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Pros and Cons of each Theme

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LassusVulpes, Jan 4, 2022.

  1. LassusVulpes

    LassusVulpes Eclipse Holder

    (Giratina (Origin))
    Level 55
    Sep 2, 2017
    Cooler Gary Oak ★★★★★
    OONGA BOONGA , Hi I've experimented with each theme on LV for a good while, just to see how each fit . and here's my pros and cons for each of them , as well as something I'd change

    Valcadia -
    Pros - It's basic, does it's job and that's all , easy to read, easy to see
    Cons- It can get quite dull, and make you lose focus
    What i'd change - I mean, not much . It does it's job. Not much can be said

    Lake Valor -
    Pros - Nostalgia , it's a very nostalgic theme for me . It's also very pretty
    Cons - Writing a new thread is hard , as the background isn't grayed out a bit, and it has an annoying black box at the top where the LV symbol is
    What I'd change - Have the background blur and darken in the text boxes as currently I cannot read what i'm writing

    Palette town -

    Pros- It's a nice shade of blue , with really good art at the top . Also adding a box around the create new thread , allowing for visability
    Cons- The art is barely visable most of the time when browsing the site, as it's covered by Banners, and most of the time you're scrolled down,
    What i'd change - Having some side banners would be kinda cool with some splashes of color say lovedisks floating around

    Woopwoop -

    Pros - Woooooper, colorful, adds energy
    Cons- Same issue as Lake Valor, it's hard to read when making a thread , as there's no blur / darken.
    What i'd change - Same changes as Lake Valor

    Azelfs Wonderland

    Pros - Swapping the text colors to web adresses to a nice shade of green , It's a great shade of blue for the background
    Cons- The LV Symbol is squished , Most of the time I miss it cause I don't notice it's out, The red is kinda . . off putting and imo just looks like a reskin of Valcadia
    What i'd change - Unsquish the logo , add some small flickering christmas lights and snow on the threads , maybe a small pikachu making a snowman

    Valcadia Day

    Pros - Great for losing your eyes, good for mobile during the day.
    What i'd change - My Retinas

    Lemme know what you'd change to Lv's theme's . as for me they're a big thing for the site and keep me around . Cause when I get bored, I swap themes and my productivity goes up
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  2. Barandofl

    Barandofl The eyeless user

    Level 101
    Jun 12, 2017
    Black Glasses ★★★★Red Orb ★★★★★Crown of Valor
    I respect your opinion, but your wrong.

    Palette Town is superior in every way.

    (You're right about the retinas thing though. That shit hurts.)
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