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Prominent Member Interview - karatekid770

Discussion in 'Articles' started by MarineAurora, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Chances are you have been bombarded with Christmas songs since Thanksgiving. No wonder, because December has arrived! The month of peace, joy, festivities, and presents has come yet again. As has my next victim. muhahaha What? I said nothing.

    Anyway, this month I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing my fellow Dutchie, [member='karatekid770']! This Dutch friend of mine has been lurking around on Lake Valor for the past two years and is seen daily talking about the newest Pokémon games on our very own Discord server.

    Questions asked by me, the interviewer, will be in my normal color.
    Questions answered by karatekid770, the interviewee, will be in this color.

    First question of the day. I promise it will be nice and easy. Tell the lovely people: who are you?

    I'm karatekid770, I've been a member here for a long time, so I'm sure you all know me, though. XD I am a college student, studying Logistics Engineering, so that takes up most of my time... Other than that, I'm usually just roaming around on the internet or playing some games.

    You have been here for some time now, as you have said before. What made you come to Lake Valor? And more importantly, what made you stay here?

    Ah, that one's a fun story, my friend [member='Astralogy'] joined a while before me, but he never really mentioned much about it. But then he started mentioning it more and more and I was just like "screw it, I'm gonna join too". And so, I did and after I became comfortable with the site and got to know the great community, I just kept coming back and hanging out. And that's why I stayed, even if I did become inactive for a long time.

    The community is something people mention a lot as to why they stayed. What is your favorite part of this Lake? And might I inquire why it is your favorite part?

    My favorite part...uuuuh, does the discord server count or does it have to be part of the site itself?

    I would say that the Discord server counts as part of Lake Valor. Many people visit it every day to get their share of the madness.

    Alright, then it's definitely the discord server, because if I'm being honest, that's the main thing that made me become active again. It's just so great to interact with all of you and just derp around in here. XD I think that without that, the site would've never hooked me in the first place.

    The Discord server is one ball of memes. Seeing as you are currently on it daily, you have probably seen your fair share. In the two years you have been on Lake Valor you must have seen some things. You also have been the Member of the Month in the past. What did it feel like, becoming the MOTM?

    It felt like an honor! But I did get nominated a lot before actually becoming it, so there was also that feeling of "YES, finally"... But that's just because I'm really competitive ^^"

    So, what is the reason your username is karatekid770? Do you like the movie?

    I have actually never fully seen the movie. XD My username does come from it, but it also comes from the fact that I actually practice karate. :) The 770 part is just there because just karatekid is usually taken.

    Oh cool, what degree do you have in karate?

    I have what is called "1st kyu" which is the highest degree in the brown belt and is one step lower than a black belt.

    Going for a black belt anytime soon? A Dan it is called, right?

    Yep, that's indeed what it's called, kudos to you for knowing that. XD But if I can combine it with school, I will absolutely go for it asap. Otherwise, it's still some time away.

    I may have done some research. So besides karate, I am guessing you have more talents. What is the most bizarre talent you have?

    This is a little hard to describe, but... I have the weird talent to somehow make people comfortable around me. Like it happens a lot to me that people just start talking to me about problems they have. It's mostly friends of course, but yeah somehow people always seem to think that they can tell stuff they wanna get off their chest to me. Not to brag or complain of course, but it's something bizarre I've noticed over the years.

    Well then, the young fighter that provides comfy shoulders, what is your favorite song of all times? Does this song have a special meaning to you?

    That would be "Anyplace, anywhere, anytime" by Nena feat. Kim Wilde, when this song was a hit in the early 2000s. I just really liked it. The music sounded great to me and the fact that it's two languages in one song made it very special to little 5year old me. XD So yeah, it's special in a way that it reminds me of my childhood.


    Lake Valor is a Pokémon forum. Even if you took a break, you came back to us eventually, but how did the fascination with Pokémon start?

    As a kid, it was hard not to like it and everyone was into it too. However, I never had gaming consoles (neither home or handheld), so I collected some Pokémon cards and watched the anime. But even when I kinda stopped watching the anime, the collector in me still wanted more cards. XD So that happened and then when I got my DS, Pokémon Diamond ended up being the first game I played. After that, I got the new games too, as they came out, so it was kinda always in my life in one way or another.

    Besides Pokémon and practicing martial arts, do you have any hobbies?

    Well besides those things, I usually spend my free time on gaming. XD Fishing is another hobby of mine, though, I even won the regional championship in that. ^_^

    How do you win a regional championship in fishing? I have always seen it more as a leisure sport than something competitive.

    Fishing can definitely be done competitively. There are matches for adults and kids alike organized by the local fishing club. And once a year all clubs in Zeeuws Vlaanderen come together and organize the regional championship. I won the kids one by both catching the most fish and having them weight the most in my age group. It's mostly because my dad fishes competitively that I got into it too. I have a whole trophy collection by now.

    You must be very patient, seeing as fishing requires focus, patience, and uh... I don't know, more good habits. Do you have any bad habits? And would you get rid of them?

    I have a ton of bad habits. But one that I would definitely benefit from if it were gone is using run-on sentences procrastinating a lot and then losing motivation because of it. It's really annoying and I wish I could get rid of it easily. I am trying, but it's not going too well.

    Do you have any last remarks for the Valorians?

    Please help, she is holding me hostage to do this.

    No, I am not. Shush.
    That was this month's issue of the Prominent Member Interview. I had a lot of fun this time with KK and I hope you all learned a bit about him! I thank you on behalf of the Writers team for taking time out your probably very busy schedule. Best wishes to all Valorians!

    This was [member='AzurAurora']. See you all next time!
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