful dream. A boy with raven black hair and amber eyes. Mew repeated her words onto Dawn. "Sleep peacefully child. Someday you'll meet him, and when grow enough you'll be able to speak to one another but only once your darkest point has come to pass."

    It was early in the morning back in the Kanto region that a team of archaeologist and police investigators arrived at the sight of the fawn Team Rocket HQ. They would work for several hours discovering secret projects. Dead goon's Pokémon.

    It was midday by the time they reached the remains of the core. "We found two more bodies ma'am." An archaeologist said the chief of police nodded and followed. "Have they been identified yet?" "No Officer Ellen, the doctors are working on that now." She nodded in reply to the archaeologist. The two of them arrived on sight and... "Oh, no." The two men in front of her, one of whom she would recognize anywhere.

    Adam Red Ketchum, champion of the Kanto region Pokémon master, and husband to her sister.

    "Ma'am, the bodies have been Identified, the first m, I'm sad to say is the f-former champion and the other is his brother, Giovanni Elenns Ketchum. Former criminal, head of the criminal organization known as team rocket. Wanted for, rape, murder, and many other charges. A knife was found nearby mame." The archaeologist finished.

    It was a few hours later that Officer Ellen departed the area in civilian clothing on her way to deliver the news to her sister Delia.

    As expected the conversation ended in tears, Delia hadn't wanted believe, going as far as assuming this whole thing was cruel joke. But seeing his dead limp body two days later with Professor Oak and her sister for support confirmed everything.

    The funeral service was long and large, half the region attended least those who could attend. Those who couldn't would watch on television. the state run funeral service lasted several hours where Professor Oak among many others including Mr. Goodshow president of the Pokémon League gave a speech.

    Professor Oak's was short but perhaps best remembered.

    "I had gotten to know Adam, not as a champion, nor a Pokémon master, but a dear friend.

    I was an assistant when Adam had gotten his first Pokémon. And even then, we would get along well.

    Adam I'll miss you and your antics. And I pray that you'll remember to watch over your son and wife."

    Adam was buried overlooking his home town, where his Pokémon journey started at age 10 and were his journey, ended at age 17. He lived a short, however active life. And left behind a Legacy that would last generations.
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