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Article Prominent Member Interview - Sugar

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Morgaine, Nov 25, 2016.

  1. Morgaine

    Morgaine Goddess of Shinies

    (Litleo ♀)
    Level 3
    May 1, 2016
    Crown of ValorSoothe Bell ★Heart Scale ★★Ice Stone ★★★★
    ]Here is [member='AzurAurora'] with another Prominent Member interview. November's issue features a longstanding member of Lake Valor and she already celebrating their second Lake Valor Anniversary. It is the lovely [member='Sugar']! We are going to set the spotlight on her once again in this interview.

    Questions asked by me, the interviewer, will be in my normal color.
    Questions answered by Sugar, the interviewee, will be in this color.

    This will be the easiest question, probably, but who are you?

    Hello, I'm Sugar! I'm just your average person right out of New York. I am currently waiting to begin my prevocational program and I hope that it'll be everything that I hope it will be!

    Hey, another New Yorker has made her way to my interview desk, nice. So, what made you come to Lake Valor? And more importantly, what made you stay here?

    I was invited here by [member='Achromatic'], on the premise on joining the league here. While that never came to fruition, I stuck around here 'cause I needed a forum to make my second home and boy, does it feel like one.

    I heard that there are plans to restart the Lake Valor League in a different format. Would you be interested in joining up in that League when it gets established?

    Absolutely. I'd join that league faster than a Deoxys-Speed equipped with rocket boosters wearing jet boots. (Gotta love exaggeration.)

    What is your favorite part of this Lake? And might I inquire why it is your favorite part?

    My favorite part of the Lake is definitely the community. Everyone is extremely friendly and because of how tight-knit this place is, I feel like I'm part of a second family. The appreciation everyone shows each other is also pretty nice.

    The community here is indeed one of the best I have had the pleasure of knowing. You have been a member here on Lake Valor for more than two years already, so you have seen a lot already. Do you feel nostalgic sometimes?

    It's always good to look back before going forward. I really do feel nostalgic sometimes, because two years is already a pretty long time to be on a forum, so the nostalgia has to kick in at least every once in a while.

    I agree two years does feel like a long time for one person to spend on one forum, but we are happy you have been here for this long. Do you see a lot of differences between the Lake Valor of when you first came here and now?

    Without a doubt. This forum has changed a whole ton over the course of my stay here. For example, there was the Groups section (which I really hope comes back at some point), and of course, there was the aftermentioned League that unfortunately died out before I could take it on. There are a lot more, but those were the big two. Like I said, you can't go forward without going back.

    A little birdy told me you have changed your username in the not-so-nearby past. Does your current username have a special meaning to it?

    Nope! I just based it off a cool song I really like and have on repeat for hours on end.

    I know about loving a song so much that you repeat the song until it feels like it is the worst awful song to date. You must love that song a lot to be able to still play it on repeat. What is the song if I may ask?

    The name of the song is Sugar (What a shock, right?) by Robin Schulz featuring Francesco Yates. You can listen to it here.

    What do you do in your free time, except for roaming Lake Valor?

    I usually lurk around Reddit, going through one random subreddit after another, which is extremely fun and can usually be pretty interesting. You know how Reddit is. Other things I do include: playing Pokémon (SMD, AS, Conquest), watch YouTube videos, and be active on social media (mainly Twitter). All the while listening to music.

    I am guessing you would also devour a lot of Pokémon Reddit threads, if given the chance to do so. Speaking of the lovely games, how did you get into Pokémon?

    It all started when I got Pokémon Silver when I was in elementary school (?) and I've been collecting the games ever since then. Getting my first Pokémon game was one of my favorite memories ever, even if it is a blurry one.

    Ah, Pokémon Silver was a good game. Usually, when asked the question about which game people started with, I get every game but those of Generation two as my answer. Does starting with the second Generation make you feel fonder of that Gen than the others?

    Gen two is my favorite gen because it gave way to the greatest remakes in the history of Pokémon (HG / SS <3). Also, some people may not know this, but the second generation (specifically Crystal, which I never got) introduced animations into the game, which was absolutely huge.

    Crystal slipped through my hands as well. I didn't even know about the animations being part of Pokémon Crystal. Is there any way to use 3-5 adjectives to describe yourself?

    That's a tough one, but I've been described as: intelligent, bubbly, independent, and a bunch of other things that would be too long to list.

    Is there anyone (inside or outside of the forum) that you greatly admire?

    Yes, I admire my grandmother a whole ton. She was the one who taught me how to play the piano, introduced me to music, and gave me whatever I wanted to eat. Her birthday is actually today in fact! (Note from AzurAurora: This was at the time the interview was conducted.)

    Congratulations! May she have many happy years to hear you play the piano and fill you with more food than you can eat. Playing an instrument is seen as a good habit, but what about bad habits? What is the worst habit you have? And do you wish to get rid of it?

    My worst habit is staying up all night long doing whatever. I absolutely have to get rid of this once and for all, cause I've tried before to no avail.

    And this last question will wrap up the interview. Do you have any last remarks in regards to the interview?

    I'd like to say thank you for having me here and wish you all the luck in any and all future articles!

    And this concludes another Prominent Member Interview. I thank you on behalf of the Writers team for taking time out your probably very busy schedule. Best wishes to all Valorians!

    This was [member='AzurAurora']. See you all next time!
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